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  1. archer

    LLC open?

    You can also choose to be taxed as a company to prevent being considered self-employed. However, you can choose to be taxed as an S-Corp instead of a C-Corp to avoid double taxation
  2. archer

    LLC open?

    Hello. Friends what can you say about open LLC? Even though you trust your entrepreneurial instincts, you may not have much faith in your management skills. With an LLC, you can likely elect to run the organization yourself or to hire a manager to do the job for you. Limited liability is, arguably, the most important benefit of forming an LLC. That is, provided you take steps to keep your personal assets separate from the business, your creditors cannot go after them. This fact may give you peace of mind when launching your venture BTW do u create LLC too?
  3. archer

    blinds of room

    Since fabric shades are composed of a soft material, they can only be raised up and down, which means they offer less light control than blinds. Roman shades, cellular shades, and roller shades are some of the most common types of shades.
  4. archer

    blinds of room

    It’s crucial to determine your light control and privacy needs when choosing the right blinds for your living room. You might want to allow natural light to enter in the morning, and block light from entering in the afternoon, so roller blackout blinds are a perfect choice. what kind of blinds do u have?
  5. I have interest in taste it after my visit to Canada. I decided to find work in Canada and get help with visa https://www.livinimmigration.ca Under the Federal Skilled Workers programme, there are currently 347 occupations that can qualify you for fast track entry. They cover a huge variety of occupations including medical, engineering, management, construction and more. So check out the latest list to see if your skill is listed.
  6. archer

    spy apps

    As tempting as it may be to get a free application, it is important to be cautious. It is advisable to search the name of the free spy app on Google and try to find reviews and more information, before considering it. Just make sure that you don’t provide your credit card number or personal information online, unless you know that the company is reliable. More app on https://cellspyapps.org/
  7. archer

    LGBTQA+ Community

    I am heterosexual
  8. archer

    my experience

    It can be easy to go through the busy day relying on texts and without picking up the phone but don’t fall into that trap. Make time to have in-depth conversations where you can hear one another’s voices or see one another’s faces.
  9. archer

    my experience

    I was in a relationship of convenience. The guy didn't treat me well but we were best friends. I wanted to move on and as I started to (met someone else), he had an epiphany that I was the one and started fighting for me. But I had had enough, I needed time to heal before I could contemplate a proper relationship with him. He moved away and continued to persist, ignoring my wishes for no contact. So I guess I'm in a long-distance relationship. Whenever I tell him person I want to move on, that I don't want to be with him, he either breakdowns or just don't accept it. It's like he hits the reset button and pretends everything is fine the next day. Or apologizes profusely. Or guilt-trips me and blames me for everything. I've tried to move on so many times and cut all contact but he always find a way to contact me. Also, when I'm feeling good and strong I think I can handle it contact, but it always plunges me back into depression. I feel so low that I can't seem to let him go. Everyone thinks it is so easy, and it is, yet I allow him to continue to be in my life. It's so hard, it's like I'm addicted to him. I love him, and I do second guess myself about whether we could be good when we're back together in person, in a proper committed relationship. He paints a wonderful picture, and REALLY wants a second chance. But his behaviour during this whole time, the stress it has put on me, makes me think otherwise. But I can't see clearly. I feel so weak. I don't want this to continue to drag out. I either need to commit to it or leave. I know I would be fine and happy by myself, but I'm concerned for him. He threatens to hurt himself, he has depression (I finally go him to go to therapy), he has previously quit his job, and it breaks my heart the emotional turmoil that he goes through.
  10. archer

    hack my fb

    Thanks bro.I will read more info about spy apps. Typically, a spy is formed by the women to track the messages of their husbands or boyfriends. It's to see whether he's being truthful or not. Spy apps are also classified as software that allows us to remotely scan someone's texts and call records. These are designed in such a way that they collect the necessary device information, which makes sense. Without the need for a password, we can easily gain access to someone's phone using an app.
  11. archer

    hack my fb

    hello. Do you know some info about hacking facbeook? Is it possible to do? I think my facebook account were hacked! I need to get soeme help where can I find such apps?
  12. Insurance provides payment for covered losses when they occur. Therefore, the uncertainty of paying for losses out-of-pocket is reduced significantly.
  13. So a guy ran a stop sign, crossed 5 lanes of traffic and T-boned me. I only had liability but he was insured with "Auto Owners Insurance". He told the police it was his fault. I thought it would be easy. Three months of fighting with his insurance, I finally get a check for less than what we agreed on and their check bounced. Took anther two months to get my money. Anyone else ever have a check from an insurance company bounce?
  14. archer

    gift idea

    wow thats sounds perfect for me
  15. archer

    gift idea

    hey there. What is the best gidt for you?
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