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    I did not watch the last game of my favorite nba team so I need to check all basketball scores NBA is really great basketball league where play the best basketball players in the world. I have plan to visit the game of Lakers next week.
  2. otomes

    What Was the Last Food You Ate?

  3. otomes

    Apps and Games

  4. otomes

    web developing

    What to do when I need to create apps?? Where I can hire web developers??
  5. otomes

    logo make need

    Guys, I want to create some logo to my apps?? What can I do it easily??
  6. otomes

    dating thread

    Truly say I am active user of social media stuff but not dating sites. But I am really interested in online dating world. So I have plan to check some popular dating apps like badoo, tinder and new dating site which I found on review https://hookupmasters.com/adult-dating-sites/wellhello-review/
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    travel thread

    Where do you want to travel? USA or Europe?
  8. otomes

    Where is Everyone From?

    North Carolina , Columbia
  9. otomes

    What did you do today?

    sleep all day
  10. Great story crossover
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    hi there. i am newbie here