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  1. What if Shinichi turns evil?

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    2. Forever Lost

      Forever Lost

      Hmm.... Shinichi's dad is the boss, and is secretly Haibara's dad, too, and that's why they can't - Yeah I'm gonna leave my crazy spur-of-the-moment ideas to myself. If Shinichi turns evil ... then the whole plot is going to turn sideways and take a very, very dark turn. And perhaps the BO would be 'good'. I dunno.

    3. Chekhov MacGuffin

      Chekhov MacGuffin

      @Knowing Redemption, Evil Shinichi could maybe destroy Japan. Think of all the crimes he knows how to commit and ways of hiding evidence. Everyone thinks he is good, so no one would be able to believe he turned evil even with proof. I think Haibara might notice, but then again she might be one of the first to die because she knows Conan's secret... Creepy. That might be a good fan story, Shinichi whacks his head and his justice sense gets turned backwards.

    4. Forever Lost

      Forever Lost

      @Chekhov MacGuffin Very true. Yeah, Haibara would probably be one of the first to go, since she works so closely with him, I doubt it'd get past her. He might have to get rid of most of the people who know his identity as Conan, unless he can be less suspicious as an evil individual. Heiji and such caught on by his statements and detective work that shouldn't come from a child... so perhaps they're satisfied with that. It would be a good fan story... don't give me ideas! I...

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