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Ran Moorie

Shinichi's epic fail

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Just thought what if ? ;)

Practical Application

Ran came to meet Shinichi one day,

To go ask him and say:

Can you help me with my H.W. in math?

And Shinichi replied, “Okay.”

So they walked to her place,

While Ran was stuffing her homework in his face,

Walking to and fro between in haste,

Before they arrived at her place.

Once he settled down,

Out on the couch cushion mounds.

Shinichi stared at Ran.

His stare intense,

A deep dark blue.

Ran feeling suspense,

Not knowing what to say or do.

Shinichi says he was teaching her arithmetic,

And that was his mission.

He then lifted Ran’s chin and kissed her once,

Saying, “Now that’s addition.”

As he kissed her smack by smack,

In silent satisfaction.

Ran sweetly gave the kisses back and says,

“Now that’s subtraction.”

He then kissed her and she kissed him,

Without an explanation.

They look at each other and smiled and said,

“Now that's multiplication.”

Then Mouri Kogoro saw them there,

And made a quick decision.

He judo threw Shinichi three blocks away,

And said, “That’s long division!”

Characters: Ran Mouri, Shinichi Kudo, Mouri Kogoro

Lesson: Shinichi, next time when you want to kiss Ran, make sure her dad isn’t there watching you.

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I like the ending!

Whack the wall and guy groan.

Pester Kogoro for much subordination.

Miraculously, no bones broken, Shinichi has been pawned.

Ran wasn't impressed and had fist shatter table in batter-ment.

'If I'm married, groom is Shinichi! Hands off!'


And that's what I imagine what will Ran react. XD

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