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    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 894-898 (Scarlet Series)

    Hmm, if it turns out to be like Master Chekov's random thought, then it will really make Amuro's character a lot more twisted than it is right now. I just thought of this. What if Amuro and Akai have sort of a "promise" to each other made earlier in the storyline? Most likely it would be protecting Japan, and thus, protecting Shiho, which I think they're both doing right now (based on Amuro's actions and his relation to Elena). And the reason for Amuro hating Akai is that Akai chose to be part of the FBI rather than the Japanese Secret Police. Maybe Amuro has a deep reason for hating the FBI (killed Shiho's parents, maybe? No one knows how they died, right?) and this could also turn out to be Amuro hating the BO for what they did with Akemi, more the reason to infiltrate it. Sorry, I just can't help it. I just don't want to see someone as intelligent as Amuro losing shamefully together with the BO when Conan strikes the final blow.
  2. Engineer4869

    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 894-898 (Scarlet Series)

    I think that Amuro's true allegiance is not with BO. Conan had the idea that Amuro could be with the Secret Police (Amuro's relation with the late Wataru can be a proof), so he would have the confidence of revealing the real Akai in his plan because he knows that the guys that are after the FBI are not part of BO. Now, the real mystery for me is why does Amuro want to meet Akai but is not informing the BO about it? If Amuro is really in the BO, then he would have told Gin about the possiblity that Akai is alive and knowing Gin, he will kill Kir right away. So I think later on, Amuro (and maybe Vermouth) will become "enemy of the bad guys" and will possibly help Conan and Akai taking down the Org. But from this thought alone, I am truly getting the chills from what the BO and their boss is really up to.