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  1. makpag gitara nga muna... medyo ok na ang aking pakiramdam... :)))))

  2. i can be so mean when i want to be. i am capable of really anything. o can cut u into pieces,when my heart is broken.

  3. JGH.:( im not feeling well. :((

  4. --RELATE!!! :| "#WhoSaidItWasOk to makeme feel special one daythen the next day treat melike I'm nothing?"

  5. i forgot to say out loud, how beautiful you really are to me.

  6. Good morning!! lakas ng ulan ahh.. ppasok pa kayo??? :)))

  7. When a girl decides to be your best friend more than your Girlfriend, Only means that she's afraid of losing you.--True :'(

  8. church done!!! im hungryyy na... :)))))

  9. GOD BLESS EVERYONE!! don't forget to go to church!! :)))))

  10. it's 2 am feeling like i just lost a friend hope u know know this ain't easy for me..--Breath(T.Swift) haha nagdrama lang.. :)))))

  11. hinahanap hanap ko iung feeling na maging busy.nyahaha :))))

  12. shut up flower boy band.

  13. how to be brave? how can i love when i'm afraid to fall..

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