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[SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,035–File 1,038: Carved Black Lacquer, Engraved Red Marks

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1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available.

2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan).



Just simply type the following:

[spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler]

1,035 spoilers are now out:



No break next week—we can expect 1,036 spoilers this time next week.


Here are the translations of the pics we have so far, courtesy of Fujiwara:


Page 1:
File 1035: Carved Black Lacquer Tray

Next to Agasa: A grinning professor...

In this must-read opening chapter of a new case,
we encounter the desire to be surrounded by antiques!

Next to ConAi: And two pairs of eyes full of scorn...

Page 6:
Conan: S-Subaru-san?!

Okiya: I got a lot of cherries from an acquaintance of mine...

Okiya: So I came to share some with you...

Conan: More importantly, was there someone in the area around the gate?

Okiya: Yes... There was... A bike helmet-wearing...

Okiya: Girl was there!

Sera: Huh?

Sera: Conan-kun?

Sera: Why are you here?!

Conan: I-I came early this morning to take care of something!

Okiya: Speaking of which, what was the result of the appraisal of that antique?

Agasa: I was just about to head over there and find out!

Agasa: The appraiser said he would also show me an interesting appraisal object...

Okiya: An interesting appraisal object?

Page 12:
Culprit (thoughts): That's my tray!

SFX: huff huff huff huff huff

Agasa: Nishitsu-san!

Agasa: Where are you?

Agasa: Nishitsu-san!

Agasa: Nishitsu-sa-

Page 16:
Sera: There's no tray...

Sera: anywhere though...

Toujima: So noisy...

Toujima: Who exactly are you people?

Chouno: You're not some scoundrels aiming to take my tray, are you?

Sakamaki: Would you please leave if your're outsiders?

Box 1: Toujima Motoyuki (41) Appraisal client

Box 2: Chouno Kinji (74) Appraisal client

Box 3: Sakamaki Suzue (46) Appraisal client

Side note: The suspects for the murder of the appraiser appeared?!

Continues in SS #29


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Apologies for the double post.


1,036 spoiler pics are now out:



No break next week—we can expect 1,037 spoilers this time next week.



Here are text spoilers for 1,036, courtesy of Spimer:


Megure and Takagi come to the crime scene to examine it along with the forensics and the coroner after being contacted (by the group).


Okiya deducts that the culprit stabbed Nitsuji (the victim) over the plate.

All 3 clients brought their dishes inside of boxes.

Sera deduces that one of them put the real plate in their box after the murder.  


(The police) start questioning the 3 clients about their names, professions and alibii at 2PM, when the crime happened.


The salaryman from a securities company, Toujima, found a dish identical (to the one shown in the TV show) inside of a shed he inherited from his grandfather, who died last year.

It's not like he was specially troubled with money but he asked (for the appraisal) to (get some savings) for when he retired.

At the time of the crime, he was told to wait in the reception with the other 2 until Agasa arrived, yet...

When he went to the restroom, he got lost and couldn't get back into the room; he heard the fuss made by the footsteps and came to th crime scene.


The ex-real estate business CEO, Chouno,  currently retired, was sure that the plate he bought 20 years before

for 10,000 Yen was the real deal; if it was fake he'd be shamed in front of his family. After Toushima left for the restroom, he was with the other client in the reception for a while but since he's unable to stay still, he went to the study and read a book on antiques; he then heard the footsteps like Toushima did and headed (to the crime scene).


Sakamaki, the art gallery director, was asked by the owner to have the dish appraised to know its value since they wanted to use as the main exhibit of the gallery, which had been renewed and would soon open again. She says she was in the reception when the time of the crime but says that, at first, she wasn't alone since there were 2 housekeepers there as well.  


Chiba brings them in; Sakamaki told them she disliked sweet things and asked if they had something salty; after guiding Toujima to the restroom and Chouno to the study they went to a nearby store to buy rice crackers as well as buy the ingredients for the dinner.


The victim's son and his wife also live in the house but they're currently out on a family trip.


Sera deduces that that the 3 clients lack alibis and could've killed the victim. The spear has a long handle so you won't be stained by blood if you stab th victim after striking him, but Conan says that the culprit must've put the real dish on their box so they should figure it at once; Haibara also says that having another appraiser check the dishes would make it "very clear indeed" who's the culprit.


Sera cross-examines Haibara, saying that her words are unusual for her age and asks her for her real age and if she swallowed a drug like Conan did but Okiya says that nowadays kids use smartphones so they can look up difficult words that picked their interest. He has Agasa play along saying that he might say "difficult words" often.


They are about to ask for another appraiser but the 3 clients say that the culprit might've put the dish in an empty box they casually found around; they suggest someone else who had a grudge with the victim did it and made it look like the dish was their aim; they argue, annoyed, that it's unfair to be treated as the culprit even if the real dish is in one of their boxes; nevertheless, things won't proceed without an appraiser; but calling for a famed appraiser takes time.


Agasa, pointed out by Conan that the victim, before dying, said that the dish in front of him was the real one,

should have bloody marks of the victim's fingers; Okiya and Sera deduce that the culprit noticed that and took profit of the situation

to put marks on the other 2 dishes, too.


They ask Agasa if the real one had any other traits that made it stand out; when he turned the dish horizontally the crane's beak position was in the same location (as the other face); they might tell (the real one) by doing that; they do that but the 3 dishes didn't have blood in the beak; the 3 clients sigh, saying that the whole "tell it" was but a waste of time.


Sera, reactiong to the word, then asks Subaru how could he tell she was a girl despite that he hadn't mistaken her for a guy (and she didn't correct him).


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Apologies for the triple post.


1,037 Text Spoilers are now out, courtesy of Erika, The Conanner and Fujiwara—though be advised, these early translations may change. If they do, I will update accordingly.



- On the cover, Masumi and Subaru face each other.
- Flashback of "Mary", "Shukichi" and "Shuichi" as children. Flashback is from before Sera was born, apparently.
- Masumi continues to harass Haibara strongly.

- Okiya is pretty careless.
- Resolution of the case in Chapter 1038.


Spoiler pics should be out pretty soon—will update when we receive them. 

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On 6/22/2019 at 2:24 AM, DCUniverseAficionado said:

Apologies for the triple post.



You don't have to! Thank you for the pics!

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Here are more detailed text spoilers form 1,037, courtesy of Fujiwara:


- Akai and Conan find out that Akai mom shrunk
- Sera gets a clue that Okiya = Shuuichi
- Sera asks for the drug that can return the flow of time to the way it was, from which Shuuichi and Conan conclude that she knows someone for who the flow of time was reversed.
- Also Sera says that her Mom "used to" have large breasts.
- Conan deduces that Mary is MI6
- Tsutomu was asked to investigate Haneda's mysterious death by Haneda's dad, a family friend, travelled to the US to do so, and encountered an "unbelievable opponent" in the process
- On Tsutomu's command, Sera fam hides their Britishness and moves to Japan
- All this was when Mary was pregnant with Masumi, and Tsutomu said he wanted to see his daughter, so he'd solve the case and return


The spoiler pics are now out:




And here's a text summary, courtesy of Spimer:


"Sera is pressing Okiya, arguing that wearing a helmet with  those clothes, one would normally assume they're a man,  so how did he know her gender? He answers that her butt has the typical hip lines of a girl so it was easy to tell; he says he thought it wasn't worth mentioning it, and she blushes. Conan asks Okiya why he is he hiding his identity from Sera, his sister,  and he replies that he wants to keep her out of this as much as he can.


Okiya remembers a time 18 years ago; Masumi wasn't born yet and all members used the "Akai" surname. Mary (36), Shuuichi (15) and Shuukichi (11) hid their British nationality and went to live to Japan. Both sons didn't want to leave their friends but a mail from Tsutomu tells them to speak in Japanese, which they've learn from their parents, from now on. The son of Haneda Yasuharu (a friend of Tsutomu), Haneda Kouji (who's met the Akais) 
has died in a mysterious way in the US; the father asked Tsutomu to look into it. Tsutomu heads to the US but there figures out that nasty folk are involved so, to protect his wife and kids he tells them to hide in Japan. Mary says that Tsutomu wanted to meet his yet-to-be-born daugther and that Tsutomu will defeat "the bad guys" and come back. Okiya reflects on how much (Sera) has grown since then.


Meanwhile, Takagi, who's received a call, reports to Megure that all famed appraisers within Tokoya are either on a trip to other prefectures or overseas or are ill so nobody can come before the next day.

Toujima says that he'd scheduled to meet with a buyer of the tray today's evening; the buyer comes from overseas so he can't let the chance slip by.
Chouno also says he has the 40th anniversay party of his business this evening and wanted to talk about the tray on his speech.
Sakamaki has an appointment with a famed cameraman who she called for in 3 hours to take photos for the pamphlet of her art musueum so she can't wait until tomorrow.

Takagi tries to argue that they need to keep the trays as evidence but steps into something. That "something" is the hearing aid the Professor made, the "Earwing Aid"; all the clients know that the victim was hard of hearing but didn't expect him to be using a hearing aid. Agasa, hearing how the victim could talk normally with the clients, rejoices at how good his invention is; Chiba says that the victim sent Agasa an email 20 minutes before the crime; Agasa answered that he was about to head there; even though the victim's phone is set to make a sound when a mail comes in, there's no traces of the vic having read it; Haibara notices that the hearing aid must've been malfunctioning already so she tells Agasa that his invention's naming is really odd.


Sera then says that Haibara feels odder instead; she asks her to give her the same drug that shrunk her and Conan; she says "that drug to restore the flow of time to normal"; Okiya then points that someone's flow of time must've been reserved; Sera gets annoyed at him and tries to kick him but he easily dodges. Okiya replies that she's also to blame for wanting to kick him just because he said something that irritated her so they're "50:50"; Sera feels that his words are familiar. Okiya tells her to avoid such rought actions if she wants to be a like a girl; Sera replies that her mother was huge-breasted so Sera herself will also eventually become "girl-like" too; Okiya points at her "was" and asks if her mother has died; she denies that. Conan realizes that Okiya is trying to asses if his mother is safe or not; he thinks that Mary is indeed the mother of the two them and the person he met in the sea in the past was indeed Mary; Sera is asking about the APTX4869 because she must've been fed the drug and shrunk as well. If that's the case, he wonders why she was fed it. Given her deductive abilities, fighting abilities and her British nationaly he thinks that the "sister outside of the domain" actually means "MI6".


Meanwhile, the suspects are trying to leave the house but are stopped by Megure. They argue that the investigation can't continue without an appraiser and that the 2 housekeepers might be involved; the victim was going to show something to the clients and explain to them about it; that something was the Professor's dish from the small box; Okiya and Conan borrow it and see that a spot of the backside has paint peeled off it and has a crack; Agasa says that when he found it there was no such damage on it; Conan, Okiya and Sera notice something and Conan asks Agasa about what direction the crane was pointing when he flipped the tray; Takagi flips the 3 trays again and they ask him if any of the cushions within the boxes had blood on it; Takagi replies that 1 of them did and so all of them notice the truth about this case."


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Apologies for the double post.


1,038 text spoilers in Chinese are out, courtesy of 2leaves and Fujiwara:


- Cover page has Sera confronting Conan & Ai

- Sera knows Subaru = Akai... the expression at the end portrays this very well, but it's not actually spelled out

- Sera returns home, and Mary mentions her husband...

- The information is all on the last 5 pages... combined with the last time Mary took Conan's bow-tie voice changer to solve the case, Conan seems to have figured her out.


We can expect the pics to come in the next few days.



Here are the 1,038 spoiler pics:



4 week break after this—we can expect 1,039 spoilers around August 1st-3rd.


EDIT (#2):

Here are Pages 12-16 of 1,038, translated:


Page 12

Okiya: "Show, don't hide"...

Okiya: A proverb that means "the more you try to hide something, the more likely it will be discovered by others". Judging by the fact that "Kurisuke" is written at the end...

Okiya: The professor's uncle Kurisuke probably fixed that plate, which he'd accidentally broken, with glue...

Okiya: But being afraid of someone finding out...

Okiya: He painted the whole plate with a similar-looking oil color.

Okiya: However, he was found out and got a good scolding...

Okiya: And thus I wager that your uncle Kurisuke put the plate into this box with that proverb written on it...

Okiya: To turn it into a reminder...

Okiya: The reason the paint came off... Was likely that Nishitsu-san dropped some oil pain solvent on it...

Agasa: I see, so that's what happened...

Sera: But still...

Sera: "Show, don't hide"...?

Sera: What a strangely fitting proverb...

Sera: Don't you two think so?

Conan: Hahaha...


Page 13

Sera: Well, today was quite interesting!

Sera: Laters!

Ai: Is she planning on coming again?

Ai: Give me a break, man...

Agasa: How troublesome...

Okiya: Well, she's unlikely to drop by all that often...

Okiya: And we kept her in check just fine...

Okiya (flashback): What do you mean to say by "restores the stream of time"?

Okiya (flashback): Restoring it means it's currently being disturbed...

Okiya (flashback): Could it be that the one whose stream is disturbed is not you, but someone else...?


Page 14

Sera (flashback): It's none of your business!

Okiya: It seem like she, too, has no desire to be investigated...

Conan: Ah, about that...

Okiya: It's all right...

Okiya: I grasped the gist of it...

Okiya (inner monologue): Even though I won't believe it...

Okiya (inner monologue): Until I see it with my own eyes...

Conan (inner monologue): No, that's not it...

Conan (inner monologue): It's true that I wanted to tell him...

Conan (inner monologue): That his and Sera's mother, Mary-san...

Conan (inner monologue): Took APTX 4869 and is currently shrunk to a middle school-aged girl, but...

Conan (inner monologue): What I really wanted to confirm...


Page 15

Conan (inner monologue): Was Mary-san's identity...

Conan (inner monologue): A British person with such intelligence and fighting skills...

Conan (inner monologue): Who called themselves "little sister from outside the domain"...

Conan (inner monologue): Another word for "domain" is "territory", which can be abbreviated "ter" and if we take out the "ter" from "sister", we get "SIS"...

Conan (inner monologue): In other words "Secret Intelligence Service"...

Conan (inner monologue): The British foreign intelligence service also known as MI6!

Conan (inner monologue): Does the fact that she hinted at that by letting me know the name "sister from outside the domain"...

Conan (inner monologue): Mean that she was testing me?

Conan (inner monologue): To see whether I am capable and trustworthy enough to become her collaborator...?

Mary: 50:50...?


Page 16

Mary: My pet phrase?

Sera: Yeah! You say that from time to time, right?

Mary: Ah, your Dad liked to say that...

Mary: I guess our deceased oldest son inherited it from him...

Sera: Shuu-nii did?

Mary: More importantly, what about that drug?

Mary: Do you think you can get your hands on it?

Sera: Right now it's still impossible. I encountered a strange obstacle...

Mary: A strange obstacle?

Sera: That graduate student who lives next to the professor...

Mary: Is he such a noteworthy person?

Sera: A-ah...

Sera: Well...

Okiya (flashback): It's 50:50...

Okiya (flashback): You're also at fault...

Sera (inner monologue): There's no way, right?

End page side note: What will Conan do in light of the Akai family secrets that are gradually becoming clear--?


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