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    They did some mistakes in the translation here as well, so it was even harder : -Volume 38 : Takagi says that all the files were stolen and brought back except the one concerning the bus case, which is obviously wrong because Kogoro wasn't even there. The right translation is that the files were stolen the day the bus case took place. -Volume 42 : Vodka talks about Gin's brother having given poison to Kudo. They probably mistranslated the aniki stuff. -Volume 42 : Jodie mentions the funeral of her own mother when speaking about Vermouth, which is nonsense once again. -Volume 42 : When Vermouth mentions Sherry's parents, it's implied that they're still alive since she says something like 'your parents have picked up their stupid researches once again'. Thankfully, they edited all that when new editions came out.
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