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Found 1 result

  1. Location: The Airport You grip the handrests excitedly. You can't believe that you're finally going to meet everyone you knew online! My, it's been so long since you first entered the Detective Conan World chatroom and you're actually surprised to find yourself touching down already. You weren't planning on taking such a drastic step to meeting all of your online friends and now that you're here, you feel an odd mixture of worry, excitement, and apprehension. Still, the excitement seems to bubble to the top. You wonder briefly how everyone looks like. This trip was arranged by IdentityUnknown last month. She has sent you all tickets and arranged to meet all of you at the Seattle airport. You've all been flown in from around the world (you wondered briefly how she could afford all of it, but you figure she has her ways). The seat belt sign turns on and you feel a drop in your stomach. Staring outside the window, you watch as the plane descends through the thick fluffy layer of clouds. The ground grows closer and there's a gentle jolt as the plane's wheels hit the ground. You bounce a little bit and after a few minutes, the plane slows to a stop. Ten minutes later, you walk out into the airport, pick up your baggage, and head out to the arrival terminal. A girl holding a sign saying "DCW Forum" leans against a pillar with a black suitcase. A few of the others are already there. Most of the others are talking, but a few are sitting to the side, playing on their iPods or typing on their computers. You go ahead and join them, introducing yourself to several of them. People mill around, a few joining you near the pillar. "Hi," the girl with the sign says. Her smile is easy, but a little bit cautious. "I'm IdentityUnknown, the organizer of this little trip." She offers a hand, which you take. "You can call me Jay. Most of us are here already." She nods towards some of the other people there. "That's Mark, though since he's reading the paper, I wouldn't interrupt him. Mohorovicic, that's his DCW name. Elizabeth, or Elli, or L--she goes by a lot of names--is the girl with the purple hair and combat boots. She's Sparrow. Oh, and that short girl is KKLT, also known as Amber. Just introduce yourself to the people around and you'll be fine." To your disappointment, they all seem a little preoccupied, but well, there's other people, right? You smile at Jay and decide to take her advice. Whatever comes next, you're ready to bring it on. ~~~ Moderators IdentityUnknown Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief Mohorovicic Sparrow ~~~ Players n00btube Misaki-chan Heksu MeitanteiSnow Usui-kun AiSuigetsu PhiBrainChild Ren-kun Nur Lovestruck ~~~ Suspects Jay ~~~ This is a SPECIAL round. There is no limit to the number of players (though signup will end when the roleplayers leave the airport). To sign up, simply post your character's bio below and continue on with the story situation. This round begins immediately with the first poster. You should make that character as close as possible to yourself. There will be no weapons, no superpowers, and no special abilities in this round. What you have is limited to what your mind can conceive. The Suspects bio section will be constantly updated as new suspects and information emerge. Your bios will also be on this post. There is no time limit to this round. The round ends at the conclusion of the mystery. Bio: Name: Age: Description: Personality: There will be four moderators for this round. They will control all NPCs (including all NPC dialogue) and will adjust the situation according to their needs. At every new location, one of the moderators will describe who is present, what the scene is like, anything out of the ordinary. NPCs will be given a description, but no background or detailed information. It's up to you to talk to them and figure out anything they know. The mods will be in charge of location changes and time changes. This will be a serial killing murder mystery. Clues will be given to you through descriptions of the scene, NPC interactions, questioning of the suspects, and discussion with the mods. Mods will have a limited amount of information to give you. Questioning of the suspects may be done through the mod who controls the suspect, though you will most likely not receive any information. Most questioning will be done in the RP itself and will be public information. Any questions should be directed at me. The first four people who have been automatically signed up are your mods for this round. 1. IdentityUnknown 2. Mohorovicic 3. KKLT 4. Sparrow 5. n00btube 6. Misaki-chan 7. Heksu 8. MeitanteiSnow 9. Usui-kun 10. AiSuigetsu 11. PhiBrainChild 12. Ren-kun 13. Hikari-chan 14. Lovestruck
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