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i am shiori and i live in the uk (england). i like folding origamis and learning japanese. the japanese culuture is the best. my biggest dream is to travel to japan, meet new peple and making friend .i want to learn japanese and whilie i am in japan i can improve my japanese. when i am in japan i want to visit all the interesting places and have so many trips around japan. i even want to get a job in japan and renting a flat. my religion is muslim and i have to wear a head scarf and pray five times a day and read quran. but i like japanese traditional clothes. i love reading detective conan and magic kaito mangas. shuichi akai is the cutest. and the second cutest is gin. the third is kaito and the forth is heji and mizuhiko . i dont really like shinichi. he is not cute .but i like yukiko she is sooooo cute. ilove eating and reading. i am not good at sport but i read a lot of sport books. i try very hard to do sport and wont give up. my sister likes martial arts and she wants to take part in martial art. me and my family are also really creative and very clean. we like to protect the enviroment.

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