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  1. Dear classmate. Next time we work on a major group project (which is never) try not to tell us you didn't do anything for the last few months until the very last min of the very last week so it made the rest of us not sleep for the past week finishing your part.

    1. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      Last time that happened, we told the teacher and we handed it in incomplete with our sections done, and the kid who did nothing failed. Everyone wins, well except the kid who did nothing.

    2. HalfAngel


      Lucky, Kyuu. Our teachers just say 'too bad'. My friend and I ended up doing the work of five people. It was even worse for my other friend whose whole group (4 other people) made her do at least 60% of the work :/

    3. kirite


      My teacher is on the "meh I don't care about your problems, deal with it yourself" train for sure OTL

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