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  1. Not sure. Ask her. All I know is that we're both insane freaks.

  2. Think I should sign out now and start thinking...

    Hey, I got an idea!

  3. Hi! Welcome to DCW! Have fun here!

  4. I'm gonna have someone kidnapped. XDDD

  5. Great. Everyone's so nice. It's a great place to learn about DC. But it's eating up my time. So I guess...I'll sign out now.

    Til next time!

  6. Still thinking. (This is for 4 Little GOsho Boys) Options: They get kidnapped by the girls or by Shinichi's parents in disguise. For TBBU: I want to put Akako somewhere in the story.

  7. Yay. Chelsea reviewed. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy!!!!!!!!!

  8. @Akakata: Yeah, she had better be writing.

    Go, Go, Cam-chan!

  9. Reminder to self: Make Akako's evil laugh as long as Chelsea's. :D

  10. What if Cam-chan wrote a fic where Akakata transformed into a real witch? Now that is weird.

  11. Hi. Welcome to DCW! Have lots of fun here!

  12. Hi! Welcome to DCW! Hope you enjoy here!

  13. Hi! Welcome to DCW! Hope you have lots and lots of fun here!

  14. Hey, what should I call you--Kid-kun or Thief-kun?

  15. ok! I'll have to think of that tonight...I mean...this afternoon? It's still 3pm or something over there, right?

  16. Hi! What if someone wrote a story about you transforming into a witch and having Akako as your mentor? JK

  17. Hi! Welcome to DCW! Hope you have LOTS and LOTS of fun here!

  18. You from the Philippines, too? Wow, we really are going to dominate the world. So how are you?

  19. Hi! Welcome to DCW!

  20. Hey, may I call you jovan-chan?

    @metantai kiddo: wow, so friendly...

  21. Hi! Welcome to DCW! Have an awesome time here!

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