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Found 1 result

  1. Current Round(s): Currently no rounds in progression. Claims for the next DCW IRL rounds Round 12 - ??? Round 13 - COULD BE YOU!!! Italics - tentative Backup Moderator List - IdentityUnknown - Misaki-chan Requirements to be a DCW IRL moderator - You must be able to keep track of the storyline and keep the plot moving in some way, maybe by posting an event every two or three days. - You must have good grammar and spelling. Note: this does not mean flawless, but your English grammar and spelling should be sufficient enough to be understood by others. - You must be experienced. You must have actively participated in at least two DCW IRL rounds (or the first DCW IRL round). To be deemed an active participant, you must've contributed to the thread at least once every two days. You must also have actively participated in at least one DCW IRL round in the last 60 days. The exception is listed below. - If you have obtained special permission from IdentityUnknown or Mohorovicic, you do not need to have participated in two DCW IRL rounds. This special permission lasts for only one round. Finally, a moderator should be responsible. They need to be able to know when they cannot manage a thread so it can be handed off to someone else. What exactly does a moderator do? A DCW IRL moderator is also responsible for notifying the members the day before the time limit ends as well as posting on the thread if the writers have not posted for 5 consecutive days to give them a chance to continue. The mod may also post something in closing after the time limit and plot resolving period have ended. After 5 consecutive days without posting, the mod may feel free to end the thread in any way they choose to. Inactivity - If a moderator fails to post an event for a period of three days without properly passing off their position or notifying others, they will be kicked and the game temporarily suspended until a capable moderator is found. If no such moderator is found, the game will be discontinued. - A moderator may choose to pass off their position to another moderator. The same rules apply to them and they must pass the requirements to be a DCW IRL moderator. Backup Moderators - Backup moderators can be consultants and can take over an RP should the original mod not be able to come on or should they feel the need to relinquish their position. Those who are available as backup mods are listed above. Moderators may choose from the list or they may ask to choose an unlisted member as a backup mod. This member must meet the requirements as a moderator. - If a member wishes to be a backup mod, they may PM IdentityUnknown. If they wish to remove their name from the list, they should also PM IdentityUnknown. Backup mods who have not participated in a DCW IRL round recently will have their name removed. Moderating Tips To sign up to be a DCW IRL moderator, simply PM IdentityUnknown. Moderating positions are handed out on a first come first serve basis if you meet the requirements. Please do not request two rounds at the same time. If a mod drops the thread by either not posting an event for 4 consecutive days or by handing off, the next moderator can take over or the thread can be taken over by another member. If the mod reappears within three days after handing off or not posting and requests their position back, it will be returned. After that period of time, the thread will officially be taken over by the new mod. Do not reply to this this thread. Questions may be directed through the General info area or by PMing IdentityUnknown.
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