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  1. I wasn't too sure where to put this so I decided to just leave it here and most likely get it moved by a mod. Anyways, I tried looking it up on eBay and Amazon. I can't find it there or on any bootleg website. I've been sort of obsessed with the 3rd base 4th story since episode 383 of DC and reading up the summaries for it. Although I have yet to ever read even one page of this seemingly rare manga that I cannot find for sale or on the internet. Does anyone have a link where I can purchase this manga or something? I really want to know who wins since there was no winner in DC
  2. Well, I mean obviously it's popular. Although, it doesn't seem to have a huge fan base like other anime that are currently airing. Examples: One Piece, Naruto, Bleach etc. Almost everyone that says they watch anime that I've met online usually watches attack on titan, sword art online, naruto etc. Never really any mention of Detective Conan. I mean this wikipedia and DCW is an amazing website and without it I would be completely lost navigating through DC but for a series that has been going this long you would think it would have a bigger following right? I mean it's just sort of lame when no one you really know watches DC This is easily one of my favorite anime and it's still on going and it kinda sucks that it's not more popular than it already is. I mean, the episode count and the amount of filler most likely scares people away but again the big 3 shounen series appear to be gaining popularity still. Anyways, I guess that's my opinion. What do you guys think?
  3. Not sure if this is the proper section for this... Although, I recently watched all of Magic Kaito (12 episodes) and Magic Kaito 1412 (24 episodes). Anyways, the original (12 episode series) had some BGMs I liked. I couldn't find any information on the wiki about this. So I just wanted to know if the BGM were exclusive to Magic Kaito or if they were taken from Detective Conan? Because I noticed some of the tracks were used in Conan before. I'm only a little over 400 episodes in on Detective Conan after watching it for a little over a year. So it would make sense as to why I can't tell if some of the music is used in Detective Conan later in the series.
  4. So I think I saw on a postcard that it said Kaito Kid may or may not show up in the final showdown with the black organization. I really liked how Kaito Kid was the "special guest" on team conan during jet black mystery train. (ahem spoiler) He came up really clutch at the very end after being hidden the whole time, which is fairly impressive that bourbon and vermouth couldn't even deduce who Kaito Kid was. Maybe they didn't get the information telling them that Kid would be on the train? Idk they are the Black Organization though, so I doubt they would miss that piece of intelligence. Anyways, do you guys want Kaito Kid to play a role during the final showdown or just have it be team conan + fbi vs black organization? I personally would love to see Heiji and Kaito both play a role during the chaos. What do you guys think?
  5. There is a ton of good music. If I had to pick my favorite...uh it would probably be the one that half of my posts consist of xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbq8kFYfmBo The Facts 07 Remix. (unreleased)
  6. I started watching this series back last March. Since then I have watched about 350 episodes. I have skipped around, watched most of the kaito kid, hattori heiji, shinichi kudo episodes because those are usually the better ones . I'm currently on episode 248. I will most likely watch only select episodes again if I do want to watch the series. I do want to buy the blu rays if those ever come out. Then I might rewatch the series if I ever even finish it -.- . I first started watching Detective Conan and I was really getting into it. Then I learned that it was 700+ episodes when I was about 80 episodes in. I got completely overwhelmed and every once in a while I just stop watching and watch something else because I want to watch all the episodes but that is a LONG time to be watching TV lol and especially since some of the episodes are 1 hour to 2 1/2 hour specials!
  7. Obelisk


    It sounds very similar to The Facts from the Movie 4 soundtrack. It sounds like an 07 remix. Any idea why I can't find it on the Selection Best CD ?
  8. lol this has been one of my favorites for a while now.
  9. I guess that could be the case. Although, they would still have Shinichi's in the database I mean he did solve a bunch of cases when he was Shinichi and (I would assume) its pretty common to have ones finger prints taken before. So they should still be in the police database? idk lol
  10. So I recently watched the movie "The Raven Chaser" (The one with Irish) and he found Conan's Identity to that of Shinichi Kudo's via finger prints. Now if you watch the end of Episode 504 (Spoilers) where Jodie asks the police officer (I forget his name) to identify the finger prints on the phone to see if they match the ones on the body the officer says "Your finger prints, Conans, and the prints that match the body were found. Conclusion: In the end if the finger prints matched Conan's wouldn't it of pulled up Shinichi's profile instead? Therefore meaning the police officers must have known Shinichi = Conan. That or its a major plot hole or am I just dumb? I know the movie "The Raven Chaser" is just a "filler" but regardless. Wouldn't the same DNA / logic apply to the actual story line? I'm unaware if a thread like this has popped up or not.
  11. What I mean by episodes, I am talking about episodes revolving around specific characters. Examples are shown in the poll. Thread is pretty self explanatory. I personally like all the episodes featuring these characters listed above but I am leaning mostly towards Kaitou Kid and Black Organization / FBI. While I do enjoy watching a few "filler" type episodes which have absolutely nothing to do with the series I think we can all agree we much rather see more episodes like these. Anyways, what do you guys like more?
  12. Well one of my favorite episodes from detective conan is "The Gathering of the Detectives! Shinichi Kudo vs. Kaitou Kid" It featured quite a few renowed detectives in the dective conan universe although no future or past has been shown of these characters. Also, there is still Heiji's father Heizo Hattori and Yusaku Kudo. Unfotunately there seems to be very little to no plot development involving these characters. There is two questions I wanted to ask. 1: Which one intrigues you the most? 2: Who do you think would be the best detective out of these seven? Shinichi and Heiji are obviously no match for their fathers while they are good characters and great detectives I didn't bother to list them. Also, I listed Saguru Hakuba because little has been shown of him. I am unaware if there was a previous post like this one. Sorry if I made a duplicate thread!
  13. The tone to the music seems to change after episode 400. For all soundtracks. Is it just me or does the music sound a little bit different. Like its the same song but different intruments are used to make the music? If that makes any sense.
  14. Ah nice job man. Thanks bud. I searched for it for like 3 hours total accross the last week then I decided to just make an account on the forums and see if you guys would help me since I started watching the show over a month ago I've been using the wiki page ever since for multiple purposes =P
  15. Starts being played at the beging https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilEz_xKL5Yk Its episode 383 and the part where the pitcher catches the pop fly. (not sure if I am allowed to post segments of video from the show. I only saw "full episodes" I have heard it in some episodes after about episode 300. I have listened to about 200 songs from soundtracks but have come up empty =/ This and the sealed room trick are probably my favorite scenes in the show
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