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Crime Case You've Encountered in Real Life

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Last month, there was a murder of high school girl in my hometown. It happened at an alley near my relative's house and sometimes I passed by this alley when I went to visit my relative. The girl was stabbed in her chest and the culprit has yet to be found.

When I heard about this murder for the first time, I was concerned because I know the crime scene very well and it's so close to my relative's house. Thank God the victim was not my relative. Thank God the victim was not me or my family (we often visit this relative, almost every week when I visit my hometown). But I feel sad and pity for that unfortunate girl. So young but has to die in such a terrible way. I hope the culprit will be found soon.

I'm a fan of mystery and detective stories. I'm no stranger when it comes to stories about murder (how many murder cases are there in DC manga? So many!), but when I heard about this murder that happened in a place I know very well, in a place close to my relative's house,  I feel uncomfortable. I can't imagine what would I feel if I witnessed it with my own eyes. I'm sure it would be terrible. And terrifying. I wonder what I would do if I saw a body drenched in blood... ah, I really can't imagine it.

In Detective Conan, murder like this wouldn't take long to be solved. Our detective will be able to solve the case and capture the culprit in a day or maybe a week at the most, but in reality, solving murder doesn't seem to be that easy. It's been a month since the girl was murdered, but the police are still searching for the culprit. We really shouldn't underestimate crimes and the police's work.

 What about you? Have you encountered crime case? Let's hear your story!

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