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  1.  Haha common sense isn't so common after all XD

     Not being able to move or call out for help doesn't sound so cool XD

    ???? :blink:  :blink:  :blink:  Really??? Everybody!!!???

    What we can do when we were in sleep paralysis???? You did??? How??? I've heard about this, but I don't believe in this  :mellow:  :mellow: 

    Honestly, I want to try once. But I feel scared. OMG. Would we slept in paralysis and never woke up???   :o  :o  :wacko:  :wacko: 

  2. I just found out that money can buy EVERYTHING...

    well, well, it would be a hotly debated topic with my teacher if she hears I said so  <_<  <_<  <_< I hate this  -_-  -_-  -_-

    Kjeldahl, I agree with u  ;)

  3. Just my thinking  :rolleyes:

    They've been through so many things together, and they understand each other without having to say a thing <<~~~~ I think ...uhm... it isn't called LOVE, just understanding between friends

    Also, Ai deserves a happy ending <<~~~~ OF COURSE. But she won't end up with Shin.

    Though, I agree with you to some extent  :lol:

  4. This topic is still hot?

    Well, it's so ashamed that i can only know Vietnamese fluent, which is my mother tongue . English is not so good though i've learnt so many years....huhuhuhu.......  ((  TTTT ________ TTTT  ))      :(((((((((

  5. It's obvious that Shiho won't end up with Shinichi  ^_^

    Affection between Conan and Haibara just be friendship between the two communities who have the same fate, the same enemies, always in danger.

    Haibara not jealous of the affection of  Shin for Ran, she always expect them to be together. Besides, she helps Shin protect Ran, keep Ran from being hurt

    ~~~~~~>> It isn't love  :)



    Of course.
    But, you should know. Subaru is too old for Shiho.

    @Blackhiden, nothing is impossible. Hope...hope...hope  :lol: Like this couple, want they to be together.....  :wub:

    I think they'll be together when Ai return to her original form  :rolleyes: 

    P/S: Did I have misspelled?  :D  :lol:  :D  :lol:  :D  :lol:  :D ~~~LOL

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