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  1. Here is my top 5: 1. Kaito Kid - I chose him as my top 1 because he can shoot with his card gun accurately even in the dark as shown in MK episode 9 and DC episode 746-747 where he shot the chains that locked Akako and the police squad's face masks. 2. Shuichi Akai - He is capable of using any type of gun as shown when he shot Vermouth with a shotgun, shot a gum tracker from Gin's hands and shot Gin himself with a sniper and shot a wheel from a moving car using a handgun when they were chased by Rei's subordinates. 3. Vermouth - She proved to be an accurate shooter when she managed to shoot a gas tank from Araide's car backwards with her left hand using a side mirror 4. Gin - A merciless killer that kills everyone who betrays him. Shown to be an accurate when he accurately shot Shiho from the sides of her body to prevent her from dying instantly and also when he shot other characters like Akemi and a random CIA agent in a warehouse. 5. Miwako Sato - So far there is only one episode where it was shown she was an accurate shooter. That was the episode where Takagi got kidnapped and she shot the rope to cut it. She also shot a bomb switch from a bomber's hands in Movie 12 even though the movies aren't canon. Honorable Mentions: 1.Jodie Starling - Proved to be a good shooter when she shot the handgun out of Vermouth's hands and when she shot the sprinklers to stop the BO from sniping a politician. 2. Vodka - Just as a merciless killer like his partner Gin. Shown to be an accurate shooter when he shot Shiho's nape when she tries to escape to the chimney. 3. Bourbon/Amuro - Only one episode proved that he was skilled in using guns and that was when he saved Conan from a bank robber disguised as Scar Akai. 4. Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa - Also only one episode shown so far that he was capable of wielding a gun and that was from when he shot a support beam of a projection beam in the Clocktower Heist episode but also one movie shown that he shot Ran's legs to render her useless as a hostage. 5. Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano - Shown at the first episode she appeared when she purposely missed a shot to signal the police from the criminal's whereabouts. This is just my opinion. How about you? How would you rank these characters' shooting skills?
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