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Okay, since there is no thread on this masterpiece manga(which is really surprising) I decided to actually start one myself, this is about the Berserk manga, if you've watched the anime or the movies and are not caught up to the manga then this isn't the place for you, I'll start with the latest chapter to start a discussion, feel free to discuss anything, whether it's this chapter or theories on future events. 


Chapter 338: So we're still not going to see Guts get off that boat anytime soon, it appears the Locus is really angry over what happened last

chapter, but what is worrying me is Griffith, the way they didn't show his eyes clearly shows that he is not in a normal mood. Apparently, Falconia is more advanced than other cities, that goes to show that whoever lived in this city before were also very advanced for their time, Rickert tells Luca and the other girls that he slapped Griffith, which I was surprised at since that isn't something you just tell anyone. Rickert finally realizes that no matter what he chose he would've regretted it in the end, which is good for his character development, later on we see Raksas trying to kill Rickert by someone's order, and you might find it weird, but I think it's Griffith, not Locus, the reason why is because I just don't see Raksas following another person's order except for Griffith, he wants to kill Griffith one day, so why would it matter to him if Griffith was slapped? Unless it was Griffith himself that ordered him to kill Rickert, but anyway Silat comes and saves the day, but he clearly has his own motive for doing this, he wants to know more about Griffith, and the only one that can tell him is Rickert, we're going to see a battle next chapter, but I doubt any of them will die, Raksas is still very mysterious and we need to know more about him, and Silat still has a role to do in this manga or else it would've been useless to let him live and try to find out more about Griffith. 

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