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    Gin's real name

  2. Detective Difo

    Who is the smartest characters in Detective Conan?

    Heres the best three in the TANTEI (detective) award for these character sin Detective Conan. 1. Yusaku Kudo Since he is the person who train Shinichi, he must be smarter than Shinichi. 2. Shinichi Kudo / Conan Edogawa We all know he smart since he solve many cases. 3. Vermouth (Chris Vineyard / Sharon Vineyard) Although she is protagonist, she had good intelligent, in Volume 42, she said that she already knew that FBI got enter her workplace. But, why she is number three because she don't know that 1) Jodie Starling is a young lady that Vermouth (Chris Vineyard / Sharon Vineyard) ever met 20 years ago before the Volume 42 story line. 2) Jodie Starling is the one who behind Dr Araide's fake death to make Vermouth (Chris Vineyard / Sharon Vineyard) disguise as him without anybody murdered.
  3. So, the ending of Detective Conan manga will be Conan will be Shinichi again, then Jodie Starling call him and said, "we would like to invite you to FBI". So, instead of Detective Shinichi as the continuation of Detective Conan story, how about making Agent Shinichi instead? So, this kinda possible since Conan (Shinichi) is under the FBI Protectorate Eyewitness Program.
  4. Detective Difo

    Gin's real name

    Sorry, I used Indonesian version of Detective Conan from conanianscanlation.blogspot.com. So, in the fourth column, the conversation is : Ran (speaking to Shinichi) : Shinichi... Shinichi : .......................... (humming) Vodka (probably speaking to Gin) : A, Aniki...... Here, we can see that Vodka terrified, and say to his "elder brother" (did you know? Gin is probably one of Vodka's elder brother) "A, Aniki..." he said. It means that the identity of Gin is somebody who had Aniki as his first name. Its just a theory that maybe we can see who is Aniki (Gin) from the Detective Conan manga and anime. It because Aoyama Gosho is slightly show us the identity of all the members of the Black Organization. For example, Gin, we can see that Aoyama Gosho put the real name of Gin, without our notice. Another examples, Rum, the assistant of Anokata (That person / Big Boss) was actually showed his or her (some theory believe that she is female, but other theory says that he is a male) appearance as both Asaka and Rum. So, this evidence make we need to re examine our Detective Conan copies.