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Detective Conan/Grand Theft Auto crossover

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Better Dayz chapter 1: Introduction


Beika, 2008

A prison bus were moving to a prison in Beika. Alexei Kyznetsov was one of the other inmates who didn't escaped when a riot happen who planned by someone named 'Luke Frank'. Things will change as the prison bus was stopped by a white SUV and a cream Eldorado. One of them, armed with AK47 stepped out from the Eldorado, approaching the bus and he cursed, "Open the door, asshole! Move, you son of a bitch, unless you want me to shoot you dead." The driver trembling, opened the door for the gunmen who quickly stormed the bus as soon as the door was opened. "You are all fucked, FBI! Prisoners, the suffering is over! You all free!" yelled one of the gunmen to the people onboard; the passengers were frightened, and the prisoners were cheer in happy, including Alexei.

The gunmen ordered the inmates to descend from the bus. The gunmen, once all inmates was out, gave the driver a headshot and them dosed several bullets to the guards on board. A man wearing orange hoodie, a bulletproof vest, and a kit belt was called from the Eldorado that were parked nearby. All of the triggermen referred to him as Washer, better known as Aria Torban, one of the top leaders of Radiuses Gang. Alexei smirked, "Well, welcome to the warzone..."

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Better Dayz Chapter 2: Old faces, same problems...
Fifteen Minutes Later...
Aria walking to the prisoners, observed them and he smiled, “Welcome to the Malopolska Point Crew, the ‘other’ Black Organization. Let me introduce myself. I, Aria Torban aka Washer and called by BO as Absinthe. Now we-” his voice were cutoff as he hears siren wailing and more squad cars was covering the area and he drew his MP7, looked to the approaching squad cars, “It seems these fuckers were here for their death wish!” Aria then turned to his soldier, told them, “My feeling said if they were heavy armed. Are we have many ‘stock’?” One of the MPC soldier told him, “We still have the ‘K, around three boxes and four boxes of Uzis. Should we handing the weapons now?”

Aria snickered, as he will face another shootout, “Alright, Handing out these weapons and we meet these fuckers head on….” The gangster nodded and start to handing out the weapons to the prisoners as Aria gave his speech to the prisoners, “There is no better training, comrade, than fighting to survive!”

One of the MPC soldier handing Alexei an AK47 w/ PK-AV scope and the soldier muttered, “We will pound these fools to dust. Get ready, comrades…” Alexei readied his AK and he looked Aria were pulling someone from his Eldorado. “Shit… If their family were FBI or CIA agent, I’ll smoke them off!” Alexei thought. Aria stick his MP7 to the guy’s head and he snubbed him, “Now you’re fucked our soldier, I’ll fucked these crap, asshole!” He walked off from his car as Alexei looking around to find another ‘shield’.

“Are they always scoffing us out?” The MPC soldier replied, “If they was scoffed us to the back, we are forced to retreat” Alexei frowned, he then wore his green-white-yellow shirt under his concealed vest, “Fuck them! And fuck these cops!” He then walks away from that annoying soldier. As things were starting to heat up, a black Chevy C1500 parked up. The door opened, and a man wearing a bonnet and a dark jacket and jeans went out, a L115A1 tossed up on his back. “Shuichi Akai? Aw, shit! I don’t have any snipers!” Aria muttered as he looked to the passenger, and a girl wearing a fedora and a dark jacket and jeans stepped out, a MP5A3 w/ Grip tossed up on her back, “Screw them! Masumi Sera were screwed our last ‘thing’!”

To his nightmare, a black Porsche 365A was stopped straight near the C1500, two men in black stepped out and he turned to his soldier, realizing them was Gin and Vodka, “Oh, fuck! Now we are outnumbered, outgunned. We’re screwed!” He turned back to Gin, seeing a Mazda MX-5 stopped near a Mercedes Benz CLK320, the door opened, and two CIA agents stepped out from the MX-5. Alexei identified them as Hidemi and Ethan Hondou and the guy who Aria holding him as hostage was Eisuke Hondou.

“Thing’s heated up. Are you won’t planning your escape?” one of MPC gangsta with a HK21 w/ Drum-Mag asked him in concern. Alexei snapped his words, “They are blocking our escape. But if we still holding the hostages and they are unblocking the escape route to us, we can lay low until this shit was cold!” Aria sighed as he pressing his MP7 to Eisuke’s head, “By passing the subway route?”

Hidemi aimed her MP10 to Aria, addressing him with glare, “Hands off my brother or we will open fire!” One of the armed prisoners screamed to Jodie, “Not if I keep this kid alive!” He is walking to a parked yellow VW Beetle and he opened the door, pulling a kid and using him as shield. Jodie recognized the kid in horror, “Cool Kid… They are capturing him…”

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Better Dayz Chapter III: Silence The Sneak


Aria Torban


The prisoners who holding Conan as hostage is Mikhael Voronov and one of his friends holding an AK47 w/ EoTech Holographic sight over his shoulder looked to Alexei, “Alright, plan’s gone to shit, we got a lot of hassle from these fuckers. We need to cool thing down and lay low for a while until these cops not suspicious at us again.” He shrugged, “To be fucking honest to Luke, we are facing many threats. On the north, The Ballas was claimed the port was their turf since ’83; Manhattan Heights soldiers was trying cap us and cripple our production; Barbino Family was ‘disbanded’ by FBI for the murder of Mack Harrison because he was spying to Barbino however many eyewitness saw if Mack wasn’t spying Barbino; And, the Head Hunterz was trying to restrain us with Arcana Family. But I’ll promise to taking on the Arcana Family if we gotta slay many Fed’s ass!” Hidemi heard what Alexei saying and Ethan glared at Aria in front of him, his M4A1 in hand. “If you are planning to kill many FBI agents to taking out Arcana Family, maybe you should change your mind...”

Aria snickered, “Why, ‘cause I was holding your son and I should rerolled my plan again? Hell no!” With a smirk, Erru whistles the opening of Nanatsu no Ko and Alexei recognized the song, “And in case you didn't know, I've got allies on both sides of the law..." Several figures appear, surrounding Aria's men and the prisoners. "FBI knows me as Erru, but my friends call me Amontillado..." Aria looked in confusion as Felicità, Libertà was stared to Alexei in front and Mondo with several Arcana Family surrounding the armed prisoners and Malopolska soldiers.

Alexei smirked, “Not so fast…” he drew his hand phone and calling someone. He hangs up the phone and Aria asked him, “You calling someone?” Alexei looked coldly at Felicità, his AK on hand, “If they are shown their boss, now we do the same…” He then turns his head to see his backup have arrived. Alexei walking to a man who driving a white Mustang GT as he stepped out from his car, a FAL was gripped by his hands. He was wearing white jacket and blue jeans. He wears an Ushanka on his head. “Kazimir, these scums are responsible for disbanding the Barbinos” Meanwhile, Jodie are aiming her rifle at Voronov and she looked sharply in anger, “Release the boy or I should takedown you and your ‘buddies’!” Kazimir overheard Jodie’s voice, he drew a MP5K PDW from his jacket and he looking his eye to Jodie, “Yeah well, you will make your graves with your suckass friend, mudak!”

Hidemi replied Kazimir’s words with warning from her gun. Alexei glanced to see the gunshots but Kazimir turned his head to him and Alexei nods, he walking to Kazimir’s car and a Radiuses gangsta with a G3 shoved someone from a sedan and he explained, “You know the deal.” Alexei smiled, looking at Gino and turn his head back to the soldier, “He will suffer his beyond darkest fears…” He with a Radiuses Public Enemy takes Gino into the police to warn them as they have another hostage. Luke exited his van, his Colt Commando w/ Dual-Mag on his back as he wields a Glock 22. He waking to Gino and Luke sticks his gun to Gino’s head. He gave ultimatum to FBI, “Release my brother, Pyotor and Ederon or I beat this slovoch to death!” However, Hidemi coldly refused Luke’s demand and Alexei knock Gino with his butt of his AK and Luke warned Hidemi again, he aiming his Glock to downed Gino. “Where are our comrades?”

After the silence, Kazimir enraged and he drew his Tokarev pistol and he walking menacingly to Gino but Luke interfered, “Hey, hey! What the fuck are ya doing?!” Kazimir replied frigidly. “He won’t speak! I will make him say everything!” Erru frowned, she aiming her AK to Kazimir. “If you hurt him or even you kill him, I won’t let you go but to jail” Felicità readied her knife to throw it at Luke but Voronov swiftly sticking his gun at Conan’s head, “If you wounding them, I’ll shard this kid in blood” Sera smiled at Voronov, glaring, “Maybe you and your buddy are heavily armed. But I've got a hell of a lot of determination to put you guys away” Luke and Kazimir are readied their sidearm to torture Gino. Despite the fact Hidemi was one of Gino’s childhood friend, she focused to Eisuke and Conan who taken hostage by Radiuses and Malopolska Point Crew.

Alexei looked to Felicità as she was escorted by several Arcana Famigila members and her father, Mondo. “Alright, Mondov1 was guarding her daughter with her loyal bodyguards, which they aren’t match with Radiuses OGs. I sure my soldiers will cap them swiftly” Meanwhile, Jodie, Akai and Sera are trying to kill the captor who torturing Gino but because Radiuses still hold Eisuke and Conan as hostage, they can’t risk them to free Gino or Hidemi sacrifice Gino’s life to liberate Eisuke and Conan. Felicità looked at the torture in horror. She ready to threw her knife to Kazimir and Luke but because Alexei’s looked at her in frostily, forcing her changing her plan. Luke turned away from Gino, took his cigars from his pocket to light it up and turned his head back to Gino, “Are you involved at the kidnapping?” Gino turned, offended Luke in his face, “I won’t tell you about your friend or everything, filthy traitors!”

Luke inhaled on his cigar, and then sticks it to Gino’s right eye. Hidemi looked in fear as Gino screams in pain and Kazimir shouted to him, his gun on his hand, “Where the fuck is him?! Or I will tear your throat off!” Gino gritted his teeth, “You can’t find your comrades… You'll lose men, and be hated, hunted...” Kazimir was out of patience and he aiming his Glock at Gino’s neck. Hidemi watched the execution in horror and she shouted in anger to Kazimir, “Stop! I warn you! Don’t kill him!” Kazimir ignored Hidemi’s warning and he sneered at Gino, “До свидания!” (Goodbye…) Gino trying to beg Kazimir for his life, “Wait…” his words were cut off as Kazimir shot Gino on the neck, and he executed him in head after the first shot.

Hidemi looked at the execution as her tears fallen from her eyes. She didn’t believe if her childhood friends were executed in front of her eyes, by gangster who claiming if their comrades were kidnapped by him. But now, he was dead. Kazimir sadistically execute him after the torture, in front of her…


1:Alexei called Mondo as ‘Mondov’ due his thick Russian accent.

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Better Dayz Chapter IV: Keep your enemy close...


“Alexei… You may not care about what you've done, but I sure as hell do! Stand down and leave these people unharmed, or I won't hesitate to send five rounds through your thick skull...” Kazimir, Luke and Alexei turned to see Eekei and Alexei looked at him in deep hatred, “Eekei… I don’t care about them” Kazimir turned to see his brother points his gun at Eekei with the sideways ‘gangsta grip’ and one of Radiuses soldier snickered, “Grab that muthafucka-” before he can finish his speech, A convertible Mustang and a van pulled up near Aria and one of the passenger at the Mustang points an Uzi to him, despite he will facing police if he firing the gun. Another passenger brandishes a Glock 17 converted to full-auto, aiming it ‘gansgta grip’ at Hidemi and Gin. Aria shrugged, “What the fuck are ya doing here!” The driver of the Mustang revealed himself as Victor Reznov. He has his Walther MPL on his side, “Remember me?” Kazimir turns from Eekei’s attention, recognized Reznov, “Yeah, I know you because…”

Three hours ago before the attack…

Aria was driving on his car as his man load a magazine to his MP7 and locks it ready and hands the gun to Aria. The man readied an AK-74 w/ Dual-Mag and PK-AV scope. The man asked Aria, “What are we do today?” Aria shrugged, “No robbery this time. I and Luke desperately convict the FBI to release our friends. We are holding several peo-” his words were cut as he got a call on his phone. Aria picks the phone, wondering who’s calling him, “Hello?” The caller frowned, “Washer, our comrades which captured during the attack was moved to another prison to be executed!” Aria hollered, “Luke? What happen with the prisoners?” Luke explained as he readied his weapon at his crib, “Alright, this shit is rough than we anticipated. They will face death sentence. Do ya have a plan to work?” Aria looked to his back to see if no undercover police or CIA were tailing him, “Alright, how about we jackin’ a tank and freed our brothers?”

Luke snapped, “Jacking a tank? That is the first military vehicle theft in history if we can jack a tank. You should be careful about CIA and FBI. They will capture you and interrogate you to cripple our dominion, all that shit grew to bust us. You should watch your eyes to Hidemi Hondou and Todenwei Eekei as they are CIA agents.” The Radiuses gangsta touches Aria and then points, leading him passing Haido Central Hospital and Aria chuckles, “So what are you do? Dressing as Heer Armee and firing communist weapons into the police?” Luke snickered, he hands his men an Uzi, “And how about the rival? These suckers who claimed our turf as their own and trying to cap us?” Aria shocked, “Aw, shit! The Ballas and the Vandals!? Who trying to snuff us to Five Families?!”

Luke told him, “I don’t know, but maybe Pegorino was involved… Alright, I’ll meet ya after we are freed the prisoners. Bye…” Aria smiled, “Bye-” Before Aria can finish his speech, hit a car in front of him and the man cussed, “Aww, shit! We gonna gave them a lesson!” Aria and the man stepped out from his car, hiding their weapons at the car.

Present Day…

Kazimir resumed his talk, “…Aria was hit your car” he then looked at Eisuke. “So, I was fucking responsible for this shit?” Washer asked. “It because you are enemies of my enemies” Reznov smirked. “I will kick your sorry ass for confiscate our goods with these putos!” Luke asked, “Ow, that cops?” he then feel to laugh, “This bastard aren’t match with Radiuses OG!” One of the passenger, revealed as Lenny Kapecki intimidating Hidemi, aiming his gun to her and he taunts Luke, “Sucker, Trebizond will cap you and your suckass friend, fool!” Lenny brandishes his G3A3 to Luke. “Shit, ya wanna showing off uh?” Luke draws his FAL, point it to Lenny. The Radiuses and Trebizond Cartel square off against each other by pulling out larger and larger weapons.

Aria shoves Eisuke to his man and flashes his MP7, chambers it ready. “What the hell they are doing?” Gin asked in confusion. Hidemi replied in confusion, “I don’t know. But they are square off against each other by pulling out larger and larger weapons.” Meanwhile, Voronov drew his AKMSU from his coat and taking Conan to his crew. Luke brandishes his MAB-38 and in response, the man who aiming his Glock 17 sideways pulled his Beretta M12, aiming his gun at Kazimir. He was Marino Kapecki. Kazimir laughed mockingly at Kapecki and he sneered, “I got more power than yours, sucker!” He drew his MP5K, he points the gun at Kapecki with the sideways ‘gangsta grip’. Reznov blinked and snickered to Kazimir, “Oh, so you have connection with Kliment?” he sneered back, he still aims his MP5K to Marino, “Who is Kliment? I don’t know him!”

From the roadblock, Hidemi watched Aria’s men holding Eisuke and Marino taunting someone who aiming a M12 to him and the man aiming his MP5K with sideways ‘gangsta grip’. Alexei, who won’t miss this, aiming his AK to Reznov, “Plan’s gone to shit, they are pulled out larger weapons for nothin’!” He thought for a moment. Luke showing off his MG-42, points it to Lenny from the hip and he hollered, “Surprise, homeboy!” Reznov looked at Kazimir blankly, took his Kalashnikov PK, “You will pay for what you done…” Kazimir sighed, he took out his Spas 12 and to add insult to injury, he chambers the gun ready. “Not today, Reznov…” Marino is pulling his LR300. The LR300 had M203 and EoTech sight on it.

Voronov looked to Marino in disgusting hate, flashes his modified AKM. Alexei flashes his RPG-7 to intimidate Kapecki and his crew. Hilariously, he has the projectile in the wrong end of the launcher, and is holding the launcher itself backwards. Lenny draw a M202 Quad Launcher without realizing he notice something, aiming the gun to Luke as he flashes his RPG22 Rocket Launcher. In response, Marino opens the back of his van and reveals that he has a nuclear bomb, along with the detonator for the bomb. “OH SHIT!” The Radiuses gang screamed in unison, minus Luke and Kazimir. Marino snickered, he held the detonator, “You better get your stank asses out of here before I cause a nuclear holocaust up in here, fool ...it'll be like Chernobyl!

Felicità looked to the ‘gun game’ as she notices the captor wasn’t hold the hostage as they pulling out larger and larger weapons against each other, including several WMDs1. She smiled to Ethan and Hidemi, “Hidemi, you take your brother as I took his captor down as the others brandished larger and larger weapons. Tell Eekei to go here as if he still there, something horrible will happen at him…” Felicita turned to Jodie, “Sera, you take out the man who holding Conan as I take out the captor who holding Eisuke, while the FBI covering you.” She took her ballistic knife, and when the time was right, she threw it to the captor who holding Eisuke. As the guard down, she nodded to Hidemi and she dashed forward, grabbing Eisuke as Ethan silently piercing the other who holding Conan in his leg. He moaned in pain, and the Radiuses and Trebizond Cartel overhear the screaming and Lenny aiming his M202 to the police who took Conan and Eisuke to safety.

“Kudou, glad you are alright.” Heiji said in relief. Conan replied with smile, “I’m fine. Thanks…” Before he can finish his speech, Kazuha shouted as she pointed to Lenny. “But that man aiming the rocket to us!” Erru interfere, she holding her M4A1 and glaring to the Trebizond Cartel and Radiuses, especially Alexei, "Put the gun down, Alexei..." She approached a soldier adding. "You're not going anywhere armed like that." With a blank frown she twisted the HK416 from a soldier's grip, knocking him over with it and aiming the barrel at Alexei's back. "Drop your weapons! I won't let you attack more innocent people..." Lenny snickered, “I don’t care what are ya saying and shut the fuck up!” as he fired the M202 to the roadblock, the missile fired backward, destroying Luke’s van and several Radiuses vehicles. The Radiuses looked at The Trebizond Cartel as blank drown and Lenny realized he holding his M202 backward. “Oh, shit…” Marino muttered.

AN: 1: Means Weapons of Mass Destruction

The part when Radiuses and Trebizond Cartel square off each other with pulling out larger and larger weapons is reference to Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood


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Better Dayz chapter 5: Ultimatum...



Erru are aiming her M4A1 to one of the Trebizond soldiers who taking a boy as hostage and Lenny shocked, disposing the M202 and shows off his Glock 18, aiming at Conan but Hidemi leveled her MP10 to him. Aria asked, “Shit… They are outgunned us. But Luke, you sure you can trust this Russian and his men?” Luke replied, he took his dropped FAL, “With my life... He and us are not so different. We are all soldiers without an army...Betrayed...Forgotten...Abandoned. In here, we are all brothers.” Aria smiled, “Relax, brother. They will face their darkest fears….”


Several squad cars pulled up in front of Luke’s trashed car, including a red Mazda RX-7 and Shiratori got out from his car, aiming his revolver, “You are under arrest for possessing military weapons, taking innocent civilian as human shield and money laundering” Marino turning, walking to the roadblock and dropping his RPG. Alexei commented to Reznov, aiming his main weapon after he threw away the RPG, “Reznov, your men must know this is suicide.”

He replied, looking to both side while his hands hold his PK, “Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice, Alexei. We know this better than anyone. Prepare yourselves, comrades!” Kazimir just walked to Marino, ignoring his enemies on the back, “You got problem, man?” Marino scowled, “Nah, I gotta another problem. Too many cops, front and back…” He pulled out a Micro-Uzi but Conan, with Hidemi’s protection, shouted, “Even you armed with military weapons. You will lose for good…” he then kicks a trashcan and knocks Marino unconscious, Felicità shouted, “Now you are surrounded! Surrender now or we will open fire!”


Just then the front door burst open and a pack of gang members burst through the door. They had their guns drawn. They opened fire hitting a police in the back and one of the gang members shouted, “Hey! Get inside, we will clean these worms!” Luke and his crew nodded and went inside as the gang members fired upon Takagi but he, Shiratori and Sato ducked in time. Lenny asked the gangster, “How about my friend which knocked out outside?” The gangster replied, he tossing Lenny a FN FNC “Our crew will take him back! Use this gun to pierce the vest!”

A Trebizond soldier popped a box and took an AK47. He chambers it ready, firing at Hidemi. She hoped behind her car and the blast hit the car’s window, sending shards everywhere. Lenny fired the FNC zooming in on the chest of a CIA agent and squeezing the trigger. The rounds hit the guy in the chest and tore into his stomach, ripping through his intestines. The rounds exited his back and he fell dead on the street, near Hidemi and Ethan. Erru ran up and fired her M4A1 six times at Lenny but he only hit at hip.


Conan noticed Trebizond Cartel and the gangsters were pushing the police near Marino. “They are trying to recover one of his friends!” Hidemi smiled to him, her MP10 on her left hand, “Conan-kun, we’ll stop them… And I’m sorry at that poor kid. He didn’t make it through…” her smile fades at her friend’s lifeless body and smiled back at Conan. Jodie acknowledged Conan “You are safe with us, you have planted the tracker eavesdropped the gangster even they aren’t noticed while they are holding you and Eisuke. And anyway, what Radiuses and Trebz are planning for?” her words were cut as more thugs who wearing flashy clothing. They had their weapons drawn.

“Are these your men?” asked The Gangster to Luke. “Reznov, Kapecki and Aria are my friends…” He replied with firing his FAL on the head of a FBI agent and squeezing the trigger. The rounds hit the guy in the head and his crimson blood splattered on the road. The Gangster introduces himself, “I am Krasny, Foma. You can call me Thomas” Reznov replied, “Good… Now this is it….” The Trebizond fired the AK again and hit one of two Feds who trying to take Marino away.


Luke and Kazimir holding the building from oncoming FBI and Police until S.A.T squad shows up. “The S.A.T is here! Good!” Reznov cheered as he draws his Tokarev after his PK went dry and one of his men asked, “How is this good?” Conan overhears that Reznov and his crew planning to assassinate a group of scientists before his rival, Manhattan Heights taking him alive. “So, how you gonna cap those slovoch?” Kazimir asked. Foma interrupt the talk, “My soldier will shred them to dust at Vorkuta….”

Reznov walking menacingly at incoming S.I.T troops and starts firing his Tokarev. Before the S.I.T can return fire, Reznov took cover at the wall. He noticed a wounded CIA agent near him and Reznov aiming his gun threateningly at the poor agent’s head and snickered, “Hey comrades, you need some help?” he finish off the wounded CIA agent and noticed Eekei was watching him executing the poor agent. Reznov took the agent’s M4A1 which was equipped with a grenade launcher and an ACOG sight. He chambers it to check the ammo.


Marino crawl out to him and Reznov asked him, “When you free from them?” Marino told him as he readied his LR300, “No time to chit chat. These fuckers pretending to ‘dead in the grass’ and we gotta move ourselves before these cops cap us both!” Reznov nodded, “Alright, here we go…” Marino emerged from cover, firing his LR300 at incoming S.I.T and hopped over a car and taking cover. He snickered to Eekei, “You know you won’t mess with Trebizond if you wanna keep your family alive, motherfucker!”

Eekei flashes his G36KV w/ C-Mag and ACOG sight and firing at Marino who insults him. Marino fired his LR300 to Eekei and Hidemi return fire with her MP10. Reznov slowly moving to Marino’s position and firing his M4A1 to everyone who trying to capture his comrades and he cooking a grenade threw it into Eekei who trenched at his car but he threw it back and the grenade exploded near Luke’s dead van. Eekei shouted, “Even you are killing my best friends, I and my friend will rout your gang for good”


Marino emerged from cover with his LR300 in hand, snarling at Eekei, “NOT today asshole! I gonna cap your sorry asses before you can cap me, dawg!” Reznov realized Marino is sitting ducks and Eekei with Hidemi trying to kill Marino for what he done to Eekei’s friend. “Aw, shit!” Marino cursed and Reznov took him away from gunfire and they headed to the house who Lenny and his crew was inside and Luke explained to Marino, “Alright, you can vow revenge later after you and your gang is safe. Krasny have a plan” Foma explained the plan as more of his men exchange fire with cops, “Kuzma noticed me if the Ascension scientists was here after his crew trying to whip them. We can slay them at Vorkuta Gulag if we losing the cops. Now we must go…”

Conan hears the conversation and he warned Jodie, “They want to kill the scientist at Vorkuta Gula-” Ethan interfered, he firing his “No, they will kill the scientists at Trebizond Hill, the hearts of Bulgarian and Turkish mafias. And the Manhattan Heights” Gin snapped his words, “They was Balkan-based armed gangster from Croatia, then moving to New York and hating District Varna and Nikolov Family because something. The head of the Manhattans was Valiant Lebedev and-”


Hidemi interfered, she noticing if Trebizond, the Gangsters and Rad’s are began to chase the Ascension scientists, “They are starting to chase the Ascension Scientist. Should we protect the scientists? Or we must wait Mason and Hudson to do so?” Gin replied, he chambering his RK74, “We must wait them. This city is under siege… Keep your eyes open as many gangsters, thug, mobsters and mafia claiming the Ascensions...” A S.I.T personnel running to Ethan and he replied to Gin, “Krasny was here but they trying to flee. We will surprise them before they surprise us… They brought their own toys at Trebizond Hill…”

Gunshot still heard and Luke with his crew split to four to hiding from police. Reznov, Alexei and Foma entering his van. “Trebizond? So these scums were heading to our crib for their own death wish?” Alexei asked in silent as they entering Foma’s van. “The Ascensions were hiding in this city and they are making a deal with someone named Jacob at Thursday and these Feds were making our gang cut off, including Natake and Conan, the seven years old detective!” Foma replied as he starting his van.


“Now we will cut them loose before the cops or the Manhattans. By the way, the 7-yr detective you talking about was Shinichi Kudo, our hatred enemy.” Reznov explained. Alexei looked outside, and looks back to Reznov, “Shinichi? Well, we got pissed by him! And why he got protected?” The van passing Teitan High School, and there is no more cops who tailing Foma’s van. “He’s the Silver Bullet, whatever the name. But, our gang will bury him… Have faith, comrades. All of you…” Reznov told the occupant of the van…

Foma stopped the van at a Russian bar and Reznov asked him, “What happen?” Foma replied, “We’re here. Home of our gang, Ryazanovich Bar. Now let’s get inside. Your comrades already wait there.” The gang stepped out from Foma’s van and headed inside the bar which heavily guarded by District Varna as rain falls outside the bar.

The next day...


Luke walking to Foma’s room and he found him calling his comrades. Foma scolded, "Listen, if these Feds trying to ‘capture’ our cache, we gotta piss them out. You hear me?" His man shrugged, “Well, if they trying to capture our cache which we hid it at a senior high school. We forced to blow them up…” Foma looked outside, “Stay safe. I call you later.” He hangs up the phone and Luke asked him, “What happen?” Foma hastily explain, Marino’s car is waiting for him at outside, “These fools were protected by FBI and they will found my weapons. I will give them lesson to not mess with District Varna” As Foma walked to outside, Luke warns him, “Hey, don’t you notice they are armed, man?” Foma didn’t reply as he already exits the bar and Luke told Cechy, “We cap that sucker if they storms this place” he sinisterly replied, “Don’t worry, they will mowed down…”

One the outside, Foma enter Marino’s car, “What’s up, Kapecki? You brought your friends right? Now let’s cap these dumbass!” Foma greeted Marino, “Let’s go!” Adriano said to him and Mikoyan nodded with Foma, “Let’s do this!” Marino drives his dusty Pontiac leaving the bar.



At Agasa’s house, Detective Boys with Agasa was talking with Felicità and Eisuke. Gin’s Porsche parked near a pimped Camaro SS. “Thank you Felicità-chan to freed Conan-kun and Eisuke from Russian mobsters” Agasa thanked Felicità, “No problem. It was my pleasure to free your friend from these mobsters” she turned to Eisuke, “So, where are your sister now?” he replied, pointing Agasa house, “She was inside with your father. You can join with them”

Meanwhile, Marino driving his car passing Beika Library and Foma prepares his Uzi. He talked to Mikoyan, “How about the message which you send to the police?” He replied as he loads a Spectre M4 and chambers it ready, “They think it is just scam or something” Adriano loading his Tokarev TT and chambers is ready, “This hit will shock them…” Mikoyan nodded, he’s loading another gun. A PM63 RAK “Yeah, I hope the Ballas aren’t here. But I not sure they not arrived.” Marino shrugged. Foma handing him a loaded SP89.


“For sure…” Adriano cheers him up as he loads his CZ 75 B and chambers it ready. They are turns right, passing Beika General Hospital. “That house there, at the right after the intersection. Go in there, cap these fools, get the fuck out and don’t leave any fucking trace.” Mikoyan instructed after he put his hoodie over his head to conceal his face. Foma told Marino, “Hey, shut that thing down!” he turns off the radio and he slow his car.

“So, Conan-kun. Are you didn’t want to join the party?” asked Agasa. “No, thank you. I’ll stay here” Agasa now turned to two men who he walked out from a Monte Carlo SS, and he greeted one of them “Glad to be here, are you coming alone?” The men replied, “No, I bring my friend. You can call me Kei.” He then headed to Agasa’s house. Eisuke meets Conan with his friend, “So, Conan. Are we will found the scientist before the mobsters will kill them?” Conan replied in serious tone, “Only time will tell. As they still gone dark, we can’t find them. And Peter was here?” Eisuke told him, “He’s already here. Why?” Conan looked, “I worried something horrible will happens to him…”

Marino looked to the house afar and he pats Foma’s shoulder and he nods, “Alright, this is it. Get ready…” he ordered as he noticed if his targets were outside Agasa’s house. Mikoyan leaned out of Marino’s Pontiac, gave him better view about the house and several cars parked outside. Adriano looked as the car is slowly approaching Agasa’s house. Marino took his SP89 with his right hand as his left hand holding the steer and Foma looked to him, asking, “This is it?” he briskly nodded. Conan still didn’t notice a dusty Pontiac approaching Agasa’s house and the shooters reading their weapons. He noticed this, but it’s too late.

“Whassup, partner?” Foma shouted as they open fire at Agasa’s house, forcing everyone at the house to get down to the floor in panic. Gin also prone because the loud gunshot.

Foma firing his Uzi at Peter, sagging him in the side. Eisuke running to cover to avoid gets shot. One of his friends, Rico draws a Glock 18 and returned fire. Mikoyan emptying his Spectre dual wield with his PM-63 at Peter who had already been hit in the side and back from Foma’s Uzi. “Gunshot- Shit! Peter!” Rico’s brother draws his Micro-Uzi and start out the doorway, spraying it at the shooter. Meanwhile, Allen trying to running, but Marino fired his SP89 at him. Despite Allen was hit in chest, he still run and Mikoyan fires his PM63 at Allen, piercing his chest as he fired his Spectre at Rico, only wounding him at his hip. Allen crawls to Conan and protects him from harm.

Rico’s brother heading to the road, Adriano fired at him but he is taking cover near Kei’s car. He glanced to see Peter lies dead, covered in his red blood. Foma fired his Uzi at Rico’s brother and the bullet pierced his back. He fall, but he didn’t died. Adriano fired his Tokarev and CZ75 until his gun went dry. He put his gun as Mikoyan leaned back to the car after his PM63 and Spectre ran out of ammo. “Alright, get the fuck outta here!” The car drove away from Agasa’s house.

After the shooter was escape, Rico looked to Peter’s corpse in misery, holding his Glock “Man…” Eisuke stand up to see his friends was gunned down. He looked at his friends’ lifeless body covered in blood, much to his shock. Hidemi with Felicità running to Eisuke and Ethan asked his son, “Eisuke, what happen?” He cannot speak due his shock. "Allen!" Rico yelled, tears falling no matter how much he fought it. He lay his dying brother near Conan.


"Hang on, man!" Allen coughed up blood and groaned. He did not speak. He just coughed and then stopped breathing. Rico attempted CPR. Once, twice, nothing. He kept trying and was so busy with this that he didn't notice Eisuke and his friend approaching and a Mazda RX-7 was pulled and Sera with Amuro run out from their car to see Conan, covered with Allen’s blood.

Hidemi and Ethan shook their head stared at the ground. Rico finally gave up. "He's dead..." He announced.

Note: Foma means Thomas in Russian

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Better Dayz Chapter VI: Truce Breaker and Gun Runner




Rico closed Allen’s eyes on what was left of his face, "Rest in peace, brother…" Rico said quietly and he then takes his Glock 23 and lays it on Allen’s chest, “I’m sorry…” Rico takes his brother’s journal puts it in his pocket. “Rico, sorry for the loss…” Hidemi said sadly. ‘Rico’s brother’ awakens and he asked him, “Rico, what the fuck is happen?” Rico replied in dark mood after he helps ‘his brother’ up “Shit… Allen got gunned with Eisuke’s friend; though he wasn’t targeted by these fuckers.” ‘His brother’ disbelieves Rico’s information and he asks him, “Really? But, can I look his corpse?” Rico nodded, “Sure” he then checks Aleen’s corpse and he told Rico, “He wearing a tilted orange hat on his head. They think he’s VALC” Hidemi asked Rico, “What happen to you and Allen?”

Rico explains his flashback, “I and Allen starting sell gun in age of twenty…”

Orlando, Florida

23 December 2005

Allen is holding an USP, he looking outside to check if no police nearby and he asked Rico “Yo, Rico. I got some news about the guns” Rico replied, “Alright, Allen. What’s the deal?” Allen explained in serious face, “My friend told me if he got an UMP.45 from a Venezuelan armorer with his friend from Bosnia… he’s a good man. Look after him near West Orange School. Rico, man, we should talk some time – I’m a good listener” He shaking hands with his brother, Allen brandishing his Glock 23 and hands it to his brother, “Whatever, man… But thanks” Rico walked out from his house to his Delta 88 and leaving his house. Allen took his phone and talking to someone, “Roman, where the fuck are… CJ1? Oh, no, not you... Whassup, man?”

Rico driving his Delta 88, he noticed a tuned ‘06 Mustang GT was heading to his house, “I bet this guy will be screwed…” He turns on the radio and a song is played. Rico cursed over the radio, “Oh, fuck! I hate Trancecore. How some rap maybe?” He changed radio channel and he found his favorite radio, SF-UR2 “That’s better…” He is heading to Bay Lake for Allen’s friend.

As he arrived in Bay Lake, Rico parked his car near the school and two men entering his car. One of the men asks Rico, “Ya Rico? The man who's been talking about all this time? Rico, willing help Allen take over the world and such a manner?” Rico replied in frown and he asks the man back, “If I say yes, would ya tell me you are the Venezuelan arms dealer and your men from Bosnia?” The man replied, he introducing his friend, “Yes, for sure. This is my men, Peter Lokar. My name’s Juan Ramirez, amigo”


Rico shaking hand with Lokar and he introduces himself, “Rico Antilean, just a worker.” Juan asked Rico, “Rico, your brother knowing me since we are starting little business. As starter of our friendship, I will give you a gift. Take it” he brandishes a Micro-Uzi and gave it to Rico and he take a look of it, “Shit, this gun shall be issued to every gangsters” Rico holster his Micro Uzi and Lokar asked Rico, “Alright. We’re going to Epcot where I need you to watch Juan from these Feds for me, see? I will ask you for another favor too”

Rico asked, they are passing Daniels Rd, “Epcot? What we gonna do? Watching Candlelight Processional?” Juan told him, he brandishes a Makarov PM, “I setting up an arms deal with Five Familes, especially the Ancelottis. But these pricks really want the ‘K. Can you use that gun? If you hear anything bad going down, you come and help me” Rico replied, “Are you worried about this? I know how to use a gun if you want me to keep watch on things”


Juan thanked him, “Realness, man. You are really Allen’s brother. You two going to rule this city, isn’t it?” Rico sighed. They are passing New Independence Parkway, “I didn’t know about that. It seems Allen has enough problems running his own life, let alone with whole city” Juan told him, “That is for me man. Well Rico, can you do me a favor? You see, my men, Lokar. He gets in a fight with M.O.B3 and I got to go down to make peace. They got too fierce and I isn’t sure this is gonna be an easy thing. Can you keep an eye on the meet with that's piece?”

"Sure, I hear you" Rico replied.

They are arrived in Epcot Parking area and Lokar spoke up, he readied his AKS-74u w/ Dual-Mag and without stock “Alright, you can wait here on your car, or you follow me to the place. Ya know, if thing gone rough or deal’s gone to sour, you just come and help” Rico snickered as they get out from the car, hiding their weapon at their clothes, “Hope the mass choir won’t making my ears bleeding…” Lokar then walking to Rico’s car and he took a duffel bag. “So, where’s the Ancelottis?” Rico asked in curious, “They are sitting near the place where Candlelight Processional were held. You know, usual sales such as AKs and Uzis and some ‘rare’ stuff” Rico rolled his eyes, “AKs? You mean Avtomat Kalashnikov?” Lokar catch up with Juan and Rico, he’s asked him, “Hey, did you know the Five Families?”

The three walk around Epcot Park and Rico answered Lokar’s question, “Not a lot, except Lupisella Family” Juan’s phone rings and he pick it up, “I wonder…” He checks the message on his cellphone, and he told Lokar and Rico, “They are waiting at America Gardens Theatre, but I got some info if the VALC was here with the M.O.B trying to crash the choir and the deal. And also, Real Badman the boss of Hillside Posse was here with LJ4 and his hitman, Niko. They are trying to cap Ancelotti. And my feeling says if the FBI also here to capture Giovanni, the Don of Ancelottis and our customer”


Lokar snickered, “FBI? I know, we fought against them with our mobster, we’re blaming them for our corpse deal was a sting” Rico asked Lokar, the three are heading to America Gardens Theatre “So?” before Rico can finish his talk, Juan found Giovanni at America Gardens Theatre, along with his men minus his daughter. They are watching the orchestra and the mass choirs. One of Ancelotti mobsters informed Giovanni and he walking to Juan to greeted him, “Juan, my friend amigo. How are you today?”

Juan replied with a glee on his face, “Yeah, I’m fine. We got today’s specials. AIMS5, Val and Walther MPL” One of Ancelottis mobster asked Juan, “Can you show the ‘stuff’ right now?” “We can’t because too many people crowded, the Fed and Hillside is trying to capture you, and the VALC gangster also with M.O.B trying to crash the Candlelight to sack our hardware. But Lokar will explain the guns” Lokar explains the guns, “Alright, Walther MPL, designed in 1963 at Western Germany. The gun chambered in 9x19 mm. Inexpensive Sub-Machinegun in Cold War era, but nowadays this gun was in scarce amount. Can fit many attachments”


Lokar pauses and he resume his speech, “Val, a special assault rifle. Chambered in 9x39 mm and have an integral suppressor. Can mount a scope and you can cap one of your enemy here without making the civilian panic before you fire the ‘sniper’” Lokar continued, “AIMS, Romanian version of the AK-47. Identifiable with unique vertical foregrip integrated into the hand guard. Feeding system of this gun is 30, 40-round detachable mag or 75-round drum mag. Can fit many attachments and…”

Rico interfered with a concern in his face, “I don’t wanna disturb. But…” he points it to Jacob with his men and Niko and Juan cursed, he looked at Niko in hate, “Shit…” Rico looked around, he asked Giovanni, “Um, should we draw our gun and cap them both, before they cap us?” One of Ancelotti mobsters asked him “Why?” Rico points his hand at a woman with red hair. She wears FBI shirt under a purple hoody. Juan whispered Giovanni, “So, how’s the deal? And who’s that woman?” He told him, “We exchange it with ten kilo of coke. The stuff is in my car, at Epcot Parking area. As the woman, she was Kinzie Natake”


Lokar scowled as more people at American Garden Theatre looking at the gang in suspicion “FBI… And Natake Family is trying to cap me and my cousin!” Rico asked menacingly “Are you fucking sure if the Fed is trying to cap you?!” Lokar replied, “Alright, whatever this happens, grab a shield and blast these fools to reach the parking area and fetch our car. Beware of ambush which launched by VALC and M.O.B. when we fleeing to Liberty City and stay together or we’re fucked” Rico draws his Micro-Uzi as Ancelotti Mobsters had their weapons drawn. More FBI agent covered the area and they are armed with M4A1.

One of Hillside soldier asked Niko, “Niko, are you sure of we gotta do three-way gun fight? The Fed were trying to arrest us and the Ancelottis with the arms dealers drawn their weapons and-” Niko shut his mouth, he readying his MP10, “Tell Roman if we will took several stuff from here and sells it to Dwayne”


Juan draws an Uzi, thinking he was outgunned and he aiming it at Erru’s mother, “What the fuck are you want this time?” Kinzie persuade Juan, “I do not want something from you. But you could drop your gun with your comrades and surrender peaceably, I’ll really appreciate it” She aims her M4A1 w/ EoTech sight to Jacob, “As for you, Hillside. You should threw your weapons away at once and hands on your head” RB6 draws a MP7 and he rally his soldier “Do not pray for easy lives, my friends. Pray to be soldier” Rico then opens the duffel bag which brought from Lokar and he took an AIMS w/ Drum-mag and ACOG scope. Lokar intimidated Jacob, he’s trying to reaching his AKS-74u on his jacket, “Jacob, Jacob, Jacob... The Ruskies will teach ya and ting.” He draws his AKS-74u and Jacob shouted, “Niko, get these bloodclots!”

Niko fired his MP10 at Lokar but he avoids it. The gunfire panics everyone on the park but Rico firing his AIM, warning them, “Stay in your fucking seat or you’ll be shot!” Juan fired his Uzi at Hillside Posse as Giovanni took the MPL from Lokar’s bag and open fire at FBI. Rico fired his AIM at the FBI and the agent was hit in chest and hip. He then turned to Jacob and firing his AIM, putting a hollow tip at a Hillside Posse soldier in head, his blood spilled as his lifeless body stare at the sky. Kinzie aiming her M4A1 at the Ancelotti, “Don’t ever trying to use civilians as human shield”


Kinzie also hit the Ancelottis mobster who had arrived. The one with a MP5K was hit in hip and the one with a G3A3 was hit in kneecaps and collarbone. Rico brandishes his Micro Uzi and he sprays his gun at Hillside Posse and taking a guy as shield. He caps a Hillside gangster with a TMP, piercing his intestines and the bullet exit his back. He turned back and he firing at incoming FBI agents which they taking cover, he hit one of the agents with a Beneli M4 in kneecaps. He taunts Kinzie, his Micro Uzi at the guy’s head “I already did, motherfucker!” He executed the guy with a direct shot to his head from his Micro Uzi.

More Ancelotti Mobster was swarmed to help in the gunfight. One of them, firing a PP91 single-handedly at the FBI but Kinzie finished him with her M4A1. A FBI is running with his MP5K and firing it at Lokar but he returns fire with his AKS-74u, piercing him in leg. Jacob spraying his Micro Uzi at Ancelotti, he pinned one of Giovanni’s men with a SPAS-12 in eye. Niko hears a sniper shot and he shouted to Badman, “There’s a FBI sniper ahead” In retaliation, Jacob took a PSG-1 from his car and starts taking out the snipers.


Kinzie glanced to see Lokar’s brother, Kley coming out from his car, he wielding his AKS-74 and he screamed, “Do not try to stop Wallachia Heights, motherfucker!” She aimed her gun at Kley and she squeezed the trigger. The rounds only hit Kley in left knee. Juan then reloads his Uzi and starts spraying over Hillside Posse soldier. Kley cooks a RGD-5 grenade before he threw it towards Hillside Posse. Niko then threw back the grenade and the grenade exploded in the lake. Badman fired his MP7, he cutting down an Ancelotti mobster with a Spectre, piercing his left lung and penetrate his heart.

“You like that, motherfucker?” Kley shouted in anger. He aiming his AKS-74 at the FBI and he squeezed the trigger and several round hit a FBI agent with a MP5K PDW in the head. A FBI agent fired her MP7A1 at Niko, grazing him at hip, but he wears concealed vest and he also fired his MP10 at the FBI agent who wounds him. Several Hillside Posse gangsters were arrived to aiding Jacob and Niko. They had their weapons drawn and opened fire at Ancelottis and FBI. Kinzie took an AK-74 from a fallen enemy and she cut down two Ancelottis who protecting Giovanni. Rico fired his AIM at Niko and he returned fire. Kley looked at Rico, “The Fed is started the shootout. We must cap them to escape, and bring the shipment”


Rico fired and he hit a FBI in abdomen. Kley wailed to Lokar “Brother! We’re ready to tere-” his words were cutoff as a CIA agent with his daughter firing their weapons at them, “CIA… They are trying to snuff us-” Kley glanced to see if Rico was slightly wounded by Kinzie “Hang on tight! Help on it’s way!” his words were cut as he was hit in chest by Kinzie. Just then, RB fired his MP7 and Kley was hit in the back… Then as he feel, in the side. Lokar shouted, “You punks! I will kill all of you!” Lokar fired his AKS-74u and several rounds hit the FBI near Kinzie. The other FBI agent fired at Lokar who ran from cover.

Just then, near Five and Drum Tavern, a Cadillac Eldorado pulled up off. Four Wallachia got out. Two with Uzi and the one with a PKM, and one with an RK-74. They opened fire and ten FBI agent dropped. Two with Uzi turned and fired at Hillside near Enoteca one of them shouted, “Don’t try to crippling Wallachia Heights or you’re fucked!” Jacob snickered, he already firing his Micro-Uzi, “You bumbaclot. Ya think ya can shot and ting?” Jacob aimed his Micro Uzi at one of Wallachia Heights soldier and he empties it, hit one of the soldier with an Uzi, ripping his intestines and piercing his heart. An Ancelotti mobster with a cap, firing a P90 and killed three FBI agents, most of them was hit in head. Kinzie aiming her AK-74 and she press the trigger.


Kley recognized the CIA agent with his daughter, he whispered to Rico, holding his wounds, “Hondou was here. If we can take them as hostage, we can move to the car without getting fucked.” He didn’t like Kley’s idea, “I worried you because you are wounded by these fuckers. We trapped here fought against FBI and Hillside.” One of the Wallachia Heights with an RK-74, calling someone and he running to Lokar’s position and he told him, “Sir, the car’s here” Lokar replies, he moving a wounded Kley with Rico, “Let’s hope us the-” Kinzie reloads her AK-74 and Juan readied his Uzi. Juan had started it but Kinzie wins the fight. Both Kinzie with a FBI with M16A4 fired on the already wounded Kley. Despite Lokar and Rico's attempt to carry him to safety, he was hit in a barrage of bullets and he fell to the ground face down, blood dripping from his mouth.

“Sorry ass motherfucker! You are dead!” Lokar screamed, he then heading to the theater and took a girl and he drew his Desert Eagle Mark VII. He unloads the gun at the FBI, hit one of Kinzie’s squad with an MP5A3. Rico then took Kley’s AKS-74 and firing at both Hillside and FBI. Kinzie warned, “Let her go-” her words were cut off as Lokar execute the girl in the head. He shoved the dead girl and he resuming firing his AKS-74u at Hillside, he almost hit Badman, only if he wasn’t taking cover.


Rico concerned, “Man, this is outta control…” Lokar simply replied, “I know” Rico scowled, he firing Kley’s AKS-74, “You always know, cold bastard” Lokar interfered, “I’m not cold!” Rico answer it with a frown in his face, “You're cold... all you care about is revenge and getting your own way. Now, you are killing innumerable of FBI agents and you event taking people’s life with using them as human shield and execute them” Lokar snickered, “How about you? You also cap several Hillside soldier because they are crash the Candlelight and this deal! I witness my friend was succumbed to death by these fuckers. And I can’t let it go!”

“So, this is it?” before he can finish his speech, someone grabbed him and flipping him judo style. He drawing his Micro Uzi and is about to fire but the guy kicks the gun away from him and he recognized the girl, he mistaken her as a guy, “Erru! What the fuck are you-” before Rico can finish his word, Erru frowned, “You may not care about what you've done, but I sure as hell do! Stand down and leave these people unharmed, or I won't hesitate to send five rounds to every your soldier” Her words were cut as Lokar grabbed Erru, pulls her closer and flipped her to the ground with a hard jerk and tripped her. He pulled Erru to her feet and used her as a shield.


Rico took his Micro Uzi back and he aiming his gun menacingly at Kinzie, saying at Lokar, “Are you sure if they let us go, you will release Kinzie’s daughter?” Lokar nodded with saddened face, “I will…” He sticks his Mark VII at Erru’s head, warn Kinzie, “Do something with my comrades, I blow her head!” Jacob aiming his Micro Uzi at Lokar but Niko told him, “Better let them go, and we must escape” he nodded, “Respect, Niko…” Kinzie shouted, “Let my daughter go! She didn’t do anything wrong to you!” Rico grinned, he aiming his Micro-Uzi sideways at Michael, Erru’s father, which he is also a FBI agent “She’s your family. I know you care about her. Back off or this girl gets it”

Kinzie with the FBI had their weapon aimed at Lokar but none had fired. Juan asked Lokar, “Kley still alive. Are we must bring him to hospital?” he told him quietly, “He still miraculously alive? Alright take him to the car. Let me control this shit…” Juan nods and he with his men taking a badly wounded Kley into Lokar’s car and he with his henchmen moving slowly into the car, along with Ancelotti mobsters. Lokar still aiming his Mark VII at Kinzie, using her daughter as shield, warn her, “Alright, I let your daughter alive. But if you still trying to kill any of my comrades? I won’t give a second change to you.”


Lokar’s men entering the car and Rico told him, “Alright, release her…” Lokar got to his car after he shoved Erru towards her parent, letting go of her. Kinzie caught her daughter and Lokar with Ancelotti entering the car. Rico warned Jacob, “If you dumbfuck are trying to cripple our deal, I will cap your ass!” With that, Lokar floored it out of Epcot Park. Kinzie aiming her M4A1 at the Hillside, “Alright, you can’t escape. Drop your weapons peaceably, I’ll appreciate it” The Hillside are throwing their weapons and surrender to the FBI, minus Niko, Jacob and Roman as they are already escape after Rico gave them a warning.

Lokar scowled, Rico is driving the car, taking Kley to Rico’s house, “I should to execute her daughter if this was happen” Juan asked, “Why?” Lokar replied darkly, “They are capturing my cousin!” Giovanni told him, “We will have revenge comrades… if the VALC and M.O.B wasn’t stole the coke in our car…” before he can finish his speech, Kley wasn’t breathing anymore. Horrified with this, Lokar tried CPR. One, twice, nothing. He realized his brother was died because massive blood loss. Lokar mourned, “He’s dead… If thing gone like this, we will vow them… Believe me…”

End of Rico’s Flashback

"He lost his brother. He vowed to kill everyone to avenge his brother’s death” Rico explained. Hidemi asked, “So, that’s why he is killing police and his rival enemies?” he told her, “Yes…”

1: Carl Johnson, main character of GTA: San Andreas
2: San Fierro Underground Radio
3: The real name of M.O.B is unknown. They are hanging around at Firefly Projects, Broker and Acter, Alderney
4: Jacob Hughes. A Jamaican and a Hillside Posse high member. Their front was Homebrew Café, Broker
5: Also known as PM. md. 63/65
6: Reference to Real Badman

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Better Dayz Chapter VII: Paid in Blood


Kei walking to Rico and he asked him, “He planned revenge, don’t you?” he replied, “First, He’s ‘cap’ the FBI agent who attending the funeral of their friend who died on duty in Epcot… Including the women who kill his brother…” Ethan asked him in suspicion, “How did you know her?” Rico told the truth, “I was the part of the hit…”



25 December 2005

After the funeral, Rico chauffeurs Lokar to his house, and introducing Allen to him, “Hey, brother. Sorry for the loss…” Rico gave his sympathy. Lokar smiled “Thanks, I appreciate it.” Allen interefed, “Yo, guys. You all must watch this!” he turn on the TV “After the identification of the perpetrators who have been escape when two gangs, Ancelotti and Hillside Posse starts a gang war in Epcot, the ‘High-Incident’ soldier, Peter Lokar were spark the war between the Commission against the Jamaican gang, Hillside Posse. He is selling several AK-47s and Walther MPL into the defunct Ancelotti Crime Family, Giovanni”


Rico scowled, “Who’s recording this shit?” Allen replied, he’s looking at Lokar, “I dunno, brother. Maybe some Fed shits or what…” “The agents who died on duty at this shootout will be buried today” Rico turns off the TV, thinking that news is boring and he asked his pal, “You have a plan?” Lokar replied, “Well, in retaliation we will change the funeral into mass graves… You want join?” He asked Allen. “Nah, thanks. I have to control several shits” He told him as he returns to his room.

Lokar and Rico headed out to his car, because his Delta 88 was confiscated by FBI and Lokar bought the compensation. A tuned Lancer and two Wallachia Heights homie were inside his car and Rico asked him. “So, this is my new car? Can I drive this?” Lokar nodded after he looking his back, “Yeah, you can…” the two entering the car and Lokar asked him as they are heading to the cemetery, “Hey, why Allen always in his house? He’s scared to cops?” Rico replied, he’s turning on the MP3 player, “He’s fucking paranoid. He even asks me something, ‘Shit, you seen any choppers? Any birds been in the sky?’”


Lokar chuckles, “He’s scared for real-” his words were cut as his phone rings. Before Lokar answering the phone, Rico asked him, “Did you scan the phone for bugs?” Lokar sighed, “No, but I can pretty sure it’s clean. Chill out” He answers the phone, looking around, “Hello?” He pause for a while and he told the caller, “Alright, I’ll handing the phone” Rico wondered, “Who’s calling?” Lokar told him, he handing his phone, “Old man Ancelotti. He want to talk to you” Rico greeted him, “Old man Ancelotti?” he thanked Rico, “Thank you to help me. Did you receive the payment” he shook his head, “Yeah, your welcome. But I didn’t get the coke yet.” He looked to the cemetery and he shrugged, “We gotta cap several Fed at their funeral. We talk to the payment later. Bye!” he hangs the phone and handed it to Lokar.

One of the triggermen asked Rico, “How’s the payment?” he parks the Lancer afar from the cemetery, “I think we consider the payment later. Heat up…” Lokar opens a bag and he took an Uzi, handing it to one of his men. Another is armed with a G36KV and Lokar armed himself with a PP90M1. Rico readied a MP10, he’s turning off the mp3 player as Lokar explained the hit. “Alright, the funeral is there. Some motherfuckers were attending the funeral, including Natake Family. We cap these fools as Rico drove this car and leave none alive!”


Rico parks his Lancer in the front of the cemetery, watching several FBI agents guarding the funeral. Lokar told his team, “Get ready… This is for Kley” Rico rolling down the windows of his car and Lokar, with his men open fire at the funeral. One of his men leaned out of Rico’s car, spraying his Uzi to the FBI agent who took their guns but Lokar gunned them. One of his men took a RPG-7 and he leaned out of his car, destroying several vehicles on the cemetery. After Lokar think if Natake’s family was dead, one of his men shouted, “Alright, we get outta here!” Rico drive away from the cemetery to his house.

Meanwhile on the house, Allen is watching TV with a Wallachia gangsta until he watches news, “This just in to the newsroom, we're just now getting word of an apparent attack in the vicinity of the motorcade and funeral procession of the victim of Epcot shootout. With a report, we go to Jamie Anderson at the scene.” The Wallachia told Allen “I wonder who’s getting blasted now…” Allen turns up the volume, he drinking his soda “Alex. As I stand here, a good distance from a series of now burnt-out vehicles, the scene is unlike anything I've ever witnessed before. The smell of smoke and fire, the sound of rescue vehicles and personnel vainly attempting to find survivors... This is not a simple exchange of gunfire - this appears to be an act of war. The entire funeral procession was targeted by several gangsters who vow revenge to the FBI and more than half of the vehicles were destroyed. Witnesses I've talked to who were lining the streets to pay their last respects to the victim of Epcot shootout described the incredible noise and the extreme precision with which each rocket found its target. Alex...” Allen spits it out, shouted “They gotta be shitting me!”

Alex asked, “I'm sorry, Jamie. Are you confirming that Kinzie Natake has in fact been assassinated?” Jamie reported, “I don’t know, Alex. Reporting live from the funeral procession of the victim of Epcot shootout, this is Jamie Anderson. Back to you, Jack.” Alex replied, “Thank you Jamie, and stay safe. As we get details on this horrific story we will bring them to you immediately. In the newsroom, I’m Alex Wittenberg” Allen turn off the TV and he told his friend, “Shit, if I was joined the shootout, maybe I can finish these fool!”

End of flashback

“So, Natake family was dead?” Eisuke interfered. Rico darkly replied, “Presumably yes…”

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Better Dayz Chapter VIII: The Snow Storm







Luke watching TV at the crib until a phonecall disturbs him. He answered the phone, “Hello?” he frantically replied, “Alright, I’ll call you later!” He hangs up the phone and Chechy told him, “What happen?” Luke shook his head, “We gotta moving the sugar from somewhere to a warehouse” Luke exits the bar and he running to his car. He drives his car, his phone rings again. Luke answer the call, “Vasili, did you sure this phone wasn’t bugged?” Vasili told him, “The phone’s clean. Chillout, man! Meet me at Haido City Hotel and we can talk later.” Luke replied, “Alright, I’m on the way.” he hangs up the phone.

After Luke reached Haido City Hotel, Vaisili fetch his car and he told Luke, “Listen, there’s a truck is waiting for us. It’s under the elevated railway track. Drive us there.” As the two are heading to the truck, Luke asked something, “Hey, did you know Kinzie Natake?” Vasili snorted, “What fucking people?” Luke sighed, he told him, “Kinzie, the FBI superintendant. She with her family was blasted by someone at the funeral. I worried if she was faking her death…” Vasili asked him, “Faking her death? Are you sure?”


Luke nodded, he loads a MAC-10, “Yeah, if she were found our sugar, we’re fucked. Anyway, what are we do?” Vasili explained, “Taking a shipment of coke from some Bulgarians before they can sell it to the Manhattans. I'm paranoid because we especially don't wanna get caught on this one. We get caught and everyone will be coming after us. The Feds'll throw away the key, the Bulgarians and the Manhattans'll know we was fucking them over. Hell, our own family might come after us for fear we'll turn state's.” Luke snickered, “Nikolov?”

“Yeah, that slovoch.” Vasili sighed. “Hey, this familiarity is getting to me. I'm a 'friend' of Foma's. I'm part of the 'family'. Shit man, I'm just the hired help. I'm the fucking immigrant maid cleaning up your guys' shit. I ain't part of no family. I'm an independent contractor.” Luke explained.The two reached the truck and Vasili points the vehicle, “Alright, this is the truck” He and Luke exchange vehicle and Vasili driving the truck. “Why we need this truck? It must be a shit load of coke we're taking?”


Luke shrugged. “It should be a lot of sugar, but that ain't the only reason why we're taking this truck. Some of my boys stole it from the Nikolov this morning. It's the one the Bulgarians is expecting to come pick up the C. We should be able to turn up and have 'em load it up for us. Then we drive away, no questions asked.” Vasili told him. “I don't know if anyone would give away a load of coke without asking any questions. Even Bulgarian coke runners ain't that stupid.”


Luke shrugged, he dislike Vasili’s idea. “Yeah, sure, this is just plan A. It's the one Ederon worked out. You and me know it ain't gonna work. And that the only way we're gonna be able to leave that place with the sugar is if all the Bulgarians in there are dead.” He explained his alternative plan.

“So, why don't we use a more subtle approach, not just drive right into the middle of them?” Luke asked Vasili, his eyes cold, “Because these is the orders and we gotta follow them. That's the way things work. You ain't gonna be happy about everything you get told to do, are ya?” He frowned. “You're the boss, it ain't like I'm working for free.” Luke nodded and Vasili shrugged, “No, you ain't. I ain't either. That's why we gotta at least try what we're told to do. You're gonna learn that there ain't much in this life that you got control of. Where you're putting yourself in harm's way because that's the way the Skipper wants it done, or you're staying away from your kids because of a stupid court order and a malicious bitch of an ex-wife; there ain't that much control in anything.”


Luke smiled, “I been around long enough to know that there is some things that we don't have a choice about, but there's other times where you got to look at something and make a decision for yourself.”

Vasili replied, “Yeah, well, maybe you're right. Maybe you ain't. I dunno.” The two are arrived in the boatyard and Vasili told Luke, “This is it, keep a cool head and everything should be fine.” A Nikolov mobster walks up to the driver window and Vasili asking him, “Эй, приятель. Мы здесь, чтобы забрать груз и отправиться домой” (Hey, buddy. We’re here to pick up the shipment and go home) However, he cursed, “Не говоря руски. Майната ти.” (I ain’t speaking Russian. Fuck off)

Vasili trying to heat the situation, he begged the guards, “Хей, амиго, нека направите това лесно.Аз просто искам да ти дам нещата на шефа си и се прибера вкъщи.” (Hey, amigo, let's make this easy. I just wanna give the stuff to my boss and go home) The guards looking something fishy, he told Vasili in English, “I don't let anyone in here until I get the word. There's something wrong about you. Get out of the truck real slow” Vasili quietly taking his Mini-Uzi “Luke, it looks like we're gonna have to do this the old fashioned way. Shoot these commies.” Vasili stepped out from his car, he firing his Mini-Uzi at the guards who forbid him to pick the C. Luke fired his MAC-10 at the remaining Nikolov mobsters. Luke and Vasili make it to the back of the yard.

Vasili reload his Mini-Uzi, “Err, Luke. The stuff's loaded on that boat. We best get 'em outta here. C'mon, move it, Luke!” Luke disliked this idea, “Damn, we got some fools approaching…” Vasili asked him in confusion, “Who?” He and Luke hears siren wailing around the boatyard and Luke took an AK off of his dead enemies, “FBI” Vasili snickered, he’s aiming his Mini-Uzi, “Yeah, because Kinzie was dead, now we can relax, and loading the C.” Luke told him, “You got some backup?”


Vasili simply nodded, his men were in his back “Yeah, we got some crew here.” Luke recognized the voice and he aiming his MAC sideways, “Holy shit!” Vasili frowned to Luke, “Are you fucking scared?” Luke scowled, “I ain’t scared! Just look at the perimeter and you see what I mean.” Vasili then look to the perimeter and he shocked, to see his nemesis, Kinzie and her husband, Michael was alive. “So these dumbfuck are faking their death. Luke, could you see her daughter, L?” Luke sneered, “Who the fuck is L?” Kinzie frowned, she aiming her M4A1 “If you know her, then why you kill her sister?”

Luke snickered, he still aiming his MAC-10, “Her sister? What the fuck are you talking about? I didn’t know her!” Kinzie shouted defiantly, “Don’t be lying! We’re witness you and your mates are open fire at her” Luke looked at the boat but Michael glared at him, “So, you want to escape with the boat, loaded with coke?” Vasili asked in anger at him, “No, why?” Michael calmly said, he pulls a detonator, “Then, I’m sorry if I must do this…”



Carl is talking with a Grove St. until his brother, Sweet ran to him, “Whassup, baby brother.” CJ shaking hands with his brother, “Whassup, bro. You got something”


Sweet explained, “Peep this. You know the FBI Superintendant, Kinzie Natake, where she with her family was gunned down by Wallachia Heights, Radiuses and Narva St. three years ago. She’s still alive”


CJ surprised, “How the fuck is she survived the hit?!” Sweet shrugged, “Kinzie know the plan. But she lost one of her daughter in the shootout.” CJ asking his brother “Alright, now where is she?” Sweet told him, “She’s in Beika, where she encountered Radiuses” CJ cursed, “Damn! I should help that fool before she snuffed the crack”

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Better Dayz Chapter 9: He's a keeper




Truce without compensation


In somewhere in Beika, a warlord general named Valther with his car and his men, Razvan holding a cellphone with several photo of a family which captured by his crew and Raimir taking somebody as hostage and rig them with explosives. Valther warned someone on the phone, "Hey, I have captured your family and him. If the court were sentenced several of Loginov's men to death, I'll blew the hostage to smithereens and put a hollow tip at her-" His words were cutoff as Razvan's phone rings and he start to speak, "Oleg! Where do you want these kids, The Harbor?"


Razvan paused and began insulting someone on the phone, "Now you listen to me, you sanctimonious piece of shit, Valther is the arms dealer and the Hondou don't touch his assets, that's just the fucking law!" he paused for the moment and shouted, "Oh, I don't give a holy fuck about some targets. You gotta kidnap a guy named Heiji Hattori and his girlfriend, then ask Pashkov about where we gotta dispose the corpses of them." Razvan paused again and he snarled, "Crack my ass, you lying piece of shit! Listen to me! You kidnap them, and if you found some Fed suckass, blast 'em up!" he hangs up his phone.

Valther noticed a car was followed by a motorcycle and several cars and Razvan readied a SMAW and he aimed it at the convoy after he is leaning out of the car window. Razvan fired it and the explosion tipped two cars before catching fire, "Great-" Valther was going to react but then he noticed the cars nearby. "Check that, these fools out watching us."

"They gotta be kidding!" Andrei shouted as he took his AK74, he stood up leaning out and he aiming at a car, but disturbed by a phone call. He then returns to his seat and picking up his phone, "Hello?" It was Adohalv calling him, "Yo, Razvan! Whattup?" Razvan shut Adohalv up, "Wait! I have a plan!" Adohalv sighed, "Yeah, what's da plan, Razvan?" Razvan explained as Valther hop out of his Modena, he is go to Friendly Fire, a gunshop. Andrei explains the plan "We have two plan: We are take their family hostage and exchange them for our soldier, or we are storm Hondou's house and take them as hostage and exchange them with Peter" Razvan enters his car, two bags in hand, Adohalv ends the call, "Alright, I'll meet you later. Bye!"

Razvan hangs up the phone and Valther ask him with a wallet on his hand, "Hey, we gotta take Hondou Family as hostage!" "But how? I didn’t know where they are live?" Valther hands a bag to Razvan and he explained the plan, "Listen, you and our men is taking Hondou family as hostage, warn Kinzie and Akai with this and we exchange the hostage at the abandoned industry near rail yard" "But wait! How you can-" His words were cut off as Valther opens up the wallet and found some ID. It said;

"Ethan Hondou
49 Years Old
CIA Agent"

And on the back it said;

"If found this card return to:
56 Western Beachgate park
Northern Beika

PH: 168-199-628"

Then, Valther found a paper and it reads;

"We’re infiltrating Rascalov Bratva with my daughter, Hidemi to capture Razvan and Diatchenko and found Valther's dealer, Evan. I'll return home later. Bye..."

Razvan surprised with this, he asked to Valther, "What?! So, Hidemi, Eisuke and Ethan were CIA agents?! And they are leaking our car stash to FBI and MPD?!" He opens the bag and readied his MP10 w/ Dual-Mag, took Mini Uzi as sidearm and take several frag grenade, “This will make them fallen apart. Call our friend to forget tailing Eisuke. We're gonna kidnap their family." Razvan are taking his dual MP5K and took .44 Magnum as sidearm and he took his phone to call Martin.




Michael blow the coke boat with C4, breaking Vasili’s morale, “Shit! My fucking C!” He wailed. “There’s no time to mourn that. We’re gotta retreat!” One of his men shouted. Kinzie interfere, she pointing her M4A1 to Luke, “You cannot retreat as you were surrounded. Just surrender.” One of his men snickered, “Maybe yes, maybe no…” He flashing his MP5K but before he can fire it, Akai snipe him from afar with his AWM. Luke surprised, “Woah, shit!” Acting quickly, he took the deceased soldier and he used him as human shield, open fire at the FBI.


Kinzie shouted, “Damn! Shouldn’t let them use their dead soldier as shield. Return fire!” her colleague firing their gun at Vasili, which he running to cover at his van. He puts his Mini-Uzi at his pants and he pulls a PP90M1, chambers it ready. Luke drops the ‘dead’ soldier, firing his MAC when he running for cover. Vasili run out of the van, he firing his PP90M1, slaying a FBI agent with a MP5 in abdomen and hip. He turned back and he slaughter three FBI agents in head. He shouted, “You wont redeem it and I’ll use my gun to sack you and those suckers!"

Luke then draws his AK-47, and he shouted before firing his AK, “Party time!” He aiming his gun at Kinzie and he squeeze the trigger, but no one round hit her. She fired back; she hit one of Luke’s men with an Uzi in forehead. “Shit! Where the fuck is our car!” Vasili exclaimed, he heading to the street while he firing his PP90M1. Luke exclaimed to his men, “Cover me while I calling Ederon!” He is running to a warehouse whilst his men were keeping the police busy with slaying the cops with their weapons. “Yo, Ederon! The Fed is leading our men into full scale war. We need the fucking vehicle to escape!”


Ederon replied, “Sit tight! I’m on the way!” he then takes a M16 and he heading to his tuned Lincoln Town Car and drive off. Luke glanced to see his men were mowed down by Michael and Erru, he throwing a grenade before he fleeing to the street and Erru shouted, “Stay away from the warehouse!” she and her father running away from the warehouse before it explodes. Akai looked to the burning warehouse, he holding a FN FAL “He’s very insane to blow a warehouse full of coke… Now only Luke and Vasili remain…” Kinzie added, she loading a C-Mag to her M4A1, “…And we can interrogate them to find that special someone who killed my daughter. He’s running to the street near the dock”

“These fools were tailing us…” Vasili pulls the trigger but there was nothing but a dry click. “Whatever!” he disposed his PP90M1 and he pulls his Mini-Uzi, but Akai fired his FAL, pierced Vasili’s right arm, and he fired his Mini-Uzi with his left hand. He shouted to his men whom he survived from the FBI ambush, looking at somebody “Hey, we could use her as hostage. Grab him!” his man then grabbed the girl, and Vasili shouted, “I gotta take care of the Fed…” Vasili warned to Kinzie, “I got a fucking hostage, fool” Her daughter smirked, “You not need the hostages. Let them go!” Kinzie recognized the girl who Vasili’s men taking her as hostage, “Wait! If you hurt her, her family with their gang will crush your gang!” Vasili snorted, “What fucking gang?” Michael told him with a smirk, “Head Hunterz.” Vasili snickered, “I will cripple them later…”

Meanwhile, outside the Agasa’s house. After Kei hearing Rico’s story, his phone rings, and he pick it up, “Hello?” several moments later, Kei shocked, “What? Kristin was taken hostage by Radiuses?! Alright, I’ll call you later. Bye!” he hangs up the phone and Rico asked, “What the hell is going on?” Kei told him, he brandishing a Spectre M4 w/ Aimpoint sight and unconventional magazine, “Some fools were taking Kristin as hostage. I’ll tell my crew and her family about this.” Gin smirked, “Radiuses? We’ll smite them…” he then running to his Porsche and he opens the trunk of his car and he taking a FPK sniper rifle. Vodka asked him in confusion, “Aniki, where the hell you got that gun?” Gin told him coldly, “Yeah well, I got it from a freelance arms dealer around East Germany in ‘88.” Vodka shocked, “You got it around Berlin Wall? Shit!” Kei then running to the road with Gin, they are entering a blue 8th generation Lancer Evolution and drive off the area.

“Yo, where the fuck is Luke?” Vasili’s men asked him. “I dunno. But he’s always cheat death.” He told him as he keeping the FBI and MPD busy with holding Kristin as hostage and Luke appeared. Vasili looked to Luke and ask him, “The fuck took you do long?” Luke sighed, he looked at Kristin which taken hostage, “I dunno. But I called some backup. Hey, who’s this fool?” Vasili told him, “I don’t know but these fools warned us to not hurt her. If we hurt her, her family with a gang will crush us.” Luke asked him, he looked around, “Are you fucking sure?” Vasili turned to see a Lincoln Town Car was pulled behind him with Ederon and a Radiuses gangster inside. Ederon shouted, “Hey, man. Get in!” Vasili with his men holding Kristin as the hostage and Luke enters Ederon’s car. “Yo, let me driving this.” He told Ederon and they switch seats, Luke driving the car and Vasili with Ederon was the shooters while his man holding Kristin hostage.

One of the FBI agent looked at Ederon’s as the car was speeding away. “They are getting away!” Kinzie simply smiled and she told him, “No, they won’t get away…” they are entering their car to chase Ederon’s car. Meanwhile Luke is pushing Ederon’s Town Car at around 120 MPH, Vasili’s men gags Kristin and Ederon hold his Uzi at her head and Vasili firing his AK to the cops. But Ederon told Vasili to cease fire then tells Luke to slowdown the car, and then he signals to the police that they have a hostage, holding an Uzi to Kristin’s head.


“Yo, now let’s back to my hideout” Ederon ordered Luke but he disagree his idea, “We not have a lot of time! We gotta move her to Ryazanovich!” Ederon nodded and he with Vasili opens fire at FBI but they returned fire. “Oh, shit!” Vasili shouted, "They're shooting at us, they’re not supposed to shoot at us, we're supposed to shoot at them!" Ederon told him as he firing his Uzi. Now theirs is more police cars following Luke’s car. He floors it at the cars top speed; 150MPH. The cars going fast, but there's a problem: Red flashing lights, a closing gate and a furious horn. A freight train... Vasili taking Ederon’s Uzi, shouting “There’s a train, motherfucker! Back up!” Luke snickered, ignoring his warning “Hell no! I’m going through!”

A construction worker sees the car is in and jumps out the way for his life; dropping a large piece of metal on oil drums, forming a ramp. Luke laughed, he took a Zombie EP1 CD and slipped it into the stereo, full volume, and even though good music to his ears, Ederon's ears started to bleed and Luke eagerly shouted at his comrades, "Let’s go for it" Ederon shouted in fear, "Oh hell no!" He does it anyway, the ramp wasn’t high enough to jump over but a bulkhead flatcar saves the five lives in the vehicle, but the axle and suspension on the car snap, causing the car to skid outta control. The five abandoned the car, Ederon took his M16 and handing a MP7 at Luke.


Vasili takes Kristin by her collar, aiming his Uzi with his right hand at the cops. While Luke searching another car, he spot a convertible Third Generation Mercedes-Benz SLK with the roof stored beneath a tonneau cover. “Your’re fucked our C, Feds. I won’t release this girl until we arrived in my crib” Vasili shouted, he aiming his Uzi using Kristin as shield. Luke gets the rest of the weapons out of Ederon’s car. He entering the SLK and he found a PP-91, several frag grenades, a loaded SMAW, a silenced Glock 18 and several box of bullets. “Shit… The owner of the car was crazy! Vasili, bring her to my car!” Luke ordered Vasili.

Popov found his car was jacked by his friend and he snickered, he asking Luke why the Fed apprehends him and his gang, “Luke, what the fuck are ya doing here? And why the FBI is aiming their guns at you- Wait, who’s that fool?” Luke told him, “They destroying the C. I dunno who’s that girl. You know her?” Popov explained, “She’s Kristin. Her family with her gang will crush a gang if they kidnapping or taken her hostage. But we’ll fend them off-” Luke snapped his words, asking Popov “Hey, how about the Manhattans?”


Popov told him, he take a PP-91 from his SLK, “Listen, The Manhattans were the first organized gang in the city. The way you tell it, they owned the whole damn town until Zeke Peters stepped up against them. Tell ya what though, I ain't worried about their history so much as I am the fact that A: the Lebedev brothers are crazy motherfuckers, and B: Divoff, their enforcer, survived a dozen DV drive-bys and a lot FBI ambush.” Vasili asked him, “Then, how about the Head Hunterz?”


Popov resumed, “They was wearing blue and cyan colors. They reside in Nob Hill and they are fought against VALC and DV. They are armed themselves with military weapons and they have a fucking good reputation with the Feds and MPD.” Popov looked around, he noticed a blue Lance Evolution was parked beside Sato’s Mazda, “Shit… They are already here. But, I thought we are on truce with them” Luke slurred, “But I ruined the truce, fool!” Popov asked in fear, “You brought them here?! And those psycho Nikolov? Man-”

To make matter worse, an enraged Zlatomir with his mobsters are arrived and Luke shouted, “Drive the car, Nikolov with his men blast their way here! Hey you, you call the backup!” Popov nods and the five entering the car while Vasili’s men entering a Nissan Cefiro, fleeing to Ederon’s hideout.

1: Reference to TDWP Zombie EP Album

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Better Dayz chapter 10: Paranoia


A/N: Sorry for the late reply.

Best Laid Plans

He was in Agasa’s house after some of the FBI agents were heading to Ryazanovich bar to freed Kristin and Eekei. Agasa and Ai was standing beside him and Rico was looking at his ‘brother’. His phone rings and he pick it up, it was Lokar who calling him, “Hello? It’s me Lokar. I didn’t abandon you because you are still loyal to Wallachias. Whassup?”

Rico replied, but Ai looked at him in suspicious, “Yo, bro. I got interrogated by the Feds.” Lokar asked him, “What happen?” Rico told him, he holding his Glock, “Some mothafuckas went killing spree at my friend house, and they ‘accidentally’ hit my brother”

Lokar snickered, “Are you fucking sure? Listen now I arrived in this city with my personal bodyguard, could you fetch your car and pick us at the airport?” Rico nodded and he told another, “Sure. Now they are facing Radiuses after one of their member were holding a
girl and they warn them to let her go or suffer the consequences”

Lokar shocked hearing the information, he ask Rico, “Radiuses? How they are coming to this city?” Rico replied, “Nah, I dunno mate” Lokar nodded, “No problem, we gotta control this shit. Juan are en route here, he’ll arrived in six hours. He told me to avoid
any police when we pick him up. But I warn him about gang activity in the northern Beika, the territory who owned by 87th Crew and Nob Hill because it was guarded by Head Hunterz. I’ll call you later”

“Much repect brother.” Rico hang up the phone and Ai asked him, “Are you calling someone?” His face suddenly pale and Agasa ask him, “Are you okay?” Rico told him, “Yo, I’m okay. I’m going to airport. See you later” Agasa told him, “Bye!”

Rico are heading to his Mustang. He started up the car, he tuning up the radio to 97.5 CubeteX Radio, his favorite radio. This radio was popular in Southern Beika. Rico keep himself calm as he heading south to the airport, carrying firearms and he don’t need to wetting on about it.



Valther with his trusted soldier, Lalek are in a bridge in Haido. They are hanging a corpse after he with Razvan taking someone hostage and they get the ransom’s money. His phone rings and he checks his phone to read his SMS, it says, “Hey, these fools were claiming the boss of the Curtains despite I was the boss. I have a plan to rout them all. Meet me and Schaffer with Lalek at Gabe’s house. Peace, brother.” Valther are running to his Town Car with Lalek and they are heading to Gabe’s house.

The two are arrived in Gabe's house. Valther head inside and he greet his friend, "Amsel, what’s up?” Amsel greeted him and, “Pavel, my mutual friend. Listen, these mothafuckas were taking the leadership of the Curtains to my cousin, Erich despite I was the boss of the gang.” Adohalv asked Valther, he’s loading his MAC-10, “So, why don’t we engage them in a gang war?”

Lalek explained the situation, he cleaning his AK, “Beika was plagued by Radiuses-FBI conflict since they were abducting Kristin from the Hunterz. If we attack Erich and Da West Helvetia Massiv right away, possibly the gang war will be spread to entire city”

Pavel nodded and he speaks, “Lalek’s right. We can’t risk our gang to attacking a lot of enemies, unless we taking causalities on civilians and polices” Adohalv break the silence, “I have a plan” Gabe interfered, he laughed at his hand man, “Yeah, you always have a plan, Mr. Planner!”

Adohalv noticed something fishy, he asking Gabe, “Hey Gabe, where’s the fuck is your car?” he sneered, “Some assholes were jacked my car and they burned it to oblivion” Amsel laughed, “Still, ya can’t drive that car for shit!” He paused for a while, he taking sip of soda

“We’re planning an inside job to perish these traitors with using civilians as bait” Amsel continued, he explained the plan and he pulls a map and lays it to a table. “We’re taking the hostage at the warehouse, we hold they until Erich was found and we cap them in their ass and we let the hostage go. Simple”

Lalek asked, he looked at the map, “If the plan gone south, what we will do with the hostages?” Valther told him, he lighting a kretek cigarette, “Just waste them and we’re fine” Amsel laughed, he’s took a cigar, “Yeah, yeah. He’s right, Lalek. Those fools’ fucked-” Their talk was interrupted by a phone call from Valther’s cellphone, somebody was called him. He began to speak at the caller, “Hello?”

The caller replied with an insult, “Fucking asshole, you bitch! This is Erich, not E-fucking-Rich. Prick!”

Erich hangs up the phone and Amsel told Valther, “You got pissed by him?” Valther laughed, “Don’t worry, I gotta take this asshole. If he says ‘oh shit’ I would see if he can still run his mouth after you knock his goddamn teeth out. And I would say ‘oh shit’ is right, motherfucker” Lalek snickered, “And don’t forget, I will crack his teeth with his spinning CDs” They all was silent and Valther broke the silence, “It seems we all have problem with that fool. We have a plan to hang that busta”

Amsel took a car’s key, “Sorry Valther. Gabe and I have some shitty personal problem. We’ll back before dusk.” He and Gabe head out of his house and Valther told him, “Alright, go ahead, I’ll call Vickel to come here”

Later Amsel and Gabe were riding a Parisienne coupe and they park it near a restaurant. An UCN soldier approached them and Gabe asks him, “Where’s Albert?”

The UCN soldier replied, “You mean Ca$h? He’s inside. You want a lunch, he’s own the restaurant.” Gabe smiled, “Thanks”

He turned to Amsel, “You wanna lunch?” Amsel declined his offer, “No thanks. I’ll snatch some song from this car.” Gabe nodded, “See ya later!” Amsel took his USP from the dashboard, he loads it and he turns the radio on. Gabe was meet with Ca$h outside his restaurant and they are having lunch with two UCN gangster. Beside that, they are planning the assassination.

“So what’s going on mate? Are you will invite our gang to do covert assassination?” Ca$h asked in serious face. Gabe replied, “Bro, My gang with Amsel’s crew wants his cousin, Erich dead. To cover it from the FBI, we’ll planning kidnapping” An UCN gangster said, “So you are planning kidnapping while you cap that fool?” The UCN gangster wearing black hoodie and a olive hat asked.

“If we kidnapping them, possibly a high school detective will enter our hideout and freed the kidnapee. If that’s happen, we just cap them up!” The gang member with black t-shirt and maroon rag said. Gabe and the first UCN gangster laughed but Ca$h shook his head, “Oh shit! This going mad…”

“I’ll rather cap those fools live than stealthy slash them” Gabe asked, he taking a sip of soda. The UCN gangster laughed at that, “Ohhh shit, it’s a good idea. We’ll support you”

Ca$h smoking on a cigarette, “Lure some people to our plan while some of our soldier cap these fools in a gunfight. Pop them up suckas!”

This prompted laughter and the gang member was going to react but then Gabe noticed a SUV nearby. “Who the fuck is driving the car? Are they watching us?” The first UCN gangster asked

Gabe takes his Glock as he looked at the SUV in suspicion, “I swear that motherfucker rolled on us one more time for the hit”

Amsel looked at the SUV as they are stopped at red light near the restaurant. He took his loaded USP and he noticed two FBI agent was dropped. The UCN with black hoodie noticed they are off duty and he pulls a MAC-11. “Dope5, we’ll crack them off. Gabe, you’ll riddle the remaining inside the SUV” He instructed.

Gabe and Ca$h was took off running while Dope5 took his P228. The UCN with black hoodie fired his MAC-11 gangsta style at the off duty agent as Gabe fired at the FBI agent who they are abandon their car, “Shit, are these fools were scattered?” Dope5 firing his P228 at the FBI agent who was hit in the back and he feel to the ground bleeding. Amsel ditched out from his car, he began spraying his USP one handed, peppering the rounds toward them. After he personally finished the first agent in the back, Amsel rushing to Dope5 and he ask him, “Where’s Gabe and Albert?”

“Shit! They are chasing the remaining agent!” Dope5 said. Amsel told him, “Yo, you retreat from the scene now! I’ll meet you later. Farewell, mate” Dope5 running to a red Pontiac Catalina. He got in and speed away fro the scene

Amsel run up to the second agent, the off duty agent who Dope5 shot him are still twitching. He had an USP and a single shot to the head put a stop on his twitching. Amsel aims his USP at the third agent and he managed to hit him in the back, although he is escaped. Amsel then running to his car.

The third agent was running to the parking zone, holding his wound while Ca$h approached him, he holding his Desert Eagle “Yo man, ya need help?” He shot the third agent three times in the abdomen. He throws the man to the ground and he personally finished him off with seven shot to the head. Gabe running to him, his Glock is dried.

Ca$h turned to Gabe, he waved his Desert Eagle, “You do it wrong, motherfucker!”

Gabe snickered, “It ain’t my fault! Go to my car, I’ll finish this fool personally.”

Ca$h disliked his idea, “Yo, are you crazy?! The MPD was coming!” Gabe ignores his warning and he walks to find the last agent who get hit either by Ca$h or Amsel. “Get in the car now!” Gabe shouted to Ca$h and he running to Amsel’s car. “Aw, shit. Now what the fuck are he doing?” Ca$h scowled, he reloading his Desert Eagle. Amsel told him, “Just his personal problem. We gotta pick him up before the MPD snatched us!” He drive away from the restaurant.

Gabe saw that the off duty agent Dope5 hit near the fence was dead lying in a pool of blood. Gabe went around the side of the other fence to the alleyway. The other agent was barely alive. “Fuck… I didn’t kill your cousin. Kinzie and the FBI apologize for what they are doing… ” He said groaning in pain. Gabe aiming his already smoking Glock at his face, “Turn you sorry ass over!” He kicks the agent in the leg, “You know what you did? You killed my cousin!”

The agent cried out sharply but said, “I didn’t kill anyone today and I even didn’t know you”

Gabe growled, “Don’t give me that! You hate Vandals and we hate you! That’s your car right?”

“That’s my car. I didn’t kill anyone though!” He protested.

Gabe sneered, “You just saying that because I have a gun on you. You may well fuss up. You and your friend were gun down my cousin in an operation. You did it! At the very least you were pinning him down while everyone did!”

The FBI agent had a hard time facing him as he had been shot on his backside, “An operation? Wait… You must be Antonie’s cousin…you must be…”

Gabe waved his gun as more witness are watching him, “That’s right. I’m the wrong gangsta to fuck with the wrong people! Nobody hurts my gang!” The FBI agent pleaded, “Wait…wait a moment”

Gabe lost his patience and he snarled, “Enough chit chat! If you have a family let them watch your demise...”

The FBI agent cursed, “Son of a bitch! Fuck-” Gabe silenced him by shooting him in the chest. He fired another shot in the eye to be sure. Gabe stared at the bloody soaked corpse. He had killed plenty of people before but for the first time, this felt wrong.

“C’mon, Gabe! Let’s bail! The fucking cops are coming, man!” Amsel said. Dope5 yelled, “I know you hear the sirens and the alarms! C’mon! Let’s bone the hell out!” Gabe rushed back to the car. He got in and drove away.

Foma Krasny
Baptism by fire

Outside the bar, Marino’s car was parked along with several cars. Foma is drinking Vodka after he cap several Ascension member, asking his bartender, “Hey, where’s Luke?” Cechy sighed, “He were out for a while. He’ll be back-” His words were cut as police siren wailing,  looked outside and he shocked, “What the fuck? Who’s calling the cops?” Cechy pulls a Zastava M84, he’s chambered his weapons, “I dunno, maybe some S.I.T or what?”


Thomas’ brother, Akim glared, he took an AK-74M “No one is rioting inside our turf-” before he can finish his speech, he hears several gunshots and a crash was happened at Ryazanovich bar. Cechy took a PM md. 65 w/ drum-mag and EoTech holographic sight from his secret weapons cache and he tossed it to Foma. Akim and Mikoyan was aiming their guns at entrance of the bar, gruffly shouted at outside, “Yo, you were messing with wrong bar, asshole!” as they trying to pull the trigger, someone kick the door open and Luke shouted, he’s holding Kristin, “Don’t shoot, motherfucker!” Akim wailed, he fired his gun wildly, “Whoa, SHIT!” Foma asked Luke in shock, “Luke what the hell is going on?!” Vasili waving his weapon, shouted “Shit! The fucking Fed is botching my C!” Cechy running to the window and he starts to firing a M84 from the windows, slaying three FBI agents. Akim also fired his gun from the window and he hit one of the CIA agents. Six rounds hit the guy in the chest.

“Hey, take her to somewhere safe! We gotta control these fools” Vasili said. One of his men asked, “But how?” Luke told him, he reloading his MP7, “Just keep her from these bitches” he taking Kristin from the gunfire and Luke heading to the door, he firing at incoming FBI agents. Luke looked to a car, he looked to see Kinzie and he took an AKMS from a secret weapon cache and he snarled, “Don’t ever to mess with Radiuses, busta!” Kinzie also took her M4A1 w/ C-Mag and he smirked, “No, but I will mess with your gang for good!” Luke trying to speak, but Kinzie cut him with a shot in hip, piercing his vest. In retaliation, Luke fired his AKMS blindly, retreating to the bar although he only caps two unlucky FBI agents. Mikoyan shouted as Akim primed an explosives, “Akim, what the fuck?”

Akim readied the explosives, “They are fucking solid-ass bitches! We’re forced to using our ‘lethally shit’ weapon” he also readied two Uzi and he primed the explosives with an AT grenade. Mikoyan hears a helicopter is approaching, “Chopper” Foma sighed, he taking an Igla-S from a shelves, “Don’t worry, we have the countermeasures” Mikoyan stared in surprise, “Holy shit…” Foma handing him his Igla, “We have some FBI and CIA to fuck up” He hollered and he heading to the roof to shot down the CIA helicopter.

“This is Krakow to Caster. We’ll arrived in the roof in thirty seconds, ready to drop Feds to apprehend these fools and freed Kristin” Hidemi replied from her car, a ’05 Corvette, “Roger that, these gangsters wont notice if the cops were breaching their position. Stay safe, Eekei” Eekei expressed his feeling to Hidemi, “I love you, Hidemi-” his words were cut as he noticed the Radiuses fired a MANPADS, shooting down one of his helicopter. “What the fuck was that?! That heli was shot by those gangsters” he asking her and Hidemi replied, “They have MANPADS, they are shot down one of the chopper. You should be careful-”

Her words were cut as she hears another MANPADS was launched, this time Vasili was fired the Igla-S from rooftops to Eekei’s helicopter, “There’s another one! How the fuck they got the weapon despite they are just bunch of dealers- shit! They fired the missile to my heli!” Eekei shouted in fear and Hidemi told him, “I don’t know, even Ethan wasn’t sure where the MANPADS were shipped- Eekei!” she screamed in fear as Eekei’s heli was hit but he calmed her, “I’m fine, Hidemi but this fucking chopper won’t hold this landing”

“Goodnight ya bastard…” Vasili shouted as he looking at the chopper, only to realize the chopper is crashing towards him and he shouted, “Ahh… Fuck!” Vasili ran to cover and the helicopter crash landing near him and he then dispose the Igla and he drew a Glock 21, surveying at the crash. He walking around the crashed heli and he fired his Glock callously at the survivors, minus Eekei as he snickered at him, “Yo, if you and these Shit-Service can capture me, it’s wrong” He takes his phone and calling Luke, “Yo, I have captured that punk and we gotta use him”

Vasili drags Eekei inside and Mikoyan looked at him in hate, “Hey, look at that motherfucker. I guees that he was violated the airspace zone” Foma asked Vasili, “So, what are you doing with him?” Vasili replied with a concern in his face, “We’re using him as shield to order these fools to cease fire or else we’re fucked. We need several numbers”

Vasili started to blackmail Hidemi with his phone, “If you want Eekei and Kristin alive, order your colleague to cease fire and you meet with Akim. No backup and no weapons or they’re fucked. Understand?” she hangs up the phone and she told her colleague to cease fire. “Everyone, stop firing. They have hostage inside” Kei asked her in confusion after no more gunshot heard, “What are you mean? Are Eekei was captured?” Hidemi nodded, “That’s right. Radiuses shot down his helicopter. I think, they was fired SA-24 to taking down the choppers, they execute the survivors except Eekei and they are taking him hostage”

Kei sighed, he told her “Then, what should you do?” She explained the plan, she’s reloading her weapon. “I’ll trying to dissuade them to release the hostage and we will let them go” A CIA agent interrupt her talk, informing something, “Hondou-sama, I found this from my friend. Several gangsters were hanging four corpses in a railway bridge in Haido. We identified the corpses and we discovered this was connected with a rumor about several Silesia King gang members were missing. But, only four bodies were found.” 

A Hunterz gangster asked, “Silesia King? Who’s that?” Kei told him, “They’re from Connaught, France. They are moving to here when their gang was almost crippled by Union of Crack Nations and El Señor de la Guerra in a gang war” Hidemi asked him, “Really? What happen with them?” Kinzie breaks the silence, “I know about them. Silesia King is a gang who does human smuggling and gun runner. But, they have a lot of enemies. Such as Union of Crack Nations, El Señor De la Guerra and one of their nemesis, Svarkan Hoods.” Kei nodded, “Svarkan Hoods? I know that scam. They’re Serbian street gang who smuggling cars, guns and a lot of white”

A Head Hunterz lieutenant asked, “Cocaine?” Kei continued, “You’re right. They are armed with a mixture of Russian hardware and some Serbian weapons. They started using NATO weapons after they were responsible for a raid in a military warehouse. If they were engaging police or enemy gang members, they respond the attack with a full tactical response. They are also responsible of the assassination of MacParish family. In general, they are driving ’70-’80 muscle cars, painted Metallic Thick Green with gold-tinted windows. I don’t know why they didn’t use the smuggled cars as their gang car. Anyway, why Hidemi-chan was relentless trying to stop this gang war?”

Ethan replied, “Well, my daughter wants to stop the gang warfare because one of her friend was died in an all-out gunfire between Svarkan Hoods, Lemon Riverz and Red Hazes.” Kei wondered, “An all-out gunfight?” Ethan told them a story, “That happens when she with her friends are walking to the mall when she witness a fight between Lemon Riverz and Red Hazes after a Riverz member with a hoodie and a jeans accosted a man from their rival neighborhood, Red Hazes.” Hidemi interfered, “Dad, Can let me resume the story.” Her father continued, “Alright, go ahead” Hidemi resumed the story, “Well, their scuffle was brief, no more than 15 seconds but when we are heading home, we encounter them again for second time”


Hidemi Hondou
The Red, The Yellow and The Green

Six Months Ago…

“I don’t know why a Riverz member scuffles against a man from their rival. Especially the scuffle was brief?” Hidemi asked Monica. They are encountering the same gang: The Riverz and The Hazes. A Hazes with a yellow sweater scowled to the Riverz, “Fuck you think you’re doin’? You’re jus accosted my man” The Riverz with no shirt sarcastically replied, “Jus’ bein’ civic minded, that’s all” The second Hazes member called his friend, “That so? Tommy! These fools have disrespect us!” A Riverz gangsta taunted, “Well what? Oh, yeah. Some dumb ass cracka went and hanging out on this zone, and we just cleanin’ it up-” his words were cut as Tommy hit him with his baseball bat. A Riverz member hit Tommy who attacking his crew with his spray can. A Hazes member trying to punch him but he dodge it and he spray it to his face. Monica looked, “Ow, I think his face will be fine” The Hazes member who his face gets sprayed fell and his friend run to safety. The second Riverz member throw the spray can to the fleeing Hazes, but no avail. A Hazes member is beating Tommy with his fist until a metallic green LeSabre was pulled up, and a Svarkan Hoods with his M70AB pointing at Tommy as his homie was brandishing a Mini-Uzi, saying to both Riverz and Hazes member, “Dragan says ‘Dobro veče’”

“Alright, another gang shootout” Hidemi smirked and both Riverz and Hazes had their weapons drawn. “Shit!” The both parties shouted and one of the Hazes member open fire with a M92FS, followed with Tommy, he also firing his Tokarev. The Svarkan homies with Mini-Uzi return fire, he hit a Riverz with a MP7 in chest five times. Hidemi draws a Glock 18, chambers it ready. She takes cover near a car when a Hazes thug is firing his MAC-11 to Svarkan homies with Mini-Uzi, but his friend with M70AB cap him in forehead. Tommy
fired his Tokarev to the car but no one rounds hit the gunner. A Riverz with .44 Magnum hold his gun sideways and firing it at the car, only to be shot in chest and abdomen and his corpse facing the road, covered in his own blood. Hidemi yelled, “Monica, keep your head down! The man from the green car is using military weapons!” she firing her Glock 18 to the Svarkans, but no avail.

She take her phone and she told Monica, “I’m going to call-” her words were cut as a stray bullet was hit her in the torso. A Svarkan Hoods noticed this, yelled to his friend with Mini-Uzi, “What the hell are ya waitin’ for, Momir? Took that CIA agent out!” he reload his Mini-Uzi and he sprayed it to Hidemi and she returns fire with her Glock 18. The Svarkan behind Momir shouted to the driver, “Yo, we gotta pull our ass from here!” The driver nods and he drive the car away from the scene. Tommy with his remaining men retreat to avoid getting captured.

Hidemi looked over at the scene, blood and several corpses from Hazes, Riverz gang members even innocent bystanders. “Monica, it’s over-” her words were cut as she hears another gunfire and she feel to the ground, her vision blacken.
“I was fall to coma, and I don’t know how long I was in coma until when I awake…” Kei asked Ethan, “So, how long your daughter was in
coma?” Ethan replied, he was wielding his HK416 “She’s was in coma for four months, although her memory still remembers that tragedy.”

Around four month was passed. In Haido Central Hospital, Ethan was looking at the window, watching his motionless daughter. On his right side there was a door to Hidemi’s room. A doctor was walking out of the room and he inform Ethan, “Sir, she’s awake from her coma”

He rushing to the room and he looked his daughter was on a gurney, “So, how long I’ve been passed out?” The doctor replied, “Around four month” Hidemi bewildered, “I don’t know. But, where’s Monica?” A man was walking to the room and he told her, “I’m sorry, but my daughter was died in a shootout between three gangs when you with her were shopping. Luckily, you’re only wounded in back, but the bullet didn’t hit any vital organs.”

Ethan looked his daughter was softly crying and she ask Monica’s father, Anderson “Where she was buried?” He replied, “She was buried in Northern Frère Cemetery. And I don’t think my daughter was hit by stray bullet” Hidemi nodded and she asked him, “Why?” He replied, “While you feel, Monica was turned to see you were wounded. As she calling someone to help, a gang with red hoodie was fired a PM-06 several times, three rounds was struck her head and two at her chest.” He paused for a while.

He continued, “Doctor says you can go home now. But beware of gang warfare or any people who trying to kill you” Ethan asked, “Did
Monica is only daughter?” Anderson told him, “No, she has a brother named Jesse. But he went missing after her death. Although he knew the man who kills his sister, he preferred to hiding to avoid gang ambushes. Monica have a friend, he’s here”

A guy was enter Hidemi’s room and she ask him, “So,
you’re Monica’s friend?” The guy replied, “Eventually, a close friend. My name's Kei”

Several minutes later, they are walking out of the hospital. A Svarkan Hoods, donning a green jacket pulls a Glock 18C and he aims it sideways at Hidemi, taunting her, “Dragan says you’re dead” Hidemi pointing her captured Glock at the thug, she angrily shouted, “Say that again and I’ll put a hollow tip on you head. And where’s Dragan?” The thug callously shouted, “Dragan? Shit, who the fuck are you?”

“Hidemi Hondou, A CIA agent” said Hidemi. The thug sighed and he snickered, “Ohh, Hondou? Well that fucker were ransacked my brother’s fucking house.” Hidemi scowled with him, she still aiming her Glock at him, “Deal with it. But what are you mean my father? So you are remembering with the operation?” The thug taunted her, “Yo, you gotta keep your mouth or he’ll knock someone’s teeth out” Hidemi frowned at him, “So, your brother is trying to whip someone, uh? I can’t let you do that.” The thug ignored her, “Well what? You will call your dumbass friend to capture me?” Hidemi smiled, “Really? That’s your wish…” The thug began to panic as Ethan with his colleague was on Hidemi’s back “Aw, shit…”

The thug tries to calm himself and he stated, “Too great for your unit to capture me now. But, you’re in wrong time, wrong place, you’re dead…” he taking an Uzi from his jacket and he taking a girl to using it as human shield. The thug coldly shouted to Ethan, “Yo, Dragan’s men will outgunned you, dumbass!”

He glanced to see three robbers were robbing a bank, they are running to him. Two of the robbers are armed with MP5K and the last are armed with FN FAL. One of the robbers shouted to the thug, he raising an eyebrow, “Hey man! Where’s the ride?!”

The thug replied, “Yo, these stank ass were trying to bust me! Are you see this shit, Klim?” Klim looked at Kei in rage and he told his friends, “Wait! I know that scam that fool was slaying my cousin!” Kei noticed this, he aiming his L85A1 at him. One of robber armed with MP5K cried out, “Yo, what should we do? These fools were cornered us!”

The thug shut him up, “Yo, we are trying to pass this shit. You need to calm the fuck down.” He then realized his plan gone south as MPD was arrived and Klim didn’t happy about it. Acting quickly, the thug pushes the hostage to the wall and he shot her in the chest with his Uzi. He turned back to Kei and as he aiming his gun, Hidemi fired her Glock 18 on him, she was hit him in the sternum two times and she finished him with a shot to the head.

Klim looked at the thug’s corpse in rage and he raising his FAL on Hidemi but he hears someone warn him. Klim ignore the warning and he aiming his FAL at Hidemi and when the robber are open fire, Kei executed him with a shot to the head. The robbers with MP5K are fleeing the scene.

Present Day…


Hidemi told her colleague. “That’s why I went to protect my friend from gang warfare. Although the robbers were flee, I identify the Svarkan thug’s corpse who treating me. His name was” her words were cut as she spotted a Mercedes Benz CLK320 parked near her Firebird. Jodie rushed from her car to Hidemi and she informed, “One of Eekei’s friend was shot dead.” Hidemi surprised by this, she asked Jodie, “Who’s that bastard who shooting Eekei’s friend?

“According to many eyewitnesses, there are six suspects from two gangs: Vandals of Liberty City and Union of Crack Nation because they are wearing their colors. Possibly the victims were provoked the gang and they engaged them in gunfight… One of the suspects was personally executing the last victim in the head…” Jodie told them. Hidemi smirked, “I want this nightmare over!”
Now Vasili waiting inside the bar, he was holding his Glock 21. “Now we got them, what should we do?” Akim started. Foma replied, “They pay us the ransom and we’ll freed them. Except for that fool, I have some sitty problem”

“Yo guys, check this out!” Luke interrupted, he watching a news, “This is Kevin Kurosaki. This just in to the newsroom, we're just now getting word of gang shootout at Circle’s in Navarre district.” Mikoyan watched and he asked Luke, “I hope these fools weren’t snatching him.” He looked at Eekei and Popov told him, “The Nikolov ceased shootout with us, we just focused on FBI now...”

Foma turned off the TV, “I think we just freed them…”Cechy nodded, “We could lay shit down for a while”

Seconds later, the FBI breached the bar. Akim took his AK-74M, then heading to the door way. He fired his AK, he hit a FBI agent with a MP5A2 in the collarbone as he lays dying on the floor. Popov move the explosives to use it as bobby trap. Kei and Kinzie enter the bar and Luke greeted them with gunfire from his AKMS. Kei manages to hit him in the femur with his Spectre, however Luke take cover at the bartender. Vasili aid him and Luke blindly firing his AKMS, sending shards everywhere. Popov was primed the explosives and he takes Luke’s Uzi from the desk. He raises the Uzis and fires at the FBI.

Hidemi managed to enter the bar and she spotted Eekei was gagged in the mouth. She tries to free him but had to take cover from Popov’s Uzis. Luke ran from cover, firing his AKMS blindly. Kei throws a grenade on him. But one of Luke’s men managed to take the live grenade and he throws it outside. He continued to shoot it out with the FBI but was killed by Kinzie, Kei and an unnamed Hunterz gangster. He had been shot ten times. Three rounds from Kinzie, four from Kei, and three from the gangster. Now, though Popov knew taking someone hostage was bad idea. They all had. Indeed, it was Luke’s idea that they taken Kristin hostage to protect themselves but what they didn’t know that Kristin was know Luke and his family. Popov then taking cover with his Uzis and he ordered his comrades to cease fire.

Akim aiming his AK-74M at Hidemi but he didn’t shoot. She then asked them to release the hostage and surrender peaceably.

Popov disliked her idea, “Shit, do you want this shit stopped?” Kinzie then moving to Kristin, her M4 was aimed at the gangster. “Wars only make things worse. If you surrender, we let you live” Hidemi convicted. A Radiuses with orange shirt asked, “Alright, so what’s the deal?”

“Yo, the explosives!” Popov screamed in fear. Vasili realized this and he shoved Eekei to Hidemi.

Vasili and Luke are rushing to the outside from the other side. His remaining soldiers are heading outside, they fetching a van. Akim and Foma enters a GTO and speeding away from the rigged bar. Mikoyan was jacking a Delta 88 and Cechy with two DV soldier. The FBI also evacuated the wounded gangster from the building and Hidemi takes Eekei. He was wounded in the leg. The bar was exploding just after the last wounded agent was evacuated. Although the bomb wasn’t destroying the bar, the gangster was ‘cleaning’ their evidence, corpse from both sides and their loot.

“Kristin! Are you okay?” Kei asked her. “I’m fine. Thanksanyway.” She replied.

Kristin’s father, Heath rushed to her and he thanked Kei, “Thanks, comrades to free my daughter from the gangster” He replied, “No problem sir. I hope her brother, Vaughan must pay attention on her”

Her brother, Vaughan observed the ruin and he cursed, “Shit… I hope those motherfuckers was sold this shitty bloc-”
“Dude, shut up!” Both Kei and Heath shut him up. Kristin’s mother, Karen asked Jodie, “Do you know Gabe was planning?” She replied with a concern, “I don’t know. But they was planning to assassinate Erich, a Da West Helvetia Massiv gang member with some help from his allies” Kei nodded, “Maybe they was cover their assassination plan with something who involve civilians like kidnapping?”

Akai smirked, “If they was kidnapping, we’ll expose their covert operation and capture them…”

Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson
Rotten Luck

Afar from the shootout, a Red Haze OG, Alan with his lieutenant Oleg Pankin is meeting someone at the airport, which revealed as Carl. Pankin asked him, “So, you’re CJ?”

Carl calmly replied, “That’s right” Alan looking around, asking him “Then, where’s your crew?” CJ replied calmly, “I don’t need one”

Alan asking him, he chambering his M92F “You sure about that? I gonna put a hollow tip in your head right now” he aiming his M92FS at CJ head and he stand up, he told Alan, “No, you couldn’t- You’re Alan?” He replied, “Right? So, you’re CJ?”

CJ responded and he asks Alan, “Yeah, that’s right. So, what do you want?” He explained the deal, “Listen, the Rad is engaging war with District Varna against police as they are taking ‘that special someone’ as hostage. So, we’re planning to ma-”

As he continue his talk, Oleg interfered him with a bad situation, “Comrades, we have a news may shocking you. Crew of Pankow is heading to the airport to cap your ass!” Alan shouted, he pulls a MP5K “Fuck Secret Shit-vice. I gonna gave them a rims and I shove them up their ass!”

CJ looked to the northside of the airport, the Pankow are arrived. “Follow me. I have a way” he instructed. He with Alan and Sergei are running to CJ’s car; a topless Third Generation Camaro. The three entering the car and Alan shouted, he took his AK, “Hit the gas, fool! I gonna cap these pussies”

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Better Dayz Chapter 11: Action/Reaction

A/N: Here’s the chapter 11 of Better Dayz! This chapter explains the truth of Epcot shootout and the ‘insane’ tactics by Da East Helvetia Massiv: The mass kidnapping to cover their gang-related assassination plan. The kidnapping was based on DCW’s IRL Round 2. The diamonds conflict wasn’t ended in Liberty City and spread to Beika. Johnny crossed path again with Niko in this chapter after their second meeting at Collector’s Item in TLAD. I also include B-Dup here. Despite Dup was defeated in ‘Beat Down on B-Dup’, he still loyal to Ballas in 2008. Also, here I included another fictional gang, the Navarre (aka Wrong Way Assassin), Pavlović Mobsters and West Coast Coke (aka Westside Soldierz). Enjoy…


The next day…

Valther was waiting with Adohalv and Lalek in Gabe’s house. Valther was holding his Zastava M21 and a HK91 on his back. “Shit, where the fuck these two?” Adohalv looked impatient, he loading his AKS-74 with armor-piercing rounds. Lalek readied two Vectors as his sidearm for the assassination. Valther looked at Adohalv and said, “They are going for a shitty problem. They’ll back before the dusk” Adohalv noticed if a car was parked near Gabe’s house. He then realized if the car was Amsel’s Parisienne. Gabe with Ca$h and Amsel burst through the door and Lalek aims his dual Vectors at Ca$h. He surprised, “Yo, dawg! I’m his friend”

“It means that he still don’t know you. Or he was too retarded to identify someone.” Adohalv laughed. Gabe told him, “Yeah, whatever. UCN and Manhattans were joined us to cap that busta.” He looked at Valther and asked, “Yo, are you calling Vickel?” Valther light a cigar and he replied, “He was called me, not I was called him. He told me if Erich was a girlfriend to fuck up. I mean, we could cap his girlfriend before we cap his sorry ass.” Amsel snickered, “Oh shit, Erich has a girlfriend? Then how you can lure her?” Valther told him, he attach an ACOG scope on his M21, “Ya know, if she was joined us in the kidnapping. When that fool was show up, we just betray her and end her life. Her name was Emile just if you didn’t know her”

Ca$h grunted, “Then just cap them both…” Adohalv handed him a L85A1. It has EoTech scope mounted on it. Adohalv turned to him and said, “Yo we need to bust that motherfucker with style.” He walks to his car, a Cadillac Deville. Amsel saw him opened the trunk of his car and he takes a Dragunov with black finish from the trunk. “Well, can someone snipe that prick? Because I was suck on sniping” Adohalv asked his friends. Valther replied, “Sorry, I can’t cap that fool from distances. Or you just call Ivan” Adohalv take an AK-74 and he nodded, “Yo, that’s a good idea. But how we got the vehicle for the assassination?”

Amsel told him, “We just ask our allies, The Ballas to lend their van for the kidnapping. And if anyone who interfere our plan, especially cops, we’ll intimidate them before we pick them off.” Lalek snickered, “For what we intimidate for? We just cap these fools” Amsel wasn’t sure about Lalek’s suggestion, “Well, if you trying to cap them. They weren’t sure if they are snuffing out our plan. But I was maybe wrong too.”

Adohalv notices a car was pulled up outside the hideout and Valther sarcastically shouted, “Who the fuck was that?” Amsel then walking to the door as someone knocks it. He opens the door and it was Adohalv’s brother, Ivan. “Yo, VALC OGs! Glad to see you mate” Amsel answered. Ivan shaking hand with him and he replied, “I hear that you are trying to cap that sorry ass with style, right?” Adohalv looked at his brother, “That’s right, bro.”

Ivan walks inside and he sit at a Corvette C6. Lalek hands him a P90TR with ACOG scope. “Take this cache if these fools were pinned you.” He stated. Ivan put the P90 at the car’s hood. Lalek said, “That’s look like some sci-fi shit” Amsel shook his head. “Although the gun was you say ‘sci-fi shit’, but the gun can pierce most body armor.” Ivan sighed. He takes Valther’s cellphone and called his friends, “Martin, my friend. You’ll join me for an inside job?”

Martin didn’t sound sure about it, “Although I joined them for the assassination, I can’t trust this plan is going well. I mean, these Feds and cops were tracked us!” Ivan heard a police siren on the background and one of Martin’s friend yelled, “Get the fuck outta here!” Martin yelled back, “Don’t follow me. Go your own way home. I’ll see you later.”

Ivan hears a car’s engine on the background and Martin said to him, “Yo, the FBI was planted a tracker on me when I with my friend was making a deal. But I was removed it and I planted it at someone. Thank God I was losing them. They were bugged me three times.” Ivan sighed, he then asked Martin, “Yo, I feel sorry to hear that. Hey can you come to Gabe’s house to discussing the plan?” Martin was silent for a moment but he said, “I can join the plan. Can Paul and his mate coming too?” Ivan said, “Yeah, you can invite your crew too. See you later!”

Amsel put the map at the table. “Yo did you hear that the Feds were confiscated the coke from DV?” Adohalv asked. Ca$h told him, “I don’t hear it. Why?”

“Yo, listen to this shit.” Adohalv said in serious tone.  Amsel listen to his story with Lalek, “The District Varna was ordered to moving a boat contains a shit load of coke but the Fed were rigged it. They were fleeing to their crib, taking a girl as shield and they attempt to hold off the attackers. But they failed and the FBI is rescue the girl and snatch the coke despite the DV was rigged their crib with explosives.” Lalek interrupted, “Hey, I know the coke.” Amsel asked him, “Really? Where DV get the cocaine?” Lalek told everyone, “The Strelets was brought the coke from Hungary. They smuggled it with a freighter ship named Sea Roses and I don’t know if somebody is smuggling an insane things enough. The DV stole the coke from the Streltsy in their crib in a gang war.”

“Interestingly, we could snatch the coke form them Feds and we sold it to the streets. Thanks for the tip, mate” Amsel thanked him. He hears a car approaching. Ca$h hears a door bang, “Yo, the Balla’s here” Amsel then walks to the door. He opens it and Martin cheered him, “Yo, my friend. Whassup?” Paul looked around and Amsel told him, “Yo. We need your gang to do two shitty things at one time.” Adohalv tossed him an AKS-74u. Paul asked Ca$h, “What’s thing?” Amsel explained the plan, “Bro, we gotta cap this sorry ass, Erich because he went nuts on the coke shipment. In order to lure him to come, we had to kidnap some people while your gang takes back the coke from the feds.”

Vickel brandishes a SPAS-12, “So, how the kidnapping work? Shall we arrange it?” He asked. Valther told him, “You could engage in this plan or just take back the cocaine. I’ll call you if my gang needs help. We just snatch some people and take them to a place with my van. When Erich was come, Adohalv and Ivan will blast him up and you release them.” Martin wondered, “And if the kidnapee escape before that sorry ass dead?” Amsel sarcastically replied, “Just put them out of their misery.”

Valther looked at his crew, “Well comrades, this is it. If anybody has anything to say to another, now would be the time because chances are, we may not make it back in one piece.” He said. Paul calmed him, “This will be fine… Stay cool…” Martin enter a Corvette C6 with Ivan and he took a transceiver, “Let’s roll, brother”

Martin leaves the hideout with his car. His car was followed with vans and muscle cars.


One hour later…

Martin was separated from the team. He was taking to Amsel, “Bro, I told you if Emile were boarding Valther’s van. And how about that sorry ass?” Martin asked. Amsel replied, “He’s still at Bucharest. He need to transit several times before he coming to this city.” He looked around and asked, “Hey, where you at?” Martin snickered and said, “We are in Harvich district, the turf of Westside Soldierz. What do you want?” Amsel told him, “No, I thought they hated your gang.”

Martin pointed, “Hey, did you bring something to fight?” Amsel had several weapons on his car, “I have Spectre with scope and a L86. Ca$h were take Valther’s M21. He will snatch some people at downtown.”
Martin pulled his car near a scrapyard, “Hey, we will recover the ice. I’ll call ya later” Amsel looked at several police with binoculars, “Shit… we got some cops here. Good luck comrades…” Martin hangs the phone and Vickel asked him, “Did these fools were holding the scrap with ice?” Martin retort, “The Messina were guarding the scrap yard. They were searching the ice in this place. We had to take the ice before them and leave the fuck out.”

Vickel brandished a SPAS-12. Martin armed himself with a PM-84, “Snatch the ice while I cap the Messina” He briefed. Vickel stepped out of Martin’s car and he open fire at the Messina behind an Escalade. A Messina mobster fired an AK-47 at Martin’s car. He opened the door and he sprayed his PM-84. Vickel used a BMW M6 as cover and fired his SPAS-12 from side. He hit a Messina with M9 in the abdomen. Vickel screamed, “Harvey’s no more you dickhead!” Two Messina was emerged from an office near a crusher. They are armed with Uzi and opened fire at Martin who taking cover near a Stagea. Vickel called, “Yo, Dup. We attacked The Messina for the ice. Could you down for this shit?” Dup replied, “I’m on my way. I brought Fletch too.” Vickel thanked, “Thanks mate.” He hangs the phone and he fired his SPAS-12 again.

Martin fired his PM-84 at the mobster near a trailer. He hit a Messina who fired his car. The mobster falls to the ground, blood pouring from his mouth. Vickel saw a Messina at the roof of the office. He firing an M-16 at Vickel and he fired his shotgun twice and hit him in the knee. He blew the guy's left knee to a shredded fleshy mess and the other knee was blown out to the side, the shotgun pellets tore into his leg down to the bone. He stumbles and falls to his death.

Two Regals were pulled up and four Ballas were firing automatics. Dup taking cover at Martin’s Corvette and fired his AKM. He yelled, “The Balla will take the ice you moron!” Vickel reloads his SPAS-12 and he fired again, he hit a Messina with an Uzi in the face blowing his head to pieces. One of Dup’s men came out, firing two Mini-Uzis, and snarled, “You’re a buster, Harvey! Show your ass here!” He hit a mobster with a shotgun in the neck and Martin executed him with a tip to the head. After the scrap yard was clear, Martin reloads his PM-84 and looked to Vickel, “V, you guard the gate with Dup. I’ll take the ice with my crew.” He nodded, “Alright, brotha. Meet us at the pier.”

Two Ballas are accompanying Martin to enter the warehouse where the ice is stored. One Ballas gangster with a M16A4 takes cover near boxes and opens fire at Messina who taking cover at a container. Martin aimed the PM-84 and he take out a Messina with MP5 at the stair. Another Ballas gangster with MP10 running to the stair which leading to the office. Martin took a grenade and he threw it at the Messina who entrenched at the containers. The grenade exploded, sending two mobsters flying. The Ballas gangster at the stair cleaning up the rest of the survivors and Martin greeted, “Thanks homey” He aimed his PM-84 at the door and emptied the entire magazine. A Ballas thug with MP10 kick the door open and Martin retrieve the bag. He checks it and he pulls a hand phone. “We got the diamond, V.”

Vickel snickered, “We got some Italian mobsters had to take the ice. They’re entering the warehouse from another side.” Martin reloads his PM-84 saying, “These fools were claiming the ice and we are not only ones after it.” He with his crew head down the stairs and two Italian mobsters open fire at them with MAC-11s. The Ballas with MP10 fired back and pinned one of the mobsters in the groin. Martin taking cover at the boxes and he blind fired his PM-84 from the side. He heard someone cried out. He saw he hit two Italian mobsters and wound one. There was another mobster firing a M4A1. He hit the Ballas with MP10 in the hip but he takes cover after that.

Martin fired, taking aim at the Italian mobster that had M4A1 and who had shot his crew. He nailed the guy in the chest and all up his right side, several rounds went into his right lung and the rounds penetrated and hit his kidney. Martin fired at two mobsters and hitting them, several rounds hit one of them, and blood sprayed from his Adams apple. Another Ballas thug with AKMS fired and hit a mobster with MPL. The shot tore his abdomen and his lungs collapsed. After the warehouse was clear, Martin running outside with his crew and Vickel asked, “Where’s the ice?” Martin hands him the bag, “Here, we jus…” His words were cut as he saw a helicopter. “These fools were nuts!” He said.

Vickel took an AKMS, “Homey, we had to silence that chopper.” He fired and there was a loud explosion that rocked the chopper. The chopper was swerving. Outside, sirens sounded as the MPD started to arrive on the scene. The police started to come out with their guns ready but the chopper blades hit the building and scraped against it. It hit the sign and fell to the earth and it exploded as it hit the police cars. Martin screamed, “Ohhh fuck! Run!” The explosion on the ground set off a chain reaction of explosions.

Several cars were ablaze and exploding in just a matter of seconds. Vickel ran for cover as one of the Ballas vehicles catch fire and about to blow up. It blew up and two mobsters were killed in the blast. Plus five MPD officers were killed by the helicopters and other cars exploding and three Messina mobsters. Fletch scowled, “Hey dawg, how we can escape from this place?” Martin looked, “We can take the boat. Come on!” Two Messina mobster opened fire on him. Martin used the BMW M6 as cover and fired his PM-84 from the side. Four rounds struck a Messina near an Escalade in the chest. Vickel jumped over a car and he reloads his AKMS.
Dup made a call to his friends, “Adohalv, can we lend your warehouse? We had to hide the ice.” Adohalv told him, “Homey, if you need help, let me help you alright?” Dup asked, “Can this fucking wait? We have a shootout with the mobsters at the scrap yard. We take the ice, bro. Perfect clarity. Beautiful clarity, well cut and a shit load of carats. What did you expect?” Adohalv nodded, “It’s fucking gorgeous! Alright, I’ll send my men to help you out. Erich went nuts about the cocaine shipment. We’ll examine the diamonds later after we put him out of his misery. Bye!” Dup told Martin, “Adohalv’s men will pick us and the diamonds. He also hacking the MPD database.”

They started to run for Martin’s car but saw it was ablaze. “Shit!” Dup yelled, “Follow me, I know this street we just need to get these cops off of us long enough to get a safe spot and I’ll take the rest.” They retreated down the street as the sirens sounded. Two Ballas thug yelled, “Get out of here! We’ll hold them back!” Martin took the last look at his car and ran. A police helicopter followed them and Dup scooped up a SMAW. He fired a rocket at the chopper. He saw the smoke and flames and saw he had hit it. They all ducked into a parking garage of an apartment complex. The chopper fell to the ground and the deafening blast could be heard outside.
Dup didn’t dare to get outside until the ride got there. Finally an orange De Ville pulled up and they got in. They drove away and even still they could see a MPD officer. A cop stopped them and Martin could see that there were road blocks being set up. Bodies were being whisked away and Vickel saw that one of the Messina mobsters who had the M-16 was now covered in sheets. There were three officers being covered in sheets nearby him. The limo driver rolled the window down. Martin called Amsel, “We got the ice. Did you know another mobster who attacking us after taking the ice?”

Amsel told him, “They are Pegorino crime family. Despite their important member was dead, they went underground. Shit, how long they are entering this city after Jimmy was dead with his ‘betraying’ friends.” Martin pointed, “Why I hear gunshot on this area.” His question answered as several shots rang out and his limo was shot. The window of the De Ville was shattered. The limo driver ducked down, reaching under the seat for an Uzi that he had under it. Several more shots rang out and hit the back of the limo. Vickel shouted, “Aww, shit!” Amsel asked, “Homey, what’s going on?” Martin snorted, “We are under attack by Westside.” Amsel suggested, “Bro, you need to hide from these psychos. They are fucking heavily armed and we’re done if they attack us.” Martin sighed, “Thanks man…” He hangs up the phone and he got out and started firing at the Westside who firing his car.

Vickel looked behind and he saw two Westside gangsters with AK-74s open fire at FBI. He also found a Porsche 365A and a white Mazda RX-7. Bourbon… Time to payback, motherfucker. He taught. The limo driver got out of his limo and he fired his Uzi at Westside thugs. An orchard Riveira pulled up next to him and the passenger was unloading on the limo. The guy fired two rounds which hit the limo driver in the shoulder as he peppered the car. Vickel sprayed his AKMS at the FBI, using the limo’s door as cover. The limo driver started firing at the FBI too. Hidemi fired her M4A1 and lit the guy up. The man fell in the street, also orange clad, wearing a beanie and shades with an orange sweater and white pants.

The limo driver was not dead though. He tried to fire again yelling, “Vandals till I die, motherfucker!” Hidemi fired again letting go nine rounds and said, “Guess you not Vandals again!” She said with a grin. Dup took the bag from the limo and take cover near Vickel. A sedan rolled up and three Westside in the passenger riding shotgun, opened up with Uzis. Hidemi stayed low but got to her feet. Vickel turned to his back and he aimed his AKMS. A Westside with MP5 fired at him but Vickel nailed him more bursts and his throat was torn open and the wound in his neck left his spinal cord exposed. “Revenge’s a bitch ain’t it?” Yelled one of the Vandals. Ethan fired his M16A4 at the Vandals at the Limo. Dup took the driver’s Uzi and he fired at Hidemi who was returning fire. Ethan fired again and the limo catches fire.

“Shit! The limo’s going blow!” Vickel screamed. He with two Vandals ran from cover of the limo to the sedan as the limo exploded sending debris on fire raining down on them. The sedan took damage from the blast but all that did was damage it. It did not catch on fire but from the looks of the bucket, it wasn't far from explosion. Vickel came out firing his AKMS nailed the feds with MP5 in the chest. The agent fell, the gun still going off as he fell to the ground. “Yo, this violate the truce, bitches!” He screamed as he fired at a second agent hitting them in the stomach. The sedan pulled and A Westside wearing green track jacket and black pants firing his Uzi and three FBI agents dropped.

Bourbon spotted several gang members wearing black clad, wielding AK-74s and MP5s. “It looks the Westside are outgunned the FBI. Pardon me if we’ll cap them” Hidemi looked. Bourbon smirked, “Let we catch them all.” He takes his Glock 18 and he aimed at Vickel. He barked, “That wasn’t your target, moron!” Vickel fired his AKMS and graze Bourbon in the knee. He sighed, “You wanna play with the Black Organization? It’s your wish…” Bourbon loads his Glock 18 with 33 rounds magazine and he switched his gun to fully automatic. Bourbon aimed his Glock at Vickel and fired but not one rounds hit him. Hidemi loads C-Mag to her M4A1. Dup took a FNC off of his fallen crew and he aimed at Ethan. He fired and two rounds struck a CIA agent with M16A3 in the face and the bullet came out of the back.

Vickel fired his AKMS and the rounds hit the rotor of the helicopter, causing to flying erratically. “Bye bye birdie!” Dup yelled as the chopper exploded in the air. Bourbon jumped over his car and he fired his Glock at Navarre. He hit a thug with MP5K in chest and he hit the hard ground. Dup grunted, “Here’s that motherfucker who insults my man.” Vickel screamed in frustration, “Get that fool.” A Westside thug took a M564 from his dead friend and aimed at Martin but then saw Hidemi aimed at him and fired at the CIA agents instead. “First, we didn’t start this war with the feds. Second, these pricks in purple were attacked by us. And third your grave was here!” He snarled and he aimed the gun but he was hit from the chest by Kinzie. Dup aimed his FNC and hit a Navarre in the back. The thug stumbled, blood pouring from his mouth.

Dup reloads his FNC and he saw a Westside with black hoodie and maroon hat. He identified him as Višelav Stolar, a high member of Westside. Martin noticed him, “Oh look, I’ve meet that fool. These men aren’t no match with Balla OGs!” A Vandals with the Val sprayed at Hidemi who firing her M4A1. Višelav fired a M4A1 at a FBI agent. He nailed her in the chest three times from his M4A1 in the chest. Her vest protect her but he fired four more shot form his M4A1. He hit her with one round in the throat and another in the knee. Višelav yelled at someone, “Cuda! They are overwhelming us! What should we do?”

Vickel saw Višelav yelled at Cuda who emerged form a black M3. Hidemi spotted him along with two Westside. Cuda wields a PM. md. 89 and his crew are armed with AKS-74. Cuda yelled at his gangsters, “Cease fire, comrades! Cease fire!” The gunfire is no longer heard. Several Westside aimed their gun at Dup and his crew but they didn’t pull the trigger. Martin holds his PM-84, he aiming at the FBI without doubt to fire. A first Westside soldier asked, “Why we stopped firing?” The second soldier told him, “He got some bad news.” Cuda looked at his crew, “Brother, I got the word that Lou’s been killed up in Teito” Denis sighed, he stared to the ground, “Aw, man…” Stake explained, “He’s hangin’ out in a bank when several Nikolov Bratva jack the bank. And somebody who hated him hired a fucking Polack to do it.” Cuda told him, “I think he was Serb, Stake” Stake disagreed with him, “No, Slav is also the same”

Cuda shut him, “Shut the fuck up.” Hidemi watched the gang and Ethan told her, “They stopped the fighting. We didn’t want to interrupt the truce at them.” She nodded, “I know…” Cuda looked at his crew. “Brothers, we will find a way to get payback against this Polish/Russian/Serb - I don't really give a shit. In the meantime, let's take a moment to remember Leif and the other entire thugs who died for this gang.” Stake replied, “Respect, Cuda” Denis nodded, “Got that right…”

Cuda gave his crew a short speech, “Now, Leif was, he was a thug. But his weapon skill was better than most of us, uh? He has a brother, named Karol. He’s a high member of Westside, our loyal ally. Leif also respect at the most crews, even the new gang member. He promised if he got killed, his brother and his gang will have their revenge at the killer. He didn't afraid of death, he got any piece of guns he wanted, and he always had time for a homie in need…” He paused and he continued his speech, “In short - the kind of man I'd want to be. Leif Lacquer – Always on Navarre’s memories.” Stake stared at him, “Amen to that, Cuda.”

Vickel looked at Martin. “Hey homie, I saw a guy in Cuda’s car. Why he didn’t get out from the car?” He asked. Martin told him, “Because Cuda has a hostage.” His testament came true as Cuda drags a guy from the car. As Hidemi got closer she saw who it was. “Eekei!” She panicked as she saw that Cuda was pulled him out of the car. Hidemi warned, “Let him go! He did not involve with this” Cuda grinned, “I know he’s clean, but he just eavesdrop! So I pull him out of his car. Back off or I’ll put him out of his misery…” Hidemi kept her MP10 trained on him but did not come any closer. “You better not hurt him!” She warned through gritted teeth. Cuda told her, “Don’t come any closer and I won’t. I just want his car. That’s it. But I’m walking out of here…”

Erru looked at Cuda coldly, stating, “How about this, then? You hand him over to me right here, and we'll drop the case for three weeks and let you get out of the country with all your buddies from jail. One thing: You may not harm any of the kidnapped, hostages, or my coworkers and their families. Does that work, or do I need to take him from you and tear up some more of your grunts?” Moines looked at Cuda, “Shit, they just offer us to take them to her and we can get out of the country.” Cuda stay on his decisions, “I don’t give a shit, we don’t want to leave!” Karol callously replied at him, “Then what should you do, dickhead?” Cuda cursed, “Them we didn’t start this, this end now!” Stake snickered at him, “What are you saying, nigga?” Cuda ordered his crew, “Michalski, can you shut him up?” Michalski rejected his order, heating the situation “NO, I can’t! Just do it yourselves!”

As Cuda are about to speak, a hostage yelled, “Motherfuckers!” he raised a Glock and fired four times at Michalski. Three rounds was struck his back and one round was hit the back of Michalski’s head. He was fall, hitting the ground. Some automatic fire rang out and the armed hostage was hit the chest, puncture his lungs and hit the hard ground. Erru saw a mob with an Ushanka hat that is approaching Cuda. Cuda looked at Michalski’s corpse, “Shit, shit… Michalski… He’s didn’t do anything to them.” He turned to the Pavlović mob, “Радослав, Лу је убијен у Теито. Неке породице Николов су га жестоко горе или неки убица из српских га је убио. И Мицхалски је умирао ...” (Radoslav, Lou was killed in Teito. Some Nikolov family were blasted him up or some hitman from Serb was killed him. And Michalski was dying...) He told him.

Radoslav shrugged, “Морамо да се спакују дијаманте сутра на броду по имену Краков. Знам како да казни федералцима за нашу освету.” (We need to pack up the diamonds tomorrow at a ship named Krakow. I know a way to punish the Feds for our revenge.) Just then, a black Victoria pulled up near the ruin of the limo. Four mobsters got out. One of the mobsters armed with shotgun and two other thugs are wielding Mini-Uzis. The last are armed with L85. They open fire and seven FBI agents feel instantly in the hail of gunfire. One of the mob yelled, “Fuck the truce! Pavlović Mob, motherfucker!”

Hidemi shouted, “Crap, shoot this truce-breaker now!” She fired her M4A1 and hit the guy with L85 in the head. Radoslav screamed at her, “My shock trooper! Run!” He are entering a Victoria and leave the scene.

Dup saw Cuda and his crew were escaped. Even Radoslav was fleeing too. “Now we are trapped here. No fucking cars to grab” He cursed. Martin told him, “We had to grab a bike and get the fuck outta here!” He and Vickel are taking two superbikes from a building. As they are about to ride, Kinzie aimed her M4 and fired at Vickel. He was hit in the back and he fall from the bike. Martin with a thug tried to outrun the FBI but Akai shot his bike and he almost run over by a car. Hidemi watched the thug fall from the bike to the railway, but just as he was about to hit the ground, a train end his life about four seconds prematurely. Dup sarcastically shouted, “Shit, your friend's body is gonna be smeared from here to Alderney!”

Dup look at his crew for the last time before they was captured by FBI. “Farewell, brother. But we’ll free you soon…” His men are riding the bike away from the crime scene. They are riding to somewhere



[i/]Half hour later…[/i]

Valther was in the van with Emile. His phone rings and he picks it. It was Amsel who called him, “Hey, Vee. We got good news and bad news. The bad news is, Martin and his crew were attacked by the Westside and Feds. But the good thing is, Adohalv and Gabe were kidnapping a member of Head Hunterz. Ya know if the Hunterz must make truce with Vandals and Da East.” He informed. Valther asked, “How they can kidnap that fool?” Amsel told him, “He selling his car, a fucking tuned Mercedes SLK at internet. And Adohalv was pretending to buy the car. If you like, you can take the car.” Valther looked outside and he snickered, “Shit, why we must using chloroform?” Amsel retort, “Because it was gangsta style of kidnapping. Shit, this car was suckass! I’ll call ya later…” He hangs up the phone.

Valther brandishes a MP5K, “Pull the car here. It’s time to initiate the kidnapping, be cool and snatch random people. Get the fuck out after that and don’t be playing.” He ordered. His friend, Radimir1 pulls a Glock 17 and he got out of the van and fired his Glock to the air. Then, a second later, people are screaming and running. Some have dropped to the ground in a futile attempt to protect themselves. Radimir wore a maroon hoodie with jeans. He also wear bandana to conceal his face. He saw a woman is holding a child. One of Da East soldier with mask grabs her by the arm. The child is crying and the woman is sobbing. "No, don't, please, don't!" she screams. The masked gangster pays no attention as he whips the child out of her hands.

Radimir looked, “Snatch that fool!” Valther grabs a boy and using a chloroform to knock him unconscious. His crew is using the same tactic to knock a girl. Radimir recognized the girl who dragged to the van, “I remember that girl. Did you know it?” Valther shrugged, “I don’t know. We had to move them to the lockup.” Radimir went to the van and they are leaving the scene. Radimir drive the van and Valther’s phone rings. He checks the message on his phone, “Use the warehouse in Alcatraz Park to hold the kidnapee. My men were ‘taking’ civilians to the place too. Peace… Amsel” Radimir snorted, “What are he doing there? Watching a deal?” Valther wasn’t know, “I don’t know, he are taking the H from the Maliňák.” Radimir told him, “Some of our allies having trouble with The Commission, especially the Messina. They were crippling our business and in retaliation, we expose their stash to the FBI.”

Valther snapped, “Then he is asking us to take the kidnapee to a warehouse?” Radimir laughed, “Man, I don’t give a shit about this and this plan can't foiled by anyone right?" Valther replied, "If the Fed and Police know us, we do the plan B. Simple" Radimir nodded, "Okay, let's bring the van to the lockup" He looked outside and Valther looked at him, "Hey, did you see someone?" he asked Radimir. "I don't know... but let's drove to the lockup!" He shrugged. Valther snickered as he listen a song. Job For A Cowboy - Knee Deep, "Ow, man... I hate this song..."

The van was stopped near a warehouse. Radimir recognized the warehouse, “The Fanteria are using this warehouse as their front. I know most of their gang members.” Valther nodded, “We keep the kidnapee, and then when VALC and Curtain Mob are pop that sorry ass. We release the hostage after that. If they are resist, crying or any habit that annoyed us, just shot them” Radimir saw several Curtains mobster was entering the warehouse. Valther asked one of the Curtain mobsters. “Hey, are we must enter this van to the ‘dungeon’?” The first mobster said, “You can load the kidnapee here. Adohalv guarantee if no one could rescue the hostage.” Radimir remind him, “We need to eavesdrop several kidnapee who connected to Erich. When he is here, we show them a video of the execution. And Adohalv ask Valther to let a tuned SLK entering this warehouse”

The other mobster agrees with Radimir’s idea, “Commonly, Vandals also use this warehouse as place to his their stash. Cars, coke, ice and a lot of things.” Valther interfered, “So can we let in?” The first mobster told him, “Well, get inside…” The van went inside and Valther got out of the van.

“Eh, since when you are bring this shit?” Raimir asked Valther as he keeps his AK47 with grip and PK-AV scope on the van. “Da, since I was in Red Army, I must know how to use the ubiquitous AK and its descendant…” he told Radimir. He looked at Valther, “Whatever man, you always talking shit! Eh, did you want to live in Tian Shan Range Mountain?” Valther pouted, “Hell no! That place is cold like ice! I wouldn’t sent in there even for a second.” Radimir open the back of the van and he shouted to the hostage, "Stay the fuck down or I gonna shot!"

Višelav Stolar

Fifty minutes earlier…

A ’68 Eldorado was driven by two WCC2 high members, Višelav Stolar and Denis Kolar. They are passing Haido Central Hospital. Višelav was called someone, “Hey Leif, we are brought the thing to his city. Alright see you later…” Denis noticed something fishy, “Pull over here, I gotta take the photo.” He instructed.  Višelav pulled the car near Shinichi but he didn’t see this threat. Denis had hid his Glock on his pocket. He jumped out of his car as Višelav watches him. “I hope that busta will realize what he done…” He said to himself.

Denis is walking to Shinichi, his Glock at his hand. He aimed it at the back of Shinichi’s head. “Now you’re dead, fool…” Denis muttered. Before he could fire his gun, a teen blocked him from shooting Shinichi. It was Eisuke, “Well, if you are trying to hurt my friend, you had to be dreaming.” He interfered, his SR-25 on his back. Denis snickered, “Now, what are you doin’ now, sucka? Peppering something shitty tricks? Or I should call my fucking backup?” Erru smirked as she stepped from behind a parked moving van, pistol held steady in her right hand and the barrel facing Denis. "What was that? I'm afraid my backup didn't hear ya." FBI agents, including Jodie and Camel, and the Black Organization members, step out together, weapons drawn. Viselav looked at Denis, “Shit! Shit, these feds were cornered him!”

Višelav brandishes his M4 Carbine from his car. The M4 was missing the carrying handle and the barrel was longer. He jumped out of his ’83 DeVille. Hidemi surprised by Višelav’s M4 Carbine and she took her M4A1 with C-Mag in retaliation. Višelav looked at her in cold hatred. “Yo, stay the fuck out from our turf, bitch. You are getting on my nerves.” He warned. Hidemi frowned at him, “Getting on your nerves? Oh, and so you are remind of the shootout on Ontario where your gang was insulting a Strelets gang member, and they called backup where it turned to a gunfight.” Denis panicked, “What the fuck did you do, man? They are exposing our ‘clandestine’ thing!”

“I told you this was crazy- Man, you’re jacked up.” Višelav screeched. He aims his gun at Eisuke who aims his SR-25 at him. “Yo, we gotta bust their sorry ass fool” Višelav asked Denis to take his ‘hardware’. Denis went to Viselav’s car, he opened the trunk. He found a stockless Uzi and a PM. md 90 with drum-mag on the trunk of Višelav’s car. He also found a SMAW and a Val with PK-AV scope. He acquired the Uzi and the PM. md 90. Denis return to Višelav, his Uzi on his hand whiles his PM. md 90 on his back. Višelav snickered at him, “Man, I told you they was too dumb to bust us”

Denis explained, “One of the Hillside was coming to take the delivery. Despite the risk, they’ll come.” Višelav looked at a Cougar was parked near the road. Jacob with Niko and two Hillside slowly opened up the doors and got out. Jacob wore a dark-green sleeveless jacket on a green sweater with purple stripes. Meanwhile Niko wore a blue track top. Two Hillside who accompanied him wear black jacket and green hoodie. Niko carried an AK-47 and Jacob wields a M4A1 with scope. The two Hillside are carrying MP5. “Thing is getting complicated…” Hidemi smirked. She focused at Denis. Gin stared at Jacob, “We have another gang intervene our operation… Chianti, look at the Jamaican beside Niko. Could you identify him?” Chianti informed him, “He was Little Jacob, Niko’s friend. Word is he owns a lot of weapons on his car.”

Višelav looked at Jacob in hate, “What this? I thought there was only to be one of your Posse crew coming?” Jacob approached him, his M4A1 on hand. “Ya are going fe die, bloodclots” Niko wield his AK, “It’s over, you loudmouthed motherfucker… And the FBI will witness your demise, eh?” Denis looked to his back. He recognized the face and it was Stake. He brought several WWA soldier along with his boss, Cuda. Stake aimed his MAC-10 at Erru. Three of his soldier is armed with Mini-Uzi. Cuda are flashing his CZ-75.

Jodie watched the standoff, “And now Assassins who blocked us. Better we must capture them all before they fired their gun…” Stake looked at Denis, “Look, I wasn’t known your gang was having some fucking hates at my nemesis.” Višelav hand a photo of her to him, “Hidemi Hondou… The CIA agent that the most gangsters fears most” Cuda shouted, he was impatient to start the war, “Then what? Are you should shoot that prick and engage them in an all-out gun fight?” Denis waved his Uzi, “I told you stupid asshole, shut these fools up! If we fire, we’re dead…”  Cuda cursed, “Sheepishly smartass motherfucker…”

Cuda held his CZ-75 on his left hand and his M93 on his right hand. He aims his M93 on Hidemi while his CZ-75 was aimed at Erru. Denis snorted, “Shit, man. All gangs in this world want him dead.”  Stake looked uncertain, “Look, even NVR3 and WWA4 hate him, the FBI backed him.” He cleared his throat and continued, “Unless you have a fucking weapon that can penetrate the agent’s armor…” Denis turned to him, “I know that! The only difference is he’s wearing orange now! That fool was a mole for Vandals!”

Višelav asked Cuda, “He said he’s a Hustler but he from here?” He wasn’t sure, “I don’t know, that’s anybody’s guess” Denis looked at everybody, “Listen, because these fools were pinned us on our turf, why don’t we just give them a nice ‘fuck you’ before we engage them in a full-scale war” Cuda nodded, “I swear if that motherfucker roll up on the turf one more time, I'll blast them up” Denis turned to Hidemi, “Listen up, motherfucker! Neither I nor Višelav was trying to kill that detective. We just are cruisin’ around our turf!” Kinzie frowned, “Although you weren’t attempting to kill Shinichi, we got a footage of your gang in Epcot where the deal happens”

Kinzie loads the video on her laptop and she broadcast the footage. The TV flashed to northern side of Epcot Park.

A WCC with a hoodie and a white hat underneath said, “I told you, that thing was shit. They wasn’t make it for us anyway”

Kei recognized the WCC soldier who stands near the WCC with the hoodie. His name was Stanley. Hidemi identified him as Matija Brkić, a Westside sniper.

Denis handed him an MPi 69. He brandishes a Micro-Uzi, “Yo, these fools were dealing with the Ancelotti. I got some news that the several gangs will crash the deal.”

Stanley took offense, “Yo, I don’t care if we had to take someone’s life”

Denis scoffed, “Whatever”

The second WCC said, “I got some news that the gangsters are heavily armed. Unless this was risky wish, we’ll take off from this place ASAP”

Denis turned to see a WWA thug was approaching him. “Whassup dawg? I swear that they dealing with the Ancelottis.” He said

Hidemi watched the video. She was upset, “Wrong Way Assassin? What are they doing there?”

Stanley told him, “Man I’m telling you, the Ancelotti was gone to shit. They’re finished off”

A WCC with a sweater insisted, “But we copping off one of their members. You sure this is cool or this was a trap?”

The first gang member rolled his eyes, “Be cool, if anyone calls cops, we blast them!” He said, he pulling a Glock 19 out. The other gang member nodded, “For sure”

The first gang member continued, “Man, I was meeting with that person. He’s wearing Westside color, despite he was boss of Black Organization. Man, we’ll ransack them and stole the drug called APTX-4869, whatever you will call it” He said as he pulls a FN MAG.

Denis began to walk, “For sure. Let’s roll… Let we crash their deal and the Candlelight…”

The TV went blank for a moment. Then it flashed to what looked like a parking zone of Epcot Park. A car was entering the parking zone. Hidemi looked the car. It was Rico’s car, a Delta 88.

Rico stepped out of his car along with two friends. Kinzie know them as Peter Lokar, the man who killed her daughter in retaliation of his brother’s death and Juan Ramirez, the arms dealer.

Lokar walks to the back of Rico’s car. He opens the trunk and he takes a duffel bag. Rico snickered, “Hope the mass choir won’t making my ears bleeding…”

“So, where’s the Ancelottis?” He asked. Juan told him, “They are sitting near the place where Candlelight Processional was held. You know, usual sales such as AKs and Uzis and some ‘rare’ stuff”

Rico rolled his eyes, “AKs? You mean Avtomat Kalashnikov?”

Lokar catch up with them and he asked Rico, “Hey, do you know the Five Families?”

They are walking inside the Epcot Park. The TV went blank again. This time it flashed to the eastside of the parking zone of Epcot Park. A maroon Cougar coming by, followed by four green-gold-black Range Rovers with a custom shaved grille and side-mounted exhaust pipes. Jacob and Niko stepped out of their car.

Jacob holds a Micro-Uzi. Niko have Zastava M70 on his hand. Most of the Hillside was armed with AK47 with many accessories. They also armed with MP10.

Niko observed, “I swear that fool was dealing with the Ancelotti.”

Jacob replied, “I going to find this bumbaclot! Ya have fe kill him. While me take cover fe take the diamonds.”

“Yeah-” His words were cut as he sees Rico’s car was parked nearby.

Niko sighed but he has an idea, “Shit… these fools was here. Alright, we have to enter the park in alternative route. Jacob, told your men to enter the park and find any of Ancelotti’s men.”

Jacob nodded, “Respect, Niko”

He with Niko back to their car as their soldier was running to finding Ancelotti inside the Epcot Park. The car was leaving the scene.

Cuda surprised with this and he stared in disbelief at Denis, “Shit… So many gangs that aiming for the diamond”

The fourth footage was in Avenue of the Stars. Both Kei and Kinzie found a The Lost MC gang member were riding a V-Rod. Ethan identified him as Johnny Klebitz, the leader of Alderney chapter of The Lost.

He stopped near the Tutto Italia. Several minute later, more bikers coming by. They stepped out of their motorcycle, weapons drawn. Gin knows one of the bikers. His name is Clay Simons, the lieutenant of The Lost.

Johnny gave a speech, “Brothers for life, Lost forever. Let’s fuckin’ do it” Clay draws a M4A1, “We got Deadbeat5 ass to kick, man. Come on!” He rallied.

One of the bikers said, “Last I heard they were dealing at Epcot Park. They are around America Gardens Theatre. This times no Deadbeat ass but the Ancelottis’ ass.” Johnny pulls an AK47, “Let’s crash their deal. Let's teach those mobsters it ain't the seventies anymore.”

The bikers were heading to America Gardens Theatre with fully armed. The screen blacks again.

Hidemi frowned, “I hope Rico was realized his crime…”

Kei smirked, “So, we got the dealers, Ancelottis, Hillside and the bikers on the video. Including West Coast Coke and Wrong Way Assassin”

Kinzie loads another video, “Alright, this is the footage before the shootout.”

The fifth was in America Gardens Theatre where the Candlelight was performed. Lokar are dealing with a mobster named Ancelotti crime family. Rico are on his back.

Lokar explained the stuff on his bag at Ancelotti’s boss, “AIMS, Romanian version of the AK-47. Identifiable with unique vertical foregrip integrated into the hand guard. Feeding system of this gun is 30, 40-round detachable mag or 75-round drum mag. Can fit many attachments and…” His words were cut off as Rico interfered, “I don’t wanna disturb, but…”

Lokar and Juan looked to a Cougar was parked in front of him. Juan realized it was Jacob’s car. He saw Niko in hate, “Shit…” He cursed. Rico looked around as some of the people called 911, “Um, should we draw our gun and cap them both, before they cap us?” One of Giovanni’s men asked, “Why?” Rico points his hand at a woman with red hair. She wears FBI shirt under a purple hoodie. Juan whispered, “So how’s the payment? And who’s that woman?” Giovanni replied as he draws a P90, “We exchange it with ten kilo of coke. The stuff is in my car, at Epcot Parking area. As the woman, she was Kinzie Natake”

Lokar focused at Kinzie and he scowled, “FBI… And Natake Family is trying to cap me and my cousin!” Rico questioned him, “Are you fucking sure if the Fed is trying to cap you?!” Lokar have an idea, “Alright, whatever this happens, grab a shield and blast these fools to reach the parking area and fetch our car. Beware of ambush which launched by VALC and M.O.B. when we fleeing to Liberty City and stay together or we’re fucked” Rico pulls a Micro-Uzi as Ancelottis had their weapons drawn. More FBI agent covered the area and they are armed with M4A1.

Lokar draws his AKS-74u, which he noticed Jacob and he yelled to Niko, “Niko, get these bloodclots!” Stanley shouted at Johnny, he reached his MPi69, “Losers are going down! WCC, bitches!” Rico grinned at him, “Sucker, I told you shut the fuck up!”

Kinzie pause the video. Ethan saw tears in Hidemi’s eyes. “That’s Rico. He fired his gun to Stanley, provoking the shootout.” Kei said, he breaking the bitter silence.

Hidemi disagreed his idea, “Although Rico was provoked the shootout, he wasn’t intended to do it. Stanley was fired his gun first before Rico, but it was aimed at The Lost MC.”

The bikers stormed through the deal, firing their weapon at Ancelotti and the dealers. Niko with Jacob and the Hillside Posse returned at the both parties. Denis ran to cover while he blind firing his Micro-Uzi. Juan shouted, “Fuck, the Losers are here! Return fire!” He fired his Uzi at The Lost member who fired an AK74 at him.

The civilian panicked after hearing the gunfire but Rico take an AIM from Lokar’s bag and he fired it to the air to warn them, “Stay in your fucking seat or you’ll be shot!”

“Oh my God…” Hidemi gasped as she watched innocent civilians were trapped in crossfire between multiple gangs.

Stanley reloads his gun and he run to Denis and sprayed his Micro-Uzi again. Two WWA thug burst through firing their Uzi. One wore a black jacket and a white hoodie, a black jeans and a green bandana. The other wore a white t-shirt and a black rag. They fired at Kinzie who taking cover and returned fire with her M4.

A Lost member was firing his M4A1 before Denis hit him in the chest four times. He then took a HK91 off of a dead Ancelotti and fired it at Hillside who taking cover at Jacob’s Cougar. He was grazed in the shoulder.

Juan sprayed his Uzi at the Hillside. He managed to hit a Hillside thug with TMP in the chest. Giovanni then take a MPL from Lokar’s bag and he open fire at the FBI. He fired four shots; two of them were hit a FBI with a M16A2 in the abdomen. He cries in pain as a round was struck him in the lung.

Rico fired his AIM again at the FBI, he hit an unlucky agent in the chest and abdomen. He fall with his face hit the ground, lying in his soaked blood. Rico turned to the Hillside and he fired his AIM, three rounds were struck a Hillside with MP7 in the head. Another Hillside thug was firing upon FBI and Wallachia from the roof of Fife and Drum Tavern. A Hillside thug yelled, “Rhaatid, someone be inna de ground.” He fired a HK21.

A WWA soldier fired his FN MAG. Stanley shouted, “Yeah, nigga! Break it down, fools!” He hit a Hillside with a HK33 in the head. A panicked civilian are trying to run but he was shot in the head by stray bullet. Stanley looked, “Ouch, I thought he was Wallachia- whatever!”

“Shit…” Hidemi sighed tearfully as a queasy feeling filled her stomach after watching execution of innocent civilians.

A Hillside member wearing whit suit under blue shirt, fired an Uzi and killed two FBI agents before they can get out of their car. Another, wearing green hoodie, fired his Glock 18 and hit a Westside member in the chest.

Johnny fired his AK and hit two Ancelotti mobsters as he running cover. More bikers arrived to help him. “I gonna gave you a respect.” Yelled one of the bikers as they fired upon Stanley. He was running to the theatre as he firing his MPi 69.

Kinzie fired her M4A1 at the Ancelotti who had arrived. The one with a MP5K was hit in hip and the one with a G3A3 was hit in kneecaps and collarbone. Rico took his Micro-Uzi after his AIM was run out of ammo. He sprayed it with gangsta style at the FBI. “You won’t catch me with this pathetic effort.” He yelled.

Clay firing his M4 at the Navarre who entrenched at America Gardens Theatre, “You need a something hard music, not this shitty orchestra!” Stanley looked at the narrator’s body, “Sorry, mate. I had to crash this for crashing the deal… If you know it.” He fired his MPi 69 at Clay, “Yo, the gangsta rap are overwhelmed the choir, you fuck!” He shouted. Denis pulls out a grenade and he threw it after he cooked the grenade. The grenade lands on the civilians and explode. Johnny muttered, “Shit, these fools must be crazy enough to drag themselves to war crime.”

Giovanni fired his P90. Despite he was too old to fight, he was managed to kill four FBI. Rico insert a fresh magazine for his Micro-Uzi and he returned fire. He hit a WWA with Uzi in the chest. An Ancelotti mobster running to Giovanni. He fired his PP-91 but before he could score any kills, Kinzie put him out of his misery with a shot to the head.

A FBI agent sprayed a MP5K at Lokar. But he returns fire with his AKS-74u and managed to hit him in the knee.

Jacob sprayed his Micro-Uzi and he pinned one of Ancelotti mobster with a SPAS 12 in the eye. Just then, a sniper shot is heard and Niko glanced to see one of his men was downed. “Shit! FBI Sniper ahead.” He yelled. Jacob ran to his car and he took a PSG-1. He back to Niko and starts to take out the FBI snipers.

A ’04 Grand AM was pulled behind Lokar. It was Kley and three Wallachia soldier. He armed with AKS-74 and he fired his gun at the FBI who fired at Lokar. Two Wallachia who accompanied him are armed with MP5. The other are armed with SPAS-15. Kley hit a FBI agent with M16 in the left eye, causing a large amount of blood to spray back. “Still, we had to take the cocaine.” He snorted.

Jacob’s friend, Real Badman fired his MP7 one-handed. He cutting down an Ancelotti mobster with a Spectre, piercing his left lung and penetrate his heart.

Kinzie aimed her M4 at Kley and he shouted, “Don’t try to stop Wallachia Height, motherfucker!” Kinzie squeezed the trigger, she hit Kley in the knee.

Juan inserts a fresh magazine for his Uzi and he sprayed it over Hillside Posse. “Have a nice day, Posse?” He taunted. Kley cooks a RGD-5 grenade before he threw it towards Hillside Posse. Niko then threw back the grenade and the grenade exploded in the lake. Kley emptied his AKS-74 as a round tore into his shoulder. He shredded four FBI agents. “Lokar, open the trunk!” He yelled. Lokar did and he opens the trunk of Kley’s car. There Lokar saw his brother have several weapons on it. He took an S&W Model 3000 and an RK-95 with a scope after his AKS-74u was run out. “You like that, motherfucker?” Kley shouted. He blind-firing his AKS-74.

Stanley joined the WWA and Westside. They had a shootout with the FBI in the theatre as they taking cover behind chairs. Denis gave him a M16A4 and he began to fire at the FBI.

Johnny takes his phone and he called, “Terry, bring me your arsenal. We’re fighting against FBI and gangsters here.” Terry eagerly replied, “Okay, I’m on my way.” Johnny uses a chair as cover and he fired his AK at Kley, but he didn’t hit him. One of The Lost biker fired a Street Sweeper and he hit a Westside with a FAL in the back.

More Hillside arrived in three cars. Juan opens fire at one of the cars with his Uzi. “You’re fucked up, sucker!” Yelled one of the Westside. He fired a Spectre, hitting a FBI in the chest sending him hurled back.

Johnny looked to his friend, Terry was driving a Rat Rodded 1953–1956 Ford F-Series panel van. He gets out of the car and he starts firing at the FBI with a M4A1. One of the bikers said, “Yo, we need a lot of hardware to fend off these assholes.”

Kinzie fired her M4A1, she was hit a Navarre in the hip but he take cover after that. A FBI agent took a transceiver, “Damn! The bikers were using illegal weapons. Send more backup-” as he finishing his talk, a bullet penetrated his head. It was Jacob who fired the gun.

Niko nodded, “Good shot, Jacob!” He fired a MP5 after his M70 was malfunctioned. Johnny greeted Niko as he fired his AK, “Hey Nicky, nice to meet you again.” Niko replied, “Good to see you again. Jonathan.” He fired his MP5 and he killed a Wallachia with a SG550.

Stanley fired his M16A4 blindly at Lokar. He heard somebody cry out, indicating that he was hit one of them. He reloads his weapon. He saw that he had wounded Rico and hit a Wallachia thug. There was another Wallachia holding an AK and he fired it at Kinzie. She was hit in the shoulder but she keeping fired her M4 hit the thug who shot her in the abdomen however Kley drag him away to safety.

An Eldorado was pulled near Five and Drum Tavern. Four Wallachia got out. Two with Uzi and another with a PKM. The last had an RK-95. They opened fire and ten FBI agents dropped. Two Wallachia with the Uzi turned and firing their gun at Hillside at Enoteca. One of the thugs screamed, “Don’t try to crippling Wallachia Heights or you’re fucked!” Jacob already fired his Micro-Uzi at the Wallachia near the Eldorado. “You bumbaclot. Ya think ya can shot and ting?” He yelled.

Terry emptied the M4A1. He shredded four Wallachia. “Jonathan? What are we searching for?” He asked. Johnny fired his AK at the Westside. He got one of Stanley’s crew with a shot in the throat, “We just crash a deal between the Commission and a heavily armed street gang. Unintentionally, we also crash the Candlelight Processional. If Brian were here, we’ll blast him. And we meet with our mate, Niko” Terry nodded, “It’s no problem. He was fleeing from LC. Also, I hate choir. And good to see you, Niko…”

Jacob reloads his Micro-Uzi and he fired again. He hit one of the Wallachia soldiers with an Uzi, ripping his intestines and piercing his heart.

An Ancelotti mobster with a white cap, fired a P90 and killed three FBI agents, most of them was hit in head. Kinzie took an AK-74 off of a fallen enemies and she fired at Lokar. Kley saw Rico was slightly wounded. “Hang on! Help on the way!” his words were cut as he was hit in chest by Kinzie. Just then, RB fired his MP7 and Kley was hit in the back… Then as he feel, he was hit in the side.  Lokar shouted, “You punks! I will kill all of you!” Lokar fired his RK-95 and several rounds hit the FBI near Kinzie. The other FBI agent fired at Lokar who ran from cover. Kley recognized the CIA agent with his daughter, he whispered to Rico, holding his wounds, “Hondou was here. If we can take them as hostage, we can move to the car without getting fucked.”

Hidemi pointed at herself at the footage, “That’s me. I with Ethan was in holiday at Epcot when this deadly shootout happened.”

Rico disliked Kley’s idea, “I worried you because you are wounded by these fuckers. We trapped here fought against FBI and a shitload of thugs who claiming the life of Giovanni.” A Wallachia Heights thug with a RK-95 was calling someone and he is running to Lokar. “Sir, the car’s here. Our friend’s car was wrecked by VALC.” He told him. Lokar with Rico are moving a wounded Kley to his car, “Let us hope these fools weren’t killed him.” He replied.

Johnny looked at the car, “Terry, these thugs were brought the backup!” Niko offered, “Let we light the fed…”

Juan was looked at his nemesis. Kinzie aimed her AK-74 and Juan readied his Uzi. Juan had started it but Kinzie wins the fight. Both Kinzie with a FBI with M16A4 fired on the already wounded Kley. Despite Lokar and Rico's attempt to carry him to safety, he was hit in a barrage of bullets and he fell to the ground face down, blood dripping from his mouth.

Lokar looked at his brother, “Fuck! Kley!” He turned to FBI, “Sorry ass bitches! You’re dead!” He holsters his RK-95 and he pulls a Desert Eagle Mark VII. Rico took Kley’s AKS-74. Lokar took a girl as shield near the theatre and unloads the gun at the FBI, hit one of Kinzie’s squad with an MP5A3. Rico fired Kley’s AKS-74 at both Hillside and FBI.

Stanley sprayed his M16A4 at the FBI, nailing a FBI agent in the throat. Denis told him, “We need to pull ourselves back. We got the ice (diamonds)!” The Westside are slowly pulled back form the America Gardens theatre. They are running to the parking zone, avoiding several Vandals who searching Rico’s car. They were board two vans and leave the park.

Kinzie warned, “Let her go-” her words were cut as Lokar execute the girl in the head. He shoved the dead girl and him resuming firing his RK-95 at Hillside. He almost hit Badman, if he wasn’t taking cover. Rico concerned at his action, “Man, this is outta control…” Lokar mockingly replied, “I know!” Rico scowled as he spraying Kley’s AKS-74, “You always know, cold bastard…” Lokar interfered, “I not cold!” Rico answer it with a frown in his face, “You're cold... all you care about is revenge and getting your own way. Now, you are killing innumerable of FBI agents and you event taking people’s life with using them as human shield and execute them” Lokar yelled back, “How about you? You also cap several Hillside soldier because they are crash the Candlelight and this deal! I witness my friend was succumbed to death by these fuckers. And I can’t let it go!”

Rico asked him, “So, this is it…” before he can finish his speech, someone grabbed him and flipping him judo style. He drawing his Micro Uzi and is about to fire but the guy kicks the gun away from him and he recognized the girl, he mistaken her as a guy, “Erru! What the fuck are you-” before Rico can finish his word, Erru glared at him, “You may not care about what you've done, but I sure as hell do! Stand down and leave these people unharmed, or I won't hesitate to send five rounds to every your soldier” Lokar looked at his crew, “Oh hell no! I had to rescue that kid!” Lokar grabbed Erru, pulls her closer and flipped her to the ground with a hard jerk and tripped her. He pulled Erru to her feet and used her as a shield.

Rico took his Micro Uzi back and he aiming his gun menacingly at Kinzie, saying at Lokar, “Are you sure if they let us go, you will release Kinzie’s daughter?” Lokar replied, “After we are free…” Lokar sticks his Mark VII at Erru’s head, warn Kinzie, “Do something with my comrades, I blow her head!”

Johnny snickered, “It seems we aren’t got the diamonds. But we got the coke van…” Niko told him, “Really? We could sell them outside this city…” Jacob aiming his Micro Uzi at Lokar but Niko told him, “Better let them go, and we must escape” he nodded, “Respect, Niko…”

Kinzie shouted at Lokar, “Let my daughter go! She didn’t do anything wrong to you!” Rico grinned, he aiming his Micro-Uzi sideways at Michael, Erru’s father, which he is also a FBI agent “She’s your family. I know you care about her. Back off or this girl gets it. Also, if she was lay a finger on me, we’ll shot her!” Kinzie with the FBI had their weapon aimed at Lokar but none had fired. “Hey, how about Kley’s corpse? Are we bring him?” Juan asked. Lokar told him, “Let me control this shit…” Juan nods and he with his men taking Kley’s corpse into Lokar’s car and he with his henchmen moving slowly into the car, along with Ancelotti mobsters.

Lokar still aiming his Mark VII at Kinzie, using her daughter as shield, “Alright, I let your daughter alive. But if you still trying to kill any of my comrades? I won’t give a second change to you.” Lokar warned. His men entering the car and Rico told him, “Alright, release her…” Lokar got to his car after he shoved Erru towards her parent, letting go of her. Kinzie caught her daughter and Lokar with Ancelotti entering the car. Rico warned Jacob, his Micro Uzi on hand, “If you dumbfuck are trying to cripple our deal, I will cap your ass!” With that, Lokar floored it out of Epcot Park.

The television was blacked out. It was the end of the footage. Cuda looked at the laptop that held by Kinzie, “Bro, we gotta take the laptop and stole it…” He said. Višelav looked at Kinzie, “Listen. We aren’t involved in the deal, although we are stole the ice from the dealers.” She smirked, “Although you weren’t involved in the deal, your gang was killing several bystanders.” Cuda sighed, “Really, I don’t think so…” Denis nodded, “Then why? Why we must involve with this shitty thing?” Erru coldly told him, “You and your friend are responsible for the attack. I won’t let your gang to attack the innocent civilians!” Denis aimed his Pm. md. 90 and fired at Erru. She was hit in the chest but her military grade vest saved her.

“Niko, we get the ras clot sometime” Jacob told Niko. “Alright, because there’s a lot of FIB and thugs, we’ll run off…” He entering Jacob’s Cougar, followed by his crew. He drives the car from the Feds unscathed. Cuda looked at the car, “Punk ass, they was escaped!” He aimed both his machine pistol, his left CZ-75 fired four rounds hit a FBI agent in the abdomen. He was survived by the vest but Cuda fired two more shot from his M93. He hit him in the head.  

Cuda ran out through the road to Višelav’s car. A Westside are running to the road with a MAC-10. Kei fired his FNC and nailed the guy in the back. Stake shouted, “You just making a mistake, pal! I weren’t sold the hostage!” Višelav fired his .44 pistol from behind. He hit a FBI agent in the back. The man stumbled from his wounds his blood dripped to the floor. Denis switched to his Uzi and he unloaded some magazine at the FBI agents who wounded by Stake. A Westside soldier ran to Stake, “We got some Vandals approaching. They just riding an orange limo but they are heavily armed.” He told him. Višelav switched to his M4 Carbine, “Now they are riding limousine? Someone blast them up!”

Two Westside are running to the limo. They are armed with AK-74s and open fire at the limo.  The window of the limo was shattered. A Navarre with MP7 sprayed from behind, he was hit the back of the limo. Two Westside thugs with AK-74s are turned to their back and fired at the FBI. An orchard Riveira was pulled up next to a Balla member and open fire at the driver with MAC-10s. The driver of the limo got out, he wield an Uzi. He started fired at the FBI too and two rounds hit the driver in the chest. It was Hidemi who fired at the limo driver. “Vandals till I die, motherfucker!” The driver screamed in pain. As he about to fire again, Hidemi fired again and several rounds hit the driver in the abdomen, chest and hip. He fall as blood poured from his mouth. “Guess you not Vandals again!” She said with a grin.
Višelav shouted, “Waste that son of a bitch, fast!” He fired his M4 Carbine at the Vandals. He hit a guy with MP5K in the chest, several rounds went to his vital organs and a round torn the throat open. A Grand Marquis was rolled and three Westside are riding shotgun, firing their Uzis. Hidemi stayed low but got to her feet. Denis saw a Ballas was taking a bag and he took cover at another Ballas member. One of his crew are firing a MP5, but the Ballas with AKMS nailed him more bursts and his throat was torn open and the wound in his neck left his spinal cord exposed. One of the Vandals yelled, “Revenge’s a bitch ain’t it?” Višelav looked at the Ballas with the bag and he snickered, “Oh, look. I know that fool. He’s elaborated with the Ballas. His name Dup.”

Dup took the driver’s Uzi and take cover at the mailbox. He blindly firing his gun at the FBI. A man near Hidemi fired his M16A4 at the Vandals near the limo and the car catches fire. A Ballas with AKMS screamed, “The limo’s going blow!” Višelav fired his M4 at the fleeing Ballas but didn’t hit anything. The limo exploded sending debris on fire raining down. The sedan took damage from the blast but all that did was damage it. It did not catch on fire but from the looks of the bucket, it wasn't far from explosion. The Ballas member came out firing his AKMS nailed the feds with MP5 in the chest. The agent fell, the gun still going off as he fell to the ground. “Yo, this violate the truce, bitches!” He screamed as he fired at a second agent hitting them in the stomach.

The sedan pulled near a garage and a Westside wearing green track jacket and black pants firing his Uzi and three FBI agents dropped. More Navarre soldier swarmed to help Cuda and his friends. Hidemi saw they are armed with AK-74s and MP5s. Stake saw Bourbon with a Glock 18, “Now we got some fools in black.” A Westside thug with black hat firing a MP5K, he nailed a FBI agent in the throat and chest. Another one was armed with SPAS-12 and he firing from cover. “It looks the Westside are outgunned the FBI. Pardon me if we’ll cap them” Hidemi looked. Bourbon smirked, “Let we catch them all.” He takes his Glock 18 and he aimed at the thug with AKMS. He barked, “That wasn’t your target, moron!” He fired his AKMS and graze Bourbon in the knee.

He sighed, “You wanna play with the Black Organization? It’s your wish…” Bourbon loads his Glock 18 with 33 rounds magazine and he switched his gun to fully automatic. Bourbon aimed his Glock at the thug and fired but not one rounds hit him. Hidemi loads C-Mag to her M4A1. Dup took a FNC off of his fallen crew and he aimed at Ethan. He fired and two rounds struck a CIA agent with M16A3 in the face and the bullet came out of the back. A Ballas with PM-84 shouted, “Damn, we got some choppers!” The thug fired his AKMS and the rounds hit the rotor of the helicopter, causing to flying erratically. “Bye bye birdie!” Dup yelled as the chopper exploded in the air. Bourbon jumped over his car and he fired his Glock at Navarre. He hit a thug with MP5K in chest and he hit the hard ground.

Dup grunted, “Vickel, here’s that motherfucker who insults my man.” Vickel screamed in frustration, “Get that fool.” One of Denis’s men took a M564 from his dead friend and aimed at Martin but then saw Hidemi aimed at him and fired at the CIA agents instead. “First, we didn’t start this war with the feds. Second, these pricks in purple were attacked by us. And third your grave was here!” He snarled and he aimed the gun but he was hit from the chest by Kinzie. Dup aimed his FNC and hit a Navarre in the back. The thug stumbled, blood pouring from his mouth. Višelav fired a M4A1 at a FBI agent. He nailed her in the chest three times from his M4A1 in the chest. Her vest protect her but he fired four more shot form his M4A1. He hit her with one round in the throat and another in the knee. Višelav yelled at Cuda, “Cuda! They are overwhelming us! What should we do?”

Višelav saw Cuda emerged form a black M3. Hidemi spotted him along with two Westside. Cuda wields a PM. md. 89 and his crew are armed with AKS-74. Cuda yelled at his gangsters, “Cease fire, comrades! Cease fire!” The gunfire is no longer heard. Several Westside aimed their gun at Dup and his crew but they didn’t pull the trigger. A first Westside soldier asked, “Why we stopped firing?” The second soldier told him, “He got some bad news.” Cuda looked at his crew, his face was serious. “Brother, I got the word that Lou’s been killed up in Teito” Denis sighed, he stared to the ground, “Aw, man…” Stake explained, “He’s hangin’ out in a bank when several Nikolov Bratva jack the bank. And somebody who hated him hired a fucking Polack to do it.” Cuda told him, “I think he was Serb, Stake” Stake disagreed with him, “No, Slav is also the same”

Cuda shut him, “Shut the fuck up.” Hidemi watched the gang and Ethan told her, “They stopped the fighting. We didn’t want to interrupt the truce at them.” She nodded, “I know…” Cuda looked at his crew. “Brothers, we will find a way to get payback against this Polish/Russian/Serb - I don't really give a shit. In the meantime, let's take a moment to remember Leif and the other entire thugs who died for this gang.” Stake replied, “Respect, Cuda” Denis nodded, “Got that right…”

Cuda gave his crew a short speech, “Now, Leif was, he was a thug. But his weapon skill was better than most of us, uh? He has a brother, named Karol. He’s a high member of Westside, our loyal ally. Leif also respect at the most crews, even the new gang member. He promised if he got killed, his brother and his gang will have their revenge at the killer. He didn't afraid of death, he got any piece of guns he wanted, and he always had time for a homie in need…” He paused and he continued his speech, “In short - the kind of man I'd want to be. Leif Lacquer – Always on Navarre’s memories.” Stake stared at him, “Amen to that, Cuda.”

Vickel looked at Martin. “Hey homie, I saw a guy in Cuda’s car. Why he didn’t get out from the car?” He asked. Martin told him, “Because Cuda has a hostage.” His testament came true as Cuda drags a guy from the car. As Hidemi got closer she saw who it was. “Eekei!” She panicked as she saw that Cuda was pulled him out of the car. Hidemi warned, “Let him go! He did not involve with this” Cuda grinned, “I know he’s clean, but he just eavesdrop! So I pull him out of his car. Back off or I’ll put him out of his misery…” Hidemi kept her MP10 trained on him but did not come any closer. “You better not hurt him!” She warned through gritted teeth. Cuda told her, “Don’t come any closer and I won’t. I just want his car. That’s it. But I’m walking out of here…”

Erru looked at Cuda coldly, stating, “How about this, then? You hand him over to me right here, along with the others, and we'll drop the case for three weeks and let you get out of the country with all your buddies from jail. One thing: You may not harm any of the kidnapped, hostages, or my coworkers and their families. Does that work, or do I need to take him from you and tear up some more of your grunts?” Moines looked at Cuda, “Shit, they just offer us to take them to her and we can get out of the country.” Cuda stay on his decisions, “I don’t give a shit, we don’t want to leave!” Karol callously replied at him, “Then what should you do, dickhead?” Cuda cursed, “Them we didn’t start this, this end now!” Stake snickered at him, “What are you saying, nigga?” Cuda ordered his crew, “Michalski, can you shut him up?” Michalski rejected his order, heating the situation “NO, I can’t! Just do it yourselves!”

As Cuda are about to speak, a hostage yelled, “Motherfuckers!” he raised a Glock and fired four times at Michalski. Three rounds was struck his back and one round was hit the back of Michalski’s head. He was fall, hitting the ground. Some automatic fire rang out and the armed hostage was hit the chest, puncture his lungs and hit the hard ground. Erru saw a mob with an Ushanka hat that is approaching Cuda. Cuda looked at Michalski’s corpse, “Shit, shit… Michalski… He’s didn’t do anything to them.” He turned to the Pavlović mob, “Радослав, Лу је убијен у Теито. Неке породице Николов су га жестоко горе или неки убица из српских га је убио. И Мицхалски је умирао ...” (Radoslav, Lou was killed in Teito. Some Nikolov family were blasted him up or some hitman from Serb was killed him. And Michalski was dying...) He told him.

Radoslav shrugged, “Морамо да се спакују дијаманте сутра на броду по имену Краков. Знам како да казни федералцима за нашу освету.” (We need to pack up the diamonds tomorrow at a ship named Krakow. I know a way to punish the Feds for our revenge.) Just then, a black Victoria pulled up near the ruin of the limo. Four mobsters got out. One of the mobsters armed with shotgun and two other thugs are wielding Mini-Uzis. The last are armed with L85. They open fire and seven FBI agents feel instantly in the hail of gunfire. One of the mob yelled, “Fuck the truce! Pavlović Mob, motherfucker!” Denis shouted, “Run, motherfucker!” Viselav jump over a car, fetch his car with Denis and speed away the scene. Cuda and Stake are riding Eekei’s car.

Hidemi shouted, “Crap, shoot this truce-breaker now!” She fired her M4A1 and hit the guy with L85 in the head. Radoslav screamed at her, “My shock trooper! Run!” He are entering a Victoria and leave the scene.

Višelav are driving the car and Denis asked him, “If they are hold the video, our gang was in danger…” Viselav told him, “I know. They cant get us if we are getting low in somewhere and when these fools weren’t looking at us, we can snatch the laptop”

Denis pulled his phone, “Call Matija. He know with the shootout”


1: Originally, his name was Raimir Vladić in DCW IRL. But his name here was Radimir Božović
2: West Coast Coke aka Westside Soldierz
3: Narva Street gang
4: Wrong Way Assassin aka Northern Navarre
5: The Lost always call Angels of Death members "Deadbeats". In the same way, The Lost members are called "Losers" by the AoD, obviously making fun of the opposite gang names.

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Better Dayz chapter 12: Was It Worth It?

A/N: Here’s the chapter 12 of Better Dayz! This chapter will explain Eastern Holland (aka East Holland Drug Gang) after Clarence’s death. Also, the kidnapping spree continues as Erru found several documents about a black operation in Los Santos in 2005. I mentioned X (Trey Stewart) in this chapter. He cheated death during The Holland Play and he starting his own drug empire in Alderney. As for who the Antagonists are...well I can't reveal that yet lol. Most of the Radio Stations in this fanfic are fictional. I also added two new city… you’ll found it later.

Anyways, enjoy…

Present Day…

Port Acter, Alderney

In somewhere in Port Acter, an Eastern Holland lieutenant, Varnie called someone, “Vova, it’s me. Varnie”

“Varnie? Alright, speak to me now…” Vova replied.

Varnie looked around, “Yo, homey. I thought DV would give us the white from Beika. But the coke was taken by the FBI.”

Vova scowled, “No, fuck that. Toni, the Don of the Leone family will come here. Since Salvatore’s death in 2001, his son Joey wasn’t helping his family enough. The murderer was a snake without tongue, you mean he’s fucking mute.”

Varnie wondered, “Then what are you waiting for?”

Vova replied, “Since N 2 Channel were fall apart, Erich, one of the Da West crew went high on the cocaine supply. And our boss, Kenny wants us to take his supply of coke.”

Varnie growled, “I hate those fool. Well, did you give a list of the member of the so-called syndicate?”

Vova sighed but said, “There ya go… Erich, Emile aka Ram, Catherine aka Lei and an unnamed Da West OGs. Varnie, I think we bust Zax and took over the project only to dumped it at Liberty City.”
Varnie shouted, “I going to bring a war against that fuck! And anyone who cooperated with him, fuck them all!”

Vova sighed, “Okay, okay. Calm the fuck down, alright?”

Varnie sighed but said, “Since Clarence was dead at the hands of a Serb hitmen, our gang was declined and fortunately you just rebuilding it back… I can trust you from now.”

Vova asked, “Thanks for that. I need someone to oversee a deal between Northwood Housing Hustlers and our gang. If the deal success, we share the money with your gang. How about it?”

Varnie wondered, “Look, I interested with this. However, who is Northwood Housing Hustlers? Is the North Holland expanding their turf?”

Vova replied, “After Dwayne take over X’s position, most people in this city believe that Playboy X was died. But I know otherwise. PBX rebuilding his empire at Northwood and they are operating behind the table. He’s cheating death”

Varnie looked around and whispered, “How about the deal?”

Vova pumps a SPAS-12, “The deal takes place at Acter Industrial Park, two days away. I hope that neither we nor X’s crew are tailed by Feds. You know what I mean?”

Varnie scoffed, “Yeah, in NOOSE send their armada, and we’re done. How about Mrs. Hondou? Are she is alive?”

Vova told him, “Hondou? Both Kenny and I know one of their families. She’s Hidemi Hondou. I wonder if Kir, an agent from those ‘men in black’ was her. And Kenny caught her witnessing several Rascalov Bratva goons throw fire bombs at the cab depot and an apartment in Hove Beach, Broker. When that happens, Kir was with a man with silver long hair, a trench coat and a fedora hat.”

Varnie replied with a shrug, “Hold up, my man is waiting. I’ll call ya later.” He hangs up the phone and he walks to a sedan. An Easter Holland thug complained, “What the fuck’s took you so long?” Varnie crossed his hands, “Vova called me if he can take me to deal between Northwood Housing Hustlers and Russians.”

An Eastern Holland thug with yellow tracksuit said, “Since we tied to Petrovic family, we noticed that we started to trust them and vice versa. What are you doing now?”

Varnie laughed, “I gotta back to the crib and lay low for a while before the deal.” The thug with yellow tracksuit chuckled but the first member asked with a shrug, ”How about the cops? If they tailed us, what are you do?”

The thug with tracksuit calmed him, “Be cool alright? If anyone play smart on us…” He pulled a Micro-Uzi. “We’ll blast them…” He added.

Varnie walks to the back of his car. He popped up the trunk to reveal a trunk full of firearms. He was taking a Dragunov from the car. “We need some crew to overwatch the deal. We gotta spy at the cops and we execute the plan B if we had to.”

The first thug suggested, “Then we gotta get some cars from El’s Auto. Those cop even snooping on our ride. We use Pay’n Spray too for losing the heat.”

Varnie agreed with him, “Alright, that’s our plan for tomorrow. Dismiss”

The second thug replied, “Let’s roll, man…” He entering the sedan, followed by his friend. The car leaves the place


Outside the warehouse, Alcatraz Park, Beika.

Ram sighed at her colleague. "Lei, you and the others help with the goods. I'll be back." I said and walked towards the building.

"Good Luck!" Ram heard Lei shout after her.

I sighed. I need all the Luck that I could get. A Curtain mobster looked at Ram and he talked to the other guards, “Look at that woman. She’s the crew who sold our gang out and the coke-paranoid Erich was coming to this city.”

The other guard replied, “Shit. I know those fools were kidnapping civilians for no reason. They’re always scared by some gangbangers. Fuck it, man…”

The first mobster looked at him, “Man, we could talk about the coup later. Now, we gotta move this shit to the ‘dungeon’.” He ordered.

A VALC soldier replied, “Alright, we’ll gone dark…” He carries a victim from the van. The first mobster pulled a Makarov PB, “Those fools will lay on their back… Mark my words, comrades…” He looked at a Curtain mobster…



Valther was carrying their victim from the van. Some of them are struggling and shouting, doing all means to escape. Valther chuckled, “If you are Da West, you’re fucked up for eternity!” He approached his gang. He looked to Emile, “I swear that motherfucker could head bang his sorry ass!”

"Hey, be careful with the 'goods'!" Ram said as she saw one of her team backhand a struggling teenage girl on the face. She helped the girl up and led her to the 'dungeons', together with the other victims.

Valther looked at Ram and one of the mob snickered, “I swear if those motherfuckers do some shitty job one more time, I'll blast them up.”

Another room…

“Money, I can’t trust Erich’s associates. Because they are talking about Project 34 and we got Lei and Zax to cap up with.” Valther informed Amsel through his phone.

Amsel snorted, “Yeah, I and Gabe hate them too! They are worst as the Sonetti mobster. And I hate what they say about Blue Room or whatever the fuck the name is. And who the fuck is the Boss?!” He shouted at someone in the background, “Where is the boat? Don’t fuck with me or I’ll blow your head out”

Amsel gave Valther a funny look, “We got some Highland fool smuggling shit from LC. Cars, bling bling and some ’Ks…” He told him.

Valther wondered, “And what do you got?”

Amsel scoffed, “Shit, my fucking car man. The Avignon. And possible your car was there too!”

Valther answered, “Man, I don’t know! We had to cut this shit out. And the syndicate was fucked up if they are messing with Da East. Later…” He hangs up the phone.

Several minutes later, Valther was sitting on his chair. Radimir was on his right. A VALC thug spoke up, “So, what are we do now? Sitting on this dungeon?”

Radimir replied, “Shit, these fools were watched us. And Amsel told Ivan if they are watching the hotel now.”

A Da East homie nodded, “I see. We gotta stay at this place.”

Valther snapped, “We have to stay at this ‘place’. And I don’t give a fuck about the Holland gang.”

A Vandal homie with blue hat looked at Radimir, “Ya know if Gabe and Adohalv waging war at Zeke and his sorry ass crew. It ain’t give sense to us!”

Valther grab Radimir’s Glock from his jacket and hand it to a Vandal with orange fedora. “Overwatch the dungeon. I felt someone either from FBI or DV sneaking to this place.”

The gangster replied with salute, “All your’s sire.” He head outside the room. “Watch over the syndicate. We’ll need to crush them apart before they could. Radim, look at the entreance.” Valther ordered.

Radimir called Adohalv, “Ado, you need to monitoring every Syndicate on this place.” He said with a shrug.

Adohalv looked in confuse, “Do you want me to watch every fuckin’ room. Even the interrogation room?”

Radimir snickered, “Of course! Those fools were sending someone to check it out to checking what happen with the ‘goods’. I concerned about Chris because one of my boys saw him talking with some guys from the Feds. Even the Rollerz called me to waste him before he could make any ‘fatal’ actions. And what we do if we got a van full of meth from A.O.D motherfuckers?”

Adohalv sighed, “If we got a batch of meth from these Deadbeats, we’ll sell it cheaper at the market. For Chris, I ain’t wanted to trust that two-timing motherfucker because he double-cross SPLEEN, my personal bodyguard. I have some electronic shit which I didn’t know how to use it because I not a computer nerd. Plus, I watching some Feds moving the coke from former owner, District Varna with Amsel. Should we hack the system at MPD headquarters to watching those fools outside the ‘Dungeon’ for extra safety?” He told him.

Radimir briefly nods, “I didn’t have any contact with Martin since yesterday. Did you know what happen with him?” He asked.

Adohalv snickered, “Martin? Shit, the Feds with these men in black captured him with his crew after they ambushed by the Westside. His crew searching some ‘ice’ at scrap yard, fighting some Messina goons then is caught in a fight between FBI against Westside. Don’t worries about the ice, Dup will carry it after he survived the fight with them. Fucking Ho Street…”

Radimir snickered “Since we have some goons and better armed than the FBI, we could assault them before they can return fire at us!”

Adohalv told him, “Yo, I got some electro-shit waiting for ya outside. I’ll call ya later. Peace, man…”

Radimir hangs up the phone. Valther asked him, “What do you got?”

Radimir looked at him, “We got Martin arrested by the FBI, Ado is sending some electronic shit that I didn’t know how to use it. So what are you do?” He questioned Valther.

Valther stared at his crew, “Alright people, here's the deal. We got a truck full of electronic shit that I don't know how to use. I want you guys to help unload the truck and set up shop here. Once we're up and running, I want someone watching these monitors 24/7. The moment someone sees that fucking intruder, I wanna know about it. Let's get to work.”

One hour earlier…



Erru sat, back against the smooth stone of a wall, and watched people pass. She had nothing better to do than look at interactions between those who walked by. Something moved in her peripheral vision, and she registered it as intriguing enough to follow. As she snaked through an alley after the figure, ducking past trash cans and boxes, she heard a vehicle start, and raced to catch up before it could get away. She saw only the color and make of the car as it sped away, and noted it on a steno pad.

While she couldn't tell exactly where the person was headed, she knew they'd done something they had to flee because of, and that didn't sit well with her. She decided to follow in the general direction the car took and see if she could find it. She called a cab and scoured the streets for about an hour before she spotted it again, stopped at the edge of the road. She stopped the cab, tossed a pocketful of change at the driver, and jumped out, jogging across the road and ducking behind a random car.

 She peeked around the bumper to see a man in a red beret throwing someone in the vehicle who appeared to be unconscious. A kidnapping? Erru was about to storm the car and snatch the victim when she noticed a holster on the man's belt. She didn't have a permit for a weapon... but she moved up, inch by inch, until she was only two cars away from the parked kidnapper's vehicle, and began to record the license-plate number, hoping no one would see her...

Erru had tried to follow the car for a few miles, but without a vehicle of her own, it was impossible to keep up. Even with whatever trust the police had in her, she didn't want to endanger the possible hostages... It appeared to be a mass kidnapping, and not the first time those people had done this. She sighed, stepped to the side of the road, and hitchhiked along the road, getting out whenever she thought she saw something. It was a long time- too long for comfort- before she again spotted the car she'd been following.

 It was stopped outside a large building, and appeared to be empty. She creeped around the car, peering in the windows and through the windshield. There were rolls of duct tape and some other objects in view, but no people. "Either this is the place, or they carried about 3 hostages a piece down the road without being seen... I'm guessing it's the first one." Erru felt her right pocket, making sure her pocket knife was still there. She really didn't feel like getting killed today if she did something stupid. Without a sound, Erru proceeded to sneak around the building, searching for a port of entry and checking for surveillance equipment. She could hear voices sometimes as she rounded the corners, some discussing quietly and a few outbursts every once in a while. What was the reason all these people had been taken?

Erru found several gangsters wearing orange clad are guarding the building. Okay, forget the gangsters. I need to enter this building.

Erru had found a possible entrance, through a service entry that had a space barely large enough to crawl through. But if there was someone in the room, she'd be in trouble. Deciding to take a small risk, she checked that no one was in sight, and ducked down into the area, squeezing through the space and into an average-sized, dark room. After checking that the pocketknife was still where it should be, she peered past the shelves and boxes and inspected the room.

There wasn't a person in sight, but it appeared to be an office, with a few chairs and a desk. There’s also several boxes too. The chairs were mismatched, probably taken from different places, and the desk... well, that was too interesting to ignore. Erru, glad she wore bikers' gloves, pulled open a drawer, wincing at the slight creak. 'You'd think a mastermind would remember to oil his hinges...' After flipping through a few files that proved useless and confusing, she checked the rest of the files... There was a file of a document written in Russian. Was the owner are using this for military purpose?

She inspected the box, but found several cache of firearms. “AK-74. Some of the guards are using it and the guard on the gate using Uzi. I know these gangsters are bought this from an arms dealer.” She slowly close the box, and checked the last document.

She checking the piece of furniture, but found nothing of consequence. "Why would someone deliberately leave useless documents when they could use this desk to store information?" She realized she'd spoken aloud when she heard her voice echo back.

"Oh, shit." She scanned the possible entrances and decided to keep as far from them as possible. When she heard a doorknob turn, she quickly moved behind a tall stack of firearms covered in sheets. 'You heard nothing. You heard nothing. You heard nothing,' she willed silently, scrunching as far back and down as she could. She sees a VALC soldier entered the room, but she could guess he was one of the people she wasn't supposed to run into.

The soldier raised a MAC-11, "Sounded like it came from here... Are the Holland who do it or some suckass who wants this building back…" The soldier sat down in one of the chairs, smoking. Erru could tell by the creaking that it was one of the mismatched older chairs, pretty close to where she was standing. Five minutes passed with him presumably sitting and doing nothing. 'C'mon, please call him. Somebody get him out of here... seriously...' She was getting nervous, and a bit cramped from trying to stand in the small space... And then she heard him stand, his footsteps leading not away from, but toward her hiding spot. 'Don't tell me he's known I was here the whole time...' Luckily, he stopped before looking behind the stack and began reading the stamps on the boxes of guns. "Man, I should know if that rapper sold this pile of shit-heap on us." Erru sighed at his oblivious nature, then clapped her hand over her mouth. This was going to take a long time... A rapper sold firearms?



One of the Westside high members, Karol are drove his green Galant at Hapsburg Hill. His phone rings and he picks it up. “Hey Karol. We know who smoke Lou.” Stake called him. “Really? Who are the pricks that shot Leif?” Karol asked him. “Can’t talk now. Head to Chatterbox Hotel and I told the truth. Bring your arsenal there. Later, brother”

Karol reached the hotel twenty minutes later. He got out from his car. He meets with Cuda and his crew. “Whassap, bro…” Karol greeted his friend. “So, who’s the responsible killing Lou?” He asked Cuda. He pointed his hand and said, “These Feds are the ones who killed Leif in Teito”

“I thought it was a Pole or a Serb or something?” Karol asked. Cuda rolled his eyes, “It’s originally the FBI was killed them.”
Karol looked at Stake, “We got some bad information, brother. We got some backstabber in that hotel who got protected by the Radiuses, and look at you, you're acting like you don't even give a shit. You sick or something, man?” Cuda told him.

Stake asked him, “The Feds are killing Lou? I thought they were Niko or the Bulgarian Mobsters. And why we could smack the defector?”

Moines told him, “Yes they did. Karol will put several grenades through their party and we blast them up!” He hands Stake a Street Sweeper and a pair of Spectre. Moines took an Uzi with scope and an AKS-74 from the car. Karol had a M16 with scope and a Glock 18 with 33 rounds magazine. He also took several grenades. Cuda took an AKM with drum-mag and PK-AV scope.

Cuda aimed his AKM, “God forgives, Karol. But Navarre don't.” Karol slightly nodded, “It’s okay, Cuda. We don’t want to forgive them until they are suffer. But who’s the snitch?” He asked.

Cuda told him, “This guy, Jake, that backstabbing nigga with his rich ass Julie. Jake was a coke dealer and a racer. He also had one of our crew killed. I'm trying to kill that girl of his too. Loud mouthed motherfucker! She ratted me out to keep her own narrow ass outta jail. I'm killing her too.”

Stake scolded, “That so? Well we gotta waste them and leave the fuck outta here.”

Karol readied a grenade, “We’re ready to throw the grenade. So, get ready…” He threw the grenade at the front door of the hotel.

Moines shouted as the grenade exploded, “Open fire, homey!” He aimed his Uzi at the window and fired at the Radiuses. He hit a guy with blue jacket several times in the chest. Cuda aim his AKMS and pulls the trigger. He hit a Radiuses with Uzi in the torso and groin.

Stake fired his Street Sweeper at the Radiuses as several thugs are firing upon them from the building, “Look out, these fools were firing from the building!” There was a ’85 Firebird in the drive way. Cuda and Karol ducked behind it. The window shattered. Karol aimed the scope and fired at the guard in the porch. A round slammed a Radiuses soldier in the eye and he feel to his death. “Homey, we need to blast these fools, fast!” Moines shouted.

Cuda take a RPG-22 from his car, “We got some surprise on them, bitches!” Moines chuckled, “Am, man! Check this out!”

Karol took the RPG from him and fired the RPG-22 resulting ten gangsters are killed by the explosion and several unlucky thug are on fire. The explosion also damaged the hotel, despite the front door was undamaged. Stake rolled his eyes, “That will fix the hotel. Now we got the hotel and waste them out…”

Stake and Karol are storming the hotel from the front door. Cuda and Moines are entering the hotel from rear. “Yo, we gotta take them as hostage and-” his voice were cut as hit phone rings. He picks it and Karol called, “We got some Rads inside.” Cuda replied, “Fuck these backstabbers! We’ll get them. Think about the escape vehicle in the chase if the MPD is covering the hotel. I’ll call later…” He hangs up the phone.

Gunshots are heard outside. Cuda with Moines is arrived in the grand hall. Corpse and blood are everywhere. They moved past the bodies to the lift. “Aww shit! Are someone was attacking the hotel earlier?” Moines sarcastically asked. Cuda fired his AKM. He mowed down three Radiuses. They are reaching the elevator and Moines readied two grenades. The elevator dinged. He threw the grenades. One of the grenades exploded, sending a Radiuses gangsta off the hotel to his death. Another grenade was wounded two civilians.

Cuda saw one of his homie and he told him, “Jake was upstairs. He’s fucking scared but got accompanied by several Radiuses thugs” Cuda thanked him, “You need to get your ass outta here, fast!” His homie are escaping the hotel using the window cleaning platform. Karol was in the other side of the ladder. “Where’s Stake?” Moines asked. Karol replied, “He’s using my car as the getaway vehicle!”

Cuda spook up, “We got Jakeass upstairs, and Julie was around this room and-” His words were cut as the fire from an Uzi sounded and Moines took cover. “Chris, you got some nerve coming up in here you dumbass!” A shrill female voice cried.

Moines yelled, “Julie, I'm gonna blow that fuckin weave off your head, bitch! No more looking good for the swap meet! Sellout bitch!” He switched to his AKS-74. He fired from cover, nailing a Radiuses thug with MAC-11.

Karol replied with a snicker, “Jake-ass, that fucking loudmouthed prick. If he ain’t turned to Luke, maybe we’ll hang that smartass.”

Cuda and Karol also taking cover. They returned fire from their cover. Karol takes out a Radiuses thug with a Glock. Jake ran to the hallway firing a P226 but Moines got his Uzi and squeezed some rounds off. The rounds hit the guy and he hit the floor. Karol chambered the pistol. "You don't fuckin snitch!" Jake aimed his P226 at him and pulled the trigger. It clicks empty.

Karol growled, “You ran out of bullets, dickhead. Should pay attention to the math lesson, you prick” He fired his Glock and killed him. Moines looked at Jake in disgust, “Shit, this crew was defected to the CIA. And how about his girlfriend?” He asked Karol.

He told him, he holster his Glock. “They were run to the north. Shit, Julie was turned to the Feds.” Moines had a question, “Are you sure?! That’s mean the police was leak our files?” Karol ordered, “You and Cuda find a suitable vehicle to escape. I and Stake will meet Julie, the fucking traitor.”
Karol ran to the north. He reloaded his Glock and squeezed several rounds. He encountered a Radiuses thug with MAC-11. He accidentally shot an innocent civilian in the head and he hit the hard floor. Karol shot him in the chest. The rounds sent the guy hurtling into the wall, dropped his MAC-11. He found a thug with lime clad and Karol identified him as Highland, “What the fuck are you doing here?” He asked. The thug replied, “We just deal with some pimps but we had to scatter as gunfire rang outside the hotel.”

Karol and the thug ran up the stairs. The thug yelled, “Now, man. That bitch, she has some of our money. She is trying to jump out of the window. Go outside and cap her out.” Karol nodded, “Alright, I are pinning her. Told Evan to keep his eye from the cops.” The thug brandishing a Glock, “I’m on it.” The Highland thug is running to the elevator.

Karol arrived in the roof. He saw Julie and he glared at her, “Hello, you stupid backstabbing dumbass!” She turned to him and smirked, “So that’s you are, my former gang. I think I could call the FBI to bring you to the cell.”

Karol said with an evil grin, “Look, girl. Maybe you are connected with Erru, Kinzie’s precious daughter. But you no longer have their support as you are making your fatal mistake. What would you do now? For now, we will expand our turf to Hepburn, especially northern part of Kataric Hill. You can’t stop me even your ‘friend’ are trying to do it.”

Julie looked at him in hate, “I think you won’t do this, alright?” She asked in anger.

Karol scolded, “For what? To let you lurk around us and laughed watching our gang fallen apart?”

“No, I care about innocent civilians. I believe that all live has value and…”

Karol snapped her words, “’I believe that all life has value bla bla bla…’ I ain’t care about that old school shit. It is for our gang, not for any pathetic moralist like you. We are fighting the major gangs like The Strelets, the Rollerz and the Hazes for the territory in Beika. Not including the goons from LS or Hepburn.”

Karol snickered, “Well adios then…” As Julie walks away from him, Karol pulls his Glock 18 and he aimed at Julie. Cuda heard the shot and glanced toward it to see Julie fall. Karol had shot her in the back of her head, twice. Coda looked at Julie’s corpse and shouted, “Fuck these backstabbing motherfuckers!” Karol waved his Glock, “Julie, you two-timing prick! Now you can’t outmaneuver me again, asshole!”

Cuda informed Karol, “Yo, Moines are get outside with Stake. We need to get outta this hotel, fast!” Karol shrugged, “We can use the window cleaning platform…”

After they were using the window cleaning platform to escape, Karol and Cuda are got in the back seat of his car. Stake began to drive to Norwich district. “Shit, this motherfucker was worse than the FBI agents who get shot by us!” Cuda cracked.

Moines nodded, “Yeah, I know. They just sold their life at the Radiuses”

Cuda asked, “So, what are you doing now?”

Moines replied, “We will discuss our plan with Pavlović mob. And I’ll have personal time with Radoslav”

Karol replied, “I have some deed to him… There’s the house and perhaps the Feds wont interfered this reunion. If they interfered, they’re dead meat”

Moines interrupted, “Hey, look at that fool. I swear they are stole my car and cap my homies in ’06!” It was a house near Teitan High School.

Stake looked at Cuda, “Bro, we got some trouble with 87th” He said with a shrug. Moines insert a fresh clip to his Uzi. The 87th was cleaning a sedan. Moines looked across the street. “That’s him, Plotmir. He’s always talkin’ shit about us…” Cuda readied his AKM, “We blast these fools while the witness watched.” Karol reloading his M16, “Pull the window. We got time to cap these fuckers.”

Moines looked at Karol and he snickered, “Wait, we will have 411 at them. I’ll have some shit at my sleeves.”

Meanwhile, near the school, Ran with Sera walking to a restaurant. She accidentally meets Sonoko. “Hey, Sonoko.” Ran greeted her.

Sonoko replied, “Hey, Ran-san. Hey Sera-chan!”

Ran asked, “Sera-san, could you tell me if Erru wasn’t attending class today?”

Sera replied, “Well, she’s on leave of absence.”

Ran notice a tuned Galant parked near the school. Sera watched the car in suspicion. “They was parked their car near the school. They weren’t get out from the car”

Ran asked her, “What are you mean? Are they robbers?” Sera replied, “No, but my feeling said they are armed. But I don’t think if my thought was wrong, either”

Jodie greeted the students, “Hey, Angel. How do you do?”

Ran asked, “Jodie-sensei, do you know that car?”

Jodie listened to the radio at her car. A news came on.

"This just in, a Nichiuri news report. A gang related shootouts erupted three hours ago in East Parvano. The suspects possibly involved in the ambush of Ballas gang. Four armed gangsters open fire at the Radiuses and they are forcing their way to the hotel. The murder of drug dealer Jake Wilson and his sister is still under investigation. The MPD are looking for the suspects who are still at large number. They were described as four males dressed in black, which leads to the assumption either they were affiliated with Black Organization or the Wrong Way Assassin. The shooting at the hotel was retaliation of the murder of Leif Lacquer. If you have any information regarding the shooting, please call our hotline. Hikita Yumi. Nichiuri news."

Sera looked at Jodie, “Well, did you know Leif?”

Jodie shook her head, “Leif? If I know, he’s a high member of the Navarre. He was killed in Teito bank when several Bulgarian mobs rob the bank. However, there was another theory that their rival gang, 87th Crew, assassinated Leif. I don’t know if the Navarre will attack the 87th in retaliation for that.”

Karol’s Job: The Siege

Moines looked at the house. Cuda snickered, “We got some vans are heading here. Denis also came too!” He observed the school.

Karol stared at him and said, “I told you these people will arrive, man! Why we must wait this prick to enter the car?”
Cuda replied, “We may cap him to lure the 87th Crew out or just blast everyone on your way! And who’s gonna call them? The Balla which we attacked yesterday?”

“That should be our enemies after the 87th, Deadbeats and Losers…” Karol added. He switched the radio station. He went to Shakehead FM. The song Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit was playing. He turned the volume up.

Moines saw two vans and an Eldorado pulled behind his car. “That’s our cue. Do it for Leif…”

Karol looked to Plotmir as he entering the sedan. He and Moines are getting out from the car, their weapons on hand. Cuda and Stake are leaned out of the car, aiming their firearms at the car. Three Westside soldier are emerged from one of the vans. Radoslav with three Pavlović mob are descending from another van. Denis readied his Uzi.

Sera taking to Jodie, she did not notice if the shooter was around her, “So, where’s the gangster anyway?”

Her words cut as rapid gunfire sounded in the air. They glanced to see two Westside soldiers were firing MAC-11s. Cuda yelled, “Whassup you motherfucker!” Cuda fired his AK from the window of his car.

Radoslav aimed his M70AB and pulls the trigger. Plotmir was hit by a couple of rounds. A round hit him in the arm, another in the chest, he had been shot by Karol. They also sprayed Plotimir’s car with bullets. He about to get out from his sedan but he was greeted with a shot to hip and abdomen by Stake. He then hit the ground as his lifeless body was facing the sky.

An innocent bystander, a Teitan student, also hit by the automatic rounds. Denis sprayed his Uzi at him and he sagged to the ground, dead. Maybe he thinks that student was a witness. Stake yelled, “Sellout motherfuckers! I gonna waste that loudmouthed asshole!”

Ran clapped her hands over after watching the ambush. Jodie bitterly said, “They executed him in ruthless way…”     

Karol saw her. “Aw, shit. We got some smartass there.” He shouted to his comrades. “I’m gonna confront her out.” Stake shouted, “Yo man, what the fuck are you going?” Karol ignored him as he walked to Ran and withdrew his Glock 18. However, he stopped after Sera blocked him from his sight. Karol started to level his Glock sideways at Ran sideways but Sera interfered, “Don’t. Ran is innocent. I was responsible at her. Don’t be stupid.”

Jodie stared at him hard, “So what are you do?” Karol scoffed, “I don’t want that girl broadcast this ‘gory’ stuff. I aint gonna shooting her, but I want the fucking camera.”

No respond from Jodie, Karol turned to his back and hollered at his crew, “Moines, come check these fools!”

Sera shouted, “Ran, take innocent civilians from this area! The gangsters are aiming their weapon on us!”

Meanwhile, Moines walks to Plotmir’s body and he fired the remaining rounds of his Uzi to the corpse. He kick the corpse and he snarled at him, “You’re fucked my crew, we’ll fuck you too!”

Cuda noticed a Camaro passing by. The Camaro was painted Fern green. “Oh, look we got some assholes passing by.” Gunshots rang out and Moines was hit in the elbow, “Aww, fuck!” He screamed in pain. Moines use Plotmir’s car as cover and he fired the gun to the attacker. He hit the back left tire and the Camaro hit a lamppost. “Streltsy, jackass!” One of the gangsters yelled. The driver got out. He had a shotgun. The passenger fired an Uzi from the car. A Delta 88 coupe stopped near a house and four Strelets got out carrying M4s and Uzis. Several cars pulled near a T-intersection and more got out. Some of the gangsters were wearing Tyrian purple. They were members of 87th Crew. The Strelets are wore Fern green clad.

A 87th Crew was emerged from one of the house. He had an M16A3, “Let teach these Navarre they are ruined the truce!” He yelled. Several Strelets open fire at Karol‘s Galant, the windows shattered. Karol fired and hit one of the Strelets who holding an Uzi from afar. The round sent him hurtling to the road. Denis sprayed his Uzi at the Strelets with the shotgun and hit him with couple of rounds. The thug stumbled and dropped the shotgun. An innocent civilian screamed as this happen. Cuda fired and shot him in the head. The rounds took out a big chunk of his scalp. His head leaked blood as he hit the ground. Soon it was a puddle. “I told you to shut the fuck up!” He raged.

Sera clenched her fists, “And this ruthless gangster shot an innocent civilian because he screamed?” Jodie warned them, “You need to leave this place right now! Go!” Sera running to safety with Ran.

Several Strelets high-member got out of an apartment. They began firing too. A Strelets lieutenant screamed, “Wrong hood you bitch!” He fired a PP-2000 sideways and hit a WWA soldier in the back with a headshot as one of Plotmir’s crew fired his own gun. Another Strelets thug fired a TMP and nailed a Pavlović mob with AIMR in the hip and groin. “You are fucking dead, Coast Bustas!” He yelled.

A Westside with MAC-11 yelled, “Punk ass Suckers!” He fired and hit a 87th in the chest. Karol started to fire his M16. He swept the weapon across the road catching four Strelets with the rounds. Another Strelets fired a Micro-Uzi and hit Cuda from behind. He fired again but Cuda shot him as he hit the ground. He fired and hit the gang member in the chest. The gang member was firing but he dropped his gun as he staggered back. Cuda fired again and he fall back as Cuda shot again. His neck had been torn open by the wound. His spinal cord was revealed by the deepness of the wound.

Cuda emptied his AKM at the other thugs before took cover near his van and reloading. A Westside Public Enemy shouted, “Good-fucking-afternoon, Suckers!” He aimed a Desert Eagle sideways and hit an 87th crew in the head. He reloads and fire again, but two rounds tore his torso. The gang member with Desert Eagle had his lungs shot; he was dead before he hit the floor.

Jodie watched the gunfight in awe. She went to her car without getting shot. She took a transceiver. “Dekko, I saw the suspect from the hotel shootout and they are fighting against 87th and Streltsy. And where’s Natake family?” Jodie knows Dekko as Hidemi. She replied, “They were investigating several people who connected with Aramov, the head boss of the re-vamped Strelets. His gangs are attracting attention from FBI and CIA because they started several massacre and gang-related assassinations.”

Hidemi warned, “Careful, some of the 87th soldier carrying military weapons. Dekko out…” She placed her transceiver on a table.

Gin walks to her, followed by a guy wearing flashy clothing. “What do you got, Kir? I head to your house with him. He’s sole survivor of the The Holland Play shootout.”

Hidemi looked at the guy with flashy clothing, “So, you’re PBX? Who is taking control at the drug empire after they take you out? ”

Playboy X scoffed, “Fuck it, that jag-ass Dwayne with my assassin Niko turned me on. We gotta found the man named ‘The Fixer’ and kick his sorry ass out before he could snare my lieutenant.”

Hidemi checked the CIA database, “I got one of the Strelets OG who responsible for the smuggling. He maybe has connected to The Fixer. You can see for yourself, X.” Playboy X and Gin looked at the CIA database.

Surname: Aramov
First Name: Radek
AKA:  The III Boss, Ronnie, The Psychopath
DOB: March 23rd, 1983. Volgograd, Russia.
Age: 25
Residence: Kearny Projects, Haido
Affiliation: The Strelets, various Ballas sets throughout Los Santos, 87th Crew, The Uptown Riders MC, The Ancelotti Crime Family, Spanish Lords, Crooked House, The Gornelli Crime Family, Uncle Theta gang, Niko Bellic, Trico Boyz

Criminal Record:
· 2006 – Rampage
· 2006 – Gunrunner
· 2007 – Kidnapping
· 2007 – Mass Murder
· 2008 – Planned Murder
· 2008 – Contract Killer
· 2008 – Armed Robbery

Hidemi began to read Aramov’s complicated history.

He was in America in 1999. In 2006, he started his crime with blowing up a meth lab and killed several Alderney chapter of The Lost Brotherhood including one of the survivors of the same explosion in 2003, Harper. He was arrested in 2007 on firearms charge, possession of illegal firearms. He was around Bohan in October 2007 after the trial. He joined Crooked House syndicate in June 2007.

The CIA database said that he started to run an arms smuggling ring by Henryk Małecki and a gang named Trico Boyz. He was one of the Crooked House to revamp the Strelets, ultimately weakening the Crooked House. They engaged in a gang war with the Hustlers of the Wardite St. at Algonquin but the LCPD and FBI killed four of original ten in a joint operation.

However, Aramov planned his revenge after that. First, they kidnapped 42 innocent civilians, which connected to the joint operations. Aramov execute 28 hostages in the head after the interrogation, most of them are gang members from North Holland Hustlers. Then the remaining of the original ten planned several ‘smear’ wars. Aramov assaulted the Francis International Airport with the three of the ten: Ravislav, Nikomir and Zoki. They killed 463 civilians, 65 LCPD personnel and 41 gang members. While the remaining: Stenko and Darvan slaughter McWyters family at Berchem, Alderney.

Three months after the massacre, he assassinated Ravine Barbino, brother of Gregorio Barbino from the orders from Stenko. Not only the assassination, he also associates with Bling Bling Records CEO Alvaro Vanovotti aka Sykes. This let him to take Havre Bay in Beika from Steamerz for his empire overseas.

In November 2008, Aramov, Zoki and six Lords-Strelets gangster are robbing a bank in Beika. All of the robbers are wore military-grade armor. According to the witness, Aramov carried an AKS-74 with PK-AV Scope and an Uzi as his reserve weapon. Zoki carried a M733 with C-Mag. Four of the Lords-Strelets are carrying HK33s and MP7s. The two last robbers armed with Galils.

Both Hidemi and Gin looked at the story of the armed robbery and gang shootout.

Those robbers drive two modified Camaro IROC-Z and a red Impala. They pulled up near the bank. Some of the robbers are wore Fern green clad as the others wore flashy clothing. As they entering the bank, one of the robbers brandishes an Uzi, firing his gun at the ceiling and the other flashes their gun. They ordered the clerk to shut the door. I saw the robber with the Uzi have an AKS-74 strapped on his back. One of the robbers said to the hostage, he aimed his M773. “Now listen up, you sanctimonious piece of shit! We’re jacking this bank right now, and you don’t want me to fuck you up if you doing some suspicious activity!”

One of them tried to resist, but I heard a gunshot. Everyone panicked after hearing the gunshot, I saw the guy who tried to resist collapse to the floor, dead. One of the robbers with Galil shouted, “What the fuck, man?” His friend with M733 snickered, “I just going to shut him up, alright?” The robber with Uzi scolded them, “Yo, fuck that shit! We’re hit the money, not that jag-ass who tried to beat you up!” He leveled his Uzi at the manager. He bring the manager into the safe, the robber with Galil followed him.

I saw a woman. She wore a leather jacket and her hair tied back in a ponytail. I looked at her, “I’m gonna blast these assholes. Who’s your name anyway?” The woman replied, “Hidemi Hondou. However, are you sure this could work? They aren’t usual robbers.” I looked at the robbers and asked Hidemi about them, “Hey, did you know about them?” She told me about them, “I know several of them. They are the members of Spanish Lords-Strelets pact.” I decided to not playing hero after I listened to her advice. A robber with purple coat looked outside the bank. He saw the police are coming. He grumbled, “Fuck, we got the Feds…”

I heard someone shouted, "What the fuck do you think you're doing? I saw what you did. Take it out and don't even think about trying to slip another dye pack in there again." He shouted to his crew, “If they put any motherfucking dye pack, you shot them in the head!” One of the robbers searched the bags and found three more. The robber with green coat kept his HK33 trained at me on the floor. The gangster with Uzi aimed it at Hidemi’s head. More police and FBI covered the front and I heard one of them hassling. “You lined them at the entrance and using them as shield?” The gangster with Uzi sarcastically replied, “We have some Deadbeats to fuck up right now. Of course we are using them as shield!”

I watch one of them started to hands the bag, which is loaded with money into their crew. I heard their next plan, “Okay, we’re leaving this city. We’re heading to Crackport.”

“Okay, asshole! They want the fight and we’ll give them!” They began to lining several hostages into the door. One of them callously slams my face against the door, my hands tied against my back. I saw Hidemi tied next to me in the left. She speak to me, “Don’t worry, these bitches won’t make it. Trust me…” Her words were cut as the robbers start out the doorway, firing at the FBI and police. I saw they forced to retreat as the robbers outgunned them and they are using armor-piercing bullets. I gasped as some of them using the hostage as shield, blasting everyone on sight. Several robbers are driving their car as the other acted as ‘sweeper’, clearing anyone who might stop them. They retreat into their car and heading north, possibly they are heading into the airport.

I feel someone untied my hands. Hidemi helped me. “Where’s my brother.” I asked her. Hidemi sadly replied, “You brother had his back shot to shit by automatic rounds. He’s dead…” She helped me get up. Corpses are everywhere. From FBI agents to Angels of Death bikers. More than two hundred people dead, 33 wounded.

X looked at Hidemi. “You got involved in that?” He asked her. “I trapped in that robbery when I transferring money. That guy asked my name, he tried to shot one of the robbers but I advice him to abandon his plan. I'll look at this gang's history” She replied.

The Strelets originally formed in 1983 at Vice City. One of the founders, Naum Ermakov stated on his book, Dishonored: The Rise of the Strelets.

“We had to form a gang to protect the Eastern European immigrant from discrimination. We started this gang at Washington Beach. Then we expanding our turf to Viceport and blast any motherfuckers who stand on our way.”

According to the CIA database, The Strelets began to be most powerful gang in Vice City after the downfall of Mendez Cartel and Vance Crime Family. In 1988, The Vercetti with the Cubans proposed an alliance to the Strelets, which they accept the offer.

In October 1989, they started to attack Vice City chapter of Angels of Death after they ambushed a delivery full of drugs. This resulted one of the Strelets OG, Yura Rapakov killed in the gunfight. Naum retaliated the attack with stole their shipment of meth at Viceport. They decided to expand their empire at San Andreas six years later.

They set their front at East Los Santos. They are fighting the Front Yard Ballas for the territory. They claimed northern part of East Los Santos and but lost it four months later. Despite that, they conquered east part of Las Venturas city. Around 1999 until 2005, this gang loss their power and territory and disbanded in January 2007.

The Re-vamped Strelets formed near Broker in August 2007. They quickly make alliance with Spanish Lords. The Strelets are on bad terms with Albanians and their former, Crooked House. They assist the Spanish Lords in their gang war with West River Rifas although they helped the Lords to sweep the Albanians from Broker. The Spanish Lords have a truce with the Rifa after one of the San Fierro set of Rifas, Manuel Gracia proposed cease fire at the Lords’ leader, Lupo Zorrila. After the truce, the Lords-Strelets are expanding their turf to the east, threaten the Eastern Holland who having the territory.

In January 2008, the Crooked House falls into a civil war. They cracked into three faction, the Roth’s crew, Cerveza Heights gang and Westminster Hood Ballas, marking the presence of Ballas in Liberty City. The Roth’s crew quickly aligned with McReary Crime Family as the Cerveza Height gang tied with Strelets-Lords pact. After the bank robbery in at Bank of Liberty, The Roth’s crew quickly attacked the Westminster. However, the Ballas repulsed the attack. Until now, this civil war sparked another gang wars. One of them is the Vandals – Strelets war.

One of the VALC lieutenants, Adohalv defaced a Strelets gang tag in their turf at Bohan Industrial district. This caused the Strelets launch an attack on them. The attack last six hours after Strelets forced to retreat as they are facing the Crooked House’s civil war at the south. According to the CIA, this war did not going to an end or ceased. The only happy people from this news are the arms dealer.

Their relation with AOD went sour again as one of Stenko’s lieutenant, Dimokir tried to frame an AOD biker for a murder. Lester Arnold, while he was in Beika replied the frame with the kidnapping of Elizabeth aka L. He didn’t know if she was a Black Organization agent named Amontillado. Despite that, Zoki and Darvan heading to Beika and launches an all-out attack with his allies, the 87th at the Beika chapter of the AOD. This resulted the AOD have an alliance with Radiuses and able to drive the 87th from their clubhouse at Clarian Inlet.

The Strelets are on good terms with Serbians. They assist the Strelets smuggle their drugs into Liberty City from 2007. One of them, the Ilić’s crew provided them with firearms and explosives. Because that, they tried to attack the West Coast Coke. This has fairy consequences, as they are the targets of FBI and CIA. However, Stenko quickly turns the tide as his goon captured one of the CIA agents and beheaded him.
Hidemi began to look at Aramov’s note.

· Rising underworld figure.
· Responsible for almost singlehandedly making the re-vamped Strelets gang strongest in Beika and Bohan, Liberty City.
· Responsible for kidnapping 42 innocent civilians and personally execute several of them in the head.
· Responsible for the massacre at Francis International Airport.
· Responsible for assassination of Ravine Barbino.
· Suspected in the death of Harold McWyters’ family.
· Suspected to be involved in an arms smuggling ring along with Polish gunrunner Henryk 'Krzewina' Małecki and the Trico Boyz.
· Frequently associates with Bling Bling Records CEO Alvaro ‘Sykes’ Vanovotti.
· Known to freelance for Vino Gornelli of the Gornelli Crime Family.
· Suspected to be involved in a hijacking ring led by Vat Rockne of the Uncle Theta Gang.
· Suspected of being involved in an wide spread organized car theft operation for Kibbutz Incorporated.
· Suspected of be involved in a contract-killing ring led by Ballas.

Hidemi scrolled through the database. Finally she caught the whereabouts of Aramov. One of which was the Raiha Pass, another was an apartment in Northwood, Algonquin.

X snickered, “Who’s that jag-ass anyway?”

Hidemi chuckled at him, “Trico Boyz, some bunch of racers and tuners that supplement their illegal activity with preying on truck shipment trough the Aleport. Their color was Celadon green. They are riding some muscle cars and modern sport cars too. They also armed with some stolen weapons from their gang. I didn’t know where the Trico Boyz was founded, but my mother told me that they are founded at Craver Island. Their turf was around Harcken Park and New Charlotte. But our comrades also saw them hanging around Aspataria in Hepburn.” She turned the TV on.

“Apparently, it has all been leading up to this. It began with a presumably benign prison break, but it has ended with the resurrection of the dreaded Eastside Nights from Liberty City. Residents of Beika have reported multiple sightings of the scarlet clad crew roaming the area, doing anything and everything to impress possible recruits -- from gang related killings to dangerous joyriding. The gang has kept relatively quiet, but we at the Bucket TV can only assume this is indeed just the calm before the storm.”

“Boring…” X switched the TV. This time, Bucket TV News is showing footage of Rafik and an 87th Crew goon robbing a store in the Finnier District called Nard’s Liquor. Rafik hold an Uzi while his crew is holding a Glock 18. After his crew shooting the shop owners, Rafik punched the other one and emptied entire clip of his Uzi on him. They jump into a ’65 Bel Air and drive off, knocking over the camera and running over the cameraman.

Newscaster: “This footage was taken last night as the 87th Crew went on another looting spree, this time focusing their wrath on the recovering community of Goldfurt. People watched in horror as the crazed individual known as Rafik led his men on a violent night of chaos. With no end in sight to the gang epidemic, one has to ask, could the police end this?”

Hidemi switched the channel of her TV after she snatched the remote from PBX. She changed it to Weasel News. Andre Rovinov was on a show. In addition, Rodney Piller was on as well.

Andre: “I thought if the Bling Bling Records were brought the Strelets to the Beika right?”
Rodney: “You got that right. Still, I ain’t in death row with my ‘Pyro-Technician’ or some guys playing trailblazing at Northwood.”
Andre: “Pyro-Technician? You got some heat from the underworld for that?”
Rodney: “I ain’t give a shit. However, the Commission is fall apart. We got Jimmy was dead with some gunshots in Happiness Island and some Lupissela goons are arrested by the FBI. But what the citizens of West River scared now because some goon dressed in Fern green, playing some rap music on their car and crashing some patrons’ party with their Uzis. It will be worse than the Eastside terrorizing the city with some drug dealers from X to search a man with some shitty long hair and two foreigners. And now the Hepburn wouldn’t be the utopian city tonight?”
Andre: “Because the incident on Heckles Bridge?”
Rodney: “Nope, because the resurrection of the dreaded Eastside in the Beika. Also, the Union of Crack Nations slowly perpetuates an ambush in Ragnovak Island.”
Andre: “On the news tip line with us is a Northwood resident, Juan Rovalto Pendejo. Am I pronouncing that right, Juan?”
Juan: “How did you pronounce my last name?”
Andre: “Rovalto Pendejo.”
Juan: “Ah, perfect, hombre.”
Andre: “Tell us, what are you seeing as you look out the window of su casa?”
Juan: “Well, it has quieted down a bit now, y'know, I don't see - oh, wait, oh dios mio!”
Andre: “What? What is it? What do you see? Juan, what do you see? “
Juan: “Some goons wearing green clad runnin’ outside a building to engaging the LCPD in an open warfare and shit.”
Andre: “I'm sorry?”
Juan: “Now those Suckers didn’t need to clear the stuff from the fence…”
Gunshot are heard from the news tip line
Andre: “Juan? What happen?”
Someone walks to the Juan’s phone. Gunshots are heard again.
Strelets gang member: “Yo, man. I’m sorry but I have to deliver the message for you.”
Andre: “Yeah, go ahead then.”
Strelets gang member: “If you could, please warn the Feds to not to interrupt my personal thing.”
Andre: “What-the-fuck-ever, man. But what happen to Juan?”
Strelets gang member: “We had to ‘shut’ his mouth for being too noisy.”
Andre: “Um, that’s could be the reason for it.”
Strelets gang member: “Yo, we could meet with you later. Bye…”
Andre: “Did you know what happen with him?”
Rodney: “I aint know. Now we have to arms some crew with Kalashnikovs.”
Andre: “Um guys, you better go. Because I got some fools running shit with you”
Rodney left the studio after he heard this news. Several Strelets goons are storming the studio from the other door. One of them was aiming an Uzi at Andre.
"We'll be back with Gate 42 after theses messages.”

A commercial shows a gangster leaning at a wall. He wore red shirt and cream pants. Another thug approached him.

Thug #1: “Yo dawg, whattup?”
Thug #2: “Ya lookin’ different. What’s up with ya?”
Thug #1: “I got this from da Ammu-Nation”
Thug #1 draws a MP5, which he hands it to the Thug #2.
Thug #2: “Ammu-nation? Did they are here now?”
Thug #1: “Yeah, after that Mayor which he unpopular in the underworld resigned, the Ammu-nation has been returned.”
Thug #2: “Then what we do now, brotha?”
Thug #1: “Starting some problems to the rival gang.”
Thug #1: “Oh, hombre. I just forgot one thing.”
Both: “Stop chillin’, start killin’.”
They heading to a ’75 Chevelle and drive off.
Narrator: “Ammu-Nation: Shoot now, pay later…”

Hidemi turned her TV again. She was tired of the gang-related thing and Ammu-Nation. She changed it to Nichiuri TV. A news came on.

I am Lawrence Armstrong in the newsroom. This just in from the news desk: North Lysander seems to be the target of gangland warfare today as elements from the hoodlum gang known as the West Coast Coke and Wrong Way Assassin are attacking the 87th Crew and Strelets. Reports indicate that WWA breaking the peace treaty and decide to brought their ‘army of henchmen’ to engage their archrival. Nothing is safe; storefronts smashed and firebombed, vehicles being destroyed, pedestrian traffic getting caught up in the gang war - do not, repeat, do not, enter this area until the police have had a chance to quell the gang war. Repeating: West Coast Coke and Wrong Way Assassin are engaging the 87th and Strelets in an all-out attack. If you there now and are hearing this report, take appropriate safety measures. We will have a live report from Flying Officer Ramornie McCabe as soon as he can get airborne. In addition, we will keep an eye on this developing story here in the newsroom. I'm Lawrence Armstrong.

X scoffed, “I swear that those assholes will cleaned the 87th in no time…”

Hidemi took an AIMS-74, “It could mean the WWA planned to scorch Rafik’s house for the retribution.” She hands Gin a SG550.

X looked in confusion, “So, what are I’m to do now? I’m too good for this motherfucker!”

Hidemi told him, she hands him an Uzi, “Well, you just stay here and don’t going outside. I’ll meet you later.” She was running outside her house with Gin.

Meanwhile, some of the 87th Crew emerged from one of the housing. One of them was carrying a Kahstan. The other crew carried MP5. They fired at the Westside, with their common ‘gangsta style’ aim. One of the Strelets thug shouted, “You mess with Jake, we’ll mess you too!” Another Strelets homie saw the FBI was there and screamed, “No Feds this time! This is our war, not yours!”

An 87th with tyrian bandana, fired an HK-91 and killed four FBI agents before they could open fire. Another, wearing Chore Coat, fired his M654 and hitting a Westside soldier in the chest. The 87th gangsta with M654 aimed at the FBI. He fired again, two rounds hit a FBI agent with MP10 the throat. The round tearing his jugular open. The agent fall, he died choking on his own blood.

Rafik came running outside firing his MP7. He hit a WWA with RK-95. Rafik yelled to his crew, “Call some backup! The Feds are waging war against us!”

Cuda emptied his AKM even a round tore his side. He shredded ten Strelets. He yelled, “Money, we need some firepower! And the FBI were interfering us too!”

Moines looked back, “Damn, you’re right! The fed are here!” He went to Karol’s car and took a PKM from the car. Višelav aimed his MPL and shredded two 87th Crew gangstas before he took cover again.

“Fucking with the Strelets is bad for your life!” Yelled the one with the coat. The one with M16 yelled, “You ain’t gangster, Coast Bustas!”

Radoslav use his door’s van as cover and he spraying his M70 blindly. He hit a 87th with M16 in the head. He screamed, “Didn’t that beautiful, prick? You shouldn’t stay here, Suckers!”

More 87th soldier swarmed to help in the gunfight. Rafik joined with the Strelets as they had shootout with Westside, taking cover in near their car. “I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you, Coast Bustas? Are you violating the truce again?”

Stake snickered, “Man, don’t be fucking lied. We know you were wasting Lou.” He fired his Spectre dual wield, catching five Strelets with the rounds.

Rafik scowled, “Lou? Man, we don’t know about that kid! And look, your crew was killing Plotmir’s cousin!” He reloads his MP7 after he cap two Westside crew. He blind fires his MP7 from the wall and hit three WWA. Two of the WWA crew stumbled but not dead. The other one are trying to get up but an 87th soldier with AK-74 finished him with a shot in the head.

An 87th soldier screamed, “Look the fuck out!” Rafik looked to see a bottle fly through the air and hit two WWA crew at the ground. They began to scream as they were engulfed in flames. One of the WWA crew turn his attention to the thug but Rafik fired and hit the thug in forehead.

Cuda surprised, “So, we ain’t killing the gun runner?” His testimony came true as a car pulled up and Plotmir got out with three 87th soldiers. He holds an Uzi and two of his men armed with AKS-74s. The last carried an MP5K. Plotmir open fire and two FBI agents dropped. “My comrades gonna ice you all for this! Y’all hear me?” He yelled.

Rafik saw a 87th gang member who he recognized as one of Plotmir’s soldier, known simply as Bogdan, who wore a green sweat jacket, a black fedora, and a maroon bandana, fired his AKS-74u at group of Westside gangster as they firing at Strelets homie.

Bogdan yelled, “We got some suckers here who breaking the truce for nothing!” He turned his AKS-74u at the FBI. He hit an agent with M16A3 in the torso and leg. The agent fall, but not died.
One of 87th Crew soldier is walking to one of Jodie’s comrades who had been wounded by Bogdan. He aimed a Glock 17 at the agent. “Please, don’t kill me. I have family…” He begged through his bloodied mouth.  The thug growled, “If you don’t want to risk your life, don’t fuck with us. Have a nice day, dickhead!”

A FBI agent with hat fired a MP7 at the 87th goon who execute the wounded agent. He hit him in the side of the neck as the gangster did not notice him. He attempt to turn but another round struck his head. The gangster lies dead near his prey who executed earlier, blood slowly poured from his wound. Jodie took her M4A1 from the trunk of her car. She aimed her M4A1 at Rafik’s crew. She hit an 87th with M654 in the chest but the vest protected him. He returned fire at the FBI agents. He hit one of Jodie’s comrades in the torso, near the lungs. Bogdan yelled, “Plotmir, those fools making us nuts! They lay fire at Avig!”

Plotmir angrily replied, “They better not to fuck him up for that or I’ll cap them myself!”

Rafik slung his MP7 to his back, “Where’s the Feds, man? Where?” He switched to a Zastava M85. Rafik fired, taking aim at one of the FBI agents who shot the 87th with Glock 17. He nailed the guy in the chest and all up his right side, several rounds went into his right lung and the rounds penetrated and hit his kidney. Rafik fired at two WWA gangsters, hitting one of them, several rounds and blood sprayed from his Adams apple. Plotmir waved his Uzi, “Hell, I don’t know. Just pop them, motherfuckers!”

Cuda keep firing at the 87th despite the FBI are laying fire on him. He nailed a Strelets with M16A3 in the right eye, “Homie, we have to ransack the house and take any fucking documents.” Višelav yelled. “Alright brotha, we’ll head there…”

Avig jumped over the low wall. He aimed his M654 at Jodie and fired. Two rounds struck her in the abdomen and one was almost hit her vital point. Avig fired at the group of gangsters near the van, three WWA thug fell, their black clad stained in blood as Avig got them.

Jodie fired her M4A1 despite her wound on her abdomen. She started to cough blood from her mouth. Rafik aimed his M85 at her and he warned, “Eye for an Eye. Your killed my crew, this time it’s payback.”  He fired again and Jodie was hit again in the shoulder and hip. She stumbles from her wounds and drops her M4A1. Their bullets showered Jodie’s car. Rafik noticed his M85 went dry and he reloaded again.

Avig approached Jodie after he shot her. He yelled, “Sellout bitch! This is payback for my crew, motherfucker!” Jodie pulled her P226 only to be kicked away by Rafik.

An 87th soldier followed him. He wears turquoise hoodie and red hat. Rafik looked at her in hate, “What’s up, Jodie. Now you’re fucked up because your father cap my homie.”

Jodie gritted her bloodied teeth, “Actions have consequences… You’re shot my friend and you’ll pay it”

Avig barked, “But in the case, you are killed our crew. Plus, you father was killing one of our crew. Can’t you realize it?”

The 87th with shirt stared at her hard, “Well, you fucked up. You shot at fucking 87th OGs!” He aimed a .45 pistol at Jodie. She was shocked how 87th Crew gang knew her father. She knows that her father was investigating Black Organization only. But what Rafik say about one of his crew are killed by her father was possibly right. Jodie knows an 87th soldier who runs over by her father’s car by an accident in 1986. The thug died in the hospital and 87th gang wanted revenge at her father, despite the apology from her colleague. After her father killed by Vermouth in 1987, the 87th are planning to kill Jodie for the retribution.

The thug aimed his .45 pistol at Jodie’s head, unaware of Hidemi’s presence. Avig sarcastically asked, “Any last words?”

Before he could finish his word, Hidemi shot him with her AIMS-74. She hit him in the abdomen but he returns fire at her. “I ain’t ready to facing these scums!” He barked. Bogdan noticed Hidemi was brought the CIA and Black Organization. “Buster Organization is no match for 87th OGs! Get ready to be killed, asshole!” Rafik returned firing his M85 at Gin who firing his Beretta and the thug with shirt pulled an Uzi. Hidemi aimed her AIMS-74 at Rafik but Avig fired his M654 at her instead. He snarled, “Hondou, you fucking snitch! I realized Rirk want to kill your family! You shouldn’t come here! Now you’re dead! Dead! DEAD!”
Hidemi began firing at him. “Rirk? I know that smartass fool. He’s one of the Eastside Nights OGs who escapes death from the FBI. And if he comes here, he’s dead man.”
Plotmir retorted, “Long live the 87th, even we should shred our blood for it. I ain’t kidding about this.”

Hidemi gritted her teeth, “Lay a finger to my friend, you’re dead…” She fired her AIMS-74. Three rounds got Rafik in the abdomen as he take cover near a car. He returned blind fire with his M85. He only managed to graze her in the arm.

Bogdan aimed his AKS-74u, hollering, “I ain’t forgotten you all, asshole!” He hit a Westside with M16A2 in the head. The guy feel, blood dripping from his eye. Avig snickered, “The Cypress, Hidemi. The Cypress… Rirk’s insane enough to pull his gang to this.” He took a MP5K off of a dead Westside gangster after his M654 ran out of ammo. He leveled his gun sideways at Gin and squeezed the trigger.

Hidemi fired her AIMS-74 and a round slammed Bogdan’s chest. He pulled a Spectre and fired at the Westside, ignoring who shot him. He hit one of them in the abdomen. One of Bogdan’s soldier, who wore a black denim jacket and a turquoise bandana fired an AEK-191K dual-wield with PM-06 from cover and he mowed down six FBI agents. Bogdan sprayed his Spectre, hollering, “Shot them all before they shred us!”
An 87th soldier with HK-91 shouted, “Coast Busta, I gonna smear your body to Los Santos! Eighty Seventh, asshole!” Bogdan turned his Spectre at Ethan but Hidemi advanced toward him, still firing. Rafik received a car keys from Bogdan and he pulled a RKG-3M grenade. “He’s gonna blow this pussycat out! Get clear!” Rafik yelled. Bogdan about to throw it at Westside, but Hidemi fired her AIMS-74 at him again, a round tore his shoulder and he dropping the grenade. Bogdan screamed, “Oww, fuck!” He with his crew ran for cover as the grenade rolled under a car. BOOM!

The explosion was enormous as the grenade exploded. Four 87th crews were caught in the blast. The explosion also shatters the window. Bogdan looked to his car were blew up and engulfed in flames. Two of his crew was killed in the explosion. The thug with Uzi had unwillingly blown his own right arm off. He screamed in agony as the blood sprayed from the wound like a fountain. He fell and still screaming but he went to shock. The other one with HK-91 barely survived the explosion. Plotmir remarked, “You always cheat death. Now return fire, Riga!”

Riga fired his HK-91 and hit a CIA agent with Hidemi. Hidemi shot him before he could get her through. Riga dropped his emptied HK-91 as he pulls back. He felt blood on his jersey. Maybe a round had gone through? He fired seven shots at Hidemi. About five of them hit her but Hidemi despite her wounds kept trying to fire but this time she missed. Riga pulled a clacker. “What the fuck? Is this guy packing his car with C4?” Hidemi yelled as Riga blow up his car. Plotmir cynically laughed, “Haha! This street will be their grave!”

Moines looked at the explosion and yelled, “Look what he did, man!” The explosions causing the other cars catch fire, including Karol’s car. His arsenal was on his car. He still holds his Glock 18 and his M16 though. Karol shouted in disgust, “Aww, shit! My fucking car! And my fucking guns! I gotta ice that fool for this!”

The Strelets with PP-2000 looked at a car, who’s also one of the victims of the explosion. “Aww! Motherfucker, my car!” The thug yelled in anger. He unloads his PP-2000 and hit a female FBI agent. Four rounds slammed her in the abdomen, once at the throat. She feel, she chocked her own blood. “You fuck with Plotmir, we’ll fuck you too!” He sneered again and he sprayed his PP-2000 and hit Gin in the hip. The gang member fired again but Hidemi aimed her AIMS-74 at him. She fired and hit the gang member in the chest, sent him hurtling into the road. The gang member returned fire at Gin but Hidemi gave him a shot to the head. “Now this scrawny gangsta was shut his mouth. Amazing…” Ethan said with a smirk.

Plotmir saw several WCC thugs stormed his house. “Aw, shit! Those Coast Busta are stole my documents!” He shouted. Rafik looked at him, “I’ll gotta keep them off from the doc and Avig gotta hold the Syndicate.” They began fighting Moines’ crew near Rafik’s house.

Both Hidemi and Gin approached the housing but they quickly went back into cover as a ’05 Magnum rolled around the housing and one of the 87th soldiers riding shotgun on them, firing his Galil. The other one sprayed an Uzi on the Westside. Gin was hit in the armpit by a round. Another round struck his leg. Hidemi fired the rest of the rounds on her AIMS-74 into the windshield. She killed the driver and the passenger on the back seat, causing the car to drive off with no commandeering. The car ran over several 87th gangsters before crashed into a wall. The 87th with Galil barely survived the crash as the other one with Uzi. Hidemi could recognized him as he wore a tyrian sweater and a black bandana that concealed most of his face except his.

The 87th with Galil raised his gun and fired at the CIA agent. He slays four of them in cold blood. Hidemi pointed her AIMS-74 at him. “How far you will to shooting your own friend for this?” She asked him in hate. Riga joined with him with several 87th gangsters. The 87th with Galil snickered, “I know nothin’. I’ll crack these Coast Bustas before I put ya out from your misery. And Rafik even have several people in the CIA”

This seemed to arouse Hidemi’s anger, “That guy has several crew in the CIA? That means your boss know all the plan?”

The gangster with Galil scolded her, “You wouldn’t know anything about that… До свидания…” He aimed his Galil at Hidemi and pulled the trigger.

Click… Click…

He keeping pulled the trigger even his gun is run out of bullets. The goon tried to insert a fresh clip to his Galil, but abruptly stopped as Hidemi fired her AIMS-74. She hit him in the head, neck, and one of his lungs. He stumbled, dropped his emptied Galil before he collapse dead.

A gangster with black shirt and green bandana sprayed an Uzi from outside the housing. He hit a CIA agent in the area which not protected by his vest. Several gangsters wearing green clad ran outside, their guns blazing. One of them screamed. “Sweet will hit you up so bad! If you keep scooping our boys, you will be laying on your back!” Two gangsters ran outside from the house, firing their MAC-10s. One wore a jacket and a green hoodie, a track pants and a black hat. The other wore a green saggy shirt, a dark blue jeans and a hat that reads San Andreas. “These men are from Grove Street. I’ve meet them before.” Sera announced.

The man with green hoodie scowled, “Ryder, what the fuck are you doing?! Those agents look really serious!” Ryder returned fire, snickering, “Serious? Man, I knew those agents and some people from Black Organization even the boss was wearing purple! They ain’t no match for Grove St. OGs!” He nailed a CIA agent in the hip and groin.

Gin glared at Ryder, “You know our boss? This will be your grave…” He sarcastically replied, “Kill me? You gonna be laid on your back for that! CJ, ninja these motherfuckers!”

Carl didn’t like Ryder’s plan, “Hey, Ryder. I don’t think we can kill them. Because we’re fucked up right now…”

Ryder screeched, “Same old CJ! Busta! Straight busta!” Two Grove homies emerged from a van near the housing, weapons drawn. One wore a Dribblers vest, a track pants and a black hat. The other wore a green t-shirt, a dark track jeans and a Los Santos hat. Hidemi recognized the homie with LS hat as Carrel. He yelled at her, “Room service motherfucker!” He fired a MP-10 and the rounds caught her in the abdomen. The other Grove homie fired an AKS-74M. He mowed two CIA agents. Ethan asked, “Did Rafik recruit those guys?”
Hidemi told him, “I know both of them. Especially Ryder. He’s cheating death in 1992, while you started spying Loco Syndicate with someone named Mike Toreno. But he turned on you, Mike ordered Carl to do some insane job. First, he instructed him to hijacking a tanker near Garver Bridge. Then, CJ shot down several FBI choppers from a plateau around Tierra Robada. Mike also instructed him to drop off a package halfway across the State of San Andreas using a plane. Mike also ordered him to sneak onboard a cargo plane and blow it up in the sky. Mike went hiatus for six days before he personally contact CJ to do a last job in exchange Carl’s brother released from the prison. Mike instructed him to steal a V/STOL fighter jet at Easter Basin and blow some ship at Sherman Reservoir. The odd thing is, Carl was exasperated with the danger he has been exposed to steal the jet and his rage only increases when Toreno leaves him to deal with the burden of the stolen jet.”
Gin snapped, “And how about Carrel?”

Hidemi looked at him and said, “Carrel. His real name is Harrell Cheritto, the brother of Michael Cheritto. In 1995, Michael with his crew started to pull an armored heist, stealing $1.6 million in bearer bonds from a money launder. The heist gone sour as one of the robbers impulsively kills one of the guards, forcing them to kill the remaining two guards to make sure there is no witness in the area. They also planned to rob a precious metals depository. The police stake out the depository, but one of the robbers alerted and they called off the robbery. Despite the police surveillance, Michael and his crew decide to proceed with a brazen bank holdup with an estimated $12 million payoff.”

Sera was silent so Ethan added, “His brother was killed in a shootout with the police when they robbing a bank. However the police didn’t found one of their crew, despite the mastermind of it was dead. His name was Chris Shiherlis.”

Ryder slurred, he put his headset on, “I’m tryin’ to listen to my song, fool!” He was listening to 98.6 Redux Line. The song A Bitch is a Bitch by NWA was played. Carrel callously shouted at him, “And those fools are trying to enjoy our deaths! Fire your MAC at those Coast Bustas!” Ryder did what he says but he aimed his MAC-10 at the FBI instead. “Ryder, what the fuck are you doing?!” CJ screeched. Ryder ignored him as he spraying his MAC-10 at the group of FBI agents. He nailed one of them in the torso and abdomen.

Carrel hands CJ a M16A3 after his MAC-10 has been malfunctioned. Hidemi aimed her AIMS-74 at Ryder. She managed to hit him in the shoulder but he returned fire and hit her in the chest. Ryder hollered, “You aint know you are messin’ with? I’m a genius, motherfucker!” Carrel noticed Ryder went inside the house. Gin aimed his SG550 at him. He hit Carrel in the abdomen but his vest rescued him. He returned fire with his MP10. “Yo, I’m gonna put a tip inside your head, motherfucker!” Carrel shouted.

Hidemi heard Ryder hollering at CJ, “Hey, hurry up fool! You ain’t known about this city, busta!” He was running to the house, bullet whizzing past his ear. Ryder returned outside, he holding a duffel bag on his back and his MAC-10 on his right hand. “Busta, you need to keep up. We gotta jump over the fence and he’ll waiting near the bookstore.” He yelled.

Carl sighed but said, “Whatever you said…” He turned to Carrel, hollering. “Yo, hold these fools! We’ll meet later near the bookstore!” He noticed Sera running to his position and CJ shouted, “Shit, I meet that girl before…” Ryder replied with a frown, “Fuck it buster! She ain’t armed and we can dispatch her easily!” Carl snubbed, “If you shot her, we’ll fucked up for this!”

Ryder asked with a shrug, “Why?”

Carl looked at him, “Because she kicked my homie. Plus, her family confiscated my car. I think karma will pay her a visit.” He said. The Grove with AKS-74M fired his gun without aiming, catching two CIA agents with headshots. In retaliation, Hidemi shot him in the neck. Ryder fired his MAC-10 at her, snickering “You scared? I know these fools are lot easier to take out than the Ballas. We have to beat her out and get the fuck outta here before the cops lay us in our back!”

Carl replied as Ryder handed him a SPAS-12 from his duffel bag, “For sure…” his words were cut as he heard a crash. Sera stopped on her tracks. Carrel gun-whipped her with his MP10, knocking her unconscious. Ryder spotted a ’06 Hummer H2 painted red, crashed an 87th El Camino. A Hazes assassin fired an AK-74 from the backseat and shredded four FBI agents. Hidemi forced to take cover as another Hazes goon took a Zastava M70AB1. He leaned out of his car, firing his M70AB1 from shoulder. He slaughtered six Westside, three WWA thugs and two FBI agents.

Hidemi saw that a Hazes gangsta wearing red puffy coat and a protective mask. He opened fire at her with a CM901 from a ’66 Camaro SS. Hidemi looked at her father, “I swear that those ‘army’ are waiting for Harrell, and CJ.” she told him. There was another crew aiming an Uzi at Sera. One of them shouted at CJ, “Hurry the fuck up, busta! We don’t have time to fuck Tommy’s plane!” Hidemi quickly fired her AIMS-74 and hit both of them as they were leaning over the side of the car. The gangster with Uzi had his shoulder hit. “Shit! I’m hit!” He cried out of pain.

The Hazes with Uzi returned fire, hit a FBI agent in the leg, and once in the abdomen. Another round struck him in the chest. Ethan fired a storm of rounds into a group of 87th gangsters. Carl hollered at him, his SPAS-12 blazing, “This time, I gonna smash yo face for the Grove!” Suddenly Ryder fired his MAC-10 at the FBI who firing at 87th crew. CJ ironically asked, “Have some faith, shermhead?”

Hidemi noticed four cars coming, Oldsmobile Vista Cruisers which is painted Tyrian purple. They pulled up near Rafik’s house. The 87th got out of the van with weapons drawn. They returned fire at the FBI. One of the 87th soldiers with an AK-74 cut down one of Hidemi’s comrades. The remaining Strelets opened fire with their guns. Bullet flew on both sides. Even the wounded Strelets with Kahstan fired back. An 87th Crew with an AUG A3 proclaimed at CJ, “CJ, get the fuck outta here! Forget that girl, we’ll beat her someday…” Before he could finish his words, a stream of 7.62 mm bullets struck him in the chest.

The four Grove high members fall back to Alan’s car. Ryder hollered, “Take us to the crib, motherfucker!” Alan quickly swerved his car, fled from the warzone.

Hidemi spotted Stake scooped a RPG-18 from his van. He went to Teitan High School. “Hey! HEY! What the fuck are you doing?!” Karol scowled. Stake ignored him as he aimed his RPG-18. A van pulled near the Teitan School and four Strelets got out. Stake fired the RPG-18 on them. KABOOM!

Višelav yelled, “Ow, shit! Stake, what are you doing?!” The van tipped over before catches fire. Two of the Strelets was on fire. One of them attempted to put out the fire on his clothing but a round tore his back. He screamed for the last time before he burned to death. Stake disposed the RPG-18 and he fired his Spectre, “Yo, where the fuck is those two?” Viselav spotted several car are heading to their way, “Yo, Jodie’s brother are trying to recover her.”

Karol scoffed, “Ransacking some stuff with Denis. We can hold them off. Do it or die trying…”

Gin saw a Cactuz gang member who he recognized as one of Arnold’s soldiers known as Donnie. He was one of the Cactuz OGs along with Arnold. Hidemi looked to see a Cactuz Lieutenant with an Uzi and the other homies with an H&K G36. They open fire and six Strelets thug dropped. Donnie had a Zastava M72 and began firing at a carload of Strelets as they rolled up, firing upon some of the Pavlović Mob.
Hidemi hears one of the Cactuz soldiers yelled at Radoslav, “Lubomir went down like a bitch! If you keeping haunting Eisuke, we gonna make your life a living hell!”

Radoslav sneered, “Man, you need to shut your fucking mouth!” He aimed his M72 and he pulls the trigger. Two rounds hit the man who insulted his brother in the chest. He stumbled and staggered into Hidemi’s line of fire. Before he could react, Hidemi accidentally shot him in the back. The thug fell face first on the ground and did not get up. Several rounds from a Strelets thug with APS hit Donnie in the abdomen. The Cactuz homie with Uzi was also hit. He was hit three times in the abdomen and two in the head. Hidemi fired and hit the gangster with the APS. “Don’t those Suckers have give up?”

There was final group of 87th and Strelets. One of Hidemi’s comrades was killed from a hail of rounds from an Uzi. He dropped dead and his MP5A2 feel aside his body. Hidemi fired her AIMS-74 before her gun ran out of ammo. She hit that man in the head. Plotmir took an H&K G36K from his dead crew. “Some of our crew was killed. We have to go back before those fools return fire!” He demanded. Both he and Bogdan open fire at the FBI. Four agents were cut down by hail of rounds. Gin took a MP9 from a dead 87th soldier after his SG550 dried out.

Arnold ignored Jodie as he yelled at the WCC, “Whassup you Coast Bustas? Have another day to war?” Hidemi took an Mk 14 with red-dot sight from a dead Strelets homie. She checked the gun as she did not know how a street gang has several military-grade weapons. A Stagea pulled up near the intersection. Two Pavlović mob got out from the car, they carrying Zastava M92s. Bogdan scooped one of them. He was hit four times in the groin and waist. The other one aimed his gun at him but before he could use it, Hidemi fired at him. She hit him in the side and back of his head. Bogdan hollered at his crew inside the house, “I need some shit over here!”

Three Bogdan’s crew ran out from the house. Two of them carrying Uzi and the last gang member hold a RPK. They opened fire and five FBI agents cut down in hail of bullets. “Now I know why the 87th was dangerous gang. They’re using military weapons and using a lotta tactics to scoop us out!” Arnold grumbled. Hidemi fired and hit twenty rounds and nailed two of them. The gangster with RPK had his brains blown out. One of the goons with Uzi had his stomach shot. He fell to the road crawling. Arnold stood over the wounded mobster and fired rounds from his P90 to his face. “Say hello, fool! Dead gangsta won’t smile…”

The other with Uzi sprayed his gun sideways at the FBI. He managed to score several kills but Moines fired at him, three rounds hit him in the side. Before he could return fire, Gin gunned him with three shots in the back. Avig talked to someone, “Rirk, we could bang the Ballas when they are storing the dust. Also we can move to Hepburn to expand our territory.” Gin whispered to Hidemi, “Kir, shot him before he turns at you. I’ll distract several 87th for that…”

Hidemi pulls an Mk 23 with a red dot sight mounted on it. She silently approaches Avig, who is calling someone, “Wait, you can’t asking the Rascalov. Niko finishes them off after Dimitri was dead. Or you could have an alliance with Prokhorov family.” He keeps talking despite Hidemi already pointed her Mk 23 at him, “Rirk, I guess that we talk about that someday. AV out…” He hangs up the phone. Avig scoffed “Aw, shit…”

Hidemi warned, “You're a dead gangsta unless you do exactly as I say. Give the phone to...” Her words were cut as Avig drops his phone, breaking it to half. He turned against Hidemi, “You want to kill me, ja?”

“Alright, I’m having some question to you. Who are Prokhorov and The Ballas?” Hidemi demanded.

Avig calmly answer her question, “Hold up, Hondou… I do not know about them… Even I ain’t know about the Baller or the shipment. Can’t you let it go?”

Hidemi did not agree about that, “Tell me about them or I’ll put a tip on your head. If you told them, I’ll let you walk away…”

Avig retorted, “Aw hell no! I ain’t want to do so. Els-” His words were cut as Hidemi taking him hostage. Bogdan noticed this and he warned at her, “Let him go! Let him go, motherfucker!”

Hidemi pointed her Mk 23 at Plotmir’s crew who firing at the Westside, “No one shooting your weapon or this man gets it!” Karol looked at the standoff, he yelled to his crew, “I don’t know what will happen if the shooting was stopped. But cease fire now!”

A Strelets with MP5 shouted, “Plotmir! Hondou has taken Avig hostage!”

Hidemi glared at him, “Shut up! If you keep talking, I have to shot him!”

Gin warned, “Kir, careful. If you shot them, they’ll kill you in retaliation!”

Avig grinned, “Kill me, my boy gladly cap your brother up!”

Hidemi growled, she pressed her Mk 23 at Avig’s neck, “Shut up, mudak! I swear to God that I’ll kill this slovoch!” He replied after a concern in his mind, “Whatever you want, I’ll tell it. But, let me show you all about loyalty.” Avig pulls a pin of the grenade, forcing Hidemi to let him loose. “Long live the 87th! We shall crush the enemies upon our foot” Bogdan rallied his crew. Hidemi angrily shouted, “Son of a bitch!” She knocked the grenade out of Avig’s hands. The grenade rolled under one of the Vista Cruisers, much to Bogdan’s horror. He hollered, “Aw, for suck’s sake! I aint want to convert my car to scrap!”

During the commotion, Avig pushes Hidemi's Mk 23 away, and attempts to stab her. However, he fails and Hidemi manages to shoot Avig in the shoulder. “I ain’t wanna have truce with you scum! See ya later, prick!” He shouted. Avig heard his crew yelled at him, “Get in man!” He saw a ’02 Deville who escorted by two Buick Regal.

One of Avig’s guards fired an AKS-74U and hit one of the FBI agents. Two rounds hit the FBI agent in the head. However, his luck was short lived as Hidemi shot him in the side. Bogdan returned fire with his Spectre, hitting a Cactuz in the leg, tearing his kneecap. The Cactuz howled in pain as this happened. Bogdan fired a Desert Eagle at another Cactuz thug, hitting him in the head. The shot blew his head apart in bloody chunks of brain and skull.

Avig took an Uzi from his crew. He fired as he running to the limo. The 87th with SG550 take the bag full of coke while firing. One of the other 87th Crew that had driven the Vista Cruisers got in the limo. As the Strelets with Kahstan feel back, he too got in the sedan. He fired while he did. One of Ethan’s comrades were hit and blood gushed from the wounds to her throat as it came from her like a sprinkler as she sagged to the ground, dead.

Hidemi fired at the Strelets with Kahstan who just wounded her father’s comrades with three rounds in the throat. Hidemi fired five shots, three of them hitting the Strelets in the chest while the other rounds tore his head, hitting the brain stem, and he was dead before hit the ground.

Avig got in the back seat of the limo. He looked to the front seat, “Yo, where the fuck is Riga?” He asked the driver with shrug.

The driver replied. “They holding off the CB and the Feds. I aint know how long they can hold them off!” Riga falls back to the limo, firing his UMP. He got in the back seat. Bogdan run off into one of the Regals, he got in the driver seat.

The driver shouted as his limo didn’t start, “Come on! Stupid piece of shit car!”

Several FBI agent and Cactuz gang firing upon the limo but Hidemi prevented them, “It’s useless! His car was built like a tank!”

Dex turned at Arnold, “Hey, waste that fool” Arnold pointed his P90 at a captured 87th Crew.

Hidemi stopped him, “Wait, if we pressured him a bit he’ll tell us where the coke.”

Arnold snickered, “Help us? He could DIE for us!” He shoot the captured 87th Crew in the head. The shot blew his head apart in bloody chunks of brain and skull. Sera clapped her hands over her mouth as she witnesses this. Hidemi protested, “What the fuck? He surrendered!”

Dex said, “What do you care anyway? Everyone wants to ice every 87th Crew until that archaic fool was dead!”

Hidemi snapped, “That was a cold blooded murder! I am not a moralist but I wouldn’t shoot unarmed people on the ground!”

Dex scoffed, “Yo, did you want to spare him? No? Then shut your fucking mouth up, mudak!” Hidemi glared at him because that.

Donnie scowled, “God, I'm looking forward to tear those assholes apart.” He fired his Zastava M72 at the Westside near Rafik’s house. He hit one of them in the side and crotch.

Dex sarcastically replied, “Donnie, while we arrived at the ‘hotel’, we’re killing every motherfucker in there.”

Donnie grinned, “Good…”

Stake saw Moines with Cuda running outside, his crew escorted them. One of them carried a bag, while the other homie firing their gun at the FBI.

Moines spotted Arnold with four Cactuz gangster, “Oh shit, he found me again! Plan’s gone to shit. We got the Feds and Cactuz on our ass!” He said with sarcasm. He switched over to his AKS-74. He aimed the gun and nailed a Cactuz with HK-21 in the head. Several his men started to scatter.

Karol screamed, “Bro, we need to get outta here!” He with a Westside thug jumped to a ’84 Firebird and sped away from the scene. Moines was driving the van with Radoslav and the remnant of his soldiers. Cuda hijack a ’75 Camaro SS and flee to the north.  The song Lonely World by Limp Bizkit was playing at one of the Cactuz cars.

No matter how hard I can try inside a lonely world…

Arnold ceased fire as the van sped away. He turned to saw his sister was bleeding badly. She coughed up blood again. Arnold turned to his crew. “Shit… Somebody called an ambulance! Call a fucking ambulance!” Dex called the ambulance for him. So did the neighbors. Jodie was going into shock. Donnie stared at Arnold’s sister, "Hang on, sister… Stay with me..." Jodie was losing consciousness.

Dex checked the watch. It was been more than three minutes. “Where the hell’s the ambulance?” Hidemi checked her pulse. Nothing. She began to give her CPR. Ran was sobbing, begging for Jodie to wake up. Sera tried to console her friend. Gin was speechless.

No one can hear me when I cry inside a lonely world…

As Hidemi tried to give her the kiss of life, she thought, “Not again. I already lost a friend. Not again. Come on! Please God...Please...” Arnold saw Ran was crying. “Jodie-sensei…” Tears filled her eyes as Hidemi tried to bring her friend back to life.
I'll never know the reasons why inside a lonely world…
Arnold looked at his sister, “Jodie…”

Such a lonely world (Such a lonely world…)

Hidemi gritted her teeth.


Cliffhanger! What do you think? Am I doing the characters right? The 87th Crew was based on 18th Street gang. The ambush of Plotmir’s cousin based on the ambush at one of the Corelone members in The Godfather. How about Cuda? How did I do on that? Developing a street gang or let his crew declare war at his rival gang? I will try and fill the plot hole in DC and GTA. Also, what happen if Eisuke hunted by some gangster? Why Vova know if X was cheated death? How about the North Holland on Dwayne’s lead? Did Hidemi know about The Rollerz and The Ballas? Can Jodie survived or not? What will happen next?
I also packed some surprise on the next chapter so stay tuned.

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Better Dayz Chapter 13:  New Jack City
A/N: Now I’m continuing where I left off with Hidemi as realizing the ambulance didn’t arrive and more angry gangsters are on her way. LOL. All right, here we go…




Hidemi still watched Jodie. Dex hollered to Arnold in a sudden, “These pushovers always didn’t arrive on time, man! Let me take her to the hospital!” Donnie noticed several muscle cars, which painted blue with several gangsters inside. Gin looked at them with a sigh, “Welcome to World War VIII, sheep.” He reloaded his MP9. Hidemi identified them as Northside Rollerz, they aren’t in good mood because her colleague along with her cousin are their lifelong sworn enemies. One of the Rollerz stepped out from a ’97 Mustang. He wore blue jacket and black racing pants. Donnie knows him as Brian Clark. He was the man who led the Rollerz after the original leader behind them was dead.


Brian shouted with a scowl, “Listen, Hondou. Your family are really fucked my life and my gang. First, you with that fool with shitty hair fucked up our annual race. Then you ruined out our shipment, and our crew just took it. And now the FBI killed Rica, then Spookie, and who knows what the fuck they do to Luka, my crack factory and etcetera.” Hidemi shouted in defense, “Maybe we’re responsible for crashing your race and raiding your shipment. But we didn’t know if Rica and your boss are killed. Even we didn’t know about Luka, your mechanic-” Dex snapped her words. He shouted with sarcasm, “Fuck Spookie and fuck his rich-ass assassins and fuck the whole game! Oh, the Ascoli don't give a holy fuck about some targets, frame other jackass, busta!” Hidemi frowned at him again.


A Rollerz with blue vest draw an Uzi, “Now you listen to me, you loudmouthed prick. Now this is our game and you should find another rat slinger.” Several Rollerz thugs are drawing their weapon. Donnie aimed his Zastava M72 at the Rollerz. Dex manically snickered, “Aw, shit. The Mafioso would proud at me, the motherfucking genius!” Hidemi glared at him, which Dex replied with a scoff, “Hey, the Rollerz was your cousin’s lifelong sworn enemy. You should aid him, not glare at me fool!”


Brian brandished a M654 carbine. He rallied his troops, “Light them up, brother! We’re bust these pesky fool and his ill-fated Araldi-” Before he could finish his words, a woman snapped his words. “I don’t think so…” Brian looked to a woman in front of Hidemi. She wore a red track jacket and a cream jeans. Brian looked at her with a scorn. He waved his M654, “Aw, great. Kaeko. You need to watch your daughter there. Or shall I’ll called you Kats?”


Dex cursed, “Motherfucker! She’s should been dead!” Hidemi looked at her mother, “Kaeko? What are you doing here…?” She asked. Kaeko told her, “Hidemi, let me take over this.” She brandishes a MP7 and held it with her left hand. Kaeko looked at Dex “Dex, I’m still alive! Who’s said I was dead?” She asked him. Dex replied with a snort, “Hell, I don’t know!” Kaeko stared at him, “Dex, you should carry Jodie to the hospital. Arnold will head there first…” He was unsure about his, “You sure this can work, Kaeko? They could kill you right now.”
Kaeko nodded, “We’ll hold them off as you with my daughter carry Jodie to the hospital. I also have problem with the Rollerz. Just go.” She ordered Dex and he runs to his car. He popped the trunk and Hidemi asked him, “Did you have any hardware?” Dex snickered, “Of course I have, Hondou-sama! I have four RPG-22s, the ‘K-74 with grenade launcher and drum-mag and the other thing at the truck of my car... My boy, 1ce will love it…”  Hidemi took an Mk 46 Mod 0 from the trunk of Dex’s car as he takes the AK-74. Dex saw a Cactuz thug with white hat and black shirt approached him. He looked at Dex, “Yo, homie. We could used the alternative route to cut them off.” He stated. Dex hands him a MAC-10. “I need your skill to drive this shit and swerving through the n00bside Rich-ass crews, 1ce. But first we need to carry Arnold’s older sister to the car.” He ordered.


Hidemi looked at his car, a tuned ’08 Buick Lucerne that Dex called it as ‘Infuego’. She got in the backseat. 1ce placed Jodie in the backseat, her head resting on Hidemi’s lap. “We should bring her to the hospital quickly or she couldn’t make it.” She said. Dex scoffed, “All I had do is set some drive-by songs. Arnold is heading to the Haido Central Hospital with his homie, while we must hold those dreaded Rollerz when carrying his sister to the hospital. 1ce, you drive my car.” 1ce laughed and said, “I’m on it, brotha…”
They were listening to 106.66 The Trash. The song, A Lesson Never Learned by Asking Alexandria was playing. 1ce drive his crew from the Teitan High School, leaving Kaeko with the others to face Brian’s crew. Several cars painted blue are chasing them. Dex hollered with sarcasm, “There’s no Northside Rollerz! But the N00bside Rich-ass would have their crew owned with the Ascoli family!” Hidemi opened fire and hit the driver in an ’86 Camaro and the car crashed into a lamp pole. Dex sarcastically laughed, “That’s gonna hurt…” He began unloaded on the front shield of the other car. He hit the driver in the neck and the car swerved, crashing into another car on the street.
1ce drive them passing Grand Toriya Bridge. He scoffed, “Man, she’s not looking good. What’s these fools doing at her? Throwing shoes?” Hidemi scolded him, “No time to explain, playa. Just drive to the hospital…” More Rollerz followed Dex’s car. He fired the GP-30 at his AK-74. He hit a Rollerz Magnum and killed all of the occupants. Hidemi aimed her Mk 46. She flattens the tire of a Rollerz Suburban and the car crashed into an oncoming traffic as it swerve out of control. Dex cynically yelled, “Take that, you pep school asshole!”
1ce asked her, “How you doing there, Hondou-sama?” Hidemi told him, firing her MK 46. “Don’t worry about me, I can tear these fools apart! Keep focusing on the front.” As she finishes her talk, the song was interrupted by a news. This is Rodney Calles from the newsroom. Several bloodthirsty Northside Rollerz is heading to Haido, chasing a maroon Lucerne after they engaged FBI and Cactuz in the gang war. I’m sorry if I interrupted the song. Back to you, Oden
The Trash 106.66’s DJ, Garen Raznović aka Oden spoke up, “The next song is Farewell, Mona Lisa by The Dillinger Escape Plan. If you hate this song, I am going to your house and kick you in the neck! So, enjoy it…” Hidemi sighed, “Great, I hate any kind of heavy metal.” Her words were abruptly cut as Dex snapped her words. “Yo, what the fuck is this bullshit? Motherfucker!” Hidemi frowned on Dex, she addressing him with a glare. 1ce hollered in a sudden, “Aw, shit. Someone could take care of them…”
Dex took a RPG-22. He leaned out of the car and he fired the RPG-22. Two cars exploded and four Rollerz caught in the explosion. 1ce plowed the remnant of the roadblock, much to Dex’s outcry. He scoffed, “Aw shit! My car! My fuckin’ car!” Hidemi looked at Dex in an icy look. He complained at 1ce, ignoring Hidemi who glared at him. “Busta, watch the damn road! I should pay a shitload of money for this!” He switched the radio to 102.23 Ice-C Radio. The song I Don’t Give A Fuck by 2Pac was playing. Dex started to sing along the song as he kept firing his AK-74.
1ce groaned, “Aw, shit. He’s listening to rap!” Dex yelled back, “I don't give a fuck. They done push me to the limit I'm all in. I might blow up any minute, did it again. Now I'm in the back of the paddy wagon. While this cops bragging about the nigga he's jackin.” He said in reference to the song. Hidemi shouted at them in anger. “Could you shut the fuck up right now or I would do that to you!” Dex replied at her with a scoff, “Yo, fuck you! This my car and we can to whatever the I’m want!” He decided to switch the radio station to prevent Hidemi getting mad at him again even he owns the car. Dex changed it to Still Free FM. “Wrong song…” Dex grumbled and he switched the radio station to 97.5 CubeteX. System 11:11 by Powerman 5000 was playing.
Hidemi aimed her Mk 46, letting off ninety rounds at Rollerz. She killed the passenger in the front seat and the driver. The bullet also shattered the car’s window. Hidemi let off another stream of bullets. She hit the driver in the head, causing the car crashed into a van. A civilian was in middle of the street. 1ce ran him over. The guy rolled off the hood as he put the pedal to the metal. “Watch your road, asshole!” He switched the radio station to 106.66 The Trash. The song Rise, Rebel, Resist by Otep played. Hidemi scowled at him, “You ran over a gangster, fool!”
Dex yelled with a sarcasm, “I don’t fucking care, Hidemi! He’s wore green and this time changed to red!” He emptied the rounds from his AK-74 at a Corolla speeding after them. He lit the front seat killing both the driver and shooter. Hidemi started to aid him and she sprayed her Mk 46 at the other Rollerz’s car. Three rounds hit the driver in the chest while twenty rounds hit the passenger. Dex looked back. “That’s possibly the last of these pep school motherfuckers. That’s was tight encounter, playa!” He snickered. Hidemi replied with a laugh, “Tight? Man, that’s was insane. You almost killed us.”
1ce drove them through Haido City as fast as possible. Finally they got to the hospital and 1ce looked Arnold was waiting there with his crew. Dex and 1ce carried Jodie into the hospital. Arnold looked at them in confusion, “Yo where’s the Rollerz, man? I thought Kaeko want me to shot that motherfucker!” He asked them. Hidemi got out from Dex’s car. She looked at Arnold and answered, “We blasted them and outmaneuvered them. In the other day, we would bust them for their crime.”
Arnold told her, “I know they are got mad over your cousin and my sister. But these pep school started to smuggling cars from Europe and using scrambler to cover their car from the law enforcements. Stupid gangstas…” He went to 1ce. They got Jodie on a stretcher and they began whee her away. Both Dex and Hidemi had their blood on their clothes. “I didn’t know why those pep school tried to kill us both! I hope Jodie could forgive me about this!” Dex growled. “Who’s gonna blame? Either the Suckass and with his rival, Coast Bustas or the Rollerz with their servants!”
Hidemi was stressed with this but she calmly said, “I know these Suckass and the 87th shot Jodie. You just saved her life. You’re good than my cousin, Alec… We’ll find that fucker who shot Jodie. Rafik is gonna die too…” Her iPhone rings. She checked the message. It was from PBX. Yo, these Ass-side fuckers started to make us crazy. We will have a deal with them along with the Aliyev Family. Head to North Minorca on Banarec Island and don’t brought any fucking cats there or thing’s going sour. X
Hidemi sighed, “I guess that I need to watch him from the Appeside Posse.” Her iPhone rings again.
Punk crack bitches! These Ass-Side cats tried to play smart. Ice these crack-cats and don’t be playing! It’s a life or death matter…
Hidemi frowned, “For real?” She then called Gin, “Gin, I need your help now. Some life-less gangsters tried to play smart with X.” He replied with a scoff, “What do you want, Kir? I just already kick some n00bside with your mother. Anyway, how about Jodie?” Hidemi flatly replied, “We’re just taker her into the hospital. The n00bside also trying to cap us but Dex owned them. This is about X. He was dealing with Appeside Posse.”
Gin wondered, “X? What happen with him?”
Hidemi scowled, “Hell, I don’t know about him. You need to pick me on Haido Central Hospital then pick him on North Minorca at Banarec Island.” She hangs up her iPhone. Dex looked at her, “Who are you calling, playa? I thought some ras clot would bang your cousin inna Hepburn, seen?” he asked. Hidemi shot Dex a funny look. “No, my cousin could smoked these ras clot before they are going fe the Liberty City. Anyway, I thought we may talk about the Fentanyl but I have some errands to do.” She replied and she runs into Gin’s car.
Gin spoke up, “Kir. I have something on this car if the Appeside trying to ice us both.” He set the radio to Zarná FM, a new Hip Hop station in Hepburn. The song Throw it Up by D12 was played. Gin floored it, leaving the hospital.
(North Minorca, Banarec Island)
Gin sped down the street. Suddenly a shot busted through the windshield as he reached a bar named Vain FerN. Several gangsters wearing yellow clad emerged from a bar. They started firing at the people who wearing hip-hop clothing and Russian mobs. In addition, Hidemi found some dead bodies down on the ground too. She frowned, “I thought X want us to aid him but he just starting his own spree.” Just then, several rounds went through his windshield. Gin looked and saw an Appeside fired an AK-74 at his car. Hidemi took a MAC-11 from the dashboard and returned fire. She nailed the Appeside with AK-74, and he hit the ground hard. One of the Russian mobsters hollered, “Огонь в их направлении!” (Fire in their direction!)
One of the Aliyev mobsters fired a Kedr PP-91. He hit two Appeside before he went to cover and reloaded his PP-91. Another, wearing gray jacket and jeans fired a .357 Desert Eagle one handed and he hit an Appeside gangsta with TEC-22. It blasted a hole in his torso due the velocity of the .357 rounds. Gin stopped his car near a T-intersection. He pulls his Beretta 92FS and he looked at Hidemi. “Clean these yellow-clad gangster and find Trey. I’m will sit here.” He told her.
Hidemi got out from Gin’s car. One of the Appeside gangstas sprayed an Uzi on her. She returned fire hitting him in the chest, his Uzi still going off as he fell. An Appeside thug dressed in a white shirt and a yellow hat fired a MP5 on her from a red Mustang GT. Hidemi focused on the chest of the gangster. She fired. The white shirt turned instantly red. The gang member feels off the car.
A Hustler wearing cyan jacket and baggy pants fired a MAC-10. He nailed an Appeside with Glock 21 in the chest. The guy staggered holding his bleeding chest and he tried to regain balance but the Hustler with MAC-10 put another slug to his head. An Appeside thug emerged from the bar. He wore yellow sweater and a black bandana. He aimed an AKS-74 on the Russian mobster. He fired and he hit one of them and wound two others. Hidemi noticed him and she smirked on him, “Hey, I thought the Andrews didn’t want to screw my family out.”
The Appeside with AKS-74 replied with sarcasm, “Yo, Andrew started to order your death after one of his crew saw a CIA agent snoop our operation. Therefore, I caught him and rigged that idiota to blow, blasting some Feds when they raid our front. Even we would shot that suckass redneck before we cut his body and sent it to his friends to show that we aint pushover!” He fired and three rounds hit the Hustler with MAC-10 stomach and the man fell and the second round tore into his shoulder and left his collar bone exposed from the gruesome gunshot wound.
Hidemi retorted, “You cut his dead body, you racist fuck? Fuck you! This is what happens when you rip us off! That was our comrade!” The gangster with AKS-74 scorned, “Fuck you! Let you all die in misery and let Andrew took your brother’s eye-” his words were cut as Hidemi fired at him, emptying her MAC-11, hitting him in the chest, arm and abdomen. Despite his wounds, he kept firing his AKS-74 on her. Two Russian mobsters sprayed their gun on the gangster who insulted Hidemi and they gunned him with eight shots to the back.
The Aliyev with .357 Desert Eagle looked at Hidemi, “Hey, thank you for helping us. Emir would be thanked for taking out the Appeside.” Hidemi smiled, “Thanks, actually I want to find Trey aka Playboy X. Did you see him?” She asked them and the Aliyev mobster with PP-91 asked at a girl with black shirt, “I don’t see that guy. Angela, did you see your brother.” Angela answered, “ I don’t see him- Shit, there he is!” Hidemi spotted Playboy X firing an USAS-12 automatic shotgun at the retreating Appeside crew. He hit a Appeside with yellow t-shirt in the left leg. Before the guy crumble to the asphalt, X fired again. The shotgun blast took the back of his head completely off, leaving only part of the skull still intact but with gray matter and broken teeth jutting out while his skull, fluids, and chunks of flesh rained down.
Playboy X hollered, “You forgot this, nigga! Appeside killa! AK for that ass!” He said in disrespect to the Appeside. Hidemi watched the gruesome death. She sighed, “Trey…” Four Appeside crew ran into a car. A Hustler wearing red sweater fired an OTs-33 Pernach. He hit one of them. The three other got into a ’69 Polara and drive off. X looked at him. “Don’t worry about that shit, money. It’s all under control now…” He said with a smirk.
X pulled a clacker and he presses it. As the Polara was pulling away from the apartment, Hidemi heard the boom of an explosion and this brought a frown to her face. She aimed her emptied MAC-11 on them. The Hustler with sweater aimed his OTs-33 Pernach on her but Trey told him, “Lower your gun, this is our allies, money.” He looked at Hidemi. “You got shocked with the surprise for our ‘guest’?” He asked her. Hidemi negatively replied, “What’s this”
The Hustler with OTs-33 Pernach scowled, “Who this brunette, X? Are she from the rival-” Hidemi snapped his words. “No! We’re his friends. Lower your gun now…” She firmly replied and the Hustler with Pernach did what she says. Gin looked at X and the Hustler with OTs-33 Pernach. He got out from his car and asked them, “What the hell is going on? What I’m missing?” He slyly asked. Playboy X answered with a shrug, “We just talking about to infiltrate Luppo but the deal’s gone shit! These motherfuckers firing on me but thankfully the Aliyev are save my life! You miss a lot, Kelly!”
Gin narrowed his eyes on him, “Don’t say that name again.” The Hustler with OTs-33 Pernach asked with a scoff, “Then who I called you, sucker? A fool wore trenchcoat and some shitty silver hair?” Hidemi silenced him, “Shut up, man. Gin didn’t like to be called Kelly.” Trey coolly replied, “Money, be cool. Alright? We do not need to argue about Gin’s name. We just argue about the apartment. Anybody agree about that?”
A Russian mob runs emerged from a Pontiac Trans-AM. Playboy X told Hidemi, “Yo, easy. That’s my man right there. The Aliyev’s Pakhan, Emir Zhukov.” Gin looked at the mobster, “What do you got?” He asked them and Emir spoke up, “These mudak tried to be superstar. We aint got some shit there but they got the favor for Don Arteo.” X cursed under his breath, “Don Arteo? What are he talking about? Guns? Drugs?”
The Aliyev with PP-91 looked at the Mustang GT which peppered with rounds, “Then I got this shit on the car over there. I don’t know if the drugs was heroin or what. Can someone identify it?” Hidemi nodded, “Fentanyl, a designer drug. Ari told me that this drug could kill you even when you tried it first. He called it Putaw. In his country, this was the most drug consumed, along with the deaths caused by it below the Methamphetamine.”
X wondered, “What’s the difference between Fentanyl and Heroin?” He asked. Hidemi told him, “Because the Fentanyl were cheaper than heroin and the effect was bigger than morphine or heroin. Maybe can be around a hundreds of times stronger than the morphine despite the euphoria effect not so fast than the morphine and heroin. But the effect is fatal too, as the purity of the Fentanyl sold in the black market is unexplainable. As far as I know, estimated lethal dose of pure Fentanyl is 2 mg” X laughed, “2 mg? No shit! You gotta be kidding” Hidemi replied with a warning, “I not kidding, Trey. You should stay away from it if you want to enjoy your second-life.” Emir coolly asked, “So, Trey?”
X spoke up, “Alright, we have some real problem. Not only the Ass-side who tried to took the package without paying, now the Seven Families tried to kill us right now. Especially the Ascoli and Araldi family.” Hidemi scowled, “Hold up, why Araldi Family was included in the Families?” She asked him.
Emir cleared his throat, “Shit is rough, after a fierce war against the Tammaro in Tollburg they finally got a seat in the Families. They even tried to wipe out the Tammaro for their goal. First, they killed Tammaro’s mademan, Fabia Alivesi with a car bomb when he attending a meeting with Aldisi Family in Stanza Park. Then, the Araldi’s don, Macaria personally heading toward the Jolanda’s Pizza to kill every Tammaro gang member he can find following their attempt on his life. They even killed several FBI agents after they raid their front and killed Macaria’s son, Davide. Then Davide’s brother, Vitale killed a CIA agent, Herbert Rusnell and rigged his dead body with explosives while his goon killed Herbert’s family in a ruthless way and detonating the bomb in Willis Garden City.”
Hidemi gritted her teeth, “Then how about the rampage at The Laurel Quarter?” Angela answered, “Macaria and his crew killed a lot of Bitossi Mafioso, along with innocent people. They wear military grade bulletproof vest, riding a modified Mercedes-Benz W212 E-Guard and circling around The Laurel Quarter to kill every Bitossi gang member they can find. At least 212 people dead because that.”
Trey snickered. “Guys, here’s the deal. We need to lay low first before we plan these thing out. Shit, now where’s I gonna hide from these cats?” Hidemi replied with a smile, “Just don’t panic right now. Now just get to my house at Beachgate Park and lay low.”




Lokar’s Job: Resurrection
(McClaffin Airport, Carver Island)
Peter Lokar was arrived at McClaffin Airport. He had flown in from Los Santos. He wears grey jacket and an olive turtleneck. He comes with his dealer, Juan and his loyal soldier, Sasha. Juan recognized an Oldsmobile Delta 88. The car stopped in the front of Lokar and Rico got out.
Juan greeted him, “Holla, my friend! How are you?”
Rico replied with a grin, “I’m fine. Thanks.”
Lokar looked at him, “Hey, we just arrived in this city. I gotta to take my car at Adler before we go to your house.”
Sasha interrupted, “Bro, you can’t forget me. You helped Lokar to raise our gang. And why you brought same bucket ass car?” He thanked Rico.
Lokar replied, “He can’t forget us. And why we must look at Bohan after a taxi depot was burned in Broker?”
Rico had been living in Beika for nine months, ever since the assassination of Lenny Petrovic in Liberty City and Express Car Service was burned by Russian gangsters. He was born and raised in Florida. Their family was a part of a gang called the Eastside Nights. Sasha was a member of Wallachia Heights in Florida. Rico's parents feared that he would follow Sasha's footsteps so they moved him back to Liberty City. They were not people in legit businesses, sure but the crime game was a whole other level. It was dangerous. After Rico’s family was killed in an accident in 1998, he with his brother, Allen started to selling firearms to gangsters until now. Allen had been killed this morning and Sasha’s cousin had been murdered in a shootout in Alderney.
Now it seemed that Sasha was only family Rico had left. “I’m sorry about Allen, man. The funeral is set for Thursday at 13:00” Sasha told him. Rico looked at Lokar, “What are you doing in Los Santos?” He asked.
Lokar replied, “We got some gangster taking our stuff for coke. Shit, I can think if one of the smugglers was Reck, the manager of A-WOL. That smartass nigga who stole the CTV’s rhymes book and some Alleviant gangsters stole his prized car. I aint give a shit but it’s the truth now” Rico snapped, “Like that? What happen with Krazy and R-115?”
Sasha looked at him. His face is serious, “Shit happens.” Juan stops his car in front of a railroad crossing. “Grove blame Hustlers, Hustlers blame FBI. Bad blood leads to bad blood.” Sasha told Rico.
Rico snickered, “Then what happen with the rivalry?” Lokar spoke up, “R-115 was shot dead by one of his fans in Berchem, Alderney. This wasn’t happen on his rival, Krazy because he was lucky. Word is, he’s performing a concert in this city next week. And we got some of his rival was affiliated with underworld gangs.”
Sasha looked at him, “I got some fools were hate on R-115, that fake-ass before his death in 2006. He’s same with Loc, but he was dead in 1994. And they turned to Dogg and his manager, CJ”
Rico raised an eyebrow, “CJ? Who is he?” The car passed the railroad crossing after the train passing by. “Carl Johnson aka CJ. The brother of Sean Johnson or some of his men called him as Sweet. They running a gang named Grove St. Families.” Lokar said. Rico smoking a Cuban cigar, “I know some of his crew. They were in war against his sworn enemies, Ballas before they have truce in 2000. Some people called it as Eternal Wars. How about the Ballas?”
Juan spoke up. “The Ballas was founded in 70s either in Glen Park or East Los Santos. Around 80s, they controlling the crack market and use this tactic to take out his rival out of LS. They were in their overnight success before they were fall after several Ballas high member were killed. Between 1996 until 2005, they started to smuggle heroin from Balkan to be exchanged for cars and guns. Their tactics also invite FBI to investigate about the supplier of the H.”
(Adler, Beika City)
The car stopped near a garage in Adler one hour later. Lokar got out of the car and Sasha pulled a .45 pistol. Rico scowled, “Eh, eh? What the fuck is going on?” Juan said firmly, “I afraid those fools were lying about the car.” Rico brandished a Micro-Uzi. He looked at Juan and said, “If I were Lokar, I’ll smack those fools in the head.”
Juan took a PM-06 from the dashboard. Sasha saw Lokar walking back to Rico’s car. “Well, how about it?” Lokar pulled an MP5K from his jacket, “The Westside are taking my fucking car. We gotta take it back by force!” Juan snickered, “What? You want us to retrieve your car back? From the Westside?”
Lokar insisted, “They’re always stole my car anyway. They are in East Miramire. I swear that the mechanics was paying some protection money at the Westside. I got my Firebirds were taken by Vercetti goons in 1998. Now this? My fucking lovely car was taken by some buster for protection money?” Juan sighed, “Whatever. I aint got shit about that.” Lokar got in the back seat. Rico turns the radio to 106.66 The Trash FM. The song Resurrection by Chimaira was playing. The car leaves the garage and went to Miramire district where Lokar’s car taken.
Juan finally arrived in East Miramire fifteen minutes later. He pulled the car near a house. Lokar looked at the housing in the north and found his car at one of the houses. Several Westside gangsters also found at the housing. One of them was holding an Uzi. He wears Tyrian shirt and a palm hat. The other Westside crew has their guns out too. Sasha recognized him, “Hey, I know this fool. He’s jack my car and sold it to a chop shop. Some of his crew called him as Lunky.”
Rico shot him a funny look, “Lunky? Did those fools jack your car? He does have to pull this shit and joining the Westside. What a buster…” Sasha looked at him, “Whatever. Those fools didn’t know if we ready to cap them…” Rico scoffed, “I gonna order you to kill someone who I dislike.” He turned the radio to Shakehead FM. The song Lean on Me by Limp Bizkit was played. Lokar sighed, “Much worse than we encounter Erru and the FBI. Fortunately, they’re dead now.”
Rico pulled his Micro-Uzi, “No, I was referring to a Polish hood called Karol, a Romanian cocaine supplier called Adohalv, an African American arms dealer who calls himself Paul, some rapper guy named Hang 27, an announcer called named Rena Mizunashi, and a doctor who buys dead bodies so he can sell the organs. If you're losing money at the tables you might be able to sell some body parts to him for a quick buck.”
Juan scoffed, “Man, you know a lot of people who you disliked. Hold up, did you know about Rena?” He asked him. Rico told them, “Yeah, and we found that Rena was Kir, a Black Organization agent. They aren’t match for my crew!” He noticed two Westside thug was inside Lokar’s car. “Look, they’re scooped us out!”
Sasha laughed, “Damn, Rico. You’re jinx!” Juan and Lokar got out and they approached his supposed car. He leveled his MP5K at the gangster inside his car, “Give up the car, asshole! This is our car!”
One of the Westside homies at Lokar’s car flipped him. He got out from the car. The homie held a .40 pistol. He fired and two rounds grazed Juan in the thigh. He fired again, but Juan returned fire with his PM-06. He managed to hit the thug in the chest. The man stumbled to the ground as he screamed in pain. Juan decided to put him out of his misery with a shot to the back. “You aren’t a gangster anymore, puto…” He said with a grin. A Westside soldier ran outside Lokar’s car, he held a Glock 18. He yelled, “You’re really fucked up for what did you doing now, dickhead.”
The Westside soldier sprayed his Glock 18 at Rico’s car. The front shield shattered by stream of bullets. Rico shouted, “Aww shit! I just got this car from Bohan!” He fired his Micro-Uzi from the car before the thug aimed his Glock 18 at him. Six rounds hit the guy in the abdomen and two more rounds tore his neck. “How you can aim perfectly from cover?” Sasha asked.
Rico replied, “Learned from the best.” He ducked out from his car to the trunk as his car riddled with bullets. Sasha follows him and Rico opened up the trunk, revealing a M16A2 with M203 grenade launcher and an AK-47 with drum-mag and grip. The AK also mounted a Kobra sight on it.
Sasha surprised with Rico’s weapons. “Where the fuck are you getting the weapon? You stole them from a military base?” He asked with a frown.
Rico replied with a snicker, “It is Lokar’s gift to me. You can pick the AK or M16A2. Your choice.” Sasha took the AK as Rico acquired his M16A2. He saw a ’76 Impala pulled up near the street. Rico turned to the car and he shouted, “You want to play rough, motherfucker? Say hello to my little friend, sucker!” Rico fired the M203. BOOM!
The grenade blew up the Impala and one of the passengers was killed by the explosion. The driver survived from the explosion but Sasha shredded him in the neck. The wound was deep enough to expose his spinal cord. Rico turned and fired his gun again despite a round slammed his leg. He killed three Westside crew. Lunky fired his Uzi, shouting, “Matija will lay your ass for that, fool!” He reloading his Uzi but Juan sprayed his PM-06 at him. Six rounds tore his chest and once in the mouth. Lunky stumbled to the ground, dying with his own blood.
Sasha running to Lokar, bullets whizzed past his head. He emptied his AK at the group of Westside goons. Three rounds hit a Westside with Tokarev in the torso. Despite the wounds, the guy attempt to get up but Juan shot him in the head. Sasha protested, “Ow, shit. This gonna be long time to clean this up.”
Rico saw Lokar hotwiring his own car. “Hey! Hey! What the fuck are you doing?” Rico screeched.
Lokar snickered, “They were taking the keys! And I fell the cops are coming here!” He had a police scanner on his car. They listen to Juan. He listened at the scanner, “Okay look. They said a gangland shooting happens in East Miramire. Four gunmen, two of the gunmen are Eastern European and the other one is Bolivian. They attacked the Westside gang. All units, proceed with extreme caution…” He informed. Lokar turn the radio to 106.66 The Trash FM. The song Writing her Ballad by Asking Alexandria was played.
Rico looked at his crew. “We gotta roll to my garage in North Henequen district to lose the heat.” He demanded. Sasha saw a Mercedes SLK near a dead bystander. He got into the car and realized the car’s engine still turned on. Rico told Lokar, “I’ll catch with ya later…”
Lokar slapped hands with him and he replied, “Alright, comrades. Take care…” Rico ran to Sasha’s car and leaving the place. He pulls a Desert Eagle, “I got this scrap at my car.”
Rico examined the handgun, “This things is not loaded. I think I’ll load it later.” Sasha looked at him, “Yo, what happen with your brother?” He asked and Rico told him, “Fate’s sealed him. FBI blames Vandals and some DV mobs are mistaking my brother as a VALC gangsta.”
Sasha wondered, “You mean he is getting shot?” Rico replied with a snicker, “Yeah like that. He had been blasted this morning. So what are we doing now?” Sasha sighed but said, “If I were you, I’ll drive to your house and have some drinks.” He saw Rico racks his gun, “My brother will be buried in Sonora Hill Cemetery. I cannot think what FBI is going to do if I turned on them. First, my brother got shot then some Westside suckass stole my boss’ car and what will happen if they are found this. Shit’s fucked up.” He told him.
Sasha spoke up, his face is serious, “I know those fools had been killed, including Erru Natake. You personally drive-by on them with him. But if they are cheated death, that anybody guess…”
The song Stars by Hum was playing but then it was interrupted by a news report. Rico groaned, “Shit, can’t that news report interrupt another program than this one? That’s my favorite song!”
This is Rory Stephen, Bucket TV. A shootout occurred at East Miramire. Eighteen people were killed in the gunfight. Most of the victims are Westside gang members, including, two high-ranking members, Rane Travolta aka Lunky and Victor Jackson. MPD have no leads as to the identity of the suspect, other than that he was driving a Cadillac coupe De Ville. One of the suspects is fleeing to the West Miramire. If you know one of the shooter, call MPD hotline.
Rico sighed but he gazed at Sasha. “Victor Jackson? Who is that shit?” He asked. Sasha smoking a cigar, “I dunno, but we sure that sorry ass Lunky was dead…” He replied.
(North Henequen, Beika City)
Fifteen minutes later, they are arrived in North Henequen district. Sasha pulled his car near a tune garage. Rico looked at the sign, the sign says ‘Commodore Low Customs’. Three Eastside Nights soldier approaching Rico’s car. “That’s my crew, the old time Eastern Nights. I’ll talk with them.” He said.
One of them wore orange shirt and a black jeans. He holds a Glock 17 on his hand. “Yo Rico, who’s the Caucasian on the driver seat?” He asked Rico. Rico looked at him, “He’s old friend. His name’s Sasha and he are Bulgarian. Where’s my crew?” An Eastside Nights soldier wearing orange sweater and red bandana snickered, “You said it yourself, most of the old crew are either dead or busted by FBI... we're gonna have to start fresh.” Rico sighed but said, “That's my point. We can't really run a gang if we don't have, ya know, A FUCKING GANG!”
The thug with orange shirt blinked, “Hey, Rory is good enough but we need more. Do you have any contacts?” Rico replied, “Well, I have a lot of contacts. Maybe we have to recruit some lieutenant and some enforcer.” Sasha saw Lokar’s DB9 pulled near the other side of the road. He with Juan got out of the car. They walk to Rico’s car. “Well, it’s my friend and his dealer.” Rico announced.
The Eastside with sweater asked him, “Yo Rico, did you think the friend of yours is interested to running with us?” Lokar sighed, “If I want to roll with you, I want you to whack some Syndicate up.” He was talking with the Eastside with sweater. The Eastside with orange shirt nodded. Sasha has been interested with this offer. He told the gangster with orange shirt, “I really want to help this gang, but I need you to do me a favor. I have a friend who has my money. Could you kidnap his family?”
Juan gazed at the thug with shirt, “Before I joined your crew, I need you to have some hardware deal. It’s alright?” The Eastside with sweater recognized Juan, “Yo, your face is look alike my chief mechanic, Luka. But I appreciate you all. We still need a lotta of crew.” Rico told him, “Don’t worry, we can think about that later. This is your crib?” He pointed at an abandoned hotel near the mod garage.
The Eastside with shirt answered him, “Yeah. We just ‘evicted’ the current tenant. We have ‘moved’ them before we revive this gang. Back after when we scoop Hades Sabara in the Wimbledon and some Strelets crew for the contract killing.”
Rico shot him a funny look, “Wimbledon? For real?” The Eastside with sweater told him, “Yo, he lends some money from his friends for a heart operation for his ma but she died. Then he killed some people who owe the money in his own house. Along with the man who suggested him invest in the stock market. Hades slaughtered him along with his family and he ripped out all of their hearts one week later. One of my crew was the victim. So we decided to take revenge on Hades.”
Rico looked at the Eastside with orange sweater, “You went to London, Jonathan?” He asked.
So that’s all for this chapter. I hope you liked this chapter. This is the first appearance of Kaeko Hondou, Hidemi’s mother. Kaeko is based on Lindsey Ferris from Mission Impossible III. As for 1ce, he was based on K2 from District B13. On the next chapter, I’m will make an alternate ending on Holmes’ Revelation, where Jonathan with his crew killed Hades in revenge than Conan (Shinichi) and Yusaku taking him to police. In the case that people don’t know, Eastside Nights was based on Logan Heights gang, a gang of assassins from San Diego.
On the next chapter, I would explain Hidemi’s cousin, who hating the Northside Rollerz more than her and her family. I also make the chapter for the gang-war against Rollerz. Just wait for the next chapter
As for Playboy X, he based on Nino Brown from New Jack City. Moreover, I just loved him. After The Holland Play, he decided to rebuild his operation, hiding it from Hidemi and her family. However, he also have relation with Hidemi’s cousin in the past. Only time will tell…
Anyway, tell me what do you think. Leave details! And of course read and review.

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Better Dayz Chapter 14: Saint Homies


Well people, sorry for the late update. Anyway, this is the chapter 14! This chapter will explain the deal between Radiuses and Albanian Mafia, and Hidemi who tracked down one of her cousin’s rival and killed him. Although the Albanian wasn’t from the IV, I would make a connection between them. Enjoy…


(Part One)




Frank’s Job: Brown Gold Rush


(Lucknow, Haido)


Luke talked to someone. “I ain’t got the coke, homey. The Feds are stole it. We had to cover our ass first.” His brother, Frank enters the room. “Alright, I’ll you later.” Luke hangs up the phone and he slapped hands with his brother, “Good to see your faces now, Frank.” Luke looked at the television. A news was on.


“This is Nicole Sanders, TV5. An all-out gang war broke out at the scene near Teitan High School. Sixty people and four students killed in the shootout. Twenty-four gang members were arrested in the shootout. The shooting was said to have been started by several gang members who shoot 87th lieutenant, Plotmir before one of the gang members personally executed him. A car rolled by and two Strelets crew fired back at the shooter, igniting the gang war. There’s speculate that the shooter was involved in the shootout at the hotel....  The whereabouts of the shooter are unknown. If you see them, call MPD hotline.


Frank turned the TV off, “Man, could you believe it? Those fools were affiliated with the Pavlović.” He looked outside. “That’s right. We don’t give a shit on them and vice versa.” Luke replied. Frank slightly nodded and replied, “We got some deal with Albanian-Slovenian mob. They sold weapons while we offer them brown. The brown was in the truck, ready to go.”


Luke clamped two magazines of an AK. “So, where’s the deal?” He asked.


Frank replied, “They meet with us in an abandoned warehouse in Harvey Industrial Park near the harbor. They also place several soldier to cover the deal from vantage point, trying to scoop any boneheads tried to crash the deal.” Luke tossed him a MP5. The gun had two magazines clamped on the magwell. Luke laughed, “Yeah, they could had their ass shot by one of my loyal members of the Rads. Where’s Washer and Alexei?” Frank answered, “They planning some big shit. Like heist or whatever it called it.” He said with a scowl.


Frank was a restless Radiuses OGs beside Luke and Alexei. Since 1990, they formed the Radiuses in Haido. Especially Lucknow district and western part of Kassa Heights. They have a strong hatred towards Head Hunterz, Svarkan Hoods and their long life sworn enemies, The Strelets. They also have relationship with the Angels of Death. They buy meth from them and sold it at the other city.


They got in to a ’94 Eldorado and Luke turned the radio on. They listened to 102.23 Ice-C and it has Hip Hop is Dead by Nas playing. Luke drives the car to the deal and he don’t need to wetting on about the heroin truck as a Radiuses thug drive the truck trough another route. “We gotta pick Aria and some of the crew in Scotia Project at Beika first.” Frank told Luke.


(Scotia Projects, Beika)


Luke arrived in the apartments. He pulled up to where Aria and two Radiuses were waiting. They all got in, Aria riding shotgun. Aria had Uzi and M16A2. Two Radiuses had Glock 18 machine pistols. As Aria get in the car, he said, “What’s up, L? Oh shit, it’s my song dude!” He said referring to the song. “So, how are we doing now?” Luke asked.


Aria told him, “We’re doing the deal with Albanians. We are buying several firearms from Maliňák Family as we sold them the H. Some of crew will be our backup if the deal gone sour. The FBI was watching them for a while. They are the powerful mobster beside the Russian Mafia and District Varna. The Maliňák’s boss, Michal was the biggest arms smuggler since the N 2 Channel fell apart. Shit, he’s the second notorious man from Eastern European after Valther aka Pavel Denikin. Back to the ’81 when Chernobyl was a beautiful town. Shit, after the meltdown the city gone into a ghost town.”


Frank snickered, “I heard if Michal was a target of Black Organization. His fate would be sealed then…”


Aria chuckled, “No shit, his ‘soldier’ are ruthless. For the example, the FBI captured some of their lieutenants but in retaliation, Maliňák’s crew are ambushed them in public places. Leave none alive… But the bigger threat is, CIA trying to ‘remove’ him from the Albanian Mobsters. But don’t worry we’ll be okay…”


They decided to listen to the song. The DJ, Kevin Marcell gave a comment, “This is was the best song from Ducat-Man’s album Winner Takes City, Saint Homie. Here on Ice-C!”



Yeah rastaman, whattup?

We got some premises to solidify our leadership inna Los Santos, seen?


I gotta learn for the hood

And for the homies who fight for the crew

But we aint aligned to that sucker with silver hair or his retarded Bonehead Organization

Or any punk-ass who wearin’ lime and shit!


Because they’re too mainstream, dawg!

So stick a .50 gun to a car

And merrily watch it blown up like a balloon

Then jack his car to be sold in Simon’s chop shop

And spent tha money to Ammu-nation and yay!


If tha cops and feds snuffed tha stuff

And they liked it to your ass

What would you do if they raid your hood?”


The song was interrupted by a news. Luke switched the radio off. Aria groaned, “Man, we had listen to the Ducat-Man’s song and this suckass news just interrupted it!”


(Harvey Industrial Park, Beika)


Luke finally reached the place half hour later. There was a red sedan full of Albanians. The one driver looked at Luke and said, “You must be the Radiuses crew, eh Luke? Mirë për të parë ju. Anyway, follow us to the meet…” He pulled his car out and Luke followed him.


Natan was an Albanian boss, wearing a black jacket and a jeans. He had few tattoos and he looked fierce. They follow him into a warehouse. They saw several trucks and crates.


Aria asked at the guards, “What happen with Michal?”


Natan replied, “He got busted by the FBI. So we started to runnin’ guns to make our own ‘army’. Conceited, cold-blooded soldier and loyal.”


The Radiuses with MPL asked, “How about the cops? They gonna dispatched your crew easily.”


Natan racks his Glock, “No longer, we have some military grade vest and using some ‘odd’ guns to take them out. So what do you want to buy”


Luke asked back, “You got the guns?”


Natan nodded. He show him a LR-300. “Po, did you got the Brown Rhine?”


Frank opened the back of the truck to show a load of Heroin bricks. “It’s brown, dawg. And pure.”


Luke noticed two cars coming. They crashed into the truck on purpose. The Albanians opened fire and hit two hitmen in one of the car before they got out. Natan screamed as he readied his Uzi, “Take cover! They’re attacking!”


Two men in Breton green clad got out. They both carried TAR-21s. They began firing. One of them cut down one of the Natan’s crews. The Albanians returned fire and so did the two Radiuses. Bullet flew on the both sides. The attackers were gangsters. They were Strelets gang. One of the Albanian shouted, “Natan! These Suckers tried to stole the gun truck.”


Natan fired his Uzi at the Strelets who approach the arms truck. He hit three of them dead on. He reloaded his Uzi and returned fire.


One of the Radiuses with Glock 18 fired and hit one of the gangsters. Twenty rounds hit the guy in the stomach and chest. However he was shot by the one with TAR-21. He hit the floor, dead.


Natan could see more cars coming. Several Strelets got out. Aria opened fire on them with his M16A3. He hit three of them in one sweep. “Ruin the other deal, Suckass!” He shouted. He emptied the remaining rounds in his M16A2 before he went to cover to reloading his M16A2. He lit two more Strelets gangsters. One of them was dead while another lie on the floor, bleeding.


The Strelets who took cover near the arms truck blindly fired a SPAS-12. He managed to wound one of the Albanians.


Natan pulled his Glock 21. He approached the wounded Strelets gangster with TAR-21 who had hit stomach shot. He raised his gun and he put a stop to his suffer with two slugs to the back.


Frank saw Natan looting on his comrade’s copses. “What the fuck are you doing, man?” He asked.


Natan scowled, “We need to cover our comrades’ identity so the Feds can’t identified it.” He then yelled at his crew, “We need to scatter!” He had four Albanian mobster who still alive. His other goons were dead. The Albanians who had been hit by the Strelets with SPAS-12 told Natan, “We need to leave the building. I feel the police will came here!”


Luke’s bodyguard were all dead that the one with white hoodie. His hoodie stained with blood and he started to flee in another car. Luke and Frank feel back to their Eldorado and Natan got in the backseat. Luke turned the radio on. He had it on Still FM Crew. The Lotus Eater by Opeth was playing. “Who’s these people who tired to kill us? FBI?” Frank asked.


Natan replied with a scoff, “Shit, you still don’t know. Some Hungarian mafia started to sour the work. From the Domonko to the Strelets. They always hijacked our delivery even we first come to this city. Even Beika was quieter than southern part of Astherville”


Frank laughed, “Quieter? What do you mean by that?”


Natan sighed, “Some of the gangstas are controlling the deliveries such as the Guelders Hoodz, Brunswick Players, Lemon Riverz and the other crew in the city. In Beika, we just need to wetting on the Strelets and Bulgarian mobsters. Not including the risk from the Feds and cop and the Bullshit Organization.”


Luke sighed, “So these people always attempted to stole your deliveries and put a green light to kill you for that.”


Natan nodded, “You’re right. Someday, we’ll took their territory… Hey, you want smoke?” He offered Luke a cigar. They started to smoke.


Frank began to sped towards outside the industrial park. “Drop me at Odavente in Tollburg.” Natan told him.


(Odavente, Tollburg)


They arrived on that place one hour later. Natan thanked Luke and his crew, “Luke, thanks for helping us fending these Hungarians. If you need some work, I can use some guys like you. Falemnderit.”


Frank replied, “Thanks, man. I appreciated it. What’s the meaning of that?”


Natan nodded, “It’s mean thank you in Albanian. I’ll catch with you later.” He got out from Luke’s Eldorado and Frank told his brother, “If these Suckass just attacked us like that, how we can defend out hood?”


Luke smirked, “Brother, don’t worry we need to relax and these fuckers wont catch us off guard…” They started to leave.

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(Part Two/Final)
A/N: This part crossovers with Seven Ties chapter 2


Trey’s Job: Stash-Hood
(Velikia Projects, Beika)
Hidemi drover her Corvette C6 with Gin, they was heading into Hidemi’s house. They stopped in an intersection and they noticed three Narva Street gangsters hanging out near an intersection in Velikia Projects. One of them wore a red Los Santos Dribblers jersey while the other one wore purple coat and black pants. The last wore wears purple bandana, white T-shirt and purple khaki shorts.
Hidemi told him, “Actually five gangs battling for the projects. Narva Street, Auvergne Power, 87th Street and two other gangs.”

The Narva Street with purple jersey groaned, “Ah, hell no!” It was an Auvergne Power graffiti. The Narva with white t-shirt looked at his crew, “Levar, could you let these assholes disrespect us?” He was talking to the Narva Street with red jersey.

Levar sighed, “Man, fuck these fools! We gonna deface it!” He started to tag but interrupted by three Auvergne gangsters walking to them. One of them held a baseball bat. The Narva with purple coat glared, “Fuck you think you’re doing? This wasn’t in Liberty City!”
The Auvergne Power with purple bonnet hat scowled, “Jus’ for a routine check, fool. You just crossing our hood”


The Narva with purple coat asked with a scoff, “That so? This is out hood right now…”


Levar replied with a sarcasm tone, “Yeah, some Auvergne crack-ass went shit over this wall and we just deface it up-” Hidemi and Gin could only watch as Marques hit him with a bat.


The Narva with white T-shirt hit Marques who attack Levar with his fists. The Auvergne with purple bonnet trying to punch the Narva with purple jersey but he dodge it and he spray it to his face. The Auvergne thugs who his face gets sprayed fell to the ground and his friend run to safety. The Narva with purple jersey throw the spray can to the fleeing Auvergne, but no avail. The Narva with green sweater was beating Marques with his fist until a metallic purple New Yorker pulled up.


Trey noticed something fishy, “Hey, money. Who’s these fools riding the purple car?” Hidemi could see it. A gangster wearing purple sweater and black rag leaned out of the car. He aimed an AKS-47 at Tommy as his homie, who wore white jacket with purple t-shirt underneath readied a Spectre M4. Gin noticed it and he told Hidemi, “They’re from Gangster Company Organization.” The GCO with Spectre M4 cynically hollered to both Auvergne and Narva member, “Have a nice day, punk!”


Both Auvergne Power and Narva Street had their weapons drawn. “Shit!” The both parties shouted and the Auvergne with purple bonnet opened fire with a Beretta 92F, followed with Marques, he also firing a Jericho 941. The Svarkan homies with Spectre returned fire, he lit the Narva Street with white T-shirt. Hidemi pulled her MP-443, chambers it ready. A Narva thug spraying his MAC-11 to GCO homies with Spectre M4, but his friend with AKS-47 cap him in temple. Levar fired his .357 Desert Eagle to the car but no one rounds hit the gunner. The Narva with purple coat hold a .44 Magnum sideways and firing it at the car, only to be shot in the chest and abdomen and his corpse facing the road.
The GCO with Spectre insert a fresh magazine into his gun. Levar fired two shots at the GCO with Spectre before he returned fire. The first shot went wild and hit an innocent civilian. The second hit the guy in the head, causing his skull to implode. However, his luck was short lived as the GCO with AKS-47 lit him, even as he feel dead.
Hidemi spotted the fleeing Auvergne ran back into the street. He now was carrying a Galil AR. He screamed, “Fucker!” He opened fire at the car. Several rounds hit the driver in the torso. The driver’s feet pressing the pedal, causing the car to drive off with no commandeering. The car crashed into a building, causing the gunner with AKS-47 fall off the car. The Auvergne with Galil AR triumphantly approaches the wounded GCO. He sent a burst of rounds to finish him off.
Both Hidemi and Gin saw Marques creeps behind the Auvergne with Galil AR. He fired three shots from his 941 to take him out. Satisfied, Marques leveled his 941 sideways at a downed civilian. He snickered, “Wrong time, wrong place, dawg…” Just then, another shot rang out. Hidemi saw Marques went down with three shots to his back. Two gangsters with Tyrian purple clad approaching the wounded man. One of them held a Walther P99, which explaining that shot. The other one had an Uzi on his hand.
Trey scowled at the transceiver, “Money, if we aint leaving this place, we’re dead for sure!”
Hidemi frowned, “Can you gave us some time to photograph these gangsters?”
Trey took offense, “Yo, fuck that! You can take a shot on them someday”
Hidemi scoffed, “Fine, X. Just shut up until we’re home.” They started to leave.

Two days later…

(Western Beachgate Park, Beika)


Hidemi lie on the sofa in her house. She watched an Alleviant with gray jacket was talking with his friend with a yellow hooded jacket. An Alleviant with gray sweater and yellow rag looked over at the TV, “Man fuck these shits! They was rolling with the Seven and the hoods ain’t liked them.” He was taking to the Alleviant with gray sweater. He was Hidemi’s cousin, Alec. He turned the sound system on. They were listening to The Channel by Limp Bizkit.
Alec snorted, “Are you crazy, man? These lowlife motherfuckers just are lucky to be rolling with the Mafiosi. But they are really dead gangsta walking.”
Hidemi barked, “What the fuck are you talking, Alec?”
Alec ignored his cousin. He then looked at his crew, “Listen, dawg. Some Brunswick crew makes us nuts. Therefore, we have to kill these bitches in style: Execution style and shot in the back with automatic rifles... Now before we had to ‘dispose’ them, you gotta bring some of them to a doctor in Little Fezzan to get quick ducats for free.” One of the crew went outside to dispose the bodies on Alec’s car, an Acura RSX. Hidemi glared at him but Alec did not care as he listening to another Limp Bizkit’s song, Loser. Hidemi sighed at her cousin’s ruthlessness and she noticed her family are visited her house.
Vodka slapped hand with the Alleviant with yellow hooded jacket. Emir greeted Alec, “Comrades, how are you?”
Alec answered, “I’m fine, comrades. If you ask about Ernest, he just went outside. He’ll back about ten minutes.”
Hidemi asked her mother, “Kaeko, how about Jodie?”
Kaeko answered with a smile, “She’s fine. She survived the operation but she still in coma…” She glared at Alec, “Turn the radio to Ice-C or I’ll beat you up.” Alec did that and they was listening to the DJ, Kevin Marcell, “Yo, man this song is from the Hang-27 album, Hood Takeover. This is suitable for anyone who had trouble with their hoods.”
“Yo, this is the Hang’s crew
Welcome to Los Santos, player
(Whattup all?)
We aint want to beat you up so bad
But we want to shoot it up!
So, are you ready? (Ready, sucker?)
I aint like that shitty song
Because it’s co childish and retard
So don’t you look at him
Because he’s fucking bad
What the fuck are you doing, fool?
Listening to that rich-ass song?
Man, fuck you! Get back to your hood
Call your homies
Then get to the sorry ass’ house
And cut his motherfucking head off!
Yeah, nigga!
What the fuck are you doing on Henequen?
Trying to make a favor with the Strelets?
Man, they aint care on you
You like a motherfucking dimwit fool
Stay off from them and face the truth
You trying to pull some cash in Haido
But get shot by some robbers with LR-300s
And ended in Haido Central Hospital, paying the bills
So you had scared some suckass some days later
But they chasing you and you ran off like a little girl
Yo, shut the fuck up! We gotta show these cats some rap!
So what, sucka?
I got some ‘water’ packed inna back yard
And some minefield laying outside the yard
Waiting some motherfuckers to step it
Yo forget that fool!
Back to the song already, playa!
I aint kidding, guys
These Coast Bustas started to creep me out
So we had to put some charges
And stick it up on their face
Thinking they would crashing into an oncoming train or what
So what, sucka?
I got nothing from tha story
So we had to jack someone’s car
And watching Ali G Inna house
While some busters fighting each other in the hood
Ignoring people’s bling-bling and shit”
So what, sucka?
Black Organization, a bunch of idiots wearing black, trying to imitate Wrong Way Assassins
But they fail and some Suckass tried to claim the Vain FerN from da Hustlers
Sirens wailing, some bitches arrived and the Suckass deiced to play real
Whole homies watched a guy who jacking a car who belongs to my cousin
They decided to chase that fool but the FBI scooped my homies out
The other homeys returned fire on them and that fool inna my cousin’s car and he iced some Suckass fools.
He drives my cousin’s car outside the Hepburn and got stuck in Haido
All of these homies raised their gun like a boss and aimed on that motherfucker
Seventeen thugs watched on that guy inna front while ten Mafioso cornered that guy inna back.
Just before they pulled the trigger he shouted, “Asshole…”
[Verse 2: System_8181]
Now I understand that rich-ass SkyHour can’t be touched
Some morons in black making that nigga fucked up for life
First you was down with an AK
Now I see you in a video with Ballas and the Grove Street
I saw it comin, that’s why I’m rollin
While you all motherfuckers hanging with some 87th homeys in the Nizhny Novgorod
The Gangsta with Bling. Who you care?
You all just phony motherfuckers
I put that on my hood and the dead niggas who drivin some souped car from Simeon
Then I and Cash-Cat take it back with some fuckin force
The bigger the hood, the bigger the threat
Who gives a fuck about a punk-ass villain?
You’re getting fucked up real quick
While the RRH smuggling some coke from Veneto
Got shot by a gang-banger, fella
Getting money out your ass, like a motherfucking Ready Teller.
Givin up the dollar bills, now they got the V\STOL smoked in tha hangar.

I met a bitch who keeps his mouth shut and does what he's told.
Who stole the coke boat from that snake-ass Dimitri
And crash it in the Azov Sea, polluting it for life
While some Tajik mafias shoot on Ball-sack-ass-niggas in Red Forest
Black Organization? Do I know you? I don't think so, so shut the fuck up!
Some fake ass gangster rapper bullshit
And their sorry ass friends from FBI
Ruined some fools’ life
First Corrine stole VZA’s rhymes book
Then his sorry-ass had been feel from his condo four months later
All the kids like some punk-ass gangsta rapper bullshit or whatever the fuck his name is.
Some punk-ass moron wearing Lust blasted CTV’s car and dumped it in the sea
Then my house got ransacked by the FBI and the CIA
Nigga, fuck that shit! I didn’t do anything, fool!
Someone has framed us!
Even I want Erru and her family dead! Dead! DEAD!
[Verse 3: Hang-27]
I ain’t make a truce with the Mafias!
I ain’t make a truce with the FBI!
I ain’t make a truce with the Svarkans!
These fucked up fools wired the thing so tight
So we put them in the ‘zone’ and pull the trigger
From that sorry-ass Ethan Hondou and his family,
The Svarkans who stole my rhymes book and sold it to SkyHour
And the Northside Rollerz who jacked my car
The drug lord Sosa, and the North Morava Hustlers who stole my girl
Next Erru Natake with her family who arrested my crew,
The Ascoli Mafiosi who shot up my party,
Black Organization or Bullshit Organization and his punk-ass Anokata who wore purple, betraying my crew
And his sorry-ass loyal Gin with that shitty silver hair.
They aint wore purple and blue anymore, fool!
The Pahkans have some shit at the Families
Left attacked Right with their AKs
Just like World War VIII since ‘78
Curses to the Pashkov Bratva
They have dealing with the Da East Helvetians
Have a hidden war with the Avignon Avenue Balla
Before burned to death when the warmongers look the other way to war
Gunrunners smuggling shit from Middle Eastern
Thugs who taggin around the subway
Some gangstas who hassling about some packages
Mafioso who clash at each other
And the NHH dickheads who stole the H after the shootout at the Platypus
Sold it on the street but they lost it to some mad gangsters
Playboy X controlled that shit
He cheated Death, he hates Forge.
Welcome to Velikia Project
Just another gangland killing field claimed as territory in the endless Neighborhood wars since ’70s
The Auvergne Power who own the southern part of the district
While Gangster Company Organization used the western part for their stronghold
And Narva Street who battling the Zweihänder for the northern part
So on 87th Street EJ established the 87th Crew
To keep trespassing rival Neighborhoods out by any means
Ignitin tension with the other neighborhood
All or nothing warning leads to all-out war
Seeking respect with gun-play and killing
Led these motherfuckers declare war against each other
I aint know how many innocent bystanders have lost their lives in the neighborhood streets
from being caught in the crossfire of gunfire exchanging gangsters,
To being gunned down in drive-by shootings carried out by enemy Gangs
Not to even speak on deaths caused by stray bullets.
Yo dawg, Velikia Projects suffers from day in day out constant gunfire
But the 87th Crew has fearlessly defended Velikia Projects from rivals
earning it the reputation of being an aggressive gun playing gangsta.
Armed with X95s and AKs
These ready-to-die gangsta will sweep off any muthafuckas to death
Even Black Organization or FBI or Avignon Avenue Balla would lie on their back
Leaving no survivors
Only sorrow in the street
Along with dead Auvergne Power there…”
Everyone was speechless until the Alleviant with yellow shirt breaks the silence, “If that punk-ass dissed us once more, we’ll blast their ass…” Hidemi nodded at him. “Don’t worry, Vladan. We’ll ice this fake-ass rapper.” His name was Vladan.
Vladan sarcastically added, “And some dead Petrovic mobsters were found in a cemetery in Eselon. Shit, maybe the Azov went insane and they decided pull this real quiet. And the Ancelotti had a ghost house filled with gold bullion and a shitload of Scarab missiles.” Hidemi and Gin shook their head in disapproval. “Actually, the owner wasn’t Ancelotti Family. But the A2V aka Avignon Avenue.” Kaeko corrected Vladan.
Alec cynically asked, “Avignon Avenue? Who’re they?” Everyone was silent until Hidemi spoke up, “Originally, Avignon Avenue was a Ballas set on Guyenne. Between 2000-2006, Avignon Avenue started to wear burgundy instead of purple. They stopped wearing purple and for the most part, blue to show they were no longer Ballas. They were considered traitors among Ballas. Along with Salander Park who wore red and Irene Hill which have gold clad on their clothing”
The Alleviant with yellow hoodie snorted, “So how about the Rifas?”
Alec told him, “Man, you’re right! We need to forget them and focus at the Svarkans or the Rollerz.”
Kevin commented on the song through the radio, “Yo, that’s the Hang-27 best song from their infamous album, Hood Takeover feat System_8181. Yo, I thought that the Black Organization was a syndicate while in the reality they just tried to imitate the infamous armed gangsters on black clad, The Wrong Way Assassin aka Northern Navarre gang. They also dissed Jean Fiala with this song, even they want to beheaded him. Yo, we aint call this shit but they also insulted FZA, Ascoli Mafiosi, Erru and her family, Ethan and his family, the Svarkans, Northside Rollerz and many more. Yo I got a call from one of their fans, AFK.”
Kevin: “Hello?”
AFK: “Yo, it’s me AFK, one of the Ballas OGs. He said that the Hang-27 just insulted one of his lifetime rival, Busta Organization, we are happy about it.”
Kevin: “What is it playa? You gotta say that the Busta Organization has no courage to ?”
AFK: “They just sent a warning to the Busta Organization.”
Kevin: “Yo! That shit sucks! Damn! I mean, how could some feds mess up the rap world so bad?”
AFK: “Man, I can't get a deal for nothing. Motherfuckers always wanna keep a nigga down. Just like me, fellas. I got some dickheads in black and the feds are watchin’ me from the spinnin’ table, dawg! But that aint no longer, because some psychos from Radiuses just outgunned the FBI, CIA or anyone. Even the determination will not deter their insanity for their hood!”
Kevin: “So you happy now, homie?”
AFK: “Realness, player. I got a psychopath named Calderon who have a trouble with Cordero Cartel in Tijuana. Word is, his brother who owns the LAS started to arms their worker in the case police raided their garage. Shit, it’s gonna be in Beirut and Palestine. And the rapper Icellionaire aint aligned with Black Organization or Bullshit Outnumbered Organization or whatever the fuck their name is.”
Kevin: “You still wore purple, dawg?”
AFK: “Yo, I know about that shit. I still loyal to them but shit happen. Purple blast purple, some motherfuckers ain’t wore purple and blue anymore. Some of them wore orange and red, much like Hustlers while another still wore purple but had black color on their jersey. Black Organization? Man, fuck those crack-ass busters. They ain’t related in that. Maybe the Dauphine $ Hoods or Varrio Los Aztecas”
Kevin: “VLA? Are they still Anti-Narcotic?”
AFK: “They aint Anti-Narcotic anymore as they started to smuggle drugs in 2000. From Georgia Brown, Khat, Coke, you name it!”
Kevin: “Homey, what your thought about Discopathy?”
AFK: “It fucked up so bad! Some of them was from the Mafioso which some hoodlum will taking them in a fucking box, you hear me?”
Kevin: “Yeah, I hear you, man. These ”
AFK: “Think about it, man. N 2 Channel fall apart and some crew wore lime clad tired to scoop my boys. Shit, these guys using some unusual weapons such as LR-300s, PP90M1s, TAR-21s and etcetera. They could be dealing with someone from Albanian-Slovenian mafias or the Firenze Mafioso.”
Kevin: “Homey you said that the Busta Organization was conspiracy theorists. Did you have any clue for it?”
AFK: “Yo, what the fuck? Didn't your mom teach you any manners? We gotta go after them two clowns right there.”
Kevin: “No shit, dawg! Who are they?”
AFK: “This sorry-ass Cosa Nostra motherfucker with a cheap-ass silver hair had my homies smoked. Ain’t I know about his name but he drove a black Porsche 365A. The other one, a CIA agent who wore black had sold my car to a Turkish mobster named Akin Giray. Can’t that bitch sold another shitty car other than mine? Look dawg, my car had two Jackhammers on the back. If that jackass abused it, anyone will have his or her ears bleed! Especially if they hate Chamillionaire or Limp Bizkit, they are dead for sure!”
Hidemi and Gin shook their head in disgust after hearing that. This guy was insane to insult them and mistaking them as The Commission.
Kevin: “What about their home?”
AFK: “You didn’t know that shit, right? I gonna get a job around Beachgate Park so I can ice these fools once I knows the place. Maybe a hygiene-technician or a bouncer in a club”
Kevin: “What’s your opinion about the Black Organization?”
AFK: “Some boneheads bullshit who hooked to the dope game and Gun Game. I cannot believe if these idiots prefer black ‘cause the Navarra already own the color. Hell, even the Rifas can beat these retarded playas apart. Real playa aint gonna be like them. That sorry ass Walker was the current boss of the Black Organization. Some of the Ballas sets can trust that fuck. He got a connection to the McReary, the Irish mobsters to smuggle snow from LC. I got some of the guns from a man named Da Russian Gangsta aka Artemy Rykov.”
Kevin “Irish Mobsters? How about the Commissions?”
AFK: “Well, the Pegorino was feel apart with the Rascalov Family, giving the Petrovic Family power to conquer the Liberty City. Still, they stuck in a problem in their homeland, Russia. One of the Kryshas, Andry Kargin got busted by the OMON while Oleg Naumov was dead by Svalov Bratva.”
Kevin: “Truce? What happen with the truce?”
AFK: “Some punk-ass Hustlers just want to fuck up the truce. Trying to get us at each other throats and killing each other without a reason. Two Westminster Hood Ballas was killed in a drive-by in Algonquin by Hatton Gardens Families was the example. We captured that punk-ass with CJ and revealed of the NHH was behind of all this. After Trey’s death in 2008, the current Hostler’s boss, Dwayne decided to make a truce with us but some NHH homies who loyal to X decided to gone rogue. So they merged with North Morava Hustlers in 2010 and they started to sell Brown Rhine and snow for the guns. They rode European cars and wore fire orange clad. Not to mention that the Morava Hustlers has a lot of enemies because they shot everyone who wore purple or green clothing.”
Kevin: “So, who’s the enemy of the North Morava Hustlers?”
AFK: “Various GSF sets, various Ballas sets, the Mafioso with G, Svarkan Hoods, The Strelets, 87th Street, Varangian Guard, The Highland aka Bulgarian Mafia and Trico Boyz. Word is, the Hustler killed several Appeside gangsters in a botched deal in Banarec Island.”
Hidemi and Gin shook their head in frustration. They cannot believe if Trey tried to break the truce between GSF and Ballas. He had many enemies too.
Alec scoffed, “Man, he should have faith to do that.” Hidemi turned the radio to 106.66 The Trash. It has Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon by Marilyn Manson playing.
“Bullshit Outnumbered Organization? Who’s that mudak who insulted you?” Emir asked. Hidemi nodded and replied, “That Ball-sackass-niggas insulted me and Gin. If we meet that trash talked fuck, we may shot him in the head.”
Alec scowled, “AFK? I don’t know him. Can someone tell me?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Hidemi answered with a snicker, “We already know him since 2005. His real name was Andrew Franker Kish. He was wanted in twelve countries including Japan and US because gunrunning. He already wore purple since 1997. Not only he was ruthless, he also smart to take out any spies, detective or traitor from their own gang. That’s why Anokata decided to cut his ties and form the Black Organization.”
Vodka replied with a sigh, “Hey, Vernon. Do you still have the car?” He was talking to the Alleviant with yellow hooded vest. Vernon was his name.
He nodded, “Yeah, fatman. I still got the car” Just then two Alleviant emerged at Hidemi’s front door holding a beaten up bloody man. The man was wearing yellow and blue. He looked like a member of the Alleviant. Hidemi looked at him. “Sreten, we just caught this fool slippin’ on the hood. Ain’t this one of the Mafioso who shot at us several days ago?” One of them asked at the Alleviant with yellow rag. Sreten was his name
They threw him on the floor and MTX closed the door. Sreten scoffed, “Tie that motherfucker!” Hidemi and Gin walked closer as MTX pulled his Glock 21 pistol and pointed it at the man’s head. “I’m gonna ask you one more time, fool! Before I gonna hit you up so bad. Who the fuck are you?”
The man didn’t reply so Gin kicked him in the stomach. “Answer the question.” He said as he pulled his Beretta 92FS and pointed it at the man’s head. The man said with a grunt, “I’m Alleviant!”
Hidemi looked at him, she had a frown on her face, “I and my cousin never see you before! Or the hood didn’t know you before!” She angrily replied.
The guy’s nose was bleeding, “That don’t mean nothing! You don’t know everybody!”
One of the Alleviant took something out of his pocket, “If you roll with the Alleviant? Then what’s this?”
It was a batch of Fentanyl. “That…that wasn’t mine. I just selling it!”
Hidemi shook her head, “No, we banned that thing on our hood. In addition, you look like a Mafioso, not a gangsta! Now who the fuck are you? Who are you working for? You guys shot up this place and my friend had been shot by the 87th.”
MTX ordered, “Lift up the back of your shirt.”
The Mafioso turned to him nervously, “For what?”
MTX fired a shot from his Glock into the gangster’s leg. The man screamed and Hidemi put her hand over his mouth. Even still, he screamed until Hidemi shook her head. “Shut the fuck up, man! Show some heart and muzzle that noise!” Alec hollered.
MTX aimed the Glock at eyelevel. “I wont ask you again.”
Ernest came to the room. “Yo, what the fuck is going on? Who’s that guy?” He asked.
Hidemi replied with a scorn, “Some gangsters trying to be mademan and we got one of them.”
The gangster allowed two Alleviant to lift up his shirt. Alec checked up the ink on his chest, and shoulders. He had a tattoo on his right arm that said 85. He had another that said, Strelets Killers and another that said Alleviant Killers. He had a tattoo on his back that said Navarra 4 Life, Renbourne Heights and Ascoli Family. He was a member of the Navarra who were a gang that used to be Alleviant. In addition, he was a mademan for the Ascoli mobsters and a friend of the Renbourne crew.
“I should known…” Hidemi said, shaking her head. MTX looked at Alec who nods and hollered to his crew, “Get that piece of shit outside this house and get rid of him.”
Sreten went to the closet and got some stuff to clean the blood out.
Alec scoffed, “These pushover mobsters killed a lot of my homies. So we gotta give the Ascoli’s Don a message.”
Sreten cynically replied, “Nah, the only thing Ascoli give a fuck about is smuggling and keeping their front ‘clean’ from any intruders.” Hidemi turned the TV on.
A news came on. “I am Lawrence Armstrong in the newsroom. Police and FBI are still looking for the whereabouts the perpetrators of the gang war between 87th and Northern Navarre. Things gone rough as several 87th Crew and Ionia Pole Mafia members are killed in a shootout at Nizhniy Novgorod in Astherville, five days after the gang war. The suspects at hand are Adrian Ruzov, two Stanović mobsters and three Red Regiment Hoodlums who disguised as Renbourne Heights. The RRH crew was last seen after they blew up a 87th car, killing six innocent civilians while Ruzov and two Stanović mobsters are running to Hepburn.
Hidemi grimaced. She hoped gang plague weren’t onto her and her family. They were getting insane.
“The Navarre OGs, Károly are last seen with a Highland lieutenant, Volk after the shootout at Teitan High School in Hepburn. They presumably are hiding around Hepburn after they slaughtered their rival and hoping to lose the attention. In the other hands, we need to confirm about the news of the possession of the Scarab warhead by the Avignon Avenue. Meanwhile, many people are missing since Thursday in Beika. One of the witnesses said that around three vans was pulled up and a man wearing maroon hoodie and purple bandana fired his gun into the air. Then several masked men who wore orange clad started to kidnapping everyone, especially the teens and children. Possibly the Varangian Guard gang was responsible for this or the Vandals of Liberty City.
MTX turned the TV off. He looked at his homie, “Yo, dawg. Could Alec iced these traitors?” He asked them
Ernest scowled, “Of course he will, you fucking moron. Just roll with his cousin to Carwood and cut that sucker while Emir and we headed to Little Smolensk to crash a deal between that traitor and the DeCrau Mafia! That would hit those bitches from Avignon pretty bad…” Hidemi glared at him because that. Ernest ignored her glare as he and Emir went outside.
MTX chilled the situation, “Chill the fuck up, people. We gotta smoke these bitches. Hidemi-kun, can you help me?”
Hidemi grinned, “Why not? What are you going to do?”
MTX told her as they walked out of the house, “I got some traitors who started to make Alec went insane.”
Hidemi looked at MTX as they went to MTX’s car. “Traitor? Who are they?” She asked him. MTX answered, “The Renbourne Isles-” His words were cut as his phone rings. He looked at the message and he loaded his Glock, “All right. One of my boys saw that disgrazia just left Danny’s in Carwood. He should be headed over to Sardstone. He’s with Renbourne Idiots.” He said.
The Renbourne Isles gang used to be Alleviant Heights. They were mostly a street gang but prior to ’99 and ’08 their relation with the Alleviants went sour. The Renbourne Isles wore lime green instead of yellow and blue. They stopped wearing yellow to show that they were no longer Alleviant. They were considered traitors among Alleviants. Many Renbourne crew had once been Alleviant. Now they were the case. “Why them? Why my cousin wants them dead for?” Hidemi asked.
MTX sardonically replied, “That punk-ass motherfucker Ernir and his liability brother, Salerkov. Ernir is a bartender and a coke dealer. He also had one of my crew smoked. I’m trying to kill that motherfucker too. Trash talked motherfucker! I gonna put this Glock on his head for backstabbing Alec and BANG! As for Salerkov, I gonna cut that fool and send his brain to Venom!” Hidemi didn’t surprised by that but she comforted him, “Calm down. We will get that fools.”
Hidemi drove and had Big Wiggly Style by The Devil Wears Prada on 106.66 The Trash. She started to enjoy heavy metal song. “We need to call some crew for this. This gonna be a horrid day…” MTX told her.
(Sardstone, Hepburn)
Hidemi and MTX arrived at the apartment forty minutes later. “Let’s ice these fools…” MTX said and they got out. They arrived at the veranda of the house. There was a Renbourne gangsta on the veranda. He looked seeing Hidemi, wearing black hooded jacket and a black track pants. Plus there was MTX wearing yellow and blue. “Yo, what the fuck do you want, Alleviant Bustas? This is a Renbourne hood. You ain’t cool to come through here!”
Hidemi replied with a scoff, “We just come to meet Ernir.” She pulled her MP-443 and fired twice. The rounds hit the guy in the chest. Hidemi fired again and killed him as he hit the ground. MTX reached for his Glock 21. He kick the door of the house open. There was a gangster snorting heroin on a table but Hidemi put a stop to it by shooting the gangster in the back of his head. Another who had been watching TV stood up and got his .357 Magnum out. He fired but in the rush of things the rounds missed. Hidemi fired her MP-443 and sent him falling over the couch.
MTX fired his Glock and hit one of the Renbourne gangsters in the chest. The lime jacket soon turned red. A Renbourne had taking cover near the wall and firing a .44 Desert Eagle. MTX took cover near the wardrobe. He returned blind fire. He hit him in the leg. He feel to the ground but tried to get up. Hidemi finished him off. Suddenly someone fired an Uzi from outside and Hidemi took cover. “Hidemi! What the fuck are you doing here? We don’t have relation with you anymore, scumbag!” A shrill man voice cried.
Hidemi was genuinely pissed and she yelled, “Scumbag? Look at the truth right now, Ernir. You rolled with Renbourne 8s along with your brother and betraying the Alleviant. That’s intolerable…” Hidemi noticed a ’06 Magnum pulled near the apartment and two Alleviant gangsters got out. One of them had Jericho 941 while another carrying a .44 Automag. MTX hollered on them, “Get over here! We got some Renbourne to kill!”
MTX and two Alleviant homies also took cover. They returned fire from their cover. The Alleviant with Jericho 941 hit another Renbourne and the other Alleviant hit three of them after letting off seven shots. The Renbourne who had been hit by Alleviant with Jericho 941 screamed, “Fuck you, mayates! We didn’t want trust you now!” MTX screamed, “I don’t think so, dickhead!”
Ernir ran into the house firing his Uzi. Hidemi picked a Micro Uzi from a dead thug and squeezed some rounds off. The rounds hit him and he hit the floor. An Renbourne with lime hooded shirt and white hat ran into the house. He carrying a PM-63 RAK but Hidemi emptied her Micro Uzi before the guy could fire it. She hit him in the neck, exposing his spinal cord. The guy feel with face first on the floor, blood flowing like a stream from his wounds. Hidemi approached Ernir, “How was it, punk? Still have will to resist?”
Ernir pointed his Uzi at Hidemi and pulled the trigger. It clicked empty. Hidemi frowned but she replied with sarcasm, “Ran out of ammo. Think twice before you and your brother double-crossed my cousin, fucker…” She fired her Micro Uzi and killed him. Suddenly, a Caucasian burst from the kitchen firing a Glock 17L but missed terribly. “You can’t kill me, you blind bitch!”
He ran outside. Hidemi and MTX also ran outside. MTX hollered, “Now, Hidemi. That smart-ass punk trying to fetch his car near the railroad tracks. Hey, man. Thanks for the help but you need to parted ways right now.” Hidemi did that and the two Alleviant homies fall back. Three Renbourne opened fire from the railroad tracks. Hidemi and MTX took cover. The Renbourne thugs heard siren coming after him. “What the fuck?” He saw several police vehicle tailing a ’99 Pontiac GTO. The passenger on the car fired an AIMS-74.
Salerkov hollered, “Motherfucker! It’s the FBI!” He reached for his car and took an AUG A2 from the trunk. He opened fire at one of the FBI cars, destroying the windshield.
MTX saw a black Porsche 356A pulled up beside his car. Four GMC SUVs followed the Porsche. Gin got out from the car. Hidemi looked in confusion, “Gin? What are you doing here?” She asked him.
Gin sighed, “Well, I don’t know why your cousin asked me to protect you. Maybe some sheepish fool tried to ruin him out.”
Kinzie and Michael got out from one of the GMC SUVs. MTX asked them, “What is this? Who’s that psychotic motherfucker?”
Hidemi replied with a scowl, “Didn’t you know? That’s the crazy Calderon!”
MTX snickered, “For real? I thought he was fucked up for life in Tijuana” Hidemi hands him an AKS-74 from his car as herself picked an H&K G36C. Gin took an ACR 6.8 from the car. The Renbourne gangsters near the railroad tracks began firing at the FBI SUV. One of the agents was killed before he could get out from the SUV. Hidemi opened fire, she hit one of the Renbourne homies in the temple and his head snapped back as the brains spilled on the wall as he fell against the ground.
Salerkov fired his AUG at FBI, hollering, “Homie, get rid of these fools!” Two Renbourne homies came outside from one of the houses with their Uzis. They began firing and four FBI agents dropped. One of the other homies fired a CTAR-21 and hit three FBI agents. Two of them was killed instantly, being pelted with bullet as much as the car were. The other agent was being badly wounded, his right shoulder being shot out.
Kinzie fired her M933 and hit one of the Renbourne with Uzi. He feel dead, blood gushing as he feel dead. MTX fired his AKS-74 from cover and nailed the Renbourne with CTAR-21. As he feel, Hidemi finished him off with three shots to the head. They approached the Renbourne gangsters and the other crew with Uzi shoots it out with the FBI. He lit three FBI agents. One of them was dead while two other lie on the ground, bleeding. The Renbourne hollered, “The Renbourne aint roll with these Alleviant bustas! Go to the other hood to ruin!”
The GTO stopped near a railroad crossing and two Hispanic gangsters got out. The driver wore a white jersey and a white track pants. The passenger who fired the AIMS-74 wore black one-off shirt with yellow shirt underneath. He fired the AIMS-74, catching a FBI agent in the chest. “Salerkov! Who’s these guys?” The driver asked him.
Salerkov hollered in Spanish, “Calderón! Estos hijos de puta trataron de matarnos! Hagan algo antes de que nos mate a los dos!” (Calderon! These fuckers tried to kill us! Do something before they kill us both!)
Hidemi and Gin returned fire and they hit him in the chest. He staggered to the ground, blood dripping from his mouth. MTX retorted, “Who’s got problem right now you sellout bitch!”
Calderon popped the trunk of his car. He took an AK-74M with GP-30 grenade launcher. He raised his AK-74M and fired in a spraying sweep catching two FBI agents as the bullets penetrated their body armor. He killed the one and wound the other. He fired at Kinzie and Michael, hollering at the passenger with AIMS-74, “Hector! Gave me a cover fire!” His name was Hector.
The Renbourne thug reloaded his Uzi but Kinzie fired her M933, two rounds struck him in the chest. He struggle to fire his AUG A2 but Michael fired an H&K G36K and he was hit in the side and he feel into the railroad tracks. He tried to get up but he was ran over by an oncoming train. He was smashed, a bloody mess under the moving train. It severed him in half. The train drove on and his legs were crushed and the top half of his body was being dragged with it. Ernest hollered, “That’s for my brother, you backstabbing assholes!” Hidemi was impressed. Even she disliked to kill innocent civilians, she willingly to ice any gangsters who hating her cousin or her family.
Calderon shouted in disgust, “Aww shit! Shouldn’t get fucked up by the train or FBI!” He fired his AK-74M at Hidemi. Calderon hit one of her colleagues in the chest. He kept firing as the guy feel dead. Both Hidemi and Gin saw two men, which presumed to be Volk and Karol, ran out from a club named Club Vectory. Karol carried an Uzi that had the stock removed. Volk opened fire with a SPAS-12 and he blast two FBI agents. Calderon shouted, “Hombre! Get over here if you want to live the other day! These puto tried to kill us!” They did that and Calderon’s accomplice looked at Karol, “’Sup. I’m Hector. Think about the introduction later, we have some losers to kill.” He told him.
Karol held a cellphone beside his Uzi. He was calling his crew, “The Feds pinned us at Sardstone! Send backup!” He returned blind-fire. A FBI with M16A2 catching four rounds from Karol’s blind fire. “How you like that, motherfucker?” He hollered.
A van pulled up near the railroad tracks and six armed men in black clad got out. Two of them carrying AKS-74Us, one with a Jericho 941, another with PM-06 and the last two goons with MP7s. They start firing too. They lit a FBI agent who feel with multiple holes in his chest. “Didn’t that good? Some hoodlums just blasted him right now. Let’s end this shit!” Hector remarked.
Karol said with sarcasm, “What the fuck? Is these fools are FBI? I think I’ll have a nice fight with these fools.” Hector laughed, “Keep it up, dawg. Gimme the Uzi. You’ll better with the Romanian AK.” He hands Karol his AIMS. He fired Karol’s Uzi from cover, hitting Gin in the chest but his trauma plate stopped the bullets from reaching his body. One of the Navarra gangsters with AKS-74U fired and he hit a FBI agent. Ten rounds hit the guy in the torso. Hector fired his Uzi at the wounded FBI agents. Three rounds hit him in the throat. He was dead, blood streaming from his wounds.
Hidemi and Gin returned fire and nailed two of them. The Navarra with AKS-74U had his neck torn open. He hit the ground, his AKS-74U still going off as he gushed blood. One of the goons with MP7 was hit in the chest and he feel into the asphalt, bleeding. The remaining thugs took cover and fired at the FBI and everyone else. Volk picked the AKS-74u from the dead Navarra gangsters and he returned to cover.
Karol opened fire with his AIMS-74, hitting a FBI agent with MP5A3. The FBI agent moaned in pain as this happen. The Navarra with PM-06 finished him off. He loaded his PM-06 with Hollow point ammunition and resumed firing from cover. He lit three FBI agents. Calderon reloaded his AK-74M and he fired from cover. He hit a FBI agent with a headshot and the guy was dead before he hit the ground. The Navarra with PM-06 fired from cover. He hit two more FBI agents. “Punk-ass moron! You shouldn’t roll with the Ball-suckass niggas, motherfuckers!” He screamed.
Hidemi and Gin fired again and hit another Navarra gangster who insulted them, the one with PM-06. The other thug with MP7 dragged him into safety. Due to so many wounds, it wasn’t looking good for him. Hector began spraying his Uzi at Hidemi who shot the guy. “You just shot the wrong guy, pal! You and your family just like these lifeless Strelets! You will regret your decision to blast my crew!” Karol hollered with sarcasm. Hidemi retorted, “And you just worked for that psychotic killer, punk!”
Volk scoffed, “Looks like they will laid on their back for that!”
Calderon looked at one of Karol’s soldiers, “Tico, we gonna use this tactic.” He was talking to the Navarra with MP7. They started to retreat into an intersection.
MTX called to Hidemi, “Yo, man. I think we can exchange guns for this. Give me the G36C. You’ll better with the Kalashnikov.” Hidemi did that and two GMC SUVs arrived. Eight FBI agents got out from their car. They were heavily armed. MTX inserted a quad-stack magazine into his acquired G36C. Hidemi loaded MTX’s AKS-74 with 77-rounds drum magazine. She racked the weapon ready. “Kinzie? Where’s Erru?”
Kinzie replied, “She went to investigate about the missing people in Beika. We caught that Hispanic gangster smuggling cocaine from Mexico.”
Hidemi let off a hail of rounds towards the Navarra gangsters that were firing at her from across the intersection. She hit the Navarra with Jericho 941, and the rounds slammed into his chest and punctured one of his lungs while the second gangsters were caught by the rounds in the abdomen and he hit the ground. Karol fired his AIMS-74 and he hit Hidemi in the stomach.
Karol scowled, “Keep the fuck up, dawg! I got some crew to help us out!” Three gangsters ran from the club, firing their guns. Two of them armed with AKS-47 and the other one with a Beretta 93R. Both of them wore black clad to cover their face. Calderon sardonically replied, “Looks like it’s time to putting you and your sorry-ass comrades to a fuckin’ box, pendejos!” He opened fire and three CIA agents dropped.
Hidemi loaded her AKS-74 with 7N24 Armor-piercing rounds in a Quad-stack magazine. She racks her AKS-74 and began firing at Calderon’s goon. She easily hit two of them as the 7N24 rounds penetrated their body armor. Calderon frantically switched to his GP-30. He fired it from cover. BOOM!
Tico scowled, “Ow, shit! Calderon! What the fuck are you doing?!” Calderon saw he blasted four FBI agents with his GP-30. He continued spraying his AK-74M. He hit three FBI agents. One of them was still alive but the Navarra with AKS-74u put several slugs to his head. Calderon switched to his dual .50 Desert Eagles as his AK-74M ran out of bullets. He fired and hit three FBI agents. Two of them had their head blown out. The other one had his stomach shot. He feel to the ground, bleeding. Karol fired rounds from his Uzi into the guy’s face.
Karol looked and he shouted at Calderon, “Man, do you have something to fend them off?” He hands him ammo for his AK-74M. Tico fired his gun and the FBI agent fired the M4. He hit the agent in the neck, he was dead before his head hit the curb. Tico had taken a shot to the abdomen. He held his wound whit one of his hands and his gun on the other. Kinzie fired her M933 and hit Tico in the side. He feel to the asphalt, two rounds went to his back.
Calderon screamed, “Don’t fuck with me or my crew!” He aimed his AK-74M at Hidemi who feel back and he squeezed the trigger. Two rounds went to her back. Hidemi had been lucky that the military-grade vest had provided her protection from it as most of the shots she had taken so far were on the back and front. She returned fire as Calderon ran to the fallen Tico. He and Volk managed to carry him to cover. Karol hollered at them, “We gonna move! If we stay here we’re dead!”
Despite Calderon and the Navarra with AKS-74U to carry Tico into safety, Hidemi and a FBI agent fired again and Tico was hit in a rain of bullets. He feels to the ground, blood dripping from his mouth. Calderon screamed, “Enough! This time you and your colleague are dead!” Karol aimed his AIMS at the FBI agent who shot Tico and fired. Twenty rounds went to his chest. He feels into the asphalt, dead. Hector made a signal, much to Volk’s dismay. They started to feel back.
Hidemi approached Tico’s corpse as her colleague firing their guns at Calderon’s crew. Hidemi fired again and hit one of Calderon Cartel gunmen with AKS-47. Twelve rounds hit the guy in the back. There were three crew beside Calderon, Hector, Volk and Karol. Just then, more gunfire was heard. Both Hidemi and Gin looked back to see another Navarre crew, Moines and Cuda joined the fight. Moines opened fire with an M-16 as he ran from his car. He hit two FBI agents with M4A1. “You picked the wrong guy, buster!”
Cuda fired his FAMAS and he hit the FBI agent who arrived. The FBI agent with M16A4 had his neck severed and the other with MP5 was hit in the collarbone. MTX took cover as Cuda and two Navarre with Uzis cleaned up the newly arrived FBI agents. Hidemi returned fire and lit one of the Navarre with Uzi in the torso. He feel to the ground, twitching. MTX fired several rounds from his M653 to put a stop to his twitching. The other Navarra with Uzi took cover near a car and returned blind-fire. Hector fired, his rounds tear a FBI agents in the throat. He died, choking his own blood.
Moines fired his M-16 at Hidemi who shot the Navarra. He hit her but she managed to take cover before Moines could kill her. “You started to make your own life rough, motherfucker! Go shot another gangsta, bitch!” He barked. Hidemi replied with a frown, “Rough? Next time we’ll ruin your hood for that statement, prick!” She returned fire, her rounds missed Moines but hit the car. A few rounds struck Kinzie in the abdomen. The Navarra with Uzi screamed, “You’re dead you fucking moron!” Hidemi aimed at the Navarra who shot Kinzie and fired. She hit him in the stomach and hip.
The Calderon’s goon with Beretta 93R returned fire however he was gunned down by three FBI agents. The Navarra with Uzi let out a manically scream before he blindly sprayed his Uzi at Kinzie’s comrades who firing at Moines and Karol. Ten rounds nailed one of them in the chest. The next six hit another in the groin and thigh. He emptied the remaining round of his Uzi before he went to cover and reloading. The Navarra with Uzi fired again at a group of FBI agents. Karol hollered, “We have to leave, man!” He flashed a gang sign and his crew started to feel back.
The Navarra with Uzi started to retreat but Hidemi aimed her AKS-74 and shot him in the back. The Navarra with Uzi hit the hard asphalt, his Uzi still going off.
MTX aimed his G36K but Hidemi interfered, “Enough, man. He’s gone. Even we chased them, they escaped anyway.” MTX looked at Hidemi. “So what are we gonna do?” He asked her.
Hidemi grinned, “A bit interrogation then we can own these crackheads.” She walked to the Navarra with Uzi who had his back shot. Hidemi switched to her MP-443 and she aimed it at the guy’s face, “Turn your back over!”
The gangster hissed, “What the fuck do you want? Just kill me then! And the Navarra will shed your blood for this!”
Hidemi warned, “Don’t give me that! You hate my family and we hate you! You just sent the homie to my house?”
The gangster protested, “I know that shit but I didn’t ordered it! Some Bulgarian gangsters want them dead!”
Hidemi kept pointed her MP-443 on him, “Who?” She fiercely asked.
The gangster moaned in pain, “A scarlet-haired girl. It doesn’t mean you!”
Hidemi retorted, “Who’s the name?”
The Navarra gangster spat blood, “Erza…Scarlet…” He struggled to speak
Hidemi turned to MTX, “Vasquez, you know someone named Erza Scarlet?” Vasquez was his real mane.
MTX looked closely at the wounded Navarra gangster and he recognized him, “Wait, I know this rat. He worked for the Coast Bustas. Alec decided to sell the meth but he led him to an ambush. He managed to escape, though. I don’t know about Erza Scarlet, sorry..”
The Navarra hold his bloody mouth, “That ain’t worth a prob-” His words were cut as Hidemi hit him with a pistol whip. Gin sighed, “Take care of him…” Two FBI agents carried the Navarra gangsters to the SUV.
Hidemi told them, “We are going to the Velikia Projects, the fiercest warzone in the world.” They went into MTX’s Continental. This time MTX drive the car. He set the radio to Zarná FM. The Kick Back by GuvP was playing.
(Velikia Projects, Beika)
They arrived in Velika Projects and they stopped near a restaurant. MTX turned the engine off, “Get outta the car. It’s better to walk” He said. They got out from MTX’s car. Hidemi still carry her MP-443. “Rich Hoods Records, the heart of the 87th Crew” MTX looked at Hidemi who wore a magenta sweater with a black jacket underneath.
Hidemi smiled, “Chill out, I stitched the wound on my body and wore a magenta sweater to cover it.”
MTX sighed, “Whatever.”
Hidemi and Gin spotted several 87th gangsters were hanging out near the Rich Hood Records. They were mostly Caucasian and African-American. They were usually dressed in blue jeans and white sweaters but a couple of them wore Tyrian purple jerseys. One of them even held an Uzi on his hand. MTX looked around, “Hey, why these fools wore a bit flashy?” He asked.
Hidemi told him, "These guys just do it to look flashy. They mostly wore Tyrian purple along with some white jerseys, in the case you did not know. Plus I wouldn't drive those cars they drive. They drive those ‘80s-‘90s cars. They are the type of gangsters who move out of the hood when they get their money. Kind of like you and my cousin, I guess. Except I know you don't fuck with the cocaine. Still, these fools think they can roll in the suburbs. High rollers."
MTX shrugged, “Hold up, Hidemi-kun. We just already are entering the rap game. These fools just slinging than do something.”
Hidemi nodded, “These fake-ass bullshit just like you said. I admit, I liked the clothes but these bitches just being a bit arrogant.” Gin grinned, “The 87th could be the fiercest gang in Hepburn, right?”
Hidemi continued, “The 87th was the most dangerous gang in Beika. Every day, four people lost their life because gang violence. I think we need to approach the 87th Street with caution.”
The 87th with Tyrian jacket spoke up, “Yo, I heard that the Wrong Way Assholes just have a shootout with the FBI today. These Coast Bustas’ allies are helping that psycho from Mexico, Calderon.”
The 87th with Uzi laughed, “After we’ve blasted some Coast Bustas and fooled them that Plotmir was dead. Now we can focus to the Narva St. and the Auvergne Power.”
The second 87th with black t-shit scolded, “Sean, you can’t be serious… If Eddie has godlike reputation with one of the Pakhan members, then the FBI and CIA will come to us for sure!” He was talking to his friend with violet jacket.
The 87th with white shirt laughed at him, “Chill the fuck up, man. Since we got some homies in the CIA, we do not need to wetting on about that. Rafik guaranteed it, dawg!”
Hidemi recognized what one of the 87th Street gangsters said before she killed him two days earlier, “And Rafik even have several people in the CIA…
The 87th with black t-shirt took offense, “They aint Black Organization! They’re Busted up Organization, dawg.”
Sean scoffed, “Whatever. These bitches aint count.”
Hidemi gritted her teeth, “If we meet him again, we’ll kick his ass to shut him up.”
The 87th with Tyrian jacket started to sing,` “Ku tak percaya, ingin kurubah lingkaran bodoh yang tak pernah mati.” (I do not believe, I want to change the stupidity circles that never die.) He said referencing to Superman is Dead song, Citra OD.
Hidemi and Gin shook their head in disgust after they heard that. Either the gangster’s voice was terrible or he really cannot sing that. Sean snapped, “Oh hell no! Your song’s terrible, man!”
The 87th with tyrian shirt shouted in a sudden, “Yo dawg! Check these guys. They were creeping inside our territory.” Hidemi cursed, “Shit, we’re really fucked up right now…” He had her MP-443 out.
Sean sighed, “Oh shit. Gerald!” He was hollering at the 87th with white shirt He pulled a Glock 21 out. He racks the gun ready. Gerald hollered, “Wrong hood, Busta Organization!” He flashed a MAC-11.
Sean cautiously walks closer. He snickered, “I know why you two come here, fool. You tried to find two of my homeys who shot one of your dead friends. He ain’t here. Get the fuck out before we shot you right now!”
Hidemi scowled, “Do you mean Riga and Rafik? Where are they?”
One of the 87th looked in fear, “I feel something uneasy, Sean.”
Sean scoffed, “Chill up, man! These motherfuckers ain’t worth the trouble.”
Hidemi warned, “No! The A2V was here!” Just then, a shot rang out and the 87th with Uzi was hit in the back. He hit the sidewalk with face first, whether he was dead or he went to shock.
Both Hidemi and Gin spotted two gangsters wearing burgundy clad got out from a ’65 Charger. One of them fired a Glock 18 and hit the 87th with SPAS-12 in the arm. He cursed, “Fucking bitch! You shouldn’t fucked up with the OGs!” He ducked behind walls. Gerald and the other 87th began firing at the Avignon Avenue gangsters.
Hidemi turned to MTX, “Call some Alleviant gangsters. These bitches are killing each other at the Velikia Projects!”
MTX sighed, “Alright, Hondou-sama. I’ll call it.”
Sean went into a Cavalier near the supermarket and he popped the trunk. He took an HK416 with Beta-C magazine. Hidemi and Gin spotted a van pulled up near Sean’s Cavalier. Five bikers got out. They were heavily armed. They had AUG A2s and Mk. 18s.
Hidemi shook her head, “And now the Hepburn chapter of Angels of Death.”
So here’s the chapter 14. It took longer than the other chapter, because I pack some suspense on it. Well as for Trey aka PBX, he decided to dealing drugs with Alec and Ernest. They decided to hide it from Hidemi, Gin and anyone who considered being a trouble. As for Luke and his brother, they sold the heroin for the firearms but the Strelets tried to crashed the deal. Meanwhile, I’ll make Hidemi work together with Luke on smuggling drugs, despite she was anti-narcotic. Of course with a condition. The Albanians wasn’t from GTAIV but I’ll make a connection to them. As for the Families and Ballas, I’ll make a (temporary) hostility between them after they expanded to Liberty City.
Leave details if you have any question! And of course read and review.
Ari (VZA)

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Better Dayz Chapter 15: Deathwish
The chapter 15 is here! Here’s the reason why Hidemi decided to call FBI and Alleviant. Also, I have my own version of the Holmes’ revelation.



Eternal Wars


Hidemi called Arnold. She told him, “Arnold, the 87th and Strelets are waging war against the Avignon Avenue. I don’t know what the fuck are they doing there. But the Angels of Death also joined the war against the A2V”
Arnold laughed, “Oh shit. Now they battling against Avignon Avenue after Navarra and Westside Rollerz? They could be insane…” He paused. “I visited my sister this afternoon. She’s fine…” He told Hidemi.
The A2V with Glock 18 took cover as Sean and two 87th gangsters firing at him. He returned fire however, Gerald gunned him down with twelve shots to the torso. The other one feel back into his Charger. He tried to take off but two 87th gangsters fired on the car. The guy was hit in the back of his head as bullets peppered the car.
Sean looked at Hidemi. He raised his HK416 and fired at her. They took cover as MTX ran back into the car. “Hey, I got some errand to do. I can’t help ya on this war but I’ll back in the next morning.” He told Hidemi.
Hidemi sighed, “Whatever you say…” She saw MTX’s Continental was leaving Velikia Projects. She noticed several 87th gangsters are chasing her and Gin. They started to run and managed to hide from them. Hidemi called Arnold on her iPhone. She scoffed, “The war’s already over, man. You’re late… Now these gangsters are under siege, trying to kill anyone who wore black or burgundy. And don’t tell Dex if I took his car to Lapland Auto Sport. Bye…” Hidemi hangs up the iPhone.
Gin looked around, the whole 87th could want he and Hidemi dead. She called Ernest, “Meet me at a building named Wapakalypse Auto. See you there…”
Hidemi smirked, “So why you was here, dawg. Welcome to Velikia Projects. The most worst place in the world.”
Ernest laughed, “That’s bullshit, Hidemi-kun! They aren’t gangstas but straight to idiot dolls”
Hidemi spotted a Strelets gangster with an AKMS, an 87th with a SPAS-15 and an Angels bikers with and AUG A2. They patrolled near the RHR.
One of the Alleviants with white jacket scoffed, “Wait, I know that fuck with AKMS. His name’s Kopitar. I iced some his homeys before he went insane and stole a limousine and dumped it near a railroad crossing.”
Hidemi told him, “I got problem with that guy before. He tried to kill me when I walking with Ethan in Beika.”
The Alleviant with Uzi noticed a Strelets who talking with his homie. He held an AK-12. “Virág was on the projects, man. I thought he was involved on the arson.” He asked Ernest.
Ernest chided, “Not only that, Virág killed two Alleviant homies because a botched drug deak. I think this time this’ll be his last fight.”
Hidemi silenced him, “Look, did you know who’s shot Jodie?” She was calling Kinzie.
Kinzie told her, “Well, to be honest I caught one of the 87th homies who shot Jodie. That guy wasn’t Rafik. So the A2V attacked the 87th causing them under siege at Velikia Projects. I bet you can find them…”
An Angel biker asked at the 87th with SPAS-15, “Where’s that fucking scarlet-haired girl?”
The 87th with SPAS-15 sneered, “What should I know? She’s in our turf and these psychos are fleering.” He lit a cigar. “Man, I shouldn’t go to Blaine County. Things too hot right there.” He continued.
The Angels with AUG A2 laughed, “Well, the Losers have trouble with a resident named Trevor. Word is he have a affair with one of their Lady. On the other hands, The Azteca was smuggling some drugs from Moldova. The ship was moored at Agusta Bay on Banarec Island. They’ll unload the drugs from the ship.”
Kopitar rolled his eyes, “Azteca? Is that mean the Azteca was no longer anti-narcotic gang?”
The Angels told him, “No, they’re split up to two factions. The Azteca and The Sepulcros. The Sepulcros started to dealing drugs in 1996 causing the Azteca marked them as traitors. They have relation to the Azteca’s enemy, the Vagos. They’re wore dye and gold clad on their clothing. Hey I thought we may down on the deal, right? With these guys in black?”
The 87th with SPAS-15 laughed, “You mean Cash Money Brothers? I thought the Bullshit Organization would be involved on this.”
Kopitar snorted, “Not anymore. But if the Losers or the Busta Organization tried to fuck the deal, we should steal one of their bikes for the penalties.”
This prompted laughter and the 87th with SPAS-15 was going to react but Kopitar spotted three cars pulled up near the subway and several Alleviant gangsters got out. They were heavily armed. Before Kopitar could warn Bogdan and his crew, Hidemi and Gin opened fire and Kopitar was hit in the back as the 87th with SPAS-15 had his throat torn open. Kopitar dropped his AKMS as he turned to see who shot him. The Angel with AUG A2 scattered to cover. Gin aimed his M92FS and fired at the wounded Kopitar. He hit him in the head and he was dead before hitting the ground.
The shots alerted everyone. Virág and two Strelets got out from the house. He had an AK-12 while his homies had X95s. They start firing at the FBI. Four FBI agents were caught by the hail of rounds. The fleeing Angels with AUG A2 took cover at nearby cars and he returned fire. Gin took cover as he reloaded his M92FS. Hidemi fired her MP-443 at the two Strelets with X95s. She nailed one of them and wounding another. The wounded gangster tried to get up but a FBI agent with UMP.45 finished him off with four shots to the torso.
Bogdan leveled his AKS-74u at the FBI agent who finished his crew and he squeezed the trigger. He hit him in the back of his head. Gin aimed his M92FS on Bogdan and fired. He hit him but he managed to take cover before Gin killed him. He returned blind fire. He hit an Alleviant with AK-47 with a headshot.
Hidemi picked an AK-74 from a dead 87th homies. She noticed the gun had GP-25 grenade launcher, quad-stack magazine and Kobra reflex sight. Hidemi also took all of his ammo too as well as his wallet. There was ten thousand dollars on it. She frowned, “High Rollers…” There’s five 87th gangsters and two Angels biker who ran from the RHR studio. Hidemi racked the gun and began firing on them in a sweep, catching three 87th gangsters and an Angel biker. The Angel who get shot by Hidemi ran to cover but several rounds nailed him in the chest. He died as one of the bullets went into his heart.
Gerald discarded his MAC-11. He picked a M16A2 from a dead 87th gangsta. He resumed firing at the FBI. “You picked the wrong hood, motherfucker!” He screamed. He lit a FBI agent with MP5A2 and the agent feel, full of holes from Gerald’s M16A2s. Bogdan screamed, “Hey, we got the Alleviants on the front!” Gerald spotted that Alleviant and fired. Ten rounds slammed into his stomach. He struggled to get up as he held his bleeding stomach. He stood up only to be hit by more rounds in the chest. He feel with face first. An Angel with AUG A2 reloaded his gun after he hit the Alleviant who get shot by Bogdan.
Gin picked an Mk 18 from a dead Angels of Death biker. Ernest screamed, “Shit, take out that Deadbeats motherfucker!” Hidemi spotted that AOD biker and fired. She hit him in the thigh. Just then, a ‘64 Camaro pulled up and three 87th gangsters got out, their guns blazing. Hidemi fired her GP-25 on the car. BOOM!
The blast hit one of the gangsters there. He was missing his left leg. The other two homies were unscathed and returned fire. They hit a FBI agent with Benelli M4. He coughed blood as rounds pumped into him. He feels to the asphalt, staring lifeless at the ground. Gerald reloaded his M16, hollering, “Don’t let them get closer!”
Virág spraying his AK-12 before two rounds struck him in his left arm. He dropped his AK-12 as four rounds slammed into his abdomen. It was Gin who shot him. Hidemi walked closer to Virág as Ernest and Gin provided her cover fire. Hidemi switched to her MP-443. She pointed her pistol on Virág. He pleaded, “Shit! Listen, just let me live! I didn’t kill anyone though!”
Hidemi lowered her MP-443. She asked with a glare, “Then why you killed two Alleviant gangsters in a botched deal?”
Virág cried, “I don’t have a choice, man! They tried to snatch the snow!”
Hidemi shook her head, “Many people had their lives lost because drugs. In addition, because your crew are killed my colleagues, you’ve sold your change to live another day. Sorry…” She shot Virág in the head. Two Strelets and an Angel with leather vest opened fire. They tried to recover the AOD, which had his thigh shot out. Hidemi switched to her AK-74 and returned fire. She hit two of them in a hail of rounds. The Angels with Uzi aimed at Sreten but Hidemi fired remaining rounds from her AK-74 and blew his brains out.
Gerald loaded his M16A2. Four FBI got out from a ’11 Charger. Gerald began firing at the FBI despite three rounds tore his leg. He hit all of them. Two of them feel dead while the other was injured. They weakly struggled to get up but two 87th gangsters with MP5A3s gunned them down. They now lay dead on the ground, full of holes from MP5A3s. One of them even had his spinal cord exposed from the gunshot wounds. The 87th with MP5A3s began firing at the Alleviant. They lit two of them in a sweep. “Who’s fucked up right now, bitch!” One of them screamed.
Hidemi and Gin returned fire at the 87th with MP5A3s. They nailed one of them in the head, their rounds split his chin and blew it off. The other one managed to take cover and returned fire. He hit Hidemi in the chest but she managed to took cover. “That’s for my crew you dumbfuck!” He taunted. Gerald opened fire and he hit two Alleviant gangsters. The first had his brainstem hit and he was dead before he hit the asphalt. The second was hit in hip, legs and abdomen. The guy feel, but not dead.
Ernest fired at Bogdan, two rounds slammed into his leg but he managed to take off. He then aimed at the Strelets who tried to coax the wounded Angel. He squeezed the trigger. “Deadbeats! I coming for you, asshole!” He hit the Strelets in the head. The guy feel backward, drop his gun as he feel dead.
Both Hidemi and Gin approached the Angels of Death biker who had his thigh shot. He struggled to get up. He held his bleeding thigh, “Do it you cunt! Shoot me like what you did on Virág! You two and your friend are signing the death contract! My brother and his associates will erase your ass two!” Gin smirked, “Angels of Death? Well, you will meet a real one right now…” Hidemi fired her MP-443 to finish off the wounded AOD bikers.
Ernest hollered, “We got some Deadbeats and Suckass firin’ their guns at us from the north!” He fired his M654 at a group of Strelets. He nailed four of them. A Strelets with unbuttoned green plaid shirt fired an AMD-63, the Hungarian version of the AKM. He lit two Alleviant gangsters with headshots. The Strelets with AMD-63 emptied the remaining rounds at Ernest. Three rounds hit him in the stomach. Hidemi fired and hit the guy in the chest and the rounds hit him in the chest and rounds expanded as they tore through cartilage, bone, muscle and tissue. The gang member died as the rounds ruptured his spleen tearing up his organs all the way to it.
Gerald fired his new acquired SG552, hollering at his henchmen, “Yo, ice these motherfuckers with Sean!” A Strelets gangster with white jacket and Breton hat fired an H&K G36 and he killed two Alleviant before they could get out from the car. An Angels with Uzi fired at the Alleviant and he nailed one of them. The guy feel but not die. Hidemi fired her AK-74 on them. The Strelets with G36 was hit in the chest and the rounds expanded and tore his chest open. The Angels with Uzi was riddled with rounds as he feel back and a rounds hit him near the lungs. “Sean! You shouldn’t fucked up my crew or my family!” Hidemi warned.
Sean scoffed, “It aint your bussines, punk-ass bitch!” He fired his HK416 at Hidemi who took cover near a ’05 Toyota Supra. Bullet pelted the car, sending glass shatter to Hidemi. She ran to her cousin’s brother. She looked at him, “You’re alright, Ernest?” Ernest nodded and said, “Yeah. That round’s gonna hurt”
Ernest spotted Sean hold a scarlet-haired girl as shield, “Hey, who’s that girl?” He asked Hidemi. She could saw it. “That could be Erza Scarlet…” She thought.
Erza roared at Sean, “Let me go you lifeless gangster!”
Sean replied with a scoff, “Shut the fuck up. This wasn’t your bussines-” His words were cut as Erza stomped his feet. She take the HK-416 from her captor and she used them as shield, “Anyone objects, I’ll kill him!” Erza warned at the enemies.
Bogdan screamed, “Drop him or I gonna drop you, punk ass bitch!” Gerald aimed his SG552 at Erza, “Easy, Erza… You’re in Hell right now. So please drop Sean and put that HK on the ground. Even you’re wore that heavy armor clad on your chest, I gonna pull my .357 and blow your fucking head to bits.”
Erza angrily replied, “And what are you did then?”
Sean scoffed, “Simple, get the fuck off from the turf and never came back again…”
As Hidemi approached Erza, Gerald aimed at them, “You fuckers better get the fuck outta here or I’ll drop you where you stand! Try it…” He spat.
Ernest considered shooting him but Hidemi grabbed his arms and stopped him. “All right, we’re pulling back from your hood for now but we’ll ice you if you kill anybody. Remember that…” Hidemi warned Gerald.
Erza let Sean go and she dropped his HK416 on the grounds. She approached Hidemi, “So, why are you trying to help me?”
Hidemi replied as they got into the car, “Because you’re targeted by somebody who wants you dead. Actually there’s a lot people wants you dead.”
Erza crossed her hands. She smirked, “I know some of them. The first was a dealer who aligned with some gangsters with black. It’s not you, but the other one. The second was an Armenian mobster and the other, which I explain it later. So where’s your house?”
Hidemi replied, “Western Beachgate Park in Beika city.” She was listened to 106.66 The Trash. The song by Anodyne Sea by As I Lay Dying was played.
(Western Beachgate Park, Beika City)
They arrived on Hidemi’s house two hours later. She checked her iPhone as it rings.
Yo, Sreten brought some friends. Their names were Igor, Afasny, Lukyan and Gregory in the case you did not know… Do not be surprised when you saw it.
It was from her cousin, Alec. Hidemi went to the front room. She looked at the table. Sreten had been using cocaine with Igor. Afasny prepped an AK-74 on the same table and Gregory was slept on the couch, he held an Uzi. Lukyan was watching I Say You Say on television. “What the fuck? Since when are you a fucking coke head? It didn’t enough you sell the shit but now you snort it as well?” Hidemi barked. Afasny aimed the AK-74 at Hidemi. Gregory stood up startled and he pointed his Uzi.
Lukyan calmed them in Russian, “Тихий все, это Хидэми и ее семья” (Quiet everyone, it’s Hidemi and her family) They lowered their gun as they saw it was just Hidemi and her family.
Gregory greeted them, “What’s up, stud?” Sreten woke up and he looked Hidemi, “That shit drives me high, man…”
Erza asked him in suspicion, “You snort coke? Then why you brought some bad guys here?”
Sreten got defensive, “Wait! I just want to settle the situation! I just brought some friends, man! Yo, who the fuck is that girl?”
Hidemi turned to face him and shouted, “Her name is Erza Scarlet, you moron. You’re snorting the snow now? And have a friends come to the house without my permission? At least I didn’t snort coke.”
Sreten scowled, “Man, you just like someone who complaining anything… Okay! Okay! I’ll stay away from that powder if you can shut your mouth!” Hidemi shook her head as she went to her room.

Six hours later…


Hidemi got dressed when she woke up. She looked at her iPhone. She checked the message.
Cousin, meet me at the Pasta Pizza in Carwood. I got some shit to discuss with the syndicate and your ‘new’ friend.
It was her cousin, Alec. Hidemi got in her Corvette C6 and drive. She listened to Ice-C. It had Gangsta Bitch by Apache playing. Her iPhone rings. Hidemi answered the call, “Hello?”
It was Lukyan, “Hey, it’s me. Lukyan”
Hidemi smiled, “Lukyan, what’s up. Where’s your brother right now? I can’t find him.”
Lukyan laughed, “Well, he’s went to somewhere. Look, I got something to tell you. It’s about Venom.”
Hidemi smiled wider, “I’m listening…”
Lukyan told her, “That traitor just hangs out with the Losers in an apartment near Harvey Industrial Park. If we got lucky, we can kill them in one sweep.”
Hidemi asked with a snicker, “The Losers? Oh shit, couldn’t that mean he has a good relation with Lost MC?”
Lukyan sighed, “You got that shit. He went paranoid at the drug game and sealing himself at the apartment. Hiring some Renbourne as his personal guard.”
Hidemi laughed, “He’ll be dead in two days. I’ll call you later…” She hangs up the phone.
(Carwood, Hepburn)
Hidemi arrived at Pasta Pizza forty minutes later. She got out from her Corvette, she saw Gin’s Porsche 356A and Alec’s new car, a tuned Pontiac Firebird. “High rollers…” Hidemi thought. She walked inside the pizzeria and she saw a man in tactical gear guarding the pizzeria with an AKS-74u. Hidemi approached the table where Alec and his companion were. She scoffed at Alec, “Tell me you didn’t pick this pizzeria to discussing your problem, Alec. And why you brought my parent and Vermouth?” She asked.
Alec replied with a grin, “No, Hidemi-kun. I brought them for a reason. You’re gonna love the pizzeria… Sit down! Don’t ask me why Anokata wore purple clad than black.” Hidemi did that and she sat near her parents and Erza. “So, you got news on the shipment?” Kaeko asked Alec.
Alec scowled, “Some gangsters with dye and gold clad are guarding the ship after the arrival three days. They possibly came from Moldova and the ship was moored at Agusta Bay. These homie are called the Sepulcros aka The Graves, they have beef with the Varrio Los Aztecas” He hollered at his crew, “Yo dawg, come here!”
Hidemi looked at Alec’s bodyguard who approached him. He was an African-American, donning a blue sport jersey. He had a yellow shade on his head. “So what’s your name, dawg?” She asked him.
Alec sighed, “His name’s Duke Thug. He was one of the Alleviant gangsters who vowed to shoot anyone who hates the Alleviant. So here’s your contract, the boss of the men in black aka the East Řepka.”  He looked at an African-American who sat beside Alec
Anokata was an African-American, black hair and his weight as tall as Ernest was. He wore a white one-off shirt with a purple-black paisley pattern shirt underneath. He was thirty years old. He looked at Duke Thug, “Fortunately you just like the Vagos from Los Santos. Just call me Walker…” He introduced to Duke.
Alec looked at Walker, “Hey, why your crew wore black while you wore purple? And why you gave some weird name to some your crew?” He asked.
Walker laughed, “It’s for a reason. These Ball-sackass tried to ice Jay and me since ’98 while we decide to build our own sets. While I assigned some of my crew to wear black, Jay and I wore purple instead. Mixing it with black-” His words were cut as somebody in outside yelled, “You fucking traitor! No true Ballas rolls with the Alleviants!” Just then automatic gunshots gang out. Hidemi and her parents took cover several people were hit by the rounds.
Duke Thug pulled a Walther P99 and he racks the pistol ready. He peeked from cover to saw a Baller fired an Uzi from a ’85 Camaro. “Shit, it’s the Ball-suckass niggas!” Duke hollered as he returned fire at the Camaro. The car stopped after Duke hit the right back tire. The driver got out, he held a Glock 21. Hidemi noticed the driver wore aqua clad. He was the members of the Rifa.
Erza ducked behind the wall. “What the hell is going on?” She asked.
Walker answered, “I told you what the fuck is going on! These Ball-suckass and Rifas are firing at us!”
Alec scowled, “A2V motherfucker! No one rolls with you Ball-suckass!” He fired six shots from his Beretta at the Baller with Uzi but not one rounds his him. He got out of the car and took cover at the Camaro. Hidemi fired her MP-443 and hit the Rifa with Glock 21 in the back with headshot. Just then two cars arrived and eight Heathrow Trays Ballas got out.
Duke Thug scolded him, “I think that snow frying your brain. They was the Heathrow, not the Avignon Avenue.”
Alec scoffed, “I ain’t snort coke but Sreten and Kley did.”
Duke Thug snorted, “They did? But why you call Heathrow Trays as A2V?”
Alec nodded, “I ain’t known about the Heathrow Trays. But you should take care of these payaso.” Duke Thug grabbed a Krinkov from a dead guard. Two of Alec’s homies are prepping their guns. The first had a LAW-12 shotgun while the second member carried a pair of Kahstans. Alec himself picked a M733. They were ready and Duke said, “Alright, dawg. If anybody has anything to say to one another, now would be the time because chances are, we may not make it back in one piece.”
The Alleviant with Kahstans replied with a grin, “Don’t worry, we’ll fine…”
Hidemi and Gin warned them but they went outside anyway. Alec and his crew opened fire, trying to hit many Ballas and Rifa gangsters as they could. Duke Thug hit the Baller with Uzi who took cover near the Camaro with a headshot. “Do you like that, Ball-sackass niggas?” He taunted before he fired again at the Baller who ducked behind the sedan. He nailed three of them and wounding another before he took cover to reload his Krinkov.
A ’66 Bonneville pulled up and four gangsters in aqua clad got out. Two of them are armed with CZ-75s while another had a Mini-Uzi. The last armed with a MP5A3. The Alleviant with LAW-12 fired and he blasted the Rifa with Mini-Uzi in the stomach. The buckshot tore a massive hole in his torso. There was a nasty putrid smell as his intestines were exposed. The Alleviant homie fired again and blasted his head to a fleshy mess. One of the Rifas with CZ-75s fired at the Alleviant with LAW-12 but the Alleviant with Kahstans aimed it on him. He fired, letting off twenty rounds from his Kahstans and hit the Rifa with CZ-75 who fired at him. The gangster hurtled back as he was pelted with bullets. The rounds even came out of his back.
Alec hollered, “Yeah, nigga! Ice these motherfuckers!” Duke Thug fired from cover and he heard someone had been hit. He saw one of the Ballas gangstas was hit in the head. He fired again and nailed the other Rifa with CZ-75 in the chest. Before the gangster feel to the ground, Duke fired his Krinkov again. He hit the guy in the throat, killing him. The Alleviant with Kahstans fired at the Rifa near his Bonneville. He was killed instantly, being pelted with bullet as much as the car were. He reloaded his Kahstans and he fired at the Ballas. He hit two of them in a sweep. One of the Baller feel dead while another was hit in the hip and legs. He got to his feet as he held his bleeding hip only to be hit by Alec in the face. His face was gone. All that remained was a red fleshy mess.
The Rifa with MP5A3 fired at Walker. He emptied the entire rounds to him. The rounds hit four people inside the restaurant instead. He inserted a fresh mag to his MP5A3 but Hidemi aimed her MP-443 at him. She fired, letting off four rounds and hit him in the chest. He struggled to get up and Alec fired his M733 on him. Ten rounds slammed into his abdomen and the bullets came out of the back. A Ballas with black Chore coat fired MAC-10 sideways at Duke. He returned fire and he hit him in the temple, blowing it off. Duke Thug also sprayed his AKS-74u at the backup who arrived. He killed the driver and passenger before they could get out from the car. Duke screamed, “You fuck with me, you fuck with the whole gang!”
The Baller with white t-shirt fired an AS Val. “Fucking traitors! B-Dup say farewell!” He screamed. Hidemi and Gin cannot believe if the Ballas had marked them as traitors. Walker flashed a MAC-11. He got out from the restaurant and he began firing at the Baller who called him as traitor. Ten rounds hit the guy in the hip and thigh. The man got his feet as he held his bleeding thigh. Walker emptied his MAC-11 at the wounded Rifa to finish him off. He resumed firing and three of the Ballas homies feel in a storm of rounds. The forth was hit but he managed to took cover. As he did, three rounds slammed into his back of his head. He feel dead, his blood spraying the street. Walker screamed, “Who said traitor you coke dealing niggas!”
There’s three Ballas and two Rifa who still alive. A ’95 Ford Probe pulled up and two Alleviants gangsters got out. Hidemi noticed the Alleviant with solid build. His name was Anon Paper Mack. He fired an AKS with PK-AV scope and he hit two of the remaining Baller gangster. The first was hit in the neck, his jugular revealed by the deepness of the wounds. The second one had his chest torn open by the 7.62 rounds. The other Alleviant, wearing black shades and yellow pimp coat had his TEC-9 blazing at the last Baller. He hit him in the collarbone.
The two Rifas returned fire and the Alleviant with Kahstan was hit in the chest and abdomen. He managed to take off after that. The Alleviant with LAW-12 fired and he hit one of them. The Rifa with black vest had his head blown up. The other one, who wore black shirt and aqua bandana, fired an AK on Alec. Hidemi and Gin returned fire on him and the Rifa with AK was pelted with rounds in the torso. He dropped his AK as he feels dead.
The wounded Baller tried to pull his guns but Walker turned to him and he already aimed his smoking MAC-11 on him. The gangster growled, “You filthy traitors… You’re fucking dead if you’re stepping to Los Santos…”
Walker retorted, “This wasn’t in Los Santos, man.” He shot the gangster in the head. He saw at the corpse, blood flowing from the gunshot wound. The Alleviant with TEC-9 asked, “Dawg, he smoked these men alone? How much?” He asked.
Walker replied snicker, “Tell ya what though, Garamond. I ain't worried about the history so much as they care. The fact that A: the Herbert brothers are crazy motherfuckers, and B: Jay, my crew, survived a dozen Ballas drive-bys in ‘92." Everyone stared in disbelief. Even Erza, Hidemi and Gin shook their head. “Actually, it’s Families drive-bys. You were still on the Ballas in ’92.” Hidemi corrected Walker.
Paper Mack looked at the corpses, who now were covered in sheets. “Why these motherfuckers roll with the Rifa?” He asked.
Walker told him, “Those punk ass Rifa supplied the yay to Big Smoke in ‘92. Every Monday and Friday, the cash are leaving Los Santos while the drug shipment was leaving San Fierro in Wednesday and Saturday… The operation stopped after their crack factory was rigged to blow. Maybe I can drive that Firebird and ice some Ball-suckass with an Uzi.”
Garamond laughed when he heard that, “Damn, man. Even this Russian girl can drive better than you, man! You crash too many cars!”
Hidemi gritted her teeth, “I’m Japanese you jackass!”
Garamond snorted, “I was just joking, girl. Damn!”
Just then another gunshot rang out. She went though the place of the disturbance with the others. Hidemi spotted two gangsters wearing scarlet clad are executing someone who wore green clad outside a van. One of them wearing scarlet shirt with a white t-shirt underneath while another wear black hooded jacket and red track pants. They were the Eastside Nights gang. Hidemi recognized one of them who executing the gangster, the one with black hooded jacket. “Rico?” She looked in confusion.
Ethan told her, “He possibly one of the Eastside Nights high members. Killing rival gang if relation between them went sour.” Just then, a girl approached the Eastside gangster. She was a young petite girl with short, white hair and blue eyes. She wears a light-blue striped shirt, with green short-shorts and sneakers. Rico scowled, “What the fuck? Who the fuck is that girl?” The fat Eastside gangster took a L85 from a bag but Rico stopped him, “Let me finish this, dawg…” He held an Mk 23 pistol as the girl walked closer to them. She growled, “I guess you’re related to this, right? Killing innocent people for useless reason…”
Rico replied the girl’s growl with a scorn, “Hey that wasn’t your problem. We just took that penniless fuck who stole our drug van. Now get the fuck outta here before you’ll lie on your back!”
The white-haired girl had enough of Rico’s insanity, “If that so, then I’ll knock you down!” She run to attack Rico with her fists, however he managed to fend off the attack and he knocked her with a pistol whip to her head. “Shut the fuck up, tomboy! I ain’t killed anyone except the enemies of my gang!” He snarled.
The fat Eastside homie held his L85. He looked to Rico, “Yo, we need to silence her before she started to screw the job.” he said. Rico pulled a syringe from his jacket. He then injected a drug to the white-haired girl. The fat Eastside gangster hollered to Rico, “Man, hurry the fuck up! The Hazes are waiting for us and I saw some dead homies there!” After Rico injected the drugs, they broke into the Svarkans’ van and took off from the scene.
They ran to the fallen girl. Erza recognized her, “Lisanna!” Hidemi  kneeled down beside Lisanna and she checked her pulse, “She still breathing! We need to bring her to a hospital!”
Walker told her, “Look, just let my crew take that girl to the hospital.” One of his henchmen, who wore a black hoodie and purple bandana carried the white-haired girl to a ’13 Impala. He got in the driver seat. Hidemi thanked him as his homie took off. Alec told her, “I told you that he tried to kill her in silence.”
Duke shot back, “He used the nerve agent to kill her!”
Paper Mack snapped, “He mixed heroin with cocaine to shut her up!”
Hidemi barked, “Shut the fuck up, all of you!”
Walker asked Hidemi, “So what are we gonna we do, Kir?”
Hidemi looked at her cousin, “Get back to the turf. These psychos would kill us both if we stay here.”
(East Córdoba, West Hepburn)
They was arrived at East Cordoba one hour later. Walker spotted a C-1000 parked nearby and he saw Akai and Sera walking to him. “Akai, what happen? I thought these gangsta iced you!”
Sera looked at three people who wore red clad and the four men near a red van. She surveyed them in suspicion but she turned to Hidemi, “We’re fine, we survived a lot of gang related shootouts.” She told her.
Gin asked Akai, “What are you listen, Kobito-san?”
Akai sighed, “The Seven’s inside war…” They decided to listen to the radio. “This bulletin just in. In a scene to rival the famed, St. Valentine's Day Massacre of 1920’s Chicago. Don Barese, the reputed crime lord of Barese Families and ten of his henchmen were gunned down this afternoon by their long life rival, the Ascoli Family. Witness said that Iadanza rode past Mr. Barese and sprayed the group with gunfire. This caused the Seven Families feel to infighting and until now police had reported twenty deaths caused by Mafioso-related shootouts.

Hidemi and Gin shook their head. The Seven Families started to feel apart. Vermouth asked Walker, “So what now?”

Sera replied, “I think we just ask these guys who wore red and black to…” Her words were cut as someone screamed from the opposite side of the sidewalk. “There’s a hit! Cover me!”

Sera screamed at her friends in a sudden, “Everyone, get down!” They took cover as the three men near the red van readying their weapons and opened fire at the gangsters who wore yellow. Four of the gangster was feel in a stream of rounds, along with an innocent bystander. He was hit in the back. He sagged to the ground as more rounds pumped into his back. He died.
Walker screamed, “Ahh shit! These guys are want revenge on the Appeside.”
Someone screamed, “Ass-side niggas! No one fucks with the Cash Money Brothers!” Hidemi looked at the man who insults the Appeside. It was the gangster with red sweater. She asked Walker, “Appeside? I thought they was hating the North Morava Hustlers on the dope game. And who’s the Cash Money Brothers and the attackers near the red van?”
Walker snorted, “The Cash Money Brothers is a gang with some high-grade weaponry. Some of my crew called them as The Hazes. These Polish mobsters were from the Pawlak Family.” Hidemi remembered the gangsters who escort Harrell and his crew from the 87th – WWA war.
Sera looked at Walker, “So you mean these guys driving some expensive cars? Which one of their crew knocked me out?”
Walker nodded, “Si, they also have some bad relation with the Svarkan Hoods and the Riverz. It’s just like hell…”
The CMB with red sweater pulled a MP5A2 from his SUV. The gangster with red shade hollered to his friend, “Somebody hand me a gun!” The CMB gangster with MP5A2 handed him a PP90M1. Another CMB homies armed with an Uzi. The last CMB gangster armed with Vector. Now CMB gangsters and Polish mobsters outgunned the Black Org members in this situation.
An Appeside thug used an innocent bystander to shield himself from the rounds, which particularly angered Hidemi. The girl who used as shield by the Appeside took several rounds to her stomach. The Appeside gangster dropped the dead girl as he went to cover. He pulled a Beretta Cheetah and returned fire. He grazed one of the attackers at the van in the abdomen.
Akai watched the gunfight, “Looks like the Poles are cut the ties with the Appeside Posse and allied with the Cash Money Brothers aka the Hazes. After the Appeside crashed the marriage of Darka Kubicki and Sewryn Pawlak, causing the death of the Kubicki boss’ daughter, they want revenge and they have a healthy relationship with the Cash Money Brothers, which ran by a hoodlum named Alan. These people wore black, just like Black Org but with a mix of red.”
The Appeside Posse were armed with pistol and one had a Micro-Uzi. The Cash Money Brothers were heavily armed. They had PP90M1s and Vectors. The Pawlak had Galil AR, MP5 and MAC-10. The last held an HK33. Hidemi saw there were nine Appeside who lay out in the street. Three of them was hit in the head. The Pawlak with black suit screamed before he fired his Galil, “Fuck you all! You’re making your own doom!” He prayed six Appeside before his Galil went empty.
The female Appeside gangsters ran from cover. “Motherfuckers!” She screamed as the approaching the Pawlak mobsters, firing her Micro-Uzi. The Pawlak with MP5A2 aimed his gun at the female gangster and fired. Ten rounds went to her chest, even some of the rounds came out of her back. She hit the grounds, blood slowly surrounds the girl’s corpse. “No one mess with the Pawlak!” The Pawlak with MP5 shouted.
The Pawlak mobster with Galil AR screamed, “Bastard!” He fired at the Appeside who took cover at a Cadillac CTS. He hit one of them with a headshot and nailed the other in the neck. The guy feel dead, blood flows from the wound. His fellow mobster with MP5 fired from the hip at a group of Appeside who ducked behind a box. He nailed one of them and wound another as the rounds came through the box and hit his target. The Pawlak mobster with MP5 aimed at the Appeside with Beretta Cheetah. He fired and he hit the man in the head.
The CMB with Uzi hollered at the Pawlak mobsters, “Fuck it! We gotta go!” The Pawlak mobsters with Galil AR feel back to the red van. His fellow mobster with MAC-10 also got in the back seat. They started to leave as all of the Pawlak mobsters were on the van. Bullets busted into the van, the Pawlak mobster with MAC-10 almost feels off but his friend managed to catch him. They shut the van’s door as the passenger on the front seat firing his MP5 as the van leaving the area.
The CMB with Vector feel back to the Armada, followed by his crew. The occupants firing their weapon at the remaining Appeside as the driver threw two grenades on them before leaving. The first grenade exploded near a CLK, shattering the car’s window. The second grenade lands at the wounded Appeside gangsters, killing two of them.
There’s several Appeside Pose who lying dead on the street, along with four innocent civilians who unintentionally get hit by the warring faction. One lay in front of a building, he had several rounds in the head. A couple lies dead near the damaged SLK. The bride laid face down, her back shot to shit by automatic rounds. The groom was hit in the stomach, chest and collar. He held the bride’s hands before he succumbed to his wounds. Another had his stomach was torn open by the rounds. He leaned against a sedan. The CMB and Pawlak are escape unscathed.
Sera gritted her teeth, “This is the first when I saw innocent bystanders are gunned down by these bastards.”
A white Mazda RX-7 pulled up and Bourbon, Heiji, Kazuha and ran got out from the car. They sickened as they saw it. “Who do this brutal shootout?” Bourbon asked.
Walker told Bourbon, “The Polish Mobster and Cash Money Brothers gang… They do it for revenge. Eye for an Eye, they want them dead.”
Kazuha checked her phone. She suddenly ran to Heiji. “Heiji! You should check this…” She said as she hands him her cellphone. He began to read the message on Kazuha’s phone.
Heiji cannot believe by what he saw. “Who sent this?” He asked Kazuha.
Hidemi took the phone from him and she checked the message. She told everyone, “Looks like they want us dead…”





A/N: This is the alternate ending of the Holmes’ Revelation. Rirk will execute Hades in the Court than Conan (Shinichi) taking him to the police,
Rirk’s Job: Heart Stopper and Regime Player
(Orlando, Florida)
Rick was talking with Lokar on the phone, “Look, dawg we don’t need to wetting on about that. Allen will took care of it…” 8He hangs up the phone and the Wallachia gangster with black sweater asked him, “What’s happen, man?”
The gangster ratted, “One of your crew was killed by Hades Sabara in London.”
Rirk roared, “What? How can that fuck killed my friend!”
The gangster told him, “He killed him because some ‘heart’ reason.”
Rick scoffed, “Heart? I shouldn’t trust that fuck and killed him instead.”
The Wallachia with red shirt looked at Rirk, “So, what are you gonna do?” He asked.
Rirk told them, “We’re going to London and silence that fuck. No one mess with the Wallachia gangster. We’re going there right away.”
(Heathrow Airport, London)
Rirk arrived at Heathrow Airport. He arrived on London twelve hours later. He saw one of his homies is waiting for him. Rirk walked to him. “Welcome to London, dawg.” He said.
Rirk looked at him, “Where’s you got the information that Hades was sitting ducks in London?” He asked.
The gangster answered, “Some Russian Boyeviks told me. Don’t worry, he can’t escape, though...”
Rirk retorted, “I gonna put my .45 on that fuck’s head and blow his head off.”
The gangster nodded, “Chill, we may got him. Let’s to the safehouse. Some of my crew are waiting.” They went into an ’86 Buick Century. Rirk got in the front seat and they took off.

Several days later…


Rirk looked outside the windows as he woke up. His phone rings. “This is Rirk. Speak…” He spoke up.
The same gangster picked him from Heathrow airport informed him, “This is Vincent. I found that guy who killed your homeys. He’s attending a tennis match in Wimbledon. If you managed to get there, you can pick him off easily. I’ll pick you up in one hour…”
Rirk walked outside and he saw the Buick Century pulled up in front of him. He got in the passenger seat. Rirk looked at Vincent, “How was it?”
Vincent scorned, “That fuck who smoked one of your crew also killed several people who own him their money. Mostly he need the money to his ma’s operation but he was in debt after his mom die, driving him to desperation. He also blow up the hospital who refused the operation for his ma, killing a lot of innocent souls.”
Rirk smirked, “Really? That should ease us to silence him” He flashed an Automag V pistol.
They arrived at the Centre Court fifteen minutes later. “Look, we need to check the surrounding to search Hades and blow his fucking head off! You got the tickets?” Rirk asked.
Vincent told him, “I got one ticket for you and another for me.” They got out from the car and Rirk tucked his Automag on his pants, concealing it.
As Rirk arrived on the tribune, his phone rings. He checked the message. It was from Vincent.
Yo, I saw some Strelets in the Court. They possibly want Hades dead, just like us. They told me to use their crib to lay low if something bad happen.
Rick sighed, “Some aid…” He saw a man who had a video camera, “Someone who loves record the tennis match…” He thought.
Rick heard a woman yelled to Conan “Holmes’ Apprentice! You helped Minerva get back into the game!” She started to scold him, “But that was a faux pas…” Another, this time a person told Conan, “Don’t do it again…”
Rirk noticed something, “Wait… It could be that man who holding the camera was that nervous asshole…”
Hades started to panic after he noticed the barrel of Rirk’s Automag pressed to his back. He turned to saw Rirk but he swiftly aimed his Automag to his temple. “This is for what you did to my crew… Well, should learn that…” He snarled before he pulls the trigger. He blew Hades’ head off, sending brains, skull fragments and cartilage all over below the tribune. Only a small fraction of the bottom of his skull remained attached to his head.
Rick looked at Hades’ disremembered body. “До свидания…” (Goodbye…) He said as he walked away. Everyone looked at Hades’ corpse in panic. His phone rings and he answered. “Hades is dead…” He said in sneering tone.
Vincent told him, “Yo dawg, if you killed that fuck, you need to dispose that gun to delete the tracer.  Dispose the gun at the river first. Then meet me at the airport to back to Florida with a Learjet, man…”
Rirk nodded, “Thanks, man…” He hangs up the phone. He broke into a ’06 Fiesta and he started to dispose the gun and return home to Florida with his private jet.

Present day…


(Alcatraz Park, Beika)
Pavel and Radimir went outside to steal a car from Polish Mafia while B-Dup and Adohalv planned to recover Martin. There’s several gangsters who guarding the ‘dungeon’. There’s two Vandals gangsters who looked outside. One wore an orange jacket and a white hoodie, blue jeans and eyeglasses. The other wore a black t-shirt and orange shades. “Man, I hate this shitty job. Killing some Hustlers with MACs from a ’66 Impala are better than this ‘dead’ job.” The Vandals with orange jacket grumbled.
The other Vandals with black t-shirt told him, “You could say that. It was Lalek’s idea to kidnap some random people to cover these shitty ops. How about the treaty in the Liberty City?”
The Vandals with orange hoodie snickered, “Well, these Hustler morons hated the treaty. Trying to get us at each other throats and killing each other. At least that the Petrovic Bratva have a truce with Adohalv after that snake-ass Dimitri was dead in Platypus ship in Hove Beach.”
The Vandals with black t-shirt nodded, “The Alderney chapter of the Losers was shut down letting the Angels of Death bikers to take over the territory. Still, the Losers still hate the Angels of Death bikers. Since 2008, the president of The Lost MC decided to fuck up the truce which had been signed during he was on prison with took back his bike and personally shoot the Angels who ‘crashed’ his party, triggering the second war. The president was arrested by the LCPD in a botched deal before he was killed by the Vice President.”
The Vandals with orange hoodie sighed as they arrived at a room, “Here goes nothing…” He kicked the door open and he yelled, “Sit the fuck down!” In his hand was a knife, though his Uzi was on his jacket and a Glock 21 on his pocket. Despite they have eyes of a murderer, they was a loyal gangster. The gangster with orange hat is tall and muscular, and though you can barely see his eyes, you can feel the power, hatred, and coldness radiate from them.
Everyone in the room is immediately quiet. The gangster with hoodie brandishes his knife at all of the kidnapee, before grabbing the arm of a seven year old boy. There are gasps and protests, but these are all silenced quickly. The boy screams and kicks and cries. The man releases the boy's arm and the bruise marks are shockingly visible. Taking his knife, the man slits the child's throat. The screams die in his mouth, though they are echoed by screams in the room. One woman faints.

The man drops the dead kid to the ground. A pool of blood is slowly forming around him as the gang with hoodie watched in disgust. "This is what will happen to all of you if you resist." You have no doubts about that. The gangster with black t-shirt said, “Yo, Adohalv want me to dealing with Pavlović mobsters, the Serbian mobsters. We’ll sold the H at them while they give us the green and the guns. You’ll take care of them, Mihail” Mihail glares at all of the kidnapee before exiting the room and locking it shut. He told him, “Are you sure? I don’t want if they firing their gun at the deal or the Feds crashed the deal. Watch your back, mate…”

The Vandals with orange hat scoffed, “Listen, Amsel says that if the plan went sour, we just kill them without leaving a fucking trace.”
Mihail nodded, “For sure…”
So, here’s the chapter 15. It’s revealed the identity of the Black Organization boss. However the Ballas attacked them and calling Anokata and his henchmen as traitors. Was that mean the Black Organization is a Ballas set who went rogue? Looks like it’s just like the Clash of Red and Black, except the Red (FBI) was changed to Purple (Ballas). How about the shootout at East Cordoba? Just to let you know, the shootout was inspired by the Weeding ambush by the Armeteo’s henchmen in New Jack City.
As for Anon Paper Mack, he was based from Bullet Tooth Tony from Snatch. (Don’t ask me why the title had period on it. Ask Guy Ritchie) and Marco from Swordfish. Alec’s bodyguard, Duke Thug was based on Bling Bling from The Cookout. Lukyan was based from Herman, the criminal ringleader and the main antagonists in Newsmakers. Igor was also based from Kley from the same move as Herman was.

If you have any question, just drop a message to my profile.
And one thing… Read and review!

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