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  1. Hi! First time here and I was wondering if someone could help me So I have a memory of an episode I saw as a child that I can't manage to find I'm not sure but I recall it was on a flat with a balcony that had an outdoor parking lot just below it. The victim was a woman and is found on the parking lying there, and it seems to be a suicide because she is lying just below the balcony, and the apartment is locked. But at the end the culprit is actually the lover because he murdered the victim inside and then throw the corpse out the balcony making it look like a suicide. Maybe I'm mixing up memories of different episodes but think it is what I said or that the murder seemed a robbery, what I am pretty sure of is that it involved throwing the corpse off the balcony (idk if dead or alive) I know it has to be an episode before 520 since the dub of my country stopped there years ago. And I'm also pretty sure it was a Conan-Kogoro episode (without detective boys) but idk. If someone remember something similar and can remember the episode I'd be grateful if u told me! Thanks
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