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Summary: Someone feels the need to test the greatest detectives such as Batman. What does this new organization want with Shinichi Kudo? Will Conan's alter ego show up in time? What of Kaitou Kid? It all starts with the new interim student, Tim Drake.


The Detective Prince

Chapter 1

Shot Dead

Everyone waited, chatting with those amongst themselves. It was another annual meeting. The crowd became silent as he made is way to the podium like he had so many times before. Flashes from the cameras went off as everyone settled in. He cleared his throat as he looked over the crowd who had come to see him.

"I'm glad you all were able to make it here tonight, and I appreciate each and everyones support." He began as a slight crack sound could be heard.

At that very second he flew backward as his head blasted apart. Everyone jumped up screaming, running in multiple directions. That was the day that marked the beginning, the new beginning.

The dawn brought a sky filled with dark clouds, a light rain slowly followed afterward. The sound of a foot steps can be heard clamping down the hall, his head tilted up, ever so slightly. Still half asleep he struggles to find his way out of bed over to the door. He steps back with a slight yawn as his door swings open.

"Come on kid, we have a case to attend to!" Kogoro said in an exciting tone.

"What about breakfast?" Conan asked.

"We'll grab something on the way there, so get dressed." He replied as he walked back down the hall.

Conan rolled his eyes at this. He got dressed as quickly as his energy allowed, then heading to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Ran was out for the past two days but was expected to be home later that day. Conan slowly made his way down stairs to be met by Kogoro once more.

"Come on, your slouching off this morning." He said as they made their way out of the building.

"This is not how I wanted to begin my Sunday." Conan sourly mumbled.

“I almost forgot, when Ran get’s home be sure to inform her not to use the shower, it’s a little screwy right now." Kogoro stated.

It wasn't long after they found themselves cruising down the road. Conan rolled his window up as a couple rain drops splashed on the side of his face. They stopped at a small stand and grabbed a couple hot dogs as they continued on the road. Ofcourse Conan wasn't to thrilled with the choice of food for that particular time. After nearly an hour of driving they came to a stop infront of a large city building.

"Don't think I've ever been here." Conan said as they walked up the stairs heading into the building which read 'Air Dome' on the emblem.

"Make sure you behave Conan." Kogoro informed as he caught sight of two beautiful women sitting in what appeared to be a lobby.

Kogoro stared over at them as Conan shook his head from side to side.

"And here we go." Conan thought to himself.

After a couple brief seconds of standing a police officer walked over to the two of them.

"Detective Mouri?"

"Oh yes that would be me, just got caught up in the...um.....furniture arrangement." Kogoro Mouri finally managed to say.

Conan giggled at this.

"Yes, it is rather unique if I may say myself."

"So where did the murder occur?" Kogoro asked.

"On floor fifty two, right this way." He directed.

They made their way up the elevator as Conan focused his attention on the flashing red and green lights on the ceiling. This entertained him up until they came to a stop. They made their way out of the elevator as they walked down a long hall. Conan observed the area just in case it might prove relevant to solving the case at hand. They entered a large room which was filled with many officers.

"So what exactly happened?" Kogoro asked as they came across a podium which was located dead center in the room.

"Mr. Sugo was giving his annual press speech when he was shot."

"Close range?" Kogoro asked.

"No, he was shot from afar."

"What was the weapon used?"

"A Sniper Rifle which held a .338 Lapua Magnum." The officer replied.

"A .338 Lapua Magnum, military maybe, then again someone with connections might be able to obtain that type." Conan thought to himself as he listened on.

"After being shot he fell point blank to the ground right there." The officer pointed.

Kogoro looked the area over then toward the window. He walked over as Conan and the officer followed. Kogoro put a hand over his eyes as he looked to the buildings which surrounded the area.

"What was the time of death?"

"9:00 P.M."

"Now all we need to do is figure out which building the killer might of camped out on."

"That's not possible Detective Mouri."

"What?" Kogoro questioned.

"He was shot point blank in the head, right inbetween his eyes sir." The officer informed.

Kogoro became wide eyed as he turned to see that no building outside in sniper range could have been used as the killers waiting place. Conan looked out as well. He then tugged the officer on his pants.

"Did you guy's at least check out all the buildings for anything the killer might of left behind?" Conan asked.

"Yes ofcourse, we found nothing that would spark suspicion."

"You're sure the shooter shot from long range?" Kogoro asked.

"I assure you it was long range."

"It wasn't just a clean shot, but a dead shot right through the head. The only question lingering now, how?" Conan thought to himself.

Kogoro walked over with the officer as they went over further scenario's. Conan on the other hand stood near the window as he looked on. He became lost in thought as the train in the far distance drove just up past his eye level. Conan began putting scenarios together in his head but in the end they all proved to be inconclusive. The train finally disappeared toward the right as he turned and walked over toward Kogoro Mouri who was standing up against the wall.

"This is a tough case kid, but I'll figure it out within time." Kogoro said confidently.

"Yea I bet." Conan thought to himself.

"Have you two heard about the shape?" The officer asked.

"You mean that criminal running around that no one has really got a good look at?" Kogoro asked.

"Yes, that one." The officer replied.

"I've heard about it to, the rumor started nearly a week ago." Conan thought to himself.

"Thought I’d just say be careful out there."

Kogoro nodded then directed his attention to Conan.

"I got all the facts down, let's head back to the house so I can further examine the evidence."

"Alright." Conan replied.

"Inspector Megure wasn't able to make it, but I'm sure we'll catch him later." Kogoro said as they exited the room.

They made their way home as Conan sat in his thoughts. There had to be some way the killer got a clear shot, gliding, parachuting maybe? It wasn't long as they made their way back. Conan walked to his room in a very dissapointed fashion. He laid on his bed as he stared up at the ceiling.

"Come on Shinichi you should be able to figure this one out." Conan thought to himself.

Conan closed his eyes, using his photographic memory to revisit the crime scene. He played it back over and over. His head began to hurt as it finally snapped. Conan lunged up as his eyes popped open.

"The train!"

"The killer must of been on the train and took a shot as he passed by. The train was over my eye level but even field with the podium." Conan thought to himself as he jumped to the ground.

Conan reached into his pocket as he pulled out his phone to check the time. It was about 2:00 P.M.

"I have to go and see Dr. Agasa." Conan said as he exited the room.

Not long after Conan found himself at the front door of Dr. Agasa’s trying to catch his breath from running. He knocked two times as the door slid open.

"Conan to what do I owe the surprise?" Dr. Agasa greeted.

"I need help with a case."

"Come on in."

They walked down the hall as they took a seat.

"So what is it you need help with?"

"I need you to try and see if you can track some phone calls for me."


"I also need to know when and where the down town train was last night."

"Ok then, it will only take a few minutes."

They headed over to the computer as Conan looked on.

"Where's Haibara?" Conan asked.

"She headed out this morning, she should be back shortly." Dr Agasa replied.

Dr. Agasa pulled up the train schedule as Conan caught sight of a departing time of 8: 45.

"Bingo, that departure fits the time frame. It takes about fifteen minutes to get from there to where the shooting took place." Conan said.

"What are the phone calls you wanted me to look into?"

"See if there was someone who called the bus station to for a ticket, and might of also called Air Dome to find out when Mr. Sugo would be speaking." Conan said.

"This may take some time." Dr. Agasa replied.

"I'm in no rush." Conan replied with a slight laugh.

He paced back and forth as Dr. Agasa went to work. Conan looked down at his phone once more as he checked the time. It was nearing five O'clock. Time sure was going by. After a long wait Dr. Agasa called him over.

"Did you find any connection?"

"Yes the phone isn't registered to anyone, but it was used to call both the train station and Air Dome." Dr. Agasa confirmed.

"Now all we need is a motive." Conan said.

"Already ahead of you." Dr Agasa said as he flipped open another window.

Conan walked over as he took a look.

"Looks like he was in major debt, must of had enemies." Conan stated.

"He also traveled a lot, he had scheduled meetings for both Ghana Tamale and Gotham City this upcoming week." Dr Agasa added.

"Can we track where the phone is?" Conan asked.

Dr. Agasa went to work for about a minute or so as he stood up in his chair.

"I've got a signal, it's not to far from here." Dr. Agasa informed.

"Great, they must have their phone on."

They made their way to his car as they drove up town. Conan looked down at the scanner as they slowly homed in on it's signal. They came to a stop near a street corner as Conan reached for his door.

"We're here." Conan said.

"Be careful now, don't expose yourself." Dr. Agasa said.

Conan nodded as he exited the vehicle. He walked toward the side walk looking down following the target as he came within inches of it. Conan looked up only to see a trash bin. He walked over as he located the phone. Conan stuck on a latex glove he had in his pocket as he grabbed the phone. He then headed back to the car.

"First known fact about the culprit, he or she is no amateur." Conan said as he got back into the car.

"Find anything interesting?" Dr. Agasa asked.

"There are no finger prints, whoever shot Mr. Sugo is highly advanced not only as a schemer, but also as a marksmen." Conan stated.

"In other words?"

"We've reached a dead end.....for now anyway." Conan said.

At this point it was dark out. The rain had come to a close a few hours prior but it was getting quite cool out. Conan reached for his phone to see it had gone out on him.

"Dr. Agasa would you happen to know what time it is?" Conan asked.

He looked down at his watch then back.

"It is 8:53 P.M.”

Conan’s eyes flared up as he literally bounced in his seat.

“Hurry and get me home, don’t want to get in trouble for being out to late!” Conan exclaimed.

“Didn’t you keep in contact with them throughout the day?”

“Ha ha, my phone kinda died awhile ago.” Conan answered.

Dr. Agasa shook his head at this as he began to drive. It took them nearly thirty five minutes to make it back. Dr. Agasa dropped Conan off who slowly made it inside. Conan gulped as he made his way up the stairs. Once he came to the door he slowly turned the nod as he slightly pushed it open. To his pleasure all the lights were off.

“Yes.” He whispered.

Conan slowly closed the door behind him as he tip toed across the room as the light shot on. He turned his head to see Ran sitting in the chair.


“Oops, oops is all you have to say?” Ran said standing up from the chair.

“I, I....how was your week end?” Conan asked with a laugh.

“Why is it that it’s way after dark and you’re now just coming in!?!” Ran said as she stormed over.

Conan slouches his shoulders downward as he gives her his puppy eyes impression. She slowly bends down as she hugs him.

“I’m sorry Conan I’m just looking out for your safety, with that ‘shape’ guy being out there and all.”

“It’s ok, I understand. It won’t happen again.” Conan assured.

“It better not.” Ran said as she stood back up.

Conan couldn’t help but give off a slight laugh.

“It’s late but we’ll talk in the morning, ok?”

“ Yea, sure.” Conan said in agreement.

Ran walked off as she headed to her room. Conan did the same.

“That went well, considering the circumstances.” Conan said as he got into his night clothes and shut off the lights.

He stared up at the ceiling as the days events rolled through his mind. Conan’s eyes shut as he fell asleep. Little did he know his life was about to take a twist, but for what?

The sun shined in. His eyes opened moments later. Conan reached for his glasses as he slid out of bed. He was dressed within the minute as he stashed his fully charged phone into his pocket. He made his way into the main room to see Ran making something. She quickly turned when she noticed he had awoken.

"You hungry Conan?"

He nodded as he took a seat at the table. Neither one of them said a word for the next minute or so.

"You still think I'm mad don't you?"

"Are you?" Conan asked knowing that wasn't the reason for his silent mood.

"Ofcourse not, just be sure to be in by 8:30." Ran replied placing his breakfast on the table.

Conan ate slowly, the case from yesterday was still clearly stuck in his head. Ran noticed this.

"Are you ok Conan?"

"Yea, just a little tired is all."

He finished eating as he jumped down from the chair. Ran washed both of their plates as Conan walked over and reached for his back pack.

"Have a good day in school." Ran said as she to got ready.

Conan made his way down the street as he looked up at the sun which shined especially bright today. This brought a slight smile to him as he approached Teitan Elementary. Conan made his way toward the front door as a man stepped infront of him.

"How are you doing today there son?"

"Genitor Logan, he started working here just about a month ago. We've been on great terms ever since."

"I'm doing good." Conan replied.

"How'd your exam go?" The genitor asked.

"I aced it."

"You sure are a bright one Conan, you’re meant for greatness boy."

"Thanks Mr. Logan."

"You run along now, and try to stay out of trouble."

With that Conan made his way into the school. He walked down the hall as someone taps him from behind. He turns to see Mitsuhiko.

"Hey Conan, you seen the others yet?"

"Just got here, I'm sure they'll turn up soon." Conan said with assurance in his voice.

"I hope they are ok."

"What do you mean?" Conan asked with concern in his voice.

"Some children were abducted, the amount has increased since yesterday." Mitsuhiko informed.

"How many?" Conan asked

"Eight so far."

"Add that to the 'to do list'."Conan took note to himself.

Conan turned his head to see Ai Haibara walk right past the two of them. They quickly followed after her.

"I came by yesterday, where did you happen to run off to?" Conan asked

She glimpsed over at him then back forward.

"We better get to class before we're late." Ai replied.

"Someone defiantly woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

They enter the classroom shortly after as they are greeted by both Ayumi and Genta.

"Hey Conan you hear about the abductions?" Genta asked stepping forward.

"I already informed him about it." Mitsuhiko said.

"We should gather together after school, I think we can solve where the kidnaper might be." Ayumi suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Conan said in agreement.

The door to the classroom shut as Professor Gerald instructed everyone to head to their seats. The Professor left the room as everyone sat in silence.

"Psst.... hey Conan."

Conan tuned in his seat to see Ayumi.

"You like my new necklace, my mother got it for me." She said showing it to him.

"It's really nice Yoshida." Conan replied as the Professor entered the room once again.

Conan looked over as he noticed a little girl next to him. She had on a uniform with the same color variation as his own. She had long dark brown hair. The Professor lead her to the front as a smile came to his face.

"Class this is Salekea Valdina, she has joined our class as of today." Professor Gerald said.

"Hello everyone." She waved as her face became red.

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 2

The New Student

It was clear she was shy. She held her hands together as she stared down at the ground.

"So who wants to give her a slight tour of the school?" Professor Gerald asked.

Nearly everyone raised their hand. Conan slightly ducked under his desk trying to avoid any confrontation. Professor Gerald noticed this as he walked over toward him.

"Damn, why me." Conan thought to himself as the Professor came to a stop infront of his desk.

"I trust you quite well Edogawa Conan, would you mind taking Ms. Valdina on a tour?"

"Heck yea I mind, I always get to be the poster boy for these things."

"Ofcourse not." Conan replied with the lowering of his shoulders.

Conan hopped down from his seat as he walked up to her holding out his hand.

"Hi I'm Conan."

"Hi." She replied with a blush.

"Right this way." Conan said.

They began to walk toward the door as Conan looked over to see Ai with a smirk on her face.

"Have fun." She whispered.

Conan rolled his eyes at this. They then left the room.

Everyone walked around, some in groups, others just to get to a certain location. Ran finished sorting out the things in her locker as she closed it to see Sonoko.

"How was your trip up to the north side?" Sonoko asked.

"It went well, did you finish your bio write up for the chemical chart?" Ran asked.

Sonoko turned to the side as she leaned up against a locker.

"I so forgot about that."

"I had an idea you would."

"I swear I'm going to drop that class today."

Ran laughed at this.

"What are you doing after school?" Sonoko asked.

"Nothing planned, did you want to hang out?"

"Let's meet right outside the front entrance."

"See you then." Ran said in agreement as she turned to walk.

They both went in separate directions heading to class. She headed to her class as she took a seat waiting for her teacher to arrive. Sonoko hated this class, especially the equations which were used in a lot of their experiments.

"Where is Mrs. V, she's usually good about being on time." Sonoko thought to herself.

She waited along with the rest of the class as they stared at the daily lessons on the board. A minute passed by as a young man walked into the room dressed in the required school uniform. He stood near the board as he looked toward the class. Sonoko's heart began to pound a beat up as she looked him over.

"Wow, what a hottie."

The class stared over at him as he gave off a slight smile. Sonoko raised her hand.

"Excuse me sir, but I have a question."

A brief second went by as he finally looked toward her. Sonoko dazed off as she stared into his water blue eyes.

"What's the question?" He asked.

"Are you our Professor for today?"

He smiles under his teeth, tiling his head to the side as a little of his hair flowed past his right eye.

"What do you think?" He asked in a calming tone.

Before Sonoko could answer Mrs. V entered the room as she stood to the side of the young man resting a hand on his shoulder.

"Welcome back class, I take it you all enjoyed your week end." Mrs. V said.

"Sure did Mrs. V." One said in response.

"I would like to introduce you to our new student, an interim student all the way from Gotham." She began.

"I look forward to getting to know you all." He stated looking back up.

"Welcome." A gentlemen in the front commented.

"What's your name?" Sonoko asked from the back row.

"His name is Wayne Timothy, formally Drake if I'm correct." Mrs. V said.

"A little of both, but what ever is more comfortable for you." He said.

"Any more questions for Mr. Wayne?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Sonoko asked.

"Any more reasonable questions?" Mrs. V asked.

Tim couldn't help but chuckle at this. The room fell silent for the next few seconds.

"So who wants to give young Timothy a tour of Teitan High?"

Sonoko quickly raised her hand as Tim locked eyes with her once more. She winked at him in response.

"I see you have interest in our new student Ms. Suzuki. Very well, you may give him the tour."

Sonoko made her way over as Mrs. V looked toward her.

"You have fifteen minutes." She informed.

Mrs. V then directed her attention back over to Tim.

"Mr. Wayne don't be afraid to ask questions as well, I'm sure Ms. Suzuki can answer them." Mrs. V said.

"Thank you Mrs. V." Tim said with a nod.

"We better get started, right this way." Sonoko said as she lead Tim out of the classroom.

They had gone through the food court, computer room, and all the class areas as they came upon the library. They walked in as Conan showed her around. From genre to author. They came to a quick stop as they sat at a table near a book shelf. Conan looked over at her as she flipped through a children's book.

"I like your pig tails." Conan commented.

She didn't reply.

"Way to start a conversation, nice going Kudo." Conan thought to himself.

She flipped through the whole thing as she closed it and looked back up.

"I like your glasses." Salekea commented back.

This time Conan was the one lost for words.

"Thank... you." Conan finally managed to say.

They both jumped down from their chairs as they made their way back to class. She glimpsed over at him, Conan noticed as she came to a stop. Conan did the same.

"What's wrong?" Conan asked.

Salekea reached over as she placed her hands around his neck. She slowly slid them up as her fingers glided through his hair, taking his glasses off. Conan stood stunned, looking over at her as she placed them on.

"How do I look?" Salekea asked with a giggle.

"You look...nice." Conan replied.

Salekea placed his glasses back on for him as they made their way back to class.

"Woh." Conan thought to himself as they headed back.

They walked through the school as she explained where every thing was located. She then took him out to where the school garden was and took a seat at one of the benches.

"Want to have a seat?" Sonoko asked.

"It's only been five minutes, don't you still have to show me around?"

"We've been through all the important stuff, I just wanted some time for us to talk is all."

"Alright." Tim said as he looked around to see they were secluded.

"So what kind of life style do you have."

"A lot of business, which requires a lot of travel."

"That must mean you have a good deal of money."

"When you have someone like Bruce Wayne as your father, it makes things more flexible."

"Besides school what else brings you down here, business wise?" Sonoko asked.

"Trying to spread a program called the Neon Knights, keeps kids off of the streets and helps them to build a future toward their strengths and interests." Tim replied.

"Cute, smart, and financially stable, he's defiantly a catch." Sonoko thought to herself.

Neither one of them spoke for the next few seconds.

"Do you have a boyfriend or man who looks out for you?" Tim asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know."

"There we go, play hard to get. Let's see how he follows up." Sonoko thought to herself.

"I see, so you do have a man of interest." Tim said.

"Huh, what makes you think that?"

"When you replied to my question you crossed your legs and your eyes slightly pivoted to the left. 'A' that usually means someone is lying, or 'B' they are withholding extra insight on something."

"Great he's a nerd, Shinichi anyone." Sonoko thought to herself as she stared down at the ground.

When she didn't reply Tim took a slight step back as he spoke once more.

"What's his name?" Tim asked.

A few seconds past by as a few birds flew past overhead.

"Makoto." She softly replied.

"See that wasn't so hard, what's he like?" Tim asked.

"He's very kind and is a master at martial arts." She said looking back up with a smile.

Tim looked over at her, realizing there was more to this.

"So how is your relationship with him?"

"It...it's complicated."

Tim took another step back as he leaned up against a light pole, studying her.

"Hmm, from your tone and body language I'd say you really care about this guy. That must either mean he travels a lot or dosen't live around here, am I right?" Tim asked.

"Wow, he really is like Shinichi."

She nodded answering his question. They stood in silence for the next few seconds.

"What about you, is there a woman of Tim Wayne's world."

"To be honest, my love life is broken as you can get." Tim replied.

"I wonder what that means." Sonoko thought to herself.

"We should really get back to class." Tim said.

"You're right." Sonoko said as Tim held his hand out.

Sonoko froze for a second at this. She then reached forward as he pulled her up.

"Add gentleman and a kinky clone version of Shinichi to the list." Sonoko commented to herself as she watched Tim head back to the building.

The halls were empty so it made it much easier for them to make it back to class. Conan reached forward as he opened the door. It was quite, everyone was taking a practice exam.

"How did the tour go?" Mr. Gerald asked lightly as he met them at the door.

"It was fun, Conan showed me a lot of cool things." Salekea replied.

"Good, Conan would you escort Ms. Valdina to her seat?"

"Sure..ah...where does she sit?" Conan asked.

"To the right of you."

"Great, now I have another girl sitting near me who might just have a crush on me." Conan thought to himself.

Conan walked her over as they took a seat at their desks. He then looked out the window as he caught sight of genitor Logan smoking a cigarette.

"Someone should tell him the dangers of smoking." Conan said to himself.

Tim walked up as he held the door allowing Sonoko to walk in. He closed the door behind them as Mrs. V made her way over.

"I said fifteen minutes, that was over twenty Ms. Suzuki." Mrs. V said crossing her arms.

Sonoko stood there as she quickly began to think up an excuse of why they were late.

"It was my fault Mrs. V, I got caught up with all the artifacts near the front lounge." Tim stated.

"Oh...well then, I hope the tour was very insightful."

"More so than I thought, Sonoko was really helpful." Tim said looking over at her.

"Glad I could help." Sonoko replied.

"Mr. Wayne your seat is in the back row right over there." Mrs. V pointed.

Tim walked over as he took a seat. Sonoko took a seat to the right of him as Mrs. V made her way to the front of the room.

"Alright everyone pull out your periodic tables so we can begin todays lesson."

"Hey new guy." The girl infront of him said as she turned in her seat.

Tim looked up to face her.

"Hi, what's you name?" Tim asked.

"Airi, I was wondering what you think of the Kaitou Kid?"

Tim's eyes narrowed as he leaned forward in his seat.

"Come again."

"What do you think about Kaitou Kid?"

"I don't believe I've heard of him, what's he do?" Tim asked.

"He's only the greatest thief ever, and madly hot." Sonoko answered jumping into the picture.

"I hate him already." Tim said as he sat back in his seat.

"You what!" Sonoko and Airi yelled out at the same time.

"Quite back their ladies or I'll move you!" Mrs. V yelled back to them.

The rest of the period was spent taking notes. The next hour and ten minutes went by quite quickly as the bell rang. Everyone made their way out. Tim was the last one as he placed his bag over his shoulders and made his way to the door. Once he walked out he was surprised to be met by Sonoko.

"You still mad at me?" Tim asked as he looked at the time on his watch.

Sonoko rolled her eyes at him with a slight huff.

"Aren't you going to head to your next class?" Tim asked looking back up.

"Not until I make sure you find yours, so what do you have next?"


"Great, we have two classes together!" Sonoko yelled out as she grabbed him by his wrist and lead him to the Gym.

He went through the same routine of being introduced. Shortly after everyone sat around the gym room as they stretched out.

"Hey Tim, this is Zee and I'm Argo. Hope your in shape, we got the mile tomorrow."

"Is that your real names, no offense ofcourse." Tim said.

"Nah, that's just what we go by." Argo answered.

"So what are we doing today?" Tim asked as he switched to stretching his left leg.

"Coach Succo is going to record our height, vertical jump, and pretty much all that good stuff." Zee said.

"Sounds easy enough." Tim said.

"You check out any of the ladies at this school yet?" Argo asked.

"Can't really say I have, my attention has been more focused on just checking out the place." Tim said with a laugh.

"Wait til you see Mouri Ran, the girls a true china doll." Zee said.

"No kidding I'd love to have her, even if it was just one night." Argo said with a bark.

"She's a tough one. I'm going to milk her down, then I'll ask her to the school dance." Zee began.

"Then what?" Argo asked with a laugh.

"Things will get a little... rough, when we head back to my place that is." He said with an evil grin.

Tim raised a brow as the two of them began to evilly snicker.

"How did I end up hanging with these two nuts?" Tim thought to himself as he continued stretching.

The rest of the period flew by. Tim washed his face as he made his way back into the hall to be met by Sonoko.

"Nice verticle." Sonoko commented.

"You did very well with your stretch out, impressive I'd say." Tim commented back.

"You'd be surprised what my body is capable of." Sonoko said stepping forward at him.

"Well would you look at the time, I must be heading to my math class." Tim said with a quick turn.

As he walked off Sonoko watched as his cell phone fell out of his pocket. She quickly made her way over as she picked it up. When Sonoko looked up Tim Drake was no longer in sight.

"Just great." She said to herself.

The bell rung as class was dismissed. Conan made his way out of the door as Salekea waved bye to him as she walked down the hall. Conan waved back as Genta stepped infront of him.

"Conan you ready to start cracking some cases?"

"Let's get the other's and head over to the park." Conan replied.

They gathered the rest of the 'Detective Boys' as they headed over to the park. Ayumi sat on one of the swings as she looked down at her new necklace.

"So we have three major cases we have to deal with." Mitsuhiko said.

"The abductions." Ayumi said.

"The shooting at Air Dome." Ai added.

"And the biggest mystery of them all, who is the shape?" Genta said in a sinister tone as Ayumi and Mitsuhiko jumped up at this.

"We need to focus on one at a time, that way we can be more efficient at solving it." Conan stated.

"I'm in agreement with Conan on this one." Genta said.

"So which one do you guys want to start with?" Conan asked.

"The child abductions, I think that is the most immediate threat." Ayumi said as she hopped down from the swing.

"Yea." Mitsuhiko said.

"Most defiantly the one." Genta said in agreement.

"I guess that pretty much settles your proposal Conan." Ai finished.

"Alright then, let's start by going over where the abductions started." Conan began.

The crowds poured past as the sound of cars and trucks can be heard taking off in the near distance. She waited near the front exit like they had agreed. After about five minutes of waiting her friend finally showed up.

"There you are." Ran said as she greeted her friend.

"Sorry about the delay, I was looking for someone."

"Did you find them?"

"Not exactly."

"I need to head home and take a shower before we go, by the way did you drop out of your chemistry class?" Ran asked.


Ran looked at her with a surprised look. Usually when she said something Sonoko saw it through.

"Ok Sonoko, why didn't you drop the class?"

"Well...there's kinda this guy and...yea."

"Do you like him?" Ran asked moving in closer.

"I...don't, he's just interesting." Sonoko said.

"Details, I want the full scoop."

"He's a rich kid from Gotham City, he's here for school as well as business."

"What kind of business?" Ran asked.

"He's running a program called the Neon Nights, it helps kids build a future."

"What's his name?" Ran asked.

"Tim, his name is Tim." Sonoko said as she reached for something in her bag.

Sonoko scoured her bag for a few seconds as she pulled out a phone.

"He dropped his phone earlier, I was looking to return it to him." Sonoko said as she looked down and turned his phone on.

"Sonoko what are you doing?" Ran questioned.

"Just giving the inside a look." She replied.

"Are you sure about this?"

She ignored her as the phone turned on. Sonoko messed around with his phone for a bit as a grin came upon her face.

"What did you do?" Ran asked knowing her friend was up to something.

"I just gave him my number, not to mention I have his."

Sonoko's phone began to vibrate a few seconds later as she answered it. She took a step to the side as she engaged in conversation with someone. It lasted nearly a minute as she placed her phone back into her pocket.

"That was Ayako, looks like we won't be able to hang out today."

"That's ok, we can always go to the mall another time."

"I need to ask you a favor."

"What is it?"

"Can you head over to the science department in the morning and give Tim his phone back, I might not be at school on Tuesday."

"I have no idea what he looks like." Ran exclaimed.

Sonoko handed her his phone as Ran looked down to see a picture of him on the screen.

"I'll see you later Ran." Sonoko said as she walked off.

"See yah." Ran said as she looked at the man in the image.

"So this is Tim." Ran thought to herself.

She stared down at the picture a few moments longer. Ran then turned it off and placed it into her bag as she made her way home.

Conan walked alone, heading back to the house after his meeting with the Detective Boys. He tried to keep his focus on the abductions case but found his mind kept going back to the case revolving around Air Dome.

"If I could just figure out the true motive, was it a paid hit, if so who?"

Conan's phone began to vibrate as he looked down to see it was Dr. Agasa. He brought the phone to his side as he talked into it.

"Got anything good for me?" Conan asked

"I looked a little more into that phone you were able to retrieve."

"What were you able to find out?"

"It was made and sold in Gotham. There were two calls from there, then two more when they came to Japan." Dr. Agasa informed.

"What calls were made back in Gotham?" Conan asked.

"I tried to trace the numbers, but they are seemingly untraceable." Dr. Agasa replied.

"That figures." Conan thought to himself.

"I'll keep looking Conan."

"Keep me updated."

With that he hung up.

"Let's just hope this guy dosen't strike again."

She walked on as the honking of a car can be heard. Sonoko ran over as she entered the passenger seat of the vehicle. They drove on for a minute or so as they came upon a red light.

"How was your day?" Ayako asked.

"Not bad considering."

They waited about a half minute as the light flashed back to green. She began to drive as Sonoko yelled out.

"Stop the car!"

"What's wrong Sonoko?" Ayako asked.

"It's a friend of mine, just pull over really quick." Sonoko pointed.

Ayako pulled over as Sonoko got out of the car and ran up the side walk.

"Tim!" She called out.

Tim turned around to see Sonoko as he walked back toward her.

"Sonoko, what are you doing here?" Tim asked hanging his hands over his pocket.

"Your phone, you dropped it in the hall today." Sonoko informed him.

Tim felt into the pocket located within his jacket to see it was gone.

"Guess I shouldn't be so careless." Tim said.

"Yea, you should work on that. Anyway I gave it to Ran." Sonoko said.

"Ran?" Tim asked.

"Ran Mouri, she's a well trusted friend of mine. Infact we might be able to give you a ride there now."

"Ran Mouri, Argo and Zee were talking about her." Tim thought to himself.

Sonoko grabbed him by his hand as she lead him over to the car. She looked in as she exchanged a few words with her sister.

"Hop on in." Sonoko said.

They both got in as Ayako began driving again.

"Hello there, are you a friend of Sonoko?"

"Yea, I guess you could say so, about the only friend I have since getting here." Tim replied.

"That's nice."

They continued to drive as Sonoko changed the radio station numerous of times as she struggled to find something she liked. After about five minutes of driving they came to a stop as Sonoko looked back at him.

"Here we are. She's located right in there, just head up the stairs, and be sure to knock." Sonoko said.

"I thank you both for your hospitality." Tim said as exited the vehicle tossing his bag over his shoulder's.

"See you in class." Sonoko said as they drove off.

Tim placed his hands into his pocket as he walked forward. He made his way into the building then up the stairs like Sonoko instructed. Tim came to the door as he gave it a slight knock and took a step back. No one answered. He knocked once more as the door cracked open.

"Oo...ok then." Tim said as he caught sight of his phone sitting on the table.

"Is anyone home?" Tim called in.

No one answered.

"Can't just go in and grab it, then I could potentially face charges." Tim though to himself.

That next second a loud scream can be heard.

"That didn't sound good." Tim thought to himself.

He raced in as he grabbed his phone from the table and went into the direction of the scream. The same person who screamed before did so once more as Tim raced down the hall. He came upon a door as he swung it to the side. He entered a bathroom as he caught sight of a naked woman coming out of the shower. Tim became stunned at the sight as he is kicked in his jaw sending him back. She holds the shower curtain to her body as she starts screaming yet again.

Tim rubbed his jaw as he heard more foot steps coming from behind.

"Damn, what the hell did I get myself into!" Tim thought to himself as a man came to the entrance of the bathroom.

"Who the hell are you, get away from my daughter you creep!" The man said as he jumped at Tim who managed to slip past him and make his way back into the hall.

Tim put it into gear as the front door came into view. He ran down the stairs as he made it back outside. As he ran toward the road he caught sight of a little boy who looked up at him. They shared a brief glimpse, one which seemed to last much longer. After that Tim was gone out of sight as the man came running out.

"Conan did you see a kid running out here?" Kogoro asked trying to catch his breath.

"What happened, is Ran ok?" Conan asked with much concern.

"She's ok, but that punk kid tried to rape her no doubt." Kogoro stated.

Conan's eyes widened as he ran past Kogoro all the way into the house as he tossed his bag to the ground.

"Ran, Ran!" Conan called out.

Conan found her wrapped in a towel shaking in the corner.

"Ran, what happened?" Conan asked.

"Did daddy catch that freak?"

"No, he got away. But I got a good look at him." Conan stated.

Kogoro entered the bathroom a few seconds later as he helped Ran up.

"Everything is going to be ok, we're going to find that guy and bring him in."

"What exactly happened?" Conan asked.

Ran slowly collected herself as she began to explain.

"I was in the shower and then the water turned extreamly hot which prompted me to scream, that guy showed up a few seconds later." Ran said.

"You dummy, I told you to tell Ran the shower was messed up." Kogoro yelled out.

Conan ignored him as an idea popped into his head.

"Hmm, maybe he heard you scream and he came to make sure everything was ok." Conan said as he is knocked over the head.

"Think idiot, why would he be up here in the first place!" Kogoro said.

"There's no winning with this guy." Conan thought to himself.

It wasn't long after he made his way back to his apartment as he tossed his bag to the ground and threw himself to the bed.

"What a great way to start your trip Drake." Tim said as his ring tone went off.

He pulled out his phone as the incoming number read "Fantasy Girl".

"Fantasy Girl, who the heck is that?" Tim thought to himself as he answered his phone.


"I see you got your phone back."


"One and only."

"You really need to call Ran, something really, really, awkward happened." Tim began.

Tim had explained the whole situation to her. It took him nearly five minutes just to get her to stop laughing. There conversation didn't last to much longer after that. A couple hours passed by as night struck.

"She promised she'd talk to Ran, I trusted her word."

He looked down at the city below as a breeze blew past him. The night sky full of the dark clouds above.

"The Wayne name has it's benefits, but I will always be Drake when the sun rises."

The belt is strapped on as he tosses the cowl over his head.

"The whole interim student thing is just a method of keeping any suspicion off of why I'm really here. Martez Sugo was killed by a rifle using a 338 Lapua Magnum."

He slid downward as he landed on top of another building.

"Two weeks prior a man known as Jackie Rutholl died in what appeared to be an accidental house explosion. I visited the scene myself, found a 338 Lapua Magnum round not to far from the scene, the killer used a steel enforced grapple gun to fire an oil tank into the house."

He glided downward as his eyes skimmed the area.

"From there it was all but target practice. It dosen't end there, I did my home work on Mr. Rutholl."

A police siren goes off as he focuses his attention into that area.

"Turns out Jackie legally changed his name from Harmondo Sugo three months ago, trying to dodge someone. Someone is targeting the Sugo's, why? I checked the flight records before I arrived so it was no surprise when I saw Floyd Lawton had entered Japan, two months ago."

He shot out his grappler as he went after the car being pursued by the police.

"Floyd Lawton, Deadshot. He's the hit man, but who's calling the shot's?"

He skimmed through the air as he closed in.

"That's why I'm here. Then you have the abductions of children, that... I will take care of. criminals of Japan beware, Red Robin is to be feared."

With that Red Robin glided past the fleeing car as he tossed a mini explosive at one of it's tires. The car flew over as the police surrounded it. The police pulled the man from the vehicle as they cuffed him. Red Robin watched from above as he removed his cowl letting his hair blow freely in the night breeze.

"Tim by day, Red Robin by night." He thought to himself. as he looked to the moon above.

He placed his cowl back on as he glided into the night.

"The good thing is I'm one step ahead in this chess match, the next target will surely be Katina Sugo, and when he strikes I'll be there."

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 3

Hunt Begins

Beep, beep, beep! Was the sound he heard as he rolled onto his back reaching over and shutting off the alarm. He stared up at the ceiling for a couple minutes as yesterdays events resurfaced. He slowly pushed up as he wiped the sleep from his eyes, reaching over for the remote turning the TV on. He laid back as a news alert came in.

"We have just got word of another abduction, one killed another missing."

He sat back up as he looked on.

"A young boy was found under a bridge with his arms and legs bound together, Police are keeping the details of his death close to their chest, but the boy's younger sister is still missing."

He shut the TV off as he slid out of bed heading toward the bathroom.

"That makes it nine children abducted, one killed." Tim thought to himself as he turned the shower on.

He slowly washed up as he heard someone yelling in the other room next to his. Tim stepped out as he quickly dried. He walked over brushing his teeth as he looked into the mirror wondering what today would have in store for him.

"If I'm correct Deadshot should be making a move within these next two days, I need to find out Katina Sugo's schedule." Tim noted to himself as he got dressed.

He walked down the street as Teitan Elementary came into view. He had ten minutes before class started as he walked up to the side. Conan leaned up against the school wall, thinking about the abductions.

“So now we’re up to nine kidnappings, the sooner I figure who and why the better.”

Conan heard someone approaching him as he turned to see genitor Logan heading his way.

“How are you doing this morning Conan?” He asked.

“Fine I guess.”

“I’m sure you’ve heard about the kidnappings, you be careful you here.”

“Yah, I know.” Conan said.

“I’ll see you later, if you need anything you know where to find me.”

With that he walked off. Conan stood in silence for the next five minutes as he made his way to the classroom. Ayumi was the first of his friends to arrive as she took a seat behind him.

“Hey Conan did you find out anything new?” Ayumi asked.

“Not really, but I’m still working on it.”

Conan dug around in his bag as he pulled out his note book and pencil and placed them onto his desk.

“Conan.” Ayumi whispered.

Conan turned around once more.

“What’s wrong?”

“If they take me, will you be there to save me?” Ayumi asked.

Conan stared over at her.

“No one’s going to take you.” Conan replied.

“But what if they do, I need to know.”

A couple moments go by.

“I won’t let anything happen to you.” Conan assured.

“Thanks Conan.”

“I really need to crack this case.”

He walked down the hall holding his books in hand.

“I checked Katina’s phone records, she’s planning on taking a train to a different city later tonight. 11:00 P.M. to be exact. Red Robin will be there to escort her.” Tim thought to himself.

He was deep in thought as someone walked by bumping into him causing his books to drop along with there’s.

“I’m so sorry.” A woman said as both bent down for their things.

It took a couple seconds as they sorted everything out. Tim grabbed his things as he looked forward. He barely recognized her at first, last time he saw her she was naked.

“Hi..” She said softly.

“Hey.” Tim replied.

They both held their books to their chest as they stood up, keeping eye contact the whole way up. She tilted her head to the side as others walked past. She slowly looked back up at him.

“You must be Tim.”

“You must be Ran.”

Ran smiled at this.

“About yesterday...I.” Tim began.

“It’s ok, Sonoko told me everything.”

“I was out of line to come into your home, even if I heard you scream.”

“It’s ok, why don’t we just start over.” Ran suggested.


“Hi, I’m Ran.” She said.

“Nice to meet you Ms. Mouri, I’m Tim.” He replied.

Moments went by.

“She sure has a nice smile.” Tim thought to himself.

“He has class, just like Sonoko said.”

“Well....I guess I’ll see you around.” Tim said as he stepped to the side of her heading to class.

“Tim wait.”

He turned and looked over at her.

“Would you be interested in having a tour of the city tonight?”

“I’d hate to say no, but.”

“I’d love that.”

“Great we’ll meet up later, I’m sure you’ll like Conan.” She said as she made her way to class.

“Wait, I don’t have your number?”

“We’ll meet after school.” She replied.

“But I said yes anyway.”

The bell rang as Conan made his way out. Salekea caught up to him as she grabbed a hold of his arm.

“Hey Conan.” She said with joy in her voice.

“Hey Salekea.” Conan said.

“You’re really smart, thanks for helping me with the problem today.” She said gripping around his left arm.

“Yea, anytime.” Conan said as he began to blush.

“Do you have any siblings?”

“No, how about you?”

“I’m an only child as well. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, you can ask me anything.”

“Do you like me?” She asked as they turned the corner to see the other‘s.

“Hey Conan you ready to crack that case?” Mitsuhiko asked as they all noticed Salekea latched onto his arm.

“Conan what’s she doing here?” Genta asked as she hid behind him.

“Does she have any detective skills worth mentioning?” Mitsuhiko asked.

Conan could feel the tears coming from her eyes on the back of his neck.

“Your friends hate me, just like at my old school!!!!” She yelled as she took off sobbing.

“No wait!!” Conan yelled.

She kept running as she turned the corner. He was about to run after her but decided against it. Conan turned as he glared over at the others.

“Now look what you guy’s did.”

“Are you mad Conan?” Mitsuhiko asked.

“Was she your girlfriend or something?” Genta added.

“She’s your girlfriend?” Ayumi asked looking surprised as her eyes watered up.

Ai found this whole situation to be humorous. Conan then realized he went a little over board.

“Salekea’s just a friend, you guy’s didn’t have to scare her off.”

“I had nothing to do with this.” Ai exclaimed as she sat up on the wall next to her.

“Sorry Conan, I didn’t mean to make her feel bad.” Mitsuhiko apologized.

“Me to, I didn’t think it would turn out like that.” Genta said.

He made his way to his locker as he placed his books inside. His phone vibrated as he looked down to see he had one missed call. Tim decided he’d check it later as he continued.

“Things sure do spread. When I got to gym class Argo and Zee already knew I’d be heading out with Ran tonight. I don’t think Zee was to thrilled about it either.”

Tim lined his books up in alphabetical order as he took a step back and looked them over. He then closed his locker as he made his way down the hall.

“Argo gave me something wrapped in a paper bag and said give it to Ran as a gift, informed me she likes to cook.”

Tim continued to walk as he exited the school. He caught sight of Ran sitting at a bench near the side walk. She smiled, he did the same as he walked over.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” Ran said as she stood up.

“Sorry about that, usually take my time getting out. Where was Sonoko today?”

“She had something to do, did you miss her?” Ran playfully asked.

“It was much duller in science class today.”

“Hahaah ha. Let’s go, there’s someone I want you to meet.”

“Ok.” Tim said as he followed her.

They met at the park once again as they went through the case. Conan thought to himself as the others talked openly. Ai noticed this as she walked over to him.

“You ok, you’ve seemed a little off these past few days.”

“Just anxious is all.” Conan replied as his phone vibrated.

He answered it as he heard Dr. Agasa on the other end.

“Got anything good for me Doc?”

“Two more children were abducted.”

“Great, any more clues on who we could be looking for?” Conan asked.

“No but there is a public video just released showing them in a store just before they were taken.”

“Think you can send that to me?” Conan.

“Already ahead of you.”

Conan held his phone out as the video slowly uploaded. Ai came to his side as they watched on. They looked to see a clothes store.

“This must be survaliance footage.” Conan thought to himself.

They watched as a couple people walked around. Then a young boy and girl came into the picture.

“That must be them.” Ai pointed.

The girl walked toward the left as she left the screen. The boy on the other hand hesitated, then followed after. The video came to an end.

“Don’t think that helped to profile our killer.” Ai said.

Conan watched the video once more, then for a third time.

“Before the girl walked off, it looked like she was talking to someone, someone prompted her. The boy hesitated to follow on the other hand, he did in the end.” Conan thought to himself analyzing the footage.

“Dr Agasa were all the people in that store questioned within that hour?” Conan asked.

“Yes, they all were clean.” Dr. Agasa replied.

“What are we dealing with?” Conan questioned.

“I wish I knew.” Ai said.

“Could this be the work of ‘the shape’?”

“Conan, Conan!!!”

Conan and the rest of the Detective Boy looked over as Ran approached along with Tim.

“Ran!” Ai said as she walked over to greet her.

The rest of the group did the same.

“Hey everyone, I want you to meet a new friend of mine, his name is Tim.”

“Hi Tim.” Ayumi said jumping up.

Tim knelt down to their level as he looked the group over.

“So what are your names?” Tim asked in a friendly tone.

“I’m Haibara Ai.” She said slightly swinging her hair to the side.

“Kojima Genta, leader of the Detective Boys.”

“My name’s Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko.”

“And I’m Yoshida Ayumi.”

“That must mean you're Conan.” Tim said as he looked over at him.

“How did you know my name?”

“Ran told me.”

“Tim, what do you think about my new necklace I got?” Ayumi asked stepping forward.

Tim reached out holding it in his hand as his thumb rubbed against it.

“It’s really nice.” Tim commented.

“He’s good with kids, that’s a plus.” Ran thought to herself.

“You said you’re leader of the Detective Boys, are you guy’s detectives?” Tim asked.

“You’re exactly right, we’re the best young detectives you’ll ever see.” Genta said proudly.

“I wouldn’t doubt it. You kids stay out of trouble now.” Tim said with a smile as he stood back to his feet.

“Need to find out when Deadshot will strike.”

“I better get going, I’ll see you tonight ok.” Tim said as he looked over at Ran.

Ran watched as he walked off.

“Tonight, are they going on a date?!!” Conan thought to himself.

“Conan you ready to go home?” Ran asked.

“Yea sure, I’ll see you guy’s later.” Conan said as he and Ran made their way home.

It was a quite walk home. The wind blew past them as the leafs scattered about. Conan looked up at Ran who had a large smile on her face.

“Don’t tell me she actually likes that guy.”

They continued to walk as Conan rolled his eyes at the thought of Ran going on a date. Conan looked down as they continued to walk. Ran noticed this.

“Is something wrong Conan?”

“I’m fine, just a long day.”

“What do you think about coming with me and Tim tonight?”

“I’d love to come, he seems like a cool guy!”

“I knew you would.”

“Good, now I can keep an eye on this Tim.”

He spent the rest of daylight plotting out his move for Deadshot. Night came as he tossed on a casual suit. He grabbed the bag Argo had given him as he exited the apartment. He walked down the streets as he observed the many constructions which made up the city. Tim made his way over as he is met by Conan in the front.

“Hi Conan.”

“So how are you liking it down here so far?” Conan asked.

“I must say I’m enjoying the time away from the business side of things.”

“Where are you from?”

“Gotham City, it’s much different than here.”

“Never been there, is it a lot of fun?”

“Just like any big city I’d say it’s very flexible on what you can do. Though the winters can be very bitter.”

Their conversation came to an end as Ran came walking out in a casual black skirt.

“You look nice.” Tim commented.

“Thank you.”

“Let’s go shall we.” Tim said.

They walked around the city going from stores to the open markets which filled the streets. They went into a shop as Ran tried on multiple outfits as Tim and Conan sat around for over thirty minutes.

“And this my friend is why you don’t go shopping with women.” Tim said.

“That we can agree on.” Conan thought to himself.

Ran walked over as she fixated her attention on a red dress. She looked it over for nearly a minute as Tim and Conan walked over.

“You like that one?” Conan asked.

“Yea.... it’s just a little to expensive.”

“If you really want it I can get it for you.”

“No, that’s ok.”

“I insist.” Tim said as he grabbed the dress off the hanger.

“Tim you don’t have to.”

“It’s ok Ran, I want to.” Tim replied as he walked over and paid.

“What about you little man, see anything you like?” Tim asked as he walked back over.

Conan’s eyes skimmed around as they locked onto a black suit. Conan walked over as he rubbed his hand on the slick leather.

“This one is perfect.” Conan said.

“I knew you’d find something.” Tim said.

Tim paid for the suit as they made their way back onto the streets. They went out for ice cream, ice skating, and then watched fire works which went off in the distance. After the fireworks finished they made their way down the street.

“I must say I enjoyed my time.” Tim said.

“I’m glad you did, we should do this again.” Ran said as someone jumped from the side of a building holding a gun.

“I want all jewels and money, have the kid hand it over.” He said calmly.

“Think you could put the gun away?” Tim asked.

“Shut up.”

Ran slowly moved back as he yelled out.

“Don’t move b****!!”

“Just a couple more.......now!”

Before Tim could make a move Ran tossed the dress to him while at the same time kicking the gun out of the man’s hand. She lunged forward landing multiple blows to his body then finishing him off with a striking kick.

“Hot damn.” Tim mumbled.

Conan’s eyes narrowed as he looked up at Tim.

“There’s something about this guy. He didn’t even budge when that man jumped out, he was calm and collective the whole time.” Conan thought to himself.

Ran pulled out her cell phone as she called the police. They waited for the police to arrive to apprehend the gunman. They then took off. They came to a park as the three of them took a seat at a bench. They observed the night sky as Tim began to tell stories about the stars.

“You’re such a nerd.” Ran stated.

He ignored this as he continued on. This lasted for another ten minutes or so.

“Tim were you scared back there?” Ran asked.

“I think when anyone holds a gun to you, it lets out the fear. Good thing you were there, I’m some what of a slouch in combat.” Tim lied.

“So...I guess this is where we call it a night.” Ran said.

Another minute or so goes by as they just look up at the night sky.

“Ran....... I... have something else for you.” Tim said as he pulled out the paper bag Argo had given him.

“I wonder what’s in the bag.” Conan thought to himself.

Ran took the bag into her lap as she peaked inside. Tears slowly rolled down her face as she looked over at Tim.

“What’s wrong?”

She slapped him as she tossed the dress at his face. Ran then got up as she stormed off. Tim pushed the dress from his face as he ripped the paper bag open to reveal a stash of condoms. Conan jumped up at this as Tim punched the side of the bench. Argo and Zee had played him. Conan jumped down as Tim looked over at him.

“Keep the suit kid, it will look nice on you.”

“I think he was just as surprised as Ran and I, did he not know what was inside?”

Conan nodded as he walked off after Ran. Tim threw the dress over his shoulder as he looked down at his watch. It read 9:05.

“Looks like I got an early date with Katina Sugo.” Tim said as he walked off.

He took a taxi back to his apartment. Once in he tossed the dress onto his bed as he suited up for work.

“I made my way to the subway as I watched her go through security. No sign of Deadshot......yet.”

Red Robin hid near the ceiling scouring the crowd for Floyd Lawton. He saw no sign of him. Katina entered the train as she took a seat near a window.

“Bingo, he’s goanna strike any time now.”

A minute passed by and nothing happened.

“Where is he, does he plan on boarding or something?” Red Robin questioned.

In the next minute the engine started as the train began to move.

“Just great.” He said as he used his grappler to swing to the top of the train.

They went down a dark tunnel. This lasted for about a minute as the train headed out. Red Robin stayed low as not to lose his balance.

“Why didn’t he strike, I felt sure he would.” Red Robin said as he saw another set of train tracks to the left.

A loud sound can be heard in the far distance as Red Robin focuses his attention into that direction. Not to far away on the other set of tracks another train was coming. Tim used the cowl’s zooming system to get a closer look.

“Let’s see if there is anything suspicious over there.” Red Robin said.

As he looked on one of the cargo doors on the other train slid open.

“Got him!” Red Robin said as he caught sight of Deadshot holding a rifle.

“So he was going to shoot her when the two trains crossed, clever move. The only thing he didn’t account for was someone like me.” Red Robin said as he reached for one of his bird disks.

The trains continued to motor on as they came closer to one another.

“I’m going to have to time this just right, if I mess up, Katina dies.”

He held the bird disk just right under his chest as the other train came within a few yards. He looked on as Deadshot lifted his gun ever so slightly.

“Almost....not quite.”

Deadshot flung the rifle up as he took aim.

“And here....we............go!!!!!” He yelled as he threw the bird disk knocking the rifle out of his hand.

Deadshot looked up as he saw Red Robin glide over to the same train as him. He headed to the top as Red Robin followed after him.

“It’s over Deadshot, give it up.”

“Your that Red Robin aren’t you, heard about you from Catman.”

“Why are you going after the Sugo’s?” Red Robin asked.

“Don’t see how that is any of your business, you should head back to Gotham while you still can.”

“Not without you I and the creep your working with.” Red Robin declared.

“Who say’s he’s here?” Deadshot said as he began to fire at Red Robin with a wrist device of some kind.

Red Robin dodged around avoiding the bullets and keeping his distance. Deadshot took advantage of this as he shot the hinges off at the end of the train where he stood.

“Goodbye Red Robin.” Deadshot waved.

Red Robin looked back as he took to a knee.

“He got away....but only this time.” Tim thought to himself as the train took him back to where he had started.

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 4

Plan set in Place

He had awaken much earlier this morning. He strolled down the street as he walked into a forest nearby. Tim looked down at his watch which read 6:08. Class wasn't until nine so he had plenty of time. The birds sang in the distance as the crickets hopped about. Tim walked down a small hill as he pushed through a few bushes. He continued on as he came upon a small river, looking down at it.

"I wonder where this stream leads to."

He continued to walk downward as he came upon a large ditch. In the middle stood a large shed. The door swang back and forth from the winds coming in from the west.

"I wonder if that shed is being occupied."

Tim waited a few seconds longer then decided to jump into the ditch. He slowly approached the shed as he pushed the door to the side. He took a look inside. It was dark, very dark at that. Tim reached for his pocket as he pulled out a mini flash light flashing it into the darkness. There were webbs everywhere. Other than that the place was completely empty.

"This could defiantly work as a base for operations, I'll have to upgrade some things. This is better than working from the room, much more secluded out here. I'll need to buy some things after school."

He felt himself being shaked as his eyes sprung open. Conan sat up in bed as Kogoro stood over him.

"Hey Conan I need to ask you something."

"What's so important it couldn't have waited until I woke up." Conan thought to himself.

"What is it?" Conan asked.

"They're hosting the community person of the month up at the station in a few days." Kogoro began.

"Let me guess you need to nominate someone, and you want to know if I know someone worth mentioning."

"Exactly, do you know if any of the staff up at your school is worthy of the nomination?" Kogoro asked.

Conan sat there as he thought about it for a few seconds.

"Mr. Logan." Conan said.

"Logan.....what's he do?"

"He's the genitor." Conan replied.

"Ok, let Mr. Logan know I would like to speak with him."

"Sure thing." Conan replied as Kogoro made his way out of the room.

Conan got dressed as he went into the main room. He was surprised not to see Ran around.

"She left early. Must of had to do with last night."

Conan had a bowl of cereal as he made his way out. He walked down the street as he looked to the sky.

"I need to talk to Salekea, hopefully cheer her up after yesterday."

The school came into view as Conan took a deep breath. There were children jump roping at the side of the school as Conan turned his head to see genitor Logan sweeping something up at the other side of the building. Conan walked over as Mr. Logan turned to face him.

"Hey Conan, how you doing this morn?"

"I'm doing good, how about you?"

"Just cleaning up the scraps, you know how that goes."

Conan gave off a small laugh.

"Mr. Kogoro would like to have a word with you up at the station." Conan informed.

"You mean detective Mouri?"

"That's right." Conan.


Conan looked up at him. He could tell genitor Logan was a little uneasy with this news. Mr. Logan then walked off as he pulled out his phone. Conan walked in the opposite direction.

"Now to go and find Salekea."

Conan made his way around the building as he saw Salekea sitting at one of the swings with Ayumi sitting on the one to the left of her. They were swinging while engaged in conversation.

"Cool, Salekea has a new friend."

The halls were busy as usual. He pushed through as he made his way into his science class. He took a seat at his desk as Airi swung back in her seat to face him.

"You watch the news last night?" She asked.

"The news is to depressing, I prefer the sports channel." Tim replied.

"You mist one of the wildest chases, Kaitou Kid is so amazing." Airi said as she swayed back and forth in her seat.

"This girl is creeping me out." Tim thought to himself as he heard the slamming of a book to the right of him.

He knew exactly what was about to happen. Tim turned to his right as he put on his fake smile.

"Hey Sonoko."

"What the hell!!" She exclaimed.

"I see you're mad."

"Why would you do something like that, she's really upset you know!"

"I'll take care of it." Tim calmly replied.

Airi looked on.

"This is turning out to be as good as last night's soup opera." Airi side commented.

"What's wrong with you, you didn't even reply to any of my calls last night!!"

Tim looked down at his phone to see ten missed calls, which were all from Sonoko.


"Sorry about that, I had a busy night."

"With what, picking up some skank no doubt. Let me tell you Tim, Ran isn't that kind of girl."

"Alright.... listen Sonoko, the bag of condoms was a mistake." Tim said as he stood up.

"Then why would you do something like that?!"

"It wasn't my idea, I didn't even know what was in the bag until after the fact. Argo was the one who gave it to me, he said Ran loved to cook, so I thought it was something she could use." Tim explained as Sonoko sat back down.

Tim did the same. No one said a word for the next minute or so. Airi looked them both over, waiting for one of them to say something.

"Why didn't you just say so, before I started yelling?"

"Didn't want you to go yelling at Argo and Zee."

"Zee has something to do with this to?"

"Don't know, but he has the hots for Ran so I wouldn't count him out."

"Sorry I yelled at you."

"Apology accepted, but don't confront either of them. This is something I need to do."

The bell rang as the class session began. Conan flipped through his book as Genta whistled over at him.

"Conan, you here about the latest kid taken?" He whispered.

"Another one, when?"

"Last night, so that makes nine abducted."

"Don't you mean ten?" Conan asked.

"The boy in the video they broadcasted yesterday is dead, they found him this morning." Genta informed.

"Great, another death. I need to solve this, and fast."

He began tapping his pencil as he looked out the window. Conan's phone began to vibrate as he looked down to see he had a text from Dr. Agasa. It read "New information, come over."

"Maybe I'll make some headway."

He placed his things into the locker as he dressed into his gym clothes. Tim made his way to the gym as he looked to see Sonoko in a heated discussion with Argo and Zee.

"There's no winning with that girl."

Tim made his way over as the three of them looked toward him.

"How was your date Tim?" Argo asked with a laugh.

"What do you think?"

"They think this is all a big joke!" Sonoko exclaimed.

"I thought we agreed I would handle this." Tim said as Zee walked up to him.

"Handle what, you planning on doing something little man?" Zee asked as he shoved him.

Coach Succo caught sight of this as he ran over standing inbetween the two of them.

"This is not the way to handle this boys, if you have a problem put on the gloves!" He yelled out.

"Sounds good to me coach, what do you say Timmy?" Zee prompted.

"If that's what you want."

"Sonoko, go get the gloves." Coach Succo instructed.

She hesitated at first, but then took off to retrieve them. Sonoko came back as she handed the gloves to Succo who then handed a pair to both Tim and Zee. The rest of the class looked on as they placed the matt's down.

"After this I don't want any back and forth between you two, is that clear?"

"Yes Sir." Zee said.

"Won't be a problem." Tim added.

Coach Succo stepped from the matt as he signaled for them to begin. Zee made the first move as he threw a couple jabs.

"He's stiff."

Zee then threw a swing which Tim dodged yet again. He tossed a couple more punches as Tim manuverd around waiting for an opening .

"What are you doing, playing keep away?"

With that statement Tim unloaded catching Zee on the side of his face sending him flying down to the matt. Everyone gasped out.

"Think I should of pulled back a little on that punch." Tim thought to himself as he took his gloves off.

Zee on the other hand was still on the ground. Tim handed his gloves to Succo who then went to check on Zee. Tim stepped down from the matt as Argo took a step back.

"It was Zee's idea." He said.

Tim walked passed him as he stood next to Sonoko.

"Wow, didn't know you could hit like that!"

"I try and keep in shape."

"I'll let Ran know everything." Sonoko said.

"I'd prefer if it came from me, I'd like to tell her myself."

"Ok." Sonoko replied.

"Knowing Sonoko she'll probably tell her anyway."

Conan made his way down the hall as he saw Ayumi and Salekea talking near the water fountain.

"Hi Conan." Salekea said.

"Any of you seen Haibara?" Conan asked.

"She went out the front." Ayumi informed.

"Thanks, I'll see you both later." Conan said as he took off.

He ran out the front doors as he saw Ai Haibara in the near distance. He quickly caught up to her.

"Haibara." Conan said as she turned to face him.

"What's wrong?"

"Dr. Agasa said he had some new information, I thought I'd just walk there with you."

Ai nodded as they continued on. They made it back to the house to find Dr. Agasa sitting infront of the computer. Conan walked over as he placed his bag to the ground.

"So what is it you found?" Conan asked.

"For starters the only bodies found dead are that of two males."

"Your right, the other nine are girls. You think maybe they're just after little girls?" Conan asked.

"I did a little research, there were three different incidents like this very one in other cities."

"How does it relate to our case?" Ai asked.

"All three incidents occurred five months apart. It's been about five months since the last city abductions, I wouldn't be surprised if it's connected." Dr. Agasa said.

“Anything else you have to add on?” Conan asked.

“The children abducted in all the other cases were young girls. Ten in all in each of those cases.”

“If that is true, that must mean there’s one more to go.” Ai said.

“And that means we need to find them now. Dr. Agasa did you check the records of anyone with a criminal record who has been in all three of those cities, and now here?” Conan asked.

“I’ll give it a look now.”

It was busy at this time of day. He waited in line with all the extra accessories he had purchased.

“Got some stuff to set up at the shed, might take awhile but this could work as a base for my operation.”

After he paid for all the electronics he headed back to the shed as he set up shop.

“I forgot to talk with Ran, I’ll have to do that soon.”

Most of his day was spent setting up things and installing programs into the hard drive. Tim looked down at his watch. It was seven P.M.

“Good, looks like all systems are a go. I want to give that survaliance footage a closer look.” Tim said.

He pulled the video up as he watched it a couple times over.

“Wait a minute, did that boy say something before he followed after her?”

Tim opened up another file as a sound system popped open.

“If I could get rid of the noise around him, I might be able to hear what he said.”

He went to work as he tried to fade out the extra sounds in the video. An hour or so passed on as he made progress.

“Alright let’s see if I have something.” Tim said as he played back the video audio once more.

“Yeww carrrn bzzz serii.”

“Closer, but still can’t hear what he said.” Tim stated as he continued.

Tim continued to fade out the surrounding sounds as he played the audio again.

“Yous caant bezz.”

“Just a little more.” Tim said.

He made a couple more adjustments to the audio as he played the audio for yet another time.

“You can’t be serious, she has cooties.”

Tim sat back in his chair at this.

“I wonder what that could have been about. I think it’s best if I visit one of the spots where one of the children were taken.” Tim thought to himself as he walked over and suited up.

Conan laid on his back staring up at the ceiling. His head rested upon his hands. Dr. Agasa had looked into potential criminals on the run which fit their description, none fit the profile. Conan’s little trance was broken by the sound of foot steps heading toward him. He sat up to see Ran.

“You doing ok in here?” She asked.

“I’m fine, just resting up a little. Are you feeling better?” Conan asked.

“Considering Sonoko just called and told me Tim didn’t know what was in the bag, I’d say I’m feeling much better.” Ran replied with a smile.

“Good, I knew something was up with that whole incident.”

“Dad went up to the station, so he might be back late.”

“Ok.” Conan said.

He swung from building to building, his cape flowing within the night sky. Red Robin came to a stop as he caught sight of something suspicious at the left side of his eye. He stood on the ledge of the building as he used his zooming system. He saw a man working on something under a car. After he finished the man jumped up and ran around the corner as a truck picked him up.

“Think I better go give that a look.” He said as he glided down toward the parking lot.

Red Robin made his way over to the car as he took a look under. Immediately a device attached to the bottom of the car began to beep.

“A bomb!”

Red Robin quickly jumped using his grappler to head to the nearest building as the car exploded.

“Must of been triggered off when I touched the car. That blast wasn’t meant for me, but who?”

Red Robin looked forward as a bunch of people came running out of a building. Red Robin looked to see that the building was the police headquarters.

“Looks like someone wanted one of these guy’s dead.” Red Robin said as he looked to see who owned the car.

“My car!!” A man yelled out.

“That must be the guy they wanted dead. If they find that he is still alive they may try again.”

Conan found himself fading as his phone began to vibrate next to him. He reached over as he brought it to his ear.


“Good, you’re ok.” Genta said from the other line.

“What is this all about?” Conan asked.

“Just checking on all the group members to make sure everyone is ok, see you in school tommarrow.”

With that he hung up. Conan flipped his phone down as he went to the main room to see Ran staring out the window. He looked on as he slowly walked up next to her.

“I wish Shinichi was here.”

Conan didn’t say anything. They both stood their as minutes went by. Suddenly a slight knock at the door can be heard. Ran made her way over as she opened the door to see Megure Juzo and detective Takagi. Ran engaged in conversation with the two of them.

“What are they doing here?” Conan thought to himself.

“What’s wrong, is there something you two need to tell me.”

“I think it would be best if we took a seat Ms. Mouri.” Inspector Megure advised.

Ran invited the two of them in as they all took a seat.

“This dosen’t look good.” Conan thought to himself.

“Where’s dad, did something happen to him?” Ran asked standing back up.

Inspector Megure looked toward the ground, then back up.

“He’s gone....his car exploded. There was nothing we could do.” Inspector Megure informed.

Conan became light headed as he stood up against the wall. Memories of Kogoro quickly poured in as his eyes watered up. Ran’s eyes curled with tears as well. She then fell forward as detective Takagi caught her in his arms.

“She fainted. What should we do from here?” Detective Takagi asked.

“We’ll call her mother, that’s the best thing we can do.”

He glided as he touched down on a building right across from an elementary school down town.

“I fixed the kill attempt problem, this could actually benefit better then what I had planned originally.”

Red Robin glided down toward the school as he walked around.

“This is the place victim number two was taken, right after school they say.”

He reached into his utility belt as he pulled out a mini flash light.

“The incident had to have taken place over there some where, that’s the direction of the little girls home.”

He looked the area over for nearly an hour, but found nothing.

“Wait a minute, what if something grabbed her attention and made her go down the other block.”

Red Robin walked down the other street still holding his flash light in hand. He made his way along the brick wall as he came to a stop at the end of the corner. He walked into a small secluded area near the other side of the wall. He flashed his light around as he caught sight of a small object. He then knelt down to see what it was.

“A filtered cigarette piece.....why would someone do that?”

Red Robin continued to scour the area as something caught his attention over near a pile of mud. He looked down to see wheel prints implanted into the mud. Red Robin flashed around a little more as he saw a black substance near the wheel prints. He took his finger as he took a sniff of it.

“Oil...somebody was waiting here.”

Using his cowl he took a few pictures of the imprinted wheels, he then walked over and stuck the filtered cigarette piece into his pocket.

“They teach the military soldiers how to filter their cigarettes, keeps others from tracking them. Maybe the abductor is of military background.”

Red Robin shot his grappler out as he headed back to the roof tops.

“I’ll analyze the evidence after school....The real question remains, what could have brought that girl clear over there?”

The night went by as the sun rose in the morning. Conan opened his eyes as he jumped to the ground. He quickly remembered what Inspector Megure had told them last night. Tears came to his eyes once more as he quickly wiped them.

“If it’s the last thing I do, I will find out who is responsible for Kogoro’s death.”

Conan slowly got dressed as he made his way into the main room as he is surprised to be greeted by Eri Kisaki.

“Good morning young man.”

“Good morning. Where is Ran?”

“I insisted she stay home from school, but she decided against it.” Eri replied.

Conan threw his bag over his shoulders as he headed for the door. Conan then stopped as he looked back toward her.

“What’s going to happen?”

“I don’t know, but everything is going to be ok.”

Conan nodded as he headed to school. He made his way through the hall straight to class. Conan put his head down as he felt a tap from behind.

“Conan are you ok?” Ayumi asked.

“I...I don’t know what to say.”

The bell rung shortly after as Conan sat up and reached for his book.

“Something wrong Conan?” Mitsuhiko asked.

“Just tired, long night.” Conan lied.

Conan looked over as the door opened. It was Salekea.

“Salekea, when is she ever late?”

Salekea made her way to her desk as she took a seat. Conan looked over at her.

“Why does she look so sad today?” Conan questioned.

“Hey, you feeling ok?” Conan asked.

“I’m ok.” She said looking toward him then back.

“Does she have makeup on today?”

He made his way to school as he saw Ran and Sonoko sitting at the bench infront of the school. Tim walked over as he sat next to them.

“Hey Ran, we need to talk.”

“It’s ok, Sonoko told me everything.”

“Her voice, she sounds sad.”

“What’s wrong?” Tim asked.

“It’s my Dad.”

“What did he do, rob a bank or something?” He said trying to crack a joke.

“Tim!” Sonoko exclaimed.

“I thought we were friends, why would you say something like that!!” Ran yelled as she stood up from the bench.

“Woh, what’s wrong?” Tim asked placing a hand on her shoulder as he stood up as well.

“Don’t touch me!” She yelled as tears came to her eyes.

“What happened?”

“My father......he was killed.... Tim.”

“I’m....I’m sorry. Look everything is going to be ok.”

“No it’s not, how would you know. You couldn’t know what it’s like to lose a father.” Ran said as she walked off in tears.

“Nice going loser.” Sonoko said.

“Sonoko, you know I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Do me a favor Tim, stay away from me and more importantly, stay away from Ran.” Sonoko said as she went after Ran.

“Damn, and now we’re back to square negative one.”

Conan looked on as his phone vibrated. He looked down to see Hattori Heiji was calling. He ignored this. The bell rang a few minutes later as Conan stepped down from his chair. Ayumi walked next to him as they exited the classroom.

“Conan are you sure you’re ok?”

Conan continued to walk as Ayumi grabbed him by his shoulders turning him toward her.

“Talk to me Conan, you know I’m always here for you.”

“Ayumi I.” Conan began as Salekea walked up.

“Ayumi would you like to come to my house?” Salekea asked.

“I’d have to ask my mom.”

“You can call her on the way there.”

“Ok. We’ll talk later ok.” Ayumi said as she walked off with Salekea.

Conan leaned up against one of the lockers as he slid to the ground.

“Everything is falling apart.”

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 5

Race Against Time

"Sonoko never showed for class, got my seat moved to the front to avoid any future confrontation with her."

The clouds bulged up as the wind swayed from side to side. A cool breeze blew in as he made his way back to the shed. A car drove past as it splashed water up which got caught on the side of his suit. Tim payed little attention to this. Not long after he found himself back in the shed. He took off his school clothes, folding and placing them on one of the tables. He then suited up. The cowl hanged from the back of his neck as he took a seat at the computer.

"Now to import the pictures I took yesterday night."

Tim uploaded the images as he stashed it into his data base.

"Now let's see if I can find out what kind of vehicle was at the abduction sight."

The computer began a quick scan as Tim sat and waited. It wasn't long as the computer found a match.

"A Ford Econoline, can't say I didn't see that coming." Tim said feeling good about his progress.

His phone began to ring as he reached over and answered it.

"This is Tim."

"Hey Tim."


"That would be me, how are things in Japan?"

"Slow, but I'm making progress. How are things in Smallville?" Tim asked.

"Not to crazy this week, just got back from a mission with the Titans."

"How'd that go?"

"We got the job done. Just thought I'd give a call to my best bud."

"Thanks, I needed that."

"Got to go, couple things I need to finish for school."


With that he hung up.

He slowly made his way up the stairs. As he approached the front door he heard voices coming from the other side. Conan reached up as he pushed the door open. Ran sat at the couch along side Eri and Sonoko.

"How was your day at school?" Eri asked.

"It was alright I guess." Conan replied.

"Conan have you talked to Shinichi lately, it would be great if you could get him to come here." Eri said.

"No one ever knows where he is." Sonoko side commented while wrapping her arms around Ran.

"I haven't talked to him in awhile, think he's out on a big case." Conan replied.

"Just great, when Ran needs me most I'm nowhere to be found."

Conan made his way to his room as he sat up onto the bed. He pulled his phone out to see Heiji had called an additional two times.

"Don't think I'm ready to talk, I'll give him a call when....."

His phone slid out of his hand as he fell onto his back. His eyes closed as he slowly fell asleep.

Hours had gone by as he sat at his computer going through all the evidence. He played the audio file he had put together, playing it over and over.

"I looked through the criminal records, no one in the database owns a Ford Econoline."

Tim replayed the video once again but found no further insight. He then rewinded the survaliance tape thirty minutes before the two had arrived in the store.

"Maybe there's something I missed."

He watched on as fifteen minutes in something caught his attention.

"Wait a minute, there was another little girl who was in the store?"

He watched as the girl called someone. She then walked off the screen toward the left. Nearly fifteen minutes later into the tape the other two children came into the picture.

"That other little girl was still in the store when they arrived, that must have been who they were talking to. Why else would the boy have mentioned cooties." Tim said.

Tim sat back in his chair once more.

"Maybe that girl invited them there."

He sat there tapping his fingers on the desk.

"Come on Tim, you can do this."

He played the tape once more, then watched the video. He then thought back to his visit to the school. Tim's eyes widened as he sprung up from his chair which fell to the ground.

"That's why I couldn't find any evidence of a struggle, that's why all trails were cold on finding this guy, the abductor is using a child to ring in his prey!"

His eyes slowly opened as he heard his name being called. Conan sat up as Ran entered the room.

"Conan, Ayumi's mother just called."

"What did she want?" Conan asked.

"Ayumi is missing, she hasn't called home all day." Ran informed.

"She was supposed to be going to Salekea's house." Conan said.

"Who is that?"

"Classmate of ours." Conan replied.

"I'll let her know." Ran said as she left the room.

Conan reached for his phone to see he had missed phone calls from most of his friends. He dialed Ayumi's cell. She didn't answer.

"Oh no, what if the abductor took Salekea and Ayumi. I need to go see Dr. Agasa." Conan thought to himself as he jumped down from his bed and darted into the hall.

"Conan where are you going?" Eri asked.

"Out!" Conan quickly replied.

Conan ran down the street at top speed as many thoughts ran through his head.

"I promised Ayumi I wouldn't let anything happen to her..........oh Ayumi... please be ok."

It wasn't to much longer as he found himself on Dr. Agasa's front door. He stood over as he tried to catch his breath. He then walked forward as he began to knock. The door slid open the next second as Conan looked to see Ai.

"Why are you all out of breath?" Ai asked asked putting a hand on her hip.

"Haibara....Ayumi's missing." Conan stated.

Fear came over Ai's face as Conan stepped in.

"You're going to find her, right?" Ai asked.

Conan didn't reply as he made his way over to Dr. Agasa who was on the computer.

"Conan, what are you doing here?"

"Ayumi is missing, I think she's been abducted. If that is the case someone must have known her schedule, can you get an extended background check on all employees in the school district?" Conan asked.

"I'll do it now." Dr. Agasa said as he looked to the computer.

All Conan and Ai could do was sit and wait. Conan paced back and forth as his hands began to shake.

"Conan I have checked the whole base for anything out of the ordinary." Dr. Agasa said.

"Find anything."

"Maybe, there is a genitor on this list." Dr. Agasa began.

"Mr. Logan?" Conan asked.

"Yes, he doesn't have a criminal but."

"But what?" Conan asked.

"There really is no background at all, other than that everyone else is clean." Dr. Agasa said.

Ai tried to call Ayumi as well but got no reply. Conan began to walk in circles.

"You think he might be going under a fake name?" Conan asked.

"It's possible."

He continued to pace as he thought about all his encounters with genitor Logan.

"When I talked to him last he did seem a little uneasy about meeting with....no..why didn't I see it earlier." Conan said.

"What are you talking about?" Ai asked.

"When I told Mr. Logan Kogoro wanted to meet with him up at the station, let's just say he wasn't to thrilled. He made a phone call just as we parted ways."

"What do you think he called about?" Ai asked.

Conan sat there for a second as tears came to his eyes yet again.

"What's wrong?" Ai asked as she walked up to him.

"I....I'm the one who got Mouri Kogoro killed."

"Nonsense Conan." Dr. Agasa said stepping up from his chair.

"Think about it, I told him Kogoro wanted to see him. Genitor Logan must have thought Kogoro was coming onto him."

The room fell silent. The phone began to ring a few seconds later as Dr. Agasa answered it. He talked for a second or so as he placed the phone to the side.

"It's Mrs. Kisaki."

"She must of known I'd head over here."

"What did she say?" Ai asked.

"Conan you said Ayumi went to a Salekea's house right?"


"The police just went to her registered residents, it doesn't exist."

"Have them check Mr. Logan's." Conan said.

He zoomed into the girl in the survaliance video as he got a clear shot of her face.

"That should do it, let's see if this girl goes to school." Tim thought to himself as his computer went to work.

Within a minute a match was found as he looked up at the screen.

"Salekea Valdina, so thats her. Interesting, she goes to Teitan elementary." Tim said.

He sat up in his chair as he sorted a few things out in his head.

"If this guy is having her help with his work I'm sure he'd want to keep a close eye on her. That must mean he works at the school, let me see if anyone who works at there owns a Ford Econoline."

A couple seconds go by as a profile pops up.

"Suzak Logan, he's a genitor, he's also got a GPS system. Former Marine." Tim said.

He looked the profile over as he rubbed his chin.

"This guy has little to no real history. Let me see what happens if I tag his picture into the criminal filter list."

He waited a couple minutes as another profile popped up.

"Bingo, Suzak Valdina...wow this guy has a track record, attempted murder, sexual harassment, couple burglaries. What do we have here, so........ he's the grand father of Ms. Salekea." Tim said as he looked on.

They sat around, not sure what to do next. Conan on the other hand paced back and forth.

"Come on, think."

The phone rang once more as Dr. Agasa once again answered it. A few seconds later he placed the phone back on the hook.

"They checked his registered home as well, nothing."

"Ayumi....I'm sorry." Conan said to himself as he slouched to the ground.

He stood at the screen as he continued to tap his fingers against the desk.

"Hmm, maybe I can hack into his GPS system, this could give me an idea on where he is keeping them."

After about five minutes he hacked into his system as he looked over all the areas on the map. One jumped out at him, a secluded place right outside of town.

"Looks like I have a location, hang on girls I'm on my way." Tim thought to himself as he slid his cowl over his head.

It was cold, very cold at that. She slowly began to move, her body ached all over. The ground was hard and rough. Her eyes slowly opened as she stood to her feet. The room was dark, so it prevented her from seeing anything. She walked forward as she bumped into something hard and cold. She fell to the ground as she started crying. Within seconds lights were switched on, lighting up the room. She began to cry even more as she found she was in a cage. A man came into view a couple seconds later.

"Mr. Logan?!"

"Hello Ms. Yoshida ."

"Help me!" Ayumi cried out.

Suzak's head flew back as he laughed out. It wasn't until then Ayumi realized that he was the one who had abducted her.

"You really should let me go, Conan will be here any minute."


"He's one of the best detectives you'll ever see."

"Maybe so, but I can almost guarantee he won't find this place."

"What did you do to all the other girls?" Ayumi asked.

Suzak Valdina walked around the room as he pulled sheets off of the tops of other small cages to reveal nine more young girls. All the cells were widely spread out.

"I suggest you all behave and keep quite, you will be going to your new homes soon."

"What does he mean?" Ayumi thought to herself.

Suzak left the room as a couple of the other girls began to start crying.

"I wonder if Conan is on his way yet." Ayumi thought to herself as her eyes watered up.

A couple minutes went by as many voices can be heard in the room directly next to theirs. The voices got louder and louder. The door flung open once more as about twelve other men along with Suzak entered.

"And here they are gentlemen, where shall we start?"

"Let's start there, and make our way around." One of the men said pointing to one of the cages.

Ayumi went into the corner of her cell as she silently started crying.

"Pssst, hey." Someone whispered.

Ayumi turned to see Salekea at the side of her cell.


"Shhhh...I'm sorry about all of this. I'm going to get you out of here." Salekea said as she held up a key.

"Thank you." Ayumi whispered.

Salekea went to the front of the cell as she slowly unlocked the cage looking toward the others to make sure no one was looking. Ayumi came out of the cell as she hugged her.

"Come with me."

"No I can't, you must go now."

"Hey what's going on over there!!!" One of the men yelled out.

"Run!!!" Salekea yelled.

Ayumi ran as she tripped over her leg falling to the ground. She quickly got back up as she continued to run. Ayumi looked back to see she had dropped her necklace, there was no time for that though. A couple of the men were gaining on her as she turned the corner and ran up a fleet of stairs.

"Enough, let her go." Suzak said.

"Why?" One of them said as they stopped in their tracks.

"She went upstairs, there's no exit up there. We'll deal with her later." Suzak said.

"Very well." One said.

Suzak walked over as he grabbed Salekea by her shirt pinning her up against the wall.

"Try something like that again little girl and I'll mess your face up so good makeup won't even cover it up."

He then placed her back on the ground.

"I say we get straight to the bidding." Another suggested.

"Very well, lets get started shall we." Suzak said as they headed over to the center of the room.

He handed everyone a card as he pulled out a roll of dice.

"Alright, this dice will determine the bidding order." Suzak explained.

They all nodded. Everyone took a turn at rolling the dice two times. This process took a couple minutes to be completed.

"Now that we have that out of the way, when putting in a bid to become the highest bidder just use the phrase 'I can.' Is that clear."

Everyone nodded.

"Alright then, lets get started shall we." Suzak said as the lights began to blink.

"What's up with the lights?"

"I'm not sure." Suzak said as the lights completely shut off.

"Damn lights." One complained.

"Suzak you got emergency lights in here?"

"Hold on a second, I'll get to them momentarily."

He made his way through the dark as he heard a body fall. The next second one of the men screamed out.

"What's going on!" Suzak yelled out.

Suzak made his way over to the wall as he heard tons of commotion going on in the dark. He felt his way by the wall as he reached for a lever pushing upward. The lights flashed back on as he turned back around to see all of the men knocked out.

"What the hell." He said as he reached for his gun.

As he pulled his gun out it is knocked from his hand by a flying object. Suzak turns into that direction to see nothing as he is grabbed from behind and thrown up against the wall. Before Suzak can react a figure lugged at him pinning him up against the wall by his shirt.

"Who...who are you?" Suzak asked looking down.

"Someone you rubbed the wrong way." He said as he tossed him across the room.

Salekea quickly hid behind a few barrels looking on.

"Ha haah, you some kind of vigilante hooded man?"

"It's Red Robin."

"A bird, that's a new one." Suzak said as he pulled out another gun from his back pocket.

Red Robin leaped forward knocking the gun from his hand. Suzak pulled a knife from his jacket as he took a swing. Red Robin caught him by his wrist as he twisted. Suzak fell to a knew favoring his dislocated wrist.

"I must know how long have you been at this, because so far I’m not impressed." Red Robin said.

Suzak sat there for a second as he thought about it.

"Oh boy, I've been in this business for a long time my friend. You might of busted this one operation, but I have a facility right outside of Osaka. That's where the big boys come to play."

"Is that what all this is about, child trafficking?"

"It pays good if you have the connections, but you could never begin to understand the big picture." Suzak said.

"That's already beyond me, but what kind of sick man uses his own grand daughter to help enslave others?"

"It's all part of the game Red."

"So was killing Kogoro Mouri part of your plan?" Red Robin asked.

"Damn straight, he started getting suspicious. As I said it's all part of the game."

"More like game over, your going to be sitting in a nice cold cell." Red Robin informed as a smirk came to his face.

"Really now, I don't see any police or witnesses around to convict me. I mean who would believe someone like you?" Suzak asked.

"This was already over before he even knew it."

Red Robin reached from behind as he pulled out a walkie talkie.

"That's where you are wrong, as soon as I began to ask you questions I not only recorded you, but also let a friend listen in." Red Robin said as he held the device into the air.

"It's over Suzak, we have you on tape!" A voice from the walkie talkie yelled.

"It can't be, I.....I killed you!"

"No Suzak, your bomb attempt failed. Detective Kogoro doesn’t go down that easily." Kogoro laughed from the other line.

Red Robin shut off the walkie talkie as he stuck it to his belt.

"The police are already on their way." Red Robin said.

"So they let vigilantes run the show now?"

"Wrong again, we never met in person. To them I'm just an anonymous caller, they have no idea who I really am." Red Robin replied.

“Clever move, you had him fake his death. So you going to let that bogus detective take all the credit?”

“I don’t see why not, whatever keeps me in the shadows.” Red Robin replied.

"I will not go to prison!!!"

"Big words, when we have you admitting to everything." Red Robin said.

"Ha haaaha hahha, you're missing the point Red." Suzak said as he pulled a device from his pocket and clicked down on it.

Red Robin looked over at him as Suzak began to laugh.

"What did you just do?" Red Robin asked.

"We have one minute before this place explodes."

Red Robin darted over toward the cages while pulling out his staff. He quickly knocked the locks off of each one as they all latched onto his legs. Salekea made her way over as well.

“I’m sorry, he made me do it.”

“Every thing is going to be ok you here?”

“Ok.” Salekea replied.

"Lead these girls out of here Salekea, the police will be out there to take care of you." Red Robin said as she nodded.

It took a few seconds but he was able to get them all from holding onto him. As they ran off Red Robin noticed a necklace on the ground as he picked it up.


"She's upstairs." Salekea yelled back noticing Red Robin had found the necklace.

He drops the necklace into his utility as he stands back to his feet. A couple gun shot's go off as Red Robin turns to see that Suzak shot all the unconscious men in the head.

"Couldn't have them living, not after tonight. Any one of them could have ratted out our other sites." Suzak said

"You really are sick." Red Robin said.

"What can I say, it runs in the family."

"Doesn't matter you're coming with me." Red Robin stated.

"Is that so, you've got less than a minute. It's me...... or the girl."

They stood there as they stared each other down for a couple seconds. Red Robin clenched his fists as he darted toward the stairwell. As he ran he heard a gun shot go off.

"Didn't know he was going to commit suicide, should have disarmed him all together."

He continued to run up the stairs as he entered a large hall way. There were multiple doors as he began to call out.

"Little girl where are you, I'm here to save you!!!"

He got no reply.

"Great, she must think I'm one of the guy's who wants to hurt her."

He quickly made his way down the hall going from door to door, knowing time was running out. As he passed by one of the rooms he heard a slight yelp coming from the room across from him. He walked over as he tried to turn the nob. It was locked.

"Got her!"

With that Red Robin kicked down the door to enter a large empty room. There sitting in a dark corner hiding behind her legs was Ayumi. Tim smiled as he quickly made his way over. She cried out when he came within a few feet of her.

"Please stay back!"

"We have to go, this place is about to explode." Red Robin said.

She didn't reply.

"I'm here to help you."

"I think your lying." Ayumi said as she started crying again.

Red Robin took to a knee as a smile came to his face.

"Don't worry I wont hurt you."

"Who are you?!"

"I'm ..Red Robin." He calmly replied.

"How do I know if you're telling the truth?" Ayumi asked while wiping her tears.

"Just.........trust me." He said holding out his hand.

Ayumi looked up at him as she stopped crying. A few moments went by as she leaped into his arms. He placed her onto his back as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"We don't have time to back track, I'll have to make an exit."

With that he reached into his utility belt as he tossed an explosive at the wall blasting it open.

"Hold on." Red Robin informed as he ran forward and glided into the air.

The building exploded not to long after. They landed on the top of a hill to the side of the building. Red Robin looked down to see all of the other children along with the police. He grabbed Ayumi from his back as he placed her to the ground.

"You’re safe now, just head down to the police and they'll get you home." He said looking down at her.

She began to walk, then stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

Ayumi turned back around as she smiled up at him.

"Thank you.....Red Robin"

He smiled at this.

"Anytime kid, now head down to the police. I'll watch from here and make sure you make it down ok."

Ayumi nodded as she slowly made her way down, and headed over toward the officers.

"There she is!!" One of the officers yelled relieved to see she made it out in one piece.

Kogoro walked over as he wrapped a small blanket around Ayumi to keep her warm from the cool air.

"How did you make it out?" Kogoro asked.

Ayumi turned back to the hill to see Red Robin was gone.

"I found another exit through a chimney." She replied.

"As long as you're ok. This case being solved is going to put me over the top." Kogoro said as he looked toward the night sky, with the moon gazing on.

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 6

Mystery of the Kid Thief

He paved his way down the street, staring into the distance as he did. The house came into view as he slowly made his way up the stairs. Conan opened the front door as he walked in. Ran was asleep on the couch, her head resting on Sonoko's leg.

"Where's Mrs. Kisaki?" Conan asked.

"She went out for the night, she said she'll be back in the morning." Sonoko informed.

"How's Ran?"

"She finally fell asleep."

Conan walked over toward the window as he stared out. His mind went blank. He then looked toward the ground as his eyes closed. Thoughts of Ayumi went through his mind, where was she, was she still alive? His head sprung up as he punched the wall near him. Sonoko looked over at him.

"I guess he's taking it hard as well." Sonoko thought to herself.

At that second the front door swung open hitting the side of the wall with a bang. Ran's eyes slipped open as Conan flipped his head around jumping back.

"Kogoro!" Conan yelled out.

"Da..daddy?" Ran said still half asleep.

He walked in as he took a sip of the beer in his right hand. Kogoro kicked the door shut with his back foot as he walked over.

"Turn the news on, I just cracked the case of the year!"

"Dad what's going on, I thought you were dead!" Ran cried out as she rushed over to him.

"All the abducted kids are safe. I was working under cover in a maximum protection unit, I had to fake my death so." Kogoro began as he is cut off by a slap to the face.

He looks down at his daughter, surprised at this. Ran then grips onto him as she begins to cry. Kogoro wraps his arms around her. Sonoko and Conan glance over at each other as a smile comes to them both.

"It's alright Ran, I'm here now." Kogoro said trying to calm his daughter down.

Conan switched on the TV wanting to clarify Ayumi was ok. He glanced at the TV for a good minute or so as a smile came to his face.

"What can I say, Kogoro really came through this time." Conan thought to himself relieved to see his friend was safe.

Ran continued to cry as Conan walked over.

"So what exactly happened?" Conan asked.

"Someone tried to blow up my car, thankfully someone was watching from the shadows. They contacted me shortly after, thats when they came up with the plan."

"Who was the person who contacted you?" Conan asked.

"I have no idea, the only other people who knew about it was a few of the officers, and inspector Megure." Kogoro said.

"Who paid for your police protection?"

"That I agreed I wouldn't discuss with anyone." Kogoro replied.

"Conan you should really stop interrogating him, it's not like he's the bad guy." Sonoko said.

"For once, she might be right."

Conan laughed a little while rubbing the top of his head.

"I hope you don't mind staying here for the night, for Ran ofcourse." Kogoro said looking toward Sonoko.

"I'm fine with that."

"Alright then, I think it's time you kids got some rest." Kogoro said.

"For the first time I'll admit, it's great to have Kogoro here."

It was a clear night to say the least. The morning brought the same tempo. He rolled onto his back as the light cracked through the curtain. He laid there for awhile longer. After about two minutes he rose as his hands brushed past his face and hair.

“Just realized I never gave miss Ayumi her necklace back, add that to my list of things to do.”

Tim walked over as he got dressed. He brushed his teeth in front of the mirror then looking down and adjusting his tie.

“What’s today, Friday?” Tim thought to himself.

He walked over next to the bed as he picked up his bag tossing it over his shoulders as he headed out.

Conan got into his school clothes as he slid on his glasses. He made his way into the main room as he saw Kogoro sitting in front of the TV sipping on a beer. Ran and Sonoko were in the kitchen laughing about something. He walked over pouring himself a bowl of cereal. After he finished eating Ran walked up to him.

“Have a good day in school Conan.” Ran said.

“I will.” Conan replied

He made his way out the front door. He walked down the street as the school came into view not to much longer as he glimpsed over to see his friends surrounding Ayumi.

“Yoshida!” Conan yelled as he raced over.

The rest of the group looked over as he joined them.

“Hey Conan.” Genta said.

“Yoshida what are you doing at school, shouldn’t you be at home after what happened?” Conan asked.

“My mom tried to persuade me to stay home, but I wanted to be with you guys.”

“We’re glad you’re ok.” Mitsuhiko said.

Ayumi rolled her eyes as she directed her attention over toward Conan, who noticed as he took a step back with a slight laugh.

“What’s wrong Yoshida?” Conan asked.

“You promised you wouldn’t let anything happen to me, you lied!” Ayumi snapped.

“I tried my best to find you..ask Haibara.” Conan exclaimed.

“I’m not part of this.” Ai stated stepping back.

“What about Salekea, was she abducted to?” Mitsuhiko asked.

“No, she was actually working with genitor Logan. She helped him kid nap his victims.”

“Wow, I had no idea.” Genta said.

“We should have never trusted her.” Ai said.

“I should have seen the signs.” Conan thought to himself.

“You’re wrong, she tried to help me escape, but those guys saw us.”

“Is that when detective Mouri showed up, I bet he whipped them real good.” Genta said.

“No...I headed to the top floor where I hid.”

“How long were you up there?” Mitsuhiko asked.

“A couple minutes, I think.” Ayumi replied.

“Then what happened?” Genta asked.

“That’s when he came.” Ayumi said looking to the sky as a smile came to her face.

“Who...who came?” Conan asked.

“Red Robin.” Ayumi said looking back toward her friends.

Everything fell silent for the next few seconds.

“Ayumi, who’s Red Robin?” Ai asked.

“I...I don’t know.”

“What did he look like?” Mitsuhiko asked.

“He had a mask on, he blew up the wall by just pointing at it. Oh, and he also had wings, he flew us down to the ground before the building exploded.” Ayumi said.

Conan looked over, staring into her eyes. She might of exaggerated a few things, but she was telling the truth. He could usually tell when one of his friends were lying. Ai walked over as she whispered into Conan’s ear.

“So what do you think?” Ai asked.

“I believe her.” Conan replied with a smile.

“Scratch the case of the ‘Shape’, our next mission is to find out who Red Robin is!!!” Genta yelled out.

“Yea!” Mitsuhiko yelled in agreement.

“What do you think Conan?” Ayumi asked.

“I’m all for it.” Conan said.

“What if Red Robin is the ‘shape’, that could narrow our search down a bit.” Conan thought to himself.

The bell rang shortly after as the five of them made their way to class. They were all surprised when they saw Sumiko Kobayashi.

“Hello class, how was your sub Mr. Gerald?” She asked.

“He wasn’t to bad.” Genta replied.

Conan felt a tap at his right shoulder as he turned to face Ayumi.

“Conan, what do you think will happen to Salekea?” She asked in a worried tone.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll be ok.” Conan said in a assuring tone.

He made his way into class as he took a seat in the front row. Tim pulled out his notes from the previous day as he looked them over, even though he knew all the material. A few moments later Tim turned as Airi sat in the seat to the left of him.

“What are you doing up here, I thought you sat in the back?”

“Didn’t you look on the board, we’re chemistry partners now.” Airi informed as Tim looked to the board.

“Oh, didn’t see that.” Tim said.

“Did you catch the news by any chance?”

“Let me guess, the amazing Kaitou Kid has struck again.”

“No, anything interesting on?”

“Those kids that were abducted, the police found them. They were all alive.” Airi said.

“That’s good to hear.” Tim said.

“So maybe she isn’t a complete fanatic of that guy like I thought.”

The rest of the day went smoothly. The school day ended as he headed back to the apartment. He sat at the end of the bed as he stared at the wall.

“Sonoko didn’t show up for school again, must have been with Ran. I need to try and focus my attention on what brought me here, Deadshot.”

He fell backward as he rested his head on the back of the bed.

“That ofcourse will have to wait, atleast until after tonight’s event.”

Conan pushed the front door open as he entered to see Kogoro laughing over near the phone as he hung the phone up.

“Looks like you’re having a good day.” Conan said.

“Why the heck not, I’ve been invited to dozens of parties tonight.” Kogoro informed.

“Plan on going to any of them?” Conan asked.

“I want to go to the one being held at the town hall, but Ran is refusing to go.” Kogoro said.

“Why can’t you just go by yourself?” Conan asked.

“They invited both Ran and myself, I’d hate to show up on my own.”

“Why won’t she go?” Conan asked.

“I don’t want to run into Tim, he was listed on the guest list.” Ran said as she looked up from the dishes.

“I wonder what he did this time.” Conan thought to himself.

“There is nothing wrong with that kid, he has a lot of class.” Kogoro said.

“Really Dad, weren’t you the one who said if he ever showed his face around here again you would cut off his balls!!”

“That was....I turned over a new leaf.” Kogoro replied.

“Why are you defending him all of a sudden?” Ran asked.

“I’m not, if you don’t want to go then fine. I’ll take Conan with me.” Kogoro said.

“Great, now I get to go partying instead of focusing on finding out more on the Red Robin.”

“Where did Sonoko go?” Conan asked.

“She left about fifteen minutes ago.” Ran said.

“Be ready in a couple hours kid, we have a party to be at.” Kogoro said.

A couple hours quickly went by. Conan took to his room as he looked through his closet for something to wear. He came across the suit he had received from Tim but decided to go with something simpler. Conan stuck on a red polo shirt along with some black dress pants and shoes. After he finished looking himself over, he headed to the front room as Ran gave him a look.

“You look really nice Conan.”


“Make sure you keep an eye on Dad.”

Conan nodded as Kogoro made his way into the room.

“You ready to go?”


With that the two of them headed to the car as they drove off. As they drove Conan stared out wondering if he would ever be Shinichi again...... for good. They drove for nearly fifty minutes as they came upon a large building. After five minutes of driving in circles they finally managed to find a parking space. Kogoro tightened his tie as they made their way toward the entrance as they are greeted by two security guards who immediately recognize Mr. Mouri.

“Go right on in.” One of them stated as they opened the gate.

“Good job on finding those kids.” The other added.

Kogoro and Conan made their way down a large hall as they took a right when they got to the end of it. They entered a large room filled with many different people. There were tables stashed with food around them as well. Conan’s eyes skimmed around the room.

“No wonder Kogoro wanted to come to this particular party.”Conan thought to himself as he caught sight of Yoko Okino the pop star.

Kogoro noticed her a few seconds later as he made his way over. Conan followed after him. She looked up as the two approached.

“Detective Mouri, it’s so good to see you again.” Yoko said.

“The same could be said to you.” Kogoro commented.

“Congrats on finding those girls.” Yoko commented.

“Thank you.” Kogoro replied

Conan knew this conversation could go on awhile. He walked off as he observed the different food types which surrounded the area. He grabbed a small dish as he grabbed a few things. He looked around trying to find a place to sit as he heard a familiar voice from behind.

“Fancy seeing you here.”

Conan turned around while looking up to see Tim.

“If you need somewhere to sit you’re welcome to take my seat, don’t plan on eating anything.” Tim said as he lead Conan over.

“Thanks.” Conan said as he took a seat.

He slowly ate as Tim stood up against the wall behind him. Both Tim and Conan caught sight of a man and woman sharing a very animal like intimate kiss as Conan dropped his fork.

“Lost your appetite kid?” Tim asked with a laugh.

“Yeaahh...you could say that.” Conan replied.

Conan pushed his dish to the side as he stepped down from the chair.

“Why was Ran so upset with you again?” Conan asked.

“Women just take certain things the wrong way, when you get to my age you’ll understand.” Tim replied.

“Oh...ok.” Conan said.

“Conan seems really close to her.” Tim thought to himself as Kogoro headed over toward the two of them.

“Hello again Mr. Wayne, thanks again for all your help.” Kogoro said holding his hand out.

“No problem Mr. Mouri.” Tim replied shaking his hand.

“Again..... what does he mean, again?” Conan thought to himself.

It became very evident something was going on. The question then posed was.... what? What were Tim Drake and Kogoro Mouri hiding? Conan thought about this as a tall man walked over. He stood at 6‘2 with a broad body. His eyes were a blue-ish grey.

“A pleasure to meet you young Timothy Wayne.” He said holding his hand out.

“He has an accent, South American maybe?” Tim thought to himself.

“And you are?” Tim asked reaching forward.

“I am Bondo Salvonte, native of Bahia Brazil.” He replied as he shook Tim’s hand.

“He has the grip of someone in command.” Tim thought to himself.

“That’s Conan by the way." Tim said

“Hello there Conan." Bondo said looking down.

“Hi." Conan waved up.

“So what brings you to Japan?” Tim asked.

“Business like yourself. I find in these difficult times having allies proves to be very beneficial to expanding on my products.” Bondo replied.

“I’m sure you can find many who can help you while you are here.” Kogoro said.

“Yes indeed, I’ve already gained two essential business partners who could prove very useful to me.”

“What is it you do Mr. Salvonte?” Tim asked.

“I run a medical research facility, finding new and more efficient ways to battle corruption and disease.”

“I like the sound of your business already.” Kogoro said taking a sip of his beer.

Conan glimpsed around as he caught sight of someone he did not expect to see. His eyes widened as he slightly stepped back.

“Gin, what is someone from the Black Organization doing here?” Conan thought to himself.

Tim noticed this as he looked over at Gin as well.

“Does Conan know that man?”

Gin then walked off blending into the crowd.

“Everything was going perfect until something very important was stolen from me.” Bondo continued.

“What exactly was stolen?” Tim asked refocusing.

“A diamond, that freak they call the Kaitou Kid got the best of my security and men the other night. They say he supposed to rob the bank in the center of the town this week.” Bondo said.

“This Kaitou Kid seems to pop up into almost all of my conversations as of late.” Tim thought to himself.

“They call him the phantom kid you know.” Bondo added.

“I’ve heard a lot about him, the guy’s clever.” Kogoro said.

“That he is Mr. Mouri, but if I get my hands on him I will surely remove his.” Bondo said.

Bondo took a sip of the drink in his mug as a young woman walked over. Tim and Conan glanced over at eachother noticing it was the same woman who was locked in the kiss earlier. She walked up next to Bondo.

“Who are your friends Bondo?” She asked.

“Detective Mouri and Mr. Wayne.” He replied.

“And who might you be?” Kogoro asked looking her up and down.

“Silvia Salvonte, sister of Bondo. Some call me the snake of love.” She replied.

“These guys look like they mean business.” Conan thought to himself.

She wore a green dress and had a perfect figure. Silvia shared the same eyes as her brother. Her skin was a light brown, and her hair fell just past her back, holding a dark brown color. She walked forward as she ran her fingers right up Kogoro’s shirt. He froze at this. This brought a smile to Silvia’s face.

“Experience, strength, and maturity. You poses all those qualities Mr. Mouri.” She said whispering into his ear.

She then took a step back as she looked into his eyes. It’s almost as if Kogoro went into a trance.

“Is she studying him?” Tim and Conan both thought at the same time.

“You’re the kind of prey I can play around with, like a little mouse who waits to be consumed by the very venom’s that posses it.”

She then walked over to Tim.

“Speed, youth, and money. But what are you inside.... Mr. Wayne?”

Silvia ran her hand up Tim’s shoulder to his neck. Stroking his cheek as she took a step back looking into his eyes. Silvia stood there as she gave him a hard long look. Bondo looked on as a smirk came to his face.

“You’re the type of prey who will squirm, try to put up a fight. Set the bird to the snake, a robin I suppose.” She said taking a sip of her drink.

“What are you drinking?” Kogoro asked.

“Just a little something special, would you like a drink?” She asked in a seductive tone.

Kogoro nodded as she handed it to him. He took a sip then handed it back.

“Not bad.” Kogoro said.

“We’ll be seeing you two around. You as well young Conan.” Bondo said as the two of them walked off.

“Wow, she is incredible.” Kogoro said.

The rest of the evening was pretty much a blur. He had made his way back to the shed as he took a seat at his computer chair. There was one thing on his mind, Kaitou Kid. He sat as he went through articles talking about the master magician.

“It’s strange, the Kaitou Kid usually leaves clues for what he plans on stealing. His three latest incidents have been different, no clues at all.”

He tapped his finger on the desk as he thought up a plan.

“The police said he plans to head to the town center this week. I did a little research on his most recent events. One thing is consistent, he’s been stealing IIb type diamonds, one of the rarest diamonds to find, center town dosen’t currently have one.”

He continued to tap his finger on the desk.

“Why the sudden change, is it because of the IIb components, it’s boron impurities maybe?”

Tim stood up from his chair as he reached for his phone.

“He wants a IIb diamond, come and get it.”

It was a windy night out. Conan laid in bed with his phone in hand as he dialed Dr. Agasa’s number. He answered shortly after.

“Dr. Agasa can you do me a favor.” Conan asked over the phone.

“What is it you need Conan?” Dr. Agasa asked.

“Can you see if you can find anything on a Tim Wayne?”

“Sure no problem, what should I be looking for?”

“Anything that dosen’t seem normal, tragic maybe.” Conan replied.

“Hold on a second.” Dr. Agasa said.

It became very quite over the line as Conan lay in silence for the next minute or so.

“Conan the only thing I found on Tim Wayne was a lot of paparazzi stuff, and a couple things on a Neon Nights program.” Dr. Agasa informed.

“Ok, thank you for your time.” Conan said.

With that they both hung up as Conan looked out at the sky.

“Thought he might of found something, guess I’ll have to take my case in a new direction.” Conan thought to himself.

He placed his phone to the side of the bed as he looked up once more.

“There’s just something about him, tonight when Silvia looked into his eyes I....I saw something in him that I’ve never seen in any person before. Tim’s clear...for now anyway.”

He sat at the chair as his phone continued to ring. Someone answered in the next second or so.

“Hello.” Tim said.

“What do you want?” A cranky voice from the other line asked.

“Damian I need to talk to Bruce, is he around?” Tim asked.

“What happened Drake, you screw up your mission.”

“Is Bruce there, it’s important?” Tim asked ignoring him.

“One second Drake.” Damian said finally giving in.

Tim waited as he stared up at the computer screen.

“Tim what’s the situation?” Bruce asked.

“Don’t have much time to talk, but I need to ask a favor.”

“What is it Tim?” Bruce asked.

“I need you to send me one of the IIb diamonds with a couple of the paintings in the Wayne collection, I have a situation.”

“Money problems?”

“No, I have a plan on catching a fugitive.” Tim answered.

“I’ll send them as soon as possible, and Tim.......be careful.”

“Thanks Bruce.”

Bruce hung up as Tim placed his phone to the side.

“Things are folding into place. Tim Wayne will host an art show in town, and when night strikes.....Red Robin will capture the Kaitou Kid!!”

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 7

Crusaders Of The Night

He swayed back and forth in bed, dreaming of the events that lead to his transformation. He swung up as sweat flowed down from the side of his face. He looked over to see it was 6: 35 A.M. Conan slowly laid back down, staring toward the ceiling.

"I haven't dreamed about that in quite some time..I wonder if it's a message."

He rolled over onto his side while closing his eyes. His phone began to vibrate a couple seconds later.

"What now?" Conan thought to himself reaching over.

He answered it while rolling onto his back.


"Hey Conan you find anything out about Red Robin?"

"Tsburaya, what are you doing up so early?" Conan asked.

"Just woke up not to long ago, couldn't get back to sleep." Mitsuhiko replied.

"Oh....haven't really got any new information but I'm working on it." Conan informed.

"Good, not sure if any of the other's told you but we're going to have a team meeting at the park at about eleven."

"I'll be there."

"See you then." Mitsuhiko said as he hung up.

The phone went off in the room as he slowly lifted his face from the pillow.

"Who could that be?"

He reached over for the phone on the desk to the left of him.

"This is Tim."

"Mr. Wayne we have a delivery for you down stairs."

"Thank you, I'll be right down."

He pushed out of bed as he quickly got dressed. He turned the TV on to catch some of the latest news.

"A man was hospitalized just this morning. The cause of his sickness is not quite clear yet."

Tim looked on as they showed a picture of the man on the screen.

"That's the guy who locked lips with Silvia at the party."

He switched the TV off then made his way down stairs.When he arrived in the lobby he looked over to see a large box to the side of the front door. He walked over to see the Wayne enterprise insignia stamped on the side.

"Wow, didn't expect Bruce to have this stuff to me by this morning." Tim thought to himself.

He walked over as he lifted the box up.

"Will you be needing any help with that sir?" The clerk asked walking up.

"Na, I've got it." Tim replied as he headed for the elevator.

Once back in his room he placed the box to the ground as he walked over and pulled out a phone book as he flipped through it. This lasted for about a minute.

"Great there's an art museum down town, I'll give them a call. I could have this set up by this afternoon." He thought to himself as he dialed the number.

The conversation lasted nearly ten minutes. A smile came to his face after they hung up.

"Good, the show will be at four thirty today. But before then, I have something important to do."

He had managed to fall back asleep. A couple hours had gone by. The sound of the birds chirping could be heard in the near distance. His eyes slowly fluttered open as he looked over as the clock read ten thirty two. Conan rolled out of bed. He got dressed then walked out to the main room. He looked over to see Kogoro with a wet rag over his head.

"What's wrong?" Conan asked.

"A headache and a slight fever." Ran answered as she walked over handing Kogoro a cup of tea.

"Maybe he had to much to drink last night." Conan thought to himself.

"Where do you plan on going this early?" Ran asked.

"Just up to the park, I'm supposed to meet up with the others."

"Do you want something to eat before you go?"

"I'll eat when I get back."

"Here, take this with you." Ran said handing him some money.

"Thank you." Conan said as he walked to the door.

On his way to the park he stopped at a donut shop and had a little something. He then made his way to the park where his friends awaited.

"Conan you're late." Genta exclaimed.

"I stopped to grab something to eat." Conan said.

"Good idea, it's never good to investigate on an empty stomach." Mitsuhiko said.

"Where's Yoshida?" Conan asked.

"She hasn't arrived yet." Ai said.

"Strange, she's usually one of the first to arrive."

"I guess we'll start with out her, anyone come up with any new info on the masked man?" Genta asked.

"I got nothing." Mitsuhiko said.

Ai shook her head from side to side.

"What about you Conan?" Genta asked.

"Nothing yet, I think it would be best if we went through what we already know." Conan said.

"Yea, I agree." Mitsuhiko said.

"We know he has wings and can blast open walls with his hands." Genta began.

"He's called Red Robin." Mitsuhiko added.

"He saved Yoshida so that must mean he has some good in him, other than that we really don't have much to fall on." Conan finished.

The four of them stood in silence as they began to process all that they knew. Ai walked over as she took a seat at one of the swings. Conan began to pace back and forth as he continued to think. Minutes went by as they waited.

"Wow it's been over fifteen minutes, she's never this late." Mitsuhiko Said.

"I'll give her a call." Ai said as she pulled out her phone while swinging back and forth.

The phone ringed as the other's looked on.

"Hey Ai."

"Where are you?"

"Turn around." Ayumi replied.

Ai shifted around as Ayumi walked up to the four of them.

"There you are, what took you so long?" Conan asked.

"We had a guest over, he was there when I woke up." She informed.

"Anybody we know?" Ai asked.

"It was that guy we met the other day, Tim." Ayumi said.

"Tim...what was he doing at your house?" Genta asked.

"My mom invited him in, he found and brought back my necklace!!" Ayumi jumped up.

"How did he find it?" Mitsuhiko asked.

"He visited the site of the explosion and found it under some of the ruble. He said when he saw it he knew it was mine."

"Wow, how nice of him." Mitsuhiko said.

"Yea, he's so sweet." Ayumi added.

"He must have a good eye for detail, and how did he know Yoshida's necklace was missing...? Conan thought to himself.

Conan began to walk back and forth as everyone stared over at him. As he walked he reached down and pulled out his phone.

"There might not be much on Tim Wayne, but let's see if there is anything on any of his family that could help my investigation."

He walked a couple yards away as he dialed a number.

"Why do you think he walked all the way over there to make a call?" Mitsuhiko asked.

"He's probably got a girlfriend." Ai jokingly stated.

"It must be important, Conan dosen't do that often." Genta said.

The phone rang for a couple seconds as a familiar voice answered.

"Hey Conan, what is it I can help you with this time?" Dr. Agasa asked.

"Can you find anything on Tim's relatives?" Conan asked.

"Sure thing, I'll see what I can find."

"Thank you."

Hours went by. The streets were busy as always. He looked on as they set up the podium. People gathered outside the museum as they waited. Tim leaned up against the side wall as he looked over.

"I'll be sure to look out for any suspicious spectators." Tim thought to himself.

He made his way over a few seconds later, clearing his throat as he did. He stepped up as he spoke out.

"I thank you all for coming." He began as he observed all those who came to the show.

His speech lasted for nearly thirty minutes, as he showed off paintings, carvings, and the diamond. They all then followed him into the museum as everything was set in place.

"I've always wanted to do a show like this, just to share the arts of Gotham and bring them to a place like this." He talked as they all walked on.

As he talked Tim looked the crowd over, observing to see if anyone was checking the layout of the building out, or where the security camera's were located. Everyone had their full attention on him and the arts.

"Dosen't look like the Kaitou Kid is here, but I'm sure he'll show tonight. I posted a blog about the diamond, it will also hit the papers tommarrow."

After about another ten minutes the event came to an end as everyone scattered about, just observing the many different things which filled the art museum. He looked down at his phone which read five forty five. Tim walked around as he observed some of the himself.

"I must say, there's some pretty good stuff in here."

He continued to walk down the hall as he came upon a sculpted dinosaur. He stood there as he gazed upon it's every detail, from the curves to the texture.

"I wonder how long it took to make this."

Tim stood there awhile longer as he felt a hand come to his shoulder.

"I must say I really enjoyed your speech, you have a way with words Mr. Wayne."

Tim turned around to come face to face with a gentle around his age.

"Thank you." Tim said as the two shook hands.

"I see you didn't use any note cards, impressive."

"I've had a lot of speeches, so it comes pretty natural." Tim said.

"True, practice makes perfect."

"Aren't you going to Teitan high?" He asked.

"You did your research."

"Heard it's a good school, you enjoying it?"

"I would say so, just a couple girl problems from time to time." Tim said.

"I hear you." He said as they both gave off a small laugh.

"So what type of talent do you have, anything you specialize in?" Tim asked.

The young man reached to the side of Tim's ear and when he pulled back a bird appeared out of nowhere as it flew out a window nearby.

"Wow impressive, I take it you're a magician of some kind." Tim said.

"You are correct Mr. Wayne."

"Tim, call me Tim."

"Alright then, that works for me."

"What about you, does the young magician have a name?" Tim asked.

"Kuroba Kaito, since you have given me the honor of calling you by your first name, you're welcome to do the same."

"Sure thing Kaito, I hope to see some more of your tricks." Tim said.

"On a tight schedule, but I'm sure we can arrange that. Until next time then.....Tim." Kaito said as he walked off.

"I'll admit, that was a neat trick he pulled. Magic is all about placement and timing, you got to respect those who can pull it off."

He sat at the table looking down at his phone, waiting for it to ring. Conan directed his attention up as he looked over to see Ran making dinner. Kogoro was laying on the couch watching one of his programs. His phone began to vibrate the next second as he picked it up.

"Dr. Agasa did you find anything?" Conan asked as he headed to his room.

"Not a whole lot, but I did find something on Mr. Wayne that might interest you."

"Good, so what did you find on our friend Tim?" Conan asked.

"Not Tim, but a Bruce Wayne."

"What's his relation to Tim?" Conan asked.

"He's his father."

"So what did you find on him."

"He watched his mother and father die right infront of him when he was just a young boy."

"How, how did they die?" Conan asked as he closed his door.

"They were shot, both of them died before the police or medical could arrive." Dr. Agasa said.

"What a way to lose your family." Conan thought to himself.

A moment of silence goes by, neither one of them said a word.

"Conan, Ai told me about Red Robin. Using her description I checked to see if I could find anything."

"Did you find anything on him?" Conan asked.

"Not exactly, but I did find something on a Robin and Batman. Known as the Dynamic Duo."

"Tell me more." Conan said as he became more interested.

"They are a team which operates in Gotham City, vigilantes." Dr. Agasa said.

"For how long?"

"Years, but the thing is some aren't even sure if they are real, a myth if you will."

"That dosen't help much, still no real connection to Tim and Red Robin."

Another moment of silence goes by.

"Dinner is ready." Ran yelled from the kitchen.

"Is there anything else I can do?" Dr. Agasa asked.

"Do you think you can make a tracer of some kind?" Conan asked.

"I don't see why not, I'll have it ready in the morning."

"Thank you doc." Conan said as they both hung up.

The city kept busy, like it had most every other night. He stood watching the museum for hours and hours from a neighboring building. The clock struck twelve mid night and still there was no sign of Kaitou Kid. He continued to wait as minutes turned into hours. Before he knew it 4 A.M. rolled around.

"Dosen't look like he's coming, I'll try again later." Red Robin thought to himself as a loud bell can be heard in the distance.

He turned his head to see a large building, which happened to be the biggest in the area. Using his grappler he made his way over. He made it to the top as he looked around.

"What is this, some kind of bell tower?"

He looked to see no one was there.

"If there is no one here, then who made the bell go off?"

A cool wind blew by as the bell went off yet again.

"Hmm, so it was the wind."

He then turned back to see the city below. Red Robin took a seat at the edge of the building as he looked down at the city.

"I can see everything from up here."

He sat there for awhile, just long enough to see the sun rise the next morning.

The morning brought a bright sky and the flow of the wind cruising through the trees. Conan had been up for the past hour, sitting infront of the TV. He flipped through the channels, a way to help pass time. His phone rang the next second as he answered it.

"Conan I made the tracker like you asked, it's fully functional." Dr. Agasa informed.

"Good, I'll be right over." Conan said

Conan switched the TV off as he kicked on his shoes and exited out the front door. He pushed past the front gate which was unlocked as he made it to the front door. Before he could knock the door slid open as Dr. Agasa invited him in. He took him into the kitchen as he handed him something that sat on the counter.

"There it is, just press the side button and you can shoot a tracer on anything you want."

"What's the range?" Conan asked

"I would say about five to fifteen yards, if you plan on using it you might want to be at close range." Dr. Agasa said.

“So once I use this, how will we be able to track something?” Conan asked.

“Through my computer.”

Conan nodded as he looked out the window.

"Where's Haibara?" Conan asked.

"Still asleep."

Conan looked down at his watch raising a brow.

"When does she ever sleep past eleven, think we should check on her."

"What's wrong, you worried about me?" Ai asked as she walked up from behind.

Conan turned to face her as he rubbed the top of his head.

"Yes....in the since of your health of.....of sleeping to long." Conan said with a laugh.

"Riiight." Ai said sarcasticly.

The clock had struck well beyond noon as he lifted his head up to see the sun peaking through the curtain. Tim pushed out of bed as he headed into the bathroom, taking a shower. Once out he dressed into something casual as he took to the streets. He walked, going from shop to shop.

“Cruising my way around the city will only help me become more comfortable with my surroundings.” He thought to himself as he crossed the street.

He went into a small sports shop as he looked around.

“I could use a pair cleats for gym class.”

He walked over looking at the different types. It didn’t take him long to decide on a pair. As he walked toward the register he noticed a set of shades. Tim took a good look over at them, grabbing one as he walked over. After he paid he made his way up the block as he heard someone call out his name. He turned around as someone approached him.

“Airi, I’m surprised to see you up here.”

“What did you buy?” She asked walking up to him.

“Just some shoes and glasses.”

“You wear glasses?” Airi questioned.

“Sun glasses.”

“Oh, I see.” She said.

“What about you, anything bring you to town?” Tim asked.

“Just shopping, for anything that is.”

They continued to walk down the block as they came upon a park. They took a seat at a bench as the children played in the near distance.

“I saw you talking with Ran the other day, you two friends?” Airi asked.

“I....we’re not talking right now, had a little problem.” Tim replied.

“That’s to bad. You ever meet Kudo Shinichi?”

“Who’s that?” Tim asked.

“He’s an ace detective, used to be a friend of Ran.”

“Used to be?”

“No one really see’s him around anymore, I use to have a crush on him awhile back.”

“Any idea on where he might be?” Tim asked.

“Probably some big case. I think he had a thing for Ran, they hanged a lot back in the day.”

“Well atleast she has Conan.” Tim stated.

“Conan, who’s Conan?” Airi asked.

Tim pulled out his phone as he went into his photo section.

“I took a picture of him a few nights ago when we were out in the city.” Tim said showing a picture of Conan to her.

Airi took a long glance at the picture, then looked toward Tim.

“Oh my..he....he looks just like Shinichi.” Airi said.


“Well, when he was younger anyway. Hold on a second.” Airi said as she dug around in her purse.

Tim stuck his phone back into his pocket as Airi pulled out a small photo.

“Here take a look, this was Shinichi back in third grade.” Airi said handing him the photo.

Tim’s eyes glued to the photo as he looked it over.

“My gosh she’s right, this guy looks just like Conan. I wonder if they are related?”

“You can keep the photo, I have more at the house.” Airi said.

“Thanks.” Tim said placing the photo into his pocket.

“I’ll see you in school ok.”


She patted him on his left shoulder as she sat up and walked off.

He sat at the computer as he surfed through many files, going from page to page.

“You’ve been at this for hours now, what are you looking for?” Ai asked.

“I’m checking for all flight records, looking for any visitor’s who flew in the past month or so.” Conan said.

“What for?” Ai asked.

“The shape was first reported two weeks ago, so there is a chance it was someone who came from out of state.”

“Good thinking, have you found a person of interest?” Ai asked.

“I’ve got three, a Chad Bradshaw, Alvin Draper, and a gentleman by the name of Carol Johnson.” Conan said.

“So who are you leaning toward?”

“I’d have to say Mr. Draper, his background seems pretty shady. He also does a lot of traveling.” Conan said.

He looked each of the three profiles over once more, then jumped down from the chair.

“Where are you going?” Ai asked.

“I’m heading back to the house, don’t want Ran to start worrying.” Conan stated.

He made his way out the front door as Ai closed it on his way out. When he returned home he saw Ran sitting at the couch watching something as he walked up to her. Ran looked over at him as a smile came to her face.

“What have you been doing all day?” She asked.

“Just hanging out with the guys.”

“Would you like to head down to the theater with me and Sonoko tonight?” Ran asked.

“Sure, I don’t see why not.”


Night had struck. The sweet smell of the bakery blew through the night skies. He knelt on a building near the museum like he had the previous night, waiting to see if the Phantom Kid would arrive.

“News of the diamond hit today, I’ll be very surprised if he dosen’t show this time.” Red Robin thought to himself.

A couple minutes went by as something came into view flying in the air. Red Robin focused his attention into that direction to see someone flying on what appeared to be an air glider. They landed on top of the museum as Red Robin stood to his feet. Using his cowl he zoomed in on the person, it was none other than Kaitou Kid.

“Show time.” Red Robin said.

Kaitou Kid reached into his pocket as he pulled out a small device.

“Now to jam the security signals, better make this quick it will only last two minutes.” He thought to himself as he pressed down on the button.

He walked over as he cut the glass open using a special knife. He then pulled out a rope lowering himself in. He made his way through the dark, knowing exactly where every wall and every corner was. Kaitou Kid peaked around the corner to see a security guard a few feet away. He whistled out to grab his attention. The guard turned around to see nothing.

“Guess I must be hearing things again.”

As he turned back around he is knocked over the head as he falls to the ground.

“Sorry about that, all business.” Kaitou Kid said as he continued down the hall.

He made his way into a large room where the diamond awaited in the center. He slowly made his way over as a grin came to his face.

“Yes....what a magnificent piece.” He said as he reached forward.

Something struck the end of his hand as he jumped back in pain. Kaitou Kid turned as someone glided down at him.

“Game over Kaitou Kid, I’m ending your little shopping spree.” Red Robin said.

“Easier said than done.” Kaitou Kid said as he reached over stashing the diamond into his jacket.

Red Robin lunged over at him as Kaitou Kid flipped over him running down the hall. He made it back to his rope as he quickly climbed up. When he got to the top Red Robin was waiting for him.

“Going somewhere?”

Kaitou Kid ran forward throwing a couple punches which he dodged. He tossed another punch as Red Robin grabbed his arm twisting it, while dropping him to his back.

“If there is one thing you should know Kaitou Kid, you don’t want to throw hands with me.”

“So you have moves.” Kaitou Kid said as he pushed back to his feet while pulling out a gun.

He took aim as he fired. Red Robin jumped back as the bullets darted from side to side. Kaitou Kid took this opportunity as he grabbed his air glider and took to the skies.

“He wasn’t trying to hit me, just a distraction.”

Red Robin leaped into the air as he shot his grappler out following after him.

“This guy is persistent.” Kaitou Kid thought to himself as he looked to see he was still being pursued.

With his free hand he reached into his utility belt as he tossed a couple ice bombs toward the air glider freezing it. Kaitou Kid crashed landed onto a roof nearby as he rolled a couple times. Red Robin landed a few seconds later.

“Are you done entertaining me?” Red Robin asked.

“I’ll admit you’ve got some tricks.” Kaitou Kid said standing to his feet.

“That mean you’re ready for me to take you in?”

“Not a chance.” Kaitou Kid replied as he turned to run.

He followed after him as they jumped from building to building.

“He’s gaining on me, this guy’s got some speed.”

Kaitou Kid jumped down as he grabbed hold of a clothes line swinging down to the streets. Red Robin glided down after him. They ran down many blocks as people watched from the side. After a couple minutes of running he walked into a dead end. He slowly turned around to see Red Robin looking over at him.

“This ends now.” Red Robin said as an empty milk jug hit him over the head.

He turned to his side to see a group of woman charging toward him. They held brooms, pans, and even pipe bars.

“Get away from Kaitou Kid!!!” One of them yelled.

“You have got to be joking me.” Tim mumbled.

They surrounded him as they all began hitting him with their weapon of choice. He took a hit to the leg followed up by one to the side.

“Thank you ladies.” Kaitou Kid said with the tip of the hat as he took off.

They continued their assault as he quickly began disarming them all, tossing their weapons to the side.

“Enough!” He yelled as they all ran off screaming.

“Guess I pulled a semi Batman.”

Red Robin ran around the corner as he caught sight of Kaitou Kid running down the block. He reached down as he tossed a birdrang at him. When it hit his whole body exploded with a pop.

“A decoy, where’s the real Kaitou Kid.” He said turning to the other direction.

He looked from side to side, there was no sign of him.

“There is no way he could have got far.....wait.”

Red Robin then looked all the people over in the general area. None of them directly looked at him, except for a pregnant woman signaling for a taxi.


He shot his grappler out wrapping it around the woman’s wrists as he pulled her toward him. He then slammed her up against the wall as many watched on.

“How’s it hanging Kaitou Kid, your glimpse over at me confirmed my theory.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about!” She cried out.

“Pregnant women usually have chest and a little thickness around the waist, your disguise lacks both.” Red Robin said.

Kaitou Kid smiled at this as he slipped from his grip kicking him in the chest. He then tossed his disguise off as a few clapped.

“Now this is entertainment!” One yelled.

“Impressive... but I must ask, who the hell are you?” Kaitou Kid asked with a grin coming to his face.

“Red Robin.” He replied tossing a smoke bomb at him.

Kaitou Kid easily dodged this as he took off once more.

“Here we go again.” Red Robin said as he raced after him.

As he chased him down the block screams can be heard in the near distance as Red Robin came to a stop.


Kaitou Kid continued to run as Red Robin headed into the direction of havoc. He used his grappler as he swung over a couple of buildings. He came to a stop as he saw a building on fire. The firemen struggled to contain it. He then noticed Conan, Sonoko and Ran looking on as well. Red Robin glided down toward the firemen as everyone turned to see him coming down.

“Did he just fly?” Sonoko asked.

“I think so, but who is he?” Ran questioned.

“That’s him, that must be Red Robin.” Conan thought to himself.

He raced over to the firemen as they looked toward him.

“Is there anyone still in there?”

“There’s a young boy on the fifth floor.” One of them replied.

He quickly yanked out his grappler as he shot up colliding with the blazing flames above.

“Is he crazy?!!” Ran yelled out.

Everyone waited a couple seconds as he came flying out with the young boy. When he landed everyone began to clap and cheer. Conan reached into his pocket as he pulled out his tracking device.

“Now’s my chance.”

With that he took aim and fired connecting on the side of his boot. Another explosion went off as the side of a building fell toward Conan.

“Watch out!!” Red Robin yelled as Conan turned.

Conan froze as the ruble fell toward him. Just before it could hit someone flew by swinging on a rope and took him to safety.

“You alright kid?” A calm voice said from behind.

Conan turned around and was surprised at who he saw.

“Kaitou Kid?” Conan said.

“That’s my name.” Kaitou Kid said as he heard someone running at him from behind.

He turned to see Red Robin as he used his rope and took to the roof tops. Red Robin followed after him. Conan looked on as Sonoko and Ran came over.

“Conan what did he say?!” Sonoko asked in an excited voice.

“Are you ok?” Ran asked looking him over.

“I’m....I’m fine.” He replied still looking up.

The chase continued as they jumped from building to building. This continued for another five minutes or so.

“He came to the fire scene, there’s defiantly a good spark in him somewhere.” Red Robin thought to himself.

Kaitou Kid turned to see Red Robin was gaining on him.

“I’m starting to think you have an unhealthy obsession with me Redbird.” Kaitou Kid yelled back.

“The only thing I’m obsessed with is justice.” Red Robin replied as he lunged up at him as they both jumped for the next building.

He grabbed a hold of his wrist as he fell downward. He landed in a garbage bin with the top slamming shut. Red Robin kicked it open the next second as he tossed a banana peel from his chest piece.

“What the hell, I grabbed him.” Tim said realizing he had grabbed on to a fake hand which he still had in his possession.

He looked up toward the building where Kaitou Kid stood with a large grin on his face. Kaitou Kid saluted him as he took off running. Red Robin slowly pushed out of the trash and noticed he was in a alley.

“What a night........ I get owned by Kaitou Kid, a fire house incident, and I got a slight beat down by a bunch of fan girls. Perfect, couldn’t have been written any better.”

He made his way back to the apartment, after a very dissapointing evening of events. The weather was clear through most of the night. The next morning he awoke to the sound of an alarm. Conan jumped up as he quickly got dressed. He looked over to see the clock read six fifty.

“Looks like I’ll have plenty of time to head to Dr. Agasa’s before school starts.”

Conan silently made his way through the hall, closing the front door ever so slightly as he exited. He looked to the sky as he made his way over. It was a very cloudy morning. A few cars drove by from time to time, but other than that it was a pretty calm morning. Conan made it to Dr. Agasa’s front door as he slightly knocked. No one answered.

“Guess I’ll have to knock a little harder.”

He knocked once more as he took a step back. A few seconds later the door cracked open as he looked up to see Dr. Agasa.

“Conan....what are you doing here so early?”

“Didn’t want to wait until after school to check out the tracking information.” Conan replied.

“Come on in.” Dr. Agasa said as he invited him in.

They made their way over to the computer as Dr. Agasa took a seat.

“Wow doc it’s chilly in here, you leave a window open or something?” Conan asked.

“Nonsense, I never leave windows open at night.” Dr. Agasa stated.

As the computer turned on Conan walked over as he caught sight of a window opened near the back door. He walked over as he jumped up pushing it shut. He then headed back over to Dr. Agasa.

“So do you have a location on where the tracer is?”

“One second.”

He opened a document as he looked on. At that second Dr. Agasa’s eyes sprung wide open. Conan noticed this.

“What’s wrong, where’s the tracer?” Conan asked.

Dr. Agasa reached over grabbing a small object next to the mouse, as he handed it to Conan.

“What is this?” Conan asked.

“That’s.....that’s the tracer you used last night.”

Conan became wide eyed as he looked down at the small item. He then looked back toward Dr. Agasa.

“He must of found the tracer, then tracked it back to us.” Conan said.

“Conan....who are we dealing with?”

He didn’t reply. Conan stuck the tracker into his pocket as he headed for the front door.

“I underestimated Red Robin, I’ll be sure it dosen’t happen again.” Conan declared as he exited.

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 8

The Alter Egos

He made his way down the street, deep in thought. Traffic began picking up as he crossed the street. He looked up to see the clouds continuing to build up.

"I think it would be best if I stayed away from Agasa's place, atleast until I catch this guy." Conan thought to himself.

Within the next minute he arrived back at the house as he made his way up the stairs. He opened the front door as he walked in taking a seat at the couch. Conan kicked his shoes off as he sat back.

"If he knows we're tracking him, does that mean he'll come after us. Then again if he wanted to, he'd of done that last night."

Without his awareness he found himself drifting off back to sleep.

Soreness soared across his body, eyes with a burning sensation. His fingers slightly moved as he forced them open. He slowly rolled to his back as he let out a small groan.

"Got school in about an hour, better get up." Tim thought to himself.

He pushed up with his elbows as he sat up leaning his back up against the wall. His phone began to ring as he reached over, grabbing it. Tim looked down to see an incoming call from Damian. He ignored this as he put his phone to the side. A minute later his phone began to vibrate. He grabbed it once more as he found he received a text message from Damian.

"What could he possibly want?" Tim thought to himself as he opened the message.

He looked down,as it read "Having diamond troubles, nice going Drake."

Tim shook his head from side to side as he deleted the message.

"The robbery at the museum must of hit the news, how informative of Damian."

Tim made his way out of bed as he grabbed his laptop walking over toward the table. He flipped it open as he stretched his arms.

“Looks like the file on that kid is fully downloaded.”

Tim looked it over, his eyes narrowing as he did.

“There is nothing on him, no father, no mother......Conan Edogawa, who are you?” Tim thought to himself as he sat back in his seat.

He felt his body being tugged at. His eyes opened to be met by Ran's.

"You have school in about forty minutes, thought I'd wake you up."


"What were you doing sleeping on the couch, and in your school clothes for that matter?" Ran asked.

"I got up a little earlier, just thought I'd be prepared." Conan pulled out.

"Hmm, you sure that's your answer?" Ran questioned.

Conan shook his head up and down with a smile on his face.

"You hungry?"

"Yea, I guess I'm a little hungry." He replied.

"How does pancakes sound?" Ran asked while making her way to the kitchen.

"Sounds good to me." Conan replied.

"Good." Ran replied.

After they finished eating they both headed for school. Conan made his way down the street with his head slouched over, thinking about what his next move would be. The school came into view not much longer after. As he walked he turned to see Genta approaching.

"Conan how was your week end?"

"Relatively busy." Conan replied.

"Any new information?"

"I think I better keep this one close to the chest, not sure if Red Robin is a danger to civilians."

"I haven't gained any new information as of yet, how about you?" Conan asked.

"Not yet.. nor have the others, I gave them all a call yesterday." Genta said.

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'll figure out who this guy is soon." Conan said.

Genta nodded his head as they headed into the school. They made their way down the hall as they headed to class. Conan took a seat as he pulled out his books. He looked up to see Ms. Kobayashi heading his way.

"How was your week end Conan?" She asked.

"It was pretty good, did a lot of studying." Conan replied.

"Good, because you have a test coming up at the end of the week." Sumiko said with a smile.

Ran made her way through the halls as Sonoko walked up next to her.

"First day back from that incident, you going to be ok?" Sonoko asked.

"I'll be fine."

"If you need anything you know I'm always there."


"See you in a bit." Sonoko said as she took off to class.

They both headed in separate directions from there. Sonoko made her way to class as she headed to the back taking a seat. She pulled out her things looking up at the lessons on the board. Mrs. V walked in shortly after as the bell rung.

"Alright class turn to page forty eight, we'll pick up from where we left off on Friday."

Sonoko looked over, surprised to see an empty seat next to hers.

"That's strange, where's Tim?"

Class continued on as Mrs. V handed out an assignment to go with their reading. Ten minutes went by as the door slowly opened. Everyone looked over as Tim walked into the class with a pair of shades on. His shirt wasn't completely tucked in, and his hair was all over the place. He slowly made his way past Mrs. V toward his seat as a few snickered.

"Mr. Wayne is there a reason for why you are tardy?" Mrs. V asked with a tilt of her glasses

Tim took his jacket off as he wrapped it to the back of his chair taking a seat. He then pulled out his supplies as he looked toward Mrs. V who glared over at him.

"I'm going to ask you again Mr. Wayne, is there a reason why you are late to my class?"

"I....I was walking this morning and...a very strange thing happened." Tim began.

Mrs. V's hands sprung to her waist as she cut him off.

"This is warning one, don't let it happen again." Mrs. V stated.

Tim nodded. She then walked over as she turned on a projector.

"This video will most likely take up the rest of the class period so make sure you take good notes, as a test is scheduled for tommarrow." Mrs. V said as she played the video.

Mrs. V switched the lights off as the video began to play. Tim slouched forward in his desk resting his chin over his right wrist.

"I checked this morning to see who that house was registered to, an Agasa Hiroshi. I also looked into where he was last night, across town...he wasn't the one who planted the tracer on me."

The video continued on as his head buried between his arms. More than an hour passed by as Tim felt a slight pinch at his side as he looked up to see Airi walk toward the pencil sharpener. She came back as she took a seat.

"What was that about?" Tim whispered.

"It's one thing to be late but to fall asleep in Mrs. V's class, yea.. not good." Airi whispered back.

Tim then shifted his head toward the clock to see they only had five minutes before class was out. He took a slight huff as he reached back placing his top back on. The bell rang shortly after as Tim stood to his feet strapping his bag to his shoulders. He walked down the hall as he caught sight of Ran by her locker. He slowly made his way over, coming to a stop a few feet away.

"Ran can we talk....please?"

Ran closed her locker as she held her books tightly to her chest.

"I don't think I can." Ran replied.

"Look..I'm sorry for my comment about your father, I didn't know it would hurt you." Tim said.

"You've been talking with him, haven't you?"

Tim didn't reply.

"I see what your little game is, use my father to get close to me."

"That's not true, I would never do that." Tim said.

"Is that so, then why is it he talks so highly of you all of a sudden." Ran asked taking a step forward.

"It's not like that." Tim stated.

Sonoko walked over a second later standing next to Ran.

"Is something wrong?" Sonoko asked.

"No, we're about done here." Ran said.

"Wait, just let me explain."

"I don't care anymore, really Tim.. I'm starting to even wonder if those condoms weren't your idea." Ran said.

"Wouldn't put it past him, and why do you have those ugly glasses on?" Sonoko asked.

Tim yanked them from his eyes as Sonoko jumped back to see the redness around his bloodshot eyes.

"What happened to you?" Sonoko asked.

"Like you would even care." Tim said as he placed them back on pushing past the two of them.

"How rude, but atleast he finally got the message." Sonoko said.

"Let's hope so." Ran agreed.

The rest of the school day glided by. Conan made his way through the hall as Ayumi jumped infront of him.

"You ready for that test at the end of the week?" She asked.

"I think I'll do ok."

"You want to help me study?" Ayumi asked.

"As much as I would love to, I've got a lot of things I need to take care of." Conan replied.

"Ok then, maybe tommarrow." Ayumi said.

"We'll see." Conan said with a smile.

They walked in separate directions as Conan made his way out the front entrance. As he walked Conan looked up to see the clouds had become darker than they had been that morning.

"I'm betting we'll get a little rain by this evening." Conan thought to himself.

He continued walking down the side walk as he approached the Mouri residents. Conan made his way up as he opened the front door to see Sonoko and Ran at the table. Kogoro was at the couch watching TV.

"How was your day at school?" Ran asked.

"Not bad." Conan replied

He had made his way back to his apartment as he placed his bag to the side of the bed while undoing his tie, tossing it to the ground. Tim then laid back as he closed his eyes, still exhausted from the past twenty four hours.

"Still need to catch Kaitou Kid, but I think it would be best if I tracked down who has their sights set on me first."

He opened his eyes once more as he reached into his pocket pulling out his phone. He looked to see he had no new messages. Tim opened his laptop as a file popped up.

“Looks like I have Conan’s text messages, let’s see if their is anything in them that would leave him as a suspect.”

He sat down, filtering in the phrase ‘Robin’ to see if he found anything that spoke of him. This lasted for only a few minutes.

"I have an idea who might be after me but I'll have to gather a little more information, this call could help with that." He thought to himself as he dialed a number.

Conan paced back and forth as he rubbed the bottom of his chin, trying to piece the mystery of the Red Robin together. Kogoro turned from the TV looking over at him.

"What's wrong with you today kid, why don't you go read a book or something." Kogoro exclaimed.

"Leave him alone dad, he probably just had a long day at school." Ran said defending him.

At that second Kogoro's phone began to ring as he looked down to see who was calling. He stood up as he walked over sliding his shoes on. Kogoro answered his phone as soon as he exited the room. Ran and Sonoko glimpsed over at eachother.

"What was that all about?" Sonoko asked.

"It must have been really important, he never usually leaves the house to take a call." Ran said.

Conan continued to walk back and forth as Ran looked over at him.

"You seem to have a lot of energy, would you like to go to the mall with us in a bit?" Ran asked.

"I think I'll stay here, I have some homework I need to do." Conan replied.

"I'll be right back Sonoko, let me just take a quick shower and then we can head out."

"I'll be waiting." Sonoko said.

Conan finally came to a stop as he stared out the window. His phone began to vibrate in his pocket, which he ignored. He turned to see Sonoko working on her laptop. Conan walked over as he took a seat at the table, sitting across from her.

"Do you think I could use your computer for like a second?" Conan asked as nice as he could.

"What for?" Sonoko asked with a weird look on her face.

"A school project, I'll only be a minute." Conan replied.

Sonoko stared over at Conan for the next few seconds. She then slid the computer over to him as a smile came upon his face.

"Make it quick."

"Thanks Sonoko."

He typed away as Sonoko tapped one of her fingers on the table. Nearly three minutes went by as she looked up at him.

"What exactly are you pulling up over there?" Sonoko questioned as she stood up and walked around the table.

She glimpsed down at the screen as she lifted a brow.

"Tim Wayne, that's who your school project is on?" Sonoko asked.

"Yea." Conan lied.

"The guy's a total creep."

"I'm not getting much information on him, you have class with him right?" Conan asked.

"Two classes to be exact."

"Is there anything that you could tell me about him that is special or unique?"

"Besides him being a creep, he's also a nerd and very egotistic." Sonoko replied.

"I'm being serious, think hard...there must be something you can give me." Conan plead.

Sonoko stood there as she thought about it, taking her memory back to the day she first met him. Then in that second she snapped her finger.

"Drake, his former last name was Drake."

"Are you sure?" Conan asked.

"Yes, Mrs. V told us on his first day of school." Sonoko said.

"Well let's see what I can find on a Tim Drake." Conan said.

Sonoko walked toward the sink as she rinsed off her hands. She then dried them on a cloth nearby.

"You know Conan all that boy needs is a woman to get him in line, his mother perhaps." Sonoko said.

"That's not possible." Conan replied.

"Why not?" Sonoko asked.

Conan didn't reply. Sonoko then turned from the sink as she glared over at him.

"What's wrong, cat got your tounge?"

"His...his mother's dead Sonoko." Conan replied.

She froze for a couple moments as she slowly spoke out.

"How, how did she die?" Sonoko asked.

"Janet Drake was poisoned when Tim was about fourteen, by some weirdo who called himself Obeah Man." Conan replied.

Sonoko listened on as she slowly made her way back over to the table, sitting across from Conan once more.

"Wow, no wonder he's so screwed up." She said with sorrow in her voice.

"It gets worse." Conan stated.

"What..what else?" Sonoko asked.

"His father was killed by a boomerang to the chest, Tim arrived just a few seconds to late to save him. That is, according to this police report ofcourse." Conan said.

"Just like Bruce, he lost both of his parents....Bruce then adopted him."

Conan looked up from the computer when Sonoko didn't add on another comment. He looked over to see her eyes water up.

"Are you ok?" Conan asked.

"I....I need to call him." Sonoko said as she pulled out her phone.

Conan reached over as he snatched the phone.

"What are you doing, give me my phone back!"

"I'm really, I mean really against the idea of you calling Tim." Conan exclaimed.

"You don't understand, it's important that....that I talk to him." Sonoko said.

"How do you think he would feel if he finds you dug personal things up from his past?" Conan asked.

Sonoko didn't reply. The room became completely silent. Conan then slid her phone back over. She placed it into her bag while brushing her hair to the side.

"Sonoko do you think you can keep this from Ran, it's the last thing she needs to hear." Conan said.

Sonoko nodded. The room fell silent once more as Conan looked through a few more things.

"Looks like Bruce took in some others, **** Grayson...Jason Todd."

Conan went at this for another minute or so. He then closed the screen as he handed it back to Sonoko. She put it back into her bag then leaned forward. Conan looked up at her, noticing the sadness in her eyes.

"Don't worry, everything is going to be ok." Conan assured.

"You think so?" Sonoko asked looking down at him.

"I'm positive." Conan said as he headed for his room.

"I have everything in place, now to just piece all the puzzle bits together."

He had caught a taxi which took him to a coffee cafe not to far from the house. He paid the driver as he stepped out brushing himself off as he made his way down the side walk. A few people walked out as he made his way in. He looked from side to side as he located the person he came to see. He walked over as he took a seat across from him.

“Glad you could make it Mr. Mouri.” Tim said looking up from the paper.

“How long have you been waiting?” Kogoro asked.

“Not long, the paper has kept me more than entertained.” Tim said with a smile.

“You said you had something you wanted to talk to me about.”

Tim rolled the paper up as he placed it to the side.

“Yes, I was wondering if you could tell me a little about Shinichi Kudo.”

“Shinichi....what do you want to know about him?” Kogoro asked.

“I here the guy takes off for large amounts of time, solving cases.”

“That’s true, but what do you need from me?”

“When did Shinichi start leaving on these trips?” Tim asked.

Kogoro sat back as he looked up, thinking back. Tim took a sip of his drink as he continued to wait.

“Hmm, I believe it was shortly after he took my daughter to some amusement park.” Kogoro answered.

“About how long ago was that?”

“To be totally honest I’m not exactly sure, is he in some kind of trouble?”

“No, I just have a few questions for him.” Tim replied.

They both sat there as a woman approached them. Tim quickly noticed this.

“You know her?” Tim asked.

Kogoro spun in his chair as he stood up greeting her. Tim stood up as well.

“What are you doing here?” Kogoro asked.

“I was on my way out and caught you at the side of my eye.” She replied.

A hand came to Kogoro’s shoulder as he turned to see Tim.

“Care to introduce me to this beautiful woman?” Tim asked.

“Oh...this is Kisaki Eri.” Kogoro said.

“Thanks for the complement Mr. Wayne.”

“You heard about me?” Tim asked shaking her hand.

“I heard about your program as well, love what you’re doing.”

“I try to do my best.”

“Care to join us?” Kogoro asked.

“I can’t, I’m running late for a meeting as it is.” She stated.

“Darn, bad timing.” Kogoro said.

“I better get going, it was nice meeting you Mr. Wayne.” Eri said as she took off.

Tim took a seat, Kogoro continued to look on until she was out of sight. Tim took notice of this. Kogoro then took a seat as he adjusted his collar.

“She special to you?” Tim asked.

“Yah, you could say that.” Kogoro replied.

“You two together?” Tim asked.

“What makes you think that?” Kogoro asked.

“The posture, eye coordination, and speech tone between the two of you speaked an emotional bond soul mates tend to have.” Tim replied.

“Have you ever considered becoming a detective?” Kogoro asked.

Tim laughed at this statement.

“Was I right?” Tim asked.

“It’s a very complex situation.” Kogoro replied.


“I don’t know if this will help you much, if any at all.” Kogoro began.


“Around the time Shinichi started his little tour of his, was around the time Conan showed up.” Kogoro

“Oh really...tell me, where does Conan like to hang?” Tim asked.

“My daughter would know better than I, but he does hang over Mr. Agasa’s home from time to time.”

“Dr. Agasa.”

“Sorry I couldn’t be more of a help.” Kogoro said.

“Actually you’ve helped greatly.” Tim said standing to his feet.

“I have?”

“Here get yourself a drink or something, I look forward to our next meeting.” Tim said as he placed a hundred dollars onto the table walking off.

“The puzzle is nearly complete.”

Hours went by. The fluffy dark clouds fluttered out rain as Conan went to work. He placed a poster board onto his bed as he pulled out a marker. He slowly put together a time-line.

“So Bruce’s parents are killed triggering him to become Batman, **** Grayson was the first to be brought in after his parents death.....he must be Robin.”

He continued to fill in the gaps from all the news reports he printed out.

“Then you have Jason Todd who was also brought in by Bruce, he must have died in action. This is where it get’s tricky, how did Tim get involved?”

Conan flipped the pen in between his fingers as he paced back and forth. He then sat at the side of the bed as it began to thunder. The rain picked up as lighting striked. He continued to watch the storm as the door to his room cracked open. He turned to see Ran with a towel in her hand.

“Can I come in?” Ran asked.

“Sure.” Conan replied.

Ran walked over as she took a seat next to him. They both watched as the rain swayed past.

“Your hair is wet.”

“I guess we got caught in the rain.” Ran said.

“So how did it go?” Conan asked.

“Fun as usual, Sonoko just seemed a little down.”

“Think she’s coming down with something?” Conan asked.


She then looked down at his poster board as she pulled it up.

“Conan, who are **** Grayson and Jason Todd.” Ran asked as Conan quickly grabbed the poster board.

“They were sculptors during the renaissance era.” Conan pulled out.

“Really....I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them.”

“They died before their work could prosper.” Conan said.


“I think they really had it going for them.”

She began to dry her hair with the towel she held in her left hand. Conan stuck the pin to the side of his ear as he leaned back.

“Conan do you mind if I stay in here with you for a bit?” Ran asked.

“Of course not.” Conan replied

Ran laid back as she looked up at him.

“Thanks, I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

Conan gave off a slight laugh. He looked back to his poster board as he tried to piece in the missing parts. Minutes went by as his thoughts took over. The rain began to slow up as his phone vibrated. He looked down to see he had received a text from Ayumi. He opened the message.

“Trouble at home, have info on Red Robin, meet me on the south east roof on main.”

Conan slowly slipped his phone into his pants as he looked over at Ran who was fast asleep. Conan placed his poster board to the side of the door as he quietly made his way out of the room and down the hall. The lights were off.

“Looks like Kogoro is asleep as well, I wonder what kind of problem Ayumi is having.” Conan thought to himself as he cracked the front door open.

He walked down the wet streets as cars and bikes passed by. It was a light rain at this point, so it really didn’t bug him. It tickled him at the side of his face from time to time, which he found comforting. Conan made it to main within the next few minutes. He headed to the east building as he climbed up a ladder which took him to the roof. When he got there he saw no sign of Ayumi.

“Yoshida I’m here.” Conan informed.

He got no reply.

“Yoshida, Yoshida!!” Conan yelled.

He still got no reply. Conan pulled out his phone as he made his way to the middle of the roof. Conan began to dial her number as he heard something drop down from behind.

“Wouldn’t bother, she’s asleep.” A voice said from behind as Conan lowered his phone.

Conan slowly turned around as he jumped back at who stood before him.

“Red Robin.” Conan said.

“I used her phone signal to bring you here.”

Conan just stares over at him, not sure what to say.

“Must have checked my messages between me and the others.” Conan thought to himself.

“So you know my name, why have you been tracking me?” Red Robin asked

“What you’re doing is illegal, and you’re linked to a couple recent murders.” Conan said.

“I assure you I haven’t killed anyone.”

“Is that so.....Tim.”

“...What did you call me?” Red Robin asked.

“What’s wrong Tim Wayne, surprised I found out your little game.” Conan said.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Red Robin stated.

“Is that so Mr. Wayne, or do you prefer Drake?”

He stood silently as the rain sprung past the two of them. Conan smiled at this.

“I must say you covered your tracks quite well, flying in a week prior as Alvin Draper. Tsk, with Red Robin being here a week before Tim, no one would have ever expected you.”

Red Robin still stood in silence.

“I also know Bruce Wayne is Batman and your good friend Grayson is Robin. So I’m guessing as a young boy you made some bad decisions, decisions which lead to your parents deaths.”

He still stood in silence.

“So after you got them killed, you seeked out Bruce to make things right. You became an avenger, the Red Robin. The whole necklace thing with Yoshida all but sealed my claims.” Conan said.

The smile dropped from Conan’s face as he continued.

“I checked the records, you were the one who payed for Kogoro’s police protection, bet you were also the tip caller.”

Red Robin looked to the sky as the rain hit the sides of his mouth.

“That also explains why when the gun was pulled on us that night you were so calm, you’re used to situations like that.”

He looked back over at Conan, studying him.

“The only thing I have left to say to you is, stay away from Ran, you’ve had your perky eyes on her since you arrived.”

They both stood, staring eachother down. A slight wind came by as it scattered the rain about.

“Well done Detective Conan you’ve figured out who I am...say, you ever watch the way Ran walks?”

“Pardon me?” Conan asked.

“You know....the way her body shifts from side to side, she has the perfect figure.”

“Stop, that’s enough.” Conan said.

“Met her mother today, phew..boy is she a hot piece, I’d love to catch a glimpse of her naked .” Red Robin said.

“Stop.” Conan said once more.

“Really Conan, don’t tell me you haven’t wondered what it would be like to feel Ran at night....to awake to her beauty every morning.” Red Robin added.

“Enough!!!” Conan yelled as he darted forward.

Red Robin easily jumped over him as Conan knelt over catching his breath. Conan felt up to feel his glasses were gone. He then turned to see Red Robin holding them in his hand.

“Wow, he’s quick.” Conan thought to himself.

“Tell me Conan, do you even need glasses?”

Conan didn’t reply.

“You may have figured out my identity, but it’s clear you know nothing about me.” Tim said as he took off his cowl, letting it hang from his neck.

“Please enlighten me.” Conan said.

“You said my parents death caused me to become what I am, you were wrong.”

Conan’s anger began to boil down as he listened.

“My father died because of the decision I made, the choice to save others.....I was the third person to be called Robin.” Tim informed.

Conan looked on, surprised at what he heard. Neither of them said a word for the next few moments.

“You’re a great detective, but you let your love for Ran cloud your judgment about me.”

“What do you mean?” Conan asked.

“Everything I said about Ran and her mother just now, I didn’t mean it, just testing you.” Tim said.

“Testing me?”

“There was another young detective who shared a strong affection for Ran, just like you. Your love for her, deducing my identity, this all but confirms it.”

“What, confirms what?” Conan asked.

“You’re none other than Shinichi Kudo.” Tim replied.

“You’ve got to be kidding right?”

“I kid you not.”

“He’s my cousin, I’ll just let Ran know you want to talk to him... I think she has his number. That will disprove your little theory.” Conan said.

“Is this going to be before or after I confirm you’re Kudo?” Tim asked.

“What do you mean?” Conan asked.

“My computer is running a cross examination with a picture I took of you, along with one you took back in third grade. The computer will prove the eyes match, I have no doubt.”

Conan took a step back as he looked to the ground, the rain still drizzling around them.

“Only one truth prevails....right?” Tim said.

Conan slowly looked up, their eyes centered at one another. The rain, dripping from their faces.

“How did you find out?” Conan softly spoke.

“There is no database on an Edogawa Conan, Not to mention you like to hang over with Mr. Agasa, Kudo used to do the same.” Tim said as he tossed Conan his glasses back.

Conan caught them as he placed them back on. He then looked back to Tim.

“You’ve loved Ran ever since you were a boy, my conversation with Mr. Mouri today was very insightful, if I must say.”

“So he told you Conan showed up around the time Shinichi vanished?”


“Gotta to hand it to you Tim, not bad.”

“I have one question, how did you become a kid again?” Tim asked.

Conan didn’t reply.

“Come on Shinichi, you can tell me.” Tim assured.

Conan was very hesitant.

“Ai is going to kill me if she finds out about this.”

“I was given a poison by a group known as the Black Organization, they caught me listening in on one of their conversations. They are very dangerous .” Conan said finally speaking out.

“Get a glimpse of any of them?” Tim asked.

“I’ve seen them on numerous occasions after that incident. One of them was at the party the other night.” Conan stated.

“He wouldn’t have happened to be that guy with the long hair I saw you staring down?”

“Good catch, he goes by the name Gin.” Conan said.

“Since you know these guy’s better than I, maybe you could give me a little more information to help me track them.”

“No.. they could kill us, we also risk the safety of those we love.”

“I can’t just let them run around doing whatever they want, not with my knowledge of them now.” Tim said.

The rain finally came to a stop. The whistling of the wind could still be heard in the near distance. Tim slid the top of his cowl back on as he turned to walk toward the edge of the building.

“Tim please don’t go after them, they’re to dangerous.” Conan plead once more.

“I live for danger.” He said continuing to walk.

“But you don’t know what they are capable of.” Conan said.

“They also have no idea what I’m capable of, nor apparently do you.” Tim stated as he neared the edge.

“Tim please.”

Tim stopped in his tracks as he looked back at him.

“I’m giving you two options Shinichi, 'A’ you can help me take them down, or ‘B’ stay out of my way.”

Conan looked over at him, not sure what to say.

“You know where to find me when you make up your mind, and for the record Conan, Tim won’t be going after the Black Organization....Red Robin will be.” He said as he glided down into the night.

Conan watched on, not moving a muscle.

“He was right.....about everything. I knew nothing about him, and now.......and now I have a choice to make.”

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 9

Another Step

Birds flapping about can be heard from outside, waking those still in sleep. She rolled to her side as her eyes cracked open to be met by that of the sun hanging in the sky. Ran sat up to see she was in Conan's room and still in her clothes from the previous day. She looked to her side to see Conan wasn't present.

"I wonder where Conan went to?" Ran thought to herself as she sat up from the bed.

She made her way to the door, walking down the hall. Conan stood in the main room with his hands crossed behind his back, staring out the window.

"I hope I didn't keep you up all night." Ran said.

"I slept just fine, just thinking a little." Conan said as his hands dropped to his side.

Ran looked over at the clock to see she only had twenty five minutes to get ready for school.

"Well I better get ready, I'll see you after school Conan." Ran said as she headed for her room.

He walked over as he tossed his bag over his shoulders while heading out. Conan never usually went to school this early, but he had a lot on his mind. The events from last night still strong in his mind. As Conan walked he tried to focus his mind elsewhere but found it difficult to do so.

"I wonder what I should tell the others if they ask, should I tell Haibara..... should I tell Dr. Agasa?"

All this circulated through his mind as he continued to walk. As he approached the school Ayumi walked up next to him with a bright smile on her face. Conan couldn't help but smile as well.

"So have you given it some thought?" Ayumi asked.

"What was I supposed to be thinking about?" Conan asked.

"Helping me prepare for the test of course, are you up for it after school today?"

"Sorry Yoshida but I have a....poster I'm working on." Conan quickly came up with.

"Oh, ok."

The two of them headed to class together. They both took a seat as they got their supplies out for class. Conan dozed off as Ms. Kobayashi walked over. She placed the morning paper onto his desk as he looked down at it, then back to her.

"Does this have something to do with today's lesson?" Conan asked.

"Just give it a look over, there's a couple new unsolved crimes in there." Sumiko said.

Conan read over a couple of the articles. Ayumi looked over his shoulders doing the same.

"Any ideas on which case you guys might want to take a jab at?" Sumiko asked.

"I say we take a look at the one dealing with the stolen statue." Ayumi said.

"What about you Conan?"

Conan looked them over once more.

"I'm not sure, there's a couple in here which could pose for an interesting one." Conan finally said adding in his input.

The bell for class rang as Ayumi went back to her seat.

"We'll discuss this later." Sumiko said

She made her way to the front of the class as she gave everyone instructions on the days lessons as Conan slid the morning paper into his bag.

"Looks like I need to pay a small visit to the computer lab before I leave school today." Conan thought to himself.

Nearly thirty minutes of class went by. Everyone sat their as Mrs. V rambled on. A knock can be heard at the door as Mrs. V walked over to answer it.

"She must have started locking the door after I was late." Tim thought to himself.

She opened the door as Sonoko walked in handing her a hall pass. As Sonoko walked past she glimpsed over at Tim. He noticed. Mrs. V made her way to the front of the class as she pulled out a stack of papers.

"I hope you all studied well, this is a five page test to see what you've learned." She said as she passed out the papers.

"How long do we have to complete the test?" Airi asked.

"You have the luxury of the entire class period." Mrs. V replied.

They started in the next minute or so. Tim was the first one done, finishing the test within the first twenty minutes. He placed his test in the basket as he took a seat. He sat their as he drew out a blue print of a gadget he had in mind to help pass the time. By the time he had finished class was nearly over.

"Easy day so far, let's just hope we don't have slackers on the mile today. I'd hate to have to run it twice." Tim thought to himself.

The bell rung shortly after as he rounded up his things and headed to gym. To his pleasure they didn't have to run the mile twice. His last class went by smooth as well. He stood near his locker as he felt a tap at his shoulder. Tim turned around to see Zee.

"Zee, how may I help you?" Tim asked a little surprised to see him.

"Look, I thought I'd just stop by and apologize."

"I appreciate that, haven't seen you in gym much lately." Tim said.

"Guess you giving me a concussion will be news to you then." Zee said with a laugh.

"Ouch, didn't mean to hit you so hard."

"All is forgiven, see you around then." Zee said as he walked off..

Tim nodded then made his way out the front doors heading for the side walk.

"So besides finding Deadshot, I now have the Black Organization on my list."

Tim walked up the street as the apartment building came into view.

"I'm kind of on a leash when it comes to this Black Organization, I really don't know how they like to operate."

Tim pushed the front door open as he waved over to the desk clerk while making his way to the elevator. On his way up he closed his eyes, resting his mind from all the thoughts that flooded his head.

"The first thing I'm going to do is get some decent rest.”

He exited the elevator while gripping his books. When he turned the corner he was surprised to see Conan leaned up against the door to his room. Tim adjusted all of his books into his right hand as he walked over. Conan looked up at him when Tim came to a stop. They gazed into each others eyes once more.

"You said I didn't know anything about you, well here I am, I would like to get to know Tim Drake.......if that's ok with you." Conan said.

A moment of silence runs by. A smile finds it's way across Tim's face as he pulls out his key opening the door.

"You made the right choice detective." Tim said as he held the door open.

Conan walked in as Tim followed closing the door behind them.

“I didn’t tell anyone your secret.”

"Thanks, So...what should I address you by?" Tim asked.

"Conan will do, don't want anyone getting suspicious." Conan replied.

"Good call." Tim said.

Tim walked over as he tossed his jacket onto his bed along with his tie. He then directed his attention back over to Conan.

"A poison was what reverted you back into a toddler right?"

"Thats right."

"What exactly is this poison?" Tim asked.

"It's known as the APTX 4869, tracing it's components after being absorbed by the body is next to none." Conan informed.

"Interesting, seems like something I could have a little fun studying." Tim said.

Conan's phone began to ring as he looked down to see an incoming call from Ai. He ignored this as he slid the phone back into his pocket.

"Who was that?" Tim asked while reaching in the mini fridge tossing Conan a soda.

"It was just Haibara, probably wondering why I left so quick after school."

"Ai Haibara, the girl who lives with Hiroshi Agasa?"

"Yea that's the one, why do you ask?"

"When I tried to find files on you I also looked into Mr. Agasa's, saw that Ai lives with him." Tim said.

"Let me guess, you tried to find files on her and ended up in the same spot as when you tried to run a background check on me." Conan said.

"Did she happen to take the APTX 4869 drug as well, or am I just doing a little to much thinking?"

Conan laughed at this.

"She's actually one of the people who created it, one thing lead to another and, well....you know." Conan said popping the soda open.

Tim walked over as he opened the curtain near the balcony, allowing the brightness of the sun to light the room. Conan took a small sip as he spoke out.

"I'm not sure if you'll answer this but." Conan began.

"Go for it." Tim said as he leaned up against the wall.

"How many women have you been with?" Conan asked.

Tim raised a brow.

"I'm not quite sure what you're asking."

"You know, all that money, and your good looks must attract the women." Conan said.

"Thanks for the complement, but if you're asking if I've slept with a woman then the answer is no. Haven't been in many serious relationships either."

He looked over, surprised by his answer. Not exactly what he expected to hear. Conan then took a seat at the end of the bed while sliding his bag from his shoulders. He reached in as he pulled out the morning paper along with an article he had printed out. He walked over as he handed it to Tim.

"What's all this?" Tim asked.

"Something I want you to take a look at, since you seem to be good with computers you might be able to help me on this case."

Tim read through the article and paper.

“Don’t think I’ve dealt with a case like this before." Tim said.

“Can’t say I have either." Conan said.

“So the killer abducts young couples, bounding their wrists with rope.”

“The women were raped.” Conan stated.

“How do you know?” Tim asked.

“A little inside knowledge, found out before I headed over.”

“You think he used the men as spectators?” Tim questioned.

“I was thinking the same thing, since their wrists show evidence of rope burns.”

“We don’t have much to go off of, but I’ll look a little more into it tonight.” Tim stated.

“If I find any more useful information I’ll be sure to let you know.” Conan said.

Tim placed the sheets of paper onto the desk as Conan began to look from side to side. Tim took notice of this.

"What's wrong?" Tim asked.

"I was just wondering where you keep your suit."

"It's not currently in here, it's at my base...if you want to call it that." Tim answered.

"Now then Tim, since we are officially working together I think it would be best for me to check out this base of yours out." Conan said.

"Sure thing, let me just get into something else." Tim said.

Conan nodded. Tim grabbed a pair of clothes as he headed to the bathroom. He was out in less than a minute as he tossed on his shades.

"You ready?" Tim asked.

"Yes." Conan said as he jumped down from the bed.

They made their way down the hall, waiting for the elevator to arrive.

"So you want to know who I am huh......that story begins with the man himself." Tim said looking down at him.

"You mean Batman."

"I'll give you a quick scoop on how it all started, up until this point." Tim said as the elevator arrived.

The two of them stepped in as the door closed behind them. They left the apartment complex as they made their way toward the woods in the near the apartment. Tim talked as Conan listened. It was only about a fifteen minute walk. They came to a stop as Tim pulled out a device clicking the button. The ground a few feet away began to slide open as Conan took a step back. Tim signaled for him to jump in. Conan was a little hesitant at first, but jumped in none the less. Tim jumped down after him. The ground above closed shut once more.

“It’s pitch dark down here, how do you get anything done?” Conan asked.

In that second lights switched on, laid out along the ground which lead to the shed a few yards away. Tim walked over with Conan at his side. They came to a stop as Tim looked into a eye hole implanted into the door. It scanned his eyes confirming it was him. The door slid open as the two stepped in.

“So this is it.” Conan thought to himself.

To the right was the computer set up on a desk with all the accessories. To the far wall laid a set of weights, to the left was where a locker and a whole bunch of cabinets stood.

“Well, this is it.” Tim said.

“I’m curious, how long did it take you to set this all up?” Conan asked.

“Been working on it the past few days, spent most of my nights working on the security.” Tim said.

Conan walked over as he came to a stop infront of the large locker.

“What’s in here?” Conan asked.

“Why don’t you give it a look.” Tim said as he took a seat infront of the computer.

Conan reached up opening the locker. The door swung open as three sets of Red Robin suit’s hung there along with three utility belts. He reached forward as he grabbed one of the utility belts, looking it over in his hand.

“This thing’s a lot heavier than I thought.”

Conan placed the belt back into place while closing the locker. He then made his way over as he opened a few of the cabinets as he laid his eyes on many types of gadgets.

“Woh, Tim’s really stacked on artillery.” Conan thought to himself.

A beeping sound went off as Conan directed his attention over to the computer.

“What’s wrong, your computer have a virus or something?” Conan asked as he walked over.

He looked up toward the screen to see two pictures of himself.

“Nothing to worry about, just the computer confirming you and Kudo are one in the same.” Tim said with a grin.

Conan ignored his remark the best he could.

“Hey Tim you think you could show me how to use these?”

Tim turned in his seat to see Conan holding a couple bird discs in his hand.

“Sure thing, let me just finish up these security updates..... can you go over and stand infront of that machine real quick?”

“What for?” Conan asked.

“Got to scan your eyes to incorporate you into the system, make sure you take off your glasses.”

Conan stuck his glasses into his jacket as he made his way over. He stood infront of the machine as it scanned his eyes in three different directions. Conan looked over as Tim gave him a thumbs up. He placed his glasses back on as Tim sat up from the chair walking over.

“We’ll take this up into the woods, there’s plenty of targets out there.” Tim said.

Once they made it back to the top Tim walked them deeper into the forest as they came upon an apple tree.

“Here’s a nice spot for a little practice.”

“So what’s the object, to knock down some apples?” Conan asked.

“You bet, so let’s see what you got, then we’ll go from there.”

“Alright, here goes nothing.”

Conan held the disk right below his chest, locking onto the apple he wanted. He waited a few seconds as he took a step forward, launching it away. It went flying into the other tree to the right a few yards away. Tim began to snicker as Conan looked over at him while crossing his arms.

“Hey it’s my first time remember.” Conan said.

“Aight, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.” Tim said.

Conan gave off a small huff as he took aim once more. He stepped forward as he threw once more. He rolled his eyes as it went spinning away from the target.

“Phew, you missed wildly to the left this time.” Tim informed.

“You sure are one for words, let’s see what you’ve got Tim.” Conan said.

Tim grabbed one of the disks as he walked an additional five yards back. He looked toward the apple tree as he darted the disk forward, slicing through the air. Three apples fell from the tree. Tim raced over as he caught all three in mid air before they could hit the ground. Conan’s eyes widened as Tim walked over handing him the three apples.

“Wow, just...... and there’s not even a single scratch on any of them.” Conan thought to himself as he looked up at Tim.

“How did you?” Conan began.

“It’s all about placement, you ever play sports Conan?” Tim asked.


“Then it shouldn’t be so hard to interpret your ball skills into targeting, just think of it in that sense.”

“Can you show me once more?” Conan asked.

Tim reached down grabbing another bird disc as he looked to the tree. Conan watched the whole motion, from his shoulders, to the snap of his wrist on the release.

“He’s so quick with it, but at the same time with so much power.”

Conan tried again, several times over. Tim watched on, giving him pointers from time to time. Hours swung by without either of them really realizing it. As the sun began to set they headed back to the shed as Tim took a seat at the computer. Conan rubbed his sore hands together, trying to get rid of some of the burning.

“You know, you made some real progress today.” Tim commented working on the computer.

“Thanks.” Conan said as he leaned up against the wall.

Conan stared toward the ceiling, his hands falling to his pocket. He stood in that pose for over a minute.

“You ok Conan?” Tim asked looking over toward him.

Conan looked back down as he faced Tim.

“So you never had any intentions on going out with Ran?”

“I was looking to make a few friends at school, but nothing further.” Tim replied as he looked back to the computer.

“I think you should try talking to her again, she’s really nice if you get to know her.” Conan said stepping from the wall.

“I think I’ve tried enough, best left alone at this point.”

Conan made his way over as he stood to the side of the chair.

“Come on Tim, I’ll even go with you.”

Tim laughed at this.

“She already accused me of using her father to get close to her, how is you coming with me any different.”

“Well, he’s got a point.”

The room fell silent for the next few seconds as Conan’s phone began to ring. He looked down to see an incoming call from Ran.

“Hey Tim what time is it?” Conan asked.

“Nine eighteen.”


“What’s wrong?” Tim asked.

“I’m going to be late getting home, I’d leave you my number but you probably already have it.” Conan said.

Tim stood to his feet as he reached over across the desk. He tossed Conan a small device.

“What is this?” Conan asked.

“That’s the spare authorization remote, make sure you keep it in a safe place.”

Conan nodded as he took off. As he made his way home he looked down to see he had several missed calls from Ran and his friends.

“And that’s what I get for turning my phone off, hopefully Ran goes easy on me.”

It took him about twenty minutes to make it back. He took a slight gulp as he pushed the front door open. Ran was standing a few feet away.

“Hahah ha, sorry I’m late.” Conan said as the door closed behind him.

Ran walked over as she knelt down giving him a big hug.

“Now this I didn’t see coming.”

“Where were you Conan, I’ve been trying to reach you all day.”

“You’re not angry?” Conan asked trying to buy time to come up with something.

“I was to worried to be angry, where were you?”

“I was with Heiji.” Conan lied.

“Didn’t he have school today?” Ran asked.

“He’s actually off for a few days, he was in the neighborhood and asked if I wanted to hang, so yea.” Conan said.

“Just let me know, or have Heiji call me next time.” Ran said as she hugged him once more.

“I’ll be sure to.” Conan said hugging her back.

Ran then stood to her feet as she headed for her room.

“I’ll see you in the morning, try and get some sleep ok.”

“Ok.” Conan said.

Once she closed the door to her room Conan sighed out in relief. He then made his way to his room as he got into his night clothes. He switched out the lights then rolled under the warmth of the blanket. Conan pushed his head up, meeting the side of the pillow.

“Yesterday I wondered who he was, today he taught me skills I didn’t even know I had, and you know.......I think I’m starting to like Tim.”

With that his eyes closed as he drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 10

Business Gone Bad

Something banging in the near distance can be heard. Conan's eyes slowly opened, rolling to his back. He looked to the clock as he sat up.

"Can't believe I'm just now realizing I left my bag at the apartment."

He jumped from the bed, still feeling the soreness around his wrist. Conan got into his school clothes as he made his way to the door. Just as he opened the door he caught sight of his bag next to the bed.

“My bag, I could have sworn I left it over Tim’s place.”

Conan walked over as he noticed a small sticky note pinned to his bag. He peeled it off bringing it to his eye level. It read: “You really should lock your window at night, see you around detective.”

“Looks like Red Robin swung by last night.” Conan thought to himself.

Conan reached down grabbing his bag heading to the kitchen. To his surprise no one was around. He went over as he grabbed an apple then headed out the front door. As he made his way down the side walk his phone began to ring. Conan reached into his pocket as he looked to see an unknown incoming call. He brought the phone to his ear answering it.

“Hey Conan, I got some new information.”


“It’s on the abductions.”

“What did you find out?” Conan asked.

“The victims found weren’t even couples, in one case the two didn’t even know eachother.”

“What, does that include all three cases?” Conan asked.

“Yep, according to the statements given by parents and friends.”

“This whole thing just got more interesting.” Conan said.

“No kidding, we need to figure out this guy’s motive if we’re going to catch him.”

“What time do you think we can meet?” Conan asked.

“Got a meeting after class today for my program.....how does five sound?” Tim asked.

“See you then.”

With that the two of them hung up as Conan continued walking down the road. He saved the number adding Tim to his contacts. When he looked back up the school was in view. Conan walked through the school yard as Ai stepped infront of him. Conan quickly put on his best smile.

“What’s the deal, why didn’t you answer any of my calls yesterday?” She asked.

“I was busy with a...case, which required most of my time.”

“Why am I getting the vibe you’re lying to me?” Ai asked.

“That I can not answer.” Conan said as the rest of the Detective Boys walked over.

Conan rolled his eyes knowing they would be questioning him as well.

“Hey Conan how come you didn’t answer my calls yesterday?” Genta asked.

“I thought we were going to meet about the stolen statue.” Ayumi added.

“Sorry guys, I was really busy with another case.” Conan declared.

“What case?” Ai asked crossing her arms.

Conan looked down at his watch as a smile came to his face.

“Would you look at the time, we have less than a minute before the bell rings.” Conan said as he took off.

Ai watched as he ran.

“I wonder what he’s up to.”

He sorted things around in his locker, closing it when he finished. When he turned to walk he bumped into Sonoko causing her to lash out at him.

“Watch where you’re going!” She yelled not noticing it was Tim until he walked past her.

“Oops, I didn’t mean for that to happen.” Sonoko thought to herself.

As the day went on only one thing rested on the mind of the two detectives, the mystery of the double abductions. The final bell of the day rang as Conan slipped down from his chair making his way toward the door. He heard his name called. He turned to see Sumiko.

“Have you decided on which case you would like to work?” She asked.

“I’ve come to agree with Yoshida, the statue case seems to be the most fitting.” Conan said.

“Good, we’ll start working the case tommarrow.” Sumiko said.

Conan continued toward the exit to see Ai standing next to the door.

“So when do you plan on telling me about this supposive new case you’ve been working on?”

Conan looked over at her, staring into her eyes. He then shrugged his shoulders as he walked past her. Ai watched as he made his way down the hall.

“Shinichi....what is on your mind?” Ai thought to herself.

He walked toward the street, signaling for a taxi. It didn’t take very long for one to pull up as he stepped in.

“Where to?”

“Five miles west.”

He sat back as they drove through the city. Tim looked out the window, observing the many structures. They got caught in a traffic jam, delaying things up a bit. After nearly thirty minutes of driving they came to a stop.

“This will do.” Tim said paying the cab driver.

He walked an additional block or so as he came upon a large building. Tim walked up a small set of stairs leading to the entrance. The doors automaticly slid to the side as he headed over to the front desk.

“Would you happen to know where this afternoons meeting will be held?”

“Right down the hall there, third door on the right.”


Tim walked over as he turned the corner. At the end of the hall there was a row of lockers stacked up against the wall. Tim looked over to see a few people using them.

“I wonder what those are for, employees maybe?”

He walked up to the third door. As he reached for the knob he caught sight of someone at one of the lockers which caused him to freeze.

“Gin, that’s one of the guy’s who works for the Black Organization, according to Kudo.”

Tim watched on for a few seconds. Gin placed a small box into one of the lockers, closing it. He then knocked on the locker twice.

“I wonder what that’s all about.”

Tim turned back to the door as he pushed it open. He walked in to be greeted by many.

“You must be Mr. Wayne, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

“To you as well Mr. Ballen.”

“I see you did your homework, come..let me introduce you to some of the founders.”

Mr. Ballen walked him through the room introducing him to many of the people. As they walked Tim felt a hand come to his shoulder. He turned to see a familiar face.

“Silvia Salvonte.”

“Hello Timothy.”

“What are you doing here?” Tim asked.

“I’m a journalist, I’m here to take notes, things of that sort.”

“That’s one thing I didn’t know about you.”

“What of you, what brings the man of the dark city to this very place?”

“I’m here to promote my Neon Nights program.” Tim replied.

“Maybe you could give me an exclusive.” Silvia said taking a step forward.

“Well that might just all depend, I’ll have to check my schedule.”

“Is that a tease Mr. Wayne.” She asked taking yet another step forward.

One of the men clapped out getting everyones attention.

“Phew, that was close.” Tim thought to himself.

“Now that everyone is here, what do you say we get this little meeting started.”

Everyone found a seat around the large table as they began. Tim took notes as they went through a couple speakers. When his turn arrived he carried on with confidence and strength in his voice. When he finished speaking he received a wink from Silvia who sat a few seats down. Over an hour went by. He sat there, listening and voicing his opinion on different subjects. Suddenly a scream of a woman can be heard, echoing through out the hall.

“What was that?”

“You hear that?” Mr. Ballen asked.

“I’ll go and give it a look.” Tim said as he sat up.

He made his way toward the door with a few following close behind. They made it into the hall as the scream could be heard once more.

“That way.” One pointed.

They quickly made their way down the hall as they turned to see a woman standing over a dead man. He was laid out, with blood flowing from his neck.

“What happened?!” Mr. Ballen asked.

“I don’t know, he was like this when I arrived.” She said with a trembling voice.

“Gin, where’s Gin?” Tim though to himself as he darted down the hall.

“Where ever are you going Mr. Wayne?” Mr. Ballen called out.

Tim turned the corner as he saw Gin heading for the exit. He then turned to see he had a large black briefcase in his right hand.

“If he’s the killer, I have no doubt the murder weapon is in there. Can’t exactly go over there and take him down, don’t have any proof he did it.”

Just as Gin reached the front door a security guard stepped infront of him.

“Excuse me sir but there has been a murder, I can’t let you go until we examine the situation. So if you could head back around the corner, that would be most appreciated.” The officer said.

“This might just be my lucky break.” Tim thought to himself.

“I don’t see any problem in that sir, I’m in no rush.” Gin calmly replied stepping back.

Gin pulled out his phone as he made his way back over. The officer followed close behind.

“Guess I better give the body a look myself.”

With that Tim turned and headed back to the crime scene. When he arrived there were more people gathered around the body than before. Tim pushed his way through reaching the body. He kneeled over as he looked it over. He looked at the depth of the cut, it was clean and precise.

“This must have happened quick, the killer defiantly has experience with a blade.”

He continued to look the body over as something caught his attention.

“His mouth is swelled up, a little blueness on the bottom lip.....was he poisoned?”

Tim closely examined around his neck, looking for the slightest peck. Nothing caught his attention. He then looked to the upper right shoulder, scouring over it.

“There.” Tim pointed as he saw a slight opening on the shoulder.

He got in a little closer to confirm his findings.

“That’s defiantly a needle print, thing is..... it’s not a straight injection.” Tim thought to himself as he felt a hand come to his shoulder.

“Excuse me sir, but I’m going to have to ask you to step back.”

Tim turned to see an officer standing over him.

“Did you touch the body at all?” The officer asked as Tim stood to his feet.

“It should be in the same shape as when it was first discovered, I didn’t touch anything.” Tim replied.


Tim turned as he made his way through the crowd once more.

“I’m guessing there must have been a struggle, that would explain the uneasiness of the needle mark. When the victim did’t immediately go down, he must have resulted to a blade.”

He looked around, checking to see where Gin was. Tim walked forward to see Gin heading back over toward the lockers.

“What’s he up to now?”

Gin opened the same locker from earlier as he placed his briefcase inside. He then stepped to the side giving it a couple knocks. This caused Tim to raise a brow. He then turned to his side to see Silvia heading over.

“I’d say you’ve been at a crime scene before, what were you looking for around the body?” Silvia asked.

“Nothing really, I guess I just wanted a close up.” Tim said.

“So you say.” Silvia said as two officers headed their way.

“And this is where we get questioned.” Tim stated.

As they engaged in conversation Tim would glimpse over at Gin from time to time. Their talk with the officers lasted nearly five minutes, questioning them about what they heard and saw.

“Thank you for your insight, if you find out anything else just give me a call.” One of them said handing Tim a card.

“Thank you officer.......”

“Officer Chiba.” He answered.

“I’ll be sure to do that.” Tim said as he turned to see Silvia walk off while pulling out her phone.

Tim then directed his attention back over to Gin. He was being questioned as well. Tim slowly made his way over as they had Gin open the locker he was using. One of them reached in as they pulled out the brief case.

“You mind us taking a look in side?”

“Not at all.” Gin replied.

“This is it.” Tim thought to himself.

They opened the briefcase to come across a bunch of paper work. They looked it over for about a minute, then questioned him some more. Disappointment came over Tim’s face as he leaned up against the wall.

“There goes that allegation out the window.”

He then turned to see the officers were beginning to let people go who had been cleared.


He sat infront of the TV, looking down at his phone every so often. Conan sat up as he heard someone approaching from his side. He turned as Ran took a seat next to him.

“What are you in here watching?” She asked looking toward the TV.

“Cops.” Conan replied.

“Really, I didn’t know you liked this show.” Ran said turning back to him.

“I only watch it some of the time.” Conan said.

“How’d school go today?”

“Not bad, we just took a lot of notes for our test at the end of the week.” Conan said.

“You think you’ll do alright?”

“I think so.” Conan said sitting back putting his hands behind his head.

“If you need help studying, I’m always here.” Ran stated.

Conan looked up at her, a smile coming across his face.

“Thanks Ran.”

She smiled back. His phone began to ring. Conan reached over as he stepped down from the couch and walked over to his shoes.

“Conan who is that, you plan on going somewhere?” Ran asked.

“It’s Heiji, we plan on going to see a movie.” Conan lied while walking toward the door.

“Make sure you’re home on time.” Ran said with authority in her voice.

“Yes Ma’m.” Conan said with a laugh.

“Boy do I hate lying to her."

He walked out the door while answering his phone.

“Hey Conan, you busy?”

“I’m on my way now.” Conan replied.

“Good, I’ll be waiting.”

Conan slid his phone into his pocket, making his way across the street. He walked for the next twenty minutes. He approached the apartment complex, pushing the front door open. He made his way to the elevator, taking him to the fourth floor. Conan walked down the hall as he approached Tim’s room. As he reached for the knob the door swung open.

“Come on in.” Tim said.

Conan walked in as he took a seat at the end of the bed.

“You thirsty?” Tim asked.

“Not really, but I’d like to thank you for swinging my bag by yesterday.”

“No problem.”

“How’d things go last night, anything serious?” Conan asked.

“Pretty light actually, just a group of guys arguing and a little car chase.” Tim answered.

“Sounds like fun.”

“It’s almost like a vacation, compared to things back home.” Tim said.

Things became silent as Tim took a seat at the table near the balcony.

“So....how did your meeting go?” Conan asked.

“All went well, except for the killing ofcourse.”

“Wait...what, when were you going to inform me about this?” Conan asked.

“Wasn’t sure how to tell you.” Tim replied.

“Did you find out who the killer was?”

“Not exactly, I was so focused on Gin that I.” Tim began.

“Gin was there?” Conan asked cutting him off.

“Yea, I was so focused on him that I didn’t properly examine the whole situation.”

“You think he was the killer?” Conan asked.

“I don’t think so, I let my knowledge of him cloud my thought process.”

“It’s ok Tim, we all do that some times.”

“I was careless, stupid, and unprepared. It should have never happened.” Tim stated as he kicked the side of the wall in frustration.

The room fell silent once more. Conan hopped back to the ground as he walked over to the table. Tim looked down at him.

“Hey, just relax, we’ll get another shot at Gin.”

“I’m not worried about him, I already placed a tracer on his briefcase before he left. What I’m more concerned with is what went down on the killing.”

“Nice going, though I’d advice you to wait until I get you a proto type version of the APTX 4869 antidote.”

“Really, how so?”

“I’ll have Haibara whip some up.” Conan said.

“Think she might become suspicious?” Tim asked.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure I can come up with something.” Conan said.

“When can you have it to me?”

“By tommarrow.”

“Sounds good, I’ll hold out on my pursuit until then.”

Conan nodded as he headed for the door.

“Where are you going?” Tim asked.

“To go get your medicine.”

Conan reached forward pushing the door open. He slowly looked back as a smile came to his face.

“When can you give me another lesson on using those disks of yours?” Conan asked.

“Very soon.” Tim smiled back.

Conan left, taking back to the streets. He walked for a little over a mile as he came to a stop. He reached forward. Just as he was going to knock the door swung open. Ai stood there, with a tough girl expression on her face.

“So....I see you knew I would be coming.”

“I saw you approaching the house through the window.” She replied.

They both stood there for the next few seconds, neither one saying a word. Conan slowly took a step forward.

“You going to invite me in?” He asked.

“That depends, you have something you want to tell me?”

Conan looked down taking a deep breath. He released looking back to her.

“I’m sorry I haven’t totally been honest with you, I’m willing to talk if you’re up for it.”

Ai moved to the side as Conan stepped in. She headed for the kitchen, Conan followed close behind.

“Where’s Dr. Agasa?” Conan asked.

“He went out to get supplies for dinner.”

Ai turned facing him yet again.

“So what’s been on your mind?” Ai asked.

“Think Kudo, think.”

Conan stalled for a second longer as he finally began to speak.

“It’s Ran, I think she... has a crush on that guy.” Conan thought up.

“You mean Wayne?”


Ai put a hand to her mouth, giggling. Conan’s eyes narrowed as he crossed his arms.

“That’s why you’ve been so uptight, poor little Conan.” Ai said as she continued to giggle.

“Great, she believes me.”

Conan waited nearly a minute for Ai to stop snickering over his...... jealousy.

“Are you done yet?” Conan asked with his arms still crossed.

Ai stood straight, giving him the most serious look she could come up with.

“Ok, I’m fine now.” Ai said with a slight grin forming on her face.

“I need to ask you a favor.” Conan said.

“And what might that be?” Ai asked.

“I need you to make me up a twenty four hour vaccine of the APTX drug.” Conan replied.

“What for, you going to convince Ran that Wayne isn’t the guy for her.”

“You hit it right on the mark.”

“Sure, just give me a little bit to make it up for you. Though I’m not sure I agree with you interfering with her love life.”

“Looks like we’re in business, not to mention I’m back on Haibara’s good side.” Conan thought to himself.

Hours had gone by as night struck. He sat up at the bell tower, staring down at the city full of life. He was hard in thought, mentally analyzing the murder from earlier in the day.

“I may have let a killer walk free today, I should have kept a clear vision. I allowed myself to be fixated on one induvisual, that should have never happened.”

Red Robin stood up, the wind clashing against the bell causing a slight ring.

“I want to give the crime scene another look.” He thought to himself as he glided down toward the city.

With the use of his grappler Red Robin made his way back to the building. He found an entry through a window. It was dark, no one in sight.

“No guards...that’s a surprise, still need to look out for the security camera’s.”

Red Robin quietly made his way down the hall, slipping past all security monitors. He came upon the large hall he had been in earlier that day as he pulled out a mini flashlight. He walked forward, flashing his light from side to side to see if there was anything he missed.

“Think Tim, there’s got to be something.”

Red Robin came to a stop as he approached the lockers. He looked down at the locker that Gin had occupied that day. He took to a knee, looking it over.

“Wait a minute....is it possible that he.”

Red Robin quickly hacked the combination as he pulled it open. He flashed his light inside while digging for something in his utility belt.

“Gin seemed a little suspicious when using this locker, lets see if there is any blood specs that could lead to him being a suspect.”

He held out a mini spray bottle as he sprayed all sides, as well as the front of the locker.

“Luminol Chemiluminescence, perfect substance to locate blood traces.”

To his disappointment there were no signs of blood present near or in the locker.

“There has got to be something, what were the knocks on the locker for, what happened to the box he had?”

Red Robin began to feel around in the locker, pushing both sides. Nothing happened. Next he reached in, pushing up against the far wall of the locker. It gave off a slight cracking sound.

“What’s this?”

He continued to press as the wall pushed to the side revealing another room. The look of victory came to his face. Red Robin squeezed through the small opening, entering the room through the locker. He closed it behind him.

“What is this place?”

Red Robin pulled out his mini flash light once more as he scoured the large room. There were many pipes on the walls as well as the ceiling. The floor and walls were made up of bricks. He walked through a dark tunnel, minutes going by, which felt more like seconds. Tim went on, finally coming to a stop.

“Dead end.”

He took a few steps forward, observing the area. Red Robin pressed his right hand up against the wall as he felt around. As Tim swayed his hand from side to side he felt a lever. Red Robin took a step back pulling on it. Suddenly metal bars popped out of the wall, leading up toward the ceiling.

“Looks like I might have something.” Red Robin thought to himself flashing his light upward.

At the end of the row of bars sat a manhole. Within the next few seconds cars from above can be heard driving by. Red Robin snapped his fingers.

“Now his phone phone call right after the officer told him he couldn’t leave makes sense, Gin is the killer......but who’s his accomplice?”

The sun shined high in the air. It was a beautiful morning. He stared out at the sun from his chair, the bell rung a few seconds later. Conan faced forward as Ms. Kobayashi gave instructions to the class on the days lesson.

“I want you all to pull out your study sheets, the test is in just one day so I want you all to be prepared.”

Conan pulled out his sheet, though he knew he would pass he pretended to study. A second later he heard his name whispered. Conan turned to his side to see Mitsuhiko.

“You ready to crack down on that case after school?” Mitsuhiko asked.

“More than ever.” Conan replied.

Most of the class period was spent on crossword puzzles, the last thirty minutes they watched a video dealing with their studies. Once the bell rung Conan made his way out to the school yard where he waited for the others to show. One by one they made their way out.

“Where’s Ms. Kobayashi?” Ayumi asked.

“She’ll probably be out any time.” Mitsuhiko assured.

Genta paced back and forth, waiting for her to arrive.

“If she dosen’t hurry, we’re going to start without her.” Genta exclaimed.

They didn’t have to wait much longer. Sumiko came walking over, stopping when she reached the group.

“Alright Detective Boys, let’s get started by stating what we already know.” Sumiko said.

“The statue was stolen at night, some time past one.” Genta said.

“They had enough dynamite to remove it from it’s container, but not to much to damage the statue.” Mitsuhiko added.

“This means they are highly organized.” Ayumi said.

“Based from the size and weight of the statue it took at least five people to hall it into the pickup truck.” Conan said.

“How do you know it was a pickup truck?” Mitsuhiko asked.

“From the prints left at the scene, which imply the type of vehicle used.” Conan explained.

“Very good. How about you Ms. Haibara, do you have anything to add?” Sumiko asked.

Ai stood there, thinking of something she could add to the investigation. At that second foot steps can be heard approaching as they turned to see Shiratori Ninzaburo.

“Ninzaburo.” Sumiko said greeting him.

“I heard you all speaking of the stolen statue.” Shiratori said.

“You want to help us find where it is?” Ayumi asked.

“I’d of loved to, but it’s already been found.” He informed.

“What, when?” Genta asked.

“Just this morning.” Shiratori replied.

“Guess we’ll have to work on another case.” Mitsuhiko said with a sigh.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll have a new one picked out for tommarrow.” Sumiko said.

“That sounds great.” Genta said.

With that they all headed home. Conan on the other hand followed after Ai. She came to a stop as he walked up next to her.

“Did you make the sample of the antidote for me?” Conan asked.

She reached from behind as she handed it to him.

“Good luck.” Ai said with a smile.

“Thank you Haibara, you don’t know how much this means.” Conan said as he took off.

Conan made his way back to the house shortly after. He went to his room as he pulled out a spare bag. Conan began packing it with a couple things as he heard a knock at the side of the door. He turned to see Ran standing in the entry way.

“Can I come in?” Ran asked.

Conan nodded as she walked over.

“Why are you packing your bag, you plan on going somewhere?” Ran asked.

“I’m going to spend the night with Heiji, he rented a place just up the block.” Conan answered.

Ran crossed her arms as she glared down at him.

“It’s a school night Conan.” She said.

“I know and I’ll be on time tommarrow, Heiji is just going to help me on my homework.” Conan lied.

“What’s wrong, you don’t think I’m smart enough to help you?”

“It’s not that, just something Heiji is really good at.”

Ran took a seat on the bed, looking to the side. A few moments went by as she directed her attention back down at Conan who had a large smile on his face. Ran couldn’t help but laugh at this.

“Ok you win, just make sure you don’t stay up to late.” Ran stated.

“Thank you, you’re the best.” Conan said as he hugged her legs.

He then shoved the last of his things into the bag as he took off. Ran stepped up from the bed as the front door slammed shut.

“I forgot to remind him to brush his teeth, I’ll just give Heiji a call to remind him.” Ran said reaching for her phone.

Conan raced down the streets, ready to begin business. Not to long after he found himself standing infront of Tim Drake’s door as he slightly knocked.

“The doors unlocked.”

Conan reached up as he nudged the door open. He walked in to see Tim over at the desk working on his laptop.

“How did you know it was me?” Conan asked.

“The sound of the knock.” Tim replied.

“You must have good ears.” Conan commented.

Conan walked over next to Tim, looking up at the screen.

“What are you looking at?” Conan asked.

“Survaliance footage, would you happen to know who this man is?” Tim asked as he zoomed in on something.

Tim adjusted the sharpness on the survaliance footage as Conan gave it a hard look. It didn’t take him very long as he nodded his head.

“That’s Vodka, Gin’s partner in crime.” Conan said.

“You sure?” Tim asked.

“I’m positive, you think he had something to do with the murder?” Conan asked.

“I believe Gin was the one who killed the man, Vodka must have been the one to switch out the briefcase with an identical one.”

“I’m not so sure I follow.” Conan said.

“The locker Gin rented out was also a passage way to some underground path. When he placed items in the locker he would knock on the door, that probably informed whoever was on the other side a delivery was ready.” Tim began.

“So you think Vodka was on the other side?”

“I know he was, survaliance shows him coming out of the manhole which leads to that path.” Tim stated.

“Nice work Tim.” Conan stated.


Conan placed his bag onto the bed as he pulled a couple things.

“What’s with all the stuff, you spending the night?” Tim asked.

“You bet, I just told Ran I was hanging with a good friend of mine, so we should be ok.”

“I hope he knows what he’s doing.”

Conan walked back over, placing the test tube containing the APTX antidote next to Tim.

“Is this the prototype you spoke of?” Tim asked.

Conan nodded.

“How long will it work for?” Tim asked drinking it.

“Twenty four hours.” Conan replied.

“Great, looks like we’re about ready to roll.”

“What do you want me to do?” Conan asked.

“You’ll be in communication with me through my com link, don’t want you to get to involved.” Tim said.

“Sounds good, so what’s the plan?” Conan asked.

“We strike at sun down.” Tim replied.

It was yet another clear night, just as the previous one had been. He waited a top a building, for the right moment to present itself.

“The tracer I placed on Gin’s briefcase is coming from inside that building, I’ll just have to wait it out until he comes out.”

Conan sat back at the apartment, monitoring all of his movements through an online tracking system.

“Anything yet?” Conan asked.

“He hasn’t come out.. but he will, and I’ll be waiting.”

Thankfully they did’t have to wait much longer. Red Robin stood to his feet as Gin walked out from the coffee shop, with Vodka to his side.

“Looks like Vodka’s with him Conan.” Tim radioed.

“Two birds with one stone, so after you catch them what are you going to do?”

“You’ll find out very shortly.” Red Robin replied shooting out his grappler.

He followed the two of them as they made their way down the street. They came to a stop about a few blocks up as they glimpsed back. Red Robin swung to the nearest building coming to a stop.

“What gives, it looks like they’re expecting someone.” Red Robin thought to himself.

They continued to walk. Tim followed from overhead as he looked down to see them force a woman into a dark alley. Gin pulled out a gun pointing it point blank at her.

“Alright woman, give us all you have.” Gin said.

“Please, I don’t have anything of value.” She said taking a step back as terror came upon her face.

“I’d do as he says slut, or he’ll plant one right through your head.” Vodka added.

“I have kids...please don’t hurt me.” She begged as tears came to her eyes.

“Stop your whimpering.” Gin said as he stepped forward hitting her over the face with the gun.

“Time to take my shot.”

With that Red Robin jumped from the building as he glided down toward them. Vodka and Gin both looked up as a bird disk came flying knocking Gin’s gun from his hand. Red Robin landed in between the two of them a second later.

“Run.” Red Robin said looking to the woman.

She got up as she ran to safety. Vodka reached for his gun only to have it knocked from his hand by another bird disk.

“What are you supposed to be, some kind of super hero.” Gin asked as he lunged forward with a punch.

Red Robin caught his arm twisting it, while flipping him to his back. Vodka jumped at Red Robin as he kicked him in the chest sending him to the ground as well. Gin got back up as he threw a punch from behind. Tim slid to the side of Gin dodging his attack. Red Robin then reached forward as he grabbed Gin by his shirt lifting him off the ground.

“What is this all about?” Gin asked as Red Robin tossed him to the ground next to Vodka.

“Lets just say I’m putting an end to your little operation.” Red Robin replied.

Suddenly a cable of some kind wrapped around Red Robin’s neck, releasing an electrical current. Tim yelled out as the currents flowed through his body. Within seconds he fell to his back, unconscious. The woman who had been in distress stood over him, with an evil grin over her face.

“Conan to Red Robin, what’s going on?”

He got no response.

“Red Robin, Red Robin........ come in Red Robin!!”

It was no use, his com link had been fried. Vodka walked over kicking him in his side a few times.

“Not so tough now are you.” Vodka said continuing his assault.

“That’s enough Vodka.” Gin said.

Vodka came to a stop as he fixed his collar. Gin stepped around the body as he walked over to the woman, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Well done Vermouth, I hope I didn’t hit you to hard.” Gin said as his hand slid from her shoulder.

“You know I can take a punch, I’m more interested in who this guy is.” She said taking a step toward the body.

“He’s got excellent marksmanship, I’d say he’s been at this for awhile.” Gin said.

“What is he, military..... CSI maybe?” Vodka said.

“Does it really matter, he’s going to be a dead man none the less.” Vermouth said as she turned to walk away.

“Where are you going?” Gin asked.

“I have something I have to attend to, I take it you two will properly dispose of this...problem.”

“Ofcourse, we’ll catch up with you later.” Gin said as she walked off.

So tense, so cold inside. An ever lasting darkness.

Water can be heard flowing from side to side, as they rocked back and forth. His eyes pushed open as his vision slowly came back to him. He felt his body tied to a pole, struggling to move.

“Am.....am I on a boat.”

His vision finally came into clearance as he saw Gin standing a couple feet away from him. Everything snapped back. They were indeed on a boat.

“I see you’re awake.” Gin said.

“Where’s your friend?” Red Robin asked with a slight cough.

Gin pointed toward the ground. Tim looked down to see Vodka laying, knocked out.

“What happened to him?”

“When he tried to unmask you, a sleeping gas of some kind flowed from your mask. Though I’m sure you knew that.” Gin answered.

“How long was I out?” Red Robin asked.

“Long enough for us to rent out this boat, but enough about that. Why have you been tracking us?”

“Dumb question don’t you think, you know the answer to that.” Red Robin said.

Gin smiled as he walked over, getting a little closer.

“Well since you know who we are, would it be so much to ask who you are?”

“Red Robin.” He quickly replied.

“Red Robin aye, interesting choice for a code name.”

Gin walked over as he took a seat at the edge of the boat, just a few feet away.

“I would ask who sent you but I bet that would prove useless, since I’m pretty sure you won’t talk.”

“Smart guy.”


Tim began feeling his way around, trying to loosen the rope which bounded him to a pole.

“You knew I was following you, how?” Red Robin asked.

“I discovered the tracer planted on the side of my briefcase, from there I’ve had the luxury of having a little extra security.” Gin said as he pulled out the tracking device letting it drop into the water.


“Snipers, two of them. They’ve been keeping an eye on me from the roof tops.”

“Must have seen me on my pursuit.” Tim thought to himself.

The two of them sat in silence for the next few moments. Gin stood up as he walked toward the other side of the boat. He reached down as he pulled up a briefcase. Gin headed back over as he hand cuffed the briefcase to one of Tim’s wrist’s.

“Heavy, what’s in the case?” Red Robin asked.

“A small dose of cement.” Gin replied.


Gin walked over as he picked up a pipe bar laying on the ground. He fiddled with it in his hands for a couple seconds. He then headed back toward Red Robin.

“I have one last question, how did you come to find out about the Black Organization?”

Tim tilted his head up as a smirk came to his face.

“Go to hell.”

Gin smiled at this remark.

“Perhaps I’ll see you there some day.”

Gin then tightened the pipe in his hand. He then gave Red Robin two good shots to the stomach causing him to yelp out.

“That’s it, I love when they squirm.” Gin said as he pulled out a mini test tube from his jacket.

As Tim gasped for air Gin forced the liquid from the bottle down his throat. Tim choked a little as Gin hit him in the side of the ribs with the pipe.

“Tell me Red Robin, can birds swim?”

With that Gin pushed the pole over board as Red Robin sunk into the darkness of the lake.

“If the poison dosen’t kill him, the indulging of water will. The cement filled briefcase will assure his deep watery grave, farewell... bird boy.” Gin thought to himself as an evil grin came to his face.

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 11

Evolving Turmoil

The moon laid in the night sky, shedding it's light upon the surface. Only the sound of static could be heard, an endless buzzing. He tried once more, knowing he would get the same results. Conan walked out to the balcony, staring into the night sky.

"Tim Drake....where are you."

He slowly felt himself drifting away, the weight overcoming him.

"Got to get free, can feel the pressure building from me descending...feels like my head's going to implode."

He began moving his arms up and down, his gauntlets slicing through the rope.

"Holding my breath is the least of my worries, got to get free...hopefully have enough energy to swim back up."

Within the next second he cut free as he pushed away from the rope and pole. Using his left arm Red Robin reached over as he quickly began to pick the lock on the cuffs.

"Gotta hurry, not much time." Tim thought to himself as a sharp pain came over his head.

After a couple more feet of sinking he finally relieved the cuffs from his wrist. Before he let the briefcase go he shot his grappling hook around the handle. Red Robin then connected the grappler to his utility belt as he headed back to the surface as the briefcase continued to fall.

"Let's hope my hook is long enough, guess that all depends on how far out Gin brought us."

As he swam upward he found it to become more difficult with each stroke. The heaviness of his armored suit didn’t help. Within the next minute he reached the surface of the water, breathing in large amounts of air at a time.

"I was under there for a little over four minutes, didn't seem quite that long." Red Robin thought to himself.

He turned to the side a few times as he caught sight of land not to far away.

"Bout sixty five, maybe seventy yards, should be ok."

Tim began swimming toward the city, his arms burning from his eager sensation of reaching land. After covering nearly seventy yards of water he reached up as he pulled himself up using a small latter which went into the water.

"Cool, my grappling hook had the length. Now to reel in that briefcase."

He made his way back inside as he took a seat infront of the laptop. Conan flipped the screen on, checking the last signal to appear on the screen.

"That's his last known location, I wonder why he's not replying to my calls." Conan said.

Conan sat in silence for the next few seconds. He then looked toward the screen once more.

"I know he made it clear he wanted me to stay put, but he may need my help." Conan said as he jumped down from the chair.

Conan walked over as he slid on his enhanced shoes and tossed on his tracking glasses.

"Hang on, I'm on my way Robin." Conan said.

At that moment Conan heard something climb up the railing near the balcony as Red Robin hopped down.

"Who's Robin, you meet a hot date or something?" Tim asked.

Conan looked over at him, tilting his head to the side. Water flowed down from his his eyes, mouth, and whole suit.

"So...what exactly happened to you, Red Robin?" Conan asked half wanting to laugh.

"Long story, they got away..for now." Tim replied as he made his way in.

As he headed toward the bed he fell forward, the briefcase falling from his hand. Conan raced to his side, helping him to his back. Tim slowly sat up, pushing him away.

"I'll be ok, just a little exhausted is all."

"Looks like a little more than that." Conan said.

"Ok so I took a couple shots, no big deal." Tim said getting to his feet.

Conan looked on as Tim slowly made his way to the closet. He had never seen him weak like this, it was almost freighting. He removed his suit as he placed it into a metal box, locking it. Tim then tossed on a pair of slacks and night shirt as he took a seat infront of the computer.

"What in the heck is in this briefcase?" Conan asked feeling how heavy it was.


"Why would you bring something like that back?" Conan asked.

"A small hunch, I'm thinking the murder weapon might be inside." Tim replied.

"Hmm, clever move on their part. If that's the case, how do you plan on getting to the evidence?" Conan asked.

"With this." Tim said holding out a pen.

His eyes narrowed as he walked over. Tim handed the pen to Conan who gave it a quick look.

"What's so special about this?" Conan asked.

"It's a laser pen."

"Nice, I've always wanted something like this." Conan said tossing the pen back to him.

Tim closed his laptop while reaching down and placing the briefcase onto the table.

"Before I forget I would like to thank you for all you've done, without your help I would have died tonight." Tim said.


"Gin slipped that poison to me, thanks to the antidote I'll live to fight another day."

"Glad I was able to help." Conan said.

"Now you can help yourself, by getting some sleep." Tim said.

Conan looked to the desk. The clock read 1:58 A.M.

"What about you?" Conan asked.

"Time and persuasion, I'm going to see if I can burn myself to the possible murder weapon. Rest awaits you on the other hand." Tim said with a smile.

Conan nodded. He went over as he placed on his night clothes. He then took to the bathroom as he brushed his teeth. Conan walked back out to see Tim already at work.

"Hey Tim, you ever get scared?" Conan asked.

"Fear is a part of the job, manifesting that fear to the point it works for you, thats where it counts." Tim replied as he began melting the hinges off of the briefcase.

Tim stood up as he walked over turning off the light, switching on a mini one in its place. Conan made his way to the bed, rolling under the sheets. He slowly faded out, Tims words clear on his mind. Hours went by. The sun light cracked through the curtain, touching down upon his shoulder. He shifted his attention toward the clock.

“Less than an hour until school.”

He stood from the chair as he walked over, shaking Conan from side to side.

“No honey.....you be the cop this time.” Conan said still half asleep.

“Do I even want to know.” Tim thought to himself.

He continued to shake him as Conan’s eyes slid open. Conan sat up rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Time to get up kid, we got school in about forty five minutes.” Tim said heading over to the closet.

“Did you even get any sleep?” Conan asked.

“Nope, didn’t have time to.” He replied.

The two of them got dressed for school, tossing their bags over their shoulders. They headed down the hall as they approached the elevator.

“Odds are you fall asleep in class today.” Conan stated.

“Doubt it.”

“I’ll give you thirty minutes before you’re out.” Conan said as the elevator opened.

“I never sleep in class.” Tim said as they stepped into the elevator.

Within the next few seconds they exited into the lobby making their way to the front doors. They walked down the sidewalk, joking back and forth as the two came to a stop.

“Guess this is where we part ways.” Tim said.

“I’ll catch up with you later.” Conan stated.

With that the two headed in different directions. He began humming something as he walked on. His hands rested in his pocket as he approached the school. Conan turned to his side as someone playfully bumped into the side of him.

“What are you doing here, I thought you would be, well...Shinichi.” Ai said.

“Not yet, I’m going to save it for tonight.”

“By that time she might of made up her mind.” Ai playfully said.

“Huh, right.” Conan exclaimed.

The two of them headed to class. Conan took a seat as he pulled out his pencil. Ms. Kobayashi walked around as she gave everyone a packet to everyone.

“Almost forgot we had a test today.”

He placed his name in the top corner as he went to work. He pushed past many who crowded the halls as his classroom came into view. As he walked in he felt someone tug at his bag. He turned to see Sonoko standing at the side of the door.


He was a little surprised to see it was her.

“Tim, do you think we can talk?” Sonoko asked.

“Sure...when do you want to talk?”

“How about after school?”

“I guess that can work, see you then.” Tim replied as they both headed into the class.

Tim took a seat, pulling out an empty sheet of paper to begin the warm up. Fifteen minutes in he found it hard to keep his head up. Another five passed by as he felt the urge to close his eyes.

“Conan might have been right.” Tim thought to himself as he rested his chin on top of his arms.

He finished all five pages of the test as he walked up and placed it into the trey. Conan took back to his seat, tapping his fingers upon the desk to help pass time. Within the next thirty minutes everyone finished with the test. They watched a movie for the remainder of the day. The final bell rung. Conan walked down the hall with Genta at his side.

“You think Ms. Kobayashi has a new case for us?” Genta asked.


“You up for it today?”

“I think I’ll have to pass, I really need to get home.” Conan replied.

“Ok then, I’ll let the others know.”

Conan made his way out of the school, heading home.

“I hope Ran was ok with me leaving last night.” Conan thought to himself.

Tim stashed a couple books into his bag while walking down the hall. He looked from side to side. Tim came to a stop shortly after as he saw her leaned over, placing a couple things into her locker. He walked up behind her as he waited. Sonoko finished putting her things away in the next few seconds. When she turned to walk she bumped into Tim as she jumped back a little.

“So...you wanted to talk.”

“Yea, glad you could make it.” Sonoko said leaning up against her locker.

They stood there for a few seconds, neither saying a word. Sonoko looked to the ground while crossing her legs.

“I have some things I need to attend to, so what is it you wanted to speak to me about?” Tim asked.

Sonoko lifted her head back up, looking toward him once more. She opened her mouth to talk, then hesitated. Tim reached over placing a hand on her shoulder.

“It’s ok you can talk to me, is someone giving you trouble?” Tim asked.

At that second Tim felt his hand knocked away as Ran stepped inbetween the two of them.

“So you couldn’t get me to sleep with you, trying for my best friend now?!” Ran asked.

“We were just having a private discussion Ran.” Tim replied.

“So... that’s why you had your hand on her?” Ran said taking a step forward while clenching up her fist.

Tim took a step back.

“Tell her Sonoko.” He said looking to her.

Sonoko just turned her head to the side. Ran reached forward grabbing his tie, pulling him within inches of herself.

“If you harass either of us again I’ll see to it that you.” Ran began as Tim grabbed her hand, removing it from his tie.

“You have my word I won’t engage either of you again Ms. Mouri, now if you will I have somewhere I need to be.” Tim said releasing her hand.

He walked down the hall as Ran made her way back over to Sonoko.

“You ok?” Ran asked.

“Yea, I’m fine.” Sonoko replied.

“Good, if he bugs you again just let me know.” Ran said as the two them headed for the exit.

Sonoko nodded. The two of them headed toward the exit shortly after.

“Nice going Sonoko.” She thought to herself.

Conan pushed the front door open to see Kogoro slide on his shoes and jacket. Conan walked into his room as he tossed his bag to the ground.

“Where are you going?” Conan asked.

“They’ve got a couple bodies, going down to check it out.” Kogoro informed.

“Can I come with?” Conan asked.

Kogoro reached for the knob as he looked over to him.

“We have to head out now, that is if you really want to come.”

Conan nodded as he followed him out the front door. They caught a taxi just up the street as they drove on. The ride only lasted for about ten minutes. They came to a stop infront of a small store as they stepped out. Many police officers surrounded the area. Inspector Megure walked up to the two of them a few seconds later.

“Hello Inspector, what do we have this time?” Kogoro asked.

“It’s not pretty, right this way.” Inspector Megure directed.

Conan followed as they made their way into an alley nearby. As they walked a strong odor drifted through the air, that of death. Inspector Megure came to a stop as he pointed inbetween a couple trash bins. Conan looked over to see a dead man and woman laying side by side.

“How long ago were the bodies found?” Kogoro asked.

“They were just discovered about an hour ago.” Miwako Sato answered.

“You think this is where they were killed?” Kogoro asked yet another question.

“Defiantly not, they’ve been dead for nearly a day.” Miwako said.

“Someone must have dropped their bodies here.” Inspector Megure said.

Conan took a few steps forward observing both bodies. He looked over as he examined their wrists. They both had rope burns.

“What’s that?” Conan thought to himself noticing a small fragment of a grey substance under the woman’s finger nail.

He kept that in mind. Conan then directed his attention to their lower bodies. The man had shoes on but the woman didn’t. He looked at the bottom of her feet to see they were bruised and cut up. Conan then directed his attention to her ankles to see they were a little swollen. Conan then looked to the man.

“Those shoes look new.”

The bottom of the shoes on the other hand were beat down.

“They were running from something......but what?”

Conan noticed a couple cut marks going up the woman’s leg.

“I wonder how far up that goes?” Conan thought to himself.

Conan reached forward as he grabbed the end of her skirt holding it up. He became wide eyed to see she had no under garments on. He felt himself yanked by his shirt.

“What are you doing down there, trying to get a cheap look?!” Kogoro exclaimed.

“She has no underwear.” Conan stated.

“Is that so?” Inspector Megure asked.

Conan nodded.

“This must be the same killer who has been abducting the couples.” Inspector Megure said.

“What makes you think that?” Kogoro asked.

“All the women in those cases had no underwear when they were discovered.” Inspector Megure informed.

“Not only are we dealing with a killer, but also a creeper. Conan take a step back, I want to examine the bodies myself.” Kogoro said.

He stuck his key into the door, pushing it open. Tim walked to the bed, taking off his bag, tie, jacket, and shoes. He then fell upon his back,letting his eyes fall shut.

“Got to finish burning through the cement, so tired.”

After about an hour at the crime scene they arrived back at the house. They entered to the smell of dinner being made.

“Something smells good.” Kogoro commented slipping out of his shoes.

Ran looked back at the two of them, a smile coming to her face.

“Where have you two been?”

“Just another investigation, we’ll see where it leads in the next few days or so.” Kogoro replied as he walked down the hall.

Ran walked away from the stove a few seconds later, letting everything simmer for a little.

“So Conan how did your little sleep over with Heiji go?” Ran asked.

“Just a lot of working, nothing special.” Conan replied.

“You’re welcomed to spend the night with him again.” Ran said

“You really mean it?” Conan asked.

“Why not, there’s no school tommarrow.”

“Wow, can’t believe she’s so cool with all this.”

She shared out their dinner shortly after. Conan sat at the table. He finished eating in the next five minutes as Ran walked up behind him.

“Would you like seconds?” Ran asked.

“I think I’ll be ok.” Conan said.

“Are you sure?” Ran asked massaging his shoulders

“I’ll be fine.” Conan managed to get out.

Ran walked back to the kitchen as Conan headed for his room.

“I wonder why she’s being so nice, must have had a good day at school.” Conan thought to himself.

Conan packed a few gadgets along with the things he would need for the night. He made his way back in the main room as Ran stood by the front door, holding it open for him.

“See you tommarrow.” Ran waved as he walked down the stairs.

Conan waved back. He made his way to the apartment as quickly as he could. He knocked twice, but got no response. Conan then knocked for a third time and got the same results. He listened on, he could hear something on the other side of the door. He reached for the door knob twisting it. Conan looked over to see Tim still melting up the cement.

“Why didn’t you answer the door?” Conan asked.

“Sorry about that, the laser pen must have distorted out all background sounds.” Tim replied as Conan shut the door.

“Are you almost finished with that?” Conan asked walking over.

“I’d say about another hour.” Tim said as Conan continued past him.

He slid the glass door open, looking up at the sky.

“You’re sure no one knows we’re hanging?”

“I’m positive.” Conan replied still looking to the sky.

“I’d hate to see what your girlfriend would do if she found out.” Tim said.

Conan turned back around, looking to him.

“She’s not my......uhhh.”

Conan turned back around, walking over and placing his hands upon the railing. He stood there for a little, thinking about the two bodies he had seen.

“Didn’t really get to examine those bodies as much as I wanted to.”

Conan stood there awhile longer. He looked to his watch after awhile of standing to see an hour had gone by. Though it felt like under fifteen minutes. Tim whistled out as Conan turned his head.

“What is it?” Conan asked.

Conan looked over to see Tim holding a blade in his hand.

“Was that in the cement?” Conan asked.

“Yep, it’s a USMC issue KA-Bar. Good choice of weapon in close combat.” Tim said placing it to the side of the table.

“You think that’s the murder weapon?”

“It’s possible, I’ll need to further examine it.” Tim said as he grabbed the knife placing it into a plastic bag.

He walked over placing the blade in the closet.

“Hey Tim, I have a little more information on the double abductions.”

“What did you find?” He asked taking a seat while removing his gloves.

“New bodies were found today, I had the luxury of getting a view.”


“Both bodies showed sign of exhaust, especially their feet.”

“What could that mean?” Tim questioned.

“I’m thinking they were running from something. But the amount of damage would imply they were running for quite some time.” Conan informed.

Tim sat back in the chair, resting his chin upon his left hand.

“I also saw something grey stuck to the bottom of the woman’s finger nails.”

“Great, and we can’t even find out what without the body.” Tim said.

“He also took the underwear of the woman.” Conan added.

“Does that include all three cases?” Tim asked.

Conan nodded.

“That’s strange, does he take anything from the males?” Tim thought to himself.

“I guess we’ve come to somewhat of a road block.” Conan said.

“No doubt.” Tim said.

The room fell quite for the next few seconds. Conan snapped his fingers.

“I got it!”

“What?” Tim questioned.

“While we think up a plan, you can further my training on those bird disks.” Conan answered.

Tim narrowed his eyes while standing to his feet.

“Wow Conan, I thought you made a break in the case or something.” Tim said as he headed for the front door.

“Where are you going?”

“To the base ofcourse, you wanted to train right?”

Conan followed after him. Tim reached over, grabbing the metal box which contained his damage suit. They made it into the woods as Tim headed into the shed, brining out a couple bird disks. They spent most of the evening going through several drills. The case of the doubles still lurking in the back of their minds. Night rolled around as they headed back to the apartment.

“How’s your wrist feel?” Tim asked as they stepped in.

“Not bad as the first time.” Conan replied.

“You’re getting better, but I wouldn’t advice you to use them in combat just yet.” Tim said with a slight smile.

Tim headed into the bathroom as Conan took a seat, switching on the TV. Tim came out shortly after, all suited up.

“You going on patrol?” Conan asked.

“You’re my company, I don’t plan on leaving you here all night.” He replied.

“Then where are you going?” Conan asked.

“Just a little something I need to do, I’ll be back shortly.” Tim assured placing the cowl over his head.

Conan watched on as he glided from the balcony.

“I gotta try that some day.” Conan thought to himself.

Conan turned back, heading into the room once more. He flipped through the channels, struggling to find anything of interest. About thirty minutes went by as Red Robin swung back up over the railing. He walked in to see Conan’s eyes glued to the TV. He turned to see what it was.

“Must be some soup opera.” Tim thought to himself as he walked past.

“So where did you go?” Conan asked stepping down from the bed.

“I placed a bunch of motion censors on the rooftops, they’ll inform me of any ongoing activity.” Tim replied heading to the bathroom.

“What for?”

“Just incase my good friend Kaitou Kid comes by.” He replied.

“You really do keep busy don’t you?”

“Sure do, it’s part of the fun.”

Tim finished undressing shortly after. They watched a low budget alien movie before calling it a night. Conan laid down as Tim rested on the other end of the bed. They both looked to the ceiling.

“I see you got extra pillows.” Conan said.

“I had an idea you might come back, didn’t think it would be this soon.”

“You think we’ll catch this guy before he strikes again?” Conan questioned.

“I hope so.” Tim replied.

They laid in silence for the next few moments.

“Hey Conan, what do you think Ran would do if she saw us laying here?” Tim asked keeping conversation.

Conan thought about his question for a few seconds.

“I’m guessing she’d probably try and give you a beat down, then have you thrown in jail listed as a child predator.” Conan replied as they both laughed.

Conan sat up as he looked toward him.

“Tim, what’s your family like?” Conan asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you get along with everyone, Dick Grayson for example?”

“He’s like my big brother, you’d love him. He’s a peoples person, more so even than myself.” Tim said.

“What about Bruce?”

“That’s a completely different ball park, he takes time to get to know. Alfred’s the one who keeps everything together.” Tim said.


“He’s basically the mother of the house, he makes sure we all have what we need.” Tim replied with humor in his voice.

“It would be cool to meet them someday.”

“Perhaps we can make that happen down the line.” Tim said.

“Cool.” Conan said laying back down.

He closed his eyes, slowly drifting off into deep sleep. The sound of the city paving around them. The echoing of someone running up the hall can be heard. Silence followed after. Tim poked his head up from the pillow as he looked to the clock a couple feet away. He pushed up, still feeling the soreness of his rib. Tim opened the blinds, allowing the suns light to shine in. Conan awoke a few seconds later.

“Bet it felt good to get some sleep.” Conan said jumping out of bed.

“You could say that.” Tim said pouring himself a glass of orange juice.

Conan walked over as he quickly got dressed.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?” Tim asked taking a sip.

“If Kogoro is called in for another case related to the doubles, I want to be sure to go with him.”

“Good call.” Tim said.

“I’ll keep you posted if I find anything.” Conan said as he fully dressed.

He tossed his bag to his shoulder as he headed out. Tim took a seat at the desk, falling into thought.

“I need to find a way to examine some of those bodies.” Tim thought to himself taking another sip.

He slightly spun the cup, letting the juice circulate around.

“If only I had an inside guy, Shinichi can only do so much in his state. Can’t go to Kogoro, that would cause to much friction.”

Tim finished the cup of juice, placing the glass to the side.

“I need someone I can trust to not only work with Tim Drake, but Red Robin as well. Who could I possibly go to?”

Conan made his way home.

As he reached for the front door it opened. Ran stood there with a friendly smile on her face.

“Good morning Conan, you’re just in time for breakfast.”

“I knew something smelled good.” Conan said as he stepped in.

He walked over to the couch, tossing his bag upon it.

“So where were you last night?” Ran asked.

“With Heiji ofcourse.” Conan replied.

“You sure that’s your answer?” Ran asked.

Conan shook his head up and down.

“If we were hanging together last night, I’ll be the first to say I had no knowledge of that.” A voice said from behind.

Conan’s eyes sprung wide open. He recognized that voice all to well. He turned to see Heiji Hattori standing before him.

“I’m going to ask you once more Conan Edogawa, where have you been hanging for the past three days?” Ran asked.


To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 12

Unexpected Turn

"Cat get ahold of your tongue, where have you been going for the past three days?"

Conan took a step back, nervously looking up at her. He then turned to Heiji.

"I was...with."

"With, with who?" Ran asked becoming impatient.


"Dr. Agasa." Conan finally blurted.

"Oh really now, we'll just see about that." Ran said reaching down, dialing his number and taking a seat at the couch.

"Kudo, what's going on?" Heiji whispered.

"Later." Conan whispered back.

Conan and Heiji stood by, waiting. She was on the phone with Dr. Agasa for nearly over a minute. She closed her phone standing to her feet with a huff. Ran walked over as she looked down at him.

"Why didn't you just tell me you were at Dr. Agasa's?" Ran asked.

“Good, he went along with it."

"I...um." Conan said as Ran's phone began to ring.

She looked down at it, rolling her eyes.

"Looks like you're off the hook for now, I have somewhere I need to be." Ran said as she walked out the front door.

"I wonder who that was." Conan thought to himself.

Conan took a deep breath in relief. He then turned to see Heiji with his arms buried in his pockets, glaring down at him.

“Alright Kudo, what’s been going on?” Heiji asked.

“Just like what she said, I’ve been hanging over Dr. Agasa’s.” Conan said stepping around him as he made his way to the couch.

“You do realize you’re talking to me and not Ran, right?”

Conan came to a stop, looking back at him.

“What are you hiding from me?” Heiji asked.

The two stood in silence, studying eachother through their eyes and posture.

“I need to watch my choice of words.....If there is any man on this planet who can link me to Tim Drake and Red Robin, it’s him.”

Conan’s phone began to ring a couple seconds later.

“You going to answer that?” Heiji asked.

Conan reached into his pocket, pulling his phone to his eyes. An incoming call from Ai awaited.

“Haibara must have been with Dr. Agasa when Ran called, she must want answers.”

Conan slid the phone back into his pocket.

“Looks like I have a lot of answering to do, I hate lying to my friends but...”

Heiji took a step forward, placing a hand upon Conan’s shoulder. He looked up at him, a smile coming to his face.

“There must be a good reason why you’re hiding something, but I would like to know one thing.” Heiji stated releasing his hand from his shoulder.

“What’s that?”

“Is your life in any kind of danger?”

“Our lives are always in danger, you know, with the line of work we deal with.” Conan replied.

“Good response, he’s keeping me on edge.” Heiji thought to himself.

“How have things been in Osaka?” Conan asked changing the subject.

“So that’s how you want to play it Kudo, we’ll see just how long you can hide this little secret of yours from me.”

“Everything has been shallow for the past couple weeks, nothing to serious.” Heiji said answering the question.

“Good, that means you should have time to help me on a case.” Conan said.

“You talking about the abducted couples?”

Conan nodded.

“Heard a lot about it back west, so how much information do you have?” Heiji asked.

“Not very much, but I’m pretty sure down at the station they might have more details.” Conan answered.

“Good call, you coming with?” Heiji asked.

“Wouldn’t miss this for anything.”

With that the two detectives headed out.

The computer gave off a beeping sound. He reached over, tapping the enter button as a new screen popped up. He sat back in the chair, a map blown up on the screen.

“Looks like Katina Sugo hasn’t made any recent moves.”

Tim sat in silence for the next few minutes, fixing the broken com link on one of his suits.

“Need to remember what brought me here. It’s not like Deadshot to drop out of a hit, there must be something I don’t know.”

He finished shortly after. He stood up placing the suit into the locker next to the others.

“I wonder how things are going back in Gotham.” He thought to himself as his phone vibrated a few feet away.

Tim reached over looking to see who was calling.

“Sonoko, I wonder what she could possibly want now.”

He placed his phone back on the desk ignoring the call.

They pulled up at the station, exiting the cab. As they walked Conan looked over as a slight grin came to his face. Heiji noticed.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

“I was just wondering how you found out.” Conan replied.

“What do you mean?”

“How did Ran confront you about this whole situation?”

“She called two nights ago telling me to remind you to brush your teeth, it wasn’t long after that we both realized you weren’t with me.” Heiji said with humor in his voice.

Conan snickered a little at this.

“You should have called and informed me of your little scheme Kudo.”

His snickers quickly turned into laughs.

“This is something we’ll look back on some day and get a good laugh.” Conan stated.

“It would make it even funnier if I knew what you were hiding, that way we could both laugh together.” Heiji said pushing for information.

“Good try, but you’ll defiantly have to do better than that.” Conan replied as they entered the station.

The first person to approach them was Ninzaburo Shiratori.

“Hattori Heiji, surprised to see you here all the way from Osaka.” Ninzaburo said.

“Thought I’d drop in and see if I could help with the double abductions case.” Heiji said.

“Any help is appreciated, how familiar with the cases are you?” Ninzaburo asked.

“I was hoping you could enlighten me.” Heiji replied.

“Follow me, we’ll talk around back.”

Conan and Heiji followed him out the front door as they took to the back of the building. They took a seat at a table. Ninzaburo gave him a quick scoop of what’s been going on, along with all the evidence they had collected.

“What about the forensics?”

“You’ll have to head down town, that’s where the bodies are being held.” Ninzaburo informed.

“Very well, your insight has proven to be very helpful.” Heiji thanked standing to his feet.

“Until next time then.”

Heiji nodded as Conan and himself headed back to the streets, catching yet another cab. The two sat back in comfort, having a brief conversation about sports. They came to a stop shortly after. Heiji lead the way as the entered the large facility, crowded by multiple people walking around. They headed to the front desk as Heiji reached for his wallet.

“How may I help you today sir?” A woman asked from behind the desk.

“I’ve come to have a look at some bodies, the one’s from the recent abductions.” Heiji replied holding his ID up.

She looked at the id, then back to him.

“You’re that famous detective from Osaka, I knew you looked familiar.”

“Yea, that would be me.” He proudly stated.

“I know I shouldn’t,but can I get your autograph?”

“Sure...why not.” Heiji answered leaning forward.

“Stay focused.” Conan stated tugging at him.

Heiji ignored this as he wrote down his signature on a blank piece of paper. She gripped the paper as a smile came to her face.

“So where are the bodies located?” Heiji asked.

“Dr. Mick’s office is located just down that hall, last door on the right.” She replied.

“Thank you for your time.”

Conan stepped infront of Heiji as they continued on their path. They made it down the hall, coming to a stop at the final door. Conan reached forward knocking. It slid open a few seconds later.

“How may I assist you two?” A man dressed in a full body rubber suit and protection helmet asked.

Conan looked up to see his name tag which read ‘Dr. Mick’.

“What’s with the suit?” Conan thought to himself.

“I was wondering if we could take a look at the bodies.” Heiji said.

“I thought they wrote down everything they needed at the crime scene.” Dr. Mick exclaimed.

“They did, I just want to give the bodies an additional look myself.” Heiji answered.

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible at this moment.”

“Why not?” Heiji asked.

“The bodies contain toxins which can be harmful if breathed in.”

“Have you diagnosed what kinds?”

“They want us to keep things close to the chest for now, I’ll have a full list of everything tommarrow morning.”

“Great.” Heiji thought to himself.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Heiji looked to Conan, then back to Dr. Mick.

“Here’s my card, if either of you have any questions just give me a call. My assistant Mr. Zale will be in tonight, covering the last tests.” Dr. Mick said handing the two of them a card.

“We’ll keep in touch.” Heiji said as they headed back down the hall.

They walked on in disappointment. Conan’s phone began to ring as they neared the exit. He pulled his phone from within his pocket to see an incoming call. He came to a stop as he looked around, catching sight of a bathroom not to far away.

“Be right back, got to use the restroom.” Conan said taking off.

“Sure he does, I wonder who that is.”

Conan pushed past the doors while bringing the phone to his ears.

“Not a good time Tim.” Conan said.

“Get any new information?”

“Not yet, Doctor Mick wouldn’t allow us to examine the bodies.” Conan informed.

“Why not?”

“According to him they are toxic, must have been something inside them when he cut them open. He said they’ll hand out the results tommarrow.”

“We need to find out what, we don’t have time to spare. Where are you now?” Tim asked.

“Inside a bathroom not to far from his office, why?”

“Are you carrying the backup remote?”

Conan felt around, pulling it from his left pocket.

“Yes, I’ve got it.” Conan answered.

“Good, now slide the bottom off.” Tim instructed.

Conan fiddled with it for the next few seconds, but couldn’t get the bottom to budge.

“Tim it’s not working.”

“Use your thumb to grip the left side as you pull, it should slide right off.”

Conan tried once more this time succeeding, sliding the bottom piece off. A small, sticky, circular device fell out landing in Conan’s left hand. It gave off a red flash every few seconds.

“What is this?” Conan questioned.

“It’s a HWSS, do you have a secure area you can latch it on to?” Tim asked.

Conan’s eyes flopped from side to side. He walked over placing it under one of the sinks.

“It’s planted Tim.”

“Nice going Conan, it’ll only take about a minute for it to fully capture everything.”

“Capture, what do you mean?”

“It’s a heat wave based sonar tracking system, can spread out up to mile radius.” Tim answered.

Conan raised a brow in confusion.

“What now?”

“As we speak it’s making up a map of the whole facility, this way I have the blueprints to the building.”

“You plan on breaking in or something?”

“I’m in the planning stage, but that’s how it’s looking.” Tim stated.

“You really are something.” Conan said as the small device began to beep.

Conan kneeled down to see it flashing more erratic than before.

“I think something’s wrong, it’s making a beeping sound now.”

“It just completed it’s scan, I’ve got the data stored to the computer. Just press down on it, that should stop the beeping.” Tim said.

Conan reached forward pressing down on the small device.

“All done Tim.”

“Good work Conan, I’ll catch up with you later.” Tim said hanging up.

Conan hung up as well. He stood in place for a few seconds, taking in everything that just occurred.

“Can’t believe I’m helping in his little heist...is this even something I should be involved in?”

Conan shrugged this off making his way out of the bathroom to see Heiji speaking with the woman at the front desk.

“At least he had someone to keep him company.” Conan thought to himself.

They left shortly after making their way back to the Mouri residents. Conan was surprised to see neither Ran or Kogoro were present. Heiji leaned up against the wall while adjusting his cap. It was well past three.

“I guess you can summerize our day as a recap of what we already knew.” Heiji stated.

“Pretty much.” Conan agreed.

Heiji began whistling a tune as Conan reached for the remote. He skimmed through the channels to see if their was any additional information exposed about their case.

“Hey Kudo, how do you think the toxins got onto the bodies?” Heiji questioned.

“Your guess is good as mine, we’ll have to wait until Dr. Mick reveals the results.” Conan said.

Conan switched the TV off once more after seeing no new information. He took a seat at the couch, resting his head in the palm of his hand. The sound of traffic gliding by, just outside the window.

“So you’re really not going to tell me where you’ve been hanging.”

Conan didn’t respond.

“Well whenever you decide to talk, just know I’m willing to listen.” Heiji said.

“Yea, I know.” Conan finally spoke.

“I’m going to go up and see someone not far from here, I’ll see you tommarrow.” He said while heading to the door.

“Heiji.” Conan said as Hattori reached for the knob.

“Yes?” He asked looking back toward him.


Hours went by as darkness hoovered over the city. He sat at the desk, finishing up the small details to his plan.

“The safest way in would be through the sewage system, there’s an entrance leading to the room.”

Tim stood from the chair a short time after, walking over and flipping the locker open. He strapped himself in, the cowl sliding into place. He breathed in, tightly snapping the utility belt in place.

“Show time.”

He glided with the wind, staying in rhythm with it’s circulation which made for a smooth transition. Not long after he found himself standing, looking down at a building from the one he stood upon.

“Time to see what the HWSS is picking up.”

Special implanted eyelids flipped down over his eyes as he viewed the inside of the building through heat signatures.

“Looks like I have a location of where the bodies are being held. Someone is currently in there, probably examining them.”

Red Robin stood there, thinking up a strategy to get the bodies alone. Using his com link he dialed Conan’s number. He waited a few seconds before Conan answered.


“Hey Conan, it’s Red Robin.”

“How many number’s do you have?” Conan asked.

“This is the com link.” Red Robin said.

“So what’s the latest, you get in yet?”

“Not yet, I have a little problem.” Red Robin began.

“What is it?”

“There’s someone in there with the bodies.” He said.

“Must be Dr. Mick’s assistant, I think I might be able to create a diversion.” Conan declared.

“Please do share.”

“Hang tight.” Conan said as a click can be heard.

“Nice.” Red Robin exclaimed knowing he’d have to wait in limbo for the time being.

Conan walked over as he pulled his bag into his arms. His phone began to ring. He looked over to see who it was.

“Looks like Haibara is still trying to contact me, I’d rather discuss matters with her in person.”

He continued pushing through his bag, a smirk coming to his face as he pulled it into his grasp.

“Found it.”

Conan began testing different voice level sequences on his mechanical bow tie trying to hoam in on the precise level.

“There.” Conan said out loud.

He grabbed his phone, quickly dialing the number he had in mind. Conan waited as the phone rang, holding the tie tight in hand. The next second someone answered.

“This is Dr. Mick’s office, how may I help you?”

“It’s me Mr. Zale.” Conan spoke.

“Dr. Mick...I didn’t think you would call.” Mr. Zale said.

“Special day, a special one indeed.”

“I’m sure you’ve called for a reason, what is it you need sir?” Mr. Zale asked.

“I want you to take a thirty minute break.” Conan said.

“But sir, we have to have this wrapped up by tonight.”

“Don’t sweat it, I just want you to do a clean sweep of the desks and counters.”

“Yes sir.”

“This way our clients are kept satisfied.”

He stood there waiting, waiting for his opportunity. Red Robin stood up as he saw the figure which accompanied the bodies clear the room.

“What ever Shinichi did, it worked.”

He glided down toward the street, quickly making his way to the sewer. Using the Heat Wave Sonar System through his cowl he found his way to the location of the bodies. He pushed up to the room where the bodies rested through a metal cage door, which happened to be clamped to the ground. He looked around to see five separate bodies laid out on five different tables.

“Got to make this quick, not sure how much time Shinichi was able to buy for me.”

Red Robin looked to see they were all cut open. A weird odor came to his attention as he reached down, placing a mini gas mask over his mouth.

“He did say something about toxins, might be safe to have this on, nor would it hurt.”

Red Robin walked up to the first two bodies, looking them both over. He focused his attention on their insides. His eyes slightly perked up, something catching his eye.

“Their lungs are swollen, some boldness on the edges.”

He walked around as he swiped DNA samples of the lungs, from all five victims. Red Robin then noticed a gray substance under one of the victims finger nails.

“Just like Kudo said. I better swipe samples from under all their nails, just in case it proves to be a viable source of information.”

Red Robin gave each of the bodies one last look. They all were consistent with rope burns to the wrists, all showed signs of exhaust to the feet, and the lungs were all balloted.

“What happened to their lungs, yet another new twist.” He thought to himself as foot steps can be heard approaching.

Red Robin walked over lifting the cage door, dropping back into the sewer. He quietly pulled the door down, heading down the dark tunnel he had come.

“The question now posed....motive. Looks like Red Robin and Detective Conan will have their hands full, in defiant.” Tim thought to himself.

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 13

The Motive

His head rested upon the pillow, the weight of the blanket lingering around him. He awoke to the sound of two speeding cars driving down the block.

"Hopefully he obtained some useful information that can help with the case."

He dropped to the ground, walking over dressing into his clothes. The TV switched on in the other room. Conan placed his glasses on as he made his way to the front room. He looked over to see Ran sitting at the couch. He walked over joining her.

“Morning.” Conan softly spoke.

“Good morning.” She replied looking down to him.

“What time did you come in last night?”

“About eleven, I was with mom.” Ran said.

Conan directed his attention to the TV, checking to see if there was an update on the case.

“Sorry for making you mad.” Conan apologized still focused on the screen.

“I’m not really upset, just wondering why you didn’t tell me.”

“Well if you should know, we’ve been working on something.”

“What do you mean?”

“Can’t tell you, it’s a surprise.” Conan cockily answered while placing his hands behind his head.

“Is that so?” Ran said with anger building in her voice while moving closer to him.

Conan looked to her as she closed in. A smile sprung to his face while he waved his hands back and forth.

“Wait, the surprise is for you.” Conan blurted.

The anger dropped from her face, replaced by a welcoming smile.

“Oh...why didn’t you just say so?” She asked moving back.

“Does the word ‘surprise’ ring to mind?” Conan asked.

“Are you getting smart with me?” Ran asked narrowing her eyes.

“Ofcourse not, just implying it’s a surprise...which means I wasn’t supposed to tell you.” Conan said with a laugh.

“I guess I was wrong in questioning you. I have an idea.”

“What?” Conan asked.

“We’ll just pretend we never had this conversation.” Ran said.

“Sure, I guess that works.” Conan said as he directed his attention back to the TV.

Neither said another word on the matter, keeping their attention on the screen.

“Nice going Shinichi, now I have to come up with some surprise which probably includes some more lying to Agasa and Haibara.”

He looked through the scope, looking down at the samples he had collected.

“Based from their blood, I’d say they were all in pretty good health.”

Tim walked over taking a seat. He sat back as the computer ran multiple tests on the samples he collected from the lungs. His eyes flickered from time to time from the lack of sleep the previous night. The computer let out a mini siren sound knocking his attention forward.

“What do we have here, CK and ED.....I should call Conan and let him know about this.” Tim thought to himself.

He pulled his phone from his pocket, hitting the speed dial button to contact him.

“Not exactly a good time.” Conan said answering.

“Is there ever a good time when it comes to you?” Tim asked.

“Very funny. So what’s up?”

“When can you make it to the shed, I have some evidence I want to go over with you.” Tim said.

“I’m on my way to Dr. Agasa’s place right now, but I’ll try to be there as soon as I can.” Conan answered.

“Good, because I may need your help finding a location.” Tim said.

“Find a way to keep yourself entertained Tim, I’ll be there soon.”

“I’m counting on it Shinichi, see you in a couple.” Tim said.

The two hung up at the same time. Conan stuck his hands into his pocket as he approached the house. A car drove near the side walk honking out. Conan turned to see Okiya Subaru wave toward him. He waved back as he took off.

“I wonder where he’s headed off to.” Conan thought to himself as he approached the front door.

The door slid open before he could knock. Hiroshi stood there, looking down at him.

“Dr. Agasa....guess you must have been expecting me.”

“I had an idea you would come looking to explain, after Ran’s call this morning.” Dr. Agasa said holding the door open.

Conan accepted the invitation stepping in, the door closing behind the two.

“So Conan, where have your activities landed you for the past couple days?” Dr. Agasa asked.

“What if I said it would be better if I didn’t say....yet.” Conan replied.

“That dosen’t sound good, your not in any trouble are you?”

“Not exactly.” Conan said as Ai walked around the corner.

“Then explain to us exactly what’s going on.” Ai stated.

“I was actually hoping you two could bare with me, it’s really a complex situation.” Conan said.

“Yea, I bet.” Ai remarked.

“In the mean time we need to come up with something, I told Ran we had a surprise for her.” Conan said.

“You’re caught in a ring of lies, did you even use that antidote sample to talk to Ran?” Ai questioned ignoring his plan.


“You sure about that?” Ai asked crossing her arms.

Conan stood in place, the both of them staring into the others eyes. Dr. Agasa stepped up to the both of them placing a hand on each of their shoulders.

“I’m sure Shinichi has a good reason for not telling us, in the mean time we should come up with a surprise of some kind for Ms. Mouri.” Dr. Agasa said.

Ai turned to the side walking to the kitchen without saying a word. Dr. Agasa sighed.

“I’ll have a talk with her.”

“Thanks Doc, I’ll be back in as soon as I can.” Conan said heading for the front door.

Conan made his way down the block, moving slower than usual. He trotted along, much weighing down on his mind. He reached the hideout about thirty minutes later. Conan pressed down on the remote as the ground slid open.

“It get’s cooler every time.” Conan thought to himself as he jumped into the ground.

The top closed back as he walked through the pitch dark. The lights impeded into the ground flipped on a second later, lighting his path. He removed his glasses, standing in place. The device to the side of the door scanned his eyes from side to side with the door sliding open.

“Glad you could make it.” Tim said still looking to the computer.

“So what do you have to share with me?” Conan asked stepping in.

He walked over standing to the side of the chair. He looked up, lifting a brow when he saw the elements listed.

“Hydrogen cyanide, Phenyldichloroarsine, and Ethyldichloroarsine?” Conan questioned.

“That’s not all, there were traces of CK and L.” Tim added.

“Cyanogen chloride and Lewisite?” Conan asked.

“I’d say you’re more than just a detective, there were doses of each in all of the victims lungs.” Tim informed.

“Now all we have to figure out is how it got there. Any ideas?” Conan asked.

“I’m working on that, each element together has a whole different affect than when secluded.”

“Very true.”

“Any idea where high doses of these elements might be held?” Tim asked.

“I wish I did, sorry.”

Conan looked on while Tim played around with different scenarios linking the elements together. He stood by watching for the next minute or so, his eyes traveling to the ground. This came to Tim’s attention soon after.

“Everything alright Kudo?” Tim asked.

Conan took a deep breath while raising his head, their eyes meeting.

“Tim....have you ever had to lie to anyone about your, well....” Conan began.

He found himself lost for words as he looked back to the ground. Tim spun in the chair, giving Conan his full attention.

“Lying to my father was probably the hardest thing about the job back when I was Robin.” Tim answered.

“What about now, do you still hide secrets from those you love?” Conan asked looking back up.

Tim nodded.

“Only if it’s to protect them. It really depends on the person.”

“True, I almost forgot about your allies..they’re your family after all.”

“Why do you ask, keeping my identity a secret starting to mount down on you?” Tim asked.

“Ran has been questioning me on my whereabouts, and it’s not just her.”

Tim reached over placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Conan listen, you don’t have to do this, last thing I’d want is to destroy your life.” Tim said.

Conan smiled as he removed Tim’s hand from his shoulder.

“Jumping the gun there a little RR, we have a case to crack.” Conan firmly stated.

“Indeed we do.” Tim said turning back to the computer.

“We better be careful on when we meet, a friend of mind has also become suspicious of my activities.” Conan said leaning up against the computer desk.

“They have a name?” Tim asked while typing.

“Hattori Heiji, he’s a detective just like ourselves.”

A smile came upon Tim’s face.

“Is he good as you are?” Tim asked.

“He’s pretty damn good.”

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

The next second Tim’s phone began to ring. He looked over to see Tim ignoring it. Conan walked over grabbing phone from the desk looking down to see an incoming call.

“Fantasy Girl, who is that?” Conan asked.

Tim looked to him then back to the computer.

“Sonoko Suzuki, I’m pretty sure you know her.” Tim replied.

Conan immediately began laughing, placing the phone back onto the desk. Tim gave him an awkward look.

“And just when I thought I knew you.” Conan said trying to control his laughter.

“What on earth are you laughing about?” Tim asked.

“Didn’t know Sonoko was your type, let alone your fantasy girl.” Conan said with an evil grin.

“Wait a minute, she was the one who wrote that.” Tim protested.

“From what she told me about you, I doubt that. How often do you think about her anyway?” Conan snickered.

Tim shook his head from side to side directing his attention back to the computer. Conan walked up to his side a few moments later.

“Ok then Tim, who’d you rather date, Sonoko or Ran.”

“You know I’m not going to answer that, right?”

“Come on Tim.” Conan pushed.

“Both have been at my neck recently, I’d have to pass on them both.” Tim said.

Conan began to snicker once more.

“Which one has a better ring to it, Wayne Sonoko or Drake Sonoko?” Conan asked.

Tim ignored him once more. Nearly a minute passed by as a large smirk crawled along Tim’s mouth. Conan looked up noticing this.

“Looks like there’s something humorous on your mind, care to share?” Conan asked.

“Just changing my password.” Tim replied.

Conan stood around, waiting for Tim to find results on the elements found in the lungs of the victims. After fifteen minutes of waiting Conan’s phone began vibrating. He reached into his pocket pulling his phone out.

“Got a text from Heiji.” Conan said.

“What’d he say?” Tim asked.

“He wants to meet up.”

“Then go and see him, I’ll wrap things up here.” Tim said.

“Keep me updated, I’ll be back when I can.” Conan said heading for the exit.

Conan walked out, traveling all the way to his school. He stood up against the wall glimpsing down at his watch. Cars drove along sending leafs flopping into the air. Conan looked down at his watch once more.

“Heiji isn’t one to be late, I wonder what the hold up could be.”

Conan walked over taking a seat at one of the swings. He sat there resting his legs. It didn’t take long for him to find himself swinging back and forth. As he swung someone approached from behind.

“Sorry I’m late, had a couple things I had to attend.”

Conan jumped down from the swing turning to face Heiji.

“Talked with Ran last night.” Heiji said.

“What did you two talk about?” Conan asked.

“You know, the usual.”


“How she’s been, any recent things in her life.”

“Where are you going with this?” Conan asked.

“She told me about some guy named Tim, seems when he arrived was around the time you started hiding things. You hanging around this guy or something?”

“Ran tell you that?”

“Came up with the time line myself.”

“What makes you think I would be hanging with him, I only saw him the night we showed him around the city.” Conan said.

Heiji turned his cap to the side taking a step forward.

“You sure about that Kudo?”

“Positive.” Conan answered.

Heiji reached from around his back holding out a folded up poster board.

“What’s that?” Conan asked.

Heiji rolled it open showing the contents on it to Conan.

“You recognize this, found it in your room.” Heiji said handing it to him.

Conan looked it over as sweat slid down the right side of his cheek.

“Just like that, he’s already doing what he does best.”

“So you mind telling me who **** Grayson and Jason Todd are. Oh, and I wouldn’t bother giving me that bit about them being sculptors from the renaissance era like you did Ran.” Heiji said.

It fell silent for seconds to come. Conan lifted his head facing his friend. Conan took a deep breath, releasing just as slow.

“I think you know the answer already.” Conan said.

“I checked up on everything, they’re all a family through Bruce Wayne. I also saw you write something down about a Tim Drake, mind telling me who that is?”

“Surprised you didn’t follow up on that one, it was Tim’s former last name before he was adopted.”

“So Tim was adopted, what happened to his real parents?” Heiji thought to himself.

Heiji took a slight step back, a grin coming to his face as he did.

“You also wrote something down about Batman and Robin, vigilantes from Gotham City. Where do they fit into all of this?” Heiji asked.

He didn’t reply.

“Tell me Kudo, have you been associating yourself with Tim Drake?”

“I had an idea he’d link us together, just not this soon.”

Conan stood there for a couple seconds thinking what to say.

“No, I haven’t.”

“How do I know you’re telling the truth?”

“For starters he tried to get Ran to sleep with him. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you go and ask him yourself.” Conan suggested.

“You know, I think I might just do that.”

Conan looked down taking another deep breath. The two of them standing in place for the next minute or so.

“We still friends?” He asked looking back up.

Heiji smiled at this.

“You wanna to go pay Dr. Mick a visit?”

“Sure thing.” Conan replied.

“Besides lying to Ran...keeping my best friend and ally in the dark is just as discomforting.”

The clouds swayed toward the north revealing a clear sky in it’s travel. Night brought in a cool chill, diving through the city.

“Looks like I may have something.”

He adjusted the scope, comparing the sample to the one listed on the computer.

“Lead, so that’s the substance which was under the nail. Three out of five of the victims I took samples from had lead present under their nails, this might help us pin point a location.”

Tim placed the evidence back into a tube while making his way back over to the computer. He flipped the screen back on to see the analysis was complete.

“Great, looks like we have an answer to how all that stuff got into their lungs.”

The computer began beeping as a warning sign popped up.

“The roof censors just went off, could it be... Kid in action.”

Tim walked over swinging the locker door to the side. He quickly suited up grabbing his grappling hook on his way out.

“Round two.”

Red Robin leaped from building to the next, heading into the direction of where the censors had been tripped off.

“Almost there.”

He jumped once more swinging to the top of a large building.

“Hmm, he’s not here.” Red Robin thought to himself looking from side to side.

He walked to the edge looking to the neighboring buildings. There was no sign of Kaitou Kid anywhere.

“If Kid was here he couldn’t have gone to far.” He thought to himself as a siren went off a few blocks away.

Red Robin lunged into the air firing out his grappler.

“This ends tonight.”

Red Robin swung by, the force of the air pushing against him. The sirens got louder and louder as he glided on. He came to a stop on top of a light post, looking to see police crowding around a small jewelery store.

“Looks like they have him surrounded.”

He watched on as something zipped past his left eye. He turned to see someone jump from one building to another, heading in the opposite direction of the jewelery store.

“Never mind, I guess they don’t have him surrounded.” Red Robin said as he followed after the unknown figure.

He followed after the caped person on the run, making sure he kept enough distance between the two of them. After about a block or so the runner came to a stop. Red Robin stood on the building just above there’s.

“Guess my hunch was right, that’s defiantly Kaitou.” Red Robin said looking down.

Kaitou Kid took to a knee sliding the ribbon to the side which secured the sack shut. He reached in holding one of the diamonds gently in his hand.

“Well aren’t you quite the beauty.” Kaitou Kid commented looking one of them over.

He placed that one into the bag reaching for another as he heard a slight thump from behind. Kid stood to his feet while tieing the sack of diamonds to his belt.

“Haven’t seen you on the streets for a couple nights, trying to lay low?” A voice said from behind.

A sinister grin formed across his face, recognizing the voice of his visitor.

“Your pursuit of me is rather intriguing Redbird.” Kaitou Kid commented facing him.

“Let’s make this easy, hand over the diamonds and place your hands over your head.” Red Robin said.

“I love the way you humor me, but we both know it’s not that simple.”

“Then I’ll just have to take you in by force.” Red Robin said tossing a steel enforced cable toward him.

Kaitou Kid ducked down dodging his attempt.

“I see your aim is as good as ever.” Kaitou Kid teased while making a run for it.

He brushed his remark to the side following after him. As they jumped to the next building Red Robin grabbed Kaitou by his cape in mid air pulling him to his chest.

“Got you.” He said wrapping an arm around his neck.

As they fell toward the street Red Robin shot his grappler out taking them to the closest building. When they landed Kid quickly slipped from his grip, kicking him in the side.

“Didn’t know he was that flexible.” Tim said running after him once more.

As they continued jumping from building to building Kid reached into his side pocket pulling out a gun. He continued to run as he turned and took aim.

“Nice knowing you Redbird.” Kaitou Kid said pulling the trigger.

Red Robin dodged to the side only to see party treats fly out. Kaitou Kid laughed out as he slid down a pipe taking him to the streets.

“To think, he’s getting enjoyment out of this.” Red Robin said gliding down after him.

They ran down the sidewalk as many looked on. Kid turned to see how close he was.

“Let’s make this interesting.” Kaitou thought to himself.

Kaitou darted across the street jumping over and dodging incoming vehicles. Red Robin did the same staying on his trail.

“That’s right, follow my lead.” Kaitou Kid said as he headed down a fleet of stairs leading to the subway.

The two of them maneuvered around the large crowds making their way to the train station. Kaitou finally came to a stop turning to face him. Red Robin stopped as well, standing just a few feet away from him.

“Everyone out, now!” Red Robin yelled as many ran for the stairs.

He looked from side to side to still see a few spectators. Tim reached down slamming a dust bomb to the ground.

“That’s a warning, leave!” He yelled once more causing the rest to leave.

Kaitou Kid smiled as they stood, nothing but the two of them.

“No where to run Kaitou Kid.”

“You seem a little upbeat Redbird, did I push a nerve?” Kid asked.

“How about we drop the questions and get to the cuffing.” Red Robin said pulling out a pair of hand cuffs.

“How many toys does this guy have?” Kaitou Kid thought to himself.

“Any last tricks before I take you in?” He asked slowly heading toward him.

“Ofcourse, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to try this.” Kaitou Kid said.

As Red Robin walked over a purple fog flowed down from the stairwell causing him to turn.

“What in the, is this part of your trick?” Red Robin asked looking to Kaitou.

“Your guess is as good as mine.” Kaitou Kid replied.

Before he could reach for his staff he began coughing out, Kaitou did the same. They both fell to a knee. The air became increasingly dense, causing the both of them to take small breaths. Tim placed a hand to the ground as his eyes began to burn.

“What the hell is this?” Kaitou Kid exclaimed.

They watched on as a figure made it’s way through the fog toward them. The fog began to ascend into the vents not to long after. Within the next few seconds it completely cleared as the two of them looked up to see a young woman with her hands upon her hips. She swung her hair from one side to the other, keeping a straight face the whole time.

“Koizumi Akako....is that you?” Kaitou Kid weakly spoke gaining his vision back.

“You know this chick?” Red Robin asked.

The both of them slowly pushed to their feet.

“Kaitou Kid, leave....we’ll talk later.” She instructed.

Kaitou Kid made his way to the stairs. Red Robin walked after him only to be pulled by his cape from behind.

“You’re letting him get away.” Red Robin stated.

“That’s the point, I don’t want him being caught.” Akako said.

“I see, you’re just another fan girl.”

“You’re wrong.”

“Am I now, you’re nothing but another distraction which got in my way.” Red Robin said.

“I can make up for that if you want me to, most guys can’t resist me.”

Tim took a step back.

“I can do better any day of the week.” Red Robin said.

Akako reached over wrapping her arms around his neck, blowing a dust of some kind into his face.

“See.... just a little something to get you going.” She said pulling him in closer.

Using what strength he had left he pushed her away.

“You’re crazy, I...I don’t even know you.” He said with a brief laugh.

“But how, I used my magic on you?!” Akako exclaimed.

He turned heading for the stairwell. Akako still in disbelief chose not to pursue him. Using what was left in the tank Tim made it back to the apartment. He removed his suit as he walked over falling into the bed. His phone began to ring. Tim reached over to see an incoming call from Conan. The phone slid from his hands, His eyes closing as he fell into a deep sleep.

The sun shined bright, the birds flapping about. He dialed the number once more but still got no response.

“Come on Tim, why aren’t you answering.”

A voice from afar called out his name. Conan placed his phone back into his pocket as Genta and Ayumi ran up to him.

“Hey Conan, how’d your weekend go?” Genta asked catching his breath.

“Not bad I guess, how about the two of you?” Conan asked.

“I went skating, it was a lot of fun.” Ayumi said.

“My weekend was pretty boring for the most part, any idea what we’re doing in class today?” Genta asked.

“I’m betting we start on a whole new lesson, especially since we had the test at the end of the week.” Conan said.

“We better hurry, less than a minute until class starts.” Ayumi said.

Conan looked down at his watch.

“She’s right, we better hustle on to class.”

He dragged himself along, still feeling light headed from the previous night’s events. The bell rung the next second.

“Now I’m going to be late to class, perfect.” Tim thought to himself as he is grabbed by his arm and pulled into the ladies bathroom.

“Sonoko?” Tim questioned as she locked the door.

She grabbed him by his wrist taking him over to where the sink is located. She pushed up onto the counter tossing her bag to the ground.

“Umm...well, we better get to class before we’re late.” Tim adviced.

“Relax Timmy, we already are.” Sonoko said crossing her legs.

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 14

Down and Out

They stood in place, only the sound of a class beginning across the hall could be heard. He took a step back letting his bag drop to the ground as well.

“So...is this where you bring all your guy friends?” Tim sarcasticly asked leaning up against the wall.

“You haven’t been answering my calls.” She stated ignoring his question.

“Can’t say you’ve given me a reason to do so, well here we are....now’s your chance to ask away.” Tim said looking toward the stalls.

Sonoko caught sight of this causing her to look as well.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Just checking to make sure Ran isn’t hiding around somewhere, I’ve never been jumped in a woman’s restroom to tell you the truth.” Tim said looking back to her.

Sonoko laughed at this.

“You are defiantly a strange one Timmy.”

“Is that why you brought me here, to tell me how strange I am?”

“Ofcourse not, I wanted to apologize for giving you such a hard time.”

“Say again?”

Sonoko pushed down from the counter as she slowly made her way toward him. She reached out grabbing his right hand, placing it in between hers.

“I just want you to know I’m here for you.”

“Sonoko, where is this coming from?” Tim questioned as she began massaging the top of his hand with her own.

Tim lifted a brow, not sure how to respond.

“So can we be friends again?” Sonoko asked.

“Wasn’t aware we ever were.” Tim joked.

“I’m being serious.”

“What about Ran, I don’t want to cause any problems between you two.” Tim said.

“Don’t worry about her she’ll come around. So, what do you say?”

“Sure, we’re good.” Tim said as she launched forward wrapping her arms around him.

He returned the favor by lightly tapping her on her back.

“I’d hate to hear what Conan would say if he saw this.”

“Wow...he’s got such a hard chest.” Sonoko thought to herself releasing.

They both reached down placing their bags back to their shoulders. Sonoko lead the way as they walked to the door.

“Just so you know I won’t be here tommarrow, it’s a family thing.” Sonoko said.

“And she’s telling me because?”

“Your expression when I brought you in here was priceless.”

“That’s an understatement, what if I had taken you into the men’s room and locked the door?” Tim asked.

“I’d of yelled rape.”

Tim sighed.

“If you get to know me you’ll understand I know how to treat women.”

“Is that so. Then how about we ditch class and you can give me a lesson on how you treat a woman.” Sonoko jokingly said pressing her back up against the door.

Tim walked over reaching around her and unlocking the door.

“Ladies first.”

Sonoko turned while opening the door. She grabbed Tim by his arm pulling him into the hall. A couple students stared over at them as they made their way to class.

“Nice, let’s just hope this incident dosen’t spread.” He thought to himself.

They approached the classroom a couple seconds later. As he reached forward to knock the door opened. Mrs. V stood there, narrowing her eyes as she looked from Sonoko to Tim.

“Do I even want to know why you two are late?”

“My alarm didn’t go off this morning.” Tim said.

“Mine to.” Sonoko said as well.

“Good going Sonoko, now she knows we’re lying.”

“Take to your seats, next time either of you are late you face after school detention. Is that clear?”

They both nodded. Tim walked over to his seat looking to find Airi with a grin on her face. He took a seat as she began giggling.

“What were you two doing?” Airi asked.

“Not what you think.” Tim replied with a smile.

The final bell of the day rang. Conan jumped down from his chair in anticipation, ready to find out any additional information on the case. Mitsuhiko assisted him into the hall.

“Have anything planned for the rest of the day?” Mitsuhiko asked.

“Besides going home and looking into those recent abductions, I’d say I’m pretty free.” Conan said.

“You mean the ones involving the couples?”


“I heard my mom talking about that the other night.”

Conan reached forward pushing the main doors to the side as they walked out.

“I guess I’ll look into it as well.” Mitsuhiko said.

“Sounds good to me, make sure to let me know if you find anything.” Conan said as Ai walked up beside the two of them.

“I need to talk to Conan, alone.”

Conan looked to Mitsuhiko who nodded.

“I’ll call if I find anything.” Mitsuhiko said before walking off.

Conan directed his attention back to Ai.

“So..are you still mad?” Conan asked.

“What do you think?”

“Yep, she’s still mad.”

“I’m really just wondering what it is you’re hiding, are you putting our lives at risk?” Ai said.

“Why would you think something like that, if that were the case I’d have told you by now.”

“Yet another lie, let’s just hope the organization dosen’t some how link me to Red Robin.”

It became silent for the next few seconds. Conan reached over holding both of her hands into his.

“Haibara, please...just trust me.”

Ai reached back pulling her bag from her shoulders. She zipped the bottom pocket open handing him a ticket.

“What is this?” Conan asked.

“It’s a ticket to an art show.”

“What kind of art?” Conan asked.

“Music, martial arts, paintings, you name it. I think that should make for a good surprise.” Ai said handing it to him.

“When does it take place?” Conan asked.

“Next Wednesday through Friday.” Ai replied.

“How’s that supposed to work, Ran has school on those days.”

“We only have two days of school next week.” Ai informed.

“My bad, I’ll be the first to say I don’t really keep up with the calendar.” Conan said rubbing the back of his head.

Ai managed a smile.

“Thanks Haibara.”

“Is that yet another lie I hear?” Ai asked with sarcasm.

A smile came to Conan’s face as well.

“I’ll see you later, make sure Ran gets the ticket.” Ai said as she headed off.

Conan looked on, watching her walk until she turned the corner.

“Atleast we’re on good terms again.”

He walked through the crowded halls, making his way to the exit. The bright sun shun down causing him to place a hand over his eyes.

“Sure is bright, especially after coming out of that dark class.”

He continued on the path toward the side walk as someone stepped in front of him.

“Can I help you?”

“You’re Wayne Timothy aren’t you, heard a lot of good things about you.” The stranger said holding out his hand.

“And you are?” Tim asked reaching out grabbing it.

“Hattori Heiji.” He replied shaking his hand.

“Ah.. you’re that great detective from Osaka, heard a little about you as well.” Tim said.

Heiji looked down at his watch, then back to Tim.

“Conan speaks very highly of you.” Heiji said.

“Conan...who’s Conan?” Tim asked.

“The kid you hang out with, the one who wears the glasses.”

Tim took a step back putting his hand right below his chin. He stood there thinking for the next few seconds.

“I don’t have many friends here, and I’m pretty sure I don’t know any Conan’s.” Tim stated.

“How about Mouri Ran, she told me she showed you around town a bit.”

“Oh, you’re referring to that little kid who lives with her?” Tim asked.

“That’s the one.”

“I’m not one to hang with toddlers, I’m not even good with kids never have been.”

“Is that so?”

“Yep, you can even ask my father.” Tim said with a laugh.

“Won’t be necessary, I believe you.”

“Nice talking with you Mr. Hattori, but I really got to be going. Maybe I’ll see you around some time.” Tim said as he walked passed.

Heiji watched as he made his way to the corner.

“Hey Drake what ever happened to your parents, you know, before Bruce adopted you?” Heiji called out.

Tim looked back, the two of them sharing a brief glance before he walked around the block.

“Shinichi was right, he’s good and closing in. I’m not sure if I need to be worried, but knowing if I can trust him will be key.”

He walked up plowing the front door open. Kogoro sat at the couch gripping a beer in his left hand. Conan walked by heading for his room. He placed his bag to the ground as he pulled out his phone to see if he had any missed messages.

“Looks like I got a text from Tim.”

Conan opened the message which read: ‘Met your pal Heiji, bright as you said.’

“Good thing Tim’s a good actor.” Conan said as he heard the front door open.

He walked back out to see Ran heading to her room.

“Wait, I have something for you.” Conan called out.

Ran turned back around walking toward him.

“What is it you have for me?” Ran asked kneeling down infront of him.

Conan handed her the ticket, a smile coming to his face.

“A ticket, what is this for Conan?” Ran asked bringing it to her attention.

“It’s for an art show, they will be hosting all kinds of stuff. It will be held Wednesday through Friday of next week.” Conan informed.

“So that’s what you were hiding, can’t believe you put yourself through so much for me.” Ran said wrapping her arms around him.

Conan grabbed her back, the two embracing in a warm hug.

“You may have to call Dr. Agasa for the location, but I’m sure you’ll have a good time.” Conan said.

“Thank you.”

Ran stood back to her feet heading for her room.

“Now’s the time to pay Tim a visit, hopefully he has a new scoop on the data.”

Conan informed Kogoro he’d be out hanging with his friends before leaving through the front door. He made his way to the apartment, giving the door two solid knocks. Tim opened up a few seconds later.

“Got any new information?” Conan asked walking in.

“You bet.” Tim replied closing the door.

“So detective, what do you have for me?” Conan asked hopping onto the end of the bed.

“The substance you pointed out under the nail turned out to be lead.”

“Lead?” Conan questioned.

“I tested the nails of the other victims.”


“Though they didn’t quite have the same amount, two of them had lead present beneath their nails as well.” Tim added.

“What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking wherever they spent their last few hours might of been made of lead.” Tim replied.

“Have you looked up any possible locations?” Conan asked.

“Been trying, haven’t found anything yet.”

Conan slouched his shoulders down, thinking of any possible locations he may have in mind.

“Before I lose you, I also wanted to let you know how those deadly components ended up in their lungs.” Tim said.

“Almost forgot about that.” Conan said sitting up straight.

“They inhaled it through their lungs, what I’m still trying to figure out is what affects it might have had on them.”

“Think it may have been used to subdue them?”

“I don’t know Conan, but I’m working on it.” Tim said taking a seat at the table.

They sat for the next couple minutes. Conan thought up potential locations while Tim surfed the net looking.

“Hey Tim.”

“Yea?” He asked looking from the screen.

“Heads up.” Conan said as he pulled a bird disk from his jacket slinging it toward him.

Tim caught it in his left hand, a smile of pride coming to his face.

“Didn’t know you took one with you, make sure no one catches you with one of these.” Tim said.

“So what do you think?” Conan asked.

“You’re getting better, though you could work on your accuracy and power a little.”

Conan smiled at the vote of confidence.

“I have an idea.” Conan stated sliding down from the bed.

He quietly made his way through the library, taking a seat infront of one of the many computers.

“Let’s see what you’re hiding Drake, it’s only a matter of time before I figure out what.”

Heiji clicked away, scouring around for information.

“He claimed he wasn’t good with children. According to what Ran said, the kids up at Teitan Elementary took delight to him.”

Heiji continued his search, looking for anything of interest.

Hours passed by. A breeze twirling around, setting a balanced tempo for their activity. Conan jumped forward tossing another disk toward him. He flipped to the side once more, the frustration mounting up in Conan’s conscious.

“Come on Shinichi, I expected you to tag me at least once.” Tim taunted dodging yet another bird disk.

Conan continued flipping the projectiles at him, thinking up a plan as he did.

“He’s just to quick, got to catch him by surprise with....with.......I got it!”

Conan reached down pressing down upon his belt.

“The timing has to be just right.”

The bottom of his shoes steamed up, the soccer ball forming into play.


Conan tossed another bird disk forward, the ball connecting with the bottom of his shoe a split second later.

“Got him.”

Tim hopped to the side dodging the disk, looking to see the electrifying ball launching in on him. Using what momentum he had, Tim side flipped over the sizzling shape landing on one foot. Conan jumped back, his mouth and eyes dropping in disbelief.

“How did he...that’s just, he can’t be that good....can he?.”

Tim placed his other foot to the ground, clapping as he did.

“Impressive, you’re using strategy and we haven’t even got there yet.”

“How did you, wow you’re amazing.” Conan remarked.

Tim smirked at this.

“That was a clever move you pulled by the way, wasn’t even aware you had gadgets of your own.”

“But I still failed to even touch you.” Conan exclaimed.

“Hey don’t look to much into it, besides I see much potential in you to do some great things.”

“Really?” Conan asked as Tim placed a hand upon his shoulder.

“You’ve got the physical attributes, all we need to work on is your instinct.” Tim stated.

“Easier said than done.” Conan said crossing his arms still a little frustrated.

“How about we call it a wrap, I think we both have had enough cardiac activity for the day.”

Conan looked up, Tim smiling down at him.

“I guess you’re right.” Conan nodded in agreement.

Darkness struck in the hours to come. Conan made it back to the house. He walked in to find Ran pacing around, talking with someone on the phone. Kogoro was at the table eating dinner. Conan slid his shoes off near the door before heading for his room. Once in he walked over to the bed, laying to his back.

“I wonder how long until the killer strikes again, that is if he hasn’t already.”

He laid there in thought for the next couple minutes. Thinking about the evidence gathered.

“I wonder if we’re dealing with more than one killer?”

A tap at the door broke his inner thinking. He pushed up to see Ran next to the door.

“You hungry?”

“I guess so, I’ll be right out.” Conan said as Ran headed back to the kitchen.

Conan slipped from the bed making his way to the kitchen as well. He walked by to see Kogoro back infront of the TV. Ran shared out his dinner, sitting across from him after she finished. As he ate he noticed Ran continuously trying to call someone. This grabbed his attention. Conan began flipping his food around, breaking the silence.

“So what did you do after school?” Conan asked.

“Just cleaned around the house a little, then made dinner. That’s about it.” Ran answered.

Another brief second went by.

“Something’s defiantly on her mind.”

Conan took another bite, looking forward.

“So who are you trying to call?” Conan finally asked.

“Sonoko...she isn’t answering though.”

“What are you calling her about, your trip next week?”

Ran sat there, not replying to his question.

“It’s ok, you can tell me.” Conan calmingly said.

She breathed out, looking toward him.

“I’m not even sure if it’s true, but there’s a rumor circulating around she was in the girls bathroom with Tim first period.” Ran said.

“Looks like Tim failed to mention that to me.”

“What do you think they were doing?” Conan asked.

“I’m trying to find out if it’s even true, but she’s not picking up.”

“Maybe because she’s with him right now, they’re probably getting freaky as we speak.” Conan joked with a sinister laugh.


“I was only kidding.” Conan explained.

“You should know better than to be talking like that!” Ran yelled sitting up from the chair.

“What seems to be the problem?” Kogoro asked looking from the TV.

“Nothing at all, nothing to worry about Dad.” Ran said grabbing her phone.

She went to her room, the door slamming behind her.

“Oops, didn’t expect that to happen.”

“What did you do now?” Kogoro asked looking to him.

“I have absolutely no idea.” Conan replied.

He finished dinner within the next minute. Conan pulled out his phone while making his way back to his room. He dialed Tim’s number, not getting a response.

“Guess he’s not answering either, my bet is he’s on patrol .”

The night brought a clear sky, not even the winds from the north could be felt. His eyes lay shut, sitting at the edge of the tower, like he had for many nights since arriving. The bell went off causing his eyes to flash open. He stood to his feet, looking downward to the city.

“This has become the land mark of where I come to think...being able to see everything from here is only an added plus.”

He fell forward spreading his cape.

“Looks like there is just enough wind to make for a smooth descend.”

Red Robin glided down, soaring with intent. Knowing in the back of his mind the killer was still out there, waiting to strike.

The light of the sun cracked through, lighting a small portion of the classroom. The dust can be seen floating about. Conan walked in, taking a seat at his chair. Ms. Kobayashi stood at the front writing down the lessons for the day.

“I can’t even remember the last time I was the first one to class.” Conan thought to himself looking around.

In the minutes that followed everyone made their way to class one student at a time. Ai walked over coming to a stop at the side of his desk.

“How’d Ran like the ticket to the show?”

“She loved it, more so than I thought she would.” Conan replied.

The bell rang the next second. Ms. Kobayashi turned to the class, pulling a pile of papers from her desk.

“Here are your tests back from last week, if you didn’t receive a passing grade retakes are this Thursday.” Sumiko said passing them down the row.

Conan got a hold of his test, not surprised to see his 'A’ grade.

“Hey Conan, what did you get?” Ayumi asked from behind.

“I got an 'A’.” Conan replied flipping his test up showing her.

“You really need to help me study next time, you always seem to pull a high grade.”

“What did you get?”

“A ‘C+’.” Ayumi replied.

“That’s not all that bad, I’ll try and make time to help you next time.”

“Thanks Conan.”

As class went on Conan found himself looking to the clock more so than usual. His focus lingering toward the murders.

“This day can’t be any slower can it?”

The last bell of the day rang. He walked down the side walk, turning the corner just like any other day. He continued down a couple more blocks, his steps becoming shorter and sharper.

“Why am I getting the feeling I’m being watched?”

Tim walked on keeping his eyes peeled, not making himself look the slightest discomfortable. He headed down the longest street to the apartment, his hands embedded in his pocket. His senses heightened, the smell of fresh tomatoes drifting through the air, a cat trailing across the fence above. He took another step, nearing the end of the block. Just as he was ready to turn corner someone stepped out blocking his path.

“We need to talk.”


“What were you doing in the girls bathroom with Sonoko?” Ran asked.

“Were you following me?” Tim asked ignoring her question.

“I’ve been waiting here for over five minutes, so no, I wasn’t following you. Now if you will, answer my question.”

“That’s not for me to say, you should ask her.” Tim replied.

“There’s just one thing, she’s not answering her phone.” Ran said losing patience.

Tim took a step back thinking of what to say next.

“Sonoko did say she was going to be dealing with a family matter, so maybe her phones off.” Tim stated buying some more time.

“She told you that?” Ran asked.

“Yea, why?”

“She didn’t even bother to tell me.” Ran said, her eyes watering up.

“Hey... don’t cry Ran, I’m sure Sonoko was just to busy to let you know.”

Ran’s tears turned from sadness to anger.

“But not busy enough for you, what’s going on between you two anyway!” Ran yelled stepping forward.

“Nothing, we’re....we’re just friends.” Tim finally confirmed.

“You sure that’s all, I don’t think a guy goes into a woman’s bathroom to just talk with a girl.”

“I’m not like other guys, I really mean that.”

“Where were you last night. Did Sonoko happen to be with you?”

Before they could continue their discussion a loud scream can be heard, the scream of a child. They both directed their attention to a large garden across the street.

“You stay here, I’m going to go check it out.” Tim said darting across the street.

He made his way through the tall grasses, following the path of the screams. After running out twenty yards out or so the screams stopped. Tim looked from side to side, looking to see if anyone was present. Just as he took a step forward someone came running from behind. Tim turned as Ran came to a stop.

“Didn’t I say to stay back?”

“I don’t recall you being the boss of me.” Ran snapped.

“I’m not trying to boss you around, just making sure you stay safe.”

“Thanks, but I can take care of myself.” Ran declared.

“This girl’s one heavy package, not sure how Shinichi manages.” Tim thought to himself.

Ran looked down, a strange look coming to her face.

“What’s wrong?” Tim asked.

“What’s that?” Ran asked pointing toward the side of his leg.

Tim stepped to the side, looking down to see a black box of some kind.

“I have no clue."

The box flipped open releasing a gas. Tim took a step back, feeling extreamly light headed. He turned just in time to see Ran fall forward, hitting the ground.

“Damn.” Tim thought to himself as he felt his body falling from under him.

Tim fell to the ground next to her, placing a tracer upon her skirt before fading out.

He made his way up the stairs, finding the front door to be unlocked.

“I wonder if Ran is home yet, I defiantly need to apologize to her for last night.” Conan thought to himself.

He walked toward her room slightly tapping on her door.

“She’s not home yet.” Kogoro informed walking down the hall.

“Ok, I’ll just wait until later.” Conan said heading for his room.

He closed the door behind him.

“Guess I’ll give Tim a call.” Conan thought to himself allowing his bag to slide from his shoulders.

Conan paced while trying to reach him for the next hour.

“I guess I’m still receiving the silent treatment, I wonder where he could be?” Conan said finally taking a seat.

An unusual odor filled the air. His body stiff, almost as if he couldn’t move. A sharp pain crawling along the back of his neck. Tim’s eyes opened while he pushed up, it was dark, very dark at that.

“Where am I?”

He tried moving but found it difficult to do so.

“Am I tied to a chair?”

The events circulated through his mind once more, everything coming back to him in clarity.

“If drama the queen Mouri had done as I said this might not have happened. I wonder were she is anyway.”

He tried breaking free, finding himself relatively weak.

“Tim..is that you?” A soft voice asked from behind.

“Ran, are you alright?” Tim asked.

“Besides us being tied together, I think I’ll live.” Ran replied.

“About Sonoko.”

“Let’s not talk about that right now.”

“Ok then, what do you want to talk about?” Tim asked.

She didn’t reply. He sat tight, not wanting to waist any more energy.

“I wonder how long we’ve been in here, hopefully Shinichi catches on, and soon.”

Conan laid back with his hands behind his head, looking to the window.

“It’s getting dark, I wonder when Ran plans on coming home.” Conan thought to himself.

Foot steps can be heard approaching the room, Conan sat up as Kogoro pushed the door open.

“Have you heard from Ran?” Kogoro asked.

“No, have you tried calling her?” Conan asked.

“Several times. I’m going to go out and see if I can find her, if she comes in just have her call me.” Kogoro said as he walked off.

Conan pulled out his phone giving Ran a call himself. She didn’t answer. He tried a few times over getting the same results. He then tried calling Tim who also didn’t pick up.

“Why aren’t they answering.”

Conan jumped down from his bed grabbing his skate board before heading into the hall. He slid his shoes on heading out the front door.

“I think I better give Tim a visit.”

His first stop was to the apartment, Tim wasn’t there.

“Let me see if he’s down at the base.”

Conan left the apartment complex heading to the forest nearby. Moving quickly he made it to the underground base. The door sliding open as Conan stepped in.

“He’s not here either.” Conan exclaimed catching his breath.

Conan looked around, checking to see if there was anything that could point to his whereabouts.

“I wonder if he even made it back from patrol last night.” Conan thought to himself.

He continued looking around, directing his attention to the lockers. He slid the door open to see all three suits hanging in place.

“So if he’s not out patrolling the city, then where is he?” Conan questioned looking to the computer.

He walked over taking a seat at the chair. Conan flipped the screen on as he rolled his eyes.

“Just great, I need a password.”

Conan tapped his finger upon the desk, thinking.

“I should be out there looking for Ran, but at the same time Tim could be in trouble. Then again, Kogoro is already out looking for Ran.”

Conan sat there weighing his options.

“If I can figure out this password, it might lead me to him. Let’s see if I can find out what it is.” Conan said reaching for the mouse.

He had fallen back asleep. A loud buzzard sound beeped off causing them both to jump. A dim orange light sprung on overhead. Tim looked down to see he was no longer tied up.

“Whoever brought us here must have come back when we fell asleep.” Tim thought to himself standing to his feet.

Ran kept to her seat as Tim looked around, locating a door in the far corner. He walked over giving it a pull.

“Can you get it open?” Ran asked.

“It’s locked, and I’m pretty sure I can’t rip through steel.” Tim said walking over to her.

Ran looked up as he placed a hand on her shoulder. She quickly removed it standing to her feet.

“Just because we’re alone dosen’t mean for you to try something funny.”

“I’m not, do you realize how paranoid you’re being?” Tim asked.

“Right, like I’m going to be one of the girls on your long list.” Ran said taking to one of the far corners.

She took a seat wrapping her hands around her legs.

“You really don’t like me, do you?” Tim questioned.

“It would help if you could take a hint.” Ran replied.

The room fell silent for the next few minutes. Tim walked in place thinking of what this all could be about.

“I doubt this is for a ransom, a little to random. Unless someone has been watching me walk that route every day.”

Tim continued to walk around, the room becoming colder every minute. He turned back to Ran who began shivering.

“She seems a little up beat, even more so than earlier.” Tim thought to himself walking over to her.

She looked up as a frown came to her face.

“Obviously you're not a smart guy, how many times must I tell you to stay away from me?”

“What if I don’t, you plan on using your karate on me?” Tim asked.

“That’s something I’ve considered.”

Tim smiled at this.

“You’re cold, you can have my jacket.” Tim said sliding it off.

“I’m not cold.” Ran replied as he kneeled down wrapping it around her anyway.

He took back to the corner diagonal to her own pacing once again. This lasted for a seemingly long time. Tim rubbed his hand along the wall, coming to a stop taking a closer look. He picked at it holding a small portion in his hand.

“What is this?”

He pressed up against the wall with his body, further examining the cell they stood in.

“It’s made of steel, but with a......”

Tim froze, his eyes widening at the fragment of the wall which lay in his hand.

“A lead coding.”

He dropped it from his hand, leaning up against the wall. He stood there for the next few minutes.

“Tim.” Ran called out.

He looked over to her uncrossing his arms.

“What’s up?”

“I’m sorry for being so short with you, it’s just....”

“What’s wrong?” Tim asked.

“My....someone..they took my underwear.” She quietly spoke.

“What, when?” Tim asked with concern in his voice.

“Must have been when I fell back asleep.”

“He probably took them when he untied us.”

Tim slid down the wall, having a seat himself. He sat there, knowing exactly what the situation was.

“Looks like the killer has struck again, with Tim Drake and Ran Mouri headlining the menu .”

Tim looked to see that his watch was missing. He leaned his back against the wall staring to the ground.

“He’s probably the only person on this earth who can figure out that password, looks like our fate might indeed rest on Detective Conan.”

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 15

Mad House

"RobinRed maybe?"

Conan went through many different password options, regulating his search around Tim's secret identity.

"What could he have possibly used as his password?" Conan questioned as he continued trying different word phrases.

This continued on for a time to come.

The shop came into view, he walked over pushing the door to the side. He removed his hands from his pocket, ordering a cup of coffee before having a seat at a nearby table.

"Now let's see how everything fits into place."

Heiji reached into his side pocket pulling out a couple print outs, laying them across the table.

"I have all the information here, his parents deaths, the adoption...where does Batman fit into all of this. No use in asking Kudo."

Heiji read over the material once more taking a sip every here and there. As he continued reading someone placed a drink right across from his.

"Mind if I join you?"

Heiji looked up to see Shiratori Ninzaburo standing to the side of him.

"Sure thing, have a seat." Heiji answered as Ninzaburo sat across from him.

"I'm surprised to still see you here, don't you have school?"

"Trying to help find the guy who's killing these people is my biggest concern."

"I love your passion and motivation, we need more guys around like you." Ninzaburo commented.

"Thanks, I try and do what I can."

Ninzaburo looked over noticing the many different articles placed across the table. He reached forward grabbing one of them. He skimmed over the front of it.

"Batman, sounds like a monster flick from back when I was a child." Ninzaburo thought to himself.

He read through the article finding himself a little more intrigued than he thought he'd be.

"Interesting stuff detective Hattori, what brought your attention to this?" He asked holding up the sheet.

"Just a little investigation I'm conducting on the side."

"Sounds like a fun case, what exactly is it you're investigating?"

"To tell you the truth I haven't quite figured that one out."

"Mind if I take a look?" Ninzaburo asked reaching for another article.

"Go right on ahead."

His head lay rested in the crack where the walls intersect, eyes peaking open as he sat up looking over to see Ran wasn't there. The only thing sitting in the corner across from him was his jacket. Tim directed his attention to the other corner to see the door was open.

"Dammit, shouldn't have fallen asleep."

He pushed to get up, feeling something weighing down on his left side. He turned to see Ran with her head rested upon his shoulder. Tim sighed in relief. He gave her a slight shake.

"Ran, wake up." Tim softly spoke.

He tried shaking her once more receiving the same results.

"Come on, time to get up." Tim said raising his voice.

He began shaking her once more. Trying to be gentle as he could.

"Wow, she's really a deep sleeper."

Tim pushed to his feet pulling her up as well. He shaked her back and forth once again trying to awake her.

"Ran come on, wake up." Tim said with a whistle.

He held Ran out infront of him, her body tilting back. He placed his hand behind her head pulling her in a few inches away from his face.


Her eyes sprung open as she pushed away.

"What are you doing!"

"Wait, It's not what it looks like."

Ran lunged forward with a couple kicks which he managed to dodge. She then threw a few punches as he got a hold of her wrists, spinning and placing her up against the wall, crossing her left arm over her right.

"Cool it Ran, I was only trying to wake you up."

"Look more like you were recreating a scene from sleeping beauty to me."

"Are we done?" Tim asked slowly loosening his grip.

Ran breathed out as he lowered her to the ground, taking a step back after releasing her wrists.

"If I hurt you, I apologize."

"I'll live. So how long has that door been open?" Ran asked looking toward the opened door.

"I don't know, when I awoke it was like that." Tim replied.

"You think it's a trap of some kind?"

"Maybe, we'll just have to stay on full alert. Stay close ok.”

With that the two of them headed into the dark hall, the water trailing within the pipes acting as a music beat.

He sat back in thought, staring over at the screen.

“I’ve gone through all his loved ones names, secret identities, places, and even formed some of them together. Tim, what did you put as your password?”

Conan began working with number sequences, thinking up any combination he could. As he typed his phone rang from in his pocket. He pulled it to his ear while continuing to type.


“Hey Conan, it’s me.”

“Tsuburaya, what’s up?” Conan asked.

“Just checking to see if you got any new information.”

“Not quite but I’m still looking, anything on your end?”

“Unfortunately not.”

It became silent between the two in the following moments.

“I’ll keep looking, give me a call if you find anything.” Conan said.

“You as well.”

Conan and Mitsuhiko both hung up, which left the room in silence once more. He walked his fingers along the key board, thinking of other possible password options.

“I gotta hand it to him, he isn’t making this easy.”

It was dark, getting colder as they walked down the tunnel. The pipes rumbled from time to time, causing water to flicker about. Ran wrapped her arms around herself, trying to stay warm as possible.

“You think he’s watching us?” She asked with a shiver.

“Could be, haven’t seen any survaliance devices so I can’t be to sure.” Tim replied looking over his shoulder.

They walked in silence for another minute. A smile coming to his face. He looked back once more as they walked.

“I see you came over, you get a little scared in your little corner?”

“If you should know, I was cold. That’s the only reason you had the luxury of my company.”

“Yep, she was scared.”

“You know, for someone who claims he can’t fight you sure have some moves.” Ran said.

“Guess I wasn’t totally honest, we all have our little secrets.”

“Some more so than others.” Ran muttered under her breath.

They took a right just up the corner, coming to a stop when they saw a long log stretched from one side of the room to the next.

“Looks like we have our work cut out for us.” Tim said stepping up.

The log made a cracking sound as he stepped back down.

“Darn thing’s fragile, how are we supposed to get across?”

Tim looked to see it was thirty feet to the other side and twenty five down.

“Look Tim, there’s a rope.” Ran pointed.

He looked to see a rope tied to a lever on the other side.

“If one of us could some how get over there we could pass the rope back to the other.”

He continued thinking as something dropped to the ground from behind. Tim turned to see Ran had removed her jacket.

“What are you doing?”

“Making myself lighter.” Ran replied kicking off her shoes and socks.

“We should really think about this, what if the log breaks?” Tim questioned.

“If you’ve got a better idea feel free to share anytime.” Ran said pushing past him.

She walked over, slowly stepping up to the log.

“Wish me luck.” Ran said as she turned toward the log.

Ran slowly made her way across, the log cracking every here and there. Tim watched on nervously, praying the log wouldn’t break in half. After a little over two minutes she made it across, unwinding the rope from the lever.

“Here you go, I hope you appreciate my efforts.” Ran said tossing the rope his way.

Tim grabbed hold swinging over next to her.

“You forgot to grab my shoes and socks!” Ran yelled.

“Relax, I’ll just go back and get them.” Tim said turning his head back to the other side.

They both froze in place, neither moving. Her jacket, socks, and shoes were nowhere to be seen.

“Ti....Tim, where is my stuff?”

“I don’t know.” He replied looking to her.

“What do you mean you don’t know?!”

“I was watching you cross the whole time, that must mean someone....”

Tim stopped in mid sentence. It didn’t matter, they both knew someone had taken her things while she crossed the log. He looked back once more, semi angry at himself for not focusing on his surroundings. Tim then directed his attention back to Ran. She held herself more tightly than before, looking to the ground. He looked to her feet, his mind flashing back to the roughed up feet of the other female victims.

“It’s almost like deja vu, but without knowing the ending.” Tim thought to himself.

Ran continued to shiver as she looked back up.

“Tim, I’m scared.”

“We’re going to be ok, don’t worry.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“We better keep moving, come on.” Tim said as they walked down yet another dark tunnel.

“I hope I’m right to.”

He continued reading, looking through a couple more of the articles. Something came to his attention causing him to look up.

“Wayne Timothy, is he part of your investigation detective Hattori?” Ninzaburo asked.

“Indeed he is, right at the center. You know him?”

“Not personally, but he seems pretty liked around here.”

“Really, I wonder why that is.”

“I’m not supposed to say, but he helped in an undercover investigation.” Ninzaburo informed.

Heiji took another sip, placing his mug to the side.

“Please do share.” Heiji said becoming interested.

“As you probably already heard, someone attempted a hit on Mr. Mouri’s life.”

“Yea I heard about that lunatic, abducting those children.”

“Not long after Timothy paid for his police protection, allowing him to continue his investigation under cover.”

“How did Tim know there was a kill attempt on Mr Mouri?” Heiji asked.

Ninzaburo sat there as a hand resting under his chin. He sat in thought for the next few moments.

“Hmm, that’s a good question. Sorry, but I’m not able to answer that one.” Ninzaburo finally replied.

“What about the abducted girls, how were they found?”

“An anonymous caller let Mr. Mouri know where the site was located.” Ninzaburo said.

“An anonymous caller huh.”

“What about the children, how did they manage to escape?”

“When we arrived they came running out, how they were able to escape is still some what of a mystery.”

“A mystery that should be looked into.” Heiji thought to himself.

“How many men were there?”

“We recovered thirteen bodies after the explosion.” Ninzaburo replied.

“Thirteen, there’s no way those girls could have got by that many of them.”

“I hope the information given was helpful.”

“Indeed it was, thank you.”

The two of them sat in silence. Heiji continued reading while Ninzaburo finished up his drink. A minute passed by as Ninzaburo stood to his feet.

“Where are you going?” Heiji asked.

“My date has arrived.” He replied as he walked over to the front door.

Heiji turned in his seat to see Ninzaburo joined by Kobayashi Sumiko. They exchanged a few words before walking out together. Heiji directed his attention back to the reading material, thinking about all he had heard.

“How did he know about the attack?”

Heiji finished the remainder of his drink pushing the mug to the side.

“Is it possible....could Drake have been the anonymous caller?”

Water continued to drip down from the pipes. Dim lights across the ceiling lit their path every ten yards or so. Her feet pushed against the cold rigid ground causing her to groan every so often. They turned another corner, heading down yet another long hall. As they walked they heard a loud thump from around the corner they had come.

“What was that?” Ran questioned.

The sound of steam can be heard, getting louder and louder every second that went by. They looked back to see a yellow gas of some kind creeping around the corner.

“Run!” Tim yelled.

They sprinted down the hall as fast as they could taking a left once they reached the end. They came upon another steel door, quickly making their way over.

“You think it’s locked?”

“Only one way to find out.” Tim said plowing the door open with the use of his shoulder.

They stepped in, slamming the door behind them. They both stood in place catching their breath.

“Phew, that was close.” Tim exclaimed.

The next second a cracking sound can be heard. They looked to each other, wondering what could possibly be next. Suddenly the walls on both sides slowly began closing in.

“You have got to be kidding me.”

They began running once more. They reached the end of the hall pushing the next door open. Ran jumped forward tackling Tim to the ground as an ax flew out of the corner just above their heads.

“Nice save.” Tim thanked.

At that second darts began firing from the walls. Ran pushed up taking off, Tim followed close behind. They reached the end of the hall surprised to be met by a rope rather than a door.

“Ladies first.” Tim quickly said not wanting to cause any kind of collision.

They climbed up, looking to see a mini door attached to the ceiling. Ran reached up trying to push it open.

“It won’t budge.” Ran said as Tim climbed up next to her.

“Let’s try again.”

They both pushed upward forcing the cage door to the side. Ran climbed out, reaching down helping Tim up as well.

“You think we’re almost out of here?” Ran asked.

“I’m not sure, I’d have a better idea if I knew where we were.”

Ran breathed out, turning to walk once more. Her body slipped from under her as she stumbled forward, falling to the ground.

“Ran, you ok?”

Tim walked over kneeling down at her side. She pushed up with her hands. Tim helped her back to her feet

“What’s wrong?” Tim asked.

“It’s my feet... so tired.” Ran said as she fell forward.

He grabbed a hold of her, walking her over to the nearest wall. Ran sat up against it as he examined her feet.

“She’s bruised and cut up, just like the other victims.”

Tim slid his tie off, wiping the dirt and small fragments from the bottom of her feet. Ran hissed out in pain as he tied it around her left foot.

“Sorry if that hurt, you have a cut. Just trying to keep pressure on it.” Tim explained.

Tim looked over to see Ran struggling to keep her eyes open. This was alarming. He reached over placing his hands on the sides of her face. He stared at her for a few seconds.

“What’s wrong?” Ran asked.

“It’s your eyes.... let me see your arms.”

Ran held her right arm out as he slowly rubbed the sides of her arm. He did the same to the left side.

“I’m not sure I follow.”

He reached forward placing a hand upon her shoulder.

“I’m about to do something you may find discomforting, I need to know...do you trust me?”

“What are you going to do, will it hurt?” Ran asked.

“It won’t hurt, I’ll try and make it as quick as possible.”

“Ok, I trust you.”

“If Shinichi ever finds out about this, I’m not sure what I’d do.”

He reached over placing a hand around her left ankle. Slowly making his way up her leg, stroking her soft skin with the use of his thumb. Every move with precise intent. Her heart rate raised. She found herself shaking inbetween breaths.

Tim looked up, getting her ok to continue on. He moved to her right leg, moving with the same genteelness and persuasion as before. Ran closed her eyes as he made his way up past her knee, stroking the side of her leg with a circular motion. He rubbed one spot, almost as if he was looking for something.

“Got it.”

“Got what?” Ran asked as he removed his hand from her leg.

“You were nicked by one of the darts, from the way your eyes look I’d say it might have carried something.” Tim said.

“Do you think it was poison?”

“Most likely, how deadly I can’t say. I want you to sit here for awhile, I’m going to go give the area a look.” Tim said as he turned to get up.

Ran reached forward grabbing a hold of his wrist. He turned back, seeing a look of uncertainty in her face.

“Don’t leave me, I don’t want to be alone.”

“I have to Ran, it’s the only way we’re going to figure a way out of here.” Tim stated.

“You promise you’ll come back?” Ran asked gripping his hand.

Tim smiled.

“I promise.”

He sat in place, slouched over the desk. Still thinking up possible password options.

“Maybe he used a combination of two of his separate lives.”

Conan sat in thought awhile longer. He tried all the names of his family and allies once more, not to mention places of importance in his life. Despite all this, he still hadn’t figured it out. Something suddenly came to mind as he sat up.

“Wait a minute, didn’t he just recently change his password?”

Conan flashed back to the time Tim had created a new pass phrase.

“Right before he created the new password he was smiling, he wouldn’t let me know why. Might have had something to do with what we were talking about, Wait....did he.”

He reached forward trying three more passwords, finally gaining access on the fourth.

“Great, I’m in.” Conan said as an alert popped up on the side of the screen.

He clicked on it as a new window appeared.

“It’s a location, maybe that’s where he is.”

Conan read through, it gave him a full description on the location.

“That’s two miles from here. It wont take me long to get there, let’s just hope he’s ok.”

Conan jumped down from the chair, grabbing his turbo skate board as he headed back to the surface.

The lights seemed to get lighter as he continued down a tunnel. He came to a stop, noticing something connected to the lower sides of the walls.

“Motion censors.”

Tim reached down grabbing a rock. He tossed it down the hall as more darts flew out from each side.

“Looks like I better keep my eyes peeled.” Tim said continuing to walk forward.

He turned yet another corner, light cracked through one of the walls, flashing to a large portion of the ground.

“I’m almost certain that’s another trap. Security sure is amplified in this area, I must be getting close to something.”

Tim stepped around the light, making his way to the end of the hall. Once there he found he had come to a dead end. He took a step back looking from one side to the other.

“There’s got to be something I’m not seeing, having all that extra security would be a little redundant if there isn’t anything of importance over here.”

Tim pushed up against the wall to the right checking to see if it would move, nothing happened. He did the same for the middle, gaining the same results.

“Guess that just leaves the left wall.” Tim said as he walked over placing his hands up, pushing.

The wall made a slight crack sound as he pushed it to the side. He walked forward entering a large room to see computers, a bed, cabinets, clothes, and even a TV.

“What is this place?” Tim thought to himself as he headed over toward the computers.

He looked to see each screen covered a different area of the facility. He turned to the right to see womens underwear stashed inside a plastic bag, except for one which laid next to the mouse of the computer.

“I betting those are Ran’s, but where did he take our phone’s and ID to?” Tim questioned as he heard the sound of a step from behind.

He quickly turned to see a man take a swing at him with a pipe bar. He grabbed it removing it from the his hands.

“Who are you?!” Tim yelled tossing the pipe to the ground.

He responded by lunging forward with a punch. Tim grabbed a hold of his arm, twisting it while shoving him up against the wall.

“If you don’t start talking, I’m going to break your arm in several places.” Tim said losing his patience.

The man laughed out causing Tim to put more pressure up against his arm. In that split second Tim felt something cold touch down upon the back of his neck as an electrical current went through his body. He yelped out before his body fell to the ground. Another man stood over him, holding a taser gun in his right hand.

“Get me the syringe and needle Dan.” He instructed.

“Sure thing Jack.” He replied gripping his injured arm.

Dan brought it over as instructed. Jack took it as he kneeled down next to Tim who was still unconscious, injecting him in his right arm.

“Sleep well young one, I’m going to go pay your little girlfriend a little visit. I’ll be sure to give her a kiss for you.” Jack said brushing a strand of Tim’s hair to the side before standing to his feet.

“What about him, you want me to take him to holding cell E?” Dan asked.

“This guy is different, the way he alluded most of our traps should be an eye opener. I don’t want to take any chances.” Jack replied.

“Then what do you want me to do with him?”

“Take him out to the lot, make sure you properly dispose of the body when you’re finished.” Jack instructed.

“What about you?”

“I’m going to go spend some quality time with my princess, I’ll see you in a couple hours.” Jack replied with a smile.

Dan smiled back as he walked over grabbing Tim by his ankle, dragging him to a door near the back corner of the room.

The wind blew back, his hair gliding in sync with it. Conan felt his phone vibrate. He ignored this, knowing he had a task at hand.

“Why am I getting the feeling something bad is about to happen?”

That went through his mind as he continued flying along the side walks.

He stood up from the table wrapping all the articles up and placing them into his jacket. Heiji headed out of the coffe shop, still trying to piece everything together.

“If Tim was indeed the one who made the call, how did he know where to find the children?”

Heiji looked to the ground as he continued to walk. A scream can be heard just around the block. His head sprung up as he took off, running into that direction. He turned the block to see a man laid out along the sidewalk with multiple blows to the face and neck. Heiji turned to see a man fleeing from the scene.

“Look out!” Heiji yelled pushing past many bystanders.

He chased the guy down the street.

“Stop!!” Heiji yelled gaining on him.

He looked back as he turned into an alley, Heiji did the same. They continued running as he climbed up a fence jumping down. A large van pulled up, the door sliding open as he jumped in.

“Dammit.” Heiji stomped as the van took off.

Heiji slowly made his way back to the crime scene, catching his breath from his little chase. He arrived back to see Kogoro standing over the body, trying to get everyone to stand back.

“Hattori Heiji, what are you doing here?” Kogoro asked noticing him.

“Been in town for a few days.”

“Did you happen to see what happened?” Kogoro asked.

“Just got done chasing after a suspect, took off in a purple van.” Heiji replied.

“I just informed the station about this, mind sticking around to give your statement?”

“Not at all.”

Heiji walked over, giving the body a longer look than he had before.

“The cuts are deep, not very precise. Looks like our killer is new at this, by the depth of the cut’s I’d say he knew the victim.”

They waited on, more spectators joining every minute.

“So what brought you out here tonight, going shopping?” Heiji asked trying to create conversation.

“My daughters missing, she hasn’t come home yet.”

“You try her phone?” Heiji asked.

“Ofcourse, I’ve had no luck in reaching her either.”

Heiji reached down hitting down the speed dial button on his phone. He stood in place getting no answer.

“Hmm, I wonder where she could be.”

He tried reaching Conan next, receiving the same response.

“Kudo isn’t answering either, what’s going on?”

A sharp pain rolled along his back, coming to a stop a few seconds later. He felt his left leg drop to the ground. He was numb all over, slowly opening his eyes. His vision was a blur, slowly coming back to him.

“Where am I?”

“What the hell, how are you even conscious?”

Everything slowly came back to him, he pushed up with his arms only to be kicked back down. He was kicked several more times in his side. Tim gripped himself gasping for air as the assault finally came to a stop. He looked from side to side, looking to see they were in an empty parking lot.

“I’ll give you props on your persistency, but I’d advice you stop struggling so we can get this over with.”

“Where...where’s Ran?” He asked with a cough.

“You mean your girl, she’s with the boss man.”

“What’s he going to do to her?”

“She’ll be his wife for the remainder of the night, then we’ll dump you both come tommarrow evening. Bet that makes you sick, huh?”

He reached into his side pocket pulling out a hand gun.

“Why are you doing this, I don’t understand your motive.” Tim said.

“My father was a drunk and my mother a *****, what chance does a guy like me have?” He said with a laugh.

“You shouldn’t let your past send you down a dark path like this.”

“Anyone ever tell you that you talk to much?”

Dan walked to the side of him, loading the gun as he did.

“Wait, you really have a nice black shirt.”

“What, you want me to burry it along with you?” Dan asked pointing the gun down at him.

“Nah, just stalling.” Tim said.

“Stalling, stalling for what?” Dan asked as a flying object knocked the gun from his hand.

He turned in anger to be met by a booming soccer ball to the face. Tim rolled to his side groaning as he did.

“What the hell took you so long?” Tim asked with a smile as Conan approached.

“Your password was absurd, what did you expect?” Conan said picking up the bird disk.

“Really....I think Kudo Sonoko has a sexy ring to it.”

Conan looked down at the tracking device, then back to Tim.

“How come you’re here, but the device says you’re not?”

“That’s because I didn’t put the tracer on myself.” Tim answered beginning to get up.

“If it’s not on you, then who?”

“We were targeted next Conan, he has Ran.”

Conan took a step back, not exactly sure what he was talking about.

“The double abductions, we were the next two chosen.” Tim said finally making it to his feet.

“We gotta get to her, how long has she been alone?”

“I’m not to sure, I was knocked out for a little bit. You go on ahead, I’ll catch up.” Tim said.

“Where are you going?” Conan asked.

“There’s something I need to do first, just be careful for some of the traps throughout the facility.”

“Thanks for the heads up.” Conan said before taking off.

Conan followed the signal, entering a door through the side of the building. He hustled down the hall, looking for any traps he may run into. It beeped louder and louder as he got closer to the tracer.

“I hope she’s ok.”

Conan pushed a door open entering another tunnel. He looked down at the device to see Ran was located behind the door at the end of the hall. Conan moved with caution, taking each step with little sound. He reached the door pushing the metal bar down.

“This is it.”

Conan quietly pushed the door open, walking in to see Ran tied to a bed by her wrists and ankles. He looked to the other sides to see no one else was present. He quickly made his way over, shaking her from side to side.

“Ran wake up, we gotta get out of here.” Conan said continuing to shake her.

He checked for a pulse, making sure she was still alive.

“Her heart rate is pretty normal for the most part, why isn’t she waking up?”

“Because she was poisoned.” Someone said from behind entering the room.

Conan turned, his heart racing up.

“This must be the other killer.” Conan thought to himself.

“What did you do to her?!”

“Just a little something, it’ll ware off in a few minutes. Who are you anyway, and how did you find this place?” Jack asked.

“I’m Detective Conan.”

“So sad to tell you little one, but I’m afraid I’ll have to kill you. Can’t have anyone knowing about my operations.”

“Give it your best shot.” Conan said attempting to kick one of his inflatable balls at him.

Jack dodged it, a look of displeasure coming to his face.

“You had your shot kid, now it’s my turn.”

They talked with all the witnesses, making sure they got all the information they could on the case at hand. Heiji leaned up against one of the building walls, his hands resting in his pocket. Inspector Megure walked over standing next to him.

“I’m not sure how your schedule is, but I was wondering if you could work this case. After all you did get a visual of the potential suspect.”

“Sure thing inspector, I’d love to take this one on.” Heiji agreed.

“That’s good to hear.”

Megure walked back over engaging in a conversation with Kogoro. Heiji’s phone began vibrating causing him to reached down pulling it from within his pocket. He looked down to see a text message from Ran. He read it, making his way over to Kogoro as well.

“Just got a message from Ran, she’s in trouble.” Heiji informed.

“Where is she?!” Kogoro yelled as his phone began to vibrate.

He pulled out his phone, seeing he got the same message as Heiji.

“We have a location, she’s not far from here.”

“What are we waiting for?” Heiji questioned.

“What’s going on?” Inspector Megure asked.

“Ran’s in trouble, we need to get to her as soon as possible.” Heiji answered.

“I’ll have someone drive you there.”

“I really appreciate that.” Kogoro thanked.

He took another blow to the gut, landing on his back. Blood rolled down from the side of his face, his strength steadily declining. Conan looked up, Jack giving him one last good shot to his ribs.

“Dumb move coming here boy, let’s say we make this quick.” He said pulling a knife from his back pocket.

He looked down at him, then to Ran.

“I bet you really care for this woman, why else would you have shown up here. How about I kill her first, make you feel the pain of not only death but loss as well.”

“If you even lay a finger on her.”

“You’re in no position to make threats. I’m going to have to differ on your request, it’s not every day an opportunity like this presents itself.”

He directed his attention back to Ran, running his blade up her shirt, removing the top button. Conan tried pushing up, only to fall back down. He chose his spot, tracing the outline of where he would strike. He gave Conan one last look before raising his blade. Before Jack could make his move the door flew open as someone raced over at him.

“Tim.” Conan said in relief.

Jack turned as the blade jabbed into the side of one of Tim’s ribs. He yelled out in pain as the two engaged in a little scuffle.

“You again, I should have known I couldn’t count on that idiot Dan.”

With all the energy he had Conan forced himself as he took aim and fired. Jack fell to the ground. Tim looked over to Conan, a confused expression on his face.

“What did you do?”

“A stun gun installed into my watch.” Conan replied.


Conan reached over grabbing the bed to help him get back to his feet. He immediately went for the ropes wrapped around her ankles. They were on tight, very tight at that.

“Hey Tim you think you can get these ropes undone?” Conan asked turning to see Tim slowly removing the blade from his ribs.

“One sec.” He replied griping his teeth.

After he removed the blade from his side he walked over, slicing each rope which binded her down.

“You think you have enough energy to carry her?” Conan asked.

“I’ll try.” Tim said reaching down placing her over his shoulder.

They headed back down the dark halls, neither one saying a word. Conan looked over, noticing a plastic bag filled with underwear tied around Tim’s belt.

“Looks like there may have been more victims than we thought.” Conan thought to himself.

They made it back to the lot as Tim slowly placed Ran to the ground. Small amounts of blood still flowing from his wound.

“You going to be ok?” Conan asked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll live.”

“Sorry I took so long to figure out your password.” Conan apologized.

“Dosen’t matter you helped save my life twice today, that has to count for something.”

“You’re cut looks bad, I better call someone.” Conan said reaching for his phone.

Tim placed his hand over Conan’s, shaking his head from side to side.

“The authorities are already on their way.” Tim informed.

“How do you know?”

“I alerted them.”

Tim handed the plastic bag filled with underwear to Conan. Within the next few seconds vehicles can be heard heading in their direction.

“Guess that’s my cue.” Tim said standing to his feet gripping his side.

“What do you mean, you’re not planning on leaving are you?”

“Can’t let them know about my involvement in this whole ordeal.”

“But you’re hurt.” Conan protested.

“I’ll bandage myself up when I get back to the apartment.” Tim said heading for the forest nearby.

“But Tim, Tim!”

It was no use, his mind had been made up.

“That there is one stubborn man.” Conan thought to himself.

He watched on as Tim disappeared into the forest. The police and ambulance arrived shortly after.

“Conan, what are you doing here?!” Kogoro yelled out as every one made their way over.

“Ran informed me of her location.” Conan replied.

“Do you have any idea what happened?” Inspector Megure asked.

“Before Ran fainted she said the two men who were abducting couples are here, one of them being him.” Conan pointed to the still unconscious Dan.

“Check the building, I want the other guy found.”

Kogoro examined Ran, a little confused on her condition.

“She has blood on her, but I can’t seem to find any cuts.” Kogoro said.

Heiji took note of this, then turning and walking over next to Conan.

“Hey Kudo what exactly happened?” Heiji asked.

“Like I said, she sent me a text on her location. I really don’t know what happened.” Conan replied.

“It was worth a shot. Kudo is defiantly hiding something, he was a little to uneasy with his answer.”

They pulled Ran up placing her onto a stretcher, taking her toward the ambulance truck. Kogoro followed next to them, Heiji assisted him. Her eyes finally opened, tilting her head to the side.

“Daddy?” Ran asked still light headed.

“Don’t worry, you’re safe now.”

“What about Tim?”

“Tim?” Heiji questioned.

“Is he ok to?”

“That’s enough for now, you just get your rest.” Kogoro said as they reached the truck.

Heiji turned back looking over to see Conan who stood up against a tree, apparently in thought like himself.

“Ran wanted to know if Tim was alright, I’m betting he was here. No use in asking Kudo.....I think it’s time I took that extra step.”

He walked on, each step just as challenging as the last. He felt himself fading, the light of the moon the only source which kept him awake. The loss of blood had drained him, mixed in with the drug he had been given. The Apartment finally came into view nearly two hours later.

“Didn’t know it’d take this long on foot. I’ll take the stairs to my room, don’t want anyone to take note of my current state.”

Tim walked to the side of the apartment building, taking the stairwell up to his floor. He coughed out every few steps, his legs feeling like they were imploding beneath him.

“Ran will probably be angry with me again......expected.”

Tim pushed the door open, finally reaching his floor. He walked, pain soaring across his whole body, not sure how much longer he could stand.

“Hopefully I have enough energy to fix myself up.” Tim thought to himself as he turned the corner which lead to his room.

He froze in place, sweat flowing down the right side of his face. His hands shaking from side to side.

“Hey Drake, hope I didn’t drop by at a bad time.” Heiji said leaning up from the door to his room.

“This can’t be happening, Heiji is here, can’t breath, losing vision.”

Tim slightly stumbled forward as Heiji quickly made his way over.

“Woh, you ok there Drake?” Heiji asked placing a hand on his shoulder.

Tim looked into Heiji’s eyes before falling forward, losing conscious. Heiji caught him in his arms, feeling something warm on his side.

“Wetness, what is that?”

Heiji lifted his hand from Tim’s side to find it covered in blood. He knew he had just hit the jack pot.

“Stay alive Drake, we have something to discuss when you awake.”

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 16

Dynamic Trio

Voices raced throughout the halls. She lay in the hospital bed staring to the ceiling. The door opened a split second later.

"Hope you enjoyed your night, got you some tea just as you asked." Kogoro said walking over to her bed side.

"Thanks Dad."

Ran sat up giving him a hug then taking the hot cup into her hand. She sipped small amounts at a time.

"What exactly happened yesterday?"

"I was talking with Tim after school, we heard someone scream from a garden across from where we talked."

"Then what happened?"

"He told me to stay put, I followed anyway. We came across a small box which released a gas, everything went blank from there."

"When you awoke where were you?" Kogoro asked.

Conan pushed the door to the room open, heading over and taking a seat at one of the chairs near the corner.

“Hi Conan, how are you doing this morning?" Ran asked cheerfully.

“I'm just glad you're ok."

"What about Tim, is he alright?" Ran asked turning back to her father.

"Ran...he wasn't there. We searched the whole place, there was no sign of him." Kogoro said.

She laid back, her head touching down upon the soft pillow. A frown of displeasure coming to her face.

"I can't believe it, I trusted him."

"And this is why he should have listened to me." Conan thought to himself.

"Ran it's ok." Kogoro said reaching forward.

"No it's not ok, he promised me he'd come back!" Ran yelled sitting back up.

"Yep....boy is Tim going to get it." Conan thought to himself with a semi grin sliding across his face.

"Are you positive he was with you?" Kogoro asked.

Ran looked over giving him a good glare. Kogoro made the best out of the situation as he could.

"Let's just be happy you sent us your location, who knows what could have happened had you not." Kogoro said changing the subject.

Confusion came to her face.

"What do you mean, I never sent you a message. They took my phone."

"If you weren't the one who sent the message then who did?" Kogoro questioned not expecting a response.

Music boomed down the hall, contents on the wall swaying from side to side. The sound of stomping and laughter could not only be heard, but felt as well. The door cracked open as someone entered, slamming it behind them. He popped up from the sheets to see an unfamiliar woman dressed in a black latex suit approaching him.

“Sorry if I startled you?”

“Who are you, and where am I?”

“A hospital ofcourse, I am one of it’s many nurses.” She replied taking a seat at the side of the bed.

“This place sure dosen’t look or sound like one.”

The walls were accompanied by different types of posters, the loud music still sinking through the walls. He closed his eyes, everything slowly coming back to him. She reached over placing a hand on his chest, sliding downward. His eyes reopened removing her hand.

“What are you doing?”

“Just trying to make you comfortable.” She replied.

“I’m fine, now if you don’t mind I’d like to be alone.”

She stepped down heading back out. He turned to observe the rest of the dark room, his side burning out in pain. He looked to see his cut had been bandaged up.

“Everything is clear now.... but where is Heiji, was he the one who brought me here?” Tim thought to himself as the door opened once more.

He looked over to see Heiji enter the room with a pile of clothes in his hands. They looked to the other, not a word spoked.

“He’s more fit than I thought, he’s also got a lot of scars.... I wonder where how he got them?”

“He’s studying me, just as Shinichi did.”

“I see you’re awake, hope you didn’t mind me borrowing the key to your apartment. Stopped by and picked up some clothes for you.” Heiji said tossing the clothes onto the bed.

“Where the hell did you bring me?” Tim asked.

“Sorry about all the noise, this was the most low profile place I could think of which could give you medical attention.”

“Yea no kidding, what is all that commotion anyway?”

“There’s a bar just above us.” Heiji replied.

“Talk about low scale, but you must have a good reason for bringing me here instead of a real hospital.”

A smile came to Heiji’s face, taking a step in his direction.

“I know you were with Ran when she was taken, we found blood all over her clothes. I’m betting it’s yours, so I wouldn’t try denying you were there.”

“I see....you’re a man with questions.”

“That is correct.”

“I’ll tell you what, if you give me an alibi for not being there I’ll tell you everything you want to know.” Tim proposed.


“I’m sure the police will come and question me, I want you to tell them I was with you for part of the day, which should clear me of any involvement.”

“What about Ran, she’ll know you’re lying.”

“You let me worry about her, I’m pretty precise in my calculations. So do we have a deal Heiji Hattori?”

“It’s wrong for me to even consider this, Ran is my friend.”

He walked back and forth a few feet away, thinking if he should agree to these terms.

“Why don’t you wait outside while I get dressed, hopefully your mind is made up when I come out.”

“Hold on there Drake, you’re still to weak to be walking around.” Heiji protested.

“Didn’t know our plan involved you acting as my mother, I’ll be fine.”

Heiji nodded heading over and exiting the room. He paced near the door way giving the proposition some thought. On one hand he’d find out everything he’d been looking for,on the flip side he’d be lying to the authorities. Tim walked out less then a minute later placing on his school tie.

“So Mr. Hattori, have you come to a decision?”

“You have yourself a deal.” Heiji said with slight hesitation.

“Great, I could use a guy of your status, there was only so much Conan could do for me in his state.”

“I knew it, so you and Kudo were working together all along.”

“Not at first, it took us a bit to figure eachother. I see you know Conan’s little secret as well.”

“What else should I know?” Heiji asked.

“Come, walk with me.” Tim said as they trailed down the hall.

They reached the end of the corner. Tim grabbed his wallet getting a bottle of water out of one of the machines. Heiji lead the way as they headed up the stairs, heading through the bar he had spoke of. Tim looked down at his watch checking the time.

“Looks like I have twenty minutes until class begins.”

They headed out the front door, walking down the block.

“So how much digging have you done on me?” Tim asked.

“A pretty good deal I must say, from your parents death to the program you currently have running.”

“I see....how much can I trust you Heiji?” Tim asked.

“Trust me?”

“I could really use a guy like yourself for my mission while here, I need to know if I can trust you.”

“I’ve been pretty good about Kudo’s secret, I’d say I’m pretty trust worthy.” Heiji assured.

“That’s what I wanted to hear.”

“So what is it, what do you have to tell me?”

“Follow me, all will be answered shortly detective.”

He tried calling her phone once more, no one answered. He slid the phone back into his pocket taking a seat.

“Still no answer, whoever has your phone might have been the one who sent us the message.” Kogoro said.

“I don’t really care about my phone, I just want to go home.”

“We can always get her a new one.” Conan said walking over.

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to go see how long until we can get you home.” Kogoro said sitting up heading for the door.

The two of them waited in silence. Conan jumped up next to her.

“What are you going to do when you get home?” Conan asked.

“To be honest I’m not sure.”

“You planning on going to school today?”

“I don’t even think that’s in the equation, dad would advice against it anyway.” Ran said with a smile.

Conan smiled as well.

“I’m lucky to have you, you’re one of the only guy’s who seems to be there when I need someone.” Ran said wrapping her arms around his neck, resting her chin on his head.

“I’m lucky to have you to.” Conan whispered.

The door opened once again as Kogoro entered with a smile.

“Good news, you’re clear to leave any time.”

“Great, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to spend another night here.”

“Let me swing by the house and pick you up a pair of your clothes.” Kogoro said.

“I guess I better go to, don’t want to be to late for class.” Conan said jumping down.

“Hey Conan do you mind if I borrow your phone, I promise I’ll give it back to you when you get home from school.”

Conan reached into his pocket handing Ran his phone before turning and heading out along with Kogoro.

The two of them continued walking, approaching the forest to the side of the apartment.

“Where exactly are we going again?” Heiji asked becoming a little confused.

“We’ll be there shortly, patience.”

Heiji shrugged as the two walked on. This lasted for another five minutes or so. They came to a stop as Tim pulled out a remote, he clicked down as the ground before them cracked open. Heiji’s eyes widened as Tim jumped in. He stood, frozen in place. Tim looked up at him, signaling for him to follow. After slight hesitation Heiji jumped in after him, the top shutting shortly after. The floor lights switched on, Tim continuing to lead him to their destination. He looked up as the system scanned his eyes, yet another passage way opened. They stepped into the shed, he looked over, more confused than he’d been previously.

“Well...this is it, feel free to look around.” Tim said.

“I don’t get it, is he some top secret agent or something?”

Tim walked over sitting infront of the computer, while Heiji walked over coming to a stop facing the locker. He slowly reached forward pushing the door to the side. What he saw left him stunned. He took a step back, his head less than clear. Everything finally coming together, the pieces fitting into place.

“You’re...you’re Batman.” He finally managed to get out.

“No, but close,” He said turning in his seat. “I’m Red Robin, family and ally.”

“You’re a vigilante, I can’t believe Kudo would work with someone like you!”

“Is that what you see me as, a vigilante?” Tim asked.

“Might not be what you call it.”

“A man is measured through and defined by his actions,” Tim began standing to his feet “Not by a word or phrase, vigilante has a meaning... a symbol, meaning and reflection.”

“So is that how your logic works Drake?” Heiji questioned.

“It’s a fact detective.”

“Your parents death must have got you all twisted up inside, vengeance has become your life.”

“Really now, since when did vengeance and justice become the same thing?” Tim asked.

The two stood in silence, looking into the others eyes. A small sense of understanding soaking in.

“A vigilante and what I do have their clear differences, just as vengeance and justice have.”

“I don’t think I fully understand where you’re coming from.” Heiji said.

Tim smiled taking a seat.

“You will.” Tim said turning back to the computer.

“So what is it you want from me?” Heiji asked.

Tim turned looking over his shoulder.

“Simple.. you get what I can not, I’ll get and go where you can not. We help eachother in more ways than you think, so what’s it going to be Heiji?”

Tim turned back to the computer, giving him time to think. Heiji took a step back leaning up against the locker, staring to the ceiling.

He walked up to the door giving it a couple knocks. Ms. Kobayashi opened the door a few seconds later.

“Conan, so good for you to join us.”

Conan walked in heading straight for his seat.

“I wonder why he’s late.” Ai thought to herself.

Conan sat down pulling out his pencil to find it rather dull. He reached into his bag pulling out his sharpener. Sumiko talked on as he began sharpening his pencil, listening. He felt the tap of a pencil from behind, turning to see Ayumi with a friendly smile on her face.

“Why are you late to class?” She whispered.

“Looks like Ran being abducted didn’t hit the news, that saves me from needing to explain anything.” Conan thought to himself.

“I lost my glasses, spent the whole morning looking for them.” Conan quickly came up with.

“Ohhh, where were they?”

“Behind the couch.” Conan stated.

“How’d they get there?” She laughed.

“That’s a good question.”

He directed his attention back to the front of the room, listening to the lecture at hand. He knew this was going to be a long day.

The last bell rung, everyone heading for the door. As usual he was the last one, stashing his books into his bag. Tim stood up from his seat, walking out of the classroom turning the corner to see Sonoko standing at the end of the hall. He headed her way, a smile coming to her face.

“Hi Tim.”

“You were less talkative in class today, you feeling alright?”

“I’m feeling just fine.”

“So how’d your family thing go?" Tim asked.

“Oh, it went...how should I put it."Sonoko began stepping up giving him a clean smack across the face.

She walked off with a cocky smile still on her face.

“She baited me, Ran must have called her already......they are best friends after all.”

They walked to the near park, waiting for the others. Within a minute Genta and Ai strolled over. Conan looked up from the ground as the two headed straight toward him.

“Hey Conan, why were you late to class today?” Genta asked.

“Lost my glasses, took me awhile to find them.” Conan replied.

Ai’s hands slid down to her hips, giving him that..... ‘you’re lying’ look. He had no response to this.

“On a side note, has anyone found any additional information on Black Robin?” Mitsuhiko asked.

“It’s Red Robin.” Ayumi corrected.

“I did, saw him swoop by last night.” Genta proclaimed.

“Really?!” Both Ayumi and Mitsuhiko commented at the same time.

He shook his head up and down with reassurance.

“Let me guess, he flew by your window.” Conan said with a little sarcasm.

“That’s right, his big red glowing eyes simmering down at me...sending a slippery sensation down my throat.”

Ai rolled her eyes while Ayumi and Mitsuhiko listened on with high interest. Conan stepped to the side directing his attention to the sky. Ai stepped infront of him, causing him to look over to her.

“So why were you late to class, the true edition if possible.”

“Ran was abducted yesterday, I was with her at the hospital through this morning.”

“Is she..is she going to be ok?”

“Ran will be fine, she should be at the house by now. If you want to stop by, you’re free to walk home with me.” Conan offered.

“As much as I’d like that, I’m helping with dinner tonight.”

“I’ll tell her you said hi.”


They hung around for the next hour. Conan walked home alone, twirling his pencil inbetween his fingers thinking of his partnership. He walked up the stairs heading for the front door, steadily pushing it open. Ran sat at the table along with Sonoko.

“You feeling a little better?” Conan asked heading over.

“Not one hundred percent, but I’m getting there.”

“Haibara sent her best, she wasn’t able to make it over today.”

“That’s ok, here’s your phone back.” Ran said handing it over.

Conan placed it into his pocket then looked back up.

“I heard you were in the girls bathroom with that Tim guy.” Conan said turning to Sonoko.

“We were only talking.”

“I bet, heard you were in there for over an hour.” Conan said with a dark look.

“Conan!” Ran yelled down at him.

“Kidding, it was only a joke.”

Ran continued glaring at him as Sonoko stood up from her seat.

“I convincingly ended my friendship with him today anyway, so there won’t be any more secret meetings between us.”

“How’d you do that?” Conan asked.

“The old fashioned way.” Sonoko proudly stated.

“Old fashioned way?”

“Can we just talk about something else, I really don’t want to talk about him.”

“He can’t be all that bad.” Conan said.

“Are you kidding me, he left her behind!”

“I’m sure he had a good reason for doing so.” Conan said in his defense.

“Is that so... then why is it when he approached me at school he acted like nothing had happened, you’d at least think he’d be the slightest bit concerned.” Sonoko questioned.

“Why are you defending him, aren’t you on my side?” Ran asked.

“Ofcourse I am, just saying there’s always two sides to the story.”

“I think it’s clear what his side of the story was.” Sonoko said.

“I give up.”

Conan turned heading for his room. He closed the door connecting his phone to the charger. He sat up on the bed, thinking about the events of the past two weeks. Deep down he knew he had an important decision to make. He spent the rest of the day in his room writing up a paper for school. The clouds filled the sky, making it a rather bleak and damp. Without really realizing it night came. Conan finished up, walking over to his phone to find it fully charged.

“Looks like I’ve made my decision, better go over and let him know.”

Conan grabbed his phone as he headed into the hall. He walked by to see Kogoro asleep infront of the TV. Ran was in her room, listening to something on the radio. Conan gently opened the front door, stepping out with a small gulp.

“Made it.” Conan thought to himself quietly closing the door behind him.

Within the next forty minutes he found himself standing infront of the door. He knocked twice with the door opening not long after.

“Conan, what are you doing here?” Tim asked.

“We need to talk.”

“Why didn’t you just call, isn’t it past your curfew?”

“Thought it’d be better if we talked in person, it’s important.” Conan said.

“Come on in.” Tim said pushing the door open.

Conan headed to the bed taking a seat. Tim walked to the chair sitting infront of the computer.

“What happened between you and Sonoko at school today?”

Tim smiled.

“Don’t tell me you came all the way here just to ask me that.”

“Not quite, just curious.”

“Just a few exchanged words and a slap.” Tim answered.

Conan laughed at this. Tim shook his head from side to side.

“Mind telling me why you really came here?”

“First I’d like to thank you for all your help, but.” Conan said as Tim’s phone began ringing.

He looked down to see who it was.

“Hold on one second, I have to take this.”

He stood up from the chair heading out onto the balcony. Conan sat in silence. Nearly five minutes went by, the sound of thunder singing in the distance. Tim walked back in sliding the door shut behind him.

“You’re wet.”

“Guess I got caught up in the drizzle.”

“Who were you talking with?” Conan asked.

“Cass, she just updated me on a few things I had her check up on.”

“Who’s Cass?”

“Cassandra Cain.” Tim said.

“Cassandra huh....is she a woman of interest, I mean you did take that call out there in the rain. Not many guys would do that unless it’s someone special.”

“You’re analyzing way to much into this Shinichi.....why don’t you just tell me what you wanted to talk to me about.” Tim said with a small laugh.

The humor dropped from his face. This alerted him Conan had something serious to tell him.

“As much as I enjoyed our time together, I’m going to have to call it quits.”

“I see..”

“Lying to Ran and my friends has gotten a little out of control, I hope you understand.” Conan said.

“I do, stay safe out there Conan......maybe we’ll solve another case together someday.” Tim said directing his attention back to the computer.

“Sure thing....”

Conan turned to head for the door, neither saying a word.

“So that’s it huh, he didn’t even seem to care all that much, I wonder why?”

As Conan came within a few feet of the door a knock can be heard coming from the other side. He froze in place, another knock pressing up against the door.

“The doors unlocked.” Tim informed.

“What is he thinking, he didn’t even give me a chance to hide!” Conan thought to himself.

Conan watched as the knob slowly turned, the door cracking open as someone stepped in.

“Heiji!” Conan exclaimed.

“Hey Drake, you never said Kudo would be here.”

“Didn’t know he would, he just showed up, ending our partnership.” Tim said.

“End it, we were just about to get started.”

Conan looked from Tim to Heiji, lost for words.

“Wait a minute, time out. What exactly is going on here?” Conan asked.

“I’m working with Tim now, or Red Robin depending on how you look at it.” Heiji said.

“You told him?” Conan asked flashing his attention over toward Tim.

He stood up from the chair taking a deep breath, releasing with the same flow.

“Yea, it was time he knew.”

“When did you plan on telling me, either of you for that matter?” Conan asked looking from one to the other.

“You kind of quit before I could.” Tim stated.

“I tried calling, but Ran answered and said she was temporarily using your phone.” Heiji added.

Conan stood in thought, the rain pouring down harder than before. Thunder can be heard, lighting bringing the sky to life. He felt a hand come to his shoulder, gentle yet strong.

“Go home to Ran, she needs you.” Heiji said.

“What about you?” Conan asked.

“I’m intrigued by what he’s proposed, if we need your help with anything we’ll call.”

“O...ok.” Conan softly spoke.

He headed out, looking back to see Heiji head over next to Tim just before the door shut. He turned, walking down the hall. Conan reached up pressing the button for the elevator. He stood there, every second with the sound of a tick clicking in the back of his mind. The elevator arrived shortly after, he stared into the empty space, not moving a muscle. He closed his eyes for a brief period. When they reopened it was clear where his path would lead him next.

“As they say, your first answer or decision you choose when taking a test tends to be the right call.”

Conan turned heading back down the hall, pushing the door to the room open.

“So guy’s, what’s on the agenda?” Conan asked.

The two looked over, not to surprised at all.

“I expected you back, just not this soon. Care to fill him in Heiji?”

“There was just a murder about a mile from here, the weapon used was that of a knife.”

“Any known suspects?” Conan asked.

“He chased after one just last night, the guy had tatts present on the back of his neck.” Tim stated.

“A capital ‘L’ to the left, a tiger emblem in the center, and a sideways ‘W’ to the right.” Heiji added.

Conan placed a hand under his chin, thinking of all the possibilities this could mean.

“How did he escape?” Conan asked.

“A purple van.” Heiji informed.

“Did you guy’s check the escape route?”

“The police did, but I’m going to go give it an additional look myself.” Tim said.

“What about the tattoos?”

“I’m thinking it might be gang related. If that indeed is the case, let’s just hope there isn’t an uproar of violence from yesterdays event.” Tim said.

The storm continued on, the three of them stood in place, listening. It was almost like a stimulus, relaxing the mind from all that surrounded them. Tim slowly extended his hand out. Conan and Heiji both quickly became confused by this.

“I don’t think we quite understand.” Heiji said.

“Evil may lurk through the dark, but justice will prevail by dawn......together til the day death consumes us.”

Heiji placed his hand on top of Tims, understanding what he meant.

“Don’t know about his extreamly corny oath, but...” Conan thought to himself.

Conan reached over placing his hand over Heiji’s.

“Then it’s settled detectives, we’re a team.”

They removed their hands from one another as Tim walked over grabbing a phone from the top of the TV.

“Heiji if you don’t mind me asking, could you take Ran’s phone back to her?” Tim asked handing him the phone.

“Why me, can’t Kudo do it?”

“I’m good with my calculating, it’d be best if you did it. Just make sure you wait until tommarrow.” Tim said.

“What am I supposed to tell her?” Heiji asked.

“Just say you found it in the grass near that warehouse, she’ll believe you.”

“Like hell she will, that dosen’t explain who made the call to me and her father.”

“If you’ve got something better than be my guest.” Tim remarked back.

Conan watched on as the two of them continued arguing. He couldn’t help but be humored by this.

“So this is our team huh.....criminals beware.”

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 17

First Team Case

The sound of a glass bottle can be heard, smashing up near the sidewalk just outside the window. Conan laid up wiping the sleep from his eyes. He pushed out of bed, walking over and getting dressed for the day. He grabbed his bag while walking out of the room. Ran laid at the couch, her head resting on a pillow. Conan walked over placing a hand on her shoulder.

"You going to school today?" Conan asked.

Her eyes poked open, slightly pushing up.

"Dad said I should stay home at least one more day."

"Don't see any harm in that, how are your feet feeling?" Conan asked.

"Still a little sore, but it's getting better."

"That's good to hear, I'll see you after school." Conan said heading for the door.

"Conan, are you sure you don't want something to eat before you go?" Ran called out.

"I'll be fine, lunch is only a few hours from now." He replied.

Conan headed to the bathroom brushing his teeth before heading off to school. His hands rested in his jacket.

"It feels good I no longer have to lie to Heiji."

He remained in thought the whole way to school, thinking about the little details they had already gathered. Conan walked to class, most everyone already seated. He took to his seat as well, pulling out his supplies for the day. Class began shortly after. He constantly found himself looking to the clock throughout the day. To his surprise the fire alarm went off an hour before the end of class.

"Couldn't have come at a better time."

Everyone headed out into the hall, exiting one of the many side doors. Sumiko lead them to a small hill nearby, joined by other teachers and students. Conan took a seat on the grass with Ai joining at his side shortly after.

"How's Ran, did she go to school today?" Ai asked.

"She's going to give it one more before heading back." Conan replied.

"You planning on doing anything after school?"

"Yea I...Kogoro is working on a case, and, thought I'd go with him after school and help work it out." Conan quickly came up with.

"Good luck, but when you get the chance you should come over."

"What for?" Conan asked pivoting is position.

"Agasa has something for you." Ai answered.

"I'll be sure to be over when I can."

They sat for the next few minutes, waiting to be cleared to head back in.

He walked down the side of the street, taking the long way to the apartment, making a couple stops along the way.

"According to Heiji this was the street he chased the suspect down."

Tim kept on the trail turning into the alley. He came upon the fence which he climbed, landing on the other side.

"This must be where the van picked him up."

He scoured the area, looking to the ground to see if anything was left behind to make a break in the case. He didn't find anything alarming. Tim continued a few yards up turning the corner. He walked up the next street, catching a glimpse of skid marks just off of the side walk.

"That skid looks fresh, bet the police didn't check this far up." Tim thought to himself as he stared down.

He reached into his bag pulling out a digital camera, taking a few shots.

"I'll take these back to the shed and give it further examination, maybe these tire types are registered to a purple van."

Tim placed the camera back into his bag, turning and heading back into the direction of the apartment.

Conan pushed the front door open to see Ran sitting at the table writing something in a note book. Her eyes wondering away from the paper, a smile coming to her face when their eyes met.

"What did you learn today?" She asked.

"We just went over a few things we already knew, not to mention we had a fire drill."

"It's nice out, I'm sure you enjoyed that."

"Sure did."

Conan slid his shoes off before heading to the table. He placed his bag to the side of the chair before taking a seat. He silently looked on, Ran continuing to draw. He sat there for a little over a minute, just watching her.

"I wonder what she's drawing." Conan thought to himself.

At that second someone began knocking at the door.

"I'll get it." Conan said jumping down from the chair.

He walked over opening the door to see Heiji standing over him.

"Come on in." Conan greeted.

"Heiji, I thought for sure you had headed back to Osaka." Ran said looking up from the paper.

"Couldn't do that until returning this to you." Heiji said holding out her cell.

"My phone!," Ran said standing from her seat. "Where did you find it?"

"It was in...the grass not to far away from the scene." Heiji answered with hesitation.

"Guess Tim won that argument." Conan thought to himself with a slight grin.

Ran took the phone into her hand. She looked over at him, a skeptical look in her eyes. Heiji noticed causing him to take a step back with a gulp.

"So...I guess I'll be leaving now." Heiji said turning for the door.

"Not so fast there." Ran said placing her hands upon her hips.

Conan turned to the side putting his hands to his mouth, nearly laughing out. Heiji slowly turned facing her, a smile slanted across his face.

"What's seems to be the problem Ran?" Heiji asked, his smile widening.

"Oh let's see here....how did you find it, who made the call to my father, and why do you seem like you're in such a rush?"

"I just gave the area a harder look, besides I have a..dinner to get to." Heiji came up with.

"Really, why do I get the feeling you aren't being totally truthful with me."

"That I can't answer." Heiji said.

Conan began giggling from the side. Ran quickly struck her attention to him.

"Is there something funny I didn't catch." Ran snapped.

"No, It's something else."

"I bet.. I know how close you two are, you both are probable in on something."

"I can promise you we aren't hiding anything." Heiji said.

Before another word can be spoken Heiji's phone went off.

"Drake, not exactly a good time." Heiji said stepping to the side.

Ran crossed her arms, waiting for his little phone conversation to end. Nearly a minute went by as he slipped the phone from his ear back into his pocket.

"Who's Drake?" Ran asked.

"Someone we're supposed to meet." Heiji replied.

"We?" Ran questioned.

"Conan and myself, he's a witness for a case I'm working."

"And why do you need Conan to go with you?"

"Just to tag along."

Ran kept her eyes fixated on him for awhile longer. Her shoulders dropping as she took back to the table.

"Have him home by eight thirty, is that clear?"

"As a crystal ball." Heiji assured.

Conan walked over placing his shoes back on, looking to Ran who gave him a half smile. They walked out the front door. Once out the two of them sighed out in relief.

"That could have ended ugly." Conan said.

"No kidding."

"So what did Tim say?" Conan asked.

"Wants us to meet him at the hide out, says he made a break in the case." Heiji said.

"Sounds good, let's go see what he has."

The two of them headed to the hide out, traffic speeding by in all directions.

He sat, leaned back in the chair. The computer conducting a search. The door slid open the next second. Tim turned in his seat to see the two of them enter.

"That didn't take long."

"Did our best to get here as quick as we could." Heiji stated.

"So what do you have?" Conan asked as the two walked over.

Tim clicked to the side, another window appearing on the screen.

"I found our mystery vehicle, it's a Chevrolet Astro."

"Good stuff Drake, do we have an address?" Heiji asked.

"Working on that right now, checking for all purple registered Chevrolet's in a one hundred mile radius." Tim replied.

The three of them stood in silence, waiting for the scan to be completed.

"I have one question, how long do you calculate until Ran finds out about our secret visits?" Heiji asked.

"What's wrong, you run into a problem?"

"She's already on to us, you sure you don't want to just tell her you and Conan are friends?"

"That won't be necessary." Tim said.

"Well don't come looking for my help when she's geared up ready to kick your ass."

"I don't know Heiji, Tim's pretty good himself." Conan stated.

"Have you even seen him fight before?"

"Not exactly."

"My point. I think Ran could take him, come to think of it.....I might be able to." Heiji said.

"You do realize I'm still sitting here, right?" Tim asked.

The computer began beeping, the three of them directing their full attention to the screen.

"Bingo, the vehicle is registered to a Riko....interesting no last name available." Tim said.

"That's a red flag for sure." Conan said.

"Where's this guy live?" Heiji asked.

"One second."

Conan and Heiji waited as he looked further through the files. A minute passed, Tim snapping his fingers.

"You find the address?" Heiji asked.

"Better, the van has a GPS system."

"That mean we have an exact location?" Conan asked.

Tim nodded as he sat up from the chair. He walked over to the counter near the locker, reaching down and placing a pair of shades over his eyes.

"It's not to far from here, just a couple miles west."

"So what's the plan when we get there?" Conan asked.

"We'll decide that when we arrive." Tim replied.

He held the tracker out in front of him as the three of them headed out. They caught a taxi taking them in the direction of the signal. Within forty minutes they arrived. They stepped out, paying the driver.

“So where’s the van?” Heiji questioned.

“Just over that hill.” Tim answered.

The three of them headed up the hill. Once at the top they looked down to see a large farm. Conan’s head waved to the right catching sight of a parking lot. There were about ten vehicles, which ofcourse included the purple van they had been tracking.

“Looks like we’ve got our van.” Conan pointed.


“Drake, how do you want to play this?” Heiji asked.

Tim gave the whole landscape a look, not seeing anything that screamed danger.

“It dosen’t look like we have anything to worry about, don’t see any harm in doing this casually.”

“Men with questions?” Heiji asked.

“Right you are.”

Tim lead the way as they walked over to the lot coming to a stop infront of the van. They began looking it over, checking for anything alarming. It wasn’t long after that a man walked over approaching the three of them.

“Can I help you?” He asked leaning his shovel up against a fuse box near the side walk.

“Would you happen to know who owns this van?” Heiji asked.

“Maybe...but who are you, and why do you need to know?” He asked.

“Detective Hattori, this van is of interest in our investigation.” Heiji stated holding out his ID.

“I’ve heard of you, you’re that great detective of the west.”

“That would be me.”

Conan stepped up directing his attention to the farm man as well.

“Do you know who owns this vehicle?” Conan asked as well.

“That would be Riko.”

“Know where we can find Mr. Riko?” Tim asked joining the conversation.

“Yea, he’s working in house C.”

“Where can we find that?” Heiji asked.

He turned pointing to a large barn not to far away.

“Thank you for your time and corporation.” Heiji said as the three of them headed into that direction.

“Be careful of the bull manurer, we’ve had a couple incidents these past few weeks.” He informed.

The three of them took this into account as they continued walking. It took them just over two minutes to arrive infront of the barn. They scoured all sides, looking for a way in.

“How are we supposed to question this guy if we can’t even get in.” Heiji stated.

“There.” Tim pointed.

They walked to the side to find three levers sticking out. One to the left, which happened to be the smallest. The lever in the middle being the largest, the last one somewhere inbetween.

“So which one opens the door?” Heiji questioned.

“Let’s go with the small one.” Tim suggested.

Heiji reached forward pushing down on it. The door began sliding up as they headed back to the front.

“How did you know it was the small one?” Conan asked.

“The big ones always seems to bring bad or unexpected results, thus I go with the small one.” Tim replied.

“Interesting analogy Drake, I’ll have to keep that in mind.” Heiji said.

They walked up just as the remainder of the door pushed toward the upper wall. Heiji stepped in first, the two right behind him. It was dark, the lighting from the entry way keeping things visible. They could hear the sound of two voices echoing through the walls, but where was it coming from? The three looked to eachother, coming to a mental agreement they would follow the path of the voices.

As they walked deeper in, a foul stinch can be smelled drifting through the air. It wasn’t long after they caught sight of hanging carcasses. The voices became clearer as they turned yet another dark corner. Chains swayed back and forth, hanging from different parts of the wall.

“Is this a farm, or a Halloween scare house?” Conan thought to himself.

They finally came to a stop, kneeling down behind a few barrels. They peaked out to see two men chatting. Heiji immediately recognized one of them.

“That’s him, that’s the guy I chased after.” Heiji whispered.

“Which one?” Conan asked.

“The one on the right.”

“Are you positive?” Tim asked.


“I wonder which one is Riko?" Conan questioned.

“I’m guessing that other guy, he looks like he works here, by the way he’s dressed." Tim said.

They sat in place, listening to the conversation at hand.

“I told you this was a bad idea.”

“What do you want me to do, I made the hit just like required Riko!”

“Tim was right, that guy on the left is Riko." Conan thought to himself.

“What about the weapons?”

“Relax, no one knows about them.”

“Good, that’s the last thing we need is those damn west side Outworlders finding out. The shift in power is happening as we speak Ryo.”

“Outworlders, this sounds big.” Conan thought to himself.

“If it makes you feel any better, I took out those nosey salters.” Ryo said.

“Did you now, where did you slip the bodies?” Riko asked.

“The spot, the bodies will be long gone before they suspect a thing.”

“Good. We must prepare for next week’s meeting, we have an outside guy coming in.” Riko informed.

At that second foot steps can be heard heading into their direction. Ryo reached into his jacket, pulling a gun from the pocket. A few moments later the man that had greeted them out in the parking lot entered the room.

“Riko did you see the gentlemen who came to see you, and who is this young man?” He asked looking to Ryo who pointed the gun at him.

“Kar you shouldn’t be here.” Riko said.

“Bad timing I’m afraid.” Ryo said placing his finger on the trigger.

“Dammit.” Tim muttered.

He quickly kicked a barrel over knocking him to the ground, the bullet flying just over his head.

“Who’s there!!” Riko yelled.

Conan, Heiji, and Tim all jumped out of hiding.

“Who in the hell are you three?” Ryo asked pointing his gun to the three of them.

Tim snapped a bird disk with the use of his wrist knocking the gun from his hand.

“Now we can all talk as civilized men.” Tim said.

Riko and Ryo looked to eachother, then darted for the back door.

“Predictable.” Conan said as the three of them chased after them.

They turned the corner as the two of them neared the door. Heiji looked on, noticing the bottom of Ryo’s pants were wet.

“Heiji push down on the lever!” Tim yelled catching sight of three more levers.

Just as they were about to exit Heiji pushed down on the lever. Conan looked to see Riko and Ryo both make it out.

“You pushed down the big one, I said the small one!” Tim yelled.

“If that wasn’t for the door, then what?” Conan questioned.

They heard a slight crack sound from above. This caused the three of them to stop running. They looked up to see the ceiling slide open, a dark substance falling down at them.

“That’s Bull.” Conan got out just as it landed on them, knocking all three of them to the ground.

Heiji held his breath, pushing up from the warm and slippery substance. He wiped it from his face, emptying it out of his hat in frustration.

“Shit.” Heiji stomped.

“Nice going Heiji.” Tim said wiping it from his face.

“I think I got some in my eye.” Conan complained.

Within the next second laughter can be heard, the three of them turned to see Kar.

“I warned you about the bull manurer,” He said continuing to laugh. “Come around back, I’ll hose you three down.”

Kar lead them out, lining them up against the side of the barn. He hosed them down, washing most of the manurer from their clothes and bodies.This lasted for about a minute.

“What exactly was going on in there?” Kar asked beginning to roll up the hose.

“We believe he might have been involved in a murder.” Heiji replied.

“Riko, didn’t know he had it in him to kill someone.”

“Not sure if he killed anyone, but his van was used in a getaway.” Tim said.

“Do you think he will come back?” Conan asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to report him.”

“If he shows back up, give me a call.” Heiji said giving him his number.

“Sure thing, you boys take care now.”

With that the three of them walked off, heading back over the hill. A warm wind blowing across their faces.

“The first thing I’m going to do when I get back to the apartment is take a shower.” Tim stated.

“More like two showers.” Heiji said.

“Better make that three.” Conan added.

They couldn’t help but laugh, the foul odor still flowing from their bodies.

“Tim, after we get all cleaned up you think you can still track the van through it’s GPS?” Conan asked.

Tim looked to his watch, an unsure look coming to his face.

“I’ll see what I can do, kinda got to head to school in a bit.” Tim said.

“School?” Heiji questioned.

“Yea....I was late to chemistry again, so I get a session of night school.” Tim said.

“Why, couldn’t you have just served an after school detention?” Heiji asked.

“That was an option. Mrs. V decided to have a class vote, I think you guys know how that went.”

“Isn’t Sonoko in that class with you?” Conan asked.

“Should have seen how quick her hand went up for the night school option.” Tim replied.

Conan giggled at this. Heiji reached for his phone calling for a taxi, they waited forty minutes for it to arrive. On the drive back they made sure all the windows were rolled down, trying not to alert the driver. Heiji and Conan were dropped off first.

“I’ll catch up with you two later.” Tim said.

The two watched as the taxi took off turning the corner. Conan pushed infront of Heiji, the both of them heading up into the house. They walked trough the front door, Kogoro was nowhere to be seen. Ran lay on her back, talking on her phone.

“We’re in luck, you go on in and take a shower, I’ll wash your clothes while you do so.” Conan said.

“Let’s try and make this quick.”

Heiji headed into the bathroom, quickly undressing. He stepped into the shower turning the knob, the steaming water trailing down his back. He reached over spreading the jell through his hair, washing up as best he could. Once finished he looked to see his clothes sitting near the sink.

“Good to see he washed my hat as well.” Heiji said getting dressed.

The door slid open the next second as Conan entered once more.

“How are the clothes?” Conan asked.

“You did a half job drying them, but it beats the predicament we were just in.”

“Just wait outside the door, I’ll be done shortly.” Conan said.

“What if Ran see’s me?”

“I doubt she get’s up from the couch, her phone conversation should hold her.” Conan said.

“I hope you’re right.” Heiji said stepping out.

He waited in the hall, looking down at his watch every so often. His phone began vibrating, he pulled it up to see an incoming call from his mother.

“Not a good time, I’ll have to call her back.”

After another minute of waiting the sound of the shower came to an end. He waited awhile longer, Conan whistling for him to head back in. He moved the door to the side to see Conan tieing his shoe.

“Close the door.” Conan alerted.

“How was the shower?” Heiji asked closing the door.

“It’ll do for now, I think we should start breaking down what we know.”

“There’s a lot at that. They said something about weapons, sounds like this is a case involving a lot of guys.”

“Ryo said he took out the salters, I’m betting that’s code for anyone who may have been a threat.” Conan said.

“We find those bodies, we make a huge step in solving what’s going on.”

“Question is...where are the bodies?”

The two of them stood in thought, trying to see if there was anything they could go off of.

“Wait...didn’t he say by the time anyone suspected anything the bodies would be long gone?” Heiji asked.

“Yea, you got something?”

“When we were chasing after them, I noticed the bottom of Ryo’s pants were wet.” Heiji said.

“Wet.....are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Conan asked.

“If you’re thinking he dropped the bodies in a lake or river, then I’d say we’re defiantly thinking the same thing.”

“That must be it, why else would he say the bodies will be long gone.” Conan said.

“He expects them to drift away.” Heiji completed.

“Now all we have to do is pin point a location.” Conan thought to himself.

Heiji reached into his pocket pulling his phone out, leaning against the wall. Conan looked over, lifting a brow.

“What are you doing?”

“His pants were still wet, that means he must have dumped the bodies not far from there.” Heiji replied.

“Good point, not to mention he didn’t have a car.”

“I’m checking this online map, we should have a location shortly.”

Conan walked to the sink, brushing his teeth to help further refreshen himself from their little episode they had endured.

“Kudo, looks like we have our drop site.” Heiji said holding out his phones.

He finished rinsing out his mouth, looking up.

“The docks?”

“It has to be, that’s the only place within ten miles of that place.” Heiji said.

“Then I guess we better go give it a look.” Conan said.

As they turned to head out, the door swung open. Ran stood in the doorway, a look of command in her face.

“I thought I heard voices, what are you two doing in here?” Ran asked.

“Just discussing a case.” Heiji lightly said.

“Why was the door shut, is it top secret or something?”

“You could say that.”

The scent slowly came to her. Ran stepped further in, walking up to the both of them.

“Did you both just take a shower, together for that matter?” Ran asked crossing her arms.

Conan and Heiji both started laughing, slight tears coming to their eyes. Ran reached down pulling Conan up by his shirt, grabbing Heiji by his with her free hand.

“Answer the question!”

They both immediately stopped laughing, the tears still draining down the sides of their cheeks.

“No.” They both said at the same time.

“No what?”

“No we didn’t take a shower together.” Conan said through his teeth trying not to laugh once again.

Ran released her hold on the both of them taking a step back, with a deep breath.

“Let’s start all over, what are you two doing in here?”

“Trying to solve a case.” Heiji answered.

“Did you two take a shower?”

“Not together.” Conan replied.

“Do I even want to know why?” Ran asked.

“No.” Both Conan and Heiji said together.

They stood in silence for the next few moments, Heiji checking the time on his phone.

“Hey Ran, think I could borrow Conan for another hour or so?” Heiji asked.

“What time is it?” She asked.

“Just a little after six thirty.” Heiji replied.

“Go right on ahead, eight thirty is your limit.”


Ran walked them to the front door, holding it open.

“I don’t know what you two are up to, but I’ve got my eyes on you.”

“Nothing is going on.” Heiji said as the two of them stepped out.

“Uh huh.. just remember, I’m watching.” Ran said closing the door.

The sun fell from the sky, a cool breeze blowing through the streets. He approached the school, entering to find the halls empty. He entered the classroom, looking to see five students besides himself.

“You must be Mr. Wayne, I heard you’d be joining our class tonight.”

Tim turned as someone walked up to the side of him.

“I’m professor Bao, you may take a seat anywhere you please.”

“Thank you Professor.”

Tim walked over taking a seat near the front. He looked to the clock to see it was twenty five after seven.

“Just a couple more minutes until class begins, I wonder how Conan and Heiji are doing on the case.”

The taxi came to a stop. Heiji paid before he and Conan walked. Cars could be found piled atop eachother, wheels and license plates scattered about. It could easily have been mistaken for a junk yard. They made their way through the small maze of garbage, the smell of the fresh water gliding past their nostrils.

“We must be getting close.” Heiji stated.

The wind whistled through the many car parts, creating a wispy musical tune. As they got closer they began to hear sounds, it wasn’t much at first. That changed as they got closer and closer.

“You hear that?” Conan whispered.

“Yea, but what is it?”

A small laugh carried through the wind, followed by the sound of commotion. Heiji and Conan quickly made their way into that direction. The sounds became very clear as they turned the corner. Conan hid behind a car, Heiji did the same. The two of them peaked out from the side, looking to see a man lying on his back, blood dripping from the side of his face. Multiple men stood over him.

“That’s Ryo.” Conan thought to himself.

They stayed put watching on as the men standing over him kicked him from all sides, hitting him with pipe bars, sticks, anything they could find. Conan looked to Heiji who looked back.

“We gotta do something.” Conan whispered.

“What can we do, there’s atleast ten of them.”

They directed their attention back over. Their assault didn’t last much longer. One of the men raised a gun to the air, firing one shot.

“Enough, that will do.” He said lowering his weapon.

“Are we going to let him live Scar Eyes, send a message to them damn Black Yangs?”

“We’re going to send a message alright.”

“So we have the Outworlders and Black Yangs, looks like Tim was right about the gangs.” Conan thought to himself.

Scar Eyes walked over placing his boot upon Ryo’s chest.

“Looks like you’re road ends hear.”

“You really think you have it all figured, the Black Yangs are making their way up.” Ryo said spitting blood to his boot.

“I really doubt that, we’ve got guy’s in the service, police force, you name it. What ever you think is happening, will soon fall.” Scar Eyes confidently stated.

Ryo began laughing.

“Is that so, bettin you aint heard of ‘The Tiger of Oni’s’. There’s no challenging him.”

“Who’s he, your boss?” Scar Eyes questioned.

“Never seen him before, no one really does. One thing I can assure is he’s no man, your whole gang will ultimately fall....your families will die a horrible death.” Ryo said as he is kicked across the face.

“That’s for spitting on my boot.”

Heiji and Conan watched on, frozen from the details they had gained.

“Conan we gotta do something.”

“Not like we can go to the police, you heard him, they have guys working within the system.” Conan whispered back.

“That’s why we have an ace card up our sleeves.” Heiji said.

“Ace card?” Conan questioned.

“Call Drake.” Heiji said.


Conan quickly pulled out his phone, hitting the speed dial. All he got was the answering machine. He tried once more.

“Darn it, he must still be in class.”

“Leave him a text, make sure it sounds urgent.” Heiji said peaking from behind the car once more.

Scar Eyes reached into his jacket pulling out a cigar, lighting it not long after. He whistled out after taking a few huffs, the smell drifting through the air.

“Knightez go and fetch the gasoline.” Scar Eyes ordered.

“This is not good, this is really not good.” Heiji thought to himself.

He came back nearly a minute later, bringing a small tank of gasoline with him. Scar Eyes took another puff before taking the tank into his hand.

“I hope you have insurance.” Scar Eyes said as he began dumping the gasoline over Ryo.

Ryo began coughing out as some of it entered into his nose and mouth.

“This is a message for Mr. Oni Tiger....go to hell.” Scar Eyes said dropping the cigar down, his body consumed with flames.

He screamed out as the others surrounding him laughed out, taking a few steps back. Conan clenched his fists in anger. The smell of human flesh soared through the air, the flames twirling toward the night sky.

“We’ll leave his burnt carcass in their streets, a message at dawn.”

“There’s just to many of them, there’s no way I could take them all.” Heiji thought to himself as he felt cold metal touch upon the back of his neck.

Heiji quickly spun to be knocked over the head rendering him unconscious. Before Conan could react he to was hit with the metal bar sending him rolling to the ground. Everything went blank from there. The tempature dropped as the night went on. The wind blowing through their hair. Pain lingered over his head, his eyes slowly opening. It took a few seconds for his vision to fully come back. Heiji could feel himself tied to a chair. He slowly lifted his head, looking to see all the men surrounded them.

“I see you’re awake.”

Heiji turned his head to see Scar Eyes.

“Where’s the boy, and how long was I out?” Heiji asked.

“Tied to the chair behind you Detective Hattori. To answer your second question, you’ve been out for a little over an hour.”

“You know who I am?” Heiji asked.

“I’m from up west to, I know all about you. It’s a shame you got involved in all this.” Scar Eyes stated.

“So you planning on killing me?”

“Afraid so. can’t have any outsiders knowing about our operations, especially not a detective.” Scar Eyes said.

It fell silent for the next few seconds. Scar Eyes began pacing around, rubbing the bottom of his chin. Conan finally awoke lifting his head up.

“You can kill me, but let the boy go.” Heiji said.

“No can do, he witnessed a killing. I’ll make sure his death is quick and painless.”

“Please, just let him go.”

Scar Eyes turned walking straight up to him.

“This can’t be happening, it can’t end like this.” Conan thought to himself.

“I respect you Hattori, I really do. But business is business.” Scar Eyes said turning.

“So you guy’s are the Outworlders?” Heiji asked.

“You heard right.” One said from the side.

“So what happens from here, what are your big plans?” Heiji asked.

Scar Eyes smiled at his approach.

“We have a meeting in two days, Kosong Korea. Gathering of all members, including those in neighboring states and cities.”

“What for?” Heiji asked.

“You sure do have a lot of questions for someone who dosen’t have much longer to live.”

The lights surrounding the area began blinking. No one really payed much attention to this. A few seconds later they completely shut off. Everyone reached for their weapons, the moon the only source of light left.

“What the hell happened to the lights?” One of the men questioned.

“Firecode, go and check the fuse box.” Scar Eyes instructed.

“Right away.” He said taking off.

Conan took this time to slowly try and wiggle free. He found it very difficult to try and squeeze out. It was no use, the rope was to tightly wrapped. They all stood in silence, only the wind driving through the cars and crates could be heard. Over a minute went by, the lights still hadn’t come back on.

“Fuck, I knew I shouldn’t have sent his clueless ass.”

“You want me to go see what the hold up is?” Another asked stepping forward.

At that second a flying object zips by cutting both Conan and Heiji free.

“What in the!” Scar Eyes yelled as they all looked to the air.

Conan and Heiji jumped from the chair as Red Robin landed in the middle of the group.

“Run!” He yelled as Heiji and Conan both ran taking cover behind one of the many cars.

Gun shots began firing off as the two of them caught their breath.

“Was that Tim?” Heiji asked.

“That’s him alright.” Conan replied.

They could hear the fight breaking out. Conan peaked from behind the car, Heiji doing the same. Red Robin flipped over one of the men, the bullets just missing the side of his arm. He landed to his feet elbowing him in the back of the neck.

“Six of them are armed with firearms, need to take them out first.”

Red Robin flipped to the side of one of the beat down cars. Using his strength, ripping the door from it’s hinges, swinging it like a frisbee knocking four of the gunmen to the ground. Another came from behind taking a swing at him with a machete. Red Robin dodged down, popping back up with an uppercut. He could feel the force of the strike, hear the cracking of the jaw.

“Come on, he’s just one damn guy!” Scar Eyes barked out.

“I got em!!!” One yelled taking aim.

Red Robin quickly leaped out of the way reaching for a couple birdrangs. He released on his landing, knocking the gun from his hand. Someone grabbed him from behind. Tim flung his head back catching him in the nose. He then flipping him off his back to the ground with a finishing nerve strike to the neck.

“Kudo are you seeing this?!” Heiji exclaimed.

“How could I not be?”

One of them lunged forward at him with a punch. Red Robin jumped up with a kick hitting him square inbetween the eyes. He crashed to the ground, instantly KO’d.

“To hell with this.” Scar Eyes said as he turned to run only to crash into the wall.

He fell to the ground unconscious. Two of the three remaining men charged at him. Red Robin smiled at this, slamming a smoke bomb to the ground. When the smoke cleared their two bodies could be seen, laid out. Red Robin was nowhere to be seen.

“Where did RR go to?” Conan thought to himself.

The remaining member of the Outworlders reached over grabbing one of the bird disks before darting off into the night.

“He’s getting away!” Conan yelled out.

“Let’s get him.” Heiji said as the two got to their feet.

“Let him go.” A voice said from behind.

Heiji and Conan nearly jumped out of their shoes. They both turned to see Red Robin leaned up against a car with his arms crossed.

“Don’t ever do that again.” Conan said adjusting his glasses.

“Good work detectives.” Tim complemented.

“What’s the big idea, why are you letting him get away?!” Heiji yelled.

“Sending a message.” Red Robin replied.

“I don’t know how you do things back in Gotham, but we sure as hell don’t just let criminals take off!!!” Heiji shouted taking a few steps toward him.

“Looks like you have something you need to get off your chest, go ahead Hattori, try and take a swing at me.” Red Robin dared.

Heiji took an additional step forward only to have his jacket grabbed by Conan.

“Stay out of this Kudo!” Heiji yelled.

“I must really advise against this.” Conan firmly said.

“Better listen to your boy.” Red Robin said uncrossing his arms and standing up straight.

Heiji pushed past Conan stepping straight up to him.

“Sending a message, what message?!”

They stared into the others eyes, Conan standing to the side, not sure what was going to happen next.

“To let his pals know....let them know I’m coming.” Red Robin replied.

Heiji took a few steps back, turning his head to the side. Conan breathed out in relief.

“I’m sorry.” Heiji said.

“Don’t worry about it, we’re not always going to agree on certain things.” Red Robin.

“We did gather a little bit of new information.” Heiji said.

“Already know.”

“You were watching?” Conan asked.

“I’m already planning our trip to Kosong Korea, should have everything wrapped by tommarrow morning. I already alerted the police with one of my many secure anonymous lines.”

“Good thing you showed up, we might have been killed if you hadn’t.” Conan said.

“You better head home, or Ran might kill you.” Tim said.

Heiji and Conan both looked to their phones to see it was forty after nine.

“How did you know Ran.” Conan began as he looked up to see Red Robin was gone.

“Add that to the list of things for him not to do.” Heiji said looking to see Tim was gone as well.

The both of them headed out, catching a taxi just before the police arrived. It was a silent ride back. They sat, looking out to the stars which filled the night sky. Conan took a deep breath when they arrived back to the house.

“You want me to go in with you?” Heiji asked.

“I think I can handle it, thanks for asking.”

Conan headed up, his hands weighing down in his pocket. He gently pushed the front door open. Ran was nowhere to be seen.

“What were you doing out so late?” Kogoro asked walking down the hall.

“Getting help with some homework. Where’s Ran?” Conan asked.

“She headed off to bed about thirty minutes ago.” Kogoro answered.

“Guess I got a lucky break.”

Conan headed to his room, closing the door behind him. He could still feel the affects from taking that hit to the head. If it was bad now, he couldn’t imagine what it would feel like in the morning. Conan managed to get undressed switching off the light. He slipped under the sheets in his underwear, to exhausted to get in to his night clothes. He drifted off not long after, his muscles tensing up.

Birds chirped just outside the window, the sun rays tracing along his back. Foot steps approached the room. Conan rolled to his back reaching up to feel his head.

“Not as bad as I thought it’d be.”

The door pushed open the next second with Ran entering. Surprisingly she had a huge smile on her face.

“I hope you had a good nights rest.” Ran said.

“I’d say it was pretty legit.” Conan said.

“Get your bags packed, you’re going on a little vacation.” Ran informed.


“You’ll only miss two days of school, three tops.”

“Wait, what are you talking about?” Conan asked sitting up.

“Your uncle called, he wants to take you on a little trip. He was so sweet over the phone.”

Confusion came upon Conan’s face.

“My uncle?”

“Yes, Richard Edagawa, aren’t you excited Conan?!” Ran asked in excitement.

“Who in the heck is Richard Edagawa, what is going on?”

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 18

Uninvited Guests

"Hurry and get dressed, I'll walk you out if you'd like." Ran offered.

“Sure...that would be nice.” Conan said as lively as he could.

She smiled before heading into the hall. His head fell from one side to the other, still unsure how to handle the situation. He pushed out of bed, getting into his usual attire. Grabbing the things he felt he’d need, cramming them into the walls of his bag.

“Now to go and meet the Uncle I never knew I had.”

He waited in the kitchen for a good few minutes. Ran came trotting out not long after.

“I see you’ve decided to go to school today.”

“I’m feeling up to it, besides,” Ran said opening the front door. “It beats being cooped up in here all day.”

He couldn’t agree with that any more. The two of them stepped out together. They were met by a black truck sitting at the edge of the sidewalk, the windows all rolled up. The far door opened, a gentlemen dressed in black all black walked around from the other side.

“You must be Conan’s uncle,” Ran said looking him over. “You look a lot younger than I expected.” She commented.

He cheerfully laughed at this.

“I’m just the butler Ms. Mouri, though your kind words are most appreciated.”

“Butler...he looks a little to young to be a butler.”

This went through his mind as Ran patted him on the shoulder.

“Guess this is it, make sure you behave yourself.” Ran said.

“I will.”

“If you need anything Conan, remember I’m just a call away.”

“I’ll be sure to call.” Conan replied.

She watched as the two of them entered the truck, the doors closing behind them. Conan looked back to see Ran waving as they took off. They drove a few blocks up, Conan looking to the driver with a casual smile.

“I think it’s time we clear the air here, who are you?” Conan asked.

“I’m just a college boy,” He said turning to Conan. “He said he’d pay for one of my classes if I pretended to be the butler.”

“He?” Conan asked.

“Haven’t actually met the guy, said you’d know what’s going on.”

“I really don’t.” Conan said.

“Guess that makes two of us.”

They drove for another five minutes coming to a stop at a light post just across from a work out facility.

“Why are we stopping?” Conan asked.

“This is the drop point, just head over to that light post there.” He said pointing to one of the street corners.

Conan took a slight breath, gripping his bag around his shoulders. He headed to the light post, the truck taking off as he did. He waited for a few seconds which turned into minutes, cars and bikes flying by, spreading the dust this way and that. Those minutes quickly turned into an hour.

“I really didn’t like this before, but now I’m really getting a bad feeling.”

An alerting sound can be heard, foot steps slowly approaching from behind. Conan didn’t move, as not to let them know he was aware of their presence.

“Glad you could make it,” A voice spoke. “What do you think about my new shades?”

Conan turned, immediately recognizing the man of the voice.

“Tim, you’re the one who set this all up?”

“What’s wrong,” He said with a tilt of the shades. “You have a difficult time convincing Ran to let you come?”

“Not really, it’s more about how you went about doing this.”

“Sorry, but I just didn’t have much time to come up with anything better.” Tim said.

“Your lies have become humerous at this point,” Conan said with smile. “How’d you fool Ran anyway, did you disguise your voice over the phone?”

“It wasn’t a total white lie,” Tim stated removing the shades from his eyes. “I simply had Richard Grayson call her.”


“You know... Dick Grayson, also had him call Teitan High to excuse me for a couple days.”

“Guess you two are close like you said.”

“We’re practically brothers, we have eachothers backs when needed.”

“I see.”

“Let’s head to the apartment, Heiji is supposed to meet us there in about an hour or so.”

They kept a casual conversation, making it up to the room within the next fifteen minutes. Conan sat up on the bed, placing his bag to the side of himself. He laid back resting his head upon the soft sheets, looking to the ceiling in daze.

“I forgot to mention I got the results back on that knife.”

“What knife?” Conan asked still looking to the ceiling.

“The one found in the brief case.”

It took a few seconds for it to register in his mind.

“You referring to the one Gin carried?”

“Right you are,” Tim said holding the blade up which sat in a plastic bag. “I found traces of blood, just like I expected.”

“Does it belong to the man who was murdered?” Conan asked sitting up.

“Not sure yet, should have the results in a few days.”

He laid back once more, his head resting atop his hands. Tim switched the TV on, checking the news for any recent ongoing activities. The two of them waited. An hour rolled by. Conan lye there half asleep. Tim stood from the chair turning off the TV.

“Hey Conan,” He said grabbing his attention. “Almost forgot to mention I went and tracked that van down once again.”

“Did you happen find Riko?”

“No, didn’t find what I expected to tell you the truth.” Tim said.

“What did you find?” Conan asked sitting up with interest.

“The van had been burned and before you ask, there was no body inside.”

“That figures, must have had something in there he didn’t want us to find out about.” Conan said.

“No doubt.”

Within the next second the door to the room slid to the side, both Tim and Conan directing their attention over.

“Look who finally decided to show up.” Tim said.

“Had a couple loose ends to take care of.” Heiji said steadying his bag along his shoulder.

“Now that we’re all here, when are we going to head out?” Conan asked.

“Flight leaves just a little over two hours from now,” Tim said looking to his watch. “We could head to the airport now, we’ll have to sit for awhile.”

“Might as well, there’s no telling what security will be like today.” Heiji said.

“Speaking of security, how do you plan on getting all your gadgets on?” Conan asked looking to Tim.

“Already sent the things I’ll need by mail, to a secure address ofcourse.” Tim replied.

“You have a plan for everything, don’t you?” Heiji stated.

“I try to anyway, not everything always rolls the way you expect it to.”

“Last one out pays for dinner.” Heiji declared turning for the door.

“But I haven’t even finished packing.” Tim exclaimed.

“Not our problem.” Conan said heading out after Heiji.

Tim shook his head from side to side, a semi smile coming to his face.

“Looks like dinner is on me.”

He joined them not long after, the three of them headed to the airport going through a long security process. Once at the gate they hung for a bit, discussing the events of the previous night. They boarded shortly after, the plain ride being a relaxing one for the most part. Conan was the first to exit the plane, waiting near a corner for the other two to come strolling out which didn’t take long.

“How’d you two enjoy the plane ride?” Tim asked.

“Not exactly my best," Heiji began. “The woman next to me kept rambling on about how much her life sucks, adding very in depth details.”

“Why didn’t you just listen to some music?” Conan asked.

“Try’d that, but she kept tugging at me,” Heiji said shaking his head. “What about you two?”

“The woman next to me kept offering me peanuts.” Conan stated.

“Did you take them?” Heiji asked.

“Kept telling her I wasn’t interested, don’t think she understood.”

“You two had it easy, considering the guy in the next aile from me kept staring over every few minutes.” Tim said.

“Now that’s just creepy.” Conan stated.

“I think it’s clear, Drake got the prize for the worst plane ride.” Heiji said in agreement.

“I’d have taken the peanuts over that any day.” Tim said causing the two of them to laugh.

They found their way out, catching a taxi which took them to a small motel. Tim lead the way as they walked in, getting the keys to their room. They walked down the hall, the door making a screechy sound as Tim pushed it open. The room was dark with a strong, yet unidentifiable odor. They felt around through the dark, feeling for anything they could find.

“Where the heck is the light switch?” Heiji complained.

Conan felt near the wall, grabbing hold of what appeared to be a string.

“I think I found it.” Conan said pulling down on the string.

They looked from side to side. The walls were beat down, the light switch was a shoe string, the carpet had stains, and not to mention the TV had a crack to the side of it. There were two beds, the sheets on both quite wrinkled. Conan and Heiji immediately directed their attention toward Tim, glaring over at him.

“What the hell is this Drake,” Heiji said tossing his bag to the ground. “Surely you can afford better than this dump.”

“Low profile mean anything to you?” Tim asked.

“Come on Tim, this place is so low budget it’s probably not even on the map of profiles.” Conan added.

“If this is about me taking you to that club for your stitches, I’m sorry.” Heiji apologized.

“Relax guys, it’s only for a night or two.” Tim said assuringly.

“Your depiction of low profile gives the word a whole new meaning.” Heiji said.

“There’s got to be a better option, I’m pretty sure there’s a cheap hotel around we could try.” Conan suggested.

“Get comfortable detectives, my mind has been made up,” Tim firmly stated dropping his bag from his shoulders. “Nothing either of you can do or say to change my mind.”

Conan finally gave in sitting at the end of one of the beds.

“I’ll be back in a bit, you two should be able to manage.” Tim said walking to the door.

“Where are you going?” Conan asked.

“Just have a few stops I need to make, I promise I won’t be long.”

With that he left the room, leaving the two of them sitting, in the silence of the room they had come to despise. Conan reached for the remote, hoping they could find something of interest on TV.

“Why am I not surprised.” Conan said flipping through the channels only to receive static.

“Talk about unreal, this is just ridiculous.” Heiji thought to himself.

The two of them sat back for the next hour, the only sound coming from the other room where two men could be heard arguing back and forth.

“Did he happen to tell you where the meeting is taking place?”

“No, but I’m pretty sure he’s found out by now.” Conan replied.

“Maybe that’s what he went out to do, find where the meeting will be held.” Heiji thought to himself.

They continued to wait around. Heiji looked to the top of the dresser, noticing a small card box. He walked over taking it into his hand.

“Looks like we have a set of playing cards,” Heiji said sliding the top off. “Interested in a little game Kudo?”

“Anything to help pass the time.” Conan said in agreement.

Heiji reached in pulling out a deck of cards only to find them all blank. He flipped through them all, nothing but blanks.

“What’s wrong?” Conan asked jumping down from the bed.

“They’re all blanks.” Heiji said coming to the last card to see something written on it.

He read over it before handing it to Conan.

“Check that out.”

Conan gave it a look, a message engraved in fine print.

“Nine sets template, ten creates simulation, the test of wits and knowledge,” Conan began rubbing the back of his head. “Only one shall rein at roads end...are you ready to begin?” Conan finished.

Conan looked up to Heiji, both just as confused as the other.

“Sure, why not.” Heiji said answering the question on the card.

At that second the card flourished into flames, Conan releasing it from his hand. It disintegrated before it could reach the ground, the ashes spreading through the air.

“Oh.. Kay then.” Heiji said as the two of them took a step back.

“I wonder what that was all about.” Conan said.

“Who knows, the sooner we get out of this place, the better.”

Heiji looked back to the dresser grabbing the box to the playing cards, stashing it into the side pocket of his bag.

“Love the design on this, take it for safe keepings.”

They sat around for nearly another hour, talking about anything that came to mind. The door to the room finally cracked open, Tim walking in holding a box over his right shoulder.

“How’d you guys cope?” Tim asked walking over and placing the box on to one of the chairs.

“We managed.” Conan answered sharply.

“What’s in the box?” Heiji asked.

“The tools I’ll need,” He answered looking over to Conan. “Hey Conan, you did remember to bring that special tie you told me about, right?”

“Yea, why do you ask?”

“You’ll be needing it.” Tim said.

He removed the tape before placing the box in one of the corners of the room.

“You find out where these guy’s are holding their little meeting?” Heiji asked.

“Sure did.” Tim replied walking over and spreading a map across one of the beds.

Conan and Heiji walked up to his sides giving the map a look themselves.

“Are these blue prints?” Conan asked.

“To the museum where it will take place," Tim said with a snap. “We have every window, vent, stairwell, and most importantly every exit accounted for.”

“Anything else we should be aware of?” Conan asked.

“North/East of the west wall rests a fully functional cannon, it can be used if need be.”

Heiji lifted a brow at this.

“Umm...not to sound disengaged or anything, but why do we need to know all this?” Heiji asked.

“Just in case things go south.” Tim replied.

“Are you implying we’re going to be at the meeting?” Conan asked.

“Right you are Shinichi Kudo.”

“Ok, now you’ve really lost me,” Heiji said twisting his hat. “How do we plan on getting in without being noticed again?”

“Both Alfonso Franze and and his brother Trent Franze were scheduled to make it to the meeting.”

“Who are they?” Conan asked.

“Members of the Outworlders, Al also planned on bringing along his little daughter Sidney to accompany the eyes of the demon’s daughter,” Tim said with the stretch of his arm. “Thing is they called and implying they wouldn’t be able to make it.”

“Eyes of the demon?” Heiji questioned.

“Brutho Yunge, leader and founder of the Outworlders.”

“Nice going, how long did it take you to find that out?” Conan asked.

“You ask around for a bit, you’re almost guaranteed to find out eventually.”

Tim rolled the blue prints up walking over and placing them next to the box in the corner.

“You never answered the question Drake, how are we supposed to get in without being caught?” Heiji asked.

“That’s simple,” Tim said with a grin. “Al, Trent, and Sidney will be there.”

Conan and Heiji looked to eachother, still not understanding what he was talking about.

“I’ll give you the full scoop later,” Tim said removing his tie. “In the mean time we should get washed up, I saw a place about a mile from here we could go to for dinner.”

The three of them took turns taking a shower. They hung around at the beat down motel for a couple more hours, the sun setting in the distance. Tim lead them up the streets, taking them around corners, taking them to the place he had spoke of. After finishing with dinner they continued to walk the streets, a warm wind circulating in more than one direction.

“If you don’t mind me asking,” Heiji began looking to the night sky. “What do you do on your time off?”

“Crime dosen’t have an off switch, so I’d say my schedule is a little to packed for a break or vacation.”

“Harsh, that must take a lot out of you.” Conan said.

“It comes with the slip.”

“Just out of curiosity, what brought you to Japan in the first place?” Heiji asked.

“Somewhat of an unraveling story,” Tim began placing his hands into his pocket. “I came in search for a criminal known as Deadshot, an extreamly dangerous marksmen.”

“His name defiantly reinforces that.” Heiji commented.

“Do you have any idea where he might be?” Conan asked.

“He’s gone into hiding for the time being, but I’ll find him when he decides to come out.”

The three of them crossed the road heading down yet another street. They walked into a couple small shops, checking out all the different types of merchandise. After a long night of strolling they decided to head back to the motel. Heiji swiped his card pushing the door to the room open, Tim stepping in behind him.

“Where’s Kudo?” Heiji asked turning to see he hadn’t.entered the room.

“He stopped in that small shop just outside.” Tim said.

Heiji walked over to the bed taking a seat, turning his phone on to check his messages. Tim took a seat at the chair next to the desk, reaching over and placing the blueprints infront of him. About a minute later a knock can be heard at the door. Heiji stood up heading for the door.

“He must have forgot his key.” Heiji thought to himself reaching for the knob.

He pulled the door open looking to see two female police officers standing before him.

“Oh boy, what did we do now.”

“Come on in.” Heiji said stepping to the side.

Tim looked up from the table as one of them approached.

“What is this about?” Tim asked as she walked over taking a seat in his lap.

“Relax cutie, no need to say another word.” She teased streaking the side of his hair.

Heiji was about to intervene, feeling himself forced onto one of the beds. He rolled to his back to see the other officer standing over him.

“Stop resisting or you will be punished.” She said pulling out a whip and streaking him across the chest.

She reached down, beginning to unbutton his shirt. Tim grabbed her hand flipping her to the ground, hand cuffing her with her own cuffs.


Heiji began to push up as she jumped on top of him, placing the whip around his neck.

“You like playing dirty?”

“I, don’t...know what...you’re talking..about.” Heiji said between chokes.

“This is room B:18 right?”

“That’s just across the hall.” Heiji replied with a cringed voice.

“I’m so sorry.” She said pushing up.

Heiji reached for his neck, letting out a slight cough. The two of them looking over to see Tim kneeled down next to her cuffed friend.

“Hey Drake, it’s ok,” Heiji said sitting up from the bed. “They got the wrong room.”


Tim looked down removing the cuffs from her wrist as the door pushed open. Conan stood there, frozen at what he saw.

“Hopefully you two enjoy the rest of your night.” One of them said zipping up as they headed for the door.

They stepped around Conan, closing the door behind them. He stood, staring over at them. A long moment of silence filling the room.

“So...anybody want to tell me what that was all about?” Conan asked finding his arms crossing.

“Just a little misunderstanding.” Tim quickly replied with a shady smile.

“They had the wrong room.” Heiji added.

“Yea, I bet.” Conan muttered heading to the bathroom.

He went in, washing his face and brushing his teeth. Conan walked back out slipping into his pajamas before heading over to the far bed. He jumped up onto the bed placing the covers over himself. They were very thick, and a little scratchy at that.

“You can have that bed if you want, I’ll sleep over there with Kudo.” Heiji offered.

“Don’t worry about it,” Tim said still looking to the map. “One night without sleep won’t kill me.”

“You’re not serious are you?”

“I’ll be ok, I do this quite often back home.” Tim said looking up.

Heiji nodded heading off to bed. As the hours went on, he played out the many different scenarios in his head, making sure he had every little detail in sync with his plan. The night was long, people could be heard coming in and out, traffic storming by outside of the motel. Conan woke up early that next morning, rolling over to see Tim still sitting at the table.

“Did you get any sleep?” Conan asked.

“Not really, but I did pick up some stuff for us to wear to the get together.” Tim said placing a bag onto the table.

“When did you find the time to go shopping?”

“About two hours ago.” Tim replied.

“You still haven’t told us your master plan.” Heiji said stepping out from the bathroom with his tooth brush in hand.

“I’ll let you finish up, then we’ll discuss that.” Tim said.

Conan pushed down from the bed, getting into his clothes for the day. He then walked over to the side of the desk waiting for Heiji to join them.

“All done Drake, I think we’re entitled to knowing what the plan is .” Heiji said walking over.

“Very well,” Tim said zipping the bag open. “This is what you will wear.”

Heiji took the crisp clean suit into his hand, turning it from side to side, observing every sharp crease and solid color.

“Not bad Drake,” Heiji said looking away from the suit. “So what are you going to wear?”

“This.” Tim said reaching into the bag.

He pulled out a dark blue suit, a black tie coming with it.

“Not to shabby Drake, it almost compares with mine.” Heiji commented.

“What about me, what am I going to wear?” Conan asked anxiously.

Tim reached into the bag for a third time, pulling out the final pair of clothing. Conan’s eyes flashed wide. Heiji’s suit fell from his hand, finding himself consumed by uncontrollable laughter. It was clear, they knew exactly what his plan was. Conan looked to Tim, horror flashing across his face.

“Tim...please don’t make me do this.” Conan plead.

“Sorry, but this is the only way.” Tim rejected handing him his clothes.

“You heard him Kudo, it’s the only way.” Heiji said continuing to laugh.

“The meeting isn’t until this evening, let me give you both an in depth analysis on how we’re going to play this.”

The day went smoothly, the evening bringing a clear sky. They sat around, talking amongst themselves. As the time went on more group members began to enter, every minute or so.

“Alfonso, glad you were able to make it.”

“As am I Frank, had a lot on my plate but still found the time for this.”

“I see you brought along the girl,” Frank said looking down. “Didn’t know she wore bowties, but hey, it goes good with the pink dress.”

“She loves to travel, don’t you teddy bear?” Alfonso asked looking down to his daughter.

“Of course.” Sidney said with a laugh.

“Where’s Trent, did he decide not to come?” He asked.

“He’s just over there, messing around with that cannon.” Alfonso pointed.

“Trent’s always been a questionable one, I’m going to go see who else has arrived,” Frank said turning to walk. “I’ll see you around.”

“Sure thing, hope to speak with you a little later.”

Alfonso looked down to his watch, it was just a little passed seven.

“Sidney come, let’s go have a seat at one of the tables.”

“Yes father.” She said with the roll of her eyes.

They took a seat, waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. Trent walked over joining them shortly after.

“Have fun with that cannon boy?” Alfonso asked.

“More than you could imagine.” Trent said taking a seat across from him.

“Is everything set up my good man?”

“You know I always see that everything is in place.” Trent replied.

“How long until we can leave?”

“After we speak with the big man himself, Brutho.” Trent answered.

“Good, the sooner the better,” Alfonso said with a slight giggle. “We both know how much my daughter hates wearing dresses.” He said causing the both of them to laugh.

“You both are so immature.” Sidney said turning away from the two of them.

Soon after someone began playing the piano up near the stage, everyone listening on for the next few minutes. Trent tapped the table with one finger, creating rhythm in flow with the musical notes being released. Suddenly a hand came to his shoulder, he turned looking up to see Brutho.

“Glad you two could make it.”

“It’s good to see you as well.” Trent said standing to his feet giving him a firm hand shake.

“I’m certain you’ve heard of our little problem.”

“You mean the Black Yangs, haven’t they always been.” Trent said.

“This is something new, an outsider I presume.”

“An outsider?”

“Took down nearly a dozen of my men, Knightez was the only to escape before the police arrived.” Brutho informed.

“Think he’s under the Black Yangs pay roll?”

“I don’t know,” Brutho said roughing up his knuckles. “But his attempt has been well noted.”

“Any idea what he looks like?” Trent asked.

“Not exactly, but Knightez did manage to get a hold of this.” Brutho said holding out a bird disk.

They stood in silence for a few seconds, the tune on the piano being played changing to a more calming one. Alfonso stood from his chair walking over along with Sidney at his side. A smile coming to Brutho’s face as he kneeled down infront of Sidney.

“How’s little Ms. Franze doing,” He asked placing a hand on her shoulder. “Didn’t know you were coming, or else I’d have brought Reina along.”

“It’s ok, one day hanging with my dad isn’t all that bad.” She replied with a big smile.

Alfonso rested his hand on her other shoulder, a smile coming to his face as well.

“Indeed it’s not.” Brutho said standing back to his feet.

“So what are we going to do about this problem?” Alfonso asked.

“He was nothing but a one night wonder, we’ll be ready for him the next time he shows.”

“I’m pretty sure this meeting wasn’t just set to tell us about that,” Trent said tightening his tie. “What is the real reason we’re here?”

Brutho smirked at this.

“Always business aye, I’ve always loved that trait about you Trent,” Brutho began. “The real reason I’ve set up this meeting is to gather all members for the shipments in three days.”

“Shipments?” Alfonso questioned.

“Hardware, jewels, weapons, and most importantly the diamond of mercury.”

“The diamond of mercury,” Trent questioned bringing a hand to his chin. “What is that?”

“An important gem my comrades,” Brutho said rubbing his hands together. “With it we will be one more step closer in building the ultimate weapon.”

“Where is this little thing going down?” Trent asked becoming more interested.

“Tokyo Japan.” Brutho said handing the two of them a card.

They read over them, the exact location imprinted on them. A few minutes passed, the tune changing once more.

“I’ll be seeing you two around.” Brutho said.

“In defiant.” Trent said shaking his hand once more.

Brutho reached, shaking Alfonso’s hand as well. An awkward look coming to his face. Brutho grabbed his wrist, turning it to the other side.

“Where is your scar, you’re not Alfonso.” Brutho said coldly.

Brutho is knocked from behind sending him crashing through one of the tables. Everyone directed their attention over.

“Run!!” Trent yelled pressing down on something on his watch.

With that Alfonso, Trent, and Sidney took off.

“Dammit Drake, I told you this wasn’t going to work!!” Heiji yelled removing his fake mustache.

“This is your fault,” Tim exclaimed as they continued to run. “It was your little wus hand shake that gave us away!”

“How do you know that?!”

“These guy’s are mercenaries, to fit in you’ve got to meet them beat for beat,” Tim said as they turned the corner. “Which by the way you failed to do with your dead fish hand shake.”

“Could you two stop arguing for once?!” Conan asked removing the wig from upon his head.

“West!” Tim yelled as they turned yet another corner.

They went down another hall, coming to a dead end.

“Woh, nice going leader.” Heiji stated with a challenging laugh.

“I never said I was the leader.”

The three of them turned as the men chasing them came to a stop, blocking their path back. Sweat rolled down the side of Conan’s face, not only was he frustrated for having to dress up as a little girl, but now they were surrounded by a lot of men who wanted to kill them. Everyone stood, no one moving a muscle. Within the next few seconds Brutho can be seen pushing to the front, a sinister smirk on his face.

“If it isn’t dummy, dumb, and dumber.” Brutho said looking the three of them over.

“That must make you dumbest.” Tim remarked.

One of the men nearly jumped at him, Brutho signaled for them to stand down, laughing as he did.

“I see you’ve got spirit, you played your role quite well I must say.” Brutho began. “But if anyone is going to be declared the dumbest, it should be him.” He said pointing to Conan who still wore the pink dress.

“Fair point.” Tim said as Conan nudged him on the side of the leg.

“Who are you three anyway?”

“I bet that’s a question you’d like answered.” Heiji stated with a gin.

“That would be nice, but killing you will be much sweeter,” Brutho said cracking his knuckles. “Then I’ll spread your remains across the sea.”

“That’s well said and all,” Tim said looking down to his watch. “But you’re dangerously running out of time.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Brutho asked as the side of the wall exploded.

Everyone flipped to the ground, trying to dodge all the wall pieces flying around. Tim quickly grabbed both Conan and Heiji by their wrists as they headed for the opened wall.

“This must have something to do with that cannon he was messing around with.” Conan thought to himself.

“Conan when we jump press down on the middle of my belt!” Tim instructed.

“Drake, are you sure about this!!” Heiji yelled as the three of them jumped out, falling toward the streets below.

Conan reached over with his free hand, pressing down on the belt just as Tim said. In that moment a parachute boosted out. Heiji breathed out in relief. They landed a few blocks away, next to a drug store.

“This way.” Tim said leading them into the sewer, closing the top once in.

They walked on, the thick liquid beneath them making squish sounds around their shoes. Tim turned on his phone, giving them a source of light.

“Why exactly are we down here again?” Heiji asked.

“They’ll be looking for us up top.” Tim replied.

Conan found himself struggling to breath correctly, the foul odor causing him to feel a little light headed.

“Do you even know where we are going?” Heiji asked.

Tim reached into his jacket, handing Heiji a map.

“Studied that last night, I’m taking us in the direction of the motel.” Tim answered.

“Drake....” Heiji said softly.

“Yes?” Tim asked while they continued walking.

“You’re paranoid.”

This caused both Heiji and Conan to laugh out, helping them to forget about the circumstances they were in, even if it was just for the moment.

“I’m not paranoid.” Tim muttered as the two of them continued to laugh.

It was well past ten when they finally arrived back. The three of them took turns washing up. They sat around the room, thinking about all the events that had filled the previous hours.

“We’ll remember this as the day we never speak of, ever again.” Conan said sliding on his night shirt.

“I don’t know Conan, I thought it was a lot of fun.” Tim said.

“Right,” Conan said sarcasticly. “Dressing as a girl had to be one of the most disturbing events I’ve had to endure in my life.”

“If it means anything, you made a great daughter.” Heiji stated patting him on the shoulder.

“Don’t even go there.” Conan said with a glare.

“Good thing I got a couple family shots.” Tim said holding out his phone.

Conan’s eyes sprung open, looking to see an image of himself disguised as Sidney.

“Give me that!!!” Conan yelled darting forward.

Conan jumped at him. Tim just laughed, holding the phone well over his head.

“Even if you managed to delete them off the phone, I already sent them to my computer.” Tim informed.


Heiji began laughing as well. Conan’s shoulders dropped as he headed for the far bed, pouting as he did.

“What do you say Heiji,” Tim said scheming up an idea. “How about I blow one of these up and send it to Ran for her birthday.”

“That sounds like an awesome gift, she’d love it.”

“We could even title it 'Detective Conan Gone Wild’.” Tim came up with.

“I love the way you think.”

“What a pack of idiots.” Conan thought to himself jumping into bed.

“Are we heading back to Japan tommarrow?” Heiji asked.

“Not sure yet, we’ll see,” Tim said pulling out the business card received from Brutho. “One thing is for sure, we’re making headway.”

“As expected, I will say though,” Heiji said removing his hat. “I wasn’t sure about our little trio at first, but I think we’ve proven to be more than just a competent team.”

“And to think, we’re just getting started.”

“Right you are, Red Robin.”

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 19

The Mercury Gem

Security was rather light considering the time of day, especially for a Sunday. Heiji sat at the waiting area while Conan stood near the glass window, watching the planes take off. Tim walked over to the two of them, holding the tickets in his hand.

"Made sure we got seats close to one another," Tim said handing them their tickets. "We all remember what happened last time."

"First class, that works." Heiji said taking the slip into his hand.

"What time does the flight leave?" Conan asked.

"At eight fifty." Tim replied.

Heiji looked down to his watch, confusion expressed across his face.

"That's nearly three hours from now," Heiji stated sitting back in the chair. "Why on earth did we come so quick?"

"Because you two were complaining about the, and I quote, 'unsanitary room'." Tim replied.

"Oh yea, almost forgot about that."

The hours slowly crawled by. Tim and Conan watched the TV overhead while Heiji checked the messages on his phone. He was surprised to see how much his mother had tried to call him, his father even tried calling a few times.

"I better head back to Osaka when we return," Heiji said putting his phone away. "Think you two can handle business without me for a few days?"

"We'll be just fine, Shinichi and I should have more than enough mind power to weather the storm." Tim replied.

"I don't know Drake, he is the dumbest after all." Heiji reminded.

"We're really bringing that up again," Conan said turning from the window. "If anything, you should have the title of dumbest."

"Me," Heiji exclaimed sitting up. "You're the one who sported the pink dress."

"And you're the one who thought it would be a good idea to throw fists with Tim," Conan striked back. "If I hadn't intervened you might be sitting in a hospital somewhere."

Tim stepped in between the two of them with a chuckle.

"Relax guys, just cool it for a little bit," He said looking to the clock. "We only have about an hour until take off."

"Fine." Conan said turning back to the glass.

"Sure." Heiji said sitting back once more.

Tim took a seat as well, the last hour dragging just as the previous two had. They boarded five minutes earlier than expected. The three of them spent the flight listening to music, giving their minds a rest from the tasks at hand. The landing was smooth and crisp.

"Here's my number, call me if you find or need anything." Heiji said handing him a slip of paper as they exited the airport.

"You'll be hearing from me soon." Tim replied placing the piece of paper into his pocket.

Heiji nodded his head, walking into a separate direction. Tim signaled for a cab. It wasn't long after one arrived. He and Conan stepped in, both checking the messages on their phones during the ride through the city. They made it to the apartment. Tim walked in, feeling through the dark, turning the switch up to light the room.

"Not bad for our first team case together," Tim said tossing his bag to the bed. "So far anyway."

Conan looked over to the clock to see it was a little passed ten.

"Almost forgot, we have school tommarrow."

"It's late, you want me to walk you home?" Tim asked.

"That would be nice, gotta get my stuff in line for school."

"Want me to bring along a copy of that photo for Ran?" Tim jokingly asked.

"Add yourself in contention for dumbest." Conan said turning back for the door.

Tim followed after him with a quick laugh. It was dark, the clouds covered a good portion of the moon. The both of them walked along, hands resting in their pockets. Not a word said for the first few blocks or so.

"Thanks for handling the whole Sidney thing like you did." Tim thanked.

"No problem, as long as it doesn't become a habit." Conan replied.

"Even if you're little miss Annie next time?"

"Timmm." Conan grunted.

"Ok, ok, we'll try and stay away from situations like that." Tim said removing his hands from his pockets.

They crossed the street, nearing the Mouri residents.

"Think Ran fell for the whole uncle Richard bit?"

"She was more excited than I was," Conan said looking up to him. "I think we're good in that regard."

They came to a stop, a lone car driving by.

"Guess I'll see you tommarrow after school."

"We goanna go up and check that place out on Tuesday?" Conan asked.

"That's when they are shipping, but we're going to crash the party Monday night."

"As they say, better early than late." Conan said in agreement.

"Very true, make sure to get some decent rest."

"And you be sure not to get yourself killed."

"I'm planning on a light patrol tonight, I'll be ok." Tim replied turning to walk away.

"Be safe." Conan thought to himself as he watched him head down the block.

He then went his way, walking up the fleet of stairs. Conan reached into his bag pulling out his key to the house. He walked in, surprised to see all the lights out.

"Can't believe they've both gone to bed already."

He walked into his room, switching the light on as he entered.

"Didn't know it would feel this good to be back, might have had something to do with that lack luster motel."

Conan laid his things out for school, hanging them near the door. He then slid into his pajamas, yawning as he jumped into bed. He found himself wide awake for the next few hours, a lot processing through his mind. His eyes closed, drifting into a deep sleep.

The sound of voices on the other side of the wall bounced through. His eyes opening to the light peaking through the curtain. Tim pushed up, flipping to the ground with a thump.

"Not a better way to start the day."

He ironed his school pants and shirt before placing them on.

"Looks like Conner tried to call, I'll have to get back to him in a bit." Tim said looking to see he had one missed call.

Tim threw his bag over his shoulders, pushing the door to the side.

Conan stood infront of the mirror brushing his teeth from side to side. Once finished he walked out to be met by Ran who was also heading for the front door.


"Good morning," Conan greeted. "I thought you had already taken off for school."

"How was your trip," Ran asked opening the front door. "Didn't know you'd be back this soon, I thought for sure you'd be gone for at least another day."

"I had a lot of fun, uncle Richard is a very lively guy." Conan said as the two of them stepped out.

"You should invite him over some time, I'd love to meet him."

"I'll be sure to do that." Conan responded.

The two of them walked next to one another for a block or so before heading their separate ways. Conan walked into the school yard, Genta being the first of his friends to approach.

"Conan, where were you on Friday?" He asked stepping up to him.

"I was visiting a..family relative," Conan quickly replied. "Did I miss anything important?"

"No, all we did was watch a movie."

"Where are the others," Conan asked looking around. "I don't see any of them."

"They're probably already in class." Genta said.

"Guess we better join them." Conan said as the two of them began walking.

They arrived, surprised to see class was already in session. Conan looked to his watch.

"Come on in you two." Sumiko said looking over to them.

"Has class already started?" Conan asked.

"We were just going over what everyone did over the weekend," Sumiko said with a smile. "We'd love for the both of you to join the discussion."

Both Genta and Conan took to their seats. He sat there, thinking up a story he'd tell to the class about his weekend. It didn't take long for Ms. Kobayashi to call out his name.

"Alright Conan, what did you do for your weekend?" She asked.

"Yea Conan, you weren't even here on Friday." Mitsuhiko added.

Conan tapped his pencil at the end of the desk, he could feel Ai watching him. He knew he had to come up with something, and it had to be convincing.

"I spent my weekend in Osaka, visiting a friend." Conan finally said.

"What did you guys do?" Ayumi asked from behind.

"We went to a circus, the arcade, traveled the city, it was a lot of fun." Conan replied.

"It sure sounds like it." Sumiko commented.

Conan breathed out in relief as she called on one of the other students. After they went through everyone, Sumiko gave a thirty minute lecture. The rest of the day was spent taking notes. Conan looked to the clock, class nearing it's end.

"I hope you all took good notes," Sumiko said stepping from the board. "We have a lot to get through next week, for there is no school Wednesday through Friday."

"Almost forgot about that."

"Next week will also be show and tell, so be thinking about something you can share with the class." Sumiko said.

"What can we bring?" Genta asked.

"Anything, just make sure it's school appropriate." Sumiko replied.

"I know what I'm going to bring." Mitsuhiko stated.

Conan felt a hand tap the left side of his shoulder. He turned knowing who wanted his attention.

"What are you going to bring?" Ayumi asked.

"I'm going to have to put some thought into that," Conan replied. "What about you?"

"I don't know... I guess I gotta give it some thought to."

Conan turned facing the front once again, the final bell of the day ringing shortly there after. He jumped down from his seat throwing his bag over his shoulders, catching up with Ai who made her way down the hall.

"Haibara, wait up." Conan called out.

She came to a stop, turning as Conan ran up to her side.

"You said Dr. Agasa had something for me."

"That's correct."

"Mind if I head over there with you."

"Not at all," Ai said turning to walk again. "So, you were with detective Hattori over the weekend."

"Yep, just made it sound a little more interesting for the class."

"You did a good job, you almost had me interested." She said with a smile as they pushed through the front doors.

Not many words were exchanged as they walked. They were met by Dr. Agasa who was just entering the house himself. He looked to see the two of them approaching.

"Conan, I was expecting you'd come around soon."

"What is it you have for me doc?" Conan asked.

"Come right on in."

Dr. Agasa pushed the door open, the three of them stepping in.

"Right this way." Dr. Agasa instructed.

He followed him into the kitchen. Dr. Agasa reached onto the counter grabbing a pair of shades.

"Here you are, I believe you'll find these rather useful." Dr. Agasa said handing it to him.

Conan placed the pair of shades over his eyes, nothing special happened.

"What exactly are these supposed to do?" Conan asked.

"There's a mini button on the left side," Dr. Agasa informed. "Try pressing down on it."

Conan did as instructed, amazed at what he saw.

"That is night vision you are using," Agasa said. "It also has heat signature capabilities."

"How do I use that?" Conan asked.

"By pressing down on the button once more." Dr. Agasa replied.

Conan played around with it for the next few seconds, pleased with his new toy.

"This will work wonders when tracking criminals on the run, or in hiding for that matter." Conan thought to himself.

"So what do you think of them?"

"I love um, they'll make for a viable option in my arsenal." Conan replied.

"If you want you can stay for dinner," Ai said strapping on an apron. "We're making a special tonight."

"I'd love to, but I really have something I need to do."

"You sure you don't want to stay here and hang with us for awhile?" Ai asked with a teasing wink.

Conan rubbed the back of his head with a slight laugh.

"I really have to go, but I'll be back over within the next few days." Conan said walking for the door.

"I hope you find your new gadget helpful."

"I'm positive I will, thanks doc." Conan said pulling the front door open.

Conan reached into his pocket, bringing his phone up.

He walked into the coffee shop, like he had most days after school. Tim stepped up to the front, ordering the usual. He stood to side, waiting for his order to be complete. They called his number within the first minute. He grabbed it, walking for the door. Just as he pressed up against the door, he saw her, sitting alone. He back tracked, looking to see her reading over something.

"I guess I've got a little extra time."

Tim walked back over to the front, ordering yet another coffee. He received it shortly after, slowly making his way over. He placed the mug on the table, taking a seat across from her.

"Mind if I join you Mrs. Kisaki?"

She glimpsed up for a brief second.

"How may I help you Mr. Wayne?" She asked directing her attention back to the paper.

"Just call me Tim."

"Alright then Tim, how may I be of service to you?" Eri asked.

"You look stressed, I got your favorite." Tim said sliding the mug over.

Eri looked up, becoming impatient. She brought the coffee up to her nose giving it a sniff, a surprised look followed.

"How did you know this was my favorite?"

"I could smell the mixture of the cream, nuts, banana, and caramel when you ordered it the time we met," Tim said breaking it down. "Guess you can say I have a talent for detail."

"That explains that, but how did you know it was me when you walked in?"

"Let's be honest Mrs. Kisaki, you're not exactly an easy person to miss." He replied.

She smiled at this, a small redness coming upon her cheeks.

"Are you flirting with me Tim?"

"No, not at all," Tim exclaimed sitting back. "Just trying to create a friendly conversation."

"You sure have a weird way of going about doing that," Eri said taking a sip. "By the way, have you met my daughter?"

"Your daughter?"

"Ran, she attends the same school as you."

"Ran.....I don't believe I have." Tim lied.

"You really should, I'm sure the two of you would get along."

"And I'm sure we wouldn't."

"You never know, maybe I'll run into her some time," Tim said sitting up. "Enjoy the rest of your day Mrs. Kisaki."

"Better get out of here before things get to personal, the mention of Ran equals time to go."

"Just curious, why did you accompany me?"

"You looked a little down, thought I'd try and lighten the mood." Tim said stepping around the table.

"Mission accomplished....by the way," She said with a smile. "Call me Eri."

Tim nodded.

"Until next time Eri."

With that he headed out, holding the coffee in hand. His phone began to ring just as he stepped onto the sidewalk.

"What's happening Conan?"

"So what's the plan?"

"I'm going to go give that address a look here in a bit." Tim replied.

"Ok, let me know what you find."

"Conan, think you can meet me at my place tonight?" Tim asked.

"I'll try."

"Good, see you then."

The two of them hung up, both knowing it was going to be one interesting night.

He walked in, surprised to see he was the first home. Conan tossed his bag to the side of the table, taking a seat. He sat in thought for minutes to come, his chin resting in the palm of his hand. A few minutes passed, his phone beginning to ring. He pulled it to his ear, answering it.

"Hey Ran, where are you?" Conan asked.

"Just calling to let you know we're having an after school karate session." Ran replied.

"What time do you think you'll be home?"

"It won't be to late, if you're hungry just make a sandwich," Ran suggested. "I'll make dinner when I get back."

"Ok, see you soon."

Conan flipped the phone shut, dropping it back into his pocket. He hopped down from the chair taking to his room.

"Maybe I should have stayed for Haibara's special."

He laid upon the bed, closing his eyes. His thoughts falling blank from his mind, finding himself asleep shortly there after. The sound of the door swinging open awoke him hours later.

"Dinner is ready." Ran said.

"I'll be out in a few," Conan said sitting up. "How did your karate session go?"

"It went well, we had a lot of sparring activities today."

"That had to be fun."

"Sure was," Ran said taking a step in. "Dad will be leaving in the morning for a couple days."

“Where’s he going?”

“A case up town, it’ll just be the two of us,” Ran said turning back for the door. “You can eat anytime.”

Conan placed his hands upon his knees, sitting in silence for awhile longer. He pulled out his phone, navigating to the game section. He found himself playing Packman, time flying by without him really realizing it.

"Can't believe I got past stage ten."

He played for awhile longer, becoming frustrated after not being able to complete the next level. Conan finally ended the game putting his phone into his jacket. He looked to the clock to see it was a little after ten.

"Can't believe I was on that thing for so long."

He jumped down from the bed, tip toeing through the hall. He looked to see Kogoro asleep at the couch.

"Yes," Conan exclaimed looking to see Ran with her head resting on the table. "Double yes."

Conan grabbed a snack, slowly making his way over. He slid on his shoes before quietly walking out the front door.

"Phew, couldn't have planned that any better."

He paced himself, making his way to the apartment.

"Twenty one minutes, I think I just set a record."

He reached up giving the door two shaky knocks. Tim opened the door in the next few seconds, looking down at him.

"What happened to you?"

"D..d...dogs," Conan came up with still catching his breath. "They chased me through half the city."

"I'm sure they did," Tim said giving him a strange look. "Come on in."

"Did you visit the drop site for the shipments?"

"Already did," Tim said sliding the closet door open. "Everything is set up."

Conan waited, watching as he suited up.

"You ready?" Tim asked pulling the cowl over his head.

"Let's do this."

The two of them walked out onto the balcony, Tim kneeling down next to him.

"Hop on."

"You want me to ride on your back?" Conan asked.

"Got any better ideas," He said looking toward him. "Last time I checked you weren’t able to fly."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Do you want to stop these guys or not?"

"What ever you say big brother." Conan muttered.

He jumped up, wrapping his arms around his neck.

"Hold on." Tim said launching the two of them into the air.

Conan slightly gasped, being caught by surprise from the force of the jump. They fell down toward the city, Conan tightening his grip. Red Robin yanked the grappler from his belt springing it loose. The first swing was crisp and sharp. Conan clamped his teeth in place as they swooped down. His glasses flew from his face, Red Robin managing to grab hold of them with his free hand, placing them into an empty pouch in his utility belt.

"Ease up kid, I won't let anything happen to you."

Each swing that followed felt more calming than the previous one, his grip loosening ever so slightly.

"That's it," He said firing to another building. "Just think of yourself as a baby robin taking his first flight."

In that second Red Robin connected with the largest building swinging them above it, placing the grappler back to his belt. Conan buried his head into his shoulder. He sprung his arms from side to side. Conan slowly peaked his head out to see they were now gliding.

"Sorry if I gave you a scare, the winds make for a smoother flight the further up."

He found himself in a dazed state, the wind gliding through his hair. He wasn't aware how much longer they flew, but they swooped onto the top of a building. Red Robin kneeled down allowing Conan to drop off.

"Here are your glasses back." Red Robin said pulling them from his utility belt.

"Nice reflexes by the way." Conan commented taking the glasses from his hand.

"Were you scared?"

"I've never been afraid of heights," Conan began. "It had more to do with not being in control."

"It's all about trust."

"I trust you RR, it's just.."

Tim placed a hand on his shoulder, the both of them smiling.

"Don't worry about it Conan, I already know."

He removed his hand from his shoulder, walking to the edge of the building. Conan stepped up next to him.

"Is that the place?" Conan asked looking to the neighboring building just across the street.

"That's it," Red Robin replied. "I have survaliance set up on all sides, it will alert us of anyone entering the general area."

"Why do we need to know that?" Conan asked.

"Just incase anyone arrives when I go in."

"You're going in?" Conan asked.

"Yep, it would be good if we could get ahold of that mercury gem."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Keep me informed through the com link." Red Robin replied.

Conan reached into his jacket placing the shades over his eyes, switching it to heat signature mode.

"There's about ten, no, eleven guy's in there." Conan informed.

Tim smiled at this.

"New gadget?"

"Yea, just got it today."

"Are you able to diagnose who's armed?"

"I'll give it a try."

Conan looked once more, checking to see if he could figure out who was armed and who wasn't.

"Looks like they are all armed except for that guy in the far corner," Conan said removing them from his eyes. "But you already knew that, didn't you?"

"Bravo, you're starting to be able to read me."

"Wasn't hard, your expression gave it away."

"You know the plan," Red Robin said stepping up to the ledge. "Let's see this thing through, be back shortly.

Conan watched as he glided down to the roof of the other building. He walked over plowing the vent to the roof open. Red Robin jumped in, crawling through the tight space. He could hear their voices echoing from below. He reached into his belt pulling out the laser pen, melting a hole into the side of the wall. Once finished Red Robin kicked it open, dropping into the room next to the one they operated from.

"You in yet?" Conan radioed.

"They're just on the other side of this wall." Red Robin replied placing timer bombs onto two sides of the wall.

"Keep me updated."

He placed his ear up against the wall, listening on.

"I recognize that voice.....Brutho."

"Place it onto the table Knightez," Brutho instructed. “Now you can all see the beauty of the mercury diamond.”

"Yes sir."

"Are we shipping every thing out tommarrow?" One asked.

"We'll get what we can done Tuesday night," Brutho said taking a step. "Whatever is left unaccounted for will be put into storage."

"What about that guy who attacked our group at the docks," Knightez asked. "Not to mention those three punks we encountered at Kosong."

"I have an extra set of eyes watching the streets," Brutho stated. "They will be found, and when they are......hell will be to pay."

With that statement the far wall exploded, knocking three of the gunmen to the ground, rendering them unconscious. Dust from the explosion circulated through the room, they could see his eyes fuming over at them.

"Who dare come in on us, identify yourself!!"

"That's him, that's the guy who attacked us!!!" Knightez stated.

"Who are you?!" Brutho shouted.

He took a few steps, coming into the light.

"Red Robin."

"Red Robin huh," Knightez said. "Guess people will be calling you Dead Robin."

Knightez aimed forward only to have his gun knocked from his hand from a birdrang.

"Ice him!!!!" Brutho ordered.

They took aim and fired as Red Robin jumped to the side, pulling his staff out from behind.

"Seven of them have firearms, gotta take um first."

He swung his staff knocking an M9 from one of their hands, while ducking down dodging incoming bullets.

"I need to end this quick."

"Is that all you can do, run around!!!" Brutho asked firing another round.

Red Robin jumped over two of the gunmen hammering them in the back of the head with the staff. Another jumped at him, reaching for the trigger. He extended his leg knocking him to the ground.

"The guy who's unarmed, he's not attacking....why?"

He turned just in time as a fist came flying at him. He ducked down hitting them in the gut. Red Robin put his staff away flipping away from another set of incoming bullets.

"I've let this drag on long enough, time to finish this."

He tossed a couple smoke bombs to the ground, quickly going to work. Taking each of them down, one by one.

"RR, what's going on in there."

"Kinda busy Conan." Red Robin radioed back.

"Thought you should know there's a truck taking off."

"Truck?" Red Robin questioned knocking another to the ground.

"It's just right outside of the building."

"Stay put, I'll be out there soon."

He got no response.

"Conan, Conan...Conan!!!"

Red Robin quickly routed the rest of the Outworlders, only Brutho standing before him.

"You're better than I thought you'd be," Brutho stated while fixing his collar. "But why attack me and my men?"

"I'm putting an end to your little boy scout party."

"You working for the Black Yangs?"

"I'm a loner on a quest," Red Robin said taking a step toward him. "After I'm done with the Outworlders, they're next."

"Killing me won't end the Outworlders, you should know that."

"That's not what tonight was about."

"Then why are you here?" Brutho asked.

"I'm taking you in, you're the first step in me crippling your organization." Red Robin declared.

Brutho laughed taking a step back. He looked down, kicking a machine gun up from the ground, taking aim and firing. He dodged the flying bullets as Brutho ran for the exit. Knightez pushed up, following after him.

"Got him." Red Robin said connecting with a tracer.

He looked to the back wall to see the man who had been watching him fight was gone.

"He might be the guy who took off in the truck."

He directed his attention over to the table, there was nothing there.

"Could have sworn Knightez put the mercury gem up there," Red Robin said walking over. "So where is it?"

Red Robin headed for the door, pushing it open. He looked up to the building across the street, Conan was nowhere to be seen.

"Great...as soon as I alert the police I need to see where he skipped off to."

He raced down the side walk, turning yet another corner to see the truck come to a stop at a red light.

"Now's my chance."

Conan pressed down on his belt, booming one of the inflatable soccer balls forward. It connected with one of the tires, completely frying it. The driver of the truck jumped out, running toward the train station.

"Oh no you don't." Conan said chasing after him.

He darted down the street, turning the corner to see the man in the black suit come to a stop.

"He must think he's safe, guess I'll have to give him a surprise." Conan said continuing to run.

He raced over, jumping infront of him. He looked, noticing a shiny diamond embedded into the mouth of a golden lion.

"Is that some kind of trophy.....must be the gem of mercury."

"Can I help you boy?" The man asked.

"You stole that diamond, didn't you?" Conan asked.

The man turned to run yet again. Conan jumped up grabbing him by his hair, causing him to fall to the ground. He looked to his hand to see he held a mask. Conan then looked back up to the thief.

"Kid, Kaitou Kid." Conan exclaimed.

"Edagawa Conan, not sure how you were able to track me," Kaitou Kid said tossing the rest of his disguise off. "But I'm positive you won't be able to catch me." He said taking off once more.

Just as Conan was about to chase after him someone grabbed him from behind. He felt his feet leave the ground, flying up toward the building he stood by. He looked up just as Red Robin placed him back to his feet on the roof.

"Wait, you're just going to let him get away?"

"He's not our concern, it's who he's working for."

"Working for," Conan questioned. "You know something I don't?"

"The mercury gem he just took was an IIb type diamond, just like the ones he's been stealing." Red Robin replied.

"You think he's working for someone?" Conan asked.

"His MO has changed as of recent, he must be working for someone." Red Robin said.

"Now all we need to find out is the who and why."

"Not to mention Kid's decision to work for someone, there must be a good reason why." Red Robin added.

"I'm pretty sure he wouldn't tell us even if we asked," Conan said beginning to pace. "Guess that means we have some homework to do."

"I'll get on it first thing after school."

"Did you happen to plant a tracer on Kid?" Conan asked.

"Don't want to risk it, not after what happened with Gin," Red Robin stated. "He found the tracer, knew I was coming before I struck."

"You make a good point."

"I think we'd better call it a night, let me take you home." Red Robin said reaching out.

"You promise not to do any more exotic flips?"

"I promise."

Conan jumped to his back, looking to the traffic below as they swung from building to building. After returning Conan home Tim headed to the bell tower, letting his mask hang from his neck. He closed his eyes, the warm wind blowing past his face.

"What an interesting night it was."

He headed back to the apartment a little after one, getting a good nights rest himself.

Conan paved through the hall, Mitsuhiko walking up next to him.

“I tried to call you last night, was your phone off?”

“Sorry about that, I was in the middle of playing Packman.” Conan replied.

“What level are you on?” Mitsuhiko asked.


“What,” Mitsuhiko exclaimed. “I haven’t even got passed stage eight.”

“Just wait until you get to level ten.”

They walked into class, being one of the first few. Sumiko smiled as the two of them took to their seats.

“Have either of you given some thought on what you’ll share with the class next week?” She asked.

“I have.” Mitsuhiko said.

“I’m still thinking, I should have something picked out by tonight.” Conan answered.

“Take your time choosing,” Sumiko advised. “Try and make it meaningful or something the class can enjoy.”

The two of them nodded. Class beginning shortly after. They had a game day, watching a movie to end the period.

“That was an easy day.” Genta said as they pushed through the front doors.

“I think Conan cheated on that last game,” Mitsuhiko said looking to him. “Could have sworn I seen a card resting up his sleeve.”

“I didn’t cheat,” Conan assured. “Why would I do that, I prefer winning with strategy.”

“Even if that means having a hidden card?” Ai asked.

“I didn’t hide anything.” Conan stated looking to her.

“I believe you.” Ayumi said coming to his defense.

“Enough about that,” Genta said looking to change the subject. “What are you guys bringing for show and tell next week?”

“I have a few choices.” Mitsuhiko answered.

“I have no idea,” Ayumi said. “I’ll ask my mom, I’m sure she’ll have something.”

“What about you two?” Genta asked.

“Still in the thinking process.” Conan replied.

“Mines a surprise.” Ai said looking away with a grin.

“I’m sure it is, until you think of something that is.” Conan thought to himself.

“I guess we’re all in the same predicament.” Genta said.

At that second Conan’s phone began ringing, he pulled it out heading in a separate direction from his friends.

“Conan, where are you going?” Ayumi asked.

“I have to meet someone, I’ll catch up with you guys later.” Conan replied bringing the phone to his ear.

“He never walks that way, who could he be meeting?” Ai thought to herself.

Conan made his way over, striding along the sidewalk. He arrived at the apartment shortly after. The door unlocked as told.

“You said you wanted to talk to me about something.” Conan said stepping in.

“I think I’m ready to tell Ran.”

“Tell her,” Conan questioned. “By tell, how much do you mean?”

“Just enough, to the point of her trusting me.”

Conan lifted a brow, very confused at this late development.

“So what exactly changed your mind on this matter?” Conan asked.

“Take a seat and I’ll tell you.” Tim replied.

“Ok.” Conan said taking a seat at the end of the bed.

He turned the computer screen to where Conan could see it as well.

“Bill records, who’s are those?” Conan asked.

“I planted a tracer on Knightez last night, he’s planning a little trip.”

“Trip, what kind of trip?”

“A cruise, I’m betting he’s meeting someone important,” Tim began. “There’s going to be a lot of big name people there.”

“So you want us to follow after him.”

“You catch on quick Shinichi.” Tim said.

“What about Brutho, is he going to?”

“Not that I know of,” Tim said standing from the chair. “When I tracked down Knightez, Brutho was nowhere to be seen.”

“Knightez must have a real name, having a billing history and all.”

“Right you are,” Tim said pulling up another link. “His name is Freil.”

“Freil,” Conan questioned. “I wonder where that originates.”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

“When does this little cruise take place?” Conan asked.


Tim walked over to the window, looking to the sun which hid behind the clouds.

“Where does you making good with Ran fit into all of this?” Conan asked.

“I want her to come along, as my date.” Tim replied still looking to the sky.

“What,” Conan exclaimed jumping down from the bed. “What do you mean as your date?!”

“I need something to keep the attention off of me, being a Wayne and all,” Tim said. “This also gives us flexibility with our investigation.”

“You hired that college kid to be your butler, why can’t you hire another to be your date?” Conan asked.

“That wouldn’t fix the part of me taking you with me, unless you want uncle Richard to call again,” Tim replied. “I think it’s time I stopped lying to her, the both of us for that matter.”

Conan walked over leaning up against the wall.

“If it makes you feel any better, there will be two beds,” Tim said looking to him. “You can sleep with Ran, I’ll take the other.”

“How long will this.....little trip be for?” Conan asked.

“Four days.”

Conan thought about this for a few minutes. Tim sat back down, typing something up. Conan walked over soon after, standing to the side of him.

“Ok, I’m all in,” Conan spoke out. “Under one condition.”

“Name it.” Tim said still fixated on the computer.

“Don’t try anything funny.”

“My track record with women hasn’t been very successful, you don’t have to worry about me stealing her away from you.”

“So...what am I supposed to tell Ran when I get home?” Conan asked.

“You just be extra nice, I’ll handle the rest when I stop by tommarrow.......by the way,” Tim said looking to him. “You think she would like roses?”

Conan crossed his arms.

“You sure that’s necessary?”

“After all the drama we’ve been through, I’d say so.” Tim replied.

“Yea, she’d like that.” Conan mumbled heading for the door.

“I’ll see you soon.” Tim called out.

Conan walked out, the door closing behind him.

“This plan is going to fail.” The both of them thought.

He dragged along, kicking any stone which lay in his path. Conan made it back to the house, dinner sitting on the stove. Ran came walking out of her room a few seconds later placing a bag next to the door, heading to the bathroom right after.

“Did I mention I really hate his plan?”

She came out a few seconds later, reaching down and tossing the bag over her shoulder.

“I’ll see you in a few days.”

“Wait...where are you going?” Conan asked.

“The art show,” Ran answered opening the front door. “Remember the ticket you gave me?”

“Oh...yea,” Conan said rubbing the back of his head. “Then who’s going to watch me, Kogoro’s out on a case.”

At that second Sonoko walked in, heading over for the table.

“It’ll only be for a few days,” Ran said. “I’ll try and bring you something back.”

Ran walked out, closing the door behind her.

“There goes our plan right down the long drain.”

Conan turned as Sonoko approached.

“I dropped a lot of plans to come and watch you,” Sonoko said coming to a stop infront of him. “So you better be on your best behavior.”

“I will.” Conan replied with a laugh.

“So.....what do you want to do for the next few days?” Sonoko kindly asked.

“We’re screwed.”

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 20

Aboard the Seawolf

The room seemingly began revolving around him, the walls expanding outward. He looked up, gazing into her eyes. The smile dropped from her face.

“What’s wrong with you,” Sonoko questioned standing up straight. “I asked one simple question and you don’t even seemed clued in.”

“It’s just that, I...I.”

“What would Tim do?”

“I what,” Sonoko asked placing her hands upon her waist. “What is it you want to tell me?”

“Got it,” Conan thought to himself. “Tim would Improvise, that’s what he’d do.”

“I....I really want to see you,” Conan said with a gulp. “Model.”

“Model,” Sonoko questioned. “What are you talking about?”

Conan rubbed the back of his head, looking to the ground.

“That came out wrong, what the heck am I saying anyway.”

“Conan, care to clarify to me what you are mumbling about?” Sonoko asked.

He stood in place, his palms becoming moist. He took a step back touching up against the wall.

“Oh, right.” Conan thought with the snap of his finger.

“Fashion, that’s what I’m talking about.” Conan finally answered.

“Fashion,” Sonoko asked with a confused look. “I’m not sure I follow.”

“I was wondering what your latest line of interest is.” Conan said stepping from the wall.

“Let me get this straight,” Sonoko said with the narrowing of her eyes. “You want to see me model in some of my latest purchases.”

Conan shook his head up and down, a smile present.

“Yes, your best looking ones.” Conan added.

“Why?” Sonoko quickly asked.

“Because of..my......school project.” Conan thought up.

“School project?”

“I have to gather information on two different induvisuals dealing with their taste when it comes to fashion,” Conan began. “Ran already gave in her input, so yea.”

“What do you do with the data once you’ve collected it?” Sonoko asked still a little skeptical.

“An in depth comparison on each person, right down to the fabric and color.” Conan replied.

“Oh, I see,” Sonoko said heading for the door. “I’ll be back shortly.”

She slid the door open, looking over at him one last time.

“This better not be some cheap trick to get me out of the house either, if it is,” Sonoko warned. “I’ll make this little vacation of yours is one to forget.”

“Oh no, this is no trick.” Conan said waving his hands around.

“We’ll see,” Sonoko said stepping out. “You better be here when I get back.”

“I will.” Conan said assuringly.

The door shutting afterward. He took a couple breaths knowing he had caught a break, even if it was a small one.

“I wonder what’s goanna be more shattering, me watching and rating Sonoko on her little dress up,” Conan thought with the rolling of his eyes. “Or Tim finding out she’ll be the one joining us on our little trip.”

He sat in silence for what he thought would be a short amount of time. An hour rolled by, another following in it’s path. Conan looked to his watch, it was nearing seven.

“What is taking her so long,” Conan stressed from waiting. “I wonder if she forgot she’s supposed to be watching me.”

The door swung open at that very second. She stepped in with a green bag strapped to her left shoulder. Conan waited as she walked over dropping it into the center of the table.

“Sorry it took me so long, had a lot to decide from.”

“I bet.” Conan muttered.

“You ready to begin?” Sonoko asked.

“About as ready as I’ll ever be.” Conan replied.

“Oh kay then, let’s get started.”

“Tim’s plan had fail written on it, better add mine is absolute fail.”

Conan sat at the table, time after time commenting and jotting down notes about each different outfit. He found his eyes becoming tiresome after about the tenth trial, struggling to keep them open.

“Why again did I come up with this?”

“Last one.” Sonoko said coming from the bathroom once more.

Conan looked her over, writing down on the paper once more.

“I give that one a six point five.” Conan stated.

“A six point five,” Sonoko exclaimed. “The highest score you’ve given me all night is an eight, bet you gave Ran all ten’s huh?”

“That’s not true, I’m just very critical on my critiquing.” Conan explained.

She swayed her hair from one side to the other with a huff, taking a few steps toward him.

“I don’t believe you,” Sonoko said continuing her approach. “Let me see that little notebook of yours.”

“No,” Conan insisted pulling it to his side. “It’s confidential, I won’t tell her your scores either.”

“I guess I’ll just have to ask her myself.” Sonoko said turning away with the lift of her head.

Conan looked down to his watch, it was just a little passed nine thirty.

“Thanks for taking the time in your day for my little project,” Conan thanked. “I’m going to head off to bed, I’ll see you in the morning.”

He turned heading for his room.

“Better not sleep with your eyes to tight.” Sonoko playfully called out.

Conan smiled at this, closing the door to his room once in.

“I wonder if I should sleep with an eye open.”

He slipped into his pajamas, walking over, rolling under the sheets. He fell asleep shortly after, part of his mind conscious of Sonoko’s little warning. He slept through the whole night, not a single eye peaked for the door

A scream thrashed through the walls. Conan bounced up, the screams continuing to surface in.

“That’s Sonoko!”

He jumped out of bed striding for the door. Conan came to a stop to see her sitting infront of the TV.

“I heard you scream, are you ok?”

She screamed once more, her full attention still to the screen. Conan looked to see some young shirtless guy surfing.

“I can’t believe I came running for this.”

Conan took back to his room, dressing into his clothes for the day. He walked back out pouring himself a bowl of cereal. His mind was set on his thoughts, he could have been eating a bowl full of milked down wood chips and wouldn’t have noticed. He washed up his dish when finished. Sitting at the table for the next few hours. His phone finally ringing just past one.

“Hey Tim, did you manage to get tickets?” Conan asked answering his phone.

“It wasn’t easy, but I got them.”

“So when are you coming?” Conan asked.

“I’m actually on my way now, what did you tell Ran?” Tim asked.

“Nothing, just like you instructed.”

“Good," Tim said. “Sit tight, I’ll be there shortly.” Tim stated with the two of them hanging up.

“Boy is he in for a surprise.” Conan whispered with a slight snicker.

Conan dropped his phone to his pocket, rubbing the ends of his knuckles. It was now time for him to let Sonoko in on their little planned trip. She sat with her eyes still glued to the TV. Conan sat next to her, looking to the TV as well.

“You finally decide on what you want to do for the next few days?” Sonoko asked noticing his presence.

“I was thinking maybe we could go on a cruise.”

“A cruise,” Sonoko questioned turning her body to face him. “Do you mean like on a boat?”

“Exactly what I’m referring to, think about it,” Conan said standing to his feet. “We could really have a lot of fun.”

“That stuff costs money you know,” Sonoko said leaning forward. “Besides, you have to make reservations and all that good stuff.”

“What if I told you we already have tickets to go on one?”

“Are you serious?!” Sonoko asked jumping up.

“I kid you not, I’m going to go pack some things,” Conan said standing to his feet. “Tim is on his way now, so we better get ready quick.” Conan added.

As he walked Sonoko stepped infront of him, her arms crossing across her chest.

“What did you just say?” Sonoko asked.

“Dammit, I was hoping she wouldn’t catch that last part.” Conan thought to himself with a laugh.

“I don’t see what’s so funny,” Sonoko striked. “You said something about Tim being on his way, is that true?”

Conan shook his head up and down, smiling as he did.

“He’s the one with the tickets.”

Sonoko began walking in circles, very confused at the whole situation.

“Are you telling me you’ve been hanging out with him?”

“Yea, he’s a real down to earth guy,” Conan said turning off the TV. “He invited the two of us to a cruise, I said yes.”

“Ok, now I’m really confused,” Sonoko said taking a seat once again. “Are he and Ran speaking?”

Conan rubbed the back of his head, nervously looking to the ground.

“Not exactly,” Conan said looking back up. “Ran dosen’t know about me and Tim’s friendship.”

“So you two have been hiding it from her?”

“Yes, but he really wants to tell her,” Conan began. “He’s just a little scared.”

“Scared, scared of what,” Sonoko snapped. “He’s put her through a lot recently in case you hadn’t noticed.”

“Tim’s wanted to apologize, he’s just a little afraid,” Conan said taking a step back. “Afraid Ran might use her karate on him.”

A moment of silence falls between the two. Conan holding his breath for a few seconds. Sonoko bursted out in laughter, tears of humor falling down her cheeks.

“What a wimp!” Sonoko said continuing to laugh.

“If only she knew.” Conan thought to himself shaking his head from side to side.

Conan stood, waiting for her laughter to come to a closing. Her laughs turned into giggles, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Ok, I’m sorry,” Sonoko said sitting up. “I didn’t let you finish.”

“Tim was wondering if you could talk to her for him,” Conan said. “He’s ready to come clean about everything, the cruise is just to show he cares.”

“Why should I.” Sonoko asked.

“Because he’s sorry.” Conan stated.

“I’m not going, and neither are you,” Sonoko declared. “My mind is made up.”

“Come on Sonoko, there’s going to be a lot of big name people aboard,” Conan began. “I bet there will be some really cute guys just dying to meet you.” Conan pushed.

She leaned over the couch, thinking about the proposition proposed. Conan headed to his room, almost sure he had tipped the scale in his favor. He packed a swim suit, an extra pair of clothes, and his handy dandy gadgets. He walked back out to see Sonoko holding two dresses up.

“Which one do you prefer, this one or this?”

He looked to the green one, then to the dark purple dress.

“That one.” Conan said pointing to his second choice.

Conan walked up to the window, looking down to see a limo pull up near the street.

“Looks like our ride is here,” Conan said looking back to Sonoko. “I’ll see you down stairs.”

Conan tightened his straps, running for the door.

“Be down in a sec.” Sonoko said just as the door closed.

Conan raced down, darting toward the parked vehicle. He opened the back door to see Tim in the far corner texting. He stepped in closing the door behind him.

“Thought we agreed I was going to come up,” Tim said directing his attention to Conan. “You didn’t tell her anything did you?”

“I see you got the roses.” Conan said noticing them next to his leg.

He pushed up sitting next to him.

“Why did you come down, shouldn’t we both be there when I tell her?” Tim asked.

A couple seconds went by, Tim waiting for Conan’s response. He didn’t get one.

“She is coming, right?”

“She is....just not Ran.” Conan mumbled.

“What do you mean,” Tim asked. “If Ran isn’t joining us, then who is?”

The door opened, she stepped in taking a seat right across from him.

“Hi Tim,” Sonoko said with a smile. “Heard you wanted to talk to me about something.”

“Yeeaaa....we’ll discuss that later.” Tim said looking to Conan, giving him the ‘we need to talk later’ look.

“Are those for me?” Sonoko asked noticing the roses.

“Hope you like them.” Tim said holding them out.

“They’re nice,” Sonoko said taking them into her hands. “I have a boyfriend remember, I hope this isn’t you trying to gain my interest.”

“Ofcourse not, it’s just to make up for everything that’s happened.” Tim stated.

Conan began giggling, receiving an elbow to the side from Tim.

“Well thanks,” Sonoko said gripping them. “I love them.”

“Glad you do.” Tim said through his teeth looking down to Conan who gulped.

The limo took off shortly after. It was a quiet drive, hitting a couple bumps here and there every so often. They stopped infront of a large building, the three of them exiting out with their belongings.

“Where do we go from here?” Conan asked.

“Just down this block.” Tim pointed.

The streets were busy just like most other days. As they walked both Conan and Tim noticed Sonoko slouching along from behind. They waited for her to catch up.

“Let me get that for you.” Tim said sliding her bag away from her, gripping it into his right hand.

“Thank you.” Sonoko whispered.

The scent became stronger, more clear, nearing the ocean which was just a block away. Suddenly Sonoko cut off their path, walking to a small shop just to the right.

“What are you doing,” Tim asked. “The ship is that way.”

“I didn’t pack a swim suit,” Sonoko informed. “I’m going to see if this little place sells any, I’ll only be a minute.”

“Take your time.” Tim said looking down to Conan who couldn’t help but smile.

No words were exchanged for the first few seconds.

“I can explain.” Conan finally talked out.

“I’m sure you can,” Tim said crossing his arms. “You must feel real proud, how long did it take for you to come up with this?”

“This was not intentional,” Conan explained. “I had given Ran a ticket to an art show.”

“An art show,” Tim questioned. “When did you give her that.”

“About a week ago,” Conan said remembering back. “Had to cover up for the times I spent the night at your apartment.”

“Looks like that came back to haunt us,” Tim said uncrossing his arms. “But I still owe you one for this.”

“Give it your best,” Conan said looking to his watch. “You have a plan on what we’re going to do with Knightez?”

“I’ve got an idea, but it’s not what you think.” Tim replied.

“Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with this time.”

They stood for another minute, Sonoko had not arrived back.

“How much longer do you think she’ll be in there?” Tim asked.

“I’d give it a couple more, three tops.” Conan replied.

The two of them decided to stand up against the wall, watching as others walked down the walk way. The comfort of the shade blocking the sun’s heat from touching down on them completely. Another minute passed, the two continuing to wait patiently. He looked up from the ground, something of beauty coming to his sight.

“Who is that?” Tim thought to himself.

She walked along the other side of the street, his eyes continuing to follow her, admiring her slick long hair, the perfect curbs in her legs. Conan looked up to see him totally out of it. He looked to the other side of the street to see what had got him all blanked out. Conan saw her as well, knowing exactly who he was looking at.

“Tim, hey Tim,” Conan said waving his hand up at him. “Snap out of it.”

He looked down at him, jumping back into reality.

“Oh, hey Conan,” Tim said with a smile. “Sonoko come out yet?”

“Don’t play dumb, I saw you looking over at her.” Conan said ignoring his question.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, I was looking at that fish sign.” Tim pointed.

Conan looked over noticing a fish with an eye patch on. He looked back up to Tim crossing his arms.

“Who exactly are you fooling?” Conan asked.

“Ok, so I got caught in the moment,” Tim said dropping his smile. “It’s not like you haven’t done it.”

“I’d advice for you to wipe her from your mind, she’s sorta taken,” Conan stated with the tip of his glasses. “She and our other partner are kinda....linked.”

“Partner, linked, what are you talking about?” Tim asked as someone stepped up.

“Hi Conan, who is this with you?” A friendly voice said from behind.

Tim turned around. It was her, standing right infront of him, the girl he had been watching from afar. Conan stepped inbetween the two of them looking from one to the other.

“This is Tim Drake,” Conan said introducing him. “He’s come all the way from Gotham on business, and to attend school.”

“Nice to meet you Tim, I’m Kazuha.”

“Nice to meet you to.” Tim said reaching out shaking her hand.

“Partner, linked....he must be talking about Heiji,” Tim thought to himself. “This must be his girlfriend.”

“What are you two doing up here anyway,” Kazuha asked. “Is Ran with you?”

“She’s actually at an art show right now,” Conan said. “So what has brought you all the way from Osaka this time?”

“I’m going on a cruise.” Kazuha replied.

“Maybe we’ll see you,” Conan said. “We’re going on one as well.”

“What does the bottom left of your ticket say?” Kazuha asked.

“Why?” Conan asked looking down.

“It tells you the name of the ship you will be on.”

He gave it a look, the name reading ‘Seawolf.”

“I guess we’re on the Seawolf.” Conan said.

“So will I,” Kazuha stated. “Maybe we could all hang together.”

She turned to see Tim smiling over at her, causing her to slightly blush. Tim noticed turning his head to the side. Conan looked up at the two of them shaking his head from side to side.

“Can’t say I didn’t try.” Conan thought to himself.

“Just out of curiosity, why are you two going on a cruise?”

“What can we say, nothing better to do with our little time off.” Tim replied.

“What about you?” Conan asked.

“My father insisted I go,” Kazuha answered. “There’s supposed to be a lot of public figures attending, and I don’t mind meeting new people.” She said turning back to Tim.

“I guess we all share that in common.” Tim said resting his hands in his pocket.

“Have you made any friends since you’ve been here?”

“Sure have, thanks to Conan.” Tim replied looking down to him.

“Hope you don’t mind me asking,” Kazuha said taking a step at him. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Why is she asking...?”

“No, I’m currently single.”

“Is that so, tell me...what do you look for in a woman?”

“She’s obviously up to something, gotta shake her some how.”

“That’s a tough question you present,” Tim said thinking up something. “I tend to go for girls with shorter hair.”

“Why’s that?”

“I don’t know,” Tim said looking to the sky. “Long haired women just tend to turn me off.”

He continued looking to the sky for a few seconds longer, directing his attention back down when she didn’t reply. Kazuha stood with her fists clenched, anger very apparent across her face.

“Kazuha, are you ok?” Tim calmly asked.

She stomped one of her feet to the ground, glaring over at him.

“So being around me turns you off!!” Kazuha exploded.

Tim jumped back, touching up against the wall.

“It’s not like that.” Tim explained.

“Then what!” She yelled cornering him.

He put his hands to her shoulder, trying to calm her down. She quickly slapped them away, becoming even more enraged.

“Don’t touch me!”

Sweat ran down the side of his face, looking from the corner of his eye to see Conan struggling to contain his laughter.

“What’s going on?”

The three of them turned to see Sonoko holding a few bags in her hand. Kazuha anger quickly dropping.

“Sonoko, what are you doing here?” Kazuha asked.

“I’m with them,” She replied walking over. “The three of us are going on a cruise.”

“So am I, atleast I’ll have someone to talk to,” Kazuha said looking back to Tim. “You should really teach your friend here how to talk to a lady.”

“Tim,” Sonoko said flashing her attention over to him. “What did you do this time?”

“I...I, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Sure you didn’t,” Kazuha said turning to walk. “I’ve never been into arrogant hairists anyway.”

“Cant you be polite for once,” Sonoko asked rolling her eyes. “Can you hold these?”

She handed him the bags before taking off after Kazuha. Tim stood in place with his hands out, not fully sure on what just happened.

“I’ve heard of racist and sexist,” Tim stated. “But hairist....is that even a word.”

“I guess now it is.” Conan said walking on after them.

“Nice going Conan, I thought you were supposed to be my backup.”

“Guess you were mistaken.”

Tim shrugged reaching down grabbing the other bags, trailing behind the rest of the group. The beach came into view as they continued to walk. Four large ships could be seen floating near shore.

“I wonder which one’s the Seawolf.” Conan thought to himself.

It didn’t take long to figure out which one it was, the name being painted on the side. They walked up a pair of extended stairs, which took them up. With each step a crack could be heard beneath their feet. They made it on deck to see a couple others standing around. The four of them took to the right, finding an empty space to stand.

“Where do you think the captain is?” Conan asked.

“He’s probably in the cabin making last minute adjustments.” Kazuha guessed.

Everyone talked for the next few minutes. Conan and Tim the only two who waited in silence. A loud whistle can be heard, everyone directing their attention to the left. No one spoke a word, a man dressed in a full body suit and matching hat approached. He came to a stop, looking the whole group over.

“Hello everyone, I am Remuir Naoki,” He stated with the tip of his hat. “And I will be your captain for the next few days.”

“I guess we’ll be taking off soon.” Conan thought to himself.

“If it isn’t to much to ask, I’d like for you all to form a circle,” Naoki instructed. “When I come around to collect your ticket I want you to tell everyone one thing about yourself.”

With that everyone formed a circle. Conan looked to his right to see two children his age. Tim tapped him on the shoulder a second later.

“Looks like you have some potential friends.” Tim said.

The captain counted everyone off, then looking back to his clip board.

“We’re missing one person.”

At that second the sound of someone trotting up the stairs can be heard. Everyone looked over to see a young woman step up, the soft wind blowing the ends of her skirt. Conan immediately recognized her. Captain Naoki walked over bringing her to the circle.

“I’m glad you could join us, I’ll be your captain for this trip.”

“I look forward to it.”

“If you don’t mind, could you start us off,” Naoki said taking a step away. “State your name and one thing about yourself.”

“My name is Nakamori Aoko, daughter of inspector Ginzo.”

Sonoko waved over, Aoko waving back.

“They must know eachother.” Tim thought to himself.

The captain collected her ticket moving to the next person.

“And you are?”

“What’s happening everyone, I’m Nou Shoji,” He said with the flick of his hair. “For those who haven’t heard of me, I’m the MVP dancer of the year.”

Kazuha and Sonoko began to bounce up and down. Tim raised a brow looking to Conan.

“What’s with these two?” Tim whispered.

“He’s a hot item these days.” Conan replied.

He headed to the next person in the circle as they took a step forward.

“My name is Takeo,” He said introducing himself. “I’m a freelance writer, love working with children’s books.”

“Never heard of him before.” Conan thought to himself.

“Glad to be aboard the Seawolf, I’m Déwu,” He said with the wave of his hand. “I’m a professional chef, a lot of you might have caught my show which airs just after noon.”

“I’m just a friend of Déwu,” The man next to him stated. “I spend my days chopping down trees.”

“And your name is?” Captain Naoki asked.

“Hiroki.” He replied.

He walked to the next passenger as both Déwu and Hiroki whistled out. She turned to the side ignoring the two of them.

“I’m Kim, professional diver.”

“I’ve seen her on TV, she’s actually pretty good.” Conan thought to himself.

“Guess it’s my turn, never really been good with introductions,” He said with a smile. “My names Tsuneo, I manage a wide spread food company throughout all Japan.”

Conan and Tim looked to eachother as he approached the next passenger.

“I’m Bondo Salvonte, and this is my secretary Ladislav,” He said pointing to the woman next to him. “We do a lot of traveling, for the expansion of my business ofcourse.”

Ladislav had long brown hair, with imposing forest green eyes. She wore a full body uniform, a gun attached to her leg just below her skirt. Conan gulped at this.

“She looks like she means business.” Conan thought to himself.

“Sexy....but dangerous.” Tim said to himself.

It was finally his turn, the man that had brought them to this very place.

“Omah Freil, computer programmer for the newly created company Star Ruffs.” He said proudly.

“So we have a last name, that’s a step in the right direction.” Tim thought to himself.

“The names Norio, I was known as one of the best snipers back when I was in the military.”

The captain took another step, nearing their group.

“I’m Setsuko,” She introduced. “I take pride in my job as a pianist.”

“We have a piano just outside the casino room,” Captain Naoki informed. “If you’d like to use it, feel free to do so.”

“That would be great, I’ll even listen.” Aoko said.

Naoki kneeled down looking to two of the youngsters, a smile coming to his face.

“And who might you two be?” He asked.

“My names Yuji, and this is my sister Kamiko.” The boy stated.

“So who are you both traveling with?” Captain Naoki asked.

He turned to see Shoji approaching.

“They’re with me,” Shoji claimed. “I’m friends with there parents, agreed to bring them along for the cruise.”

Naoki nodded, directing his attention to Conan.

“I’m Conan, junior detective.” He said handing Naoki his ticket.

“Welcome aboard young detective.”

He stood back to his feet, stretching out his legs.

“Hello captain, I’m Timothy Wayne,” He said handing him three tickets. “Though most of my friends address me by Tim Drake.”

Sonoko and Kazuha both looked to see their tickets were missing, a grin coming to Tim’s face.

“I can’t find my ticket.”

“Nor can I.” Kazuha said.

The two of them froze when he stepped infront of them. He looked down, then back up.

“You two must be Kazuha and Sonoko.” Naoki said looking to the tickets then toward them.

“How did you know that?” Sonoko asked.

“Mr. Drake already handed me your tickets.”

He had his back turned to them, but he could feel both girls glaring over at him. He walked past the two of them heading for the last passenger.

“And you are?”

“Takako,” She answered. “My brother being a high class general in the military.”

Captain Naoki took to the middle of the circle, giving every person one last look.

“Now you all know eachother to a degree, feel free to chat amongst yourselves,” He said. “I’ll have your rooms assigned shortly.”

“About how long are we talking?” Tsuneo asked.

“Have to reset all the clocks, we had a power outage a few hours ago.”

“Won’t that take a long time to go through each room?” Freil asked.

“Naturally, but all our clocks can be controlled manually from the engine room,” Naoki informed. “It has a one minute delay when changing the times, so I always set it one minute ahead to keep everything in proportion.”

“Interesting, didn’t know they had anything like that.” Tsuneo said.

“You’d be surprised.”

Kim approached, coming to a stop to the side of him.

“Where would the bathroom be located?” Kim asked.

“Right that way.” Naoki pointed.

She headed in that direction. Everyone else waited. Captain Naoki walked for the main cabin, reminding everyone he’d have their rooms ready soon. Conan pulled out his phone, deciding he’d give the Packman game another chance. Tim looked over his shoulder, watching him play.

“What level are you on?” Tim asked.

“Eleven, it was no cake piece getting here either.” Conan replied.

Within the next few seconds Yuji and Kamiko stood to the side of him.

“What did you say your name was again?” Yuji asked.

“Conan,” He repeated closing his phone up. “It must be cool to be able to travel with Mr. Shoji.”

“It’s always a lot of fun.” Kamiko cheerfully said.

“If you’d like we’d love to be your friends.” Yuji stated.

“You know, I’d like that.”

Tim smiled down at the three of them, looking up to come into eye contact with Bondo who stood a few yards away. He slowly made his way over.

“Nice to see you again, Timothy." Bondo said.

“Good to see you as well, hows business been?" Tim asked.

“Very prosperous, we’re making great strides," He said with a smile. “I see young Conan is with you."

“How’s it going Mr. Salvonte?" Conan asked looking up.

“Quite well," Bondo replied tapping him on the shoulder. “I looking forward to engaging with you both in the near future, take care now.” He said before walking off.

Tim then turned to see Aoko chatting with Kazuha and Sonoko.

“We need to keep a clear eye on the task at hand.” Tim thought to himself looking to Freil.

The captain came walking back to the group a few minutes later, holding key cards in his hand. He passed them out, heading to their group last.

“I see Ms. Kim has not arrived back,” Naoki said looking over his shoulder. “Would you mind giving this to Kim, her room is just across from yours.”

“No problem.” Kazuha replied taking the card into her hand.

He gathered everyones attention once more, directing them to the location of the rooms. Tim grabbed hold of all the bags once more, Conan walking to the left of him.

“Are your arms tired yet?” Conan asked.

“I wouldn’t say so,” Tim replied looking to him. “Not that I’m enjoying it either.”

As they continued to walk Kim came running back to the group. Kazuha walked over handing her the card to her room.

“Find the bathroom?” Kazuha asked.

“Not exactly.” Kim said looking to the ground.

“What happened?” Sonoko asked.

“I opened the wrong door.” She said shyly.

“What did you see?” Kazuha asked with concern in her voice.

“Some naked guy standing in the corner of a room, getting dressed.” Kim said looking back up.

“Did he see you?” Sonoko asked.

She nodded.

“Must be one of the staff members.” Conan thought to himself.

They opened a pair of doors which lead into a large hall, a new set of doors on each side. Sonoko looked down to the key card.

“We’re room fourteen.” She said looking back to Tim and Conan who weren’t far behind.

She slid the card pushing the door open. The three of them walked in, the bathroom be located just to the right near the entrance. Sonoko switched the light on as the three walked into the heart of the room.

“Green carpet, it’s not every day you see that.” Tim commented dropping the bags to the ground.

“I’m going to see if I can find something to put these flowers in.” Sonoko said heading for the bathroom.

Tim took a seat at the side of the bed, Conan jumping up next to him. The walls were gray, pictures of sea life hanged from different parts of the wall. The TV sitting near the front wall on top of the dresser.

“I saw you put something on the side of Knightez’s door when we were walking, what was it?” Conan asked.

“Motion censors,” Tim replied. “It records any activity he may have, feeding it back to my computer.”

“Nice, let’s hope it comes in handy.”

Sonoko walked out the next second, the flowers sitting in a large cup of water.

“What are you two doing sitting around for,” Sonoko exclaimed throwing her hands up. “We should be out there hanging with the others.”

“Cut us some slack Sonoko, we just got here.” Tim replied.

“I just want to get one thing clear.”

“And what might that be?” Tim asked.

“You holding true to your promise, by telling Ran everything you’ve lied about.” Sonoko answered.

“About that,” Tim said rubbing the side of his head. “I kinda changed my mind.”

Conan looked at him in surprise as Sonoko walked up, standing over him.

“What do you mean by that?!” Sonoko shouted.

“I’m not ready to tell her just yet,” Tim said laughingly. “I was hoping you could give me a little more time.” Tim said adding a smile.

Sonoko took a few steps back, a smile of her own appearing.

“I think we might be able to come to a certain, how should we put it,” Sonoko said looking them both over causing them to freeze. “Agreement.”

“What did you have in mind?” Tim asked hesitantly.

She took another step back, having a seat on the bed across from theirs. She placed her hands to the side crossing her legs, looking to the both of them with a large grin on her face.

“You both have to treat me like a queen for the next few days, doing anything I say.”

“Agreed,” Tim said. “Under one condition.”

“Name it.”

“You can’t ask us to do anything you wouldn’t ask a little brother to do.” Tim replied.

“Deal,” Sonoko said standing back to her feet. “I don’t know about you two, but I’m going to go take a swim.”

She reached down for one of the bags, heading into the bathroom to change. The two of them sat in silence, staring down at the grass green carpet. Sonoko walked back out a few minutes later whistling out to grab their attention.

“How do I look?” Sonoko asked standing in her new bikini.

Both Tim and Conan gave her a thumbs up. She looked more than displeased by their poor efforts.

“I know you two can do better than that.” Sonoko said springing her hands to her waist.

“You look beautiful.” Conan coughed.

“So sexy.” Tim quickly added.

“That’s better,” Sonoko said in satisfaction. “I’ll see you boys out there.”

She headed out the door. Conan looked to Tim with the roll of his eyes.

“It’s incredible how you managed to get me involved in all of this.”

“Sorry, but I had to.”

“Why the sudden change,” Conan asked. “I thought you were ready to be real with her.”

“I have my reasons, let’s just stay focused on the task at hand.” Tim replied.

“This guy is way to into his job.” Conan thought to himself.

The two began storing their clothes clothes into the drawers. Once done they tossed on their trunks. Tim threw on a white T-shirt as well, causing Conan to look up.

“What do you need a shirt for,” Conan asked. “It’s nice out.”

“Just keeping my upper body concealed, you know,” Tim said looking down to him. “To keep anyone from becoming suspicious of my extra features.”

“Almost forgot about that.” Conan said.

“It happens,” Tim said reaching for his card key. “What do you say we go out and see what Mr. Omah is up to?”

“Sounds good to me.” Conan said in agreement.

Tim held the door open, the two of them heading to the other side of the deck where the pool is located. They stepped out to see many of the others standing around.

“I don’t see Freil anywhere.”

“Nor do I.” Tim said as Takeo approached.

“Timothy and Conan, am I right?”

“That’s correct, how’s the drink?” Tim asked looking to the liquid in his hand.

“Not bad I must say, you can ask Fred to whip you up something if you’re thirsty.” Takeo said.

“Who’s Fred?” Conan asked.

“The bartender.” Takeo pointed.

“Thanks for the heads up.” Tim said.

“No problem, hope to see you two around.” Takeo said before walking back through the main doors.

Conan headed for the pool, Tim one step behind him. They looked to see both Yuji and Kamiko swimming near the shore. They smiled when seeing Conan approaching.

“You going in?” Tim asked.

“Don’t see why not,” Conan said tossing his towel to one of the chairs. “What about you?”

“I think I’ll just sit.” Tim replied.

Conan stepped in, allowing the coolness of the water to relax his muscles. Kamiko and Yuji swam over next to him, bringing a water ball along.

“Want to play a game?” Kamiko asked.

“Sure, I’d love to.”

“Someone has to keep score.” Yuji said.

“I’ll keep score for you guys,” Tim said taking a seat at the edge of the pool. “Just tell me what you’re going to play.”

He sat keeping score of their game, an hour passing by. Their was still no sign of Freil. After another thirty minutes of playing Conan stepped out as Tim handed him a towel.

“Did Freil happen to walk by?” Conan asked.

“No,” Tim replied sitting up. “He must be keeping to his room.”

“Think he’s up to something?”

“Wouldn’t doubt it, on a side note,” Tim said looking around. “Where’s Sonoko, I thought she was coming out to swim.”

“Who knows, maybe she found a hot date.”

At that second the sound of glass shattering can be heard. Both Tim and Conan turned to see Kim standing over a broken cup.

“Dammit.” She hissed.

“What happened?” Conan asked as he and Tim walked over.

“The cup slipped from my hand,” She said looking up. “You know where a trash is?”

“I’ll get it.” A voice said from behind.

The three of them turned to see a young man drive up in a mechanical wheel chair. Kim blushed as he approached. Conan noticed.

“Looks like she has the hots for him.” He thought to himself.

He drove over the glass and spilled juice, sucking it all up with a device connected to his chair.

“Nice, that is some neat stuff.” Conan stated.

“That I can agree on.” Tim said.

“Thanks guys, by the way,” He said looking up to the three of them. “I’m Remuir Kenji.”

“Remuir," Tim questioned. “You wouldn’t happen to be related to the captain would you?” Tim asked.

“Indeed I am, he’s my uncle.” Kenji replied.

“I’ll be right back...I...I’m going to go get another drink.” Kim said.

The three of them watched as she ran toward the main doors.

“She sure took off in a hurry.” Conan thought to himself.

“So Kenji how does that thing of yours work?” Tim asked.

“It’s rather simple actually,” He said pointing down to a tube. “That there sucks everything up, filtering into this bag here.”

“I wish I could have one of those for my room.” Conan said.

Kenji laughed at this.

“How long have you had it?” Conan asked.

“The accident happened about two years ago, got it a month after.” He replied.

“Accident?” Tim questioned.

“Use to be a sea diver, my legs got jammed inbetween a couple crates one night.” Kenji said with a smile. “Always loved to go under, just to observe the sea life.”

“Looks like you chose a job which keeps you close to your element.” Conan said.

“I’ll never leave the sea,” Kenji stated. “I breathe and live it.”

The three of them stared to the ocean, listening to it’s waves, breathing in it’s fresh scent. They found themselves standing their for a times length. Tim looked down noticing a long bag connected to the side of his chair.

“What do you keep in their?” Tim asked.

“My fishing pole and meds,” Kenji replied zipping it open. “I never take them out unless in use, that way I know where everything is.”

“Smart plan.” Tim acknowledged.

“Well I better get back to work,” Kenji said turning in his chair. “It was nice talking with you two.”

They watched as he drove off.

“He’s a guy with high spirits, gotta respect that given his situation.” Tim thought to himself.

The two of them spent the rest of their day hanging out near the deck, looking to see if Freil would ever come from his room. He never showed. The sun set in the distance, the two deciding to call it a night. They walked through the hall, the sound of the piano being played could be heard.

“Not bad, Setsuko’s got a good tune going.” Tim said as they walked past the piano room to see Aoko listening on.

Conan and Tim looked to one another, deciding to join her. She sat at one of the tables alone, her head rested. The two of them took seats to the side of her.

“Conan, I think she’s asleep.” Tim said looking to see her eyes shut.

“Can’t blame her, I’d be to, listening to her play.” Conan said looking over to Setsuko.

Tim gave her a couple shakes, awaking her. She looked from Conan then to Tim.

“Oh, it’s you two.”

“Hi Aoko, I’m Tim.” He said stretching out his hand.

“Kazuha warned me about you,” Aoko said turning in her chair. “She said you found long haired girls to be extreamly annoying.”

“Now she’s just bending things out of context,” Tim said standing from the chair. “You look tired, let me and Conan escort you to your room.”

“Yea, we’re heading back to ours anyway.” Conan added.

“I don’t see why not,” Aoko said standing from the table. “I am feeling a little sleepy.”

They headed down the hall once more, passing the casino to see Bondo at one of the pool tables along with Déwu and Takeo. They came to a stop when they approached her room.

“Thanks for waking me,” Aoko thanked as she pushed the door to her room open. “I’d love for the both of you to join me by the pool tommarrow.”

“We’d be delighted,” Conan said with a bow. “See you then.”

She nodded before closing the door. As the two of them continued to head to their room Norio came darting down the hall. Tim and Conan jumped to the side barely dodging him.

“Jeez, I wonder what’s got him so worked up.”

“Nearly crashed into us.” Conan added.

Tim stepped up to the door sliding his card. They walked in to see Sonoko sitting at the end of the bed watching TV in a black night dress.

“Where have you two been all day,” Sonoko asked sitting up from the bed. “Trying to ignore me.”

“The same could be asked of you,” Tim countered. “Conan and I were at the pool for the whole day, where you said you’d be.”

“Ooohh......guess I forgot,” Sonoko said. “I was with Kazuha, Aoko, Shoji, and Hiroki for most of the day.”

“How’d that go?” Conan asked.

“We had a lot of fun,” Sonoko said with a half smile. “Shoji even invited me to spend the night with him.”

“Looks like Conan wasn’t the only one who made a friend or two,” Tim said walking past her to the top drawer. “So what time are you going to his room?”

“What do you think, ofcourse I’m not going,” Sonoko yelled. “I’m not just some hop on the pony one night girl.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Tim began.

“Goodnight!” Sonoko interrupted switching off the TV.

“Just let me apologize.”

“I said goodnight!”

Sonoko flipped the covers up, sliding into bed. Tim looked down to Conan who smiled up at him.

“Nice going sucker.” Conan said as he headed for the bathroom, giggling as he did.

“How do I keep putting myself into these situations.”

Tim tossed his shirt to the ground, throwing on a pair of night shorts before getting into bed. Conan walked out of the bathroom in his pajamas a minute later, switching the light off before climbing into the bed as well. The three of them falling asleep not long after, a gusty fog flowing by just on deck.

Silence filled the ship, the sea in a calming state with only the wisp sound of the furnace being heard. That is until the scream, the scream calling through the darkness, ravaging throughout the Seawolf. At first he thought it was a dream, but when it happened again his eyes were opened to the light of the truth. Conan pushed up, the clock reading one twenty four A.M.

“What was that....did I hear a scream?”

The scream could be heard once more, this time awaking Tim and Sonoko as well.

“What was that?” Tim asked pushing up.

“Someone is screaming.” Conan replied.

“Let’s go see what the deal is.” Tim said jumping out of bed.

“I’m coming to.” Sonoko stated.

The three of them quickly dressed, heading into the dark halls of the ship where the scream could be heard once more.

“It’s coming from the deck.” Conan said.

They pushed the doors to the side running out on deck, they arrived to see Takako screaming over a chopped up body.

“What happened?!” Tim asked walking over.

“I don’t know,” She exclaimed. “I just went on a midnight walk and found him like this!”

Conan felt for a pulse, nothing.

“Do you know who he is?” Takako asked.

“It’s Tsuneo.” Conan replied holding up his wallet.

The two looked the body over, examining the cuts.

“The cuts are deep and wide," Conan said. “The weapon used must be rather large."

“Not to mention with good leverage, it took some power to get cuts that deep.” Tim added.

Within the next few seconds Naoki, Kenji, Fred, and all the passengers arrived, one by one.

“What happened?!” Captain Naoki asked.

“We have a killer aboard.” Sonoko replied.

“What?!” Kenji yelled.

“This can’t be happening.” Shoji said in disbelief.

He began pacing from side to side.

“Where are the kids?” Captain Naoki asked.

“I told them to stay in the room.”

“Good, I think it’s better that way.” Tim said.

Conan and Tim looked to eachother, then to Freil. He was their prime suspect, but they needed proof.

“Conan you see that?” Tim asked looking around the body.

“He wasn’t killed here, there’s way to much blood missing.” Conan replied.

“Exactly...but I see no blood trail leading here,” Tim said looking from side to side. “How did they get the body here without leaving a track of blood?”

“Guess it’s time for us to go to work.” Conan replied.

The two of them looked to all the passengers, knowing the killer was amongst them. But who?

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 20

The Axe Killer

“I know who did it,” Norio said stepping forward. “It was Freil!”

“What, me?!”

Norio turned as Bondo walked up to the side of him.

“How do you know he’s the killer?” Bondo asked.

“I saw him talking with Tsuneo earlier tonight, sounded big,” Norio began. “Heard something about a money account, said they would meet at two this morning.”

Everyone immediately directed their attention to Mr. Omah who took a step back.

“Is this true Mr. Freil?” Captain Naoki asked.

He stood in silence for the first few seconds, breathing out a couple times.

“Yes...we were supposed to meet at two,” Freil admitted. “But I swear I didn’t kill him!”

“How do we know you’re not lying?” Sonoko questioned.

“You heard him yourself lady, I was going to meet him after two,” Freil stated. “Looks like one of you killed him before we could meet.”

“He’s right, two isn’t for another thirty minutes or so.” Conan thought to himself.

“What was in this account you two were to discuss?” Tim asked.

“That’s confidential information sir.” Freil coldly replied.

“We’ve got a man dead aboard my ship, I want answers,” Captain Naoki said stepping infront of him. “What was in the account?”

“I....I don’t know,” Freil said with the drop of his shoulders. “All I know is the Yin/Yang box was to be delivered to him.”

“What’s that?” Conan asked.

“Something that’s sitting along with the money,” Freil answered. “I have no idea what’s inside.”

Conan and Tim looked to one another, very interested to find out what.

“Do you know the number of the account?” Conan asked turning back.

“No,” Freil replied. “But I do know the name, which happens to be CMX4.”

“Where’s it located?” Captain Naoki asked.

“Don’t know.”

“You sure you don’t know the account number?” Conan pushed.

“That’s enough, we have what we need.” Tim whispered.

Conan looked up to him, nodding.

“Captain Naoki, there’s something I need to check up on,” Tim stated. “Would it be ok if I headed back to my room for a minute.”

“Make it fast.”

Tim took off. Conan followed after him.

“Conan wait!” Sonoko yelled out.

They ran through the halls, coming to a stop at their registered room. He slid the card pushing the door open.

“Tim what’s up?” Conan asked switching the light on.

“Checking his alibi.” Tim replied pulling out his laptop.

“Alibi?” Conan questioned.

Conan watched as something popped up on the screen.

“Are those sound waves?”

Tim nodded in response.

“Now I see,” Conan said with the snap of his finger. “You’re checking the motion censors you placed on his door.”


The two looked on, waiting for the results to appear from the trial. It didn’t take long.

“Uh oh.”

“What do you mean?” Conan asked not sure what the readings meant.

“Freil’s not our killer, he was in his room for the past two hours.” Tim replied. “The only time he left his room was just after ten thirty.”

“That must be when he met with Tsuneo to discuss their deal,” Conan said stepping toward the dresser. “Tsuneo was defiantly killed within the last hour, felt his body when I checked for a pulse.”

“I’m betting our killer knew about their little meeting.” Tim said closing the laptop.

Conan turned back leaning up against the wall. Tim slid the laptop back into his bag before heading for the door.

“You said we had what we needed,” Conan said causing Tim to look back. “What did you mean by that?”

“He gave us the name of the account, with my resources and connections it won’t be hard to track it,” Tim said assuringly. “I’m betting there’s a lot of in and out activity going through it, shouldn’t be hard to pin point a location.”

“You make a good point.”

“We better hurry back to deck,” Tim said pushing the door open. “They might get worried about us.”

“Yea, you’re right.”

They walked through the halls, arriving back on deck to find everyone standing around, no one speaking a word. Captain Naoki looked to the two of them, whistling for everyones attention.

“I think it would be best if we all headed inside,” Captain Naoki stated beginning to walk. “We’ll discuss this situation further once in.”

Everyone followed his lead, pushing through the main doors.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to either of you,” Shoji said walking up next to both Sonoko and Kazuha. “Just stay close.”

“Sure you won’t,” Conan thought to himself. “What are you going to do if he shows up, dance on him?”

He lead them all the way to the casino. Most everyone taking a seat. Tim and Conan stood near the wall, Kenji pulling up next to them.

“Why did you bring us here?” Hiroki asked.

“We need to figure out everyones whereabouts for the past few hours,” Captain Naoki replied. “This should help us to find out who’s responsible for the murder.”

“Find out,” Takako exclaimed. “We already know who the killer is, he’s sitting right there!” She shouted pointing to Freil.

He simply shrugged this off.

“Potential motive yes,” Tim said stepping from the wall. “But proof that he’s the killer, no.”

“What are you saying?” Déwu asked.

“I’m saying we need to weigh our options,” Tim said removing his hands from his pocket. “Everyone is a suspect, you, myself, and even the women.” Tim said scouring over everyone.

“I find that funny,” Kazuha said standing from her seat. “You mention women, and just happened to look directly to me.”

Tim took a step back keeping his hands infront of him. He could see the anger in her slowly building up.

“That’s not true, I’d never single you out.” Tim said with a smile trying to humor her as best he could.

“I don’t see what’s so funny about what you’re implying,” Kazuha said continuing toward him. “If you have something you want to say, then go for it.”

“It’s ok Kazuha,” Conan said stepping from the wall. “I’m sure he was only trying to make a point.”

“That’s right, I was only trying to make a point.” Tim said looking Kazuha in the eyes. “I’m sorry if you felt I was in any way suggesting you were some how involved.”

She finally came to a stop, standing there, looking at him for a few seconds. She took back to the table with the swing of her hair. Both Tim and Conan sighing out in relief.

“I need to find a way to get back on her good side.” Tim thought to himself.

“So what happens next?” Norio asked.

“We go over the events of everyones night, before the murder occurred,” Tim replied. “We’ll start with you Hiroki, about what time did you head to bed?”

He thought about it for a few seconds.

“Around eight thirty.”

“Can anyone clarify this?” Captain Naoki asked.

“I can,” Aoko said raising her hand. “He was in the piano room, leaving at about eight thirty.”

“That is correct,” Setsuko confirmed. “The two of them listened to me play for most of the night.”

Captain Naoki nodded.

“What about you Mr. Nou?” The captain asked looking his way.

“I saw both Kazuha and Sonoko to their rooms before taking to mine as well,” Shoji replied. “You can ask the children, they were with me.”

“We’ll do that, at about what time was that exactly?” Captain Naoki asked.

“I’d say roughly nine.” Shoji replied.

“That’s about the same time I went to bed.” Kenji said.

“About thirty minutes later Tim and I decided to head back to our room.” Conan informed.

Captain Naoki turned, directing his attention to the two of them.

“We also escorted Aoko to her room before doing so.” Tim added.

“Can you confirm this as well Setsuko?” Captain Naoki asked.

“That is correct, those two awoke her from the table she rested taking her to the exit.” Setsuko confirmed once more.

The room fell silent for the next few seconds.

“What about you Mr. Salvonte, what time did you take back to your room?”

“I’d say about twenty after ten.” Bondo replied.

“It was thirty after,” Ladislav corrected. “You walked in after the program I was watching went off, which happened to be ten thirty.”

“I’ve never been good with time.” Bondo stated.

“What were you doing during those hours?” The captain asked.

“In a game of pool with Takeo and Déwu.” Conan answered stepping forward. “Tim, Aoko, and myself saw them playing while going to our rooms.”

“Is that true?” The captain asked.

Both Takeo and Déwu nodded.

“We all went to bed from there,” Takeo said. “I ran into Kim who was also closing up for the night.”

“That’s right,” Kim said. “You waved to me.”

“I didn’t go to bed until eleven,” Takako said. “I couldn’t sleep...... that’s when I decided to take a walk.” She finished.

“That just leaves you two,” Captain Naoki said looking to Setsuko and Norio. “When did you two decide to close up shop?”

“I went to bed about nine,” Norio said standing from the table. “Watched a movie before getting a little shut eye.”

“That’s a lie, Conan and I bumped into him around nine thirty while in the hall,” Tim thought to himself. “He’s hiding something, but what.”

“What about you Setsuko?” Captain Naoki asked.

“I was up past eleven,” She said trying to remember back. “I didn’t leave the piano room until fifty after.”

“Did you see anything..... hear any strange noises?” Conan asked.

She thought about this for a few seconds.

“As a matter a fact I did,” Setsuko replied. “When I walked into the hall I heard something, sounded like a large object moving across the ground.”

“Really now,” Takako said. “When I discovered the body I heard something dragging along the deck just around the corner, sounded like a bag.”

“A bag?” Tim thought to himself.

“Now that you both mention it,” Aoko said turning in her chair. “I heard something moving across the ground just before I fell asleep.”

“What did it sound like?” Tim asked.

“I...I don’t remember.”

“Do you think you would if you heard it again?” Captain Naoki asked.

Aoko nodded.

“They all heard something moving across the ground,” Conan thought to himself. “Takako mentioned a bag, could it have something to do with the killing?”

“Guess it’s my turn to let everyone know where I was,” Captain Naoki said. “Fred and I were in the engine room until about one.”

“I left for my room no later than ten after.” Fred added.

“Anyone see you going to your room?” Tim asked.

Fred shook his head up and down in response.

“My rooms just to the side of the main cabin.” Fred said. “Naoki saw me finish up my last minute duties before heading to bed.”

“We have what we need, piecing it all together is what will be tricky.” Tim thought to himself.

He and Conan shared a brief glance, knowing they still had much work to do.

“I think you better go check on the children Mr. Nou.” The captain stated.

“I’ll go and bring them here, I’ll only be a minute.” Shoji said before taking off.

“Would it be ok if I went and got my phone?" Aoko asked.

“I have a few things to grab as well." Déwu stated.

“I’ll go with you." Hiroki said stepping to his friends side.

The captain looked to the three of them, taking a few seconds to think about this.

“Don’t see why not, just be sure someone goes with you." Captain Naoki said.

With that both Déwu and Hiroki headed off. Aoko turned to the others, Tim being the first to approach her.

“I’ll walk you to your room." He kindly offered.

“Thank you Tim."

Tim then turned to Conan who still leaned up against the wall.

“Keep an eye on everyone." Tim whispered.

“Won’t be a problem." Conan whispered back.

Kazuha crossed her arms, watching as the two walked into the halls.

“He sure was quick to volunteer to help Aoko to her room," Kazuha said to herself. “Thought he didn’t like long haired girls, bet he try’s something."

Everyone waited in silence, the minutes slowly moving by. Conan looked from one person to the next, examining their every move. He then turned to Kenji who looked to the ceiling, apparently lost in thought. Conan stepped over next to him, his hands falling to his pocket.

“Mr. Kenji,” Conan engaged. “Did you happen to see anything, or hear anything strange before you went to bed?”

“Can’t say I did,” Kenji replied. “Let’s just hope we find this guy before he strikes again.”

“Or she.” Conan added.

“Very true junior detective.” Kenji said.

A surprised look came to Conan’s face.

“How did you know that?” Conan asked.

“I watched you all introduce yourselves,” Kenji answered. “Through the security survaliance in the engine room.”

The two turned just as Captain Naoki approached.

“Kenji, I want you to go and radio about the situation.”

“Yes sir, I’ll be right on it.” Kenji said driving off toward the door.

The next second Kim walked up to the two of them.

“I’m feeling a little chilly,” Kim said rubbing the sides of her arms. “Would it be ok if someone escorted me to my room so I could grab a top?”

He nodded.

“Fred, could you see Ms. Kim to her room?”

“Sure thing captain,” Fred said walking up next to her. “Right this way.”

Conan’s shoulders dropped, his head shaking from side to side.

“How am I supposed to keep an eye on everyone when they keep leaving?”

The two finally came upon her room. She slid her card pushing the door open, inviting him in.

“I’ll only be a second, I promise.” Aoko said reaching for the light switch.

“We’re not exactly in a rush Aoko,” Tim replied following her into the room. “Take all the time you need.”

He looked down to the carpet, being the same green tint as the one in his room. Tim took a seat at the bed, watching Aoko as she searched through her bag. She tossed it to the side after not being able to locate her phone. She then took to the dresser, looking through the drawers.

“Found it.” Aoko said as the lights blanked dead.

She screamed out, her phone nearly flying from her grasp. Aoko felt a hand come to her wrist, causing her to scream even louder.

“Relax Aoko,” Tim said putting a hand to her mouth. “It’s just me.”

He gave her a few seconds to collect herself.

“We’re going to head back to the casino,” Tim said turning on his phone for lighting. “Stay close, ok.”


Tim smiled trying to comfort her. She gripped the side of his right arm as they walked toward the door.

“Do you think the killer did this?”

“I don’t know Aoko, that means we need to stay alert.” Tim replied pushing the door open. “Let me know if you feel, hear, or see anything.”

He kept a half step infront of her, listening.... looking for anything out of the ordinary. Each step just as cautious as the last. They passed the first corner, Tim glimpsing back. The sound of the furnace dusting along the walls. His focus at it’s sharpest, the two of them heading down the longest hall of the boat. Aoko found herself looking back every few moments, almost as if they were being watched, followed even. He could feel the increase in her breathing, the two nearing the end. The final door they walked passed cracked, he sensed it, turning just in time.

“Aoko down!!” Tim shouted forcing the both of them to the ground just as the blade flew past their heads.

He looked up to see the figure stare down at them for a brief second, one which seemed to last for minutes. The dark shape then took off down the hall, Tim catching a bleak glimpse of the weapon before it vanished into the dark. He then turned to Aoko who lay on the ground next to him.

“You ok?” Tim asked.

Aoko didn’t reply.

“She must be in shock.”

He pushed to his feet, flashing the lighting from his phone down to her.

“Come on, we gotta get back to the casino.” Tim said holding out his hand.

She grabbed it, standing to her feet as well.

“Why are they doing this?”

“I’m not sure....yet.” Tim replied.

He stood by the wall, a set of dimmer lights than before flickering on. Captain Naoki came back into the room a few seconds later.

“Good, we have light again.” Conan thought to himself.

“The backup emergency lights are on.” Captain Naoki said.

“What happened to the regular ones?” Bondo asked.

“I’m unable to answer that at this time.” Naoki replied.

“The others have been gone for quite some time,” Norio said looking to his watch. “You think they’re ok.”

The side door opened with Shoji entering along with Kamiko and Yuji at his side.

“What happened to the lights,” Shoji asked as the three of them walked over. “Nearly scared the living day light out of the kids.”

“We’re not sure yet.” Sonoko replied.

He took a seat at the table next to her. Silence filling the room once more. Déwu and Hiroki being the next two to enter a few minutes later.

“Sorry it took us so long, we got a little side tracked when the lights went out.” Hiroki said.

“Where are the others, I see a good portion of the group is still missing.” Déwu said.

“I’m sure they’re all on their way back.” Captain Naoki said.

They began waiting, a minute turning into three. Conan kept his eyes on everyone, his mind elsewhere.

“They should have been back by now.” Conan thought to himself.

He reached for his phone, deciding to give Tim a call.

“Come on, answer.”

Conan put his phone away, only getting the answering machine. The far doors opened the next second, Tim and Aoko walking in.

“You both sure took your time,” Sonoko said turning to their direction. “Were you two messing around or something?” Sonoko jokingly asked.

Aoko blushed, Tim ignoring her comment.

“We were attacked,” Tim informed. “I guess killing Tsuneo wasn’t enough.”

“Attacked?” Captain Naoki questioned.

“Someone was waiting for us in one of the rooms.” Aoko stated.

“When we walked past they tried hitting us with a blade of some kind,” Tim said scouring everyone over. “I’m now one hundred percent positive it’s someone from our group.”

“What makes you think that?” Setsuko asked.

“Whoever was waiting for us knew where we would be, that we’d be alone.” Tim replied.

This caused everyone to look around, to those sitting amongst them.

“It could be any of them.” Kazuha thought to herself.

“Where are the others?” Tim asked noticing a few people still missing.

“They haven’t come back yet.” Naoki said.

“I think we better go out and look for them,” Tim said. “There’s no telling who it is.”

Naoki thought about this for a few seconds, coming to a decision not long after.

“Everyone stay close,” Captain Naoki instructed. “We’re moving out.”

Naoki reached into his side pocket, pulling out a flash light. Everyone followed behind him in search of the others aboard the ship. Tim walked next to Conan, he looked up, knowing he had neglected to share something with them.

“Something’s on your mind,” Conan said getting his attention. “Care to share?”

“The killer wasn’t aiming for us both,” Tim stating to only where Conan could hear. “The hit was meant for Aoko.”

“What,” Conan questioned. “Are you positive?”

“Very,” Tim replied. “After that little encounter I’m betting I just got added to the list.”

“It must have been near pitch dark,” Conan said. “How did you know they were behind you?”

“Not even Batman can sneak up on me,” Tim said directing his attention forward. “That answer your question?”

No words were spoken between the two of them for the next few seconds.

“Why would someone want to kill Aoko, but not Tim?” Conan thought to himself.

Captain Naoki singled for everyone to come to a stop. Naoki walked over to the left side of the wall, noticing shattered glass sprinkled along the ground. He kneeled down

“Where did that glass come from.” Kazuha asked observing the scene as well.

“There,” Conan pointed. “Looks like something was behind that small glass door.”

Naoki turned after feeling a tap at his shoulder.

“Captain, what did you happen to keep behind that glass?” Conan asked.

“An axe.” He replied.

“Looks like we may have our murder weapon diagnosed.” Tim said.

“You think that was the weapon used by the attacker in the dark?” Takako asked.

“I couldn’t really tell you,” Tim replied. “But it’s a possibility.”

“Come, let us go and find the others.” Captain Naoki said standing back to his feet.

They followed the captains lead once more, turning yet another corner. Déwu stepped to the front, holding the doors to the deck to the side. It was quiet, only the sound of the waves pouncing along the ship could be heard. Naoki kept the light flashed infront, lighting their path as they continued. A sound can be heard in the far distance, that of something falling overboard into the water.

“What was that?" Both Tim and Conan said at the same time.

They all came to a shivering stop, glimpsing to the pool of red.

“Oh no." Conan thought to himself.

Everyone froze except for Conan and Tim. Naoki began shaking, Tim taking the flash light from his hand to scour the rest of the pool. There she was, floating to the far side of the pool.

“It’s Kim!!” Sonoko screamed.

Yuji and Kamiko both began crying, not sure on the complexity of the situation.

“Everyone stay back,” Tim said. “I want to give the scene a look.”

“Who died and made you in charge!” Hiroki exclaimed.

“I’m not going to argue with you,” Tim said with a demanding look. “Just do as I say, I want to give the whole scene a look before it becomes contaminated.”

He turned walking toward the pool, Conan at his side.

“Conan wait,” Sonoko said. “He wants to go alone.”

He didn’t listen, nor did Tim reject him from following. Bondo noticed this.

“There’s something about these two, they show no fear,” Bondo thought to himself. “It’s almost as if they’ve been in this situation before, like an adventure of some kind.”

The two of them approached the body, walking along the side of the swimming pool.

“She’s been cut...several times at that.” Tim said looking to the many marks that lay present upon her body.

Conan took the flash light from his hand bringing it to her head which happened to be face down.

“Tim, think you can lift her head up?” Conan asked.

“Sure thing.” Tim said reaching into the water.

He grabbed hold of her hair, slowly bringing her head up. Just as Conan had suspected, a large cut right through her brain.

“Wow, she really took a hit.” Tim said letting her head fall back in.

“That cut to the head is not consistent with the ones around the body, look,” Conan said pointing while aiming the light. “Those cuts were used with a smaller blade.”

“A knife perhaps?” Tim questioned.

“Could be.” Conan said noticing an extra puddle of blood at the side of the edge. “Hey Tim, check that out.”

Tim looked over, beginning to come up with a scenario. The rest of the group watching from afar.

“What do you think they’re talking about?” Shoji asked.

“Probably some CSI stuff,” Déwu said. “That Conan guy did say he was some kind of detective.”

“I hope they can find out who this creep is.” Setsuko said.

Shoji walked up to both Kazuha and Sonoko, trying to smile as best he could.

“If we make it through this, I was wondering if you both would come to my show,” Shoji said. “I have two tickets left, I’d love if you both would come.”

“We’d be delighted.” Sonoko accepted.

“When is it?” Kazuha asked.

“First week of next month.”

“Count me in,” Kazuha said. “I’ll have to make room on my schedule.”

“Great, I know you’ll both enjoy your time.”

He looked up at him, waiting for him to finish up his last thought. Tim took a few steps back from the pool, looking from it then to the puddle of blood. Tim snapped his finger.

“Got it.”

“Got what?” Conan questioned.

“Kim was engaged a few feet away from the pool,” Tim said. “The killer began stabbing her, pushing her in.”

“I see,” Conan said following. “The killer then see’s Kim isn’t dead, she try’s coming out of the water only to be met by the axe.”

“This time finishing her off,” Tim completed. “That would explain the puddle of blood on the side of the pool.”

“Now all we have to figure out is what was the other weapon used.” Conan thought to himself.

He flashed the light around, heading further away from the pool. Conan continued his sweep of the area, looking for the slightest detail of anything out of place. He came to a stop, looking down to find Fred, lying face down.

“Captain Naoki, come quick!” Conan yelled.

He checked for a pulse, relieved to find one. The footsteps came storming in, Conan looked up to see everyone had come over.

“Fred,” Naoki yelled. “Is he alive?”

Conan nodded.

“Looks like he took a big hit.” Conan said noticing a bump on his head.

“Let’s hope he remembers what happened when he awakes.” Takeo said.

“I wish Heiji was here, he’d have solved this by now.” Kazuha thought to herself.

Conan then turned to see Tim still standing over the pool, staring into the blood filled water.

“I’ll be right back.” Conan said handing the flashlight back to Naoki.

He walked to the side of him, looking up into his eyes.

“Hey Tim, what’s wrong?” Conan asked.

“The water,” Tim replied still looking to the darkness of the pool. “You see that?”

He looked down, not seeing a thing. Conan cleared his mind, focusing his attention harder than he had before. It laid across the bottom of the pool, giving off a small fume of light.

“What is that?” Conan asked.

“I don’t know,” Tim said breathing out. “But I do know I’ll need a shower after this.”

“Why’s that?” Conan asked.

He answered his question by jumping into the water. Everyone shot their attention over, wondering what was going on.

“Conan what’s he doing?” Sonoko asked.

Conan put her question on hold, watching as Tim rose up from the water.

“Looks like our killer got a little sloppy.” Tim said pulling up from the pool.

“What did you find?” Conan asked.

Tim didn’t answer, sliding something into his jacket. Conan could see it in his face, he was on to something.

“Let’s go rejoin the others.” Tim softly spoke.

“Come on Tim, you can tell me,” Conan said stepping infront of him. “You have a suspect, don’t you?”

“It’s just a hunch, we’ll need more evidence.” Tim said walking around him.

Conan watched as Tim headed back to the others, not sure what to take from his comments.

“Why is he being so distant all of a sudden?” Conan thought to himself.

He to joined the rest of the group.

“Captain, where’s Kenji?” Tim asked.

“I sent him to the main cabin to radio the center about our situation.”

“We better get down there,” Tim said. “He could be hurt, or worse.”

“Good call,” Naoki said in agreement. “But what about Fred?”

“I’ll carry him.” Déwu offered.

“That’ll work, let’s go.” Captain Naoki said standing back up.

Bondo stared over at the two of them while they walked, studying their every move.

“There’s something about them.....I just can’t put my finger on it.”

It took them under a minute to arrive at the cabin, his mechanical chair sitting near the communication tools and computer.

“There’s his chair,” Kazuha pointed out. “But where is he?”

A low grunt can be heard coming from behind the desk. Conan went to the other side, finding Kenji laying on his back.

“Are you ok?” Conan asked.

“They...they got me from behind.”

Naoki grabbed one side of him with Norio grabbing the other, the two helping him to his chair.

“Did you send the message before you were attacked?” Conan asked.

“Yes,” Kenji replied with a nod. “It wasn’t until after that the door opened, someone darted in knocking me to the ground.”

“Atleast you’re ok.” Captain Naoki said.

“Could someone escort me to my room,” Kenji asked. “I need to go and put in a new bag.”

“Conan and I will go with you.” Tim volunteered.

“I’ll come to.” Bondo said.

“Very well,” Captain Naoki said. “The rest of you with me, we’re heading back to the casino.”

“Make sure no one leaves this time.” Tim advised.

“I don’t plan on it,” Naoki stated. “You four just be sure to come back in one piece.”

The majority of the group left, leaving the four of them alone in the cabin. Kenji drove over to the closet toward the right, pulling it open.

“Think one of you can grab that?” He asked pointing up to the top.

“What is it?” Bondo asked.

“A lantern,” Kenji replied. “It will make for a viable light source while traveling the halls.”

“Good call.” Tim said.

Bondo pulled it down, handing it to Kenji who lit it. He then handed it back to Bondo who held it at shoulders length.

“Alright boys, follow me.” Kenji said.

He drove forward knocking the doors to the cabin open with the three of them close behind. The walk was a rather quiet one, not a single word coming from any of the four men. Conan still wondering what Tim had found, and why he wasn’t telling him what. After nearly five minutes of silence they came upon a room in a secluded area of the ship.

“Here we are.”

He opened the door, inviting the three of them in.

“It’s pretty crammed in here, don’t you think?” Tim asked.

“You get use to it after awhile.”

Bondo held the lantern over his head, trying to light up as much of the room as he could. Tim and Conan looked to Kenji’s bed to see a fishing pole and tubes of medicine laid out. Kenji finished placing on a new bag a few seconds later.

“You three about ready to go?”

“I sure am,” Conan blurted. “Your room is giving me the creeps.”

Kenji laughed at this, holding the door open.

“Keep that lantern nice and high,” Kenji said. “There’s no telling who could be lurking.”


The water can be heard flowing through the pipes as he washed his hands. Most sat at a table, a few standing near the wall. Freil sat alone. He could feel them watching, staring at him. Over ten minutes had gone by, they still had not arrived back at the casino.

“I wonder if they’re ok.” Aoko thought to herself.

“I’ve had enough,” Norio said stepping up from the wall. “We need to take care of this madman now.” He said looking over to Freil.

“You heard what that city boy said,” Takeo disagreed. “It could be any of us, we need proof before taking any kind of stand.”

“What do you need Takeo,” Norio asked. “Another dead body?”

“I agree, I say we do this guy in now.” Hiroki said.

“I find it funny that you believe I’m the axe killer,” Freil said. “Aren’t you the tree cutter.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Isn’t obvious,” Freil said standing from the table. “You’re the one used to dealing with heavy artillery such as knives and axes.”

“He’s right.” Setsuko said.

“You stay out of this!” Déwu yelled.

“That will be just about enough.” Captain Naoki said walking over.

“You’re not in charge anymore,” Hiroki stated pushing him back. “All that’s happened on your watch is death.”

“This is my ship, and you will abide by my rules.” Naoki said only to be punched to the ground by Déwu causing Aoko to scream out.

Kazuha shot up from the table, jumping in between all the commotion.

“That’s enough,” She shouted with frustration and anger in her eyes. “Everyone sit down and shut up!”

She felt a shove from behind. This only raised the anger which had already been fostered through the nights events. Kazuha turned coming face to face with Hiroki.

“Wanna try that again?”

“You mean this?” Hiroki said reaching forward.

Kazuha grabbed ahold of his arm flipping him onto his back. Her attempt at gaining control was short lived, feeling a cold pain swiftly glide across her shoulder. She cried out reaching for it to realize she had been cut. Kazuha then turned receiving a stiff kick to the rib causing her to fall back to the ground.

“Don’t even think about intervening dance boy.” Hiroki said looking over to Shoji as he got back to his feet.

Shoji became frozen by this statement. Sonoko quickly took to Kazuha’s side, checking her condition.

“Are you ok?”

“It hurts,” Kazuha said favoring her injured shoulder. “How bad is it?”

Sonoko gave it a look, disgust coming to her face as she stood to her feet.

“Let’s see you try that on me,” Sonoko daringly said taking a step forward. “I’ll sue you so far into the ground you won’t ever recover.”

Hiroki snapped at this, grabbing Sonoko by her shirt and slamming her against the wall. A tear rolling down one of her cheeks.

“Not so tough now are you.” Hiroki said tightening his grip on her shoulders.

Ladislav looked up from the book she read, reaching down for her gun strapped to her leg.

“This has gone on long enough.”

“You have something you want to say, like an apology maybe?” Hiroki asked digging his fingers deeper into her shoulder.

She sucked up the pain, not giving into his demand. The sound of something crashing through one of the tables can be heard, causing Hiroki to release his grip. He turned around to see Déwu had been put through a table, Tim standing over his body with Conan, Bondo, and Kenji just a few feet behind him.

“I’d step away from her if I was you, that is unless you want to end up like your friend here.” Tim said.

It had happened so quickly, Ladislav slowly putting her gun back in place.

“You think I’m afraid of you?” Hiroki asked coldly.

“Don’t know, don’t care,” Tim replied brushing off his jacket. “But if you touch her again, I’ll do more than just put you through a table.”

The room fell silent. Hiroki looked to the ground, coming to a decision to just walk. Déwu got back to his feet following him over to the far corner. Conan walked over to check on Kazuha, Sonoko coming over as well.

“What happened,” Conan asked. “We heard a fight breaking out when we approached.”

She turned to him, still gripping the side of her shoulder.

“Déwu cut me when I tried to break up their little verbal bout.” Kazuha said showing him her cut.

“Captain Naoki, can you grab the first aid kit.” Conan asked

“Sure thing.”

He headed to one of the drawers, pulling out the first aid kit.

“Think she’ll be ok?” Sonoko asked.

“Ofcourse,” Conan replied. “All she needs is a few stitches.”

“But there are no doctors aboard.” Kazuha stated.

“I’ll fix you up,” Tim said kneeling down next to the three of them. “That is if it’s ok with you.”

She instantly looked away.

“I take that as an undisputed yes,” Tim said with a smile. “Good, now come have a seat at one of the tables.”

Sonoko helped her up, following Tim to a nearby table. Captain Naoki brought the first aid kit over, laying it down.

“Is she going to be ok?” Aoko asked walking up next to them.

“She’ll be fine,” Tim said directing his attention to Kazuha. “I’ll make this is as quick as possible, all I need for you to do is sit up on the table.”

She did as instructed, turning her head to the side once up. Everyone remained quiet as he slowly stitched away. Kazuha found herself cringing from the pain, clenching her teeth to help relieve it every few seconds.

“All done,” Tim said taking a step back to check his work. “You’re free to step down.”

“Thank you.” Kazuha quickly remarked before jumping down.

“What took you four so long anyway?” Takeo asked.

“We made a stop on their request,” Kenji said looking to both Conan and Tim. “It only took them about five minutes.”

“What were you two doing?” Captain Naoki asked.

Tim turned around, removing the latex gloves as he did.

“Kenji was kind enough to allow me into the room Tsuneo occupied,” Tim stated. “He wasn’t to meet Freil until after two, we needed to find out what got him to leave early.”

“I can understand that part,” Bondo said following. “But why did you have Conan go into your room, then into mine?”

“Simple,” Conan said with a grin. “We had to compare his room to ours, particularly his clock.”

“His clock,” Takako questioned with a shiver. “What relevance is that, did it lead you a step closer to finding the killer?”

Tim walked up to her, softly placing a hand on her shoulder.

“That was the last step....we know who the killer is.” Tim said causing everyone to gasp out.

“Is it Freil?” Setsuko asked.

“I’m betting it’s one of those jerks.” Aoko said looking toward Hiroki and Déwu.

“Conan, would you take the luxury of kicking us off?” Tim asked.

“No problem.”

They all watched as Conan walked to the middle of the center, tension looming throughout the room. He cleared his throat, looking to everyone who watched on.

“Like Tim said, we had to find a reason why Tsuneo would leave his room,” Conan began. “I first went to our room, from there he called me over the phone.”

“Why?” Norio asked.

“We needed to compare his clock with others throughout the ship,” Conan said looking his way. “That’s why we also used Bondo’s room.”

“What did you discover,” Shoji asked becoming impatient. “What was so important about the clocks?”

“His was one minute behind the others.” Conan replied.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Kazuha asked.

“Someone changed the time on his clock manually through the engine room,” Tim answered. “Captain Naoki, didn’t you say there was a one minute delay after resetting a clock?”

He nodded.

“That is correct.”

“Let’s not forget the dragging sounds a few of you heard,” Conan said. “The killer try’d to kill Aoko, I’m betting Setsuko and Takako would have also be targeted since they to heard the sound.”

Hiroki walked up to one of the tables, slamming his fist down.

“Enough with all this analyzing bullshit, who’s the killer dammit!!” Hiroki yelled out.

The room fell silent. Tim headed over to him, everyone holding their breath as he did. He came to a stop at the table reaching into his jacket. Tim pulled out a knife, driving it into the middle of the table causing everyone to jump.

“A knife?” Hiroki questioned.

“That’s right,” Tim said. “But take a close look at it.”

Everyone gathered around the table, giving the shiny object a sharper look.

“It’s so bright, what kind of knife is that?” Aoko asked.

“The kind a diver uses in the ocean,” Tim replied. “Incase they lose possession of it in the deep sea.”

“Is that what you jumped into the pool for?” Sonoko asked.

He nodded.

“I’m sure you would know about these kinds of knives, wouldn’t you,” Tim asked looking to Kenji. “You told me and Conan you used to be a sea diver, this knife belong to you?”

“So what if it does,” Kenji questioned. “Dosen’t mean I killed anyone.”

“Oh, but you did,” Tim said looking him dead in the eyes. “Remuir Kenji, is the killer!!”

“You kidding,” Kenji asked with a laugh. “I can’t even walk, the killer must have good mobility if they were able to escape from you in the dark.”

Conan walked up, taking the floor once more.

“At first I couldn’t quite figure out what was up with Kim every time you two interacted,” Conan began. “At first I thought it might have been a mutual attraction.”

“Conan where are you going with this?” Aoko asked.

“Then I realized that she had seen you.” Conan stated.

“Seen me?”

Conan looked up to Sonoko.

“Didn’t Kim tell you she saw someone naked?”

“Yes.” Sonoko replied confused on why he asked.

Conan then turned back to Kenji, his eyes narrowing, fixated on him.

“She didn’t just see any naked man, but a standing one,” Conan said. “That’s why she was so uncomfortable around you.”

“Nice, I didn’t even catch that.” Tim thought to himself.

“That’s right,” Sonoko said. “She did say he was standing in the corner of the room.”

“What about the dragging sound we heard?” Setsuko asked.

“That ones easy,” Conan replied looking up to her. “It was the sound of his bag dragging along the ground, he had collected to much liquid.”

“Which also happened to be some of of Tsuneo’s blood,” Tim added. “That’s why there was a big portion of the blood missing at the scene.”

“The sound of something going overboard was probably the bag of blood.” Conan finished.

Captain Naoki came to Kenji’s defense, stepping at his side.

“I don’t see how he could have done it, he can’t even walk,” Captain Naoki said. “Where would he hide an axe anyway, we would have seen it.”

Tim stepped forward, looking down to Kenji who glared up at him.

“Didn’t you say you never took your medicine and fishing pole from your bag?” Tim calmly asked.


“I saw your fishing pole and medicine scattered across your bed,” Tim said then directing his attention to his bag. “I’m betting the axe is in there.”

“Kenji, is this true?” Captain Naoki asked.

Kenji backed away from the table, anger expressed across his face. He looked to the ground for a few seconds. His head slowly pushing back up, a half smile coming to his face.

“Well played detectives,” Kenji said standing to his feet. “I’ve been able to walk for the past two months.

Everyone gasped, a smile of victory coming to both Conan and Tim. Kenji zipped the bag open, tossing the axe to the ground. Captain Naoki couldn’t believe it, finding himself lost for words.

“I have one last question,” Tim said taking a step forward. “Why, why did you kill Tsuneo.”

“I....I, can’t tell you who,” Kenji said looking to the ground. “I endanger my family if I do.”

Tim looked back to Conan, both having a good idea what the situation was.

“A hired hit.” Tim thought to himself.

“You can call the authorities, I won’t resist arrest.” Kenji said taking a seat at one of the tables.

Captain Naoki walked to the middle of the room, giving everyone a long look.

“You all look tired, why don’t you get some sleep,” Captain Naoki said. “I’ll take care of this.”

“Sure you don’t need help, Tim and I could stay.” Conan said.

“You two did your job, a swell one at that,” Naoki complemented. “I think you’ve earned a little sleep.”

Conan looked up to Tim who nodded down. With that everyone headed back to their rooms, most glimpsing over at Kenji as they did. Tim felt a tap at his shoulder as they walked, turning to see Sonoko.

“I’d like to apologize for earlier.”

“Accepted, I’m sorry for what I said as well,” Tim replied. “I didn’t know you’d take it that way, if I’d known.”

Sonoko put a finger to his mouth, a smile coming to her’s.

“I accept yours to, no need to explain.”

“This mean you still won’t tell Ran?” Tim asked.

“Sure.... as long as you and Conan continue to keep your allegiance to me,” Sonoko said proudly looking away.

Tim shook his head from side to side, humored by her remark. The three made it back to the room not long after.

“Funny to say, but something positive did come out of this,” Conan thought to himself. “CMX4, the account number.”

To Be Continued

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