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About me

Huh, I should probably do something about this empty space, right?

Hello, and welcome to my page! JFBQ00154070129B.gifyociexpress08.gif

If you happen to be a newbie, I have a bit of advice: Don't be like me and disappear for months the day after you join. JFBQ00125061225b.gif

I'm Sherlock Lupin; some call me Sherlock, others call me Lupin. I call you Bishi for various reasons that I'll get into later!

I'm a fanfiction writer, and my pen name over on good ol' FFN is Lissie Lupin! I'm so good at coming up with names, aren't I? yociexp88.gif

I am THE Master Procrastinator and DCW's Yoyo & Cici Specialist. yociexp106.gifJFBQ00216070523B.gif

I like to sing yociexp55.gif, I don't like it when people smoke yociexp102.gif, I love to sleep yociexp16.gif, I'm a gamer girl yociexp87.gif, I have a tendency to get sickJFBQ00247071217b.gif, and I play every single saxophone07xmaspigemoto.gif and many other instruments.

I'm not too crazy JFBQ00218070525A.gifJFBQ00173070312A.gifyociexp99.gif, and I love Detective ConanJFBQ00163070213B.gif.


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