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  1. I definitely understand it, it's makes me sad sometimes lol like with the embezzling (was he a member of parliament? I can't really remember but I know he was embezzling money and blamed it on his secretary who committed suicide) also I think What makes me even more sad/annoyed is that the person who would be the victim is the original bad guy and they get saved and it's sometimes hard for me to be happy the bad guy didn't actually get killed especially ones like that government dude. Tried to quote DCuniverse but idk how pls send halp LOL
  2. LMAO title seems obvious but basically so many cases involve a person murdering (or attempting to) someone who killed their friend/significant other/family member/CO WORKER (they do this one a lot but I suppose they're also friends lol) where are the good guys when the original murder is happening? it kind of bothers me that so many crimes on here don't come to light until someone seeks vengeance.
  3. Well, I've been watching detective Conan but I recently started reading forums and whatnot abt it. um as u see my name is Jessica fletcher. mainly bc murder she wrote is my favorite real life detective show. so yah hi! I'm gonna actually go post a question in another category so look for me LOL
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