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Hello! DC Chinese sub fan here!

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Hey guys! 


I've been a fan for a long time since I was a child and my aunt had bought me a small DVD box for season 1. At the time, I only knew animes like Sailor Moon , Dragon Ball , or Ghibli movies. I originally watched the series in Mandarin dub, so now I prefer it like that. I usually watch it on Youku but they were missing a few episodes in the mandarin dub haha So I'll have to watch the subbed on Crunchy Roll when I have the time.


Anyway, I'm always 2 episodes behind everyone else, but I don't really mind because I don't have a lot of friends to talk to about DC.


How does everyone watch the series? Whare you favorite characters? Mine is Heiji (But also Shuichi and Vermouth!)

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