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I was wandering if u can give a title for a new novel i wrote

well first this are my novels


The dying message here is only a paper with a red ink

the second is a cruiser party murder case (no title)

the hint here are the words:dog,digest, and rush

Trick for the first novel:

the detective realyze the truth about the dying message when the ink, mark on his hAnd.

means the truth behind the dying message is the FINGERPRINTS OF THE CULPRIT

the ink is the hint

trick on the 2nd novel

the murder weapon is in the dogs stomach

due to rush the culprit didnt bother to throw it on the sea but to feed it to the dog

the culprit confess after the detective says:

"do u want to get 2 lives at the same time?"

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Can I be very honest with you? It's great that you have an avid interest in writing (mysteries are particularly difficult) and that you're willing to take steps to publishing. However, I wouldn't rush it. If you can't spell "wondering" or "realize," use shorthand online, and don't place apostrophes in the right places, chances are you won't be getting published soon. So keep writing. Ask people to critique for you. Get advice. Get better. And then? Then you can really write a great novel.

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About the spelling thing, I don't think that he/she is from an English speaking country so I guess that he/she will publish it in his/her language, so English doesn't matter much :P

However, what makes me concerned here is WHY WOULD YOU REVEAL YOUR PLOT TO STRANGERS ??? Anyone who read this thread can very well copy your idea and makes it their own. They may even write it better than you and make money with it. THAT IS THE MOST DANGEROUS THING FOR A WRITER !!!

About your question, what I understand is that you need the title for the case/novel with the dog ? Well, since I haven't actually read it yet so I'm also not sure what is best to name (but again DON'T POST IT!), but maybe I can give you some advice...

1. Don't name anything that would spoil your tricks to the readers. That is the most important. Therefore title with "digest" is a no-go. You can hint the readers by making them focus on the dog, but be careful when doing that.

2. For mystery novels, it's better to name it something that would draw the readers' attention and make them want to explore the plot. I personally recommend using mysterious or abstract titles, instead of direct ones ("Murder at some place...", "Murder with something...", "something murder case") that can easily get boring, and it shouldn't be too far from the plot. Of course unless those some place or something can attract readers (e.g haunted mansion) but in this case they seem not.

Lastly, like everyone else has said, I wouldn't rush with the publishing if I were you. However, I hope that you know what you're doing and wish you for your success in your career !

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