Yūki ga Areba

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Yaiba Opening 1


Original title: 勇気があれば
(Yūki ga Areba)
English title: If You Have the Courage[1]
Artist: Kabuki Rocks
Episodes: Episode 1~Episode 52
CD Info
Release date: May 7, 1993[2]
CDs: 1
Tracks: 2
Original Cost: 975円
CD Number: TYDY-2047
Record Label: EMI Music Japan
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Yūki ga Areba (勇気があれば Yūki ga Areba?) is a single by Kabuki Rocks. The titular song is the only opening of the Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba anime series, which ran from April 1993 to April 1994.

Opening info



  • Performer : Kabuki Rocks
  • Lyrics : Ichiban Ujigami
  • Composer : Seishiro Otsuki
  • Arrangement : Kabuki Rocks & Hideyuki Tsunoda


Song info


CD Info

CD track listing

# Song Title Romaji Translation Length
1 勇気があれば Yūki ga Areba If You Have the Courage
2 神智学無き戦い! Shinchigakunaki Tatakai Battle Without Theology!




  • Lyrics
  1. Japanese lyrics from Utanet: [1]. Retrieved on June 17, 2021.
  2. Romaji roughly translated from Google Translate.
  3. English translation by Ryuomaru. Editing of the english translation by Chokehold.

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