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  1. Hello, i continue to search if have more informations. In 2018, new series of book have been edited but I don’t found if it’s only 4 or more. If you have informations, I’m interesting. thanks a lot. cordially’ damien.
  2. Hello, im Damsleretour. I’m French guy and like a lot détective Conan. i try to found all books and maybe create a fan collection with all as a big collection as One Piece Log for example. i explain found all answers here with a good, big community. at soon. cordially, damien.
  3. Hello, in your website, I have see this books : https://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Detective_Conan_Anime_Shonen_Sunday_Comics_Visual_Selection how many episodes have been edited in comics please ? do you say if part three or more exist ? i search to know all books exists, … and this collection will be nice and complete adaptation movie in book. thanks for all. cordially, damien.
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