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  1. I know!!! I was a shinran shipper as well. but seeing all childhood-friends-turn-to-couples (literally), I think this story need something different. like we need character development.. and how making all childhood friends a couple is not realistic at all (no offence). And seeing the chemistry between Conan and Ai is so gratifying. I am so in love with their interaction since it's so fresh and not all romantic but deep nonetheless. And also, if this seems impossible, since apparently Gosho already set an ending for Shinichi and Ran to be together at the end, I really hope Ai?Shiho would just die tragically. since it would be hurtful to see her alive and just spend the rest of her life knowing she doesn't have anyone... And probably Conan would realize how Ai is such a precious best friend after all. But really, if there's a hope for Ai and Conan (Shiho and Shinichi) end up together, it would be in fanfiction. Let me cry, y'all.
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