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Gosho has never revealed Ran's birthday and gave a very recent interview (which you can read on the manga spoilers board) basically saying he was withholding it until the right time - probably a love story.


Tell me Ran's birthday! → Since there's an obstacle can't tell for now. But since the birthday hasn't passed Ran is 16 right now.

Hm, but if DC was serialized in 1994, Assume DC chars become 1 year old in 1995 (since a year would have passed with them in creation), then would that mean, years of serialization = years of age of characters in the manga, so as long DC is being serialized, Ran is immortal, or actually hiding the pendora gem?

^LOL ignore that. :P

Are there any clues to Anokata's birthday?

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On 7/28/2010 at 2:59 AM, detectiveshinichi said:

I got October 2 from Detective Conan World's wiki... though I've read most of the manga files and I've never stumbled upon this before, so I tried doing some research online... some people say October 1, some people say October 2, and then there's people who said it hasn't been revealed yet... it seems only fan sites list the birthday, ones where you can edit, so I guess there's no proof unless I somehow missed a chapter.

Her birthday is actually revealed in the live action drama, I think. Because there at the beginning, Shinichi said Ran had her birthday on the previous day, and it says '2 October' on the blackboard in the classroom. So her birthday is October 1.


(i just found this on another site, I haven't watched the live action drama myself (yet_

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