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Hey, I'm new here! :)

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Hey! I finally decided to make an account here, maybe I'm too late already.


I watched Detective Conan as long as I can remember. Started somewhere in 2004 I think, might have been a bit later, I don't recall exactly. Stopped watching and reading a few years ago and occasionally snooped around to see what the current state is. 


By the way, what's the state of this forum? Is it still active, or is it just a few people now? :P I don't know if the Conan hype died down, I'm pretty disconnected from everything, so I wouldn't know.


Thanks, and bye!

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Welcome to DCW!


I hope you enjoy your time here :) 

Unfortunately, this forum is kinda dead. Lol the Conan hype is probably the same as it always was :P but there just aren't as many active members here now as there used to be.

Im pretty sure there are still a few active people tho! 

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