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  1. People, when people are killing and where using tricks from different shows, than isn't it so that the police can take the same information from the show and expose the murderer. Someone who kills another is despicable. I have learned this truth deeply from Detective Conan. Detective Conan show learned me to stay away from crimes. I am writing a show that contains many different things. It is a show about a world with different perspectives. But one thing I know for sure. Murder is and stays a murder no matter what. If you did it only one time, you are doomed. And if you killed someone, go to the police, give yourself up to the police, to give yourself the feeling of redemption. Because, when it comes to the sin you make, you will personally be judged. Don't kill, and don't ever commit suicide. Stay away from darkness come to the light, because if you stay in darkness you will stay a victim to yourself. Cleans your head from darkness. Cleans your self to tap in light.
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