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[EDITING TIPS] Group changes in Recent Changes

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While not at all a new feature, this option may not be known to every wiki editor. It is also available at DCW Wiki, and may prove helpful if you're tired of seeing other users' minor or trivial edits in a large amount (thus cannot keep track of what has changed effectively).


What this option do is, instead of listing every single edit of every article in chronological order, it group edits by different articles in one day and allow you to view all the accumulated changes made to one article (on that day) just by a single click. However, at the same time, you can also view each separate edit normally just like the "regular mode". While not listed in exact chronological order, the last edited article will still be placed on top, and so on.


For someone who has to monitor users' edits on the Wiki, it helped me reduce a lot of physical and mental pain :P Of course, it's entirely up to your preference if you want to use it!


What it looks like?




As you can see, each individual edit has been hidden and you can see the accumulated changes by clicking at the "x changes" buttons. (x = number of changes)


However, if you want to see the separate edits made to that article, you can unhide them by clicking at the blue triangle on the left side. To view the edit you want, click "prev".



How to enable?


>Go to the Wiki.


>Click "Preferences" on the top right corner.


>Go to "Recent changes" and check "Group changes by page in recent changes and watchlist".




​Your browser must have JavaScript enabled for this to work. 

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