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    writing book

    Writing a book is my childhood dream, and someday I will definitely make it come true.
  2. axelmark

    writing book

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  5. axelmark


    The VPN router helps you to connect your computer to a remote server. This connection provides you with another Internet connection that does not expire, works without restrictions and is perfect for hiding your tracks.which can be used to protect your network from attacks, so you can browse the Internet freely and enjoy unprotected domains, even on sites that are blocked in your country!.The most powerful and versatile tool for your router. VeePN connection or standalone VPN, no matter how you configure it, it's good at it! Great features are added with each update
  6. axelmark


    You will never find a reputable VPN with a more affordable price tag than Ivacy. In fact, we were a little hesitant when we realized we could get a subscription for as little as $ 1.19 per month. Most hacking VPNs differentiate by selling customer information to third parties. Now try for nearshore software development eastern Europe sooner this time. We went through their privacy policy with a well-groomed comb and discovered that they did not store anything related to our online services. They do not store IP addresses, time stamps, or browsing histories.
  7. axelmark


    Good Work i like it
  8. axelmark


    I usually use vpn during traveling to countries where forbidden social media like twitter or fb. Some VPNs can help you bypass geographical restrictions. For instance, some countries restrict or forbid access to certain websites such as social media platforms or censor certain content
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