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  1. I'd like to change the question to this - What if Gosho Aoyama died then expect no ending. Let's just pray that he avoids eating cash cow meat to sustain his life.
  2. The author knows the ending and he kept it to himself for a long time afraid that if he ends the series he will loss big profit. Talk about greedy people gezz..
  3. Overrated? Seriously - he's a joke to the whole Detective Conan series. Up until episode 76 there's this realism then came this kid and messed up anything. Please explain how he can change from his appearance and mimic voice? It's just stupid and defies the realism the detective conan has showed so far. I skipped every episode that features kid. Love Detective Conan but kid just mess up everything like when you eat ice cream in the middle of snowy mountain.
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