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  1. Here's a general guide. Movie 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 all have an "OVA" labeled as "Magic Files" to go before or after each movie. After Magic File 6, Episode 694, 735, and 774 were aired as preludes to the movies that year. They aren't really overly connected, but usually just had a bit of dialogue for the movie at the end of each episode. If the pattern follows, we should see the episode for M20 on April 16th.You could watch almost all the movies regardless of where they "fit in", but if you wanted to watch the movies in relation to their air-dates... You could follow the list below.


    After Episode 54 - Movie 1

    After Episode 97 - Movie 2

    After Episode 140 - Movie 3

    After Episode 186 - Movie 4

    After Episode 231 - Movie 5

    After Episode 275 - Movie 6

    After Episode 315 - Movie 7

    After Episode 356 - Movie 8

    After Episode 393 - Movie 9

    After Episode 434 - Movie 10

    After Episode 470 - Movie 11

    After Episode 504 - Movie 12 (Watch Magic File 2 before this movie)

    After Episode 535 - Movie 13 (Watch Magic File 3 before this movie)

    After Episode 570 - Movie 14 (Watch Magic File 4 after this movie)

    After Episode 613 - Movie 15 (Watch Magic File 5 after this movie)

    After Episode 655 - Movie 16 (Watch Magic File 6 before this movie)

    After Episode 694 - Movie 17

    After Episode 735 - Movie 18

    After Episode 774 - Movie 19


    Thank you so much, this will really help.

    I will watch the episode again and then the movies again  :D  :D


    Yeah, there are some prelude episodes for the later movies, but generally they are separate.

    At first I really thought is was separated but then I saw some prelude episodes. So I thought maybe they missed some episodes but then I watched the movies and thought they actually match in a sense :P :P

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  2. I didn't know that DC movies are non-canon.

    There are too much Org. members. some just appear once and die.



    I agree with you, there are a lot of black spot in the meaning behind each one's action. Vermouth is one of my favourite BO character. Though being on the BO team, I quite appreciate the fact that she doesn't want the org. to know about the shrinking things. 


    Bourbon is quite mysterious in a way. He make me think about Vermouth in a way, like he will 'side' with Shin'ichi, kind of.

    Though I was not so fan of him at first, I am quite fond of him. I will see in the following episodes, how he behaves. :D

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    I know right :D

    I'm also a fan of Vermouth, though her being in BO.  :) I also like the fact that she 'helps' to hide Conan's identity in a sense  :D


    Bourbon, I hated him in a way where he nearly expose everything. But I kind of love him now  :lol:

    Knowing he is in SP and all  :blush:  :blush:

    The only fact I don't really like about him is that he nearly let BO knows that Akai Shuichi is alive just to gain their trust. Though being a good strategy, I hated it since I like Akai  :D  :P I'm actually on episode 787 , how about you? I'm not really in a hurry to watch the episodes since it does not extent 815  :blush: I don't want to wait for other episode to come out, so, I will watch the episode VERY slowly.so that other episode has the time to come out  :D  :D


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  3. Shippers of DC :) 
    Romantic, best partners and rivals . I would like to know the opinions and preference of all about all the three or any specific one  :D  :D


    The poll is just a mere speculations and this post is open to arguments and other options  :)  :D


    P.S: Each one of us has his/her own opinion and preference, do not criticise the choice of others, Thank you  :blush:

  4. I feel sorry for a lot of characters. Shinichi, Ran, Haibara, the detective boys, Miwako Sato, Jodie, Akai Shuiichi, and many other characters (from certain cases,etc).


    I do feel more pity for Haibara Ai.

    1. She lost both her parents.

    2. She was forced to work for BO.

    3. BO killed her sister.

    4. She does not have any childhood.

    5.She is forced to be on guard and to trust no one

    6. Always hiding and cautious about her surrounding

    7. No one to actually listen to her story

    8. has an unrequited love for Conan/Shinichi who loves Ran

    9. Deceive a lot of people (detective boys)


    That being said, I do feel that Haibara Ai/Shiho Miyano is one of the top characters that we have to feel sorry for  :(

  5. Recently converted from ShinRan to AiCon. So Haibara, doi :P


    I don't doubt for a second that Ran is endgame. And despite being an AiCon shipper, I would hate to see a ship that has been sailing for so long and successfully sink at Gosho's whim. I can't imagine him finding some way to execute a sudden change to AiCon without completely disregarding the characters' own, well, characterization, much less justify it for the fans that have been following the series for years and years and years. Unless, of course, Ran dies. I used to look down on people who suggests for this to happen, and I still dislike it albiet to a milder degree, but yeah, that's pretty much the only way AiCon can happen in canon. This is even worse for the ShinRan shippers though. (Anyone who has stayed with the series since its beginning pretty much has to be a ShinRan shipper to some extent, fending off those criticisms like crazy. Dropping a rock on it would be plain cruel.) I think it's safe to say that there's no hope for the AiCon shippers (and KaiShin, lol) to ever see their dream go canon.


    Nevertheless, I stand by AiCon. She's such a complex character with a strong theme of finding a loving, nurturing environment to live and have a future in after being raised in the Black Org. She seems to have found that among the Detective Boys and Agasa, but if Conan is able to reciprocate her feelings for him, then gah. Sweetness overload. (I like the theory about Haibara refusing the antidote to relive her childhood too. But AiCon is sweeter. I mean, can you not see Shiho and Shinichi taking a walk in the park, holding hands and eating ice cream? While the DB goof around them and tease them for having a sappy smile on their faces??)


    For those who like Ran for her loyalty, patience, etc etc, I don't know what to say. I respect your opinion, but I personally never judge a character by the same standards as I judge a person. For example, I love Lelouch, and he's a terrorist. Or Loki, and he's a bad guy (idk exactly where he stands in the newest material though). These characters are horrible people (for the most part), but they're interesting. Ran is an amazing person, but she's boring. Haibara is actually both an interesting and kind person, so I'm sold. And a plot twist like AiCon would definitely spice up the series, romance-wise. (Too many childhood friends-turned-lovers.....)


    tl;dr: AiCon ftw


    I fully totally entirely agree with you  :D 

    I come from RanxShinichi to HaibaraxConan :)  I do think Ran and Shinichi making a very good pair, but I think Haibara and Conan make a PERFECT one :D  Even though Ran and Shinichi actually fit each other with their character, I find Haibara more interesting (like you said).


    My heart is split into two, one for Ran and Shinichi, and one for Haibara and Conan. It will actually turn out to be interesting if Conan starts to notice Haibara. Though we all know that Ran and Shinichi will end up together. :D  :P  ;) Even though that being said, as to 'kill' Ran, is out of question. Despite being more an AiCon shipper than a ShinRan shipper, I will not wish any of them to be gone. It will be tragic and I will fall for ShinRan even more. It's like,you like a character and the role they play, but once they are gone, you love them more. kind of like that  :P Though, it's only my way of feeling things  :blush:  :blush:


    KaiShin? Kaito x Shinichi?  :D I was about to ask the same thing actually, if anyone find Shinichi/Conan matching with many characters.

    KaitoxShinichi, HeijixShinichi , and so on  :D (Shoujo, Shounen, Shounen ai, Tragedy: I'm a huge fan of all those types  :blush: , so I kind of match everyone with everyone, in a sense)  :blush:


    AiCon <3 CoAi <3 ConAi <3 (the names I found so far on the net)  :wub:  :blush:

  6. Greatness is subjective. A large amount of people are never going to come to a consenus on what the undenible best thing in each respetive category is. But to answer the question at hand, I'm also going to go with 'no' Everything has flaws, and when something's drawn out over literally hundreds of episodes, there are subsequently going to be more flaws. And the length of DC can, and more than likely is, considered a flaw in and of itself. I'm not far enough along yet to have much more of an opinion, but I doubt my current opionion will change much 50, 100, or even 200 episodes down the line. DC's a nice show to pass the time, but that's all it really is to me. It's no where near the greatest in my opinion, but it's far from the worst.


    I totally agree with you. Though some find DC too long, it is good to have many episodes to pass time on. I too think that it is very good to pass time though I think I love DC a little more than just passing time. As you said, there are many flaws in the anime, I agree with you. I,myself, saw a lot of points which does not make any sense but still continue to watch it. No anime is perfect but to say that DC is the best, I will answer 'no', despite being in my favourite anime list :)

  7. Despite it being my favorite anime (I'm really not privy to very much), I wouldn't say so. That's a pretty big statement to declare it the "best anime in existence".

    I certainly wouldn't call it "under-rated", not that it's over-rated either. It's absolutely massive over in Japan, which is more than enough for me. I do wish that it were more popular in the states, but there were several reasons why it failed.


    I'd say that Detective Conan satisfies a certain "itch" I have as a whole, which has kept me attached to it for a very long time, and I still find the new cases interesting.

    The quality of the anime isn't exactly great at the moment. Many of the anime original cases are flat out uninteresting, and I really prefer the older animation style. The show has long past its peak, and I definitely prefer the manga as a whole.


    Having not watched much anime (mostly just what was on Adult Swim in the past), I can still say there are some that I've enjoyed almost as much as DC, if not more at some times. I love the Ghost in the Shell series, as one example. Having only seen about 10 or so all the way through, I really don't think I'm in a position to label anything as "the best in existence".


    Narrowing it down to its genre, I might agree. 


    I totally agree with you.

    Despite being among my favourites, to declare it the greatest anime of all is a bit too much. Though there are many that love DC, we will not get everyone to agree with us.


    I watch many good anime which forms part in my favourites but to call one as the greatest or best, it is not quite my cup of tea. Each anime has a category in a sense and think that though DC is my favourite among detective and mystery anime, I will not categorise it as the best anime ever. :)

    It is my opinion though :D:P

    I totally agree with you though ;)

  8. I would love to see Conan x Ai in the end (or Ayumi x Conan but that is for another treat), but i know that Ran is going to end with Shinishi ): But I'm content to see the little CoAi parts in the series.

    I agree with you. Though I don't particularly see Ayumi and Conan together, Ayumi is too. . how to say it, too 'childish' and 'girl-ly' for Conan :D

    On the other hand Haibara and Conan totally suit each other in all sense :D

    I do respect your preference though :D:) 


    Totally agree with you. I find their parts kind of cute and sad at the same time. Sad in the sense that I know they will not end together at the end. :/ 

  9. I agree with you all.
    Conan/Shinichi goes well with both Ran and Haibara/Shiho. Though we all know that Shinichi will ends up with Ran, I still think that Conan and Haibara actually make a good pair. 


    1. Conan and Haibara share the same pain(being in the same state)

    2. They understand each other better than anyone else

    3. They protect each other

    4. They are both mature enough to comprehend things

    5. They always help each other in any circumstances

    6.  They make fun of each other and make jokes

    7. They can openly talk to each other about anything

    8. They totally suit each other


    I really do ship RanxShinichi, but I also ship a lot HaibaraxConan <3 :)
    Though that being said, each one of us have our own impression and preferences ^_^

  10. I did asked the same question. There are episodes that said something like 'who would have thought that there will be case following' or something like that. I witnessed it in 2 episodes where one , with the detective boys, had to go on a ship but found themselves entangled in a case. At the end of the episode Conan said something like they wouldn't have guessed that there will be a case on the ship they are going. And the other episode was about Tohto tower or something like that. Conan had a case there and the next day he was supposed to go with the detective boys and a case appeared. 735 The coded invitation. Though at the end Conan said "Nobody could have ever suspected that another shooting waiting for us at Bell Tree Tower" , but never got a continuation of the case. Maybe it is one of the movies, I don't really know. It's frustrating to have them said that another case will occur but on the next episode you have another case. :/

  11. Irish is a character from a movie—all DC movies are non-canon, so it doesn't matter.

    I didn't know that DC movies are non-canon.

    There are too much Org. members. some just appear once and die.


    Yes, she wants to kill Sherry, but in the conversation between Yukiko and Vermouth it is made very clear, that Vermouth doesn't wish the Org to learn about the whole shrinking thing regardless of whether or not she wants to see Sherry dead. The reason for that is not clear yet, it's probably connected to the whole not aging thing of Vermouth.


    Bourbon isn't "very near to discover his identity". Bourbon knows Conan is smart, but that's about it, he never made a connection between Conan and Shinichi nor would he ever think about people being able to shrink.


    I agree with you, there are a lot of black spot in the meaning behind each one's action. Vermouth is one of my favourite BO character. Though being on the BO team, I quite appreciate the fact that she doesn't want the org. to know about the shrinking things. 


    Bourbon is quite mysterious in a way. He make me think about Vermouth in a way, like he will 'side' with Shin'ichi, kind of.

    Though I was not so fan of him at first, I am quite fond of him. I will see in the following episodes, how he behaves. :D

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  12. From the Org, only Vermouth knows their identity and it was made pretty clear in the climax of the Vermouth storyline, that she has no intention of telling them.

    Haibara's sister and Irish also from the Org that know the identity of Shinichi. But the only one alive that knows his identity is Vermouth. Why doesn't she? I mean, not want to tell the org. about them?

    She was determined to kill Sherry in episode 701-704 (The train case). 

    Burbon is very near to discover his identity too

  13. Episode 37 when Noriko is on her way to kill the couple which is responsible for her fiancé’s death. Also, when Conan goes up to the roof with all the cactus and tells her that her fiancé is living through those flowers.

    Episode 345, the entire scene when Ran throws herself on Haibara to protect her and Vermouth is unable to shoot Angel for she has saved her life.

    Episode 304 When Takagi asks Conan about his identity and Conan says that he will tell him – in the other world.

    Episode 471 when Kogoro and Ran are alone in the car and Kogoro apologizes to Ran for putting her life in danger.


    Episode 42 when Ran thinks Shinichi is back and she storms into the Karaoke box.


    Episode 421 when Agasa’s first love is about to drive away and he yells that he still loves the colour of Gingko.


    Maybe a little off the topic, but the ending of movie 1, when Ran is disarming the bomb and does not know whether to cut the blue or the red wire and Shinichi tells her to follow her intuition. If she’s wrong, they will die together. Also, when Conan asks her, why she didn’t cut the red wire and Ran replies that she couldn’t cut the red wire as it is her connection to Shinichi.


    I totally agree with you.

    That Episode 304 :( was really sad, I even thought that it will actually end for them (even though I knew the protagonist cannot die) :/

    That movie <3 I cried at that part :$ though I know they can't die xD

    Shinichi stayed there <3 very touching scene

  14. [spoiler alert]


    Episode 11 - there was a man who killed all his family members , put fire to his house and played Beethoven's Moonlight Sorata in the flames. I was touched by the story behind and the end [heartbreaking] 


    Episode 18 - Shinichi's and Ran's teacher was getting married to her fated lover from her childhood but wasn't aware of it. They shared Lemon Tea which was the 'weapon' to attempt murder, it was sad somewhat as the groom was about to kill his beloved bride. Even though it ended in on a good tone. [sad]


    Episode 26 - John ( a dog), used by his master to kill [My heart was squeezing]


    Episode 42 - A rock band decided to go to karaoke. Sonoko, Ran and Conan were invited. The vocalist was known to be bad-tempered and was murdered by his ex-lover who thought that he no longer loved her. She changed her look for him but he didn't appreciate the thought of her changing herself for him. The main singer (the one who died) was in fact waiting for her; waiting for her to 'come back'. [eye tearing]


    Episode 121 - Kogorou-san bought a ticket for Yoko's concert and lost it. A woman propose to him to take her extra ticket and went back home to fetch it. They found her younger sister bleeding from her wrist in the sealed bathroom. The older sister seems to have misunderstood her sister's behaviour by imitating her and even thought that she stole her boyfriend. When at the end she knows the truth, she start shouting and crying. [My first episode of DC that made me actually cry]


    Episode 128 - Haibara's sister. On the next episode we actually know it was Haibara's sister which made it more dramatic. The BO was looking for the key of a locker which was with Haibara's sister (Akemi Miyano). At the end she was killed by Gin and Vodka.


    Episode 166-168 - It's about an american boy who fell in love with Misa. Since none of them knew how to speak the other's language, it was difficult to communicate fully. At the end of the case we understood how a misunderstanding lead to this misfortune case. It was really heart breaking at the end when the truth is revealed. [cried] 


    Episode 172-173 - Sonoka,Ran and Conan when to Ice skate and met a group of friends. One of them is found dead in the bathroom. [a little heartbreaking]


    Episode 180-181 - A couple invited some friend at home for diner. The wife called Mouri to a stalker case but as the case goes on, a murder occur. It was the ex-lover of the wife who is found dead in the 'library'. We discovered that he wrote a song for her and that her ex was always singing to ease wounded heart. [tearing]


    Episode 238-239 - Conan's football idol was opening a hotel/restaurant together with other athletes. A murder occurs and Shinichi refused to admit that the one he admired so much was the one who killed that person. It was sad to see that Shinichi was kind of hurt and down by it. [not teary though]


    Episode 249-250 - Yoko (a tv star) invited  Kogorou Mouri, Ran and Conan to a friend's dinner wedding. The friend in question was found in her bath unconscious. The one responsible tried to kill herself. She was in love with her friend's 'lover' and was jealous of their engagement. [sad and emphasise on the power of friendship] 


    Episode 304 - One of the saddest episode I watched. It was about Satou's previous lover. He died in his duty (I won't give any more details, go and watch ^_^ )
    [ I cried a river :$ ]


    Episode 361-362 - Happen in Teitan High School where a certain ghost rumour arose. After much investigation Conan reveal the truth (through Sonoko) about a sad friendship and the guilt that his friends were carrying. [sad, teary]


    Episode 504 - I really hated the emotion that the author tried to bring. He present a character and when you start to love him, he died. Akai Shuichi (one of my favourite character). I kind of knew that this was coming from previous episodes, the paste that the case was going. I still can't digest the fact that he is no longer here (we will see in further episodes what they will bring "I won't spoil you :3 ). It was very heart breaking when Jodie Sensei get the news about Shuichi [Cried a lot] After this episode I didn't want to continue to watch, I was both disgusted and heartbroken. (spoiler) The DC team will actually raise your hope up and will eventually throw cold water again on you. But I really hope that what I'm doubting will actually come true. I'm still at 735 and there are still many episodes to come, I just hope that what I am thinking will happen. 


    Episode 513-514 - It was about a man covering for the murder and suicide of his beloved one. It was heartbreaking


    Episode 667-668 - It was about Kogoro's old friend who is getting married the next day. The bride was found in the flaming car in the parking. with much investigation, they discovered that they were actually fated to meet but not to be together. A very heartbreaking story where an impossible love was destroyed forever. (I will not spoil, just watch :) )  [cried a lot]



    I'm actually at 735 and between 668 and now, there are still episodes that I haven't written the episode number yet.

    I will watch watch until round 800 and then continue my list ^_^

    P.S: this is my personal list of episodes which I found heartbreaking and sad. :) if you haven't watch any episode (if you skipped or missed), do go through them :)

  15. I actually disagree, one of my biggest wishes, which would make me respect kogorou a little more, is if he, at latest, by the start of the last climax, figures out his identity (probably by an huge accidental let out on conan's end). And then like heiji once deduced, rather than putting him to sleep he'll basically give out the answer to kogorou during cases....which in turn will develop their relationship to point where he has no objections giving his daughter to him!! Thinking about kogoro...

    getting involved in the BO cases(for real this time) gets me hyped up, just thinking about it makes me wonder what gin will notice and act like(since he's already suspicious of him)

    I agree with you. Kogorou is sharp when he is seriously thinking into it and is not as 'stupid' as many said.

    Though I love his character which bring a little 'sillyness' to the cases and humour, I still think he should (as you said) figures out the identity of Conan.

    Exactly, I also thought of that. I'm actually around 730 now and they are becoming more and more suspicious of his identity. But even so, I still think that it's weird as some members knew the identity but they did nothing about it (in a sense). I thought that BO once get the person they are looking for, they will immediately eliminate them and evidence of their existence, along with close ones. But I see that they keep Conan and Haibara alive, I don't know why. 

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