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Well, hello there inquiring reader. My name shall be Haibara Ai z here... although I cannot use that as my display name atm apparently.

Fundamentally, I am Haibara. In our angsty views, awkward grins, and impenetrable masks (which only one tiny detective has the will and ability to penetrate), we see the world as a particularly challenging level- anxiety and obstacles keeping us perpetually alert.  We will bargain, smirk, taunt at will. We are called too aloof, too cynical, too withdrawn... we hide within ourselves. Detective Conan is an ephemeral thing to us. He shall never be ours (according to legal statements -_-') but hope still persists to prod endlessly in the very back of our minds.

Outwardly, I am Ran. Enthusiastic, hot-headed, musically inclined, and particularly skilled at giving well-aimed kicks. Called naïve, unintelligent. She is the mask. Yet she too has become a part of me. Another facet, another bi-polar aspect. Tears flow despite the sardonic voice of the Genius- the intelligent, analytical mind. I am often driven my emotion rather than logic, by impulse rather than reason. I hate it. Nevertheless, I am.

And that is me. *sardonic grin* Did I frighten anybody? XD

...Age? Consider me twelve. I seem to have stopped growing past that: my maturity level resembles the one of a typical 12 year old. (I'm not much older than that anyways)


So, hello everyone!


(Also posted in the "Introduce yourself" forum)

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