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    web developing

    What to do when I need to create apps?? Where I can hire web developers??
  2. otomes

    logo make need

    Guys, I want to create some logo to my apps?? What can I do it easily??
  3. otomes

    Meet with girls

    How do you meet with girls? Online. in real life or something else? Share own experience.
  4. otomes

    dating thread

    Truly say I am active user of social media stuff but not dating sites. But I am really interested in online dating world. So I have plan to check some popular dating apps like badoo, tinder and new dating site which I found on review https://hookupmasters.com/adult-dating-sites/wellhello-review/
  5. otomes

    travel thread

    Where do you want to travel? USA or Europe?
  6. otomes

    Where is Everyone From?

    North Carolina , Columbia
  7. otomes

    What did you do today?

    sleep all day
  8. Great story crossover
  9. otomes


    hi there. i am newbie here