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The Runner

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This is a crossover between Far Cry 2 and Detective Conan. Same as 'Syndicate, Gangster and Angel', this is the summary, the fanfic will follow.


- The Black Organization are the good guys in this crossover fanfic (only for one of the main characters, they're bad guys for the other characters. Same with Syndicate, Gangster and Angel)

- The Story takes place after the events of Far Cry 2

- There's several fictional cities and island in this fanfic.

- This fanfic's conversation has several languages. Translation are included

- The Jackal are survived the events in FC2, some of the mercenaries are survived too (but not all of them)

- The plots are unique and complex

- Since the war-torn country has no name in Far Cry 2, I'll call the country as UAC (Unnamed African Country.)

- In this fanfic, Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3 are related (I may be included the Far Cry 4 as one of the supporting characters has visited Pala, a city in FC2) as the diamonds being smuggled by Vaas' pirate from from Lebowa - Sako

Current Main characters:

- The Jackal, a gun runner

Chapters (WIP) (Names will be changed, except for the completed chapters):

- 1. Numb (WIP)

- 2. The Humanist (Planned)

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