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hello everyone I hope you’re all having a good day :)
The other day after watching the detective Conan live action movie I started thinking about what if Hollywood made a detective Conan live action movie, who are the best actors to play the characters (without white washing them), for example I think that Emma stone would be a great miyano (since Conan said in chapter 398 that haibara seems non-Japanese on every account, I’m assuming that she looks kinda British?), another example is Sonny Chiba as Megure (sadly that doesn’t work anymore because the actor passed away).

I know a Hollywood live action will never happen, but I still would like to know everyone’s opinion regarding this topic.

Thank you all in advance :D

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Just stumbled upon an exciting Hollywood live-action fancast, and it's was interesting! You click here to check out the dream cast that's making waves. The choices are spot-on, and I can already imagine the magic they'll bring to the screen.

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