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  1. Thanks for the info and the links. It does seem to be a question with no real answer, but it’s interesting to think about, right?
  2. Looking again, I also see it spelled Kudō as well. Similarly I see Ran’s name spelled Mōri, sometimes. I just need to know which ones are correct, and if that’s more than one then I’d like to know which spelling I should use most often.
  3. 90s Holmes

    Kudo or Kudou

    I may be the only one with this problem, but I genuinely can't figure out if Shinichi's last name is spelled Kudo or Kudou. I watch a fansub that always writes his name as Kudou, but everywhere I look online it's spelled Kudo. Normally I'd just assume that it's spelled Kudo, but I'm also familiar with instances where a character's name is changed from one spelling to another when it airs in other countries, to keep from being too confusing with it's pronunciation. For example Kokichi Ouma was changed to Kokichi Oma. It's pronounced the same, but the official game changed it to the latter version when it got to America because it would "too confusing" for viewers. Really, the only thing confusing to me is that there are two spellings. Anyways I would appreciate the help. Thanks!
  4. Hiya! I’m 90s Holmes (although I may change that later) and I’m new to this site, but what I’ve seen so far looks really interesting and cool. I’ve been a fan of Detective Conan for about 5-6 years now, but I never really got into the fandom until recently. I started rewatching the show because I never caught up in the first place, and I forgot where I was. Just delving back into old interests. Anyways, my main concerns were about how this platform operates and what most of you tend to do on here. What are events about and what are some examples of past ones? How do I change my profile picture? What are the ranks, like eyewitness and stuff? What are reputation points, and how do people obtain them? Things like that. It would really help me out if someone could answer my questions. Sorry if this is obnoxious. Anyways, I hope to meet plenty of nice people on here with similar interests. I’m looking forward to what this site has to offer. Thanks, and have a wonderful day/night, everyone.
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