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  1. I think not everyone know how to use geiger counter, because radiation is very dangerous thing for people. The original detection principle was discovered in 1908, but it was not until the development of Geiger counter in 1928. A lot of places are infected with radionuclides due to human intervention.  So you need to check level of radiation in such places with using geiger counter. I read ,many info here https://ecotestgroup.com/press/blog/how-to-use-a-geiger-counter/
  2. Sure, twitter and instagram. But in instagram I like to share my pics and thoughts. But I need to increase the number of followers. So for it I will use one boost service click here and follow the instruction.
  3. what vpn tool do you like to use? any reccomendations?
  4. I spent my free time on studying online and reading books. I am into preparing for java test on my college. So sometimes I used help of cheap custom writing because I can not have free time because I work part time in local IT company.
  5. I can speak three languages
  6. archer


    Guys, what I need to knwo before creating website?
  7. I want to be an artist.
  8. archer


    Tha last game of LA lakers was great
  9. archer

    web developing

    I think free soft like antivirus and others we can use easly. But when we speaking about other apps like chatbots or games I think not everyone can create it by yourself, because we need to know some programming languages like python. In such cases I apply to Intellexer
  10. archer

    logo make need

    Try to check photoshop tool or one of logo makers. I use one of them. Sometimes I need to create logo to my online shop so I suggest you to check https://www.logaster.com/logo/ and follow the simple instructions.
  11. archer

    dating thread

    Are you good at online dating? What can you say about some dating sites?
  12. archer

    travel thread

    My next goal vill be Asian countires
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