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  2. Scarlet92

    Your predictions for chapter 900

    If mouri is the anokata, That will be a sad ending.. ran will be sad.. and gosho had said that it wil be a happy ending, right?
  3. Scarlet92

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 894-898 (Scarlet Series)

    Not detective conan if there is no conan -_-" I think at the last minute then conan will bcome shinichi completely.. then thats the ending of dc.. I predict the chapter 900 team conan will able to go into the inner BO as amuro wish.. hope more talk ob anokata, what he doing, what he thinking.. then we can predict who is this anokata
  4. Scarlet92

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 894-898 (Scarlet Series)

    So now, amuro know that akai still alive but still in a mind that subaru is not akaki.. As for 'him', no idea.. maybe date? Hihi And akai want to protect haibara, its likely that akai already know haibara shrinkage.. I still keep wonder when conan said his mom very good in disguise of people who are close to her, and how can she disguise conan as haibara is too good.. maybe she actually know about haibara?? Haha just guess
  5. Scarlet92

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 894-898 (Scarlet Series)

    Mod note: Please use spoiler boxes when discussing a file not yet released in English. You can find a tutorial on how to use them on the first post.
  6. Scarlet92

    Your predictions for chapter 900

    Yep, I like this theory. . It can be possible there is really real okiya and akai sometimes disguised as him.. not sure whether the real okiya know about akai or not.. I think no.. and I think the okiya on the kinichi-kun case is really the real okiya and I think he already know that conan is shinichi already.. and he silence about it maybe because he kind of interested with what actually happen to this shinichi.. and he just get along with it
  7. Scarlet92

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 894-898 (Scarlet Series)

    So, in the train, maybe okiya came together with yukiko because yusaku (actually conan) told him to And without him realize, there is another okiya (akai in disguise), which is on hiding, just wait to come off if anything happend..
  8. Scarlet92

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 894-898 (Scarlet Series)

    How about this.. Okiya is really okiya, a someone who is a fan of yusaku, maybe after conan knew that okiya is a fan of yusaku, he used that chance to talk with okiya sometimes while using his father voice.. then, he request okiya to do something for him.. since its yusaku, he just okay with it.. and okiya really dont know anything.. and I guess okiya really is the second brother, thats why he have some charisma like akai.. So, maybe akai told conan he have a brother who is a fan of yusaku, a like-detective man..then conan use the voice of his father to contact with okiya.. request him tk do a favour or something like that.. Akai always there but he is still hiding everywhere, even the second brother@okiya dont know about it.. And I really like the idea that the man outside of the house is not BO's.. conan knew that, and thats why he is okay to bring out akai..