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  1. So I was just on Crunchyroll to finish up watching the Kindaichi Returns Series and I noticed that they linked to a site called Anime Sols. Apparently, Anime Sols is crowd funding to release the first 13 episodes of Kindaichi returns in a box set if they raise enough money. As a person who is fanatic fan of Kindaichi, I was overjoyed to read this! So I just wanted to make this aware to all my fellow detective loving members and hopefully, We will be seeing a kindaichi box set released. here is the link to the page: http://animesols.com/video_sets/27
  2. apparently the Anime sols Project is raising money to bring the Kindaichi returns series to English speaking countries. I would check it out! their website is: http://animesols.com/video_sets/27

  3. If you have never seen Kindaichi, go check out the new anime!

  4. Just added navigation, hopefully this makes it easier for you.
  5. Kindaichi is cool folks

    1. Hobgoblin2012


      I agree, it's a pity people only notice recent series.

  6. People! Lets all be real here! We all know that the leader of the black organization is Yamamura's Grandmother. No doubt in my mind anymore.
  7. I pretty sure that inspector Yamamura's Grandmother is the leader of the black organization

    1. Hobgoblin2012


      That would be interesting, although I think Genta is the boss :)

    2. Raki


      If the leader was any one of those two it would make the series 10x funnier xD

  8. Dear man with the blonde beard, How dear you come to my house in your yellow pickup truck and throw used toilets all over my lawn. Please come take them back!
  9. I'm Bumping this instead of creating a whole new post. Btw, if you have not read the Kindaichi series, I highly recommend doing so. I believe they are now cheaper on Amazon.
  10. Hello Folks! As you might already know, I am obsessed about the Kindaichi Case Files series! It is my goal to inform people about this hidden gem. A while back (a couple of years ago) I created a wiki to help spread the joys of Kindaichi...but I was(and still not) that great at editing wikis. Therefore, I ask my fellow detective anime loving community to help out! If you could do even minor edits, it would be highly appreciated. I came to this community because I see how well done the Conan Wiki is. Therefore, I know that your skills are excellent. and are needed! I know you folks are awesome, this community is great! Therefore, I know we can do it! here is the wiki: http://thekindaichicasefiles.wikia.com/wiki/The_Kindaichi_Case_Files_Wiki
  11. Hello folks! I think it's time that the Detective Conan community should sit down and have a long hard discussion about subbing the rest of the kindaichi episodes from the original series that have not been completed and the second movie. Or we redo the series, because most of the subs out there are really bad. Kindaichi is hidden gem in the anime community and it seems like it is the only anime to not have the subs completed. Let have a serious discussion about it folks! now for some facts: Of the 148 episodes made in the original series, only 71 have been subbed! (translations aren't very good and yellow text) Of the 2 movies, only the first one has been subbed! (Again, bad translations and icky yellow text) Both of the TV specials have been subbed and have good quality subs with pretty white text! (Good!) The new series has been picked up by Crunchyroll and is being subbed each week! (Good!)
  12. I'm back folks! It's been a fast 2 and a half years

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    2. Balthazar Manfredie
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      If ya haven't seen already, there's "Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Returns" currently airin'. Welcome back, by the way.

    4. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Hmhm, indeed. Welcome back! Convince me to watch that Kindaichi stuff!

  13. I'm sorry everyone. Kyuu Nye has shown me the error I made, and he's right. so sorry

  14. I agree, but to everyone else, this topic is not just about abortions(that can get political so be careful) that's one of the ways innocent children are killed. Another thing people overlook are the death of hundredths of children in Africa everyday, because of children solders that have been brainwashed and kill almost everyone that is not part of their cause. If anyone is interested on the topic, you should read "a long way gone" by Ishmael Beah. He was a child solder who was saved and wrote about his experiences, its very sad what goes on in Africa.
  15. I'm sorry, ok. I said I never will post in this topic again, but I had to respond to this, I am not making threats, anyway I said I won't be posting in this topic again, so this is the last post. And mods don't get mad at AiSuigetsu for using such words. I will take the punishment for AiSuigetsu if you do decide to do anything.
  16. This is a topic/petition to stop the killing of innocent child across the world. Life is life don't let other take away another's right to live. If you care about life, speak up!
  17. ok fine, I still don't think this thread is right but I guess I can't do much about it. :sad: I will never post another arguing comment in this topic if you promise me one thing: You will pin my new topic that I will make after I finish typing this called "life is precious help protect it" It will be a topic about how many young children are being killed across the world, and we talk about how horrible it is.(its also like a petition to stop the killing. If you do that or don't do that I will never post in this topic again.
  18. Good bye DCW! I am most likely going to get banned because my opinion is different then the mods opinions. So if you never hear from me again that is why.

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      Kyuu Nye

      What chek said.

    4. The Banana Paladin

      The Banana Paladin

      I would say drama queen, but Chek has a more professional approach.

  19. This is a legitimate story, this is not made up. so does that mean that Kyuu Nye is trolling his opinion, when he posted his web articles? No? So why is my article trolling? And didn't you say this: "Just a friendly reminder to everyone that religious and/or political discussion are both not a topic of discussion on this board. If you and another member start debating on either one of those two topics, then take it to a private message, because your moderators will not tolerate it a bit anymore. As you can see, it doesn't take too long before people start stepping on the toes of others. Henceforth, any more specific political or religious debating will be deleted and the users involved will be warned accordingly. Thank you for your time." This topic is highly political and Religious, so why is it pinned and unlocked? Shouldn't this post be locked and deleted? you did say that: "religious and/or political discussion are both not a topic of discussion on this board." or did you mean, that religious and/or political discussions that I don't agree with are both not a topic of discussion on this board? You really think I'm trolling? really? I am serious about what I said in this topic, I have not joked at all in this topic. So why do you think I am now? If you really want to ban me, go ahead. Just remember that you banned someone because their opinion was different from the rest. My opinion doesn't comply with everyone else's, therefore you will do everything you can to shut me up, which includes the banning I'm going to get after I post this. If I do get banned that proves that the only freedom of speech you want to hear is the one that doesn't disagree with you.
  20. Only being fair. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57493780/cops-lgbt-volunteer-shoots-conservative-groups-guard/ Drudge report is awesome.
  21. Actually it is from Archie's weird mystery's. But I was informed the other day that I can't give out rep as a reward, so I have to follow the rules folks, sorry.
  22. This man is obviously not a true Christian or he would have known that murder is against the Bible.(the only exception to this would be self-defense, but this was not self defense) This man most likely is mentally ill.
  23. I will be back later to explain more (in a hurry now). Do you know what rickets are? look it up and how it played a big part in making people believe in evolution.(I will have a lot more evidence against it tomorrow)
  24. Ok I will answer your questions in smaller parts(it's easier to read and I'm short on time and will have to answer the rest later) 1. Does it matter who wrote the books of the Bible? (But women did play an important part in the Bible, keep reading) 2. Asians and Africans you say, OK (BTW Americans and Australians didn't exist back then ) This quote is taken from the following website and describes the origins of all races: "Bible scholars have traced Ham’s descendants to Africa, the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean, and into the South Pacific regions. The name Ham means hot and indicates that Ham’s people went into hot climates. Japheth’s descendants are traceable to the Aryan people of Europe, central Asia, Iran and north India. The name Japheth means enlarged (expanded in size) which reveals the nature of the Japhetic people, and is also prophetic of their world-wide expansion. Bible scholarship tradition has the view that the descendants of Shem settled only in western Asia, mostly Arabs and Jews. But this conclusion does not take east Asia into account (half of humanity) and gives only a small portion to Shem. But that cannot be correct because Shem was given the greatest honour of all. He also said, “Blessed by the LORD my God be Shem...” (Gen. 9:26). According to the Biblical record, Shem is the original forefather of both the West Asian people and East Asian people. In the Genesis account, the ancestry of all the East Asian people can be traced to Shem. Shem means honourable name, which fits well with East Asian cultural values. In the Hebrew Bible, God is referred to as ‘The Honourable Name’ (HA-SHÈM), thus associating God with the people of Shem. In Genesis 10:21, Shem is called “the father of all the children of Eber,” meaning the Hebrew people. The word Hebrew means ‘of Eber,’ or ‘descended from Eber.’ Gen. 10:25 For all that want to read the rest, here is the site: source Also most scholars agree that Job from the book of Jobs was Asian, but it is still debated. For Africans, the following were famous Africans in the Bible: The Queen of Sheba (Also an important woman) Simon of Cyrene (the one who carried Jesus's cross had very dark skin) Nimrod(was considered by God a great hunter and one of the best warriors of his time) If anyone would like to read more and see more examples here is the link: Link Now for important Women in the Bible: Esther(Had her husband, Ahasuerus, spare Israel) Mother Mary (Gave birth to Jesus) Deborah (She was a wife of Lappidoth and was a prophetess and the only female judge of Israel) Mary Magdalene(She was the first to see Jesus after he had risen. She also had a very important part in spreading the Gospel after Jesus went back up to heaven) If anyone would like to see the list of other women in the Bible here is the link: Link Did that help answer some of your questions? hope it did. I will answer the rest later. PS I am praying for all who have doubts, if anyone has questions please feel free to PM.
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