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subtitle remake for conan movie 20

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it seems there are few properly translated english subtitles for the latest detective conan movies. because of that i remade the subtitle file for detective conan movie 20 :)

i used the subtitle file which was made by [k1412] as the base and i rewrote the subtitles. i want to thank the [k412] team for allowing me to work on their subtitle file and for their support. i put a lot of effort into the rewrite and it should be perfect :)

i uploaded the movie to my mega. the link to the folder is:-

there are 2 files in the folder and they are:-
1) the remade .ass subtitle file (it matches this raw file https://archive.org/details/OhysRawsDetectiveConan20thMovieTheDarkestNightmareBD1280x720X264AAC)
2) mkv file (the subtitles are embedded into mkv file and it is soft sub)

the movie file is high quality and around 2.5gb

to be able to download large sized file from mega from your computer you have to either download using google chrome browser or install the mega app. if you are downloading from mobile phone then you have to install the mega app. i recommend that you use vlc media player to play the movie

enjoy :))) if there are any issues then let me know

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