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  2. hello, i am a big detective conan fan and while i have nothing to read or watch i want to create my pwn stories. my third interest is rainbow magic. i like japanese boys they are soo hot i love to hear your comments from my story because i still have to learn a lot. I have so many ideas but i don't know how to write them down.
  3. Hello readers, I want to create a new character wich I hope would apper in the detective conan sereis. if you are reading my discripition please give me your feedback and tell me what you are thinking about it. I like detective conan soo much that i have to give my own opition and ideas wich hopefully appear in the sereies. I am not good at writing stories but I am trying my best. this story will start of, with the new character and will explain what she will be doing now. about her past will be shown along the story. when I donT HAVE TIME TO CARRY ON WRITING i WILL BE WRITING to be continued. THANK YOU FOR LISTING AND WILL START NOW WITH THE NEW CHARACTER. Shiori is a 17 years old girl who looks like a boy. she is acting like a boy and is really sociable. you could say she is a real tomboy just like sere. hwe hair is short, shiny red and her eyes are shiny green just like her father. she has the same hair as her mother. Back ground teller: Tick! Tick! Tick! lying on the ground shiori said to herself it is not as i expected. we fighted with each other and we were both strong and we kept on fighting till we both were too weak to keep figting. however that person got a backup plan just in case. he gave me something but what was it? it sells of srong alcohol.
  4. this is my first fic and i struggle with my grammer. however i have a lot of idas so i am writing as good as i can. please feel free to comment be and give me feed back. the way i have wriiten like the main character get found by another person comes from tsukiko. i am not copying her ideas, it is just the grammer, the way she has written. so you see it is just the grammer. Porlouge Boom! ‘’ Danm! That wasn’t supposed to happen’’! ‘’I feel so weak I think it’s the end.’’ the only thing i knew is, i fell to the ground and feel how my eyes are closing. chapter one: it was dark outside when subaru was walking home. on his way he saw someone lying on the wet ground, . he thought it was odd and crouched down and said '' hey little boy you shoudn't sleep at a place like this. he saw the boy is wearing a louse jacket and jeans. it were teenage clothes. when he didn't get respose he touched the boy . he checked the pulse and said'' thank goodness he is alive. however the boy has many wounds and is bleeding a lot. subaru gasped'' oh my god i have to call an ambulance.''
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