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Hello! Nice to meet you!

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Hello everybody! I am Lambrusco, nice to meet you!

I am a big fan of DC, probably like the rest of the users xD. I actually entered this site some times before, but I was too shy to register... until now!

I started watching DC when I was a child, since the local television of the region I am from broadcasted it every evening. When I entered high school I stopped watching "child cartoons", until when I was around 14yo, when I started watching all of my childhood anime again. This brought me back to DC, of course, and also made me decide to major in East Asian Studies. For this reason, anime in general (specially DC, InuYasha, and a few others) have a very special meaning to me!

About the series itself, I have to say that I like almost all the characters, and I am specially interested in Vermouth's secrets and the Ran-Shinichi relationship development (specifically Ran's suspicious on Shinichi's secret).

I am looking forward to participating in this forum!


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HI nice to meet you!

Like you i have been on this site several times before joining. I actually accidently found Detective Conan, and I never stopped since. (Much to my mothers dismay). I especially love when Kaitou Kid comes out to play, those episodes are always interesting and exciting to watch! I hope you enjoy your time here!


Niobel   :ph34r:


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