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    Can anyone translate this poll?

    Late reply and I'm just using Google Translate, but that should be the gist of it: The big red text under the Detective Conan logo says: "Character popularity voting" The next three lines say: "Ranking the unique characters of Detective Conan by everyone's vote" The big yellow headline says: "Character popularity vote result announcement!" The text on the bottom says: "Thank you for your participation!" That's a no-brainer I think, but the text shown with the characters is their placement, the respective name and the number of votes they got. On the top for example: 1st - Haibara Ai - 30318 votes. Long story short, it's exactly what you would think it is by just looking at the picture ;)
  2. Venus

    Regarding Shuichi's disguise (Okiya) and Haibara

    I know this was posted like half a year ago, so I don't know if the OP will even read this, but I would like to reply nonetheless, because Akai finally facing Haibara is something I really look forward to. I wonder as well why Akai thinks it's a good idea to hide his identity from her and just live next door in disguise. I get that he's probably not ready to face her yet since they have a lot of baggage, but maybe being upfront towards her from the get-go would have been better than acting shady and scaring the hell out of her. As pointed out already she's way too smart to just take him at face value and has even called him out directly for acting suspicious (for example when she outright told him that she suspects he's eavesdropping and bringing food over as an excuse to join in (file 948)). Yeah, I wonder if she'll be disappointed in both Conan and Agasa that they kept this from her. I don't know what will happen, but this has so much potential to provide a lot of drama and trigger something of significance. I'm really eager to see how Gosho will handle this. It could really go down either way a.) It will just go smoothly, they'll talk things out and make peace with their past b.) It will cause some kind of argument or even lead to a rift between her and Conan. I don't know, but I hope it will happen soon. Maybe Gosho wants Akai to save Haibara and then reveal his identity afterwards. In that case their "reunion" would probably go smoothly, meaning that there won't be some kind of argument.