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I am making a Superman/Detective Conan crossover, so This is the Work Between Superman and Detective Conan.






Superman Belongs to DC Comics.






Detective Conan Belongs to Gosho Aoyama.






So, how many chapters in Superman/Detective Conan crossover. Let's see together, everyone.






Chapter 1 - Tokyo: Clark found himself in Tokyo instead of Metropolis, and How can he find a way home when he can't even speak Japanese? Sort of triple Crossover. Enjoy and please Review.






Chapter 2 - Jimmy Kudo (Conan Edogawa): Rachel is going off to college and this leads Conan to make some radical decisions, but what happens when Rachel comes back after four years and finds that Conan has grown up to look so much like Jimmy, and who is her new boyfriend.






Chapter 3 - Superman in Beika: Clark comes to Beika on a business trip. And, of course, what does Superheroes to do but invite the Sleeping Kogoro to their parties? Short so far. May continue.






Chapter 4 - Child of the Shadows: It all starts when an unknowing Conan intrigues a high member of the Black Organization. An assassin is sent after Haibara and Conan disappears, presumed dead. Instead, an amnesic Conan is saved by Superman. As their friendship grows, Superman helps Conan regain his memories and becomes the key to a new ally against the Black Organization.






Chapter 5 - New Adventure: There has been a crime spree that has been going on for three weeks. The killer is leaving riddles behind. Shinichi Kudo must team up with Superman, along with other unexpected allies. The game is about to begin, who are the players?






Chapter 6 - Superman and FBI: Superman has Meeting with FBI Including (Jodie Starling, Shuichi Akai, Andre Camel and James Black) and They ask Superman for Battling Against Black Organization. Superman Accepted for what they ask for.






Chapter 7 - Superman vs Irish: Irish disguised as Kiyonaga Matsumoto to infiltrate the Tokyo Metropolitan police and retrieve a missing data card with information on the Organization's Non Official Covers. This data card is possessed by the culprit of a large-scale serial murder case. While following the investigation, Irish becomes curious about Conan, researches him, and eventually discovers that he is actually Shinichi but Superman has stopped him and fight him until he defeat him shortly and Captured him.






Chapter 8 - Superman in Trap of Kryptonite: The Black Organization Knows Superman's Weakness is Kryptonite and They Traps Superman There but Jodie Rescued Him.






Chapter 9 - The Kidnapping of Conan: Superman Arrives in Mouri Detective Agency and Ran Asks Him to Rescued Conan from The Black Organization. Superman goes to FBI and Tell Them that Conan is Been Kidnapped by The Black Organization. Jodie Ask Superman to Let Her Go with Him and She Helped Him While Superman Discovers Two Members are Pisco and Tequila and They Fights Superman Togther but Superman Defeated Them Shortly!






Chapter 10 - The Captured of The Black Organization: Superman has captured both of Gin, Vodka, Chianti, Korn Pisco, Tequila, and Calvados. He take them to The Justice! And Rescued Conan from Them.






Chapter 11 - Superman and Vermouth: Superman has meet Vermouth in Car Parking and They talk. Superman Refused to Obey Vermouth When Vermouth ask him to Obey Her. Superman has say to Vermouth "You Will Never Defeat Me! Ever".






Chapter 12 - The Uncover of Ano Kata: Superman has Finally Uncovered The Boss of The Black Organization and Tell the FBI Where He is Hidden. Superman has captured Vermouth and Take her to The Prison.






Chapter 13 - The Nuclear Bomb: Ano Kata has set a Nuclear Bomb in Beika and Threaten Superman and FBI that Nuclear Bomb will be explode in 10 Hours if They don't Release The Members of The Black Organization out of Prison. Superman has arrives in The Location of Ano Kata. Jodie Tells to Superman that Ano Kata has set a Message to Them and Message said that Ano Kata has set a Nuclear Bomb if We don't do for what he ask. He will make the Nuclear Bomb explode Shortly. Superman did breach the heavily fortified villa and confronted Ano Kata. However, he had set another trap, and a large piston fell down upon Superman. The building was not strong enough to bear the massive pressure Superman applied on the piston, and a loose cable hit Ano Kata, knocking him unconscious. With Ano Kata comatose, the SCU had major worries about the bomb, so they took a desperate step. Superman has found a Nuclear Bomb and take it to The Black Hole! Ano Kata has been captured and they take to The Prison. Shinichi Kudo has finally returned to his original body by Superman and FBI gets happy When Superman Ended The Black Organization Once and for all.


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There was a Mistake

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