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    Vote for the pair that you think work together the best in cases, dangerous situations, or just in general! The pairs listed mostly consist of characters from the same gender because the poll is strictly for non-romantic pairs/friends. I've included Conan and Sera because they've been involved in the same cases together as detectives. Also, although some people may think Conan and Kid are more like "enemies," I've included the pair since they do help out each other in tight spots. The Detective Boys are more like a group than a pair, but since they work together so well, I've included them If you have some other pair in mind, please don't hesitate to comment who and why! Enjoy... xD (my favorite duo is Conan and Shuichi) *I've added Conan and Ai because they do work together frequently -- after all, Conan called Ai a "partner" in one of the movies
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    so here is my ran drawing. This is the first time I tried to draw her but I think it's really bad XD.
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    Well here is my second attempt at drawing ran
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