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  1. How did Bourbon know that the recipt that he picked up is the exact one that was attached to the cat. It doesn't seem realistic and just because the cat was cold doesn't mean she had to be in a cooled truck. She could have been in a cooler somewhere else. It kind of felt fake to me but that is my personal opinion but other than that i am actually pleased that for once there were casulties and not everything went according to Conan's plan so i like that. :-D
  2. Well it is so obvious that Shinichi will end up with Ran but there are a lot of people who want him to end up with Haibara so i want to see how it happens. I mean they can kill Ran off but the ending is suppose to be happy so that is not an option. I want to see what people have in mind. Omg it is my first time making a post, i hope people comment -loulou4869
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