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  1. how to save up 16k when your allowance is 1k/wk and you have to pay for your own food and transpo and every single meal is around 100 HUHU Someone give me a 3DS pls ;(

    1. Chekhov MacGuffin

      Chekhov MacGuffin

      I don't know what country you are in, but in the US if your food budget is tiny or you need to save, then for every meal you make some combination of bulk noodles, beans, lentils, potato, rice, and whatever vegetables are cheap. You can get under 3$USD a day with a plan like this. The prices of things probably vary by country though, so you will have to know what comes in bulk cheaply in your area.

      If you can carpool, try that to save on transportation. If you can save 500...

    2. Chekhov MacGuffin

      Chekhov MacGuffin

      ...500 jellaldollaries a week, then that 3DS in yours in just under 2/3rds of a year. If you can find a reputable seller of a gently used one, you might be able to get one even sooner.

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